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On the road to healthy eating: causes of overeating

The contents

  • Uncontrolled snacking in the diet
  • Stress and bad mood
  • Eating in the company
  • Habit to combine several cases
  • Food as a reward for their work
  • Harmful dietary habits
  • The “best” deals in stores
  • It’s hard to say “no”
  • Dishes with lots of spices

Overeating combined with a sedentary lifestyle is a sure way to weight gain. Even the abundance of menu healthy foods isn’t a guarantee that there will be excessive calorie a day diet. On the path to conscious eating is important to understand what makes you overeat. Knowing the “enemy” in the face with the problem of excess weight will be much easier to handle.

Uncontrolled snacking in the diet

Uncontrolled snacking throughout the day is a serious problem, which totally throws off the diet and leads to overeating. Calories from “harmless” sandwiches, sweets and snacks, eaten at the work place, as a rule, are not taken into account. And a very good reason. Considering the high energy value of many snacks, ideally they should then actively “work out” in the gym. Not everyone has the time and energy to do fitness.

There is no need to completely eliminate snacks from the diet. You only need to learn to control the amount eaten. Nutritionists advise to make a meal plan, in which as many meals as you need to always be well-fed and cheerful. In this case, it is no longer necessary in too many calories in the snacks.

Stress and bad mood

The habit of always “seize” the stress is fraught with rapid recruitment of extra pounds. If in the course were helpful low calorie asparagus, weight problems would not have been. But generally, an edible antidepressants are sweets, flour products, snacks. And this is a significant excess of the daily norm of calories.

Stress not to beat overeating. It is self-deception. Mood can, and will rise from the abundance of ingested sugar, but depression soon again “cover head”. Especially after the number on the scales will show a couple dialed kilograms. With life’s difficulties and stress is better to fight in other ways, but not harmful foods.

Eating in the company

“Lush” is a family feast and Lunches at work surrounded by colleagues often lead to overeating. You eat more when you’re pleasant communication. The brain “switches” and distracted from the process of eating. In the end, you miss the signal of the body about the saturation. It’s time to stop and get up from the table, but the lunch portion of the additive continues. And then heaviness in the stomach and the understanding that you have greatly exceeded the daily norm of calorie intake.

Change your eating habits. No, not now always need to eat alone. But try to be focused on the food and not on conversation. Rasprobuete the taste of food, enjoy it. Then you will not miss a moment of saturation.

Habit to combine several cases

Meal as a Supplement to other classes is a bad habit that leads to overeating. Food often accompanies watching a movie, reading a magazine or news on a smartphone, even work. You overeat, when you combine several things. The reason is the same — the brain with a delay receives a signal of saturation.

It is clear that the modern man always not enough time. But the food is “on the run” — the main enemy of a slender figure. Nutritionists advise to eat in a relaxed environment, receiving pleasure from tasty meals. Plan your meals so that the meal took at least 30-40 min.

Food as a reward for their work

Food often becomes a kind of reward for the work done and any personal achievements. Perhaps this is a reason — you need to promote, let and food. But only if you control the situation and are confident that no “winds” after the extra cupcake.

Overeating often starts following a strict diet. Seeing on the scale “encouraging” numbers, it seems that you can reward yourself with something tasty and nutritious. But are you sure you’ll be able to stop in time and not to overeat? Then it will be difficult to return to a healthy diet. Nutritionists suggest following a strict diet go for a balanced diet to maintain weight, not to continue uncontrollably to reward yourself for the successes of sweets and snacks.

Harmful dietary habits

For overeating are many dietary habits. This morning watching an interesting movie and fat mayonnaise to every dish, and dinners in the restaurants of fast food as a family entertainment, and pizza to order instead of a full lunch, and the obligatory dessert with tea.

Harmful dietary habits leading to overeating and gain some extra pounds, you need to eradicate. Make a clear diet, full lunch, not ordering food for the house and office cook harmful sauces replace with more useful alternatives.

The “best” deals in stores

Even if you used to save on shopping, it is difficult to give up a lucrative stock in stores deals, 2 products for the price of 1, great packing. It seems that a particular product you don’t need, but he’s already at the checkout. And then it all need to eat — no wonder I bought. This provokes overeating, and also empties the wallet.

It’s hard to say “no”

How often do you visit? What you are treated to welcome friends and relatives? Food brings us together, makes conversation pleasant and the time spent with loved ones, more joyful. But the regular feasts is the reverse side — it is difficult to say “no” and not try all the dishes, which you treat. This can lead to overeating.

Dishes with lots of spices

It is believed that food with hot spices speeds up metabolism and helps to lose weight. It is one thing when the dish is just seasoned with salt and pepper, and quite another — when in the recipe is butter, sugar, and salt. If the dish combined this trio, it is difficult to control the amount eaten. For example, salt and fat get along well in the purchase of potato chips. Because of the abundance of flavors it’s hard not to eat the whole packet. A sugar and fat is the basis of any confection. It’s delicious, but very bad for the figure. Not to overeat, it is better to remove from the products menu, where at the same time contains an abundance of spices combined with butter and sugar.

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