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Foods that should not eat daily
The contents

  • Foods that should not eat daily
  • What dietary habits should be excluded from power?
  • The simple rules of a healthy diet for beautiful body

To have good health and to look younger than their years, it is often only necessary to abandon certain foods and to revise the ingrained food habits. What foods according to nutritionists, daily intake, can do more harm than good to the human body? What products should not be abused?

Foods that should not eat daily

There are foods that objectively can not be called useful — it is fast food, pastries, cakes, candies. So few people come to mind to include them in your daily diet. However, among healthy foods there are that you do not want to eat each day because their abuse can harm the human body.

Nutritionists call an indicative list of such foods.

  • Red meat

Undoubtedly, this product is a valuable source of animal protein, necessary for building new cells. In addition, red meat is rich in iron, which is necessary for normal hematopoiesis. However, fans of fried, meat dishes, you should consider that the period of digestion is about eight hours. So before the next feed they may simply not be absorbed, resulting in discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. If such, the nutritional situation will continue for a long time, it is quite possible the development of various chronic diseases of the digestive system.

  • Tuna

Despite all the benefits and great taste of tuna, include it in your daily diet is not worth it. The fact that this fish species can accumulate in the tissues of mercury and other heavy metals that people dump into the oceans. It is especially dangerous to abuse the tuna for pregnant women because of harmful substances in fish can adversely affect fetal development.

  • Spinach

Spinach is one of the products which are usually included in a healthy diet. Because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and dietary fiber. However, we should not forget about the high oxalic acid content, the frequent inclusion in the diet which may lead to the development of kidney stones. So, nutritionists recommend to include this food item in the diet no more than twice a week.

  • Potatoes

Properly cooked potatoes — healthy and nutritious food. However, most often on the tables of most of our fellow citizens it gets fried, which in combination with high fat damages the liver and pancreas. Also, do not abuse the mashed potatoes, which usually contains a large amount of butter and milk, transforming it into a “calorie bomb”.

  • Eggs

The eggs are often included in cakes, desserts as well as eaten alone. So, scrambled and fried eggs are for many traditional Breakfast option. They are valued because of taste and rich vitamin and mineral composition. However, experts warn that you include these foods in the daily menu is still not worth it, because high level of cholesterol provokes the emergence of problems with vessels.

What dietary habits should be excluded from power?

The condition of the human body depends largely on its power and ingrained food habits. Nutritionists called the most harmful of them.

  • The lack of daily routine

It is proven that skipping some meals, the person runs the risk of then eat much more than. This leads not only to increased load on the digestive system, but also the appearance of extra pounds. Adherence to the routine and eating in a fixed time will also allow you to rid of the habit of snacking often and eating on the go.

  • Too long heat treatment products

Experts remind that cooking vegetables should be no more than 20 minutes, and in order to reduce the cooking time of meat or fish, they must be divided into smaller pieces. In this case, the food will retain more nutrients.

  • Abuse of fried foods

During intense frying products are harmful substances — carcinogens, which cause significant harm to human health. In addition, fried food is processed. To rid the body from excessive stress on the digestion of such food, you need to prepare food mainly by boiling or stewing.

  • Cooking for the future

Food, for several days standing in the fridge, ceases to be useful. And, although the poison it is quite difficult, the constant use of stale food, wears out the immune system and reduces the body’s defenses. So people who prefer a healthy diet, it is strongly recommended to eat only freshly prepared dishes.

  • The abuse of sugar

Frequent consumption of large amounts of refined sugar is harmful to human health: causes high load on the pancreas and increases the risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, to include it in the diet is undesirable.

The simple rules of a healthy diet for beautiful body

The organization healthy eating involves following basic principles, which can not only improve health, but also to find a slender, beautiful body. Nutritionists point out that for the formation of any effective methods of nutrition, you must comply with the following rules:

  • a long compliance period (preferably throughout life);
  • organization power mode;
  • compliance with the nutritional value of food energy consumption of the human body;
  • the formation of a varied and balanced composition of the diet.

Also, experts in nutrition recommend to make a choice in favor of following principles.

  • Small portions

Not to overeat at lunch or dinner, you must try to reduce the portion size. It is important to learn to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. However, we should not blindly reduce the amount of food, because the body needs to put the whole set of nutrients.

  • Fractional power

To ensure regular supply of macro – and micronutrients, and not to overwhelm the digestive system, it is necessary to organize frequent (at least 5 times) food. This is to avoid acute bouts of hunger and overeating.

  • Mandatory use of fresh vegetables and fruits

Regular consumption of these foods allows you to fill the lack of vitamins and mineral substances and also to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh, boiled or stewed.

  • Compliance with drinking regime

Very often people mistake thirst for hunger. Therefore, to observe the correct drinking regime not only avoids dehydration but also unnecessary overeating.

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