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How to fight obesity on sedentary work?

The contents

  • Causes of weight gain in sedentary work
  • Power adjustment
  • Physical activity
  • Other ways of dealing with excess weight

Most people who work in the office spend almost all day sitting on a chair or a computer chair. The energy they get from food, not consumed by the body and is deposited “in reserve” in the form of fat deposits. If in the life of an office worker still missing the sport, there are big problems with excess weight. To solve them helps power correction and adequate fiznagruzki.

Causes of weight gain in sedentary work

Sedentary work and lack of exercise after work lead to the recruitment of extra pounds. Why it happens:

  • A calorie surplus

The energy obtained from food, with sedentary lifestyle, not consumed completely. Its remnants are transformed into fats and deposited by the body “in reserve”.

  • Poor circulation

This phenomenon occurs in many people with sedentary work. It breeds stagnation in many internal organs and the violation of their functioning.

  • An unbalanced diet

Eating high calorie food or the inability to eat normally during the working day lead to overeating and weight gain.

  • Stress

Nervous strain at work provokes the production of the stress hormone cortisol. His production appears keen sense of hunger that is often the cause of overeating and gaining extra pounds.

Power adjustment

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, who exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle, monitor your diet. People with sedentary work, it is necessary to a greater extent. According to statistics, the majority of office workers during the day, consume about 2000 kcal. For weight loss they should consume only 200-300 calories. Severely restrict your diet and quickly lose weight is impossible. This might lead to health problems and the fact that excess weight will be back as quickly as it left.

Considered normal weight loss of 1 kg a week. How to achieve this:

  • Eat small portions (200-250 g) 5-6 times a day every 2-3 hours.
  • Split the daily ration into 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day.
  • To compose a menu from fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, lean meat and fish, cereals, milk and dairy products with minimal fat content.
  • Excluded from the diet of fried, fatty, smoked, flour food, sweets, fast food, alcohol and sugary soft drinks. If possible, replace sugar with honey.
  • Take last food 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • In order to make this possible, it is recommended to buy all the necessary healthy ingredients and prepare meals for a week and then take it with you to work. This will help in time and to satisfy hunger and to avoid the temptation to eat a chocolate bar or a hamburger.

    It is also important not to forget about the moisture balance. With regular lack of water the body begins to accumulate, which leads to the formation of edema and weight gain. Remember that people often confuse the feeling of thirst and hunger. So, before you eat, drink a glass of water.

    Physical activity

    A very important role in losing weight in sedentary work is the physical strain. Balancing the diet and getting rid of bad food habits, you need to increase your physical activity. There’s a lot more to move around the office independently to take the documents to sign, go by the office to pick up documentation in another Department, etc. If the building is large, choose the longest routes and give up the Elevator – use the stairs.

    If the work turned out to be 5-10 minutes of free time to do small exercises or joint exercises. They will help to improve blood circulation, stretch stiff muscles and feel energized. The eye can rest from the computer.

    Dispose of with the health benefits and weight loss non-working time. If you have a lunch break and weather, you can go outside, walk around the building or in the Park if it is nearby. This will not only help to burn calories and lose weight, but also eliminate stress, which often triggers overeating.

    Who said that after work need to go home to rest and watch TV? Physical load at the end of the day, especially if it was not possible to warm up while you work will help burn unused calories. Refrain from public transport and car (if the weather permits, and the house is not very far), take a walk. Or a workout at the gym. Fitness will help faster and much more efficient to get rid of excess weight.

    Other ways of dealing with excess weight

    Adjust diet and increase physical activity – the most effective ways to combat obesity in sedentary work. However, there are other, equally effective:

    • The rejection of coffee and energy drinks

    Of course, they stimulate, but also hurt at the same time. Coffee with sugar in large quantity provokes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and cellulite. Excessive consumption of energy drinks leads to release of blood glucose that is unclaimed is deposited in problem areas in the form of fat.

    • Replace office chair exercise ball (if it endorses the guide)

    This will help to combine sedentary work with fitness, strengthen large muscle groups and muscle-stabilizers, and improve posture. In addition, on an exercise ball you can perform many simple exercises that promote weight loss.

    • Work performance standing

    People who stand while working, spend per hour at 50 calories more than those who sits. Besides, the body helps to strengthen the core muscles.

    Periodically during the day it is recommended to chew gum (but not often). It helps not only freshen breath, but also stimulates the nerves generating the impulses in the part of the brain that is responsible for satiety. In addition, according to research data, people chewing gum, less prone to stress, overeating and weight gain.

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