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How to start losing weight?

The contents

  • How to think thin?
  • A healthy diet for your figure
  • Physical exercise for the figure

To change your life is always difficult. And change the shape not less difficult. To get rid of extra pounds, will have to significantly adjust your lifestyle. How to start losing weight and not quit after a couple of days?

How to think thin?

First of all, we need to think about why you want to lose weight. And if there is a serious need to get rid of extra pounds, then have to take up the case confidently.

First build plan. Write down all the actions you are going to do, put time. And then we should think about motivation. Right motivation helps to move mountains. Please consider how you will encourage for good work. And be prepared for the fact that failures are possible. This is not a reason to abandon the goal. You just have to go ahead and believe in success.

A positive attitude is very important to achieve any goal, including, and weight loss. Not necessary to set yourself up to fail, be afraid diets, to think about the challenges of regular physical activity. On the contrary, we must believe that everything will work out, just tune in to a long job and not wait for a miracle in a matter of days.

Losing weight should not interfere with laziness. The easiest way to abandon my dreams and stay lying on the couch. But it is necessary to understand the condition of your figure and health is in your hands. External circumstances will not help you become leaner, the pounds just will not go away and my stomach tightened.

If it is very difficult to start losing weight, you should take some small steps. For example, first to accustom yourself to drink clean water before each meal. Then gradually reduce the portion of food. All the time to walk the stairs, and then to accustom themselves to regular walks in the fresh air in the evenings.

Sharply to rush this process-it is better to do things consistently and gradually. And even if there is a great desire and strength, to start losing weight should be a few changes in life. All at once should not change, otherwise the desire will quickly fade.

A healthy diet for your figure

A healthy diet requires a significant adjustment of the diet. However, it is not necessary to change all at once.

That involves proper nutrition? Eating healthy foods, the rejection of fatty, fried, smoked food, use gentle processing methods (boiling, stewing and roasting) food.

How you can get started losing weight? First, you simply reduce the portion. You can take a small plate. To spend to acquire this habit can be a week, but may be less.

Next, you should learn how to shape their menu. In the morning there is cereal, hearty smoothies with cereals, egg and cheese dishes. In the afternoon, should give preference to vegetable soups, meat and fish dishes, and vegetables. In the evening, should eat light and nourishing food (fish, cheese, vegetables). It is best for a week to plan your menu and come up with meals. Do not choose something difficult, because the recipes will not always be free time, and thus increase the risk of failure.

For example, for Breakfast you can think of these options:

  • scrambled eggs with tomato and cheese, bread, green tea and oatmeal cookies;
  • a smoothie with oatmeal, pumpkin, persimmon, banana and yoghurt, fruit salad;
  • three cheesecake with low-fat sour cream, cocoa and Apple;
  • rice with pears and cinnamon, boiled egg and chamomile tea;
  • a sandwich of whole wheat bread, slice of boiled meat, leaf salad, yogurt and coffee without sugar;
  • oatmeal with berries and nuts, orange and herbal tea;
  • cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin, three apricot and black tea.

And for lunch suitable for such simple meals:

  • soup-puree of pumpkin, two chicken burgers, salad, juice;
  • mushroom soup, vegetable stew, a slice of cheese and tea;
  • chicken casserole with vegetables and beef stuffing, bread, compote;
  • minestrone, two small stuffed cabbage, a slice of bread and green tea;
  • vegetarian soup, steak, mashed pumpkin with greens and yogurt;
  • cream-soup made of various types of cabbage, goulash, a couple of boiled potatoes, a cucumber and coffee;
  • Cup vegetable broth, meat with vegetables in a pot with low-fat sour cream, compote.

And light meals for dinner with proper nutrition:

  • 100 g buckwheat, steamed vegetables, yogurt;
  • 150 g brown rice, slice fish, salad;
  • two boiled eggs, salad and bread, kefir;
  • dumplings, yoghurt and berries;
  • fish stew with vegetables, green tea;
  • scrambled eggs with herbs, cocoa and a slice of dark chocolate;
  • vegetable stew, bread, Apple and cheese.

The simpler the dish, the easier it is to cook. It is very important to start the process of weight loss.

After menu will be more useful and balanced diet, we must learn to choose the right products. To give preference should lean, not too spicy food. Choose products without dyes, preservatives, and fragrances. It will take more time, but accustom themselves to proper selection is still necessary.

Physical exercise for the figure

Physical activity is another difficult point of the plan. If you don’t like sports, starting will be difficult. But everything is possible!

Thus, physical activity should choose the simplest. For example, Hiking. It’s easy and even fun, especially if the weather is good. It is necessary to choose comfortable shoes and clothes to pick up the route (it is better to choose a Park or forest) and go for a walk. You can start with 20 minutes (if even too lazy to walk) and gradually increase the walk to an hour.

What physical activity you can still start losing weight? With the morning exercises. Just stretch, stretch after sleep. Gradually add more difficult exercises: squats, jumping jacks, plank, Bicycle. First charge, you can spend five minutes (not to spoil your mood), and then increase the time. In principle, 20-25 minutes a day would be enough.

In the summer you can go Cycling, swim in the lake or river. In the winter skiing and ice skating. At any time of the year you can play volleyball, football, basketball, outdoor games with children. Such physical activity is not annoying and helps to accustom themselves to the movement.

To start losing weight should be gradual, doing the simple and easy steps. Most importantly: a strong desire and not give up halfway.

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