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Guaranteed weight loss: top tips
The contents

  • A reasonable weight loss
  • The alcohol limit
  • Calorie count: without fanaticism
  • Reduced portions
  • Active exercises
  • Healthy sleep

There are many ways weight loss from fasting days to compound modes. One weight loss are given relatively easy, one only has to abandon meals after 19 hours. Others start every morning with cardio, spend hours sweating in the gym, performing strength exercises, so the scale has moved back. According to the third, to achieve the ideal weight needs a healthy sleep. Everything is very individual, but there are universal methods of struggle with excess weight and inches.

A reasonable weight loss

Those who decided to stick with the correct diet, menu planning promising, it is necessary to balance nutrients. To accomplish this good goal should take care of the gastronomic diversity of the diet.

Along with vegetable sources of fiber, many vitamins and minerals it must contain animal products. Their composition will be found of essential amino acids and nutrients not found in vegetables, fruits, grains and other “best friends are vegetarians”.

If at each meal on a plate will be present complex carbohydrates, wholesome proteins and monounsaturated fatty acids, the body will be able to obtain the missing energy, thus the person will begin to experience a feeling of satisfaction with food. Will increase the time required to digest food, and therefore reduced the number of attacks of hunger and food violations, optimizing the weight loss.

The alcohol limit

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol beverages makes weight reduction a pipe dream. Alcohol can take place in the diet of losing weight only as an exception. For example:

  • in the form of a celebratory glass of champagne (up to a semi);
  • the portions are good (better dry) wine with a little sugar.

Experts in the field of nutrition unanimously suggest to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. And it is better to completely replace their carbonated or non-carbonated water, real lemonade, herbal tea etc.

Calorie count: without fanaticism

Every one of those who advocate weight loss, or striving to preserve available slender figure must have your “calorie budget” calculated based on existing physical parameters, goals and objective health status. Calculation of energy needs and control over observance of the borders of calorie diet allow you to adhere to proper diet and avoid disappointments during the next weighing.

Clearly aware that the energy capacity of the diet should remain within certain limits, you can go to the prospective menu of certain products of animal and vegetable origin.

In 2015, the United States was formulated in a kind of “manifest weight” called “Dietary advice,” by which it is possible individually to calculate your optimal calorie, taking into account gender, age, level of physical activity. They are used by many modern nutritionists and their numerous clients.

Reduced portions

Not refusing completely from foods high in calories, but only by reducing their consumption, it is possible to satisfy the needs in various nutrients, while not feeling deprived of anything.

Do not get hung up on lists of permitted and prohibited foods. You must learn to listen and hear the signals of the body. He will tell you when hungry and when satiated. Will only have time to stop.

To fulfill this condition, I advise well in advance, before meals, reduce portion size:

  • instead of the usual soup bowl take a Cup of tea;
  • replace a large plate for the main course and dessert, and the best — a tea saucer;
  • determining optimum volume of a portion of the protein product (meat, fish, etc.), it is recommended to focus on the size of your own palm;
  • even the salads do not absorb basins, enough serving size tea Cup.

If the feeling of satiety does not come after the filled container is emptied, it is simply late, somewhere in the middle. You will need to wait about ten minutes to the satisfaction of the meal has had time to “catch up” consciousness. And next time — eat slower to reduce the interval between the end of the meal and the rescue feeling of fullness.

Active exercises

Not necessarily to strive to achieve the physical form of Olympic Champions. It is necessary to maintain the daily locomotor activity through available and effective exercises.

If there is not enough time to visit gym, pool or dance class, but there is a desire to improve physical ability, to get rid of the extra inches, pounds and to approximate the contours of the body to the ideal, from 24 hours you can carve out 10 minutes for morning cardio, half an hour (in the aggregate) for office gymnastics, warm-up driving, in traffic etc., a quarter of an hour for an evening of exercise with a spouse, child or four legged friend.

Start a regular workout with a morning or evening stroll briskly. For starters, you can pass a small distance. So after a couple of weeks to feel better, enough to make 15 thousand steps (daily).

In order to accumulate the desired amount, I advise you to walk at every opportunity:

  • walk about the room, talking on the phone;
  • climb the stairs instead of the Elevator;
  • leave the salon “minibuses” for a couple of stops to home, etc.

During the day, at work and at home, the optimal level of physical activity will help you to maintain a static exercise. For example, “Bar” out of all the possible positions (up and down the face, on the right and left sides).

Healthy sleep

Donate a night’s time, which, according to the dictates of nature and physiological needs, should be allocated for leisure, for professional responsibilities, family care, communication, etc. But, anyway, full getting enough sleep — the guarantee of health.

Experts believe that a normal night’s rest should last 8 hours (on average). Give priority to long sleep at night over all the worries and problems, you can build the right routines. If a person will sleep not occasionally, but regularly, every day, improving his psycho-emotional state, reduced the effect of chronic stress. And the weight loss will be much easier.

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