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I continue to give the most interesting “instant offers”. Sometimes stocks appear several days in a row they can catch. Instant offer now: Now Foods, Relora, 300 mg.

Instant deals are limited in time and quantity.

Often they end in less than 1 hour! So we have to act quickly, basket iHerb should already be ready. Discount ‘this action is often visible only at checkout, not in cart. Best I post to the blog.

Instant offer now: Now Foods, Relora, 300 mg

Relora. This is called “active ingredient”, which sell brands already in packaged form, according to banks. The labels are different, and the quality of raw materials is always high.

Responsible for quality manufacturer of raw materials, in this case, the Lonza group. In addition, it provides tests for efficacy and clinical trials.

Relora – a proprietary blend of Magnolia bark extract and bark extract Amur velvet. Relaxing effect supplements helps control appetite and stress-induced overeating, maintains a normal weight.

The effectiveness of Relora is supported by three peer-reviewed, double blind studies, which showed improved mood and keeping the weight off.

In clinical studies, Relora showed:

– reduces stress and temporary anxiety
– improves mood
– reduces fatigue
– increases energy
– helps to maintain the body weight of people who “stress eat”

Changes in mood were evaluated during 4 weeks of taking Relora.

A double-blind study showed that taking 250 mg. of Relora 2 times daily, during Breakfast and dinner improves the mood and General stress 4 weeks.

General indicators: Relora improved mood in 13-42%

Also Relora reduced stress (-13%), depression (-20%), anger (-42%), fatigue (-31%), confusion (-27%) and energy (+ 18%) compared with placebo over 4 weeks.

Dosage of: take 250-300 mg 2 times a day, for at least 4 weeks.

By the way, Relora sold in mono-variant and is part of the additives to optimize cortisol Balance Cortisol, for adrenal support Protocol for Life Balance.

Link to the study:
(1). BTalbott SM et al. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013; 10: 37.


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