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Menu nutrition with recipes for a week

The contents

  • Proper nutrition: secrets
  • Healthy lifestyles: healthy and varied menu
  • Recipes for healthy eating

    • Healthy sandwich
    • Oatmeal with fruit
    • Porridge
    • Omelette
    • Cheesecakes
    • Soup-puree of pumpkin
    • Soup with dumplings
    • Chicken rolls
    • Rice with shrimp
    • The fennel salad
    • Salad with celery
    • Baked fish
    • Hearty salad
    • Stew

Proper nutrition is a balanced diet, healthy foods and a varied menu. How to create a menu with healthy eating? How to make it interesting?

Proper nutrition: secrets

What should be the proper diet? Useful and delicious! It is important to combine these two components.

First of all, the diet should be balanced. That is, the menu should be enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances. And from this follows another rule: the menu should be varied. You can’t eat some vegetables or cereals. Then the body will not receive all the necessary. Products must be fresh. Do not forget about calories. It is necessary to choose the daily rate and stick to it.

What else should be remembered? It is important to drink enough clean water. It accelerates metabolism, protect from dehydration, helps to establish processes of digestion. In General, it is necessary to choose the right drinks. Useful are different fruit drinks, fruit drinks, fresh juices, green tea, herbal infusions, kefir, milk, ryazhenka, drinkable yogurt.

A proper diet involves reducing the consumption of sugar and salt. So instead of salt to add to dishes lemon juice, spices, onion, garlic, fresh herbs. As for sugar, use more fruits, dried fruits, berries. They can easily replace a harmful product.

Fasting is impossible, because proper nutrition should be nourishing. But overeating is prohibited. Portions should be small. You should eat little but often. Best of all, if there will be three main meals and 2-3 snacks a day.

Healthy lifestyles: healthy and varied menu

Proper nutrition is part of healthy lifestyle. Of course, a healthy lifestyle involves not only nutrition, but also a rejection of bad habits, exercise, the correct mode of the day. However, nutrition plays an important role in life.

How to make a menu? It is necessary to consider all the secrets of proper nutrition, remember their preferences. Cooking disliked food is impossible, even if it is useful. This will ruin and delay the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a sample menu of proper nutrition for a week.


  • morning: rice porridge with pumpkin and pear, yogurt, green tea;
  • snack: fruit smoothie (Apple, banana, yogurt, blueberries);
  • lunch: vegetarian soup, baked sea bass, salad with pepper and tomato, compote of dried fruits;
  • snack: cottage cheese with dill;
  • evening: vegetable stew (zucchini, carrot, onion, eggplant, tomato), a piece of boiled chicken, a slice of bread, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: omelet with tomatoes and sweet peppers, bread, Apple, black tea;
  • snack: handful of nuts;
  • lunch: buckwheat soup with vegetables, beef with steamed vegetables, cranberry juice;
  • afternoon snack: yogurt, four apricot;
  • dinner: salad and boiled fish, fermented baked milk.


  • morning: cottage cheese with cinnamon and Apple, cocoa;
  • snack: sandwich with cheese, parsley, tomato, freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • lunch: soup-puree from beet, two chicken patties with dill, celery salad with sour cream, stewed raspberries, apples and pears;
  • afternoon snack: handful of nuts and dried fruits;
  • tonight: polenta with braised carrots and fennel, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: oatmeal with nuts and banana, 100 ml of yogurt, infusion of rose hips;
  • snack: fruit salad (kiwi, peach, slice of melon);
  • lunch: soup, salad, bread, carrot juice;
  • afternoon tea: cheese, toast, cocoa;
  • dinner: meatloaf with broccoli and sweet peppers, tea with Melissa.


  • morning: three people, a bunch of grapes;
  • snack: boiled egg, cucumber, bread;
  • lunch: fish soup, two slices of boiled beef, salad of Chinese cabbage, celery and carrots, bread, grapefruit juice;
  • snack: fruit salad of strawberries, kiwi, pineapple;
  • tonight: baked fish with vegetables, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: sandwich with boiled veal, sweet pepper and Basil, coffee;
  • snack: three cheese gnocchi with natural yoghurt
  • lunch: mushroom soup, eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts and herbs, and cranberry juice;
  • afternoon snack: fruit;
  • dinner: rice with seafood and vegetables, yogurt with cinnamon.


  • morning: milk rice porridge with apricots, fruit juice;
  • snack: salad of celery, fennel and greens;
  • lunch: chicken broth, beef chop, boiled cauliflower and green beans, ginger tea;
  • afternoon snack: a couple of oatmeal cookies, cocoa;
  • evening: pancakes chicken liver, bread, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, fermented baked milk.

As you can see, healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition is not a reason to refuse delicious dishes.

Recipes for healthy eating

Can think of a lot of interesting recipes. We offer you delicious recipes for each day during the week.

Here are a few hearty dishes for Breakfast.

Healthy sandwich

Slice of rye bread, a slice of cream cheese, slice of tomato, a sprig of sweet Basil.

Oatmeal with fruit

Pear slice, sprinkle with sugar and heat. Cook oatmeal, add pears.


Cook rice in milk. At the end add a little cinnamon, vanilla.


Finely chop the tomato, put out a couple of minutes. Add beaten eggs with milk, salt, flour. Cook under cover.


Mix 200 g of cottage cheese, egg, vanilla, a couple tablespoons of raisins, a little flour. Form the cheese cakes and bake in the oven.

But the recipes for lunch.

Soup-puree of pumpkin

Slice 500 g pumpkin, red onion, carrot, cover with water. Cook until tender. At the end add salt, add spices, beat with a blender.

Soup with dumplings

Chop carrots, onions, peppers, celery. Cover with water and cook twenty minutes. Add salt and pepper. Mix 100 g of grated on a fine grater cheese, egg and a little flour. To form the dumplings. Put one in the soup. Cook for another 5-7 minutes.

Chicken rolls

Chicken fillet cut along, repel, salt and pepper. Put pre-cooked broccoli florets, cheese, wrapped loaf, bake.

Rice with shrimp

Boil 150 grams of rice. Separately boil 100 g of shrimp. Mix ingredients, add a sprig of arugula and a few slices of tomato.

The fennel salad

Thinly slice the bulb of fennel, half a red onion, one sweet pepper, and Basil. To fill with vegetable oil and lemon juice.

Salad with celery

Grate a piece of root celery, Apple, slice the onion. Fill low-fat sour cream.

And what’s for dinner.

Baked fish

Fish salt and pepper, lay out on foil. Close to spread any vegetables. Close the foil and bake for half an hour.

Hearty salad

Boil half a chicken breast, cut into small pieces. Cubes chop the onion, two tomatoes, sweet pepper. Add salt and season with vegetable oil.


Dice the celery, carrots, onions, Jerusalem artichoke, turnip. To extinguish fifteen minutes, add salt, oregano, simmer until tender.

Will fit other recipes. One only has to include fantasy and not to forget about useful products.

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