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How to make healthy food delicious?
The contents

  • Start with a good salt
  • Fry, not cook food
  • Mix fresh vegetables
  • Try different oil
  • Enter in the recipes of salads with new dressings
  • Use fresh herbs
  • Pick meals the right seasoning
  • Sprinkle dishes with nuts
  • Nice serve

Healthy eating is not all find the satisfying and delicious. Nothing surprising — the same man who recently constantly eating fatty, fried meat, steamed vegetables hardly seem the perfect dinner. But do not forget that right diet is a matter of habit. A little imagination in the kitchen and healthy meals will no longer seem so fresh and “empty”. Let your menu will not only be useful but also very tasty! How to do it?

Start with a good salt

Surprisingly, the most common salt can greatly change the taste of familiar dishes. With this and begin your culinary experiments in the world of proper nutrition.

On time leave the “classic” table salt. Take a sea or pink Himalayan. There are more “exotic” types of salt mixed with different spices. They “decorate” any dish, you don’t even need to use additional seasoning.

Fry, not cook food

Going on a proper diet, you don’t have a dish to cook or bake. Products fried with a crispy crust is much tastier than steamed. Therefore, in order to make the transition to a healthy diet as “painless”, choose exactly roasting as the heat treatment of meat and vegetables.

Diet vegetable dish will not be high in calories if you fry foods with a small amount of vegetable oil. But the meat is better not to cook in the pan. Fry it on the grill, to not use oil. And even in the oven you can fry the meat until crisp, at the end of the cooking increase the temperature of the heat treatment.

Mix fresh vegetables

Do vitamin vegetable mixes to a healthy diet has turned the most delicious and fragrant. Even unloved cauliflower will be more delicious if you fry it with your favorite green peas and sweet peppers.

In the summer, when the shops and markets you can buy fresh seasonal vegetables, freeze them for the winter. Connect favorite fruits in the vitamin mix. Winter will only fry or saute the chopped frozen vegetables to prepare a hearty lunch or a side dish to meat.

Try different oil

The habit in recipes of salads, first and second courses, please enter only the sunflower oil? It is time to change a routine “kitchen” rules. Try using different types of oils. Many of them have a pleasant, distinct fragrance that will transform any, even the most tasteless dish.

What is the aromatic vegetable oil can be administered in a healthy diet? Coconut often cook desserts. Sesame, pine and peanut butter used for cooking and as salad dressings. For baking in the oven meat and vegetables get a flavorful walnut oil, pumpkin or mustard.

Enter in the recipes of salads with new dressings

Fresh salads — an indispensable component of a healthy diet. If some of the recipes already tired, be sure to “upgrade” them. Proper diet should be varied, because the familiar flavor combinations are quickly bored. Help new gas stations.

Diet salads not only seasoned with vegetable oil. The dish will be much tastier if you cook him a flavorful dressing. There are lots of variations on the same vegetable oil, lemon juice, flavored vinegars, fermented milk products (yogurt, sour cream), mustard.

Use fresh herbs

Fresh greens is not only a useful addition to the dish. She to any salad and stews will impart a unique taste and aroma. Be sure to keep in the fridge for a bit of fresh herbs, which you can sprinkle vegetarian pizza, hot vegetarian side dish or stew.

Change routine habits in the kitchen if you always use only fresh dill and parsley. Expand your culinary horizons. Add in healthy meals and other herbs — Basil, thyme, marjoram, mint, tarragon, rosemary. Almost any greens can be grown on your own windowsill — and a pleasant and rewarding hobby.

Pick meals the right seasoning

In healthy recipes sure to enter the dried spices. They play a key role in the “transformation” of dishes. Any product using seasonings sparkle with a deep aroma and rich taste. But it is important to choose the right spices, so as not to spoil lunch. After all the seasoning that perfectly complemented the fish may not be combined with steamed vegetables.

The meat is seasoned with allspice, marjoram, cloves, rosemary, thyme. The taste of poultry would complement the Basil, cardamom, paprika. The fish combined with the ginger, white pepper, mustard, dill, nutmeg. Vegetable stew is complemented with the turmeric, cardamom, black pepper, cumin.

Spices can be used individually, or you can make your own aromatic blends for various dishes.

Sprinkle dishes with nuts

Nuts proper nutrition — healthy product, rich in vegetable fats and proteins, vitamins. Many of them have excellent taste that can make any dish tastier. And act — small amount of nuts sprinkle thick soups, fresh and warm salads, stews and snacks. Even “tasteless”, in your opinion, leafy greens seem extremely delicious with pecan crumble topping.

Which nuts to use? Take walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts. Before use, crush the nuts in a large crumb and a little fry in a pan without oil. So they in its entirety will reveal their taste and aroma, not “dampen” in the finished dish.

Nice serve

It seems that the presentation is not as important as its taste. But many nutritionists say that it is not. Even the hated “fresh” vegetables seem super tasty, if beautifully arrange them on a plate, garnish with greens and sprinkle with spices. Lunch now definitely not “gloomy,” every morsel will be eaten.

Even the usual family dinner turns into a party, if you will lay the table nicely. “Fancy” tablecloth, colorful plates, napkins. How can the dinner to be tasteless with such accessories?

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