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How to give up bad food?
The contents

  • Learning labels on food products
  • The rule 5 ingredients
  • Keeping a journal and recording diet
  • Replacing bad habits helpful
  • More color and experimentation

That harmful foods are addictive, today is spoken on every corner, and doctors are sounding the alarm, because people with excess weight and obesity is becoming more and more. However, nutritionists say that the bad eating habits caused more by the preferences of our brain than the body, and hence there is no such product, which cannot be abandoned at will. Hard bans and restrictions cause only rejection and resistance but if you approach the choice consciously and wisely, it is possible to change your habits without changing yourself.

Learning labels on food products

Most importantly, that focuses on the buyer the choice of food is its appearance. The jury will evaluate the color, shape, texture, and if possible, and smell. Manufacturers know this, and therefore generously used the colors, flavors and other not always useful components to make their products beautiful and appetizing appearance. To buy and to consume less junk food, you need to realize that we get along with her. And for this you need to carefully study the composition. Often people years favorite buys capelin eggs in the jar, not knowing that with her consumes a lot of questionable substances of unknown origin.

If you hold near the shelves of the store a bit more time than usual, you can choose a more useful alternative, for example, canned in its own juice, and sweets lovers should look for a counterpart with less sugar. It must be remembered that the cheese product will never be real cheese, and sour cream – sour cream. First listed ingredient is the basis of the products that can help in the choice, especially when you want to buy the most natural and delicious products.

The rule 5 ingredients

Quite difficult nowadays to find a finished product consisting of 5 or less ingredients, especially when it comes to semi-finished products and products in vacuum packs. In the same caviar pasta contains up to 20 ingredients, among which many Eldorado, sugar, starch, thickener, acidity regulator, colorants, etc. Many are not willing to give up the habit of eating Breakfast sandwiches with such eggs, but if desired, it can be done independently, for example, Perelomov in a meat grinder fillet salted herring with greens. It is both delicious and healthy.

As regards rule 5 ingredients, it before how to comply with it would be nice to know which components are responsible for what and what it consists of. Not all colors, flavors and thickeners pose a risk to health. For example, marking Е260 means that as a preservative in the composition of acetic acid is used, and under the designation E300 hiding pectin is a natural thickener, which is rich in many fruits and fruits. Shelf life is another marker of quality and usefulness of the product. The shorter it is, the fewer preservatives, which means more reasons to include it in your diet.

Keeping a journal and recording diet

Often the person himself is not aware of how much food and how much it consumes. Often from persons who are overweight say that they practically eat nothing and do not understand where are the extra pounds. This is especially true for those who have the habit to satisfy your hunger in the company of the TV or smartphone. Of course, to combine in one glass jar all that was eaten per day, as does the expert in nutrition Gillian Mackeith on the famous West channel, too expensive. But you can do otherwise and just snap pictures of everything that appears in the diet during the day.

Additionally, dieticians advise to keep a food diary, recording all food, describing the calories of each dish, as well as the content in it of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This will help to understand what the energy value of your daily menu and what nutrients it is dominated by. If it significantly exceeds the norm, you should think how to reduce it and what to replace animal fats and simple carbohydrates. A good alternative to first are unsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in vegetable oil, but the carbs better to not muffins and pastries and cereals.

Replacing bad habits helpful

Of course, strength of taste, the Burger will never stand with Brussels sprouts, voluntarily and on a replacement one will not do. But such drastic changes in their preferences and no one needs. At first, the prospect to replace one meal another may seem boring and ineffective, but he who seeks will always find. If you are an ardent lover of ice cream and not willing to change his habits, try to purchase the unit for home cooking your beloved Goodies. So you will know exactly what is included in the milk chocolate.

Actually there are a lot of alternatives that do not require drastic changes. But they can suddenly turn over ideas about tasty and healthy food. So, love milk chocolate, you can replace the bitter, and instead of French fries and bake potatoes in the oven. Cakes can also be useful if you cook it whole grain, all bran flakes, seeds and nuts, other healthy food. Fans of protein bars can find recipes of home-made without unnecessary chemicals and other harmful additives.

More color and experimentation

In the course of tests carried out at the International school for advanced studies in Trieste, it was discovered that our brain considers bright and colorful food more attractive and delicious. In particular, it concerns the food red, but green are perceived as immature and therefore unpalatable. In the world there are not many fans of Brussels sprouts or spinach. Rather, we add them to food through force, and that in combination with other vegetables and fruits.

Therefore, all who are just trying to train yourself to regularly eat broccoli and lettuce, can be recommended to dilute these vegetables are bell peppers, radishes, carrots, tomatoes and other fruits bright and uplifting colors. Perhaps not every experiment will be successful and worth for a long time, if not forever entering in the diet. But until you try you will not understand. Play with spices and herbs, mix them, try to enrich their menu with homemade sauces, new vegetable oils. Cook homemade pork, liver and sausage rolls. In the world there are thousands of dishes you haven’t tried, so do not deprive yourself of such a fun dining experience.

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