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Scrub – a mandatory procedure care for face and body, which allows you to remove dirt and dead skin cells, leveling the terrain and color, improve metabolic processes by a light massage. It’s not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics, simple and affordable home remedies are not less effective. The most economical but also the most efficient scrub made from sediment from brewed organic coffee. And he coffee you can drink, you need it thick, which is usually just discarded.


  • Selecting and preparing coffee
  • Application rules
  • Recipes scrubs
    • For the face
    • Body
    • Scrub for the scalp
  • Contraindications

Selecting and preparing coffee

For homemade scrub, you must use organic coffee. Soluble freeze-dried granules is not suitable. First, particles of the granulated coffee dissolves, and the abrasive effect will be. Second, use a little instant coffee. Brand of natural coffee is of no importance.

It is advisable to purchase coffee beans and grind it in a coffee grinder, it is permissible to buy already ground product. To obtain a precipitate which is the basis for the scrub, cook coffee in Turku with no additives, sugar and cream then optionally added to the Cup. In Turku it is impossible to put anything other than coffee and water.

The beverage is poured into the Cup, and the residue is used for making the scrub. If there is no way to use the thick, it spread on the parchment in a thin layer. When it dries, pour into a jar with a tight lid. Store in a cool dark place. The maximum storage period is 5 days.

Tip! To extend the shelf life of coffee grounds, it is mixed with the same volume of coconut oil. Get ready the base for the scrub, which keep in a tightly closed container in a dark place for up to 2 weeks.

Application rules

Before the first use of a scrub made from coffee grounds under the new recipe, it is important to do the test for allergies. The fact that a negative reaction can cause not only coffee but also other components. Therefore, it is better not to risk it.

The recipe chosen based on skin type and area that you plan to process. Face cook very gentle products with gentle texture. But if you plan the treatment of rough skin on heels or elbows, make a coarser scrub.

To achieve pore cleansing, skin pre-steam. Conveniently carry out the procedure after taking a hot bath or shower or you need to make a steam bath for the face.

Applied in a circular, massaging gently, pressing lightly. Pomassirovti the skin for 2-3 minutes, leave another 10-15 minutes, then wash off. On the skin apply moisturizing cream.

To use coffee scrub is recommended once a week. If the skin is very light, it is not recommended for frequent use, coffee can stain the surface. After spending 12-15 procedures, make a break for a few months, so the skin has time to “rest”. During this period, you should use other options for homemade scrubs, prepared without added coffee.

Recipes scrubs

Scrub made from coffee grounds, you must have the structure of the cream with abrasive particles, the size of which depends on fineness of grind. If the tool is being prepared for persons who take coffee very finely. The body scrub has a coarser texture.

For the face

After applying a coffee scrub visibly clean pores and smooth fine wrinkles, excess moisture due to the lymphatic draining effect, improves blood circulation, the skin becomes toned. Additional ingredients nourish and moisturize.

A simple scrub of coffee grounds

This is a versatile recipe. For cooking you need to mix the coffee residue from the facial wash, apply to face, lightly rubbed. Gel or foam is selected based on skin type.

With rice flour

This option coffee scrub cleans. For cooking required rice flour its easy to cook by yourself, Smolov in the grinder Fig. Cereals pre-washed and well-dried. The resulting flour is sifted to scrub not got large particles, they can scratch and leave sores.

Take a spoonful of flour from rice and coffee grounds. The mixture is diluted with milk to the consistency of cream.

With cottage cheese

A composition suitable for dry skin, if use bold and always fresh dairy product. 20 g of cottage cheese pounded with 3 tsp of coffee grounds, add 2 drops of lavender essential oil.


Coffee cake – 1 tbsp
Ground cinnamon – 0.5 tsp.
Sugar – 0.5 tsp.
Salt “Extra” – 1 tsp.
Apricot kernel oil – 10 ml

Sugar and salt mix, add the oil and pound. Then add coffee and cinnamon, stir. Applied to the massage lines circular, slightly pressing movements. You can leave the mask on for 15 minutes.


Honey is very useful for your epidermis, it revitalizes and nourishes. You need to choose only natural product. 25 g of honey is slightly heated to become plastically. But overheating is impossible, since at high temperature the nutrients are destroyed. Maximum heating temperature – 50°C. the warm liquid honey add 2 tbsp. thick and 30 g of any face cream, e.g. cream. Mix, use as directed.

Oatmeal and sour cream

Oat flakes grind in a coffee grinder to produce flour. 40 g oat flour is mixed with 25 g of sour cream and 2 tsp coffee grounds.

With gelatin

Gelatin is a natural collagen, so this scrub not only cleanses, but also nourishes. 1 tbsp gelatin pour 3 tablespoons of cold water, leave until it rises. Then the composition is heated, not allowing to boil. You need to heat until all the grains of gelatine dissolved. Allow solution to cool slightly and add 1 tbsp sleeps, coffee is ground and applied on the face. After exfoliating you can leave to harden, then carefully removed without stretching the skin.

With the addition of rye flour

The composition is very refreshing and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Mix 1 tbsp. of coffee grounds and rye flour added to the mixture of 1 egg yolk, whisk. If possible gustavito, you can add a little milk.


This option coffee scrub suitable for dry skin. For its preparation mix the thick sleeps buttered coffee. It is recommended to use coconut oil, apricot or peach pits, almond. Supplement 2 drops essential oil of lemon, orange, geranium.


Coffee body scrub is used for cleansing and to combat cellulite and stretch marks. Cooked means is applied only on problem areas: abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, back, hips. But if you wish to use a scrub in the chest area should prepare compounds softer, like the face.

Universal recipe

For cooking you need to mix coffee grounds with a small amount of shower gel. Weight is applied on the massage glove and treat her problem areas.

With glycerin

It cleanses and moisturizes. 50 g of coffee grounds combine with 1 tbsp of glycerin and 2 drops of ether neroli or orange.

With mummy

This version of the scrub helps prevent formation of stretch marks and tightens perfectly. Shilajit tablets are sold in pharmacies. Tablets are triturated until a powder. Mix coffee grounds with mummy in the ratio of 2 to 1 and add a little olive oil. Is olive you can use any other cosmetic base oil: grape seed, walnut and others.

With white clay

This composition cleans and restores elasticity. Mix white cosmetic clay with an equal amount of coffee grounds and poured a bit of water to get creamy mass.

After waxing

Coffee grounds – 2 tbsp
Cosmetic blue clay – 2 tbsp
Grape seed oil – 1 tbsp
The juice of cucumber or Apple – 3-4 tbsp

This scrub is recommended to apply on the skin to slow hair growth. In addition, it helps to remove an uneven tan. Mix first the dry ingredients, then add the oil and juice, rubbed. Is applied massage movements, leave for 20 minutes.

With sea salt

For the preparation of the means used sea salt very finely, otherwise you can injure the skin. Mix sea salt and coffee grounds in equal volumes, then pour olive oil until the mixture becomes like a cream.

Video: Option anti-cellulite scrub with sea salt

Scrub for the scalp

Regular cleaning of the scalp helps to normalize the power to the follicles by improving blood circulation. And it enhances hair growth and reduces hair loss.

Composition for peeling scalp

Coffee grounds – 3 tbsp
Almond oil, burdock or castor – 1 tbsp
The air cinnamon – 2-3 drops

Oil quite a bit heated, that it was barely warm. Connect it with the remaining ingredients. Hair before washing moisten with water and dry with a towel. Comb and put cooked in the middle. Then with your fingertips start to perform the massage. Massage for 5-7 minutes, stand the tool on the skin for 10 minutes, then wash the head as usual.

Tip! If your hair is extremely oily, then scrub into the prepared further added 1 tbsp cosmetic clay blue or white and a little water.


Coffee scrub is used for any skin type, choosing the suitable recipe. But the use there are contraindications:

  • allergic reaction;
  • the tendency to couperose or apparent of its manifestation;
  • skin diseases;
  • damage (wounds, scratches) on the skin.

You cannot skrabirovanie skin with severe acne, acne, risk of spreading bacteria around the skin that is processed, and the deterioration of the situation.

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