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Pathology related to the spinal column can be partially cured through physical exercise. This is especially true for the back. Consider exercising with a hernia lumbar spine.


If you do not go into the details (not everyone is familiar with the anatomy of the spine), herniated output parts of the content herniated disc for his anatomical limits. A very rough explanation, but it is understandable.

Hernia of the spine: exercises that can be done

  • Where does the hernia
  • When to start gymnastics
  • The principles of exercise
  • A set of exercises for rehabilitation
  • The key to the effectiveness of training

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Between the vertebrae are cartilage that provide cushioning and perform several other functions. There are spinal nerves. When the nerves get pinched by the vertebrae, we feel pain, numb hands and feet. When the cartilage or the intervertebral disc is damaged and is beyond its anatomical boundaries (formed by the hernia), the probability of compressions becomes larger than in the ordinary course of its deformation (protrusion).


Cartilage damage always occurs due to pantomine or too high physical exertion and weakness of the muscular system. If, for example, an untrained person will carry bags of cement, weighing 50 kg each, he must get a sore lower back. The most harmless that can happen is a slight protrusion. If the person will continue to lift bags – protrusion quietly, but very likely to go into a hernia.


In women, hernias can occur even due to the transfer in one hand, buckets of water (10-12 liters). But all this is not immediate. With spinal hernia pain occurs when its size really starts to cause a disturbance of the nervous conducting paths.

Constant lower back pain suggests that have been developed and reached its climax. Possibly earlier, recurrent pain you are considered as a variant of the problem in the lumbar spine. So be attentive to your sensations. Pain is a lighthouse in the ocean. If we do not pay attention to him, will drown.

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When to start gymnastics

Practice shows that, typically, the protrusion of cartilage in the spine are one-sided. Accordingly, when the hernia pain is felt in the lower back and the arm or leg (on one side).

People reflexively tries to take a painless position. As a consequence, the formed curvature of the spine due to reflex spasm of the muscles. Unconscious control over the muscular system effectively isolates the sore spot, making the piece movements impossible.

Therefore, the first thing to do when a hernia is to relieve pain.

A hernia may pass itself, if competently to provide conservative treatment. If you just wait, when everything will pass with time, this can lead to irreversible consequences. Sometimes a hernia is so large that just to relieve the pain useless. Doing the operation.

After pain relief, depending on the situation, the patient is administered stretching of the spine, or exercise therapy. Exercises to strengthen back muscles to do so. Once you are able to do them – you need to start.

The principles of exercise

To each vertebra feel comfortable, you need to strengthen the muscles that support it.

Exercises herniated lumbar spine performed after anesthesia. If it hurts – don’t do it, wait until the medication of the acute phase will pass. Exercises with protrusion of the lumbar spine is also performed after the acute period.

To exercise relates various gymnastics on the floor (definitely no draught), as well as different methods of self-stretching.

For example, you can stretch the spine lying on the inclined plane from the top and holding hands. Weight your feet will be enough to slowly stretch the spine. In particular, for stretching of the lumbar spine is useful to hang on the bar.

Before practice of these events, consult your neurologist. In case of intervertebral hernia to stand in his account necessarily all.

Exercises in lumbar hernia of the spine are done lying down or on all fours.

Remember. Exercises in standing position or sitting, with additional weights, you can not do with a herniated spine, as the vertical load may exacerbate the situation. This recommendation is relevant for visitors gyms.

If you injury was engaged in powerlifting, at the time of treatment will need to stop trying weight lifting, but instead of patiently and persistently to rehabilitate. It would be good to understand why, in your previous training, there was a hernia of the spine.

All exercises herniation of the spine are done slowly, smoothly, without jerks and sudden movements.

Exercises not to do with weight, no dumbbells, weight plates, weights. Only your own body and specific rehabilitation training.

So, to recap: exercise for the treatment of hernia are:

  • Smoothly.
  • Without weight.
  • At a slow pace.
  • In the supine position or on their knees-elbows.

And don’t forget that the draft may lead to exacerbation of pain, because lay on the floor a carpet or something, put on light clothes and close the window.

A set of exercises for rehabilitation

So, let’s examine what exercises you can and should perform. The following property does not require any additional equipment, except a Mat.

Start doing compound exercises in the hernia, can be put under the lower back soft cushion height 3-4 see If you are okay without him you can do without the cushion.

All physical exercises from herniation of the spine are the feelings. If a movement hurt – put it down for another time.

Belly breathing

Lie back on the floor, knees bend, hands folded on his stomach.

  • Make 10 quality breaths, inflating the abdomen.

In this exercise you will stretch your muscles and the diaphragm. Breathe slowly, and hands control to the abdomen inflated and blown away.

The diversion of arms and legs

Again back on the floor, knees pointed toward the ceiling, straight arms lay along the torso.

  • Straighten one leg, then move it to the side. Along with it take in the direction of the straightened arm the other side.
  • Slide the leg back and bend it straight arm also return to its original position.
  • The recommended number of repeats – 10 times.

This stretching exercises muscle, the former under the pressure of spasms, plus coordination.

Zakidyvanie foot to foot

Lie back on the floor, bent leg rest against the heels into the floor. Hands linked behind his head.

  • One leg straightened, put on another bent.
  • Then straightened and removed to its original position.
  • Then do the same with the other leg.
  • 10 times on each leg.

Exercise strengthens and stretches the muscles of the abdomen. Another version of this exercise for the back of a herniated spine is to stretch your arm to the heel of the opposite leg, when this leg was curled over his knee. It’s a little more complicated version.

Rotate the feet

Lie on your back, arms bent at the elbows so that the hands were in the air.

  • The legs are straightened and a little dissolved in the parties. Simultaneously turn the feet and brush in one direction.
  • 5 laps done – rotate to another.

Stretching of the calf

Lying, hands behind his head. One leg bent at the knee and the other straight.

  • The toe of the straight leg pull on yourself about 10 seconds to stretch the calf muscle.
  • Then the Affairs of this exercise for the second leg.
  • Repeat 5 times.

The circumference of the knees

A more complex version of the exercise when herniated – alternate girth hands knees.

  • From a prone position, arms flung out to the sides and legs bent at the knees, raise one knee to your chest.
  • Clasps his hands and pull on yourself. Then repeat the same movement with the other knee.
  • 5-8 times for each knee.

Slide hands on hips

Exercise is also performed on the floor.

  • From the prone position, slide the palm of one hand on the thigh down, bending the body in the appropriate direction. The other arm slides up on the opposite side of the body.
  • Perform the movement slowly, right and left alternately.
  • Repeat 5-8 times in each direction.

The farther you can get hand (up to knee), the better.

Twists knees lying

Lie on your back with your hands off the head, legs bent at the knees.

  • Drop the knees to one side, to a comfortable limit raised back. Then drop to the other side – back to the starting position.
  • Try not to tear the heel from the floor so that his legs hung in the air. This can cause pain.
  • Repeat 10 times in each direction.


This exercise develops stretching, and your body looks like a house with a triangle roof.

  • Rolled over on his stomach, got on all fours, socks feet rested on the floor. Keep the back straight.
  • Raise your pelvis and pull up between your body and legs do not form an angle. The back should be straight.
  • Do not try to straighten the legs, Kruglaya back. Better legs will remain slightly bent.
  • Stood in this position for 5-10 seconds, returned to the source. Repeat 5 times.

If you can do this exercise very well! If not, can later.

Slide the knee to the brush

Stand on the knees and palms.

  • Move on the floor right knee to your left hand.
  • Back.
  • Do the same for the other hand.
  • 10 times for each knee.

Elevation of the legs

Get on your knees and elbows.

  • Without changing the angle at the knee, raise the right leg, then drop.
  • Do 10 rises.
  • 10 times then raise the other leg.

First, the movement can be painful. Make it painless with amplitude.

Stretching and balance

Be on 2 legs – leg (knee) and arm (on opposite sides of the body).

  • The opposite leg straightens and taps back, and the arm, respectively, forward.
  • Hold 10 seconds and change the side. Repeat 5 times.

Abduction feet to the side

Lie on your side so that was convenient. The legs should be straight and lie at each other.

  • Up that the top is up, drop back. Repeat 10 times.
  • Then turn over and repeat movement for other leg.


This movement is sometimes called “exercise”. Stand on all fours. The arms are straight, palms facing forward. Head straight.

  • Drop the head down, and simultaneously Flex your back up.
  • Supposed to be a single arc from the head to the tailbone. Back.
  • Do 10 of these rainbows. Slowly.

The key to the effectiveness of training

Exercises for the spine when the hernia is so diverse that it is easier to pass them on principle, than to list everything. As you have seen – above are just a small part of all available options.


The first stage is the initial recovery of mobility of the feet, stretching. All movements are carried out so that the loin did not receive a large load.

The next stage – it is possible to perform a raising of the pelvis, boats, folds with bent knees with feet and a slight raising of the body.

The main thing – the gradual strengthening of the muscles, not to get negative consequences.

Stability and regularity

Consistency of lessons – guaranteed results. If you’re consistently engaged within a month, you will certainly be better.

It is necessary to say that if the feeling of relief you will cease to deal with the pain will likely return. Because muscles without exercise will weaken and a hernia again will make itself felt. Gymnastics is now your constant companion. You can change exercises, gradually complicating them. But a few times a week just need to do it.

Herniation of the spine exercises – the key to your good health. Can be a lifetime to live with the hernia and no pain.

Accuracy and attention to yourself

Every move can bring the pain, so it’s important to feel it. Listen to your body. Best of all it will tell you what you can do, and what not.published econet.ru.

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