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Poor CIRCULATION: 4 important symptom


Signs of reduced circulation in any case cannot be ignored. This is a serious health problem, but if you do it in time, circulation can be improved.

The circulation of the blood provides vital functions of the body. Thanks to the circulatory system of our bodies, muscles and bones get the necessary nutrition. And when circulatory problems arise, our body feels it. And when these problems grow, the person starts to threaten such serious diseases as stroke, ulcer or gangrene.

Circulation: 4 signs that threaten health

  • Tingling in the feet and hands
  • Swollen legs
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss

The good news is that it doesn’t happen overnight, blood circulation deteriorates gradually, and this process is accompanied by symptoms, which are unmistakable. But many know little about these symptoms and think it’s just a small idiosyncrasy. If you just pay attention to these symptoms and understand what they mean, you can take steps to improve blood circulation and thereby prevent complications and cardiovascular disease.

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To ease you this task, we will talk about these symptoms.

Signs of poor circulation:

1. Tingling in the feet and hands

The tingling and pins and needles, crawling on the body, often occurs when we spend a lot of time in one position.

  • Usually “tingling” in the legs, but lately the feeling is many in the hands (apparently due to an increase of the use of mobile phones).
  • Movement improves circulation, and being in a static position, on the contrary — worsen.

Thus, a tingling sensation and pins and needles, crawling on the body, occurs when impaired circulation.

To improve it is best regularly to walk half an hour a day at least. Such a simple physical activity causes muscles to tighten, and it activates circulation.

2. Swollen legs

Feet swell because the body tries to restore the equilibrium (it “sees” that these parts receive insufficient quantity of blood).

Therefore, the lack of blood kompensiruet fluid retention where it is produced.

The result is inflammation, the person experiences pain and numbness in the legs. Legs are easily formed bruises. If you notice such symptoms, always consult a doctor.

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To excess fluid is better removed from the body, drink more water. It is also good to lie down with legs raised above the head.

Because of this, the blood is distributed to the places where it is not enough.

3. Fatigue

As we have said, the blood delivers essential nutrients (and oxygen) to the whole body, and much of it is converted into energy.

This means that if the different organs and parts of the body receives less blood, it can’t expend energy in a normal mode, and people quickly get tired, even at low load.

  • Muscles can not cope with the load they have to work harder and fatigue increases.
  • As a result the person is constantly experiencing fatigue, and this limits its activity.

Causes of constant fatigue will help to clarify the doctor. But in any case, we can include in your diet energy supplements.

Very good to drink in the morning energy shake or smoothie. Andx many and they are all pleasant to the taste.

4. Hair loss

Do not think that alopecia is a problem only for men. Of course, they get it more often, but due to the poor blood circulation hair loss in women.

The hair to make it very strong also requires nutrients. And if the blood supply to hair is reduced, their condition worsens.

Hair not only hard fall. They become too dry, the tips are split. To improve the condition of the hair can help natural mask. They are inexpensive, but very effective. And, of course, they, unlike masks, which include chemicals that are good for health.

Very well also drink infusions that help to improve blood circulation.

We talked about the basic signs of reduced circulation. If you notice, not limited to the use of natural products, which we have mentioned. Always consult a doctor.

He will evaluate your condition, make a diagnosis, if you’re sick and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Keep in mind that the blood circulation is a very important aspect of your health, and any signs of deterioration in any case impossible to ignore.published econet.ru.

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How to treat rheumatism and gout celery


Spicy seasoning, a favorite and kind helper of many owners in the decoration of the table, the vegetable celery has long been used in alternative medicine. In particular, in the treatment and prevention of kidney diseases, and also in the metabolic – gout, obesity. As medicinal raw materials use the roots, stems, and fruits.

For use in therapeutic purposes, the roots of celery are harvested after death of the aerial parts of the plant from September to mid-October. The period of harvest is August – beginning of September. For ground parts of plants are best to carry out this work in dry weather.

Celery for gout and rheumatism: properties and how to use

  • Celery leaves
  • The properties of celery
  • Recipes from celery for gout and rheumatism

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The composition of celery include the following vitamins and minerals:

  • ascorbic acid – a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the effects on the nervous system free radicals, stimulates the production of anti-stress hormones, reduces seasonal allergic reactions, reduces histamine levels and even protects the body from anaphylactic symptoms; contributes to the suppression of foci of inflammation, is involved in tissue regeneration and increases the adaptive capacity of the organism;
  • vitamin B1 speeds up the processing of breakdown products of alcohol, contributes to the normal functioning of the Central and peripheral nervous system, stabilizes the cardiovascular system;
  • vitamin B2 – as well as the previous ingredient relieves tension, promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of the urinary tract and also helps to strengthen hair follicles, prevents hair loss, nourishes the roots;
  • vitamin PP – Niacin (warning pellagra) – group of compounds, the most important representatives of which are nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. The main symptoms manifestations of deficiency of nicotinic acid are encephalopathy, of different nature psychosis, inflammatory – dystrophic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • potassium – helps to reduce swelling, which is especially important in arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout;

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  • organic sodium is one of the properties of this element is to maintain calcium in the liquid state; because of this celery juice is extremely useful for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints;
  • phosphorus – in case of violation of homeostasis and the regulation of metabolism of phosphorus develop hypophosphatemia, osteomalacia, changes in the mineral content of bone tissue;
  • calcium – this ingredient is an integral part of the main mineral component of bone tissue – oxyapatite, the microcrystals which form the hard structure of bone tissue; participates actively in the reactions of metabolism and blood;
  • flavonoid glycosides – a group of nitrogen-free substances of nature, related to phenolic compounds. Some of them have the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, as well as bactericidal and choleretic effect;
  • as well as purines, glutamine, amino acids.

Celery leaves

Salads, meat dishes, soups – this is not a complete list of dishes that uses young leaves of celery. Included are natural ingredients increase the appetite, normalize metabolism, relieve stress, promote weight loss.

When used the leaves of this vegetable stimulates the thyroid and pituitary.

The properties of celery

In the traditional medicine of the properties of celery are used, internally and externally. Its ability to cleanse the blood makes it indispensable for the detoxification of the body.

Celery is a vegetable that can increase the appetite, to resist allergic reactions and in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints – reduce pain, provide anti-inflammatory effect.

To achieve these goals, used the juice of the stalks of the plant, which is drunk in small portions throughout the day. The impending attack of gout you can stop eating the infusion of the celery seed, which promotes enhanced removal from the body of uric acid.

Lungs diuretic properties of celery root has found its application in the prevention and treatment of urolithiasis is a frequent companion of gout.

During treatment use an infusion of the root. It is prepared by the standard procedure: 30 grams of root pour a glass of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Filtered infusion take one teaspoon two to three times a day before meals.

Fruit infusion of this plant is prepared, oddly enough, without heating. For the daily dose of this solution must be one tablespoon of finely chopped medicinal raw materials, pour a glass of cold boiled water and infuse for three hours. After straining, the infusion is ready to drink in equal portions during the day.

Recipes from celery for gout and rheumatism

Juice and infusion of celery has diuretic properties, regulates water-salt metabolism and is used to treat gout and rheumatism.

Infusion of celery root gout and rheumatism

Recipe 1


  • Fresh celery root fragrant 1pcs.


  • Celery chop.
  • Take 1 tablespoon minced celery root, pour two cups of boiling water, insist in a closed lid pot, wrapped, 4 hours, then strain.


  • Infusion take 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals with gout and rheumatism.

Recipe 2


  • Fresh celery root 1 PC.


  • Take 1 tablespoon of crushed roots of celery, pour 2 cups of cold boiled water, to insist 4 hours, strain.


  • Infusion drink 1/4-1/2 Cup before meals 3 times a day.

Recipe 3


  • Celery root-1 PC.


  • Take 2 tablespoons of crushed roots of celery, pour 1 Cup of cold boiled water, to insist 2 hours, strain.


  • Infusion drink 1/3 Cup 3 times a day before meals.

Celery juice for gout and rheumatism


  • Celery root-1 PC.


  • Squeeze the juice from fresh celery root.


  • Drink juice of celery, 1-2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals with gout and rheumatism.published econet.ru.

The author of the recipe: Minecon G. S, Professor of Simanco I. A. “a Compendium of folk medicine” of 1996.

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Beautiful hands in 15 minutes: 5 exercises for women


Many women have complexes because of sagging skin on the hands, although this is very easy to get rid of, one only has to do with his body. With these simple exercises already in the short period of hand again it will be fresh and beautiful, fade away excess fat and appear characteristic topography.

How to get arm muscles in shape doing only 15 minutes a day? This issue is relevant for any self-respecting women always. Because they, the hands, give the age and level of physical activity. At the same time, the right and proper training can work wonders. So why not use our tips to make arm muscles toned and elastic. And it’s only 15 minutes. Want to know what are these 5 magical exercises?

Exercises for hands: just 15 min. a day and the beauty provided

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3
  • exercise 4
  • exercise 5

The thing is that the hands, upper back and shoulders physiologically contain little fat, so the effect will appear immediately.

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The system of exercises for training will not only strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulder joints but will also improve your posture, make hands more supple and beautiful.

So let’s go.

We’ll need small dumbbells for 3 or 5 pounds.

These exercises should be performed, performing 15-20 repetitions each. Between sets – slight pause, and then continue. During one training session have not less than 3 laps of the entire complex.

If you want to get the result, do at least 2-3 times a week.

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This exercise you can perform both at home and in the gym. Don’t be afraid to work with weights, it will not deprive you of the natural femininity, on the other hand will allow you to become even more attractive.

Exercise 1.

Remember that almost all the exercises in the standing position begin with the stand: “feet shoulder width”. Legs slightly bent at the knees, back straight.

Taking dumbbells in hands, you must pull them to the side and bend at the elbows to yourself. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times slowly.

Once done with that, stretch your arms forward and bend their elbows to themselves. Exercise perform 10-15 times in 2-3 passes.

Exercise 2.

Take the dumbbells in your hands and lie on bench, feet on floor, feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

Lift the dumbbells over itself and take over your head. The palm thus expand each other.

Bending your elbows at right angles, lower the dumbbells on both sides of the head. Return to starting position.

Exercise 3.

Stand facing a wall at arm’s length. Then we perform an exercise similar to push-UPS.

Body straight, try to work only with his hands. Exercises are performed 10 times in 2 call.

Exercise 4.

This exercise not only strengthens muscles but relieves you from fatigue.

Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, start alternately to swing your arms if You swim breaststroke.

First forward 10 times, then 10 times, but backwards.

Exercise to perform for 3 rounds.

Exercise 5.

Well tighten arms helps and push-UPS. Remember that the back should be straight, body and buttocks off the floor. Only then the exercise can be considered to be efficiently and correctly performed.

To be honest, many women have complexes because of sagging skin on the hands, although this is very easy to get rid of, one only has to do with his body. With these simple exercises already in the short period of hand again it will be fresh and beautiful, fade away excess fat and appear characteristic topography.published econet.ru.

Catherine Samanok

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How to use honey for weight loss?



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How to use honey for weight loss?
The contents

  • Weight loss with fragrant honey
  • How to use honey while dieting?
  • Recipes with honey for health
    • Green tea with ginger
    • Feijoas with lemon
    • Salad
    • Dessert
    • Smoothies
    • The sauce to meat

Honey is a superfood. It contains a lot of valuable substances and has a huge number of useful properties. Therefore, honey is very good for health. And honey are offered to eat when losing weight if you want sweet.

Weight loss with fragrant honey

What is included in this product? Honey contains vitamins C, A, K, PP and b group, a variety of micro – and macroelements, organic acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, dyes, flavonoids, nitrogenous and aromatic substance, polyphenols. That is, the composition is very rich, respectively, and the benefit is huge.

But what is the use of honey for weight loss? First of all, it speeds up metabolism. Honey reduces the efficiency of a gastric lipase, which is responsible for fat accumulation. This, in turn, assists in fat burning. Honey has a mild laxative effect and, thus, relieves constipation and cleans the intestines. In addition, he establishes the digestion.

Of course, this sweet product is very high in calories. Therefore, use honey in small quantity to the slimming process is not slowed down. I should add in the diet of foods with lots of fiber. Then weight loss will be even more effective.

A very useful property of honey when losing weight is its soothing effect. During the diet spoon of honey tea will help you relax and not think about the hunger. Especially like the weight loss with honey sweet tooth, because if I want to eat something sweet, you can enjoy a spoon of honey, not to break and eat harmful cake.

However, honey can be a strong allergen. Therefore, it is necessary to test (to eat some). If you have an illness, can safely eat the product.

How to use honey while dieting?

Honey can and should eat during different diets. How best to use the product? You need to eat on a tea spoon before eating. It is useful to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning with a slice of lemon. This will help to accelerate the metabolism to blunt excessive appetite and satisfy your cravings for sweetness.

There are special honey diet. You can choose a short or long options.

The six-day diet involves eating dairy products, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Diet menu would be:

  • Breakfast: a glass of sour milk, teaspoon of honey; or beet salad and honey;
  • snack: fruit;
  • lunch: steamed vegetables, cottage cheese with honey; or vegetable soup, salad with yogurt, honey with green tea;
  • afternoon snack: berries and honey;
  • dinner: milk, two apples, honey; or vegetable salad, yogurt and honey.

As for the two-week diet, its menu is more diverse. To vegetables, fruits and dairy products you can add chicken and fish.

That is, the menu may be:

  • morning: cottage cheese, fruit, honey; or vegetable salad, honey and yogurt;
  • snack: fruit salad and berries or a smoothie with fruit and yogurt;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, baked chicken, salad, honey drink with cinnamon; or vegetable stew, boiled fish, honey and fruit;
  • snack: salad vegetables; or cheese with herbs;
  • evening: vegetable patties and a slice of baked fish; or boiled chicken and steamed vegetables;
  • before bedtime: honey with water.

During this diet honey, you can prepare delicious drink with cinnamon. Cook it simple: half a teaspoon of cinnamon pour a glass of boiling water and leave for twenty minutes, then add a teaspoon of honey.

There is short diet. To observe only three days. You can eat cheese, cottage cheese, brown bread, fish, vegetables. Allowed to drink tea, mineral water, coffee.

Diet menu should be:

  • in the morning: a teaspoon of honey and two egg yolks (mix and eat), coffee or tea;
  • lunch: cottage cheese, steamed vegetables, yogurt, a spoon of honey;
  • dinner: boiled fish, salad, slice of cheese, honey.

Such a diet is not suitable for those who have an Allergy to the yolks, they should be consumed only raw.

Recipes with honey for health

What can you cook with honey? It is often added to cakes, desserts, sauces, beverages, sweet salads. Recipes of delicious food very much. It should be borne in mind that honey is not very hot, otherwise it will begin to leach harmful substances. So adding it in warm food. Here is the original and healthy recipes.

Green tea with ginger

Two teaspoons of green tea, three slices of lemon, a teaspoon of cinnamon, five leaves of fresh mint, chopped 15 g ginger slice pour boiling water. Infuse for twenty minutes. Cool slightly, add two teaspoons of honey.

Feijoas with lemon

90 g lemon slice, add a kilogram of feijoa, grind in a blender. Add 200 g of honey, stir. Leave for three hours and the vitamin mixture is ready.


Six tomatoes, two bell peppers cut into. Slices slice a couple of boiled eggs. On a platter lay the arugula, vegetables, and eggs. Pour with the dressing. For its preparation mix a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a tablespoon of liquid honey, half a spoon of orange juice, a couple tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.


600 g plums release from the bones and add the juice of two oranges and boil for a few minutes. Beat with a blender. Add 80 ml of liquid honey, mix well. In a bowl put ricotta, plum puree, mint leaves.


In a blender kiwi, a few slices of lemon, three sprigs of parsley two sprigs of mint. Add water and honey to taste. Blend again.

The sauce to meat

200 ml dry red wine and 3 tablespoons jelly of red currants to boil a couple of minutes. Add three tablespoons of corn starch and cook until until the sauce thickens. Sauce salt and pepper, add the 100 g red currant. When it has cooled slightly, add a couple tablespoons of liquid honey and stir well.

Recipes with honey are ideal for diet. They do not contain a lot of calories. Since honey is very useful product, be sure to include it in the menu, if you are not allergic.

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10 simple ways to reduce the caloric content of home cooked meals



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10 simple ways to reduce the caloric content of home cooked meals
The contents

  • Cut the amount of portions
  • Discard high-calorie sauces
  • Eat more fiber
  • Don’t get carried away with toppings
  • Remove sugary drinks to the side
  • Share high-calorie food with friends
  • Replace fatty meat lean
  • Get rid of excess sugar in the diet
  • Properly prepare meals
  • Do not be distracted while eating

Sometimes for getting rid of extra pounds is enough just to reconsider the diet. This does not have to replace all meals with asparagus or broccoli and completely give up sweets. It is sufficient to slightly adjust food habits and to reduce the caloric content of the food to which you are accustomed. MedAboutMe will help to figure out how to consume fewer calories almost without noticing it!

Cut the amount of portions

The Golden rule of weight loss is to eat fewer calories than you can expend during the day. And the easiest way to reduce the caloric content of food will reduce the batch size. To train yourself to not take so much of side dish or soup, it is necessary to replace the plates and cups at home on dishes small amount. So you will automatically eat less — this technique reduces daily ration of 5-10%. Eat food, preferably dessert spoons instead of regular. But before you put supplements, think about whether you are really hungry or just eat more out of habit?


Studies confirm that the human brain requires 20 minutes to respond to a signal of saturation. But during this time, you can eat Supplement. To prevent overeating, you have to learn to eat slowly, take small pauses during the meal.

Discard high-calorie sauces

Salad from fresh vegetables, boiled meat and other low-calorie products makes a “heavy” sauce. During weight loss it is necessary to remove from the fridge mayonnaise and dressings based on it. A low calorie alternative to these sauces will become low-fat sour cream, Greek yogurt with herbs, balsamic vinegar. You can try to replace the usual ready-made sauces homemade. Yes, your home-made mayonnaise is high in calories, but more useful. But for weight loss is not only calories but also the quality of the food. By the way, is not to be added to vegetable salads is also not necessary. A small amount of olive or perhaps flax oil promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals from fresh gifts of nature.


The idea is to replace your favorite salad dressings soy sauce — not the most successful. Although the calorie content of the product is small — about 50 kcal per 100 g, just 1 tablespoon of your favorite supplements to sushi contains 38% of the daily value of salt.

Eat more fiber

Fiber or dietary fiber make food bulk and prolong the feeling of satiety. Therefore, the diet must contain fiber-rich food. We are talking about fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, whole grain cereals, bran and bread flour. Fiber helps not to overeat, and it maintains heart health. All because dietary fibers regulate glucose, cholesterol and lipids. They also reduce the absorption of calories from food eaten. To increase consumption of dietary fiber, it is necessary to abandon the fruit of purification from the skin. You should eat more cruciferous vegetables — broccoli, Chinese and other types of cabbage. In these fibers is more than other vegetables.

Don’t get carried away with toppings

Gain extra pounds with the help of a healthy, moderately high-calorie food. If you eat boiled chicken breast with low-fat side dish on an industrial scale, in a short time the number on the scales will increase. It is therefore important to monitor the amount of servings. Especially if we are talking about eating high carb — side dishes. Sometimes the calorie content of such a “companion” to the meat may exceed the caloric content of main dishes. To consume less carbohydrates and fat, it is better to abandon mashed potatoes, pasta and white rice completely. Need to Supplement the meat with baked fish and fresh vegetables, boiled legumes, cereals with a low glycemic index, wild rice, buckwheat, quinoa. By the way, well-boiled cereals calories are digested easier. Therefore, it is better not to cook buckwheat or brown rice than it is to digest them.


Researchers from Pennsylvania conducted an experiment that showed that eating plates of green salad 20 minutes before the main meal reduces daily caloric by 10%.

Remove sugary drinks to the side

Harmony is threatened as candy, cakes, and full of sugar juices, fizzy drinks, sweetened teas and coffees. They contain so called hidden calories. Sweet drinks does not saturate, and drink it in large quantities. The number of consumed calories will be threatening. Judge for yourself, just 100 ml of grape juice contains around 70 kcal, the same amount of coke — 42 calories, a milkshake — about 100 calories, while a cappuccino with sugar — up to 400 calories! The best drink for a good figure is pure water. But if you still want to treat yourself to something different, you can choose low-calorie options liquids — unsweetened green or herbal tea, tomato juice.

Share high-calorie food with friends

To give the “enemy” not only dinner. If you are afraid to eat too much, at the table you can offer to share nutritious dish between multiple consumers. For example, the dessert you treat others, and carbohydrate-rich set of sushi and rolls or pizza is better to eat the whole family. The same rule may relate to fast food, ice cream, pasta and not only. So you will be able not to deprive myself, but not dishes that will have a positive impact on mood.


According to RAMS, about 30% of the population of Russia suffer from obesity and excess weight have 50% men and 60% of women older than 30 years. Our country occupies the 19th place in the ranking of most obese States, according to a report by the UN.

Replace fatty meat lean

Choosing more low-calorie product is calorie counterpart — one of the principles of a comfortable weight loss. A simple way of cutting back on caloric intake would be to replace fatty meat lean. So, in fat pork may contain about 400-480 calories only 100 g, and in the same piece of lean beef — 90 calories, chicken breast is 160-170 calories. You should try not to buy ready-made stuffing, and to do it independently, so the diet was most healthy. Often manufacturers when manufacturing is added to beef tallow trimmings, and the meat itself can be of dubious quality. And in the meat may contain stabilizers and preservatives. Preparation of the product will help to control the quality, freshness and fat content of raw materials.

Get rid of excess sugar in the diet

Excess sugar can represent the hidden enemy not only in sweet drinks. In some prepared products, it can be half of the total! Too much sugar in a variety of ready-made breakfasts, sweet yogurt, curds, cereal bars. Should reduce the consumption of industrial pastries, cakes and breads. If you abandon these products is not possible, it is better to prepare the desserts or the same yoghurt with fillers alone. So you can reduce the intake of sugar and thereby reducing calories. For example, the taste of the cakes did not spoil, if you put twice less sugar than the recipe requires and add in the dough, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves. But plain yogurt or cottage cheese will be sweeter because of the mix with chopped fresh fruit, berries.


Ready breakfasts, intended for baby food, the proportion of sugar may be half the weight. This confirms the study by researchers American non-profit organization Environmental Working Group. The specialists checked more than 80 brands of cereal flakes for children, sold in Russia. Only products of the same brand of sugar was 26%, in the other — is much greater than the norm.

Properly prepare meals

Anyone know what steam food healthier than fried. Judge for yourself, because in the chips contains about 300 calories per 100 g, and the potatoes in their skins — just 75 calories for the same volume. To reduce the calorie content will allow the roasting of meat and other foods in a nonstick pan or a simple reduction in the amount of oil when cooking. Butter is replaced with vegetable and dishes must not pour, but only to lubricate the bottom of the pan with oil cloth. Good helpers in the kitchen will be the grill and the slow cooker, they can reduce the calorie content of dishes while cooking.

Do not be distracted while eating

From childhood we are told that during the meal no talking. To reduce calorie daily diet is to remember the saying “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb”! During meals it is important not to be distracted by social media monitoring, reading books and Newspapers, watching football matches or series, conversations with others. And especially it is not necessary to have a meal at your Desk while receiving report. Not to overeat, you need to teach yourself to eat in silence, carefully chewing on the pieces. And get rid of the habit of snacking on the go because of the rush it is impossible to feel whether or not you were satisfied or hunger is still not gone.


Psychology Professor John de Castro from Georgia state University in the US claims that the conversations of employees does not control the amount of food eaten. During the meal other consumer absorbs 35% more food than when he dines or sups alone.

Review expertVeronica Khovanskaya, a nutritionist, health coach

1. Count your calories. One way to ensure that you do not consume too many calories is to count them. Now there are many mobile apps that facilitate this process.

2. Use less sauces and dressings. Add ketchup and mayonnaise gives you a lot more calories than you think. For example, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise provides about 57 calories. Try to gradually reduce the portion of the sauce or to abandon gas stations. If sauce is desired, try to use tomato sauce with spices.

3. Stop drinking sugar. Some sodas sugar more than a candy bar. Plus, these drinks can increase hunger (no wonder they like fast food chains).

4. Count the number of spoons of sugar a day, which you add to tea or coffee. And then multiply this by 16 calories contained in each teaspoon. Gradual cuts in the amount of sugar in a mug will help you to quickly achieve a result.

5. Prepare your own meal. When you buy ready-made food don’t always know what’s in it. Unfortunately, even what looks healthy and lean can contain hidden sugars and fats.

6. Don’t keep different kinds of snacks — chips, crackers and other with plenty of fast carbs. Plus they are fried in a giant amount of oil.

7. Try eating from smaller plates because we psychologically nicer when the plate is filled with food to the brim.

8. Use more vegetables in the side dish. Start with the ones that you like, and then gradually add and also veggies, with whom you were not familiar.

9. Carefully chew food, try to chew every bite no less than 5 seconds — this will increase the duration of a meal and will dramatically reduce the amount of food required for satiety.

10. Don’t read the newspaper during meal — even the Transfiguration Professor was talking about, and since the number of nightmares in our feeds has increased tenfold. All of this affects your emotional, plus the brain is busy processing read information, not signals about food and satiety that affects the digestion.

11. Do not eat if hungry. This is especially true of moms who eat even for children.

12. If you want dessert, take a child’s portion or share with someone. You needed a taste of sweet, not the Cup at the competition for eating desserts.

13. If you dine in a restaurant and I understand that everything can not eat, just ask the packaging with you so you will be satisfied with the dinner, and will have something to eat for lunch.

14. If sometimes you meet friends in a bar or club — choose low calorie cocktails, as funny as it may sound. Some “light” cocktails contain more calories than your lunch.

15. Try other cooking methods. Fry patties in oil — is known for many thing, but the caloric content of these meatballs extraordinary. Try them baked or cooked on the grill — they will remain delicious, but will contain much less fat.

And the main advice: get enough sleep, it’s been proven in clinical studies that lack of sleep adds about half a kilo of weight per month.

Review expertMaria Sidorova, a fitness coach and acting athletic, CCM

You can highlight a few simple rules to reduce the number of calories in your daily diet, which try to follow all the speakers of the fitness athletes. For me, this is very important because I not only am a coach, but also act in a nomination “fitness bikini”.

So, it is necessary to explain why all so afraid of sugar. The fact that our organism a certain amount of sugar overworks the liver, and excess sugar through complex biochemical reactions are deposited (transferred) into fat. Now open a terrible secret “useful” with yogurt or variety of “Bioorganic without sugar”. Do not fall for this marketing ploy in a small package similar fermented milk product contains 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. And if not — it is almost always replacing the sugar in them is fructose, which for a healthy person is more dangerous than sugar itself. Because unlike sugar, it almost completely into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver like the filter on, instantly raising the level of insulin (it is fraught with insulin resistance — irregular this hormone, which leads to prediabetes state, and the violation of the basic metabolism throughout the body). Conclusion: always carefully see the product content on the packaging, if not sugar and fructose — you can take!

In addition to giving up added sugar in hot and cold drinks, you should drastically limit the use of all kinds of sauces (especially the store) — they are also usually very much sugar. Although the taste may seem that it is not there. Please note, on the packaging of the sauces in the ingredients list sugar is indicated in second or third place. The same applies to packaged drinks — they almost all contain sugar and they are very high in calories. Precautions should be attributed to the choice of dried fruit — many manufacturers to increase the shelf life soaked them in sugar syrup.

What to do if you want to spice it up? You can choose your sweetener based on natural components of stevia and erythritol (keep in mind that the finish differs between manufacturers and you should look for “your” taste).

High calorie and high content of various thickeners differ frankfurters, wieners, sausages and meat delicacies. And the content quality of the meat there, to put it mildly, it is rather a substitute for proper food.

In a quest to lose weight cancel carb intake. Professionals have a saying: “fats burn in the fire of carbohydrates”. This means that for effective weight loss the “right” carbohydrates (undigested cereals, pasta from durum wheat al dente, whole grain bread and bread with no added yeast and sugar) must be present in the daily diet of each person. The first reaction of the body to no carb diet is a rapid weight loss. And it usually causes mad delight in thinner! However, the human body is an extremely finely tuned mechanism. And the deprivation of carbohydrates will lead to hormonal disbalance of the person. For example, in men, reduced testosterone production, they become more feminine, prone to emotions, and the body loses muscle tone, women “bezuhlivka” leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle (namely its consistency evidence women’s health), you also lose muscle tone and the cellulite appears. And remember — the homemade food always has less calories than cooked in cafes and restaurants. Eat right and be healthy!

Review expertMilena Samoilenko, psychologist, neuropsychotropic, hypnology, the author of the methods of psychological correction of disorders of food behavior, image and body weight

If you listen and hear the needs of his body, you don’t need to artificially reduce calories or eliminate any foods from your diet. The body itself always feels that he needs, and gives hints online. As originally conceived by nature. And if you start to follow it and eat intuitively, paying attention to body signals, you begin to more accurately identify and meet their needs. In this diet excess weight gradually goes away, he and never return, if to consolidate this style of food. Natural harmony is available to each of us who uses his “food intuition”.

In order to develop it, you need to:

  • Abandon any artificial restrictions in food.
  • Ask yourself: “what food I’ll get satisfaction?”.
  • Listen to the answer of your body and eat intuitively.
  • And the condition after a meal is the clue, “Guess you do”.
  • If you are satisfied, you will manage to make the right choice.
  • If you feel frustration or pressure, no.
  • Just be patient and train your intuition for food.

In order not to overeat or consume excess calories, you need to:

  • To start the meal in a state of mild hunger (when you are very hungry, instead of what really need now is the body you will pull in very high-calorie and refined foods, which is rapidly absorbed and give a surge of energy in the first place for dessert and flour).
  • Eat slowly, consciously and intuitively every morsel of food.
  • During the meal, to concentrate all attention on their bodily sensations.
  • To monitor the degree of hunger and increased feeling of satiety.
  • Stop eating in the light saturation.

Prepare yourself for the fact that the skill development an intuitive and conscious power takes time. It is natural, not extreme way to achieve a state of harmony and maintain their health. If you are interested in stable harmony, not temporary “seizures of thinness” kickbacks, it is for you. The only limitation of this method is that it is not suitable for independent study and those who suffer from eating disorders and dependency on specific products and dishes. In such cases, to develop an intuitive type of power is necessary under the guidance of a therapist who is an experienced specialist in this field.

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Remember: 90% of the genetic material of an organism – NOT yours!


The best way to ensure optimal intestinal flora is to regularly consume traditionally fermented or kultivirovaniya products, and avoid sugar and processed foods.

Probiotics, along with other microorganisms, are so important to your health that researchers have compared them with “novobasmanny body”. In fact, the influence of gut microflora – a term used to describe bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes that form your microbial inner ecosystem – not limited to the digestive tract. More and more studies indicate that colonies of bacteria in the intestine can play a key role in the development of cancer, asthma, allergies, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and even problems related to brain, behavior and emotions, such as ADHD, autism and depression. Recent studies also show that diet and, therefore, microorganisms in the gut, can affect how you will age.

With age probiotics are becoming increasingly important

The study was published in the journal “Nature” and some of its findings were surprising: the microflora of people living in nursing homes, not only less diverse, but significantly associated with indicators of frailty, associated morbidity, markers of inflammation and other factors that lead to aging and death.

According to the authors, these findings imply that to strengthen the microbial health of older people need certain nutritional supplements. Previous studies show that at the age of about 60 years, the number of bacteria in the gut is significantly reduced.

According to Dr. Sandra MacFarlane of the research group of Microbiology and gut biology at the University of Dundee, people over 60 years can be 1000 times less “friendly” bacteria than younger adults, and increased levels of germs that cause illness or older people become more susceptible to gastrointestinal infections and bowel diseases for example IBS.

In addition, age decreases cellular immunity. We are talking about white cells that are absolutely necessary to fight infections and such life-threatening diseases like cancer.

A New Zealand study, which lasted nine weeks and the age of the participants was from 63 to 84 years, came to the conclusion that the consumption of probiotic strains Bifidobacterium lactis leads to an increase in the number of white cells and their ability to fight diseases. The greatest improvement was observed in the elderly, who before the study had the worst response of the immune system.

Gut bacteria protect against food diseases

In another recent study it was discovered that Lactobaccilus reuteri, one of the more than 180 species of Lactobaccilus that normally inhabit the human gut, can protect against food infections. But even if the study was not conducted with specific strains, this does not mean that it is ineffective. For these studies it is necessary to pay, and most of them not carried out, if there is no prospect of commercialization of the strain.

Remember: 90% of the genetic material of an organism – NOT your

Every cell of the body, there are about ten bacterial cells. Intestinal microflora plays an active role in a wide range of diseases, and it is logical that it affects your state of health throughout life. For the above reasons, the importance of probiotics increase with age, but it is essential to maintain intestinal health almost from birth.

If you are interested to read the research, pay attention to the “human microbiome Project” (HMP), which aims to characterize the microbial community in several places of the human body and to find the relationship between changes in the microbiome and human health. It includes 15 demonstration projects to study the role of microflora and diseases such as psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, obesity, acne and other.

Microbes affect your health in many ways

The researchers also found that gut bacteria significantly affect:

1. Behavior: In the study, published in the “Neurogastroenterology and motor skills”, it was found that, unlike normal mice, mice with deficiency of intestinal bacteria prone to “high risk behavior”. This altered behavior was accompanied by chemical changes in the brain of mice.

According to the authors: “Bacteria colonize the gut during the first days after birth, during a sensitive period of brain development, and apparently influence behavior by stimulating changes in the expression of certain genes”.

2. Gene expression: Intestinal flora is a very powerful epigenetic variable. As noted above, the researchers also found that the absence or the presence of microorganisms of the intestine in infancy permanently alters gene expression.

Thanks to the profiling of genes, it was found that the absence of intestinal bacteria alters the genes and signaling pathways associated with learning, memory and control of movement. This suggests that gut bacteria are closely linked with early brain development and subsequent behavior.

Such behavioral changes were reversible, if at an early period of life the mice were exposed to normal microorganisms. But if the mice without microbes become adults, their colonization with bacteria did not influence their behavior.

Similarly, the influence of probiotics on the activity of hundreds of genes, helping in their expression a positive, fighting disease, way.

3. Diabetes: According to the results of a study conducted in Denmark, the bacteria in the gut of diabetics differ from bacteria in people without diabetes. In particular, diabetics are less Firmicutes and much more bacteroidetes and proteobacteria, compared to people not suffering from diabetes.

The study also found a positive correlation of the ratio between bacteroidetes and Firmicutes and lower glucose levels.

According to the authors: “the results of the study indicate that people have diabetes of the 2nd type is associated with a change in the composition of the intestinal microbiota”.

Sugar nourishes pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungi in the gut, that hurts more than his ability to contribute to insulin resistance. One of the main results of the correct diet (low sugar and grain; high levels of whole raw foods and fermented or cultured products) is the prosperity of intestinal bacteria, and they secondarily perform the real “magic” of restoring health.

There are other studies showing that an optimized intestinal flora helps to prevent the diabetes 1-go type.

4. Autism: the establishment of the normal intestinal flora first 20 days of life plays a crucial role in the proper maturation of the immune system of the child. Thus, babies who develop abnormal intestinal flora, stay with immune system disorders are especially at risk for such disorders as ADHD, autism and disability, especially if to restore the balance of intestinal flora they have been immunised.

5. Obesity: people obese, the composition of intestinal bacteria, as a rule, is not the same as thin people. This is one of the most studied to date, applications of probiotics. The point is that the restoration of the intestinal flora is a very necessary step for those who are trying to lose weight. Studies have documented the beneficial effects of probiotics on a wide range of disorders, including:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Colon cancer
  • The eradication of H. pylori infection, which is associated with the occurrence of ulcers
  • Vaginal infections
  • The strengthening of the immune response
  • Eczema
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Hepatic encephalopathy
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

How to optimize intestinal flora

A healthy diet is the ideal way to maintain intestinal health and regular consumption of traditionally fermented or cultured foods is the easiest way to ensure optimal gut flora.

Useful options include:

  • All sorts of pickled vegetables (cabbage, carrots, Kale, Kale, celery with spices, for example ginger and garlic)
  • Lassi (Indian yogurt drink, traditionally consumed before dinner)
  • Pace
  • Fermented raw milk, for example kefir or yogurt, but NOT commercial versions, which are not live cultures, but a lot of sugar, which feeds the pathogenic bacteria
  • Natto
  • Kim Chi

Just beware of pasteurized versions because pasteurization destroys many of the naturally occurring probiotics. So, most of the yogurts with “probiotics”, which are now sold in every store, NOT recommended. Because they are pasteurized, it will bring the same problems as all other pasteurized dairy products. In addition, they usually contain added sugar, corn syrup, high fructose, dyes and/or artificial sweeteners – all injurious to health.

And the use of traditionally fermented foods has a number of additional benefits:

• Essential nutrients: Some fermented foods are an excellent source of essential nutrients such as vitamin K2, which is essential to prevent the formation of arterial plaques and cardiovascular diseases.

Cheese, for example, is an excellent source of both probiotics and vitamin K2. In addition, you need the K2 (about 200 micrograms) can be obtained by daily eating 15 grams of natto. In addition, a multitude of b vitamins

• Optimization of the immune system: it is Proved that probiotics alter the immune response of the immune system of the intestinal mucosa and anti-inflammatory potential. 80% of immune system located in digestive tract, so a healthy gut is your main helper when you want to achieve optimal health, because a healthy immune system is your security system the number one from ALL diseases.

• Detoxification: Fermented foods are some of the best available halirous funds. The beneficial bacteria in these foods are very potent means of detoxification that can bring a wide range of toxins and heavy metals

• Efficiency: In fermented foods probiotics contains 100 times more than supplements, so adding a little bit of fermented foods to each meal, you will get the most use.

• Natural variety of microflora: as you support a variety of fermented and cultured foods in the diet, you’ll get a wide variety of beneficial bacteria, which will never be achieved by using additives

How to identify high-quality Supplement with probiotics

If you don’t like the taste of fermented foods, it is recommended to Supplement with probiotics. However, before deciding to give up fermented foods, it is better to try to eat them little by little, for example, half a teaspoon, and add them to dishes as seasoning, or in salad dressing.

If you strongly want to eat them, it should be noted that although I generally do not recommend eating lots of supplements, quality supplements with probiotics is the exception. They were high-quality and effective, I recommend to look for supplements with probiotics, which meet the following criteria:

  • The bacteria strains must be able to survive in gastric juice and bile to reach the intestine in sufficient quantity
  • The bacteria strains must have health properties
  • The probiotic activity must be guaranteed throughout the production process, storage period and shelf life of the product

Over the years of my clinical practice, I realized that there is no universal Supplement with probiotics, which would suit everyone. But most people respond better to Lactobacillus sporogenes than any other probiotic, so if in doubt, for a start they should be fine.published econet.ru.

© Dr. Joseph Mercola

Proper nutrition: How you can learn to enjoy the diet?


Fitness coach John fowkes discusses the myths of self-control, stress and healthy lifestyle and explains why it is not so difficult and intimidating as many think.

It is always easier to knock something down than to roll it up the slope. Part of my job as personal coach is to tell people what they need to do to get in shape or maintain it: how and how often to train, what to eat, what morning and evening routines should be observed. But here’s the thing: it’s not what most people. Yes, it helps to know exactly how to optimize your diet and training, but the truth is, just eat less junk food and move more is enough to keep yourself in decent shape. It’s just that most people have a problem with that.

How to learn restraint if you have a bad habit

To keep fit, you need to stick with the program: not necessarily the best fitness program, just good enough, but to stick to it exactly. Fortunately, was held tens of thousands of studies on how to develop healthy habits, stick to your diet and keep the motivation to exercise. In this article I will share some evidence-based strategies to stick to a diet or exercise program, as well as examples of how I help my clients to apply them in practice.

Instead consider healthy habits as the punishment of Sisyphus, use these approaches to climbing the mountain easier and enjoyable.

It is believed that willpower is like a muscle: it gets stronger when you use it. It is actually much more complicated. There are different opinions about how much people can actually improve self-control. Meta-analysis confirmed what is already known by experienced “dietchiki”: to avoid harmful addictions — for example, eating junk food, is easier than to stop doing it when you’ve already started.

I watched it among my clients over and over again. In my experience, those who successfully stick to a diet usually claim that it is easier to completely eliminate certain foods from the menu or include them in specially planned receptions “forbidden” food, and not to try to eat everything in moderation.

One example is especially noteworthy. I had a client who ate fast food for lunch every weekday. And he wanted me to helped him to limit the consumption of two slices of pizza or a hamburger and refuse fries every day. But I convinced him to eat a salad for lunch most days, and pizza and burgers to leave only on Friday and Sunday. This one change was enough that he started to lose two pounds a week.

Do not resist temptation — avoid it

To say no to tempting bad habit may seem like a simple matter of self-control. But it turns out that people with high self-control do not always know how best to resist the temptation. They just feel it less.

A series of three studies in Germany showed that people who scored maximum points during the evaluation of the level of self-control, in fact, worse coped with the task, which tested their will power in several different ways. The researchers came to the conclusion that people with high levels of self-control not to better resist the temptation, and rarely tempted.

To avoid temptations, usually you want to change the environment or the way of everyday life. You can use simple methods, for example, just to keep the house junk food. But you need more in-depth look at where you are faced with temptations.

One of my clients tried to develop the habit of eating salads for lunch, but continued to order dessert after your salad. In her case, the correction of the situation was to go to lunch at a health food restaurant, where there was simply no desserts, which she liked.

In another case, my client could not stop drinking beer during meetings with friends. For him the solution was to become a voluntary “responsible” for hydrating after a session. Thus, he was forced not to drink, and his friends now instead of having to get him a drink, convinced him not to.

Treat willpower as an unlimited resource

Until recently, the leading theory about willpower or self-control was “ego depletion”. The depletion of the ego depicts willpower as a kind of stamina in a video game. It decreases when you use it, and is replenished when you rest (and eat & drink).

According to Roy Baumeister, the man behind this theory, “a program of laboratory research suggests that self-control depends on a limited resource akin to energy or strength. Acts of self-control and more generally choice and will Deplete the resource, thus breaking the ability to control himself. These effects appear after a seemingly minor stress, because the person is trying to save the remaining resources after any depletion. Rest and a positive impact help to restore resources”.

In one of the early experiments of Baumeister subjects who had to resist the urge to eat chocolate, worse subsequently solved the puzzle. The experiment caused the depletion of the ego using a different task type than the one that is used to measure self-control. The underlying assumption is that self-control is the capacity that is used for all types of tasks, that is, you use the same resource to resist eating junk food and to focus on the work.

The theory of Baumeister seems to have been supported by a large number of studies. But all of these studies use more or less the same methodology: the experimental group performs a complex task on depletion of self-control, and then performs yet another difficult task, which measured their self-control. The control group only performs the second task.

In this theory there is one big problem: she’s actually not confirmed. Several related studies of ego depletion has questioned the validity of this theory. From the abstract of the meta-analysis, 2015: “We find very little evidence that the effect of depletion is a real phenomenon, at least when it is estimated using methods most frequently used in the lab.”

In the article “All falls down” Daniel Engber summarized the issue with “ego-depletion”: a meta-analyses that support the theory, include only published studies, leading to bias. Meta-analyses that include unpublished studies show a slight influence or none at all. In one repeated survey, only 2 out of 24 groups performing the same experiment, found a significant positive result. In other words, once a theory became popular, the experiments that failed to confirm it, stopped publishing.

Various studies on ego depletion also use conflicting and sometimes illogical criteria for exhaustion, ego: one study suggested that ego depleted subjects will give more money to charity, while others believe that they will spend less time to help a stranger.

Finally, one study has shown that willpower is a limited resource, only if you believe that to be so. According to the study, students who viewed willpower as an unlimited resource, less procrastinatory and received higher grades than students who viewed willpower as a limited resource. However, this study does not prove that the power level will depend on their beliefs, but in practice you often can reach a good level in any case, copying the attitude of people who are already fine with him.

In short, research suggests that willpower is either not depleted, or depleted, not much. This does not mean that force will never ends — this means that power will not necessarily become weaker over time. The benefit can go just change your look at will power.

My friend last year working with a trainer. She told me a story about how she missed her workout because she felt too tired. Her coach quickly gave her a kick in the ass: “are you tired because You decided to be tired. It’s your choice”. And you know what? It worked. She started going to the gym, although felt if she tired or not. And found that once she made that decision and started to move, the fatigue is gone.

Use your motivation

Several groups of canadian researchers has recently conducted a series of experiments, saying that your ability to say “no” to temptations also depends on the origins of motivation. The authors found that people who are motivated by feeling that they “must” reach the goal, demonstrate a more active self-control, while people who “want” to achieve your goal, faced with fewer temptations, and therefore do not need such explicit manifestation of self-control.

  • Goals that “must” be achieved, usually installed from the outside — for example, your doctor tells you that you must lose weight, or your spouse wants you to quit Smoking.
  • Goals that you “want” to achieve, is what you feel inner motivation: you want to get in shape to fulfill her dream of climbing mount Everest, or you go to workout because you like how you feel after.

It seems that the old cliché that you just have to want something strongly enough, not too far from the truth.

Over time you can develop the motivation of “want,” changing your approach to goals. Tell yourself that you want to maintain healthy habits, not that you “need”, and eventually it will become true.

Use cognitive dissonance to create the internal motivation

You’ve probably heard about the problem of cognitive dissonance, but if not, here’s a quick summary: people trying to make their beliefs and actions are consistent with each other. We become uncomfortable when our beliefs and actions contradict each other. We try to reduce the stress of bringing them into compliance.

  • The study largely confirmed the view that external motivators, such as financial rewards, in the long term less effective.
  • Internal motivators — evaluation of the action itself, not for external rewards, is designed to help you stay better motivated in the long run.

One meta-analysis of studies of motivation (not all of them health-related) showed that tangible incentives can sometimes even slightly decrease intrinsic motivation, while verbal praise has a tendency to increase it.

Praise is good, but it has no tangible value. It can also reinforce the emerging identity of the one who receives it, as a person with a new habit. In other words, when someone praise for taking care of your health, it causes him to see himself healthy, so he was even more concerned about their health in the future: it motivates him to action, which is more in keeping with his new faith in itself as the “healthy person”.

Also it seems that if you remind someone about the investments they have already made in your health, it will help make people healthier using cognitive dissonance.

In one experiment, patients who previously had bariatric surgery, recalled major spending on it. Experimental group lost of 6.77 kg for 3 months, compared with 0.91 kg for the control group.

Conclusion: you can increase your motivation by reminding myself about the time, money and effort you have invested in your health. And internal motivation is stronger than external pressure.

One of my clients tried and tried to lose weight, but never saw myself healthy. I got her to do two things to change her self-image. First, I asked her to keep in shape somewhere in a prominent place in the living room. Secondly, I led her to create a photo album in which she leads a healthy lifestyle: running, raises the bar, makes food, buys vegetables and eating a healthy meal. Over time, she began to see herself healthy. Good eating habits and training is no longer perceived as tension and become its natural part.

To use praise as a strategy, try to find a fitness partner — ideally, a neighbor or loved one.

I coached a couple who wanted to lose weight together. Among other things, I taught them to praise each other for healthy behaviors. Pretty soon they began to enjoy exercise, cooking and eating healthy food — because of the reduction of cognitive dissonance, and because it has become for them a romantic occupation.

Reduction of cognitive dissonance is a method of reducing stress. In a sense it makes stress work for you instead of against you. You can also reduce negative stress, to change their habits.

Minimize the stress

Stress plays an important role in an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and sleep disturbance. Two recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the training on dealing with stress in obese Greek women and black women. In Greek, the study noted that participants that have passed the classes on stress management, have become more restrained eating. American research has shown that learning stress management reduces levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone of the body.

A review of 14 studies on the benefits of meditation mindfulness for weight loss showed that it was effective for combating emotional overeating and abuse of alcohol. About patients who do not have problems with emotional overeating, the data on the advantage of this method for weight loss has been mixed.

Some of my clients noted that the reduction in stress levels helped them burn fat, build muscle, and most importantly, improve their subjective well-being. Some of them have learned to manage stress through such things as mindfulness meditation or the improvement of time management, others struggle with the sources of stress, working less, reducing spending to reduce financial stress, or spending less time with people who are insulting them.

Most people exercise less when stressed, but some — on the contrary. One big change that I use with many clients having problems with the fitness goals, helping them to learn how to use exercise to reduce stress.

If the stress is on the path of your habits to train, look for ways to make them relaxing (intrinsic motivation!). Listen to the music during a workout, read a magazine between exercises, or sit in the sauna at the end of class. Even the choice of occupation, which actually brings you pleasure, can have a big impact.

Instagram effect or why food porn is good

Young readers may be hard to believe, but there was a time when people are not photographed everything that we ate, and did not publish it on the Internet. I’m even sure that at that time was called food porn is real porn with participation of the food. But now some people can’t eat if there’s no camera, and such grandfather, I ask: do all these instagram, and snapcity attitude towards a healthy lifestyle? As it turns out, Yes.

A series of studies where we studied the effects of photographing food before its use showed that for a nice product photography of food increases the pleasure of food and improves the opinion about its taste. For healthy products, this effect was observed only when social norms clearly supported healthy eating.

Viewing food porn is nice, but, surprisingly, it’s not like if it makes people actually want to eat what is shown in the photo. In fact, the opposite is true: viewing pictures caused satiation, reducing the desire to use the products shown in the photos.

Based on the results of the study should be pictures of healthy food before you eat them, but to look better, rather, photos of forbidden foods — if you are looking for a specific recipe for its preparation.

One of my clients started keeping a journal of products and post pictures of most of their meals in Instagram. It’s hard to say whether this is due to the effect of Instagram or good old-fashioned accountability, but she lost 30 pounds in four months after years of failed attempts to lose weight… and gained the weight back.

Practice memorable enjoyment

Each of my client, who managed to improve your diet, learn to enjoy healthy food. Each.

So how can you learn to enjoy the diet?

If you remember what you were like when you did it, you most likely will do it again. It is therefore reasonable to assume that if you will manipulate memories, you will be able to change their behavior.

The study by Robinson and co-authors showed that remembered enjoyment of food can be increased, if you train subjects to “list” what they like, immediately after eating. Then a follow-up study showed that this increase “memorable fun” correlated with increasing amounts of the same food which was consumed by the participants, when it was proposed as part of the Breakfast buffet the next day.

Practical conclusions are clear and simple: after eating healthy food consider what you like. published econet.ru.

What kind of disease: DIABETES mellitus


The problem with the gums and teeth, pustular rash, frequent diseases of the urinary tract — can be early signs of diabetes. In this article you will learn what is diabetes, why it occurs and how to manage your risk of developing the disease. Be careful and healthy!

About diabetes everyone has their own idea. Someone thinks that he starts eating thirty chocolate bars in a row, although it is not. For someone diabetes is “harmless” chronic disease. But according to statistics from the world health organization, diabetes kills 1.5 million people a year — more than from human immunodeficiency virus. Today we tell about what diabetes is, why it occurs and how to manage your risk of developing the disease.

Diabetes: what is it

  • Glucose — source of energy in the body
  • Insulin triggers the glucose into the cell
  • Glycogen and triglyceride storage glucose
  • Diabetes type 1 diabetes — lack of insulin
  • Diabetes type 2 — the helplessness of insulin
  • Diabetes leads to serious complications
  • Genetics affects the risk of diabetes type 2
  • Diabetes type 2 is changing the composition of the microbiota
  • Risk of diabetes type 2 can be controlled

To understand the mechanism of diabetes, you need to know the principles of carbohydrate metabolism. It is a complex metabolic process by which the body obtains and spends energy.

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Glucose — source of energy in the body

For normal cells need energy, primary source of which is carbohydrates. They are found in most foods that a person eats.

In the intestine carbohydrates are broken to simple compounds (monosaccharides) are absorbed in the mucosa and enter the blood. The body is always prepared to respond to deviation in glucose levels. This helps him to some receptors and signaling molecules–peptides, which allocates the stomach. In a healthy body this reaction takes place very quickly.

Glucose cannot get into cells: to avoid uncontrolled movement of glucose, the cell closes its doors on the castle. In the role of shut-off devices are the receptors of the family of GLUT proteins on the surface of the cell membrane. Some of them open automatically, but most need a key — a special hormone insulin.

With the exception of brain cells: it is too important a body to give it energy “to outsource”. Therefore, “locks”—GLUT receptors in brain cells open automatically, without the participation of insulin. The concentration of glucose in the blood is equated with a concentration in neurons. That’s why, when we are hungry, we just want to eat something sweet and immediately to provide energy to the brain cells.

Insulin triggers the glucose into the cell

Insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas located in the islets of Langerhans. From the name these cells Insulae pancreaticae and the name of the insulin. Beta cells respond to increase the level of glucose in the blood, and the signal peptides of APUD–system, which stand in contact with food in the stomach, long before the increase of glucose.

In response to these signals the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans activate the production of insulin. The hormone enters the bloodstream, bypasses the cells of the body, opens the locks and cells get the energy needed.

But the story does not end there. If the body receives more energy than necessary to its cells? And what to do after a meal when glucose level falls? The evolution of these questions has a simple answer: food is not every day, and all that can be deferred — to defer.

Glycogen and triglyceride storage glucose

In the body there are several repositories of energy: for example, a fridge where you can leave food for a few days, and a cellar where you store food for the winter.

The fridge or the nearest store is glycogen. While glucose bypasses the cells in the liver the excess is Packed into glycogen. This process is called glikogenogenez. Packaging requires energy, but the unboxing is not. Therefore glycogen is useful for maintaining energy when the level of glucose in the blood is reduced. It occurs several hours after a meal.

The hormone glucagon is secreted in the absence of insulin and helps to extract the glycogen and to decompose to the state of simple glucose. This process called glycogenolysis, it occurs in the liver and muscles. Liver glucose is transported in the blood and can then be used in different tissues. In the muscles of the extracted glucose is consumed immediately and will not be transported.

“Refrigerator” is not rubber, and when the glycogen reserves are created, and glucose is still circulating in the blood, the body stores unutilized glucose as fat. In the liver transformirovalsya carbohydrates into fatty acids. Then it is added to the glycerol molecules are converted to triglycerides and sent to storage in adipose tissue.

Triglycerides and fatty acids can be ingested with a meal composed of fatty foods. Some of them are transported to the liver and then in blood; another part of the lymphatic system is sent immediately into adipose tissue. Cells can use fatty acids as an energy source or send it to storage in fat tissue.

To transform the fat molecules into glucose, the body expends a lot of energy. Therefore, such measures he uses only after it has exhausted all other sources of energy — glucose, and glycogen. The recovery process of glucose from non-carbohydrate elements is called gluconeogenesis.

Metabolic processes in the body help to regulate the glucose level and to maintain supply at the right level not only during meals, but on an empty stomach. As is often the case with complex cascading reactions, the failure of one element leads to an imbalance of the entire system.

Diabetes type 1 diabetes — lack of insulin

For diabetes mellitus type 1 (DM1) accounts for 10% of all cases of diabetes. It is also called “child”. Despite the fact that a quarter of the patients are adults, this variant of diabetes is often seen in childhood and adolescence.

Diabetes type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease, often resulting from autoimmune disorders. For unknown reason, the body begins to attack the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. The trigger can be any external stressful event: the beta cells of the imperfect complex antigens, and the immune system can find their tumor and launch an attack.

Destroyed beta cells stop producing insulin. Now there is no one to open the “locks” of the cells, they do not receive the energy and begins of tissue starvation. The body “unpacks” the fat deposits at a speed that is not calculated metabolic processes. In the blood gets too much toxic ketone bodies, which acidification of the blood and cause ketoacidosis. Is it a metabolic disease in which shifts acid balance in the body. Ketoacidosis is the main reason why patients with diabetes type 1 diabetes is in the hospital.

Among the possible factors influencing the risk of type 1 diabetes — genetic predisposition and infections. It is a rare disease and even the genetic predisposition do not significantly affect its risk. Among the infectious diseases associated with T1DM noted the Coxsackie virus, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus. These viruses may destroy beta cells of the islets of Langerhans or provoke an autoimmune attack on them. Connection between vaccinations and the risk of T1DM no.

Symptoms of diabetes type 1: loss of appetite and weight, abundant thirst and urination, constant fatigue. T1DM develops quite quickly. Onset may coincide with stressful situations, infections, surgical operations. Often about the disease, the patient learns already in the emergency room after losing consciousness as a result of ketoacidosis. So parents, it is important to remember that excessive thirst and frequent urination of the child — a reason to immediately seek medical attention.

Not yet found treatment for diabetes type 1, but there are tools for glucose control. To do this, patients constantly measure the level of blood glucose and injected insulin. There have been attempts to transplant a pancreas, but such operations have not shown sufficient effectiveness.

We developed automated tools that will support normal level of glucose. Last year, the FDA approved an artificial pancreas. This is an external wearable device that consists of an insulin pump and sensor. The algorithm calculates the dose and automatically injects the right amount of insulin.

Does not exist and effective methods of prevention of T1DM, and this is its difference with diabetes type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 — the helplessness of insulin

Diabetes mellitus type 2 (T2DM) is a multifactorial disease, the development of which play a role as genetic factors and lifestyle. It accounts for 90% of cases of diabetes.

T2DM develops due to low sensitivity of cells to insulin, against which normal amount of insulin becomes insufficient. If diabetes mellitus type 1 begins after the death of beta cells in diabetes type 2 diabetes the cells of the islets Langergansa continue to function (at least at the time of manifestation). They continue to produce insulin, which is delivered to the cells, before which the accumulated glucose crowd — but the trouble is that the castle was closed up some muck. Key—the receptor is not working, and glucose can’t get into the cage.

The causes of T2DM genetic predisposition, coupled with excessive weight and a sedentary lifestyle. While obesity does not trigger the disease by itself, but only when superimposed on the negative hereditary factors. In the absence of genetic predisposition, obesity may not lead to diabetes type 2 (which does not exclude cardiovascular complications). But among people with excess weight only 6,8–36,6% no metabolic disorders and a tendency to insulin resistance.

The classic symptoms of diabetes mellitus type 2 similar to type 1 diabetes , the same chronic fatigue, heavy thirst and urination, weight reduction while maintaining lifestyle. Diagnosis at a stage when the disease has already manifested itself in the form of symptoms, it is considered late. There are more early symptoms: the problem with the gums and teeth, pustular rash, frequent urinary tract diseases. If you have similar symptoms, need to be tested for glycated hemoglobin.

On stage, timely diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 no symptoms. T2DM can develop over the years and go unnoticed. So as early as possible to detect the diabetes signs, you need to fill out the questionnaires, and after the age of 40 should undergo annual screening.

Preventive inspection is recommended to people with overweight combined with one of the following factors:

  • The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 with a relative;
  • Cardiovascular diseases in medical history;
  • Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Birth of large baby (more than 3600 g).

In contrast to diabetes mellitus type 1, risk type 2 diabetes can be controlled. Proper diet, normal weight and at least 150 minutes of exercise a week (cardio and aerobic exercise) reduce the risk of diabetes type 2, even if the genetic preconditions. Weight training and weightlifting does not affect the risk of T2DM, although such exercises are especially good for people with history of diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 diabetes is not completely curable, you can only slow its progress and to control complications. In the early stages, it is sufficient to change the lifestyle and taking pills. They increase insulin sensitivity and compensate for genetic background.

If lose weight to normal BMI values, may recover the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, and blood glucose to be maintained at a normal level. In this case, patients still recommended to take the pill to help your own insulin to maintain the efficiency.

Diabetes leads to serious complications

Have diabetes type 1 and 2 there are three kinds of complications. Neuropathic disorders occur because of sudden changes in sugar levels. To microvascular complications include damage to the kidneys and retina of the eye because consistently high blood sugar levels. For macrovascular disease affects the cholesterol levels and the mere presence of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is associated with high risk of atherosclerosis. The constantly elevated blood sugar causes systemic inflammation that leads to the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels and their narrowing. With the growth of platelets can form a clot and block blood flow.

Diabetes type 2 diabetes is accompanied by increased blood pressure as insulin stimulates the opposite absorption of sodium in the kidneys. This causes water retention and increased blood volume. This is the most significant risk factor for strokes and heart attacks.

Another complication of diabetes is the diabetic foot syndrome. It occurs for two reasons: due to lesions of peripheral nerves or obstruction of blood vessels in atherosclerosis. In the first case, reduced sensitivity and nutrition of the skin of the feet, there are ulcers. As a rule, they do not hurt and can go unnoticed. In such a situation helps offloading of the foot and treatment of the wound.

When blockage of the blood vessels of disturbed blood supply to the foot is a potentially more dangerous situation. Delay in treatment may lead to tissue necrosis and, in severe cases, leg amputation. Therefore, when the violation of the blood and the pain, you should immediately consult the doctor and to restore blood flow. If this is not done within 24 hours, the leg will not be saved.

To avoid such consequences, you need to carefully observe the rules of prevention and to react to changes.

Genetics affects the risk of diabetes type 2

The risk of developing diabetes is affected by a complex of about a hundred genes. They are on different levels connected with the work of insulin from synthesis to transport and structure of the receptors. Here we will tell only about some of them.

Receptors of insulin genes encode the family of GLUT. In different cells there are different types of receptors: GLUT1 delivers glucose into the erythrocytes, GLUT2 in the liver and pancreas, GLUT3 in nervous tissue and the placenta, GLUT4 in fat and muscle tissue and in the cells of the myocardium (heart muscle). Mutations in these genes lead to insulin resistance.

The TCF7L2 gene determines the activity of signaling pathways, it depends on the synthesis and secretion of insulin and proglucagon — protein precursor of glucagon. Mutations in the gene lead to lower production of insulin in the body. The GCGR gene encodes a protein receptor of glucagon — a hormone, which along with insulin helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Since obesity increases the risk of T2DM with the disease associated genes that affect feeding behavior. For example, the gene FTO — the Fat Mass And Obesity Associated. His work is associated with the feeling of satiety. People with a certain variant of the gene FTO a feeling of fullness occurs with a delay of 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can manage to eat too much. Therefore, people with the variant gene potentially higher risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus type.

Diabetes type 2 is changing the composition of the microbiota

Obesity, diabetes mellitus type 2, insulin resistance — all these diseases are associated with chronic inflammation. Hpart of these processes takes place in the intestine and depends on the composition of the community of intestinal bacteria.

In the gut live different types of bacteria, all collectively referred to as microbiota. Each type of bacteria on their tasks. Some bacteria, mainly from the class clostridia produce butyric acid. It is a useful substance that nourishes the intestinal wall and protects against inflammation. For the synthesis of butyric acid bacteria need fiber. In patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 the level of bacteria producing butyric acid is reduced, and the intestines inflamed.

In T2DM patients the microbiota is not enough of another bacteria — Akkermansia muciniphila. The presence of bacteria of this species in the gut — an indicator of a healthy metabolism. Akkermansia machinefile common in people of normal weight, but obesity in its population drastically reduced.

The composition of the microbiota to preview the final characteristic of inflammation, changes the bacterial community of the intestine and start the prevention: first and foremost, change the diet. The diet need to add more foods high in fibre to maintain gut bacteria that protect against inflammation.

Risk of diabetes type 2 can be controlled

Diabetes type 1 is rare, and, unfortunately, its development cannot be prevented. But the risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes can be controlled. For this you need to watch the weight, especially when genetic predisposition, support active lifestyle, choose the right nutrition.

It is not enough to count the number of received and consumed calories per day. Need to monitor the balance of nutrients in food and to give preference to complex carbohydrates and fibers.

If you have a predisposition to diabetes, or a relative with such disease, consult your endocrinologist to develop an individualized prevention plan.published econet.ru.

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A few MYTHS about scoliosis


What is scoliosis, how is it treated and how he is not treated – says the doctor-orthopedist. Scoliosis is a three-plane deformation of the human spine. The curvature can be congenital, acquired and traumatic.

Historically, in the post-scoliosis is called practical any deviation of the spine in the frontal plane, fixed or not fixed, and a medical diagnosis that describes a serious disease of the spine — the so-called “scoliosis”. Scoliosis — a progressive (i.e. worsening) dysplastic disease of the growing spine of children aged 6-15 years, 3-6 times more common in girls.

Scoliosis: what you need to know

Scoliosis — a lateral curvature of the spine with the mandatory rotation of the vertebral bodies (torsos), characteristic feature of which is the progression of deformation associated with the age and growth of the child. Outside the former USSR scoliosis is called idiopathic scoliosis or rapidly progressive scoliosis.

If we exclude other diseases (mostly congenital, often neuro-muscular or connective tissue disease), we are talking about idiopathic scoliosis, which means that the true cause is unknown, therefore:

  • scoliosis does not occur at the wrong seat at the Desk
  • scoliosis does not occur when wearing the bag/backpack on one shoulder
  • scoliosis does not occur if the child slouches
  • specific prevention does not exist

True idiopathic scoliosis is always a three-plane deformation, the most severe of which is the rotation/torsion of the vertebrae, so:

  • scoliosis is not treated by massage and physiotherapy
  • in scoliosis there is no sense to sleep on a hard or in a plaster bed
  • scoliosis is treated by special exercises (and it’s not stupid “we swim and go to physical therapy in the clinic”) and corset (not from corset orthopedic salon near metro)
  • corset not relaxes muscles, is a myth
  • physical exercise in scoliosis is not contraindicated, in exemption from physical education the child needs, there are limitations, but they are according to modern concepts are rather conventional.

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Scoliosis of the first degree does not exist! This physiological asymmetry which is common among many people in the population. In the former Soviet Union apparently this is called a scoliotic posture. Scoliosis is when the deviation of the axis of the spine more than 10 degrees, so the diagnosis of scoliosis is made only radiographically.

It is important to remember:

  • The younger the child, the greater the likelihood of progression of the deformity.
  • Ways to correct the deformity does not exist, the treatment aims to stop the progression. published econet.ru.

Faith Kachurina

Improve BRAIN function WITHOUT medication


Compensatory mechanisms of the brain over time begin to falter. These disorders can manifest as heaviness in head, dizziness, “flies” in the eyes and, of course, reduce mood and vitality.

The brain (GM), as any body must work rhythmically and diverse. Switching energy attention from one topic to another is not tiring, and unloads it. During sleep, the brain works less (and sometimes greater) than during wakefulness. Just in the dream are other, deeper areas. We would like to digest the important information that “ate” during the day. If some areas of the brain is constantly overloaded (school, exams, audit, computer work, prolonged stress, etc.), and others underutilized – it turns out the energy imbalance. Retirement, people, in most cases, significantly reduce mental workload and thus contribute to a deterioration of the brain.

Exercises for body and mind

To improve blood flow and the GM need to make my life varied and exciting.

1. Creative reading book: read purposefully with a pencil, writing down thoughts and quotes on the topic of interest.

2. Crossword puzzles alone or with friends. Using color computer images and an MRI it was shown that in fast memory, and switching of various information activates neurons in the brain, which previously “asleep”. Increases blood flow to the places that were cold, untouched. Such results cannot be achieved with the help of medicines! A variety of questions cause an avalanche of new nerve impulses which leads to increased tonus of the cerebral cortex.

3. Review the program “What? Where? When?” and try and work with the participants to guess the questions. During a one minute brainstorm is the whole team. Man is a social being, and of course we connect to this powerful energy process.

4. After viewing this (or similar) program are advised to get some fresh air and to perform simple exercises to improve the functioning of the brain.

Pull up

1) covering his eyes, look at the sun, make the nose a deep breath, pause 3 to 6 seconds, exhale through the mouth slowly, hot. This cleansing breath is performed 2 – 3 minutes.

2) rise on toes and reach up on the inhale – exhale lower hands to the ground. To fix, bent over for a few seconds. This exercise is repeated 5 times.

Bending back

Also rise on toes and reach up on the inhale and bend back as much as you can (eyes open). Hands slightly apart, the head is definitely laid back. Hold the position for several seconds and slowly squatted on his haunches. Sit with the buttocks on the heels, toes touch the ground, head is committed to his knees. In this position rest with your eyes closed. Repeat 5 times.


This is the most important, difficult and most effective exercise. It contributes to the excitation of the otolith apparatus of the inner ear, causing nerve impulses overwhelm the brain stem. People who already have unsteadiness when walking or dizziness, it is a simple therapeutic exercise just need. If you do it gently and constantly, a data breach can greatly reduce or even cure.

Rotation should begin at home, next to the bed, so that when the slightest need to go down on her.

  • Hands pressed against his chest, fingers in a fist, eyes looking up.
  • Rotate initially counter-clockwise, “unrolling” the grey negative, as the thread of the spindle.
  • Small steps make small, fast.
  • 3 – 5 turnover, stop – rest.
  • Perform a cleansing breath.
  • Then clockwise “winding” in your aura-Golden heavenly spindle thread.
  • Relax, breathe.

Rotation can be performed 3 – 4 times a day. With time will come and the stability of, and confidence in their abilities. Then the exercise can be done on the street near a tree (for insurance).

To enhance the rotation in the hands, you can take a half-liter plastic bottle. Start rotating the hands pressed against his chest, and then slowly align – centrifugal force increases

5. The self-massage. To finish the physical exercises should massage the point behind the ear, over the mastoid process. Here is attached the cervical muscles to the occipital bone. Edge to be tightly pressed against the palm of these points and greatly twist the head.

6. In this area you can put leeches, which will also improve blood flow to the cerebellum.

7. Wise is a therapeutic closure of the fingers and meridians. Wise to strengthen the nervous system:

  • to connect medium and large fingers the left and right hands (as if we wish someone to give a flick),
  • the rest is straight.

8. Positive thinking and the rejection of negative information will also improve the functioning of the brain.

9. To eat a persimmon (“bead”), which is a product to improve the GM.published econet.ru.

Vladimir Bolsun

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