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Gastritis with high acidity is a very common type of this disease which results in chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa that is accompanied by strong emission of hydrochloric acid, and periods of exacerbation can torture people often.

Various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract – the scourge of modern society, poor diet, snacking on the run, bad habits, low physical activity lead to the development of dangerous disorders in the stomach. Different forms of gastritis are very common today, according to who, more than half of the people on the planet are susceptible to this disease.

Gastritis with high acidity: symptoms, how to treat and meals

  • Gastritis with high acidity: what is it
  • Increased acidity of the stomach: gastritis
  • Signs and symptoms of the disease
  • Is it possible to distinguish gastritis with high acidity from other pathologies
  • What kind of doctor will prescribe treatment
  • Gastritis with high acidity: how to treat
  • Diet for gastritis with high acidity

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Gastritis with high acidity is a very common type of this disease which results in chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa that is accompanied by strong emission of hydrochloric acid, and periods of exacerbation can torture people often.

How is gastritis with high acidity

Hydrochloric acid is not only a substance that people use in industry or in everyday life, first of all, it is an essential element of the digestive tract of man, the main component of gastric juice. Hydrochloric acid is produced by cells of the gastric mucosa, and is produced in such quantity that, if in the gastric juice and mucosa not contained protective substances, it could corrode the walls of the stomach.

If the human stomach secretes enough mucus, its walls are exposed to the aggressive action of concentrated hydrochloric acid, with the result that in gastritis with hyperacidityand duodenal ulcer and other complications.

Without hydrochloric acid the person is also important: it stimulates digestion, evacuated food from the stomach into the duodenum, eliminates the bacteria penetrating into the digestive system, destroys the structure of proteins.

In the case of all prescriptions of the doctor the disease, especially in the initial stages, can easily be cured. On the other hand, disregard, non-compliance with diet and systematic violation of the regime is able to transform harmless gastritis in chronic illness, which is not so easy to cure. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the whole step by step, step by step leads to erosion of the walls of the stomach, and it ultimately threatens to turn into an ulcer.

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The gastric mucosa, for a long time under the yoke of affliction, seriously modified. Across the surface are observed erosions, sometimes bleeding and swelling. Taking medications aimed at reducing level of acidity, causes pathological changes in the oral mucosa, leading to chronic atrophy of the stomach.

The types of the disease

There are 4 types of gastritis with high acidity:

  • Fundic – type And that affects the bottom of the stomach
  • Antral (B) appears in the area where the stomach enters into the duodenum. Most often the “blame” the bacterium Helicobacter pylori
  • Chemical, type C. In this case, the damaged inner layer of the stomach alcohol drinks, tobacco, medications
  • Reflux – gastritis affects the stomach, if the contents of the duodenum enters the gastric cavity

There are chronic and acute diseases. Chronic gastritis with high acidity often goes unnoticed for a person, symptoms occur in the acute phase.

Causes and symptoms of stomach gastritis with high acidity

Stomach hyperacidity gastritis is exposed due to external factors or due to internal disorders in the body.

  • An unbalanced diet with a predominance of harmful products, fatty and spicy foods
  • The absence of a mode of food intake
  • Poor quality food prozhiyvanii
  • Passion is too cold or hot food and drinks
  • The use of stale products
  • Bad habits – alcohol abuse and Smoking
  • The abuse of drugs, especially NSAIDs
  • Ingestion of different kinds of items. And here it is not so much about the swallowed objects that rarely happens, and bad habits: biting pens and nails, chewing hair. The particles of these “harmless” substances into the stomach and accumulate in it, if the habit to tug at his mouth different items stuck long

Internal factors:

  • Infection of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can live in the stomach, not being shown. A weakened immune system, it provokes inflammatory processes
  • Regular stress
  • Thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders
  • Insufficient number in the body of vitamins and minerals
  • Symptoms of stomach gastritis with high acidity

The first thing people often pay attention to is pain in the stomach. They can be nocturnal, due to the lack of food intake or, on the contrary, during the meal. Often, these gastrici complain of heartburn sour stomach acid enters the esophagus. There is a “sour” burp, and my mouth often feels acidic taste. Sometimes gastritis with high acidity accompanied by nausea, especially when fasting or after a meal. In some cases, even vomiting occurs mainly with overeating or eating very acidic foods.

Also, depending on the type of gastritis with high acidity, can be observed:

  • Dull pain in the stomach (type a)
  • The feeling of heaviness after eating
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating, excessive flatulence
  • Constipation (type B)

In itself, the chronic disease that is in remission is not shown. But acute gastritis with high acidity, a man is tormented the above symptoms. As a result, there is a General malaise, lack of sleep, drowsiness, tiredness, fatigue.

How to distinguish the disease

At the same time, many of the symptoms of gastritis with high acidity coincide with the signs of other types of the disease, when the level of hydrochloric acid is not exceeded. Only the presence of nausea, vomiting, heartburn and other symptoms, it is impossible to determine what species of gastritis-affected people. We need to have a thorough diagnosis, after which the doctor will be able to treat them properly, independently therapy can be very dangerous.

Sometimes people try to do without the help of a doctor to determine its acidity, and the kind of gastritis. There are several mythical ways to determine the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach:

  • Bred baking soda in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach. Supposedly, if after this “cocktail” will appear belching, so the acidity is not exceeded. If burping is not, then the acidity is reduced
  • Eating lemons: if the fruit seems too acidic, the acidity increased. If a sour person doesn’t feel, the acidity of his stomach allegedly lowered
  • Drink millet porridge with butter, and if you get heartburn, increased acidity believe
  • Apple juice with high acidity will cause pain in the stomach
  • Use a litmus test: put into the language for two hours before eating and keep there for a few minutes, and then the result against the chart attached to the package

These methods do not determine the real level of acidity of Your stomach. Even the measurement of litmus paper in your mouth will not show correct results because you need to measure the pH of gastric juice, not saliva. Accurate results can only give a professional diagnosis and not suspicious ways, originally from the stone age.

Sometimes a preliminary conclusion increased secretion of gastric juice can be done on these grounds:

  • Severe heartburn, which seems to arise out of nowhere. And if the man will try to eat something to eliminate the burning sensation in the throat and esophagus, it does not work, because of the undigested food, which has already penetrated hydrochloric acid, flows back into the esophagus. Therefore, there is a feeling of burning and bitterness
  • A grayish or yellowish coating on the tongue
  • Fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Irritability

To what doctor to address

Before curing gastritis with high acidity, it is necessary to accurately verify the nature of the disease. Not to confuse gastritis with any other disease, it is best to contact the therapist. He will conduct an initial examination of the patient, will give the direction of the main analyses.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the therapist will provide a referral to a gastroenterologist. He will send the patient for additional diagnostic procedures, listen to his complaints about the symptoms, asked about the diet and problems with a chair. The doctor will visually examine the patient, conduct palpation, will consider the coating on the tongue, will assess the condition of the epidermis.

In addition to the General analyses that were sent by the therapist, the gastroenterologist may prescribe:

  • Test for Helicobacter pylori
  • Biochemical analysis of blood
  • Gastroscopy is a special camera on a tube inserted into the esophagus, stomach, duodenum. This study will assess the condition of the mucous membrane of the digestive organ, you will discover erosion, and take samples of gastric juice. The procedure unpleasant, but necessary for the diagnosis of any form of gastritis
  • Ultrasound imaging, which will assess the condition of the stomach, peristalsis


The treatment of the disease

How to treat gastritis with high acidity? The sooner the doctor will prescribe the best treatment, the less you will feel symptoms, and less dangerous will be the consequences. The question must be approached comprehensively, pills alone will not help. And it’s important to learn from. Of course, you need medication. Prescribed medication:

  • Normalizing the acidity, which reduce the amount of hydrochloric acid. This so-called proton pump inhibitors
  • Protect the mucous membrane of the stomach
  • Which neutralize the hydrochloric acid
  • Relieves spasms and providing a local anesthetic effect
  • Antibioticsif the disease is caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori

Selected drug therapies depends on the type of disease and the reasons that caused it. All drugs are not accepted in any case. Only a doctor can make an adequate treatment regimen, self assignment yourself medications most likely will only aggravate the situation.

It is equally important to choose the right food, in the stomach gastritis with high acidity of the diet should be followed strict. A list of products that “cannot” is comparatively large.

Treatment of gastritis is of this type and with the help of physiotherapy. But they hold only in the period of remission. Inductometer, soplex, electrophoresis will help to avoid new exacerbations of the disease.

How to diet for gastritis with high acidity

What to take for chronic gastritis with high acidity, we have found. But diet is equally important, without observance of the diet and nutrition adequate treatment will not, we will give a small list of what you can eat, and what not.

The diet should be sparing on several points:

  • Comfortable the temperature of the food
  • Mild products that do not have a mechanical impact on a stomach wall
  • To eliminate fatty, sour, spicy, salty dishes

Diet for gastritis with high acidity is a therapeutic table No. 1A and its variations. The first five days after the exacerbation there can be only boiled or steamed food. Besides, food should be pureed.

Bakery products, dairy products, sweets, fruit, soda, coffee, spices, sauces you want to exclude from the diet at this time. To eat you gruel, fruit, meat sauce, cheesecake, jelly, soufflé.

Then eat according to the principles of the therapeutic table No. 16: you can eat soft meat, fish, boiled and mashed vegetables, yogurt, cheese, some bread – not rye and no bran. So eat about two weeks, then you need to follow a soft diet number 1.

However, still you can not eat salty, spicy, smoked food, protein rich soups, coffee, soda, hard vegetables and meat, sweet pastries.

Only the symbiosis of medical treatment and diet will give good results. Strict nutritional guidelines will have to adhere to always. For responsible approach to the treatment of the probability of a positive dynamics of the disease increases dramatically, and this means that the disease can be defeated. published econet.ru.

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