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Every woman wants to be slim and have elastic skin, so to combat cellulite and excess weight. Importantly, they were effective and safe. One of the most popular for a long time ways is a wrap. Its history goes far back into the past, to the days of the Cleopatra. The Queen wrapped her body with tissues soaked in river mud, and then basking in the sun. In today’s world there are different variants of this procedure, but the best results still can be achieved with thermal stimulation, or a hot wrap.


  • The principle of operation
  • Efficiency
  • Technique
  • Performing in the salon
  • The implementation at home
  • Homemade formulations for wraps
  • Contraindications

The principle of operation

Hot wrap – this view, which is the thermal effect, warming effect. The temperature on the surface of the skin at the site of application of the composition reaches 37-38°C. due to heating occurs:

  • opening and cleansing the pores on the skin surface;
  • the penetration of active ingredients into the deep subcutaneous layers;
  • revitalization of the sweat glands;
  • reduction of heat transfer from the upper layer of the skin;
  • the removal of toxins;
  • decongesting, improves the excretion of excess fluid;
  • increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues;
  • the breakdown and excretion of fat.

You can say that this kind of wrap that gives the “sauna effect” dilates blood vessels, improves local circulation and stimulates the metabolism.


The main task of a hot wrap is aimed at combating cellulite. Cellulite is structural changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue developing on the background of violations of metabolic processes and leading to stagnation, poor lymphatic drainage and blood microcirculation.

Procedure affects both the cause and effects of cellulite. Can significantly improve the condition and appearance of the skin. After it decreased, there is a slight weight loss. The effect of weight loss is achieved by removing excess fluid with the flow of lymph. Weight loss can be up to 1-2 kg. However, this result is unstable and then quickly restored, if not to take additional measures. We are talking about lifestyle changes, nutrition, sports. Some wraps forever not solve the problem, so you should not hold them too high hopes in terms of getting rid of extra pounds.

Hot packs helps to reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat, improve skin color, to align the relief, eliminate sagging, make stretch marks less noticeable, increases skin firmness, elasticity, speed up the recovery process. It is effective for fatigue and swelling in the legs, relaxes muscles.

Change the condition of the skin will be visible immediately after the first wrap. But to obtain stable results we recommend a course of 10-15 sessions. To fulfill them it is with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. After a month break, if necessary and desired, this course is permitted to repeat. For maintaining the effect after a course are encouraged to make wraps 1-2 times a month.

Do body wraps can be home and in beauty salons.

Tip: the hot wrap Procedure is preferable to the plan in the first half of the day, as at this time activity of metabolic processes the maximum.


The execution order of the wraps, regardless of the venue consists of the following steps:

  • Warming up the body. For this purpose, suitable shower or bath, sauna.
  • Skin cleansing using scrubs or peels. Performed to remove the surface dirt and dead skin cells that will impede penetration of active ingredients and the disclosure then.
  • The product is applied to wrap the skin with the exception of the locations of lymph nodes.
  • Wrapping treated areas with plastic wrap to retain heat. Instead of tape you can use heat-insulating bandages. Do hot wraps in a spiral, starting from the top. You need to make sure that there was a compressive effect, as it will lead to poor circulation and cause complications.
  • Insulation with blankets, blanket, blanket, warm clothing to create a “greenhouse effect”.
  • The exposure means on the skin for 30-40 minutes.
  • Flushing the remnants of makeup in the shower.
  • Applying a moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream. Good products with collagen, algae extracts, caffeine.
  • On the day of the procedure it is recommended to drink more water as the body will lose a substantial part of the liquid for removal of toxins. It is contraindicated after intense exercise.

    Important: When you wrap a woman should be only a pleasant sensation of heat without discomfort. If not, there is a strong burning sensation, overall health worsens, you should immediately rinse the shower with warm water.

    Performing in the salon

    The benefits of running a hot wrap at the beauty salon are obvious. You can trust the master to relax and have fun. No need to pick up the recipes of the compositions, to think which tool is better suited. Easier to ask about this experienced cosmetologist. He will pick up specially for each client an individual program and a professional-quality compositions based on the condition and needs of the skin. In addition, you can be assured of the correct equipment procedures.

    When performing body wraps in the salon after cleansing do massage. Often it is carried out under pleasant soothing music, so that as a bonus attached relaxation, stress relief, and maybe a light sleep. The only drawback of the implementation of the wraps in the salon is the price. The procedure of the house will definitely cost several times cheaper, but at the same time will require more effort.

    The implementation at home

    To perform a hot wrap at home you will need a ready-made composition or ingredients for cooking, food wrap, body scrub, a hard sponge, warm blanket and warm clothing.

    First, you need to take a bath or hot shower. While they steamed, the skin is first cleaned with a shower gel or soap. Then scrabulous with sea salt, ground coffee beans, apricot pits, peach or grapes. Perform massage with a stiff sponge that allows you to efficiently remove all impurities and prepare the skin for further action.

    After bathing, immediately apply to wrap, wrap film, bundle up and take a horizontal position. If you are using not purchased and self-prepared composition, it must be done in advance.

    From ready-made remedies at home popular products brands:

    • Natura Siberica;
    • GUAM;
    • Floresan cosmetics;
    • Vitex;
    • Beauty Style;
    • Compliment.

    In their application it is important to follow all of the instructions in the recommendations.

    Homemade formulations for wraps

    In addition to the purchase means you can use self-made compositions. They are made with chocolate, algae, clay, oils, honey. As a natural warming components add pepper, ginger, mustard.


    Dry seaweed for a hot wrap can be purchased at the drugstore or cosmetic store. To prepare the composition, 2-4 tbsp ground seaweed (kelp, badyagi, fucus) is filled with water. The water temperature should be 50-60°C. after 15 minutes, when the mixture has cooled to about 38°C, it is applied to the skin and fix the film.

    Honey mustard

    Honey – 2-4 tbsp
    Mustard powder – ½-1 tbsp

    The volume of the mixture is calculated based on what zones will be processed. The ratio of honey and mustard should be 4 to 1. Honey is heated on a water bath to 38°C, then add mustard powder, mix until smooth and immediately use.


    Olive oil – 2 tbsp
    Essential oils of orange, lemon and grapefruit – 3 drops each

    The base oil is heated in a water bath to 38°C, add a mixture of essential oils, mix. The composition is applied to problem areas of the body, wrapped with foil and insulated. Instead of olive oil you can use almond oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, instead of essential oils citrus essential oil of rose or lavender.


    Blue clay – 50 g
    Cinnamon – 1 tsp.
    Ginger – 1 tsp
    Orange essential oil – 5 drops

    The water is heated to 40°C. the Clay powder is mixed with cinnamon, ginger, prepared is diluted with warm water until the consistency of sour cream and add essential oil. The resulting mass is applied to the body.


    To prepare the chocolate wraps will need about 500 g of cocoa powder. The dry powder is diluted with boiling water to get the consistency of sour cream. When the mixture has cooled to 38°C, it is applied to the body. Instead of cocoa powder can I use melted chocolate, but this method wraps will cost more.


    Hot wraps is allowed to perform at all. Due to pronounced warming effect it has a number of contraindications, the neglect of which is harmful to health, primarily of the cardiovascular system. Contraindications are as follows:

    • varicose veins;
    • thrombophlebitis;
    • the period of menstruation;
    • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
    • hypertension and other cardiovascular disease;
    • diseases of the skin;
    • irritation and violation of integrity of skin (wounds, abrasions, scrapes, ulcers) in the affected area;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • disorders of the thyroid gland;
    • the presence of cancer tumors in the body;
    • of renal disease;
    • gynaecological diseases.

    Important: Before applying makeup for a hot wrap on a larger area of your skin to test it on an allergic reaction in the wrist area. In the absence of redness, itching and burning within 12 hours means you are allowed to use.

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