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Omega dismantled with a kind of furious speed! Give the best option of krill oil, it also falls under the 27% discount promo code OMEGA.

Remember, the discount is 27% and will last until 14 September, 20:00 GMT. A few hours the promo code works and you can take various options of omega, for the whole family.

Here, for example, CGN Fat krill with astaxanthin, RIMFROST

Budget option, and worth 2 times cheaper than krill oil from Dr. Mercola. Discount will be even cheaper by a third. If you have never bought krill oil, it’s time to try. To assess whether you fit.

At CGN krill oil RIMFROST.

This Antarctic krill omega-3 phospholipids and natural astaxanthin, certified by the Marine stewardship Council (MSC).

This certification complies with the principles of sustainable krill harvesting, transparency and conservation of Antarctic ecosystems for future generations. To collect krill using the latest modern technology, the fresh catch and immediate processing of raw material on Board the ship.

This preserves the biomass of krill and the Antarctic ecosystem, is not disturbed the seabed, and once harvested, this amount of krill that can be recycled. When processing the ship all the nutrients are retained as possible.

Krill oil RIMFROST

Krill oil is absorbed quickly into the blood, after receiving no fishy aftertaste, belching or other unpleasant symptoms. If there are such problems, you can try krill oil and feel the difference.

It is believed that krill oil is absorbed better because of the natural phospholipids, but accurate opinion on this point. I suggest start with a double dosage of krill oil, if there is a strong deficiency of omega acids.

So, in a double serving of krill oil from CGN, will 240 mg. of EPA and 120 mg DHA fatty acids. This is a great dosage for every day! And the banks will be enough for 2 months of reception.

Otherwise, krill oil is used as omega acids from fish oil. Omega-phospholipids is easier to digest by our body. Krill oil supports cognitive health, brain function, mood, and eye health, General health and support during pregnancy.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that gives krill oil a natural red color.

Where to buy:

Fat Arctic krill CGN at a dosage of 500 mg
Fat Arctic krill CGN at a dosage of 1000 mg

I also wrote about the properties of krill oil HERE

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