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Lose weight by interval running: features and contraindications
The contents

  • Specifics of weight loss during interval running
  • The optimal mode of fitness loads in interval running
  • Exercise regimen for weight loss interval running
  • Who should not use to do interval running for weight loss

If You have decided to lose weight and get a good figure without much effort and material costs, it is best to use for this interval running. Weight loss will be safe if you correctly alternate the load with dynamic relaxation.

Specifics of weight loss during interval running

Losing weight in the process of training is due to the intense loads that regular Jogging does not. At the same time for sporting activities don’t have to spend a lot of time. Such fitness is suitable for any season and for any weather. Burning fat is by increasing the speed of metabolism, which provides intensive and short-term load during a workout.

The mechanism by which the human metabolism in interval running based on the alternation of overcoming on the maximum top speed of 100 metre distances, after which 200 meters you can walk in any comfortable pace, restoring:

  • breathing;
  • the frequency of the pulse;
  • of physical force;
  • heartbeat.

In this run the weight loss occurs at minimum load during the passage of the 200-meter distance. This is because interval running activates anaerobic metabolic processes. They actively use fat tissue for glucose production, which cells are missing after heavy load at 100-meter distance with lack of oxygen.

In the process of losing weight include the entire fatty tissue on the body. Weight reduction occurs evenly. With this method of weight loss need to organize the food, to avoid exhaustion due to loss of visceral fat on the internal organs. When properly drafted schedule of training you can pick up a physical activity to enhance anaerobic metabolic processes taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism.

The optimal mode of fitness loads in interval running

Physical exercises of this type need to perform through the day. It does not need to visit the fitness rooms, classes can be held in a nearby Park on pedestrian paths or on the treadmill stadium, located near the house. It is not necessary to speed up the process of weight loss and Jogging every day. Amplified fat burning exercise will bring harm rather than benefit to the unprepared body and takes a lot of effort a person. It is necessary to alternate one day of intensive interval running with a day of total recovery after hard physical loads.

In addition it requires developing a special menu protein that helps muscle tissue to recover after an intensive workout.

Should establish a special training program, which involves the precise metering of the load. For this you will need to keep a diary in which to record their physical parameters before and after training. It will help smoothly and dosed to increase the rate speed runs without any harm to the whole organism. You should start with small loads, gradually increasing their intensity and duration.

If there is a treadmill, it can be used as an alternative to Jogging outdoors in bad weather. On this simulator are easily exposed load parameters and provides the ability to monitor:

  • pulse;
  • respiratory rate;
  • the number of heartbeats per minute.

The use of this simulator for fitness is not for everyone. Taller individuals will not be able to develop the maximum possible speed to obtain the necessary gyrosigma stress on the body. They should give preference to exercise outdoors.

Exercise regimen for weight loss interval running

During the first classes should start with a simple walk before you begin to implement active fat-burning exercises. The load should always be alternated with rest. Before the training you need to find a convenient sports outfit for Jogging.

Before the run you should warm up your muscles a simple walk for one to two minutes, after which you can go to Jogging.

During the execution of the activity should follow the breath. Inhale and exhale needs to occur at the same interval. Due to this, it is possible to achieve smooth breathing and when carrying high loads.

After a workout, you can go to fast run. Increase the speed gradually. You must correctly calculate the time of load: the first two minutes to warm up the muscles, a third-minute workout to run at the highest speed possible, then you need to give the body to recover. Thus it is necessary to alternate all the exercises in interval running throughout the workout.

Who should not use to do interval running for weight loss

There are a number of contraindications for weight loss by using interval running. This type of training is not suitable for people with:

  • chronic diseases of the joints;
  • heart failure and systemic vascular diseases;
  • hypertension;

Before you engage in such physical activity, people with chronic diseases should consult with your doctor. In some cases, there are absolute contraindications to this method of reducing excess weight. The doctor will help them choose a safe form of fitness for weight loss.

It is impossible to do interval running once operational. You must first go through the recovery period and to wait for the complete fusion of the sutures. For flat feet need to choose the right orthotics that will help to evenly distribute the load on the spine and to reach a maximum speed during class.

Conducting fitness workouts of this type requires a responsible approach to their own health and regularity. This will allow you to quickly and permanently get rid of body fat, improve endurance, toughen health and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. Properly organized Jogging for weight loss is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.

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