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Jogging rules for effective weight loss
The contents

  • Conditions for weight loss
  • The volume of loadings
  • What to run?
  • Organization methods running for weight loss
  • Eating for weight loss

Daily physical loads help to start the process of weight loss. Burn excess fat the easiest way with the help of running. Consider this method of correction weights in more detail.

Conditions for weight loss

Excess weight is a concern for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, they are now becoming more and more every year. The presence of almost every family car further exacerbates the situation. Using auto, we less walking, and especially running. As a result the muscles lose their tone, and the body begins to store fat. To avoid fullness only in one case — to pull myself together and do fitness for weight loss. The simplest thing we can do for your health is to go out for a morning jog before starting your working day. To begin exercise it is possible with the usual quick walk. In the process of adaptation of the body to the load necessary to break into a sprint.

How Jogging helps to burn fat? During intense physical work, the heart begins to pump blood faster and the lungs to actively enrich it with oxygen. The oxygen supplied by the blood through the veins and capillaries to every cell in the body. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated. And this is one of the main conditions for weight loss.

Metabolic processes require energy expenditure. During running, the body finds internal sources. First, the glycogen accumulated in the liver. Then the energy begins to transform in the process of disintegration of fat deposits in the body. Thus, active movement is forced to burn extra calories that people receive food. Weight loss and running — two closely related components.

To start the fat burning process in two ways:

  • Jogging.

In this case, the breakdown of fat deposits starts after 30 minutes of easy running at a maximum speed of 7-8 km/h;

  • interval treadmill workout.

This way is much faster makes to split fat. However, this method of training is quite heavy, especially for beginners. So is not for everyone.

Based on the characteristics of the run, favorable conditions for weight loss are created when classes are in mid-tempo for 0.5-1 hour or at an intense pace for 20 to 30 minutes. But that’s not all. If you want fast to lose weight need to pay attention to nutrition for weight loss. This is an additional condition which will help you bring your figure back to normal.

The volume of loadings

So, with minimal running time, we decided: Jogging not less than 40-60 minutes, or do interval running for 30 minutes. But how many times a week you want to go for a run? Again, the minimum that should be done is Jogging through the day, preferably 5 times a week. If you run less to lose weight will fail. More — the body can overwork.

The person who was not previously involved in sports, will be the most affordable and comfortable to run, alternating a workout day with a rest day. It is possible to combine light Jogging with fast walking for 1 hour.

What to run?

Jogging to lose weight do not need to buy expensive shoes and clothes. It is your regular training suit and sport shoes. For example, the same sneakers. Importantly, their soles were of medium thickness and with sufficient softness to the foot while running full worked. If you plan to run on asphalt track, it is best to choose shoes with firmer soles. But to use for training my special Jogging is not necessary.

Choosing a tracksuit, pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. The less it is synthetic, the better. For training in bad weather and cold need to have a light windproof jacket.

Organization methods running for weight loss

As we have mentioned, losing weight through running there are two ways of organizing the training:

  • Jogging.

This method is the most simple and accessible for people of any age and level of initial training. Jogging at a slow, steady pace without forcing the heart to work for the redistribution of its possibilities. While metabolic processes in the body greatly aktiviziruyutsya, moving to a new level. During such training increases energy consumption and start the process of digestion of fat. If you have no health problems, run by Jogging with pleasure. You can run in the morning, evening and any other time of day. Exercise in the fresh air will save you not only weight, but also shortness of breath, effects of stress, high blood pressure, restore good mood.

  • Interval run.

Lose weight by interval running is much more effective Jogging. However, such active classes require basic training, which can be organized with a uniform, slow run.

The essence of interval training is the following: slow running interspersed with short segments of fast running to the limit. For example, 5 minutes Jogging, then 15 seconds of maximum acceleration. Then again 2-3 minutes easy, recovery run and another acceleration. And so for 30 minutes.

Interval training forces the body to work in conditions of oxygen deficiency. The remaining energy of the muscles will obtain from the breakdown of fat to water and carbon dioxide. These anaerobic processes lead to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. It can be accompanied by pain and a burning sensation in the feet and hands. So start to do interval training for weight loss with caution. And each session ends with 5-10 minutes of easy running, and cool-down.

Eating for weight loss

If you’ve decided to use a running correction, it is advisable to change your diet and go to proper nutrition for weight loss. This will help your body to adapt to increased physical stress and lose weight. Run completely empty stomach is not recommended. If you are going to workout early in the morning, drink a glass of sweet tea for 15 minutes before Jogging. It will invigorate your body and give him the necessary amount of energy to be active.

Before daytime and evening workouts need to eat for 1.5-2 hours before the start of classes. After your workout you can eat after 20-30 minutes. While running, you can drink the water. If to consider the General recommendations for organization of nutrition for weight loss, it is desirable to exclude from the daily diet of sugary drinks, white bread, fried and spicy dishes, smoked. But this does not mean that you should completely abandon them. Ate an iced bun — spend the extra 5 minutes to run, and everything will be fine.

Thus, if you comply with all the conditions for weight loss, you can use the run to become slimmer and more beautiful in just a couple of months.

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