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One of the culprits of depression in humans is a lack of the hormone serotonin. Is it possible to avoid depression, sufficient production of serotonin by the body? What foods can increase the level of this hormone? And what else is in the fight with seasonal depression – read in this article.


Depression may be short-term caused by a prolonged stress. A seasonal “winter” is a mood disorder in people in the winter who normally feel for most of the year. Year round – common in those people who have birth disorders in the production of hormones in the correct mode. Or in the process of life, irreversible changes in this region.


How to overcome seasonal depression


But first it is important to know what a depression is short – term, seasonal or permanent, and possibly psychological (if hormones is all right). If the depression constant with small patches (independent of seasons), then the man need to begin to see the endocrinologist, to hand over analyses on hormones and to check all the organs responsible for hormonal balance. I want to talk about seasonal, particularly “winter” and short-term.



To avoid depression can be the production of sufficient amounts of serotonin


Where it is produced:

  • In the brain.

  • A large amount is produced by the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.


What effects on the body:

  • When exposed to a large amount of light.

  • Physical activity.

  • Food.



Let there be light!


With the first way all is clear. Turn on more light, where possible! Since at low coverage the person starts to produce the hormone melatonin, responsible for sleep. In the dark, the body begins to slow down the reaction, relaxing, preparing to sleep. This two hormone antipode.


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It is therefore important that day was the most light will then be energized. And the maximum dark night – then it will be rest, relaxation and recovery. And interestingly, melatonin is produced from serotonin, if it is produced in the deficit, melatonin is also not produced and people just can’t sleep. Here such “circulation of serotonin in nature.


In the evening, the body becomes very sensitive to light. Therefore, flickering light, candles, garlands, etc. acts stimulating. The human eye in winter are extremely short of colors, and any rainbow of colors has a positive impact on people. Let the whole winter at home is one area, flower, or picture, etc., decorated with garland. Now, remember, more light more serotonin.



The movement is life!


The second method is effects on the body is also understandable. Definitely in the morning charging or running, or walking, or treadmill, etc. during the day is also welcome! The body immediately begins to produce serotonin. I even noticed that when doing morning, I just stepped out yawning. After charging all the stops, from the vigor of body and “spirit.”



Serotonin diet


To serotonin produced in the GI tract have the dietary intake of the amino acid tryptophan, to serotonin synthesis. And glucose from carbohydrate foods. Foods contribute to the biosynthesis of serotonin often improve mood. What you need is there.


Complex carbohydrates:

  • Rice, oatmeal, buckwheat.

  • Bananas. Essential food because they contain serotonin. They also help fight irritability. Plus, a useful product for constipation and hemorrhoids (sorry, but it is the prose of life:-)).

  • Figs. Is the source of a large number of instant blood glucose, many minerals, vitamins and is able to quickly recover and feel better.

  • Figs. Contain a variety of vitamins, amino acids and minerals and uplifting.

  • Raisins. Also rich in vitamins and minerals, increases efficiency and strengthens the nervous system.

  • Dried apricots. Plum. Contains 80% sugar and many other nutrients, has beneficial effects on the nervous system.

The caloric content of dried fruit forced to limit their intake to 20-30 grams at a time. They can cause acute toxic reactions (serotonin syndrome) when consumed in large quantities.

  • Vegetable proteins. Some of the best sources of tryptophan are soy beans, peanuts and peanut butter. In the production of serotonin involves magnesium and vitamin B2 – these substances are rich in almonds.

  • Animal proteins:

Cheese and Turkey contain the amino acid tryptophan, under its influence produce serotonin.

Fish, seafood (squid, shrimp, crab, algae) and fish oil containing large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. They directly affect the levels of serotonin. Best buy cod liver oil at a pharmacy and drink on a table spoon a day. Children in winter it’s necessary to do is SUN, vitamin D. it is Better to give calcium. I have my son gave all his childhood in winter periods. Got tall over 180 cm, although my husband and I are short, and in a sort of special long no. Although transfer of genes from distant relatives do not exclude. But who knows, maybe cod liver oil with calcium helped.

  • Fiber:

Peppers. Storehouse of vitamin C (in first place on the content of vitamin C), which is necessary for the formation of serotonin in the brain. Also sauerkraut.

  • Cranberry, black currants. Make fruit drinks and drink a Cup a day of vitamin C there is the sea.

  • Asparagus, green salads, celery, cauliflower, broccoli.

  • Potatoes. In potatoes high in potassium, such quantities of potassium, like potatoes, no bread, no meat, no fish (500 mg per 100 g of vegetable). Potassium supports the heart muscle and has anti-sclerotic properties. Better to cook in uniform or in the oven.

  • Oranges. A real storehouse of vitamins, it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and mineral elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron. But the main advantage of the orange is vitamin C. Oranges are useful for the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous system. Orange juice activates the activity of all body functions, improves metabolism, has a tonic effect and is indicated in vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome. It is perfectly toned and relieves fatigue. Orange juice contains phytoncides – anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

  • Tomatoes in pure form contain serotonin. Plus contains potassium, which is included in tomatoes, normalize the cardiovascular system. Iron – screener anemia, fatigue. Zinc — improves the condition of hair and promotes regeneration of skin cells. Perhaps the most important factor of the useful properties of tomatoes is their natural antioksidantnoi. The first product against cancer.
  • Cocoa and mustard is also a product that increase serotonin levels.

  • Chocolate. Only in small quantities and without E2, E4, amplifiers, tastes, etc. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine – a substance that rebuilds the body in an opiate taking away the sadness and lifting your mood.


But a surplus of carbohydrates for the body is harmful, so a sense of proportion in this case just need. And if it is correct to calculate the mode of the adoption of carbohydrate foods, then your mood can have very beneficial effects.


Serotonin diet involves frequent and smaller meals.


To improve the effectiveness of mood, maintain high mental and physical performance, must also take the following vitamins and minerals: magnesium, chromium, vitamin E, vanadium, Biotin, L – lipoic acid, zinc, selenium. Or replace products in which a lot of these elements.

From herbal remedies increase serotonin levels St John’s wort.


And also important!


  • Just water.

Drink just water! For what? 85% of brain tissue consists of water. The brain is about 1/50 of the total body weight and it uses about 1/20 of the blood supply. Dehydration causes to decrease the energy in the brain. In fact, studies have linked depression and chronic fatigue syndrome with dehydration. For effective operation of the brain need water. Other liquid: tea, coffee, alcohol dehydrates the body. After drinking a Cup of tea or coffee is recommended to drink 2 glasses of water to restore water balance in the body. Juices, soups, fruit drinks is not water! Man is vital, in addition to “tasty” to drink just water. And need to teach it to their children.


  • Fresh air.

Ventilate the room frequently. The concentration of carbon dioxide affects the person useplease.


NOT helpful


There are also General factors which reduce serotonin levels:

  • Smoking,

  • alcohol

  • coffee

  • excessive consumption of protein,

  • excessive consumption of easily digestible carbohydrates,

  • completely excluded from the diet of canned foods, chips,etc.

  • and especially monosodium glutamate.


Monosodium glutamate can be useful in small doses and only natural – the same that is contained in conventional foods (algae), do not undergo processing. Food intended for long-term storage, is added to the synthesized monosodium glutamate, obtained by artificial means. It is beneficial to producers, because enhancing the flavor of products, but rather, giving them a taste.


They often use stale and of poor quality raw material, monosodium glutamate simultaneously inhibits rancidity, mustiness and other unpleasant tastes – even the taste of decaying meat. In large quantities it inhibits the nervous system. Dependence physical and psychological. Simple food becomes bland and not tasty. The receptor recognition lose taste sensitivity.



Stimulants – no!


Alcohol temporarily increases the level of serotonin, but in the long run lowers it (can be consumed only red wine in small amounts). Alcohol, by the way, blocks the breakdown of serotonin in the brain.


Coffee – I stopped drinking coffee for a month already. This was a coffee-lover with experience of 15 years. Immediately began to sleep well, rise well and cheerfully. Energy is not something that has not diminished, but increased. Importantly it is more stable to hold without changes. But before that it was like a horse being spurred with a whip, she made the leap and soon fizzled out, the recovery needed more time. I would recommend anyone to give it up and you will feel that your energy, effectiveness and efficiency not associated with these stimulants.



Menu for one day


Approximate diet of foods a day to increase serotonin in the body.



1 banana + slice of bread + 1 orange.

Before dinner – 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds + brown med (effective for cardiovascular system, sweat does not).



Salad + Turkey/fish.


Afternoon tea

Fruit or dried fruit and nuts.



Cottage cheese or yogurt.


Water is always present on your desktop!


You can eat along the way and other useful products. The important thing is that the whole day is a conscious and consistent set of serotonin in the body!


And so, the most simple method you can have the whole day to confront the bad mood. Or depression if suddenly such a thing happened to you, it happens. Help your body and it will reward you with good emotions and health! It’s very simple!published econet.ru.

Polina Sukhova

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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet


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