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Losing weight after 40: exercise and especially diet
The contents

  • Errors in the process of weight loss women after 40 years
  • Features diet to control weight in adulthood
  • A phased plan of action to reduce excess weight

Effective weight loss after which weight remains within the limits of physiological norm, is a rather laborious process, requiring an integrated approach. Moreover, with age, the fight against excess weight becomes much more complicated. Irreversible physiological age-related changes occurring after 40 years, inevitably affect the process of reducing excess weight, and often not the best way.

Errors in the process of weight loss women after 40 years

Women who have reached adulthood and want to have a slim figure, often in the process of losing weight accept the following error that prevent to achieve a positive result:

  • strict monotonous diets.

In such circumstances, the body begins to experience a lot of stress that may negatively affect the work of all systems and General health. In addition, after the completion of these diets the weight comes back and often exceed the initial value. Thus, the body seeks to protect itself from the repetition of stress. Another disadvantage of strict diets for weight loss is to accelerate the appearance of external signs of aging: the volume of the body decreases, the skin becomes flabby, flabbier, and on it there are wrinkles;

  • starvation.

The application of this fundamental way to reduce excess weight leads to serious health problems even in young girls and women age may result in irreversible negative consequences;

  • the overabundance of physical activity.

In an effort to accelerate the reduction of excess weight, women often train to exhaustion. But with age, the rate of recovery processes in the body decreases, so he needs more time to rest. The result of over-training can be not only chronic fatigue but also heart problems and even joint inflammation;

  • restriction of fluids and diuretics and laxatives.

In this case, the weight loss is due to the loss of moisture, which is absolutely not conducive to good health and good health.

Features diet to control weight in adulthood

A healthy diet is not only a means of combating excess fatty deposits, but also a way of preserving youth and health. To lose weight and continue to maintain a healthy weight, women after 40 years must the whole process of eating to subdue these principles:

  • the basis of the diet should be foods rich in protein and calcium. This is necessary in order to prevent age-related loss of muscle mass and increased fragility of the bone tissue. The main sources of the above nutrients diet are meats, dairy products, eggs and seafood;
  • the amount of fat-containing foods in the diet must be reduced by replacing animal fat with vegetable and fish. Completely exclude fats from the menu should not be, because they are involved in many vital processes in the body, for example, in the formation of cell membranes;
  • the number of slow carbohydrates should be sufficient to meet the body’s need for energy, especially if the woman leads an active lifestyle and do fitness. Therefore, the diet should include cereals, wholegrain bread and pasta from durum wheat;
  • the menu must be present fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are necessary to provide the body with fiber and vitamins;
  • all the sweet, butter and other products that are not related to the category of healthy, should be excluded from the menu. This rule also applies to packaged juices and alcoholic beverages;
  • for weight loss need to drink plenty of water to speed up metabolism and stimulate other vital processes in the body. The recommended daily amount of water — 30 ml per kilogram of body weight.

To weight loss was successful, in addition to the correction menu, you must alter the usual mode of eating the food, bringing it under the rules:

  • the total caloric content of the menu should correspond to a daily rate which can be calculated by a special formula that takes into account physiological parameters and features lifestyle;
  • the number of meals during the day should not be less than five, three of which are considered major and two snacks;
  • you must eat Breakfast the most nutritious food provided by the diet. Breakfast should consist of slow carbohydrates, lunch of protein and carbohydrates, and dinner of protein and fiber. For weight loss, dinner should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.

A phased plan of action to reduce excess weight

Competent organization of the fight against excess weight is the key to positive and sustainable result. In this process we need to act comprehensively and in stages:

  • The first step is to speed up the metabolism by reducing daily calorie intake and switching to a healthy diet.

This period is often delayed for several weeks because the person needs the time to give up bad habits that trigger weight gain. Those women who have successfully overcome weight, often called this stage the most difficult because the body is under stress, and resists radical change, contributing to weight loss.

  • The second stage can proceed when the menu eliminated all unhealthy foods and the body no longer feels the acute need for them.

During this period you have to reduce caloric intake to daily intake, or even better — create a small calorie deficit and increase physical activity. While physical activity should be primarily aerobic in nature. But, caffeine for weight loss, strength training should not be neglected, since it strengthens the muscles and helps to maintain and gain muscle mass.

  • The third stage involves consolidation of results.

Getting rid of extra pounds, you can slightly reduce the load, doing not to lose weight, and to maintain good physical shape. However, to make relaxations in the diet not worth it. Compliance with the daily calorie intake and wholesome food should be part of the lifestyle that helps to preserve youth and health.

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