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Guaranteed weight loss: motivation and planning
The contents

  • Fitness and nutrition: on course for success
  • Long-term planning menu diet and workout
  • Diary weight loss: for the history not only
  • Checkweighing: without fanaticism!
  • Rule 90%

Losing weight is no easy task. Losing weight requires a lot of patience and determination.

We offer universal recommendations of experts in the field of nutrition. They will be useful to set foot on the “warpath” with the extra pounds. Simple tips from top nutritionists and psychologists on how to motivate yourself to success, to control the process weight loss plan menu diet and fitness classes, will help to move in the right direction and quickly achieve desired results.

Fitness and nutrition: on course for success

For effective weight loss is very important positive attitude. The man who once and for all decided to lose weight, dieting and started building a new, slender body, should not feel alienated or punished.

Need to find words of support and encouragement for yourself, a loved one, even in the most difficult moments when you want to give up on all diets, fitness and to get in front of TV with a box of favorite chocolates. If you really want, you can afford it. Only the experts in the field of nutrition recommend to please himself is not a box, but only a couple.

Weight loss can be compared to learning to drive a bike. The fall is inevitable. They must just accept. Fell, got up, dusted himself off, got up and… went on. You cannot despair and give up, even if there was a failure.

Long-term planning menu diet and workout

We recommend you to use a diary weight loss for long-term planning of diet and exercise. It’s not about the usual product lists and schedules workouts for the coming week. Future plans should be considered as a single Wellness program. Everything will fall into place when fitness, menu, diet, sleep, daily routine in General will consciously to subordinate themselves to a common goal: creating new and improved body. To coexist with him more comfortable and happier will be to the owner, and others.

There are standard survival program in the mode of losing weight or ready diet and fitness program developed by experts. They are selected based on the individual characteristics of each dieters. In addition, experts in the field of nutrition help to implement long-term plans weight loss in life, controlling and adjusting process if necessary, different points of the program.

There is another way. It is much more difficult and time-consuming: having mastered sufficient knowledge about their own body, about physiology and anatomy of the body, metabolic processes in it and the ways of their activation, the effect of physical activity on the operation of its systems and organs, as well as about the properties of certain products, you can make your own long-term plan for weight loss.

  • If menu diet to meet the physiological needs of the organism, taking into account periods of physical activity, rest and sleep, improves well-being and objective health.
  • When you are planning your meals in advance, you can get rid of the lion’s share of temptations to eat anything harmful. A food diary will demonstrate the difference: inevitably reduce the intake of excess calories because of hidden fat, added sugars, excess salt. The reduction of the caloric content will naturally lead to weight loss.
  • In addition, long-term planning will help to avoid impulse buying. Having deliberately drawn up a list of products, it is much easier to resist clever marketing and not be tempted by colorful packaging with advertising slogans about diet foods, no sugar, fat, etc. And then the family budget will be in surplus.

Diary weight loss: for the history not only

You must carefully in detail, tracking is available, even the most insignificant, progress. Giving a detailed account of the white sheet of paper, notebook, or smartphone about daily routine, health, menu, eating disorders, and then comparing the records in the dynamics, you can see even the smallest changes, will be able to find new incentives for motivation.

  • Having made the decision to start a diary of weight loss, the first thing you need to fix it the physical parameters of the current time: the waist, hips, chest, weight. Then calculate the body mass index with the calculator and dividing the growth rate of the index weight.
  • Then, periodically, you will need to check how is it going with the weight loss and did not ever change. Perhaps the weight will remain the same, but will change the parameters of the body (waist, thighs). Such metamorphoses occur because active fitness helps to increase muscle mass. While the body is “toned”, the contours, the shape becomes close to the ideal.

Checkweighing: without fanaticism!

In the process of weight loss will inevitably happen weeks, when the weight remains the same, despite their best efforts. This does not mean that losing weight is a fiasco, or losing weight in their aspirations to the ideal shape hit a plateau (no progress, no regress), but only a part of the natural process of losing the extra pounds.

The scale is not an impartial measure of progress because scales do not capture changes in the ratio of fat and muscle tissue, etc.

Be aware that the content of fluid in the body is very variable. Due to lower or higher consumption of water in a short period of time, the weight can vary in either direction. This objective is the ratio of fat reserves and muscles will remain unchanged.

Enough to stand on the scales once a week.

Rule 90%

Making a long-term plan for weight loss, we recommend to adopt the “Rule of 90%”.

  • When planning the menu, there should be room for food violations. Filling a food diary, it should be a red marker to circle those items of the plan which remains outstanding, is simply missing. Or to enter unauthorized meals and accidentally eaten harmful products.
  • At the end of each week will only count the percentage of violations in a pre-planned menu. To do this, divide the total amount of the proposed advance hot meals, snacks, desserts, cocktails, etc., divided by the number of inadvertent errors, inaccuracies and deliberate crimes against his own body, and then multiply by 100.
  • If the resulting figure does not exceed 90%, then weight loss plan is drafted properly.

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