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Local food: all about locavore
The contents

  • Localista — food local products
  • What foods come to the table to locavores?
  • Advantages for the followers of healthy lifestyle and lakeworth
  • How to become locavores?

A few years ago hardly anyone would have thought that the idea of eating local food will grow into a whole social movement with significant social impact and enormous potential for development and growth. But today locavore cafes and restaurants open around the world, creating excellent conditions for development of farms, maintaining the environment, and most importantly — speaking means caring about the health of the citizens. So what is local food, what are localista?

Localista — food local products

Another our compatriot — the agronomist Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov gave advice on nutrition, similar to the ideas of lakeworth, and that was back in the XIX century. World fame and popularity of this movement was only the beginning of the XXI century, thanks to two canadian journalists — John. McKinnon, and A. Smith. In the experiment, they decided to make his menu of only those foods that were produced within 100 miles of their place of residence. The success of this venture was the beginning localista, which in English means “local food”.

In principle, the basic theses and postulates of this movement at the time was expressed by many nutritionists and the adherents of proper nutrition, recommending to eat only seasonal foods, particularly fruits and other gifts of nature. Followers of lakeworth went even further: they feed on a geographical basis, with their menus of things that grow “under his feet”. The geography of the final destination of consumption and places of production varies significantly. So, locavore conservatives don’t eat anything grown on 150 km from the house, and the liberals are more loyal and believe ancestral and family everything that grows within their home region or even country.

What foods come to the table to locavores?

In the broader sense of locavore give preference to local products, fully or partly refusing of any import. But the more zealous followers even track the history of traditional utensils and cook exclusively in local wood and in the corresponding container. Anyway, to all who choose to join the ranks of locavores have to eat or the fact that cultivated in your own garden, or choose in stores and supermarkets food products exclusively in domestic production.

For this reason, from the menu we can immediately exclude non-seasonal products, winter strawberries, cherries, peaches, etc. the same principles should adhere to in relation to absolutely all vegetables, berries and fruits. It is clear that on the Desk of locavore no place for Israeli potato, carrot and Egyptian Abkhazian tangerines. But this does not mean that supporters of HLS and lakeworth left to settle for a radish with honey and porridge with butter. In addition to traditional national dishes they create entire masterpieces from local ingredients, including all their imagination and ingenuity, for example, chamomile jelly with cucumber foam, sweet carbonated drink made of parsley, soup with carp etc.

Advantages for the followers of healthy lifestyle and lakeworth

Local food has many advantages and benefits over other power systems. That’s what motivates the followers of local consumption:

  • natural

Locavore take care of their health, because they consume, eating only fresh and natural products grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. In addition, the reduction of time for transportation allows you to give up processed food with preservatives, prolonging the shelf life;

  • care for the environment

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle and lakeworth care about the environment, because no need to carry allows you to not use fuel during transportation or use it in minimal quantities. In addition, the rejection of food storage in refrigerators helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Adhering to a proper rotation, locavore reduce the amount of pesticides used and thus maintain the good condition of the soil;

  • support the domestic manufacturer

Thanks to the growth in the number of followers of the local food, small farms felt much more confident had the opportunity to enter the market and provide citizens with new jobs. Moreover, the farmers themselves-locavore began to care for the health of potential consumers and the environment by regulating sanitary conditions in their houses are properly disposing of waste, etc. Overcrowded households contaminated with sulphide and nitrate released from manure and urine, turned into a whole farmstead where the animals are free range and graze on fresh air.

How to become locavores?

Doctors, followers of a healthy lifestyle and dieticians have nothing to say and to oppose the gaining momentum of social movement. On the contrary, it adjoins more and more people want to be healthy, to consume quality food and to live in a clean and safe place. Many gastronomic researchers have suggested that emerging as a fashion trend, localista is increasingly gaining momentum, creates more food, new environment and all with the support of stakeholders and authorities.

And become locavores easy. First you need to try to abandon non-seasonal fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, eggplant, cherries and strawberries can be frozen for future use and all winter to feast on their favorite gifts of nature. Some grow greens and onions on the windowsill, and some are equipped with a private balcony and a loggia for the cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes. Well, if you’re afraid that your diet will become boring and monotonous, to start experimenting. And even if you don’t decide for a chamomile jelly with cucumber foam, you always have the opportunity to look in cookery and cookbooks of yesteryear, compiled by those who lived on subsistence farming.

Surely your family has their own recipes, passed down from generation to generation. If possible, you can visit one of the restaurants lokatorsko cuisine and to appreciate the menu interesting, tasty and healthy meals. In fact, this movement has enormous potential, and becomes part of it, only you can decide.

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