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Friends, today let us examine briefly the actual question, which iron supplements for anemia the best and most effective. It is very often asked in private messages =)

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Iron deficiency anemia

Now, let us consider iron supplements for anemia.

Before buying iron supplements, you should make sure that you actually have anemia, and that is iron deficiency anemia.

We remember that anemia can be different and caused by a deficiency of various vitamins and minerals. But the most common iron deficiency anemia. Long before anemia appears hidden deficiency of iron.

This hemoglobin is normal, serum iron normal, ferritin low. Ferritin shows iron stores , and at a certain point, the body begins to rapidly waste iron from its reserves and not to fill them. It would seem that anemia and hair began to fall out, fatigue, and energy is at zero.

For me was the discovery that when iron deficiency may appear pigmentation on the face, often called “age”. At such pigmentations do not need more whitening cream, and to eliminate deficiencies of iron!

Iron supplements for anemia

The important point is that if the iron deficiency is already there, remove only the diet will not work. Iron from animal products is better absorbed than from plant, but not 100%.

To fill the gap necessary to take iron supplements. Iron preparations are different, I will write about the most popular is a chelate of iron.

Chelated iron is absorbed much better than other forms, gives fewer complications and side effects, does not irritate. To take iron on an empty stomach is better, but if there is an unpleasant sensation, chelated iron can be taken with food.

For chelated iron supplements on iHerb.

I chose the three forms the best iron bisglycinate, the first two supplements contain the isolated iron, third Thorne goes with the cofactors: iron, together with vitamin C and B vitamins in activated form.

Iron supplements on iHerb:

  • Solgar, Gentle Iron, 25 mg , 90 Vegetable Capsules
  • Bluebonnet Nutrition, Chelated Iron, 18 mg, 90 Veggie Caps
  • Thorne Research Ferrasorb, 60 Capsules

Iron is better absorbed with vitamin C. You can buy vitamin C and take it along with iron. Exactly how much you need of vitamin C, no one writes about it.

I wanted to know the exact numbers and was able to find: for every 3 mg of iron should be at least 20 mg of vitamin C. So, when taking Solgar need further 166 mg of vitamin C and more.

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