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Is it possible weight loss of birch SAP?

The contents

  • Weight loss using a healthy drink
  • Diet on birch juice
  • Recipes for health and shape
    • Kvass with raisins
    • Kvass with honey
    • With rosehip and lemongrass
    • With currant juice and mint

Birch SAP is a natural healthful drink. The juice has long been known for its beneficial properties. Gives the juice of a tree about twenty days, from late March to late April. Of course, the most useful is the birch juice, which grows in woods and not near the road. The application of this healthy drink not only heals the body but also helps in losing weight (if it is correct to drink it).

Weight loss using a healthy drink

How useful is the juice of this beautiful tree? The drink contains a variety of enzymes, organic acids, iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, and rare substances (silicon, titanium, Nickel, barium, aluminum, strontium, zirconium), phytoncides, tannins, saponins, essential oils, vitamins C, B1, B12, plant hormones, glucose. All of these substances are beneficial to health. So, phytoncides kill the bacteria, b vitamins it normalizes the nervous system, and vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Birch SAP tones the body, restores strength, reduces inflammation, cope with depression, purifies the blood. Healthy drink improves the functioning of the kidneys, eliminates sand, increases hemoglobin, increases the production of bile and, therefore, eliminates heaviness, constipation, belching and heartburn. Juice lowers blood pressure, fights arthritis, promotes rapid healing of wounds, reduces cholesterol. The healing fluid is used for pneumonia, bronchitis, sore throat, stomach ulcers, sciatica, acidity of the stomach, rheumatism, skin problems.

In addition, healthy drink used for weight loss. The juice has diuretic properties. That is, it removes excess fluid, relieves swelling, which is often one of the causes of excess weight. The drink improves metabolism, which is very important for losing weight and cleanses the intestines from harmful substances, relieves constipation.

In addition to all these useful properties of birch juice increases stamina, relieves chronic fatigue and sleepiness. This means that you will have more strength for sports, walks in the fresh air. This liquid contains only 24 kcal per 100 g, and this means that when losing weight it carries extra pounds.

But we must keep in mind that not everyone can drink the juice. For large stones in the bladder or kidneys, diabetes is recommended to drink juice in small amounts. In addition, it is possible to be allergic to this drink.

Diet on birch juice

How to lose weight on this drink? There are different diets on the juice. We offer several options.

For example, a three-day diet involves drinking two litres a day. In addition, you can eat oatmeal or buckwheat, vegetables, apples and chicken. In addition to drink juice only water.

Here’s diet menu:

  • morning: porridge and juice;
  • snack: two apples;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken, salad and juice;
  • afternoon snack: apples and juice;
  • dinner: steamed vegetables and juice.

This diet nagroda, but rather monotonous. Therefore, it is not easy to observe. But there are other options.

Diet, for five days, allow eating any food, but dinner should be replaced by a glass of birch SAP. It is possible to eat meat and fish, eggs and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, cereals, bread. Losing weight is very comfortable.

Here’s a rough menu:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with an Apple, muffin and green tea;
  • snack: fruit salad or yoghurt;
  • lunch: soup, chicken or steak, salad and compote;
  • snack: cottage cheese with berries or a sandwich with cheese and greens;
  • dinner: juice.

That is, at tea time, you should not just eat an Apple or an orange, and a more thoroughly. Fit a piece of cheese casserole, a small dish of milk porridge without oil and sugar, healthy sandwich with boiled meat or cheese and vegetables. This will help safely survive a very light dinner.

Another option is a long diet, its essence is to drink the juice before each meal. It will reduce your appetite and also get a large number of valuable substances. Of course, the food should be useful. Sweets, pastries, fast food should be avoided.

Menu it is possible to make so:

  • morning: porridge or cottage cheese, fruit and tea;
  • snack: fruit salad or fruit;
  • lunch: soup, fish or meat dish, salad, juice or compote;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese or mixed nuts with dried fruits;
  • evening: steamed vegetables or a casserole and yogurt.

Drinking the juice must be half an hour before meals in the amount of 100 ml. it is Advisable to follow this diet for two weeks, until there is a fresh drink. But you can increase or reduce the number of days of the diet.

Recipes for health and shape

Of course, it is best to drink fresh juice with no additives. However, storage of stuff that you need to add other ingredients. The juice will still be useful, and you can enjoy them not only in spring but also at other times of the year. Recipes for birch SAP are different, you can choose to your taste.

Kvass with raisins

Birch SAP must be heated to 35°C, then a liter of fluid, add 20 g of yeast and 5 pieces of raisins. Then the Bank should close tightly and leave for a couple of weeks. If you want you can add a little lemon peel.

Kvass with honey

Squeeze in 10 liters of drink the juice of four lemons, add 30 g of honey, 50 g of yeast and raisins (three pieces / bottle). Pour into bottles and keep in the dark for 1-2 weeks.

The drink itself is a useful and tasty, but you can add infusions and decoctions of various herbs. For example, mint, lemon balm, currant, thyme, rose hips, pine needles. You can also mix it with juice, any berries, apples, pears. Recipes can be any.

With rosehip and lemongrass

Two tablespoons of hips to knead, add a few sprigs of lemon balm and boiling water. After half an hour, mix half a liter of juice extract obtained.

With currant juice and mint

Squeeze the juice from a glass of black currant. Mix two cups of birch juice, and the squeezed juice, add a few mint leaves. Leave on for twenty minutes, then you can drink.

Whatever the recipes of this drink, in any case, it strengthens and tones, and the weight loss with birch juice is very simple and useful.


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