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Goat’s milk: food, health and beauty

Goat milk is a great product for those who prefer a solely healthy diet. The beneficial properties of this beverage known for a long time and today the goat milk is recommended to use for health purposes.

Delicious and healthy – it is considered to be goat’s milk. The usefulness of the product is determined by a large amount of fat and essential fatty acids contained in the drink. We should focus on the hair that allows you to use it even to very young children and those who often suffer from food allergies.

How to use goat milk in cosmetology and medicine?

Many people listen to the advice of doctors, and drink goat’s milk after fractures and cracks, as this drink promotes rapid recovery and healing of bone tissue. In addition, due to the high concentration of calcium, milk will be very useful during pregnancy and planning for baby. Athletes drink is also recommended, as goat milk helps to restore power after heavy physical exertion.

Goat milk is also included in many creams, lotions, masks. This is not surprising, because scientists have proven that this product has anti-aging properties, thanks to which the skin becomes tender and soft. If in the shampoo includes such dairy component, the hair bound to be strong and silky.

Goat’s milk: contraindications

Proper child nutrition should not focus exclusively on goat milk, since it is part of a little iron and phosphorus. Accordingly, there is a likelihood that the baby will develop iron deficiency anemia. This drink will definitely be useful for almost any child, but in reasonable doses.

Interesting facts about goat milk

Goat milk differs from cow’s not only taste. Medicine also points to the fact that goats are relatively rarely affected by tuberculosis, so that fresh milk can be considered more secure.

The fat goat of the product during digestion is destroyed in about 15-25 minutes, cow’s milk, this process need at least an hour.

Cow’s milk is not recommended to use those people who can not tolerate milk sugar. In the case of goat product no such restriction, as it contains very little lactose. It should also be noted that goat milk has a large number of necessary for human vitamins, which are absent in cow’s milk.


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