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Compensatory mechanisms of the brain over time begin to falter. These disorders can manifest as heaviness in head, dizziness, “flies” in the eyes and, of course, reduce mood and vitality.

The brain (GM), as any body must work rhythmically and diverse. Switching energy attention from one topic to another is not tiring, and unloads it. During sleep, the brain works less (and sometimes greater) than during wakefulness. Just in the dream are other, deeper areas. We would like to digest the important information that “ate” during the day. If some areas of the brain is constantly overloaded (school, exams, audit, computer work, prolonged stress, etc.), and others underutilized – it turns out the energy imbalance. Retirement, people, in most cases, significantly reduce mental workload and thus contribute to a deterioration of the brain.

Exercises for body and mind

To improve blood flow and the GM need to make my life varied and exciting.

1. Creative reading book: read purposefully with a pencil, writing down thoughts and quotes on the topic of interest.

2. Crossword puzzles alone or with friends. Using color computer images and an MRI it was shown that in fast memory, and switching of various information activates neurons in the brain, which previously “asleep”. Increases blood flow to the places that were cold, untouched. Such results cannot be achieved with the help of medicines! A variety of questions cause an avalanche of new nerve impulses which leads to increased tonus of the cerebral cortex.

3. Review the program “What? Where? When?” and try and work with the participants to guess the questions. During a one minute brainstorm is the whole team. Man is a social being, and of course we connect to this powerful energy process.

4. After viewing this (or similar) program are advised to get some fresh air and to perform simple exercises to improve the functioning of the brain.

Pull up

1) covering his eyes, look at the sun, make the nose a deep breath, pause 3 to 6 seconds, exhale through the mouth slowly, hot. This cleansing breath is performed 2 – 3 minutes.

2) rise on toes and reach up on the inhale – exhale lower hands to the ground. To fix, bent over for a few seconds. This exercise is repeated 5 times.

Bending back

Also rise on toes and reach up on the inhale and bend back as much as you can (eyes open). Hands slightly apart, the head is definitely laid back. Hold the position for several seconds and slowly squatted on his haunches. Sit with the buttocks on the heels, toes touch the ground, head is committed to his knees. In this position rest with your eyes closed. Repeat 5 times.


This is the most important, difficult and most effective exercise. It contributes to the excitation of the otolith apparatus of the inner ear, causing nerve impulses overwhelm the brain stem. People who already have unsteadiness when walking or dizziness, it is a simple therapeutic exercise just need. If you do it gently and constantly, a data breach can greatly reduce or even cure.

Rotation should begin at home, next to the bed, so that when the slightest need to go down on her.

  • Hands pressed against his chest, fingers in a fist, eyes looking up.
  • Rotate initially counter-clockwise, “unrolling” the grey negative, as the thread of the spindle.
  • Small steps make small, fast.
  • 3 – 5 turnover, stop – rest.
  • Perform a cleansing breath.
  • Then clockwise “winding” in your aura-Golden heavenly spindle thread.
  • Relax, breathe.

Rotation can be performed 3 – 4 times a day. With time will come and the stability of, and confidence in their abilities. Then the exercise can be done on the street near a tree (for insurance).

To enhance the rotation in the hands, you can take a half-liter plastic bottle. Start rotating the hands pressed against his chest, and then slowly align – centrifugal force increases

5. The self-massage. To finish the physical exercises should massage the point behind the ear, over the mastoid process. Here is attached the cervical muscles to the occipital bone. Edge to be tightly pressed against the palm of these points and greatly twist the head.

6. In this area you can put leeches, which will also improve blood flow to the cerebellum.

7. Wise is a therapeutic closure of the fingers and meridians. Wise to strengthen the nervous system:

  • to connect medium and large fingers the left and right hands (as if we wish someone to give a flick),
  • the rest is straight.

8. Positive thinking and the rejection of negative information will also improve the functioning of the brain.

9. To eat a persimmon (“bead”), which is a product to improve the GM.published econet.ru.

Vladimir Bolsun

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