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Nutrition for women after 50
The contents

  • Proper nutrition for women 50+
  • Weight loss: how to lose weight?
  • Interesting and healthy recipes
    • Soup with shrimp
    • Salmon with tangerines
    • Salad
    • Oatmeal pancake
    • Smoothies

After fifty women are increasingly noted in myself the changes in appearance. At this age, ladies are still attractive and young, but appears more gray hair and wrinkles. Very often increases the weight. But food and eating habits remain the same.

Proper nutrition for women 50+

To lose weight, maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin after fifty years can be difficult due to the fact that metabolic processes are slowed down, the body can not withstand the strict limits hormonal changes.

Therefore in this age it is very important to establish proper nutrition and it will be a little different from what it was before.

First of all, do not use extreme diets. The body is difficult to withstand the lack of vitamins and minerals, it lacks endurance. Moreover, this improper feeding can severely affect health.

In addition, the irregular fasting and fasting days. The diet should be complete and balanced. The menu should be enough protein, but it is better to choose fish or poultry. Meat you can eat 400 grams a week.

It is important to abandon dumplings, dumplings, white bread, pastries, smoked, fried and spicy food. After 18 hours is not recommended, late eating can cause constipation, problems with digestion of food and will provoke body fat.

Here are the basic rules of proper nutrition after fifty years:

  • portions should be small, eat 4-5 times a day;
  • a lot of clean water, but only if there are no problems with the kidneys, bladder;
  • diet it is necessary to choose a rich and not to give up your favorite foods. For example, if a person loves cereal, you should choose diets that are allowed to eat them. But from protein, carbohydrate diets should definitely give;
  • it is best to boil or bake meat and fish;
  • snacking with a strong hunger should fermented milk drink (kefir, liquid yogurt), a glass of water with honey. This refers to the time after 18 hours.

And the food women after 50 should be rich in minerals and vitamins. Calcium is an essential element in the prevention of osteoporosis. The risk of this disease increases after the age of fifty. Therefore, it is necessary to have not only dairy products, but also sesame, nuts, mackerel. Boron boosts bone strength. It can be found in dried fruits, cabbage, strawberries. Magnesium prevents the leaching of bone calcium, is good for the heart and blood vessels. Contained in seaweed, nuts, oatmeal. Vitamin E is needed for the heart, elastic skin and youthful cells. To get this vitamin should be included in the diet of different vegetable oils, nuts, legumes and green leafy vegetables. Fatty acids must be ingested in women and up to fifty, and even more after. Fatty fish, walnuts, seafood — that sources acids.

Weight loss: how to lose weight?

How to get rid of extra pounds for a woman after 50? Weight loss will be effective if you consume only wholesome foods and in a certain quantity.

Allowed to eat Turkey, rabbit, veal, chicken, all kinds of fish, seafood, chicken and quail eggs, dried fruits, nuts, low-fat dairy products, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, barley, chickpeas, lentils, pasta from durum wheat, vegetable oil, grain and brown bread, berries. The fruit can be eaten any, but bananas and grapes should be consumed in moderation. Vegetables, too, any permitted, but the amount of cabbage, asparagus should be cut, they can cause flatulence. In moderation you can eat honey. Flour, use oat, rice and whole wheat.

It is important to reduce the amount of bread, eggs you should eat every day. Meat is also consumed very moderately: 2-3 times a week. Before the meal should drink a glass of warm water to speed up the metabolism. It is necessary to chew your food. Dinner should be low calorie. The amount of salt should be reduced, it retains water in the body causes swelling and high blood pressure. This is true after fifty years.

Here’s a great example menu for weight loss:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with berries, green tea, and yogurt; or cottage cheese casserole with raisins and Apple, cocoa;
  • snack: two apples; or smoothies from orange, banana and kiwi;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, two small chicken cutlets, salad and compote; or ear, slice of bread, baked vegetables with cheese, cranberry juice;
  • afternoon snack: curd with apricots; or green tea with oatmeal cookies (two pieces);
  • dinner: omelet with greens, oranges, or boiled seafood with vegetables and yogurt;
  • before bed: yoghurt; or chamomile tea with honey.

Weight loss will be effective if you play sports. However, in 50 years the bones are not as strong, so should not be abused by trainers and fitness. You should choose a feasible load, which does not harm health. Easy gym, swimming pool, morning exercises, Cycling and walking — that’s what we need.

Interesting and healthy recipes

Because food should be a right, then the recipes need to choose useful. Easy, hearty and delicious meals will help to remove the hunger and pleasure of eating. Here are some interesting recipes.

Soup with shrimp

Pounds of broccoli, two large onions, a few cloves of garlic chopped, pour water. Cook until tender. Whisk immersion blender, add lemon juice, salt, pepper, nutmeg. In ready soup to put previously boiled the shrimp.

Salmon with tangerines

Large pink salmon cut into portions. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, nutmeg, rosemary and coriander. Leave for half an hour. Then place on a baking tray and pour over the juice of two mandarins, leave for another ten minutes. Cut two Mandarin slices, lay on top and bake for twenty minutes, covered with foil.


Chop the Basil, spinach, bulb fennel, two of tomato, sweet pepper, red onion. All mix, season with lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil.

Oatmeal pancake

Mix the egg, mashed banana, cinnamon, a little milk and oatmeal. Bake the pancake, serve with berries.


Whip strawberries, blueberries, banana, yogurt, nuts.

It is necessary to look for such recipes that are perfect for weight loss and proper nutrition. And of course there is small portions. Then it will be fine and health and figure.

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