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The 9 best drinks for women’s health



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The 9 best drinks for women’s health
The contents

  • 1. Green tea
  • 2. Red wine
  • 3. Tomato juice
  • 4. Cocoa
  • 5. Milk
  • 6. Cranberry juice
  • 7. Mint tea
  • 8. Coffee
  • 9. Orange juice

Eat right everyone needs, but it is especially important to choose healthy foods the woman to remain healthy and beautiful, able to conceive and bear children. The drinks also play a key role in the diet. If they are chosen correctly — will bring great dividends to the body!

1. Green tea

With a Cup of green tea to begin the morning every woman. This delicious and aromatic beverage contains a lot of flavonoids and polyphenols — natural antioxidants that protect body cells from damage by free radicals, help to resist cancer and slow the aging process.

Scientists from Osaka University in Japan have proven that green tea reduces the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. Besides — it is useful for healthy teeth because it contains fluoride.

2. Red wine

How useful alcoholic beverages for the health of women today is a lot of controversy. Research on this question can be divided into three groups: one praising wine, others argue that it is insignificant, and others to oppose alcohol in General. And while scientists argue, you can drink wine “for health”, the French thrive on the eyes, drinking a glass of red wine before going to sleep, following a long tradition.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Paris came to the conclusion that moderate consumption of wine reduces the risk of premature death from cancer by 20%, and from cardiovascular by as much as 40%. And all because the drink contains vitamins B1, B2 and C, but most importantly — resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.

Did you know?

A 2012 study, the year conducted by specialists of hospital of Henry Ford in Detroit, USA, showed that red wine, thanks to the presence of resveratrol, may prevent hearing loss in the elderly!

3. Tomato juice

Some tomato juice is perfect? Of course, one in which the minimum amount of salt and various preservatives. This is why homemade juice is preferable to store-bought.

Tomatoes and products on their basis are rich sources of the antioxidant lycopene, which, according to numerous studies, helps to protect the body from lung cancer, colorectal, stomach, breast and prostate. In addition, they are an effective measure to prevent cardiovascular diseases. From the standpoint of cosmetology, the lycopene protects the skin from photo-aging, helps to lighten age spots and smoothing the complexion.

4. Cocoa

The content of cocoa beans is determined by the quality of the chocolate is one of the most beneficial treats for women’s health. But home-made drink cocoa or hot chocolate will delight the body no less!

These drinks help to increase the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, thereby improving mood, and hence the reflection in the mirror. Due to the fact that many cocoa polyphenols, the products help the body to fight free radicals, reduce the risk of dementia, type II diabetes, and diseases of the kidneys and hypertension.


The use of cocoa or hot chocolate can negate the addition of large amounts of sugar, but milk or cream — on the contrary, the taste will enrich and benefit health will bring.

5. Milk

Milk and products on its basis is necessary for the woman as a source of calcium, potassium, vitamin B12 and Riboflavin. If you get enough of these substances every day, this will ensure strong bones and teeth and a radiant and healthy skin. Yogurt and other dairy products, among other things, contain beneficial bacteria that improve immune and digestive systems.

In 2014, the year in the prestigious scientific journal Nutrition (“Nutrition”) published the results of studies that show that regular consumption of dairy products improves health and reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and some cancers.

6. Cranberry juice

Although dentists are wary of foods with a high content of fruit acids, some of them can benefit the health of women. For example, cranberry juice. It is known that cranberry has a high antibacterial properties, drinks on its basis is recommended to drink in diseases of the oral cavity, especially periodontal disease.

It contains plentiful organic acids, tannins and pectin. And due to the presence of vitamin C, cranberry juice has the ability to reduce the temperature of the body during colds and to strengthen the protective functions of the body.

Did you know?

Scientists from the U.S. believe if you drink daily 2-3 cups of cranberry juice, you can increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood. But before you heed this advice, you should consult with your physician. Cranberries should be used with caution in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

7. Mint tea

Sweet drink with a pleasant refreshing taste — one of the best natural remedies for insomnia. Mint has a mild sedative effect and is easily immersed in the “Realm of Morpheus”. Tea based on it is recommended to drink for people with high levels of anxiety and stress. During a cold mint tea with lemon will add strength and will add energy, will ease sore throat and help bring down the fever.

Few people know that peppermint is a great antispasmodic. “It relaxes the muscles and can stop the pain,” says doctor of medicine, Suisen Lark. — Another useful feature to stimulate digestion”.

8. Coffee

The latest data Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA suggests that 90% of the population with varying frequency drink coffee. This is one of the most popular beverages in the world containing caffeine, but it is because of this “Supplement” is very ambiguous.

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate amounts because of the content of antioxidants will help the body repel free radicals, protect from age-related diseases of the brain — dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But at the same time it should be noted that the coffee “leaches” from the body calcium, prevents its absorption. Therefore, women who drink more than three cups of soft drinks per day, face the risk of increased brittleness of bones, osteoporosis.


According to research conducted by experts from the University of Oregon in the United States, the love of caffeinated products degrades the physical health of a woman during PMS (premenstrual syndrome). The more caffeine a woman consumes, the more painful symptoms

Scientists advise to give up coffee, at least for a week or two before menstruation. By the way, chocolate is also recommended to give up. Gold in a tile — about 43 mg of caffeine!

9. Orange juice

Oranges are included in the human diet is already more than 4500 years. Trees with sweet fruit grown in China for 2,5 thousand years BC! The juice of them can be as useful as eating the fruit in whole, provided that it does not contain preservatives and added sugar. But the juicy pulp in the juice — very desirable, it will enrich his fiber.

According to the 2003 study year, results are published in the American journal of clinical nutrition, one Cup of orange juice contains 200% daily value of vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals involved in the body’s production of collagen (depends on the elasticity of the skin), essential for the recovery and growth of new cells.

Another study conducted by specialists of the School of medicine at tufts University in Bostonshowed that antioxidants keep the DNA of healthy cells from mutations, making foods with vitamin C effective in cancer prevention.

The comment of the expertOlga Malakhova, an expert on facial rejuvenation and body

Drink to the health of women the number 1 is water. Man is composed of water. Water helps our lymphatic system works with our immune system and protects us from toxins that we gain during the day, in the course of life from the outside.

Sufficient water consumption also contributes to the preservation or return of harmony our body. Because of all the swelling, from which we often suffer, the indicator is not a large amount of water in our body, but rather its absence. The body begins to store water in a “strategically” important areas: face, neck, area around belly, hips and thighs.

Small water consumption causes internal dehydration, and this is one of the signs of aging. Age from the fact that the amount of water in the cell and interstitial fluid decreasing.

If we learn how to drink water, it will give vigor, energy, normalizes appetite, nourishes the cells, moisturize from the inside out! So water is the most important liquid for our body.

Scheme water consumption is calculated as follows: 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, multiply by your weight, and divide by 200 ml is the volume of glass that you need to drink small SIPS at a time and we get the minimum number of glasses per day, which need to drink.

Do not just drink a pint of water. Water is best absorbed when it is consumed in small SIPS and small portions. The water should be room temperature, or, as I prefer yoga, hot (over 40 degrees). Water should always be taken on an empty stomach. Or it should be consumed within 30 minutes after a meal.

The second drink that healthy women are herbal teas. As my teacher from China: “Why do your eyes not burn? You need water the flowers”. To women burning eyes, had rosy cheeks, skin was glowing ― you need to drink herbal or floral teas. Summer and autumn is a great time to gather herbs. Mint, Melissa, chamomile has a positive effect on a woman’s body. Rowan, oregano, sage, thyme, rosehips, cinnamon, turmeric ― all of these herbs are excellent antioxidants, and thus help fight aging, they also contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins.

One of the best tea ― Ivan-tea, which you can ferment. The leaves of fireweed are placed on a wet towel, curl, crumple, and then closed in glass jars and left to ferment. In Russia, Ivan tea called “drink a hundred diseases”. It is suitable for both women and men, helps strengthen the immune system, is rich in trace elements and vitamins. Also possible to ferment the leaves of mint, currant, mountain ash.

Expert commentaryJulianna Pliskin, TV presenter, expert on healthy lifestyle, wellness coach, author of books about nutrition

Water is the best drink for the health of women. It promotes detoxification, improves blood circulation, participates in the transport of nutrients, digestion, maintaining body temperature, etc.

You should know, if you consume a lot of foods rich in dietary fiber, it is necessary to drink adequate amount of water to prevent bloating or constipation. Fiber requires water to perform its cleaning function. Choose filtered water or natural spring water in glass bottles.

Hydration is the cornerstone of good health, so drink plenty of pure water. Your goal is to drink about 2 liters (or 8-10 cups) per day. You can also calculate the daily rate of water consumption, using the formula of 30-35 ml X per 1 kg of body weight.

A useful tip!

Buy reusable one-liter glass bottle (or wash the labels off a glass bottle from mineral water) and fill it twice a day with clean drinking water. So you control the amount of water you drink.

Tea with ginger and lemon

If warm water with lemon to add a little grated fresh ginger, you get useful and accelerating the metabolism to drink. Ginger-lemon tea tames hunger, has a strong soothing and antioxidant effect, strengthening the immune system.

Tea with ginger root increases resistance to stress, able to energize and eliminate signs of impending depression, lethargy, fatigue and irritation. The combination of ginger with lemon increases the metabolism and helps burn more calories. And of course this tea is indispensable for colds, and intestinal colic and stomach pain.

Detox water with slices of fruit/vegetables or herbs

A great solution if you’re not used to drinking plain water. Aqueous extract of the fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs not only strengthen the immune system and energizes, but also help to abandon soft drinks.

In a bottle with a thick neck put slices of citrus, cucumber slices or strawberries. Fruits make the water more sweet and pleasant taste that encourages drinking more water throughout the day.

A useful tip!

You can infuse water fresh herbs, such as mint, Basil, thyme or rosemary.

Green and matcha tea

A Cup of green tea or match (form powdered green tea) in the first half of the day will provide a powerful energy charge, however, he will not be accompanied by nervousness or hypertension. Green tea stimulates the metabolism and regulates the level of glucose in the blood, which is important for modern busy women. Bioflavonoids in the composition of tea leaves protect blood vessels, reduce the transmittance of the wall, prevent thrombosis and stroke.

Coconut water

Fresh coconut water is rich in nutrients and electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium and manganese. Coconut water can be called “natural sports drink” as it is a natural source of electrolytes, unlike sports drinks on the market with dyes and flavorings in the composition.

What drinks shouldn’t drink woman

Avoid sweet drinks: soda, iced tea, packaged juices and sports drinks. They only cause damage to health.

Packing of juice from a supermarket contains from 2 to 4 teaspoons of sugar, while in the production of carbonated soft drinks, this figure can go up to 20 tablespoons per liter. Harmful effects of soft drinks builds up and causes the development of diseases of the digestive tract, liver and excretory system of the body. The liver takes the first blow of the chemical additives contained in soda. Sugary drinks trigger cardiovascular disease such as hypertension and increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Review expertLeyla Bekirova Telmanovna, endocrinologist of the Federal research and clinical centre of FMBA of Russia

Of course, there are drinks that have a positive influence on the female body, for example specialized concoctions of herbs, teas and tinctures that should be taken for the prevention and treatment of certain ailments. The particular components contained in their composition, a beneficial effect on the work of those or other bodies.

Normal condition hormonal women — the key to good health. To maintain hormonal balance, the fair sex is recommended to drink warm water with lemon. This easy to make drink has a beneficial effect on the skin and partly contributes to the satisfaction of hunger. High content of vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, serves as a source of energy. Lemon regulates the amount of leptin and glucose in the body.

Another healthy drink is tea from raspberry leaves. Drinking raspberry tea will help to ease the pain symptoms during menstruation and ovulation. Applying milk with turmeric, the so-called “Golden milk” helps to restore the hormonal background of women and strengthen the immune system, regular consumption of chamomile tea will help get rid of toxins.

To ensure that the skin always remains smooth and elastic, it is recommended to apply a variety of herbal teas: calendula, nettle, rosehip tea and so will be Particularly useful in drinking green tea, which is considered an excellent tonic, by analogy with the coffee. And from the excessive use of coffee is still worth it to give up, because consumption of this drink has a negative impact on the skin. Has beneficial effects on the female body Royal jelly. It is necessary to apply courses in small quantities. It slows the aging process of the skin and internal organs, improves the condition of the endocrine and nervous systems, positively affecting the condition of the body.

The use of a variety of natural juices: vegetable, wheat grass juice, lemon, pomegranate, etc., will also be helpful for immunity.

Do not forget about the main beverage, which is the basis of our life — water. Daily diet should be about 1.5-2 liters of water, but we should not forget that the drinking regime should be agreed with your doctor, given the presence of chronic diseases. Despite the beneficial effects of herbal medicine, you should not self-medicate, and if necessary, consult a specialist.

Review expertMargo Fox, women’s international coach, business coach

Constant stress, fatigue, tension, a lot of responsibilities, lack of time for themselves and the desire to be beautiful — almost incompatible with each other. To maintain their health, women need to respect the water balance in the body and constantly fill it with water.

Water is the source of youth and health

The main reason for aging is lack of water in the body. When viewed from a physiological point of view. A dehydrated cell is similar to a deflated balloon. Hence, wrinkles appear, nails, and hair becomes dull and brittle. Of course, you have already heard that you should drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day. Yes, it is a trivial advice, But this really works.

Herbal teas

Mint, chamomile, leaves of currant or other herbs at your discretion. But remember that each herb has certain properties, please read them before use. Most importantly, forget about the tea bag, it is only dust! If you have the opportunity, grow, gather herbs and prepare your own flavorful and healthy tea, if not, try to buy from grandmothers or in bulk.

Fresh juices

They fill the female energy. Refrain from consuming concentrated juices and sodas. You want sweet or sour taste, go for fresh-squeezed juices, and the body will tell you: “Thank you!”.

Forget to drink the required amount per day? For the first time, put reminders in phone, draw the posters, eventually it will become a habit.

Watch your diet and water balance, and you will feel lightness and surge of energy!

Expert commentaryEmilia Viktorovna tsybikova, PhD in medical Sciences, the doctor of Tibetan medicine clinic in Moscow

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine, the most vulnerable area for women’s health — the connection of the two systems — Rlung (Wind) and bad-Kan (Mucus). In terms of modern medicine are neural and hormonal systems or neuro-hormonal regulation.

Nervous stress, psychological trauma, negative emotions alter hormonal status of women, which leads to gynecological, hormone-dependent diseases. On the other hand, hormonal problems (e.g., during menopause) manifest neurotic symptoms.

Therefore, prevention of women’s health is, above all, prevention of the nervous and hormonal disorders.

1. Healthy drinks for the nervous system

The most useful women’s herbs for nervous system — peppermint, chamomile, marjoram, Melissa. For the preparation of herbal tea you need to take a teaspoon of dry herb and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes.

You can add these herbs in green tea. Thanks to the sweet taste, green tea is good for the nervous system. But we must consider one caveat. Green tea tones, so it reduces the soothing effect of the herbs.

2. Healthy drinks for the hormonal system

Herbal teas are useful when declining estrogen levels during menopause and to restore or maintain hormonal balance. For this purpose, the inflorescences of red clover, Linden flowers, grass, lady’s mantle, herbs, beneficial for nervous system — peppermint, marjoram, Melissa.

The tea is brewed at the rate of 1 teaspoon of dry herb per Cup of boiling water. You can sweeten herbal tea, but better not sugar, and honey.

3. Healthy drinks for energy body

Women are more prone to disease systems Wind and phlegm. Such diseases are of the nature of cold, so to maintain health is very important to maintain the energy of the body at the proper level.

The best remedy for this — fresh ginger root. It needs to be cleaned, finely chop and use 1-2 teaspoons for drinks. The easiest thing to add when brewing tea.

You can prepare ginger drink 250-300 ml of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of crushed and depressed ginger root, 2 teaspoons honey and the juice of ¼ small lemon. This drink is especially useful in damp, cold weather but should always be no more than one glass a day.

Very good for energy the female body spices — especially cinnamon, cloves. You can add them to tea or sbiten.

Sbiten — traditional Russian hot drink based on honey, cinnamon, cloves — a real balm for women’s health.

In the winter and winter-spring period useful mulled wine for dry red wine (no abuse, not more than 200 ml). Instead of sugar in its preparation it is better to use honey. As spices — cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg.

Milk is especially beneficial for women’s health. This lunar product, so it should be consumed after sunset and moonrise, preferably before bedtime. The milk should be hot.

To achieve a therapeutic and prophylactic effect, being added to the milk, spices or honey. For better sleep, maintain or restore balance of the nervous system — a pinch of ground nutmeg. To normalize hormonal levels in menopause — a pinch of turmeric. To improve energy — a teaspoon of honey.

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What are the benefits of chickpeas and how to apply it in the diet



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What are the benefits of chickpeas and how to apply it in the diet
The contents

  • Useful properties of chickpeas as a food product
  • Who can use the chickpeas in the food, and who doesn’t
  • Recipes from chickpeas and nuances of cooking

Chickpeas, often called the Turkish or garbanzo peas. Since its appearance on the Russian market, this product gained popularity. Not surprisingly, because of the tasty beans can be cooked a variety of dishes. Chickpeas include food for cooking soups and side dishes, salads and desserts, snacks and even drinks. In its grains there is present about 80 valuable for human health substances. Nutritive value overseas beans can compete with the meat and bread!

Useful properties of chickpeas as a food product

A legume called chickpea spread in Asia, America, Australia, Africa. For many people, its fruits are a symbol of Oriental cuisine. In the Middle East and Asia, the birthplace of the ancient culture, the beans are called Golden grain. Food product, similar in appearance to walnut, attracts gourmets buttery texture, almost imperceptible nutty flavor. When cooked it becomes sweet to the taste.

Chickpea is a storehouse of nutrients. Garbanzo beans are rich in amino acids, b vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. In its composition a lot of carbohydrates and vegetable protein — 20 g per 100 g in some species of the gram amount of protein can reach 30 g Protein in beans is well absorbed, so the chickpeas are often added to your diet vegetarians. The degree of absorption of a substance similar to egg white. And these beans is a valuable source of fiber.

Gift of nature has many useful properties:

  • Improves digestion, can be used to prevent constipation.
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Beneficially influences bones, teeth, hair and nails.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps prevent the appearance of cancer.
  • Leads to normal activity of the nervous system.
  • Improves visual acuity, helps prevent the appearance of glaucoma, cataracts.
  • Helps to get rid of a number of dermatological diseases.
  • Improves brain activity and helps to preserve the mental, physical activity.

Who can use the chickpeas in the food, and who doesn’t

Despite all the positive properties of chickpeas, use it diet caution. Like other food products, belonging to the representatives of the legumes, chickpea can cause increased gas formation. Especially careful you need to include it in the nutrition of elderly people and children.

Be aware that chickpea has a high calorie content. For raw beans is about 360 kcal per 100 g, and cooked — 127 kcal per 100 g. Therefore, to include chickpeas in food for weight loss in large quantities is not recommended, and use it in the evening because of the carbohydrate content. High-calorie product is not the best choice for the menu of people suffering from obesity.

Chickpeas are not suitable for nutrition of people with celiac disease legumes. Therefore, those who are not familiar with the grains of this plant, to enter into the diet product with caution. Contraindications are diseases of the bladder, kidneys, since the beans have an irritating effect. You can’t eat garbanzo beans, patients with gout, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, stomach, thrombophlebitis.

Who can and should eat chickpeas? Rich in protein, fiber, essential amino acids and other valuable components of the product is perfect for power athletes, vegetarians, adherents of a healthy lifestyle. With hearty beans, you can add variety to the diet to enrich the body with nutrients in the absence of contraindications.

Garbanzo beans will become an indispensable tool in the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, anemia, diabetes, and reduction of hemoglobin. It contains substances beneficial to the body in a bad mood, during the depression and beyond. Especially nutritious and healthy germinated seeds of chickpea. Cysteine and methionine, two essential amino acids, are present only in seedlings of beans.

Recipes from chickpeas and nuances of cooking

Cooking chickpeas uncomfortable fact that grain you need to pre-soak in water for a few hours. But soaking makes the beans tasty and at the same time helps to avoid increased gas formation after eating dishes from the overseas product. To avoid the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, flatulence, it is advisable to leave the chickpeas in cold water for 8-12 hours. And some recipes suggest soaking dry beans for a day, and liquids must be dissolved salt together with sugar and soda.

To prevent bloating, gas production chickpea is also necessary to properly prepare. Namely, to pick him a food that improves digestion, the absorption of beans. They will give the dish a unique taste and improve digestion. We are talking about herbs and spices — curry, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, etc. In order to avoid stomach issues is to abandon the use of chickpeas with cold water.

As already mentioned, a particular advantage of chickpeas is its versatility. On the basis of the chickpeas was created a variety of recipes so everyone can cook it to taste. Beans added to soups and vegetable burgers, sauces, and make casseroles, cereals, pates and many other dishes. In particular, the “Golden grain” restaurant, the hummus and falafel. Grain is used just in a dry or roasted form as a snack.

Housewives can use the following recipes for cooking of chickpea:

  • Roasted honey chickpeas. 2 cups cooked chickpeas to dry on a towel. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. On the laid parchment baking sheet to lay out beans in a single layer, leave for 30 minutes to bake, occasionally stirring them. Mix 1.5 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a bowl, add a little salt and cinnamon to taste. The finished product is watered with a mixture of honey and oil, to send the cookie sheet for another 5 minutes in the oven. Cool and serve.
  • Salad with feta cheese. Cut in half 200g of cherry tomatoes cut into half rings head red onion, cucumber and feta cheese – cubes. Put all the ingredients 300 g cooked chickpeas in a bowl. Prepare the filling using your favorite recipes. For example, mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and 2 tablespoons of lime or lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Fill the dish, sprinkle with herbs.
  • Chickpeas with spices. Dry with a cloth or towel 300 grams of cooked chickpeas. In the tank mix 0.5 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of paprika. In a heated pan pour a little olive oil, spread the chickpeas and fry it until it gets dark. Spread beans on paper towel to remove excess oil, sprinkle them with paprika and pepper, salt to taste, mix thoroughly. You can add in the dish some more lime zest.

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Different types of supply: pescetarians



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Different types of supply: pescetarians
The contents

  • Pescetarians as one of the varieties of power
  • Healthy eating: benefits and harms for body quasi-vegetarianism
  • Eating right: recipes for pescetarians
    • Soup with shrimp
    • Ravioli with fish stuffing

Despite the fact that still some debate about how helpful or harmful vegetarianism, the number of its adherents increases every year. Also note that in addition to strict vegetarianism, there are many different movements in this direction in nutrition. Below we will talk about pescetarians: its advantages and disadvantages.

Pescetarians as one of the varieties of power

A quick introduction to vegetarianism to most people is not easy. After all, to break established habits in nutrition, you need a strong motivation and desire.

For a smooth and “painless” adaptation was developed by a quasi-vegetarian diet, which facilitates the transition to solely plant-based diet. One of them is pescetarians. This diet allows its adherents to eat fish and seafood.

Pescetarians it can be attributed to systems of a healthy food, because its staple diet is a variety of plant foods, supplemented by fish and seafood. The ban is applied only to meat and meat products. Dairy products and eggs may be included in the menu of pescetarians.

To establish the exact date when the transition to vegetarianism is not possible. Most scientists are inclined to the version that pescetarians appeared at the end of the last century. Although such food can be practiced by people in the coastal areas, where traditionally engaged in fishing.

A good example of these areas is the Mediterranean coast. Food in this region is represented mainly by plant foods, olive oil, milk, fish and seafood.

Pescetarians is not only a diet, it implies maintaining an active lifestyle supplemented with proper diet, with some limitations. In addition to the above products, valid is the use of a small amount of dietary meat, poultry, eggs, and red wine.

Proponents of this system of food refuse from eating meat of animals not only for ethical reasons, but also because of possible harm to the body. According to some research, this group of products can cause disorders of the cardiovascular system and the development of obesity and diabetes.

At the same time, properly structured diet of pescetarian allows to achieve an optimal balance of proteins and fatty acids and supply the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Healthy eating: benefits and harms for body quasi-vegetarianism

Pescetarians more acceptable to most people than veganism. In addition, in some regions, healthy food has traditionally formed according to similar principles. Because the meat is rare in many cultures, and its absence kompensiruet fish and various seafood.

The advantage of such a power system, compared to the vegetarianism, is a more complete intake of vitamins and minerals. This is especially true of b vitamins, calcium and zinc. Furthermore, sea fish is one of the most valuable sources of unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for normal functioning of the human body.

A proper diet is impossible without animal protein, as plant foods contain very few proteins are able to meet the needs of the body. At the same time, fish and seafood may compensate for their shortage.

The disadvantages of pescetarians can be attributed quite loyal to fast food, baking and spreads. Because they are not subject to the ban, many supporters of the diet include them in your diet. Therefore, to draw a parallel between him and a healthy diet is quite difficult.

You should also not forget that often the quality of fish on the shelves of local shops is poor. Grown in an artificial environment the fish may contain hormonal compounds, antibiotics and even colorants. In addition, there is very little useful nutrients.

It should also be noted that large-scale pollution of the oceans leads to infection of its inhabitants with mercury and various harmful chemical compounds. So, before you include fish in a healthy diet, you need to ensure its proper quality. You also need to take note that the smaller the size of sea creatures, the less they are able to accumulate harmful substances (first of all it concerns a class of invertebrates).

Therefore, the benefits of pescetarians can speak only in case of responsible approach to the organization of this quasi-vegetarian diet.

The desire to practice this system food pregnant and lactating women, as well as an introduction to her of children is permitted only after consultation with clinicians able to assess the individual needs of their body.

Eating right: recipes for pescetarians

Menu a pescetarian represented by a large number of dishes that could be included in a proper diet people far from vegetarianism. Below are some interesting recipes that give an idea of the diet.

Soup with shrimp

Defrosted and washed with 300 g of shrimp. Separately cut into small squares 2 plates Nori and grated 1 carrot. Boil and cut into cubes 2 hard-boiled eggs. In the same way to grind 0.5 kg of tofu. Gently mix all ingredients in a small saucepan. Add 4 tbsp of Miso paste and pour 2 liters of water. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes (after boiling).

Ravioli with fish stuffing

For the test you want to 0.5 kg of sifted flour add 170 ml of milk, 2 lightly beaten eggs and 0.5 tsp salt. Knead the dough and put it in the fridge for 2 hours. Then again knead and thinly roll out. Cut out circles with a diameter of about 5 centimeters. On the dough spread minced fish. For its preparation it is necessary to clean, rinse and dry on a paper towel 150 g of salmon 50 g of any other fish. Separately, chop and fry in vegetable oil 1 bulb onion. Fish with onions grind in a blender or skip through Mincer. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Spread prepared stuffing on the dough and make dumplings. Remove them for 30 minutes in the freezer. In boiling water pour one-third Cup of chicken broth, add Bay leaf, allspice and half of the onion bulbs. Cook for 6-7 minutes, then throw in the broth, the dumplings and cook for another 10 minutes. Serve with butter and sour cream.

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Useful properties of bone broth


Emily wicks, registered dietitian-nutritionist, licensed dietitian

Bone broth eaten for hundreds of years, but only recently it began to use special popularity. Bone broth is rich in gelatin and protein, and contains nutrients that are important for our health. Studies have shown that regular consumption of bone broth eases joint pain and promotes healthy bone growth, improves skin condition and stimulates the immune system. Before we touch on these beautiful useful properties of broth, let’s first talk about the difference between broth, broth-based and bone broth.

Broth, broth-based and bone broth: what’s the difference?

All three courses are similar in composition – these are made from water, meat and bones with some slight variations. The broth is cooked for no longer than 1-2 hours meat and a small amount of bone with the addition of various herbs and spices. The broth has a very light taste. Broth-based, in contrast to the simple broth that is brewed mainly from the bones and small amounts of meat, before boiling the bones are often roasted. Broth-based cook on low heat for 3-4 hours. This soup is a good source of gelatin. Bone broth cook on low heat for a long time – from 8 to 24 hours. For such a long time for cooking gelatin is formed from collagen-rich joints and bones of elongated minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Bone broth beneficial to health

Regular consumption of bone broth can benefit your health.

Eases pain in joints and formation of healthy bones

Bone broth contains a natural collagen – a protein that is found in skin, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments of animals. With age the amount of collagen in the body decreases, which causes pain in the joints. Supplementation with bone broth and contained collagen may provide collagen layer for your joints allowing them to glide without friction. Collagen is very useful for hard training athletes. Bone broth – a source of building material for forming and maintaining strong bones, is useful at any age!

Improves skin condition

Collagen promotes the production of elastin, this substance helps the skin to maintain healthy tone, texture and appearance. Elastin is also able to reduce puffiness around the eyes!

Strengthens the immune system

Bone broth contains amino acids that help reduce inflammation in the respiratory system. No wonder for many centuries postupivshaya person is recommended to eat some chicken soup!

Types of bone broth

Bone broth quite possible to cook at home, but many of us just don’t have time to spend hours cooking the broth. There are several products that facilitate the use of bone broth! You can buy it in powder form you just add liquid and broth is ready to use. Sold bone broth and ready – just have to pour it into a Cup or a plate. Both forms of the broth contain a lot of protein and calcium.

How to use bone broth

Bone broth you can just drink “without all the” warming mug. But try these simple tips to give spice to the broth!

  • Heat the broth in a mug and add a pinch of black pepper, garlic, fresh ginger and a sprig of rosemary for flavor and aroma.
  • Bring bone broth to a boil in a small saucepan. Add a handful of egg noodles and frozen vegetables. Boil until noodles are cooked to “al dente”.
  • When you cook a stew, instead of water, use bone broth or broth-based.
  • Add some bone broth to mashed potatoes. This will give it flavor and a creamy consistency.

Have bone broth has so many advantages that favor its inclusion in daily diet is evident. If you want the joints strong, bone – healthy, skin – supple and soft, and the immune system strong, make sure to try the bone broth when you want to add to the diet a delicious, spicy and healthy dish.

This article was written by Emily wicks (RDN, LD), an expert in nutrition and culinary communications, based in Fort worth, Texas. Emily believes that the way to a nutritious, happy life is the development of a healthy relationship between food, the brain and the body. Preparing food at home, moving intuitively, we can achieve inner peace and be happy in the here and now. Use tasty, easy recipes and follow the simple strategies to create convenience and a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen. Learn more at zenandspice.com.

The Longevity diet: the main principles of nutrition


We don’t know when we can purchase a “pill of old age”, I assume that the wait is long. But now, we have the Longevity diet, can prolong life. And I’ll tell you about its main principles =)

Let’s talk how to eat to prolong youth, how to eat centenarians. In real life it is the people living in the mountainous regions of Greece and Italy, enough far from the sea. And today, these residents of one of the most correct variants of the Mediterranean diet! Such data are published by scientists in the Journal Immunity and Ageing.

For example, in the mountain area Sica life expectancy is higher than the average throughout Italy. The number of people who have reached the 100-th age 4.32 times higher than the national average. Moreover, an important fact: the relationship between longevity of women and men is 1.1: 1, while the national rate of Italy is 4.54: 1.

That is, the number of women and men equally long-lived.

This is an important indicator, since women usually live longer than men. The food in this region of Italy is different from the usual Italian: this is a profile of the Mediterranean diet with the consumption of foods with a low glycemic index and low in saturated fat and cholesterol, is dominated by vegetables and fruit.

This eating habit can also be seen in other mountainous regions, remote from the sea. On the training biohacking I ate like 2 weeks and I can say that it is not only useful but very delicious! =)

Glucometer for healthy people

An important part of the basics – food with a low glycemic load. Blood sugar should not rise after a meal, and ideally, glucose levels should remain stable, without spikes. I suggest to use the glucometer for the first time, to track their glucose levels.

I am often asked which meter is better to buy?

Tell us about your, maybe, also chose before buying. I have a glucometer Accu-Chek Performa, I am satisfied with its quality and easy to use, bought online in the online store Ozon. It is better to buy more test strips for my glucometer and disposable needles-lancets, although small amount are included.

So nutrition is personalized: you’ll see how you react to specific products.

Someone glucose can jump from one Apple, I have for example not reacting to bananas, but jumps on a spoonful of warm rice =)

The longevity diet: the basic principles

So the principles that underlie Diet of Longevity. I will list highlights, more details will be on the course.


  • products of the microbiota (resistant starch, prebiotics, inulin, oat flakes)
  • healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, raw nuts)
  • of animal protein choose fish (except tuna), eggs, poultry, seafood,
  • products, anti-aging (raw broccoli, cabbage)
  • products that stimulate the activity of the systems of detoxification and repair of DNA
  • this products: green tea, ginger, onion, garlic, tomatoes, black pepper
  • lots of different vegetables, herbs and leafy
  • used unsweetened fruit and berries with low GI (some)
  • avoid long roasting, grilling and baking
  • for stir-frying using avocado oil and clarified butter, from cows grazing grass

For me the best avocado oil is sold on iHerb, and ghee is ghee of this brand is also by far the best, with the freshest scent. You can eat it with a spoon! =)

Not used:

  • Pro-inflammatory foods (sugar, fast food, refined carbohydrates)
  • all oils with omega-6 (sunflower, corn, soybean)
  • juices, fruits with high fructose
  • added sugar and fructose
  • foods with oxidized fats, they increase aging and inflammation
  • products: meat of old animals, old vegetable oil, long been peeled nuts, bacon, fried bacon, fried meat, baked meat.

Marathon Health: 5 Nov

In my course “Marathon of Health” one of the biggest modules on nutrition. You will clearly understand HOW you eat, what strategy to adhere to, which products to choose in the store, in order to improve the quality of life and prolong youth.

Plus, you will test sensitivity to gluten and this is one of the most important steps that you need to do at least once!

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The cost of training only 3490 rubles for 2 weeks, you save much more on unnecessary tests and supplements that improve health for a lifetime.

Slimming healthy tea



weight loss, lifestyle
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Slimming healthy tea
The contents

  • What kind of tea should you drink for weight loss?
  • Diet tea
  • Recipes for delicious drinks for your figure and health

Everyone who wants to lose weight, you know about the benefits of ginger and green tea. But on the other healthy drinks for weight loss few people know. In fact, many herbal, fruity and berry teas help to become slimmer.

What kind of tea should you drink for weight loss?

How different teas help in weight loss? It depends on the specific tea.

Some beverages help to deal with excessive appetite. Some remove excess fluid and purify the intestines. There are teas that speed up metabolism and normalizes the activity of the gallbladder and liver.

From what we can cook tea for weight loss? It can be herbs, fruits, berries. The components may be different, they can be mixed. For example, ginger root, lemon, apples and lemon balm. In addition, it is useful to add in these drinks different spices: cinnamon, cloves, turmeric.

Here are the most useful ingredients:

  • ginger;
  • Melissa;
  • mint;
  • cranberries;
  • cranberry;
  • apples;
  • lemon;
  • orange;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • Rowan;
  • dandelion;
  • psyllium;
  • thyme;
  • barberry;
  • corn silk;
  • anise;
  • cumin;
  • fennel;
  • the lemongrass.

Of course, there are other useful fruits and herbs that you can use to make tea. You can try different ingredients, but first you have to make sure that there are no contraindications to the use of certain products.

How to drink tea? Weight loss will be effective if you drink tea before meals little by little. It is best to drink the beverage throughout the day. There are nuances. For example, tea with rosemary, lemongrass or ginger shouldn’t be drinking in the evening as it invigorates, and tea with lemon balm or mint, by contrast, is calm, so it is not suitable for the morning.

Better to use fresh tea, that is, to prepare it every day. Store the beverage is preferably in the refrigerator.

What kind of tea should you drink for weight loss? Most effective is to alternate drinks. For example, in the morning to drink tea that speeds up metabolism in the afternoon drink that has a diuretic and cleansing action, and in the evening you are welcome to tea, which reduces appetite. But you can choose other options to your liking.

Diet tea

How to make a diet tea for weight loss? It’s very simple. Should eliminate harmful foods from the diet. Fried, fatty, spicy, smoked — all of it is banned. Cakes and sweets also should be deleted. But you can afford a day a couple of slices of rye or whole wheat bread. If you really want sweet, you can eat a handful of dried fruit.

The essence of such a diet? In the use of healthy tea. You can choose 2-4 of the drink and alternate them, or every day to make tea from new ingredients. It all depends on your desire. Drinking tea before meals for 15-20 minutes. But before sleeping you can drink a tea that helps reduce excessive appetite. This will help not to break and not to eat anything before bed.

Diet menu you can be different. Here are two sample option.

Diet menu for one day:

  • Breakfast: tea with rosemary and lemon, twenty minutes later, oatmeal with berries, a boiled egg and fruit; or tea leaves of raspberry, BlackBerry, St. John’s wort, half an hour omelet with vegetables, yogurt with berries;
  • snack: smoothie or fruit;
  • lunch: tea made from ash and thyme, vegetable soup, fish stew with vegetables, stewed fruit; or a drink from ginger, orange and lemon balm, chicken soup with dumplings, vegetable stew, juice;
  • snack: cheese or nuts guest;
  • dinner: drink with sea buckthorn and mint, vegetable patties, yogurt; or a tea made from fennel seed, chamomile and barberry, baked chicken, salad;
  • before bed: mint tea with honey; or drink with oregano and a slice of lemon.

As you can see, the diet should be different. As long as it meets the requirements of the diet. So try different options.

Recipes for delicious drinks for your figure and health

There are lots of useful recipes of delicious tea. You can choose any recipes that are like.

  • With cranberries and cherries

Take a teaspoon of the berries cranberries and dried cherry fruit. Pour 400 ml of boiling water, cook five minutes. Leave on for fifteen minutes, drain. You can add honey.

  • With Melissa, oregano and lemon

100 g oregano and lemon balm, and zest of half a lemon pour 300 ml of boiling water. Cook three minutes on low heat. It is best to consume this drink before Breakfast.

  • With thyme and mint

Mix thyme and mint, take one tablespoon of the mixture. Pour a glass of boiling water. The tea needs to steep for at least ten minutes, then add lemon and honey.

  • With BlackBerry leaves

10 g of birch leaves, 80 g of BlackBerry leaves, 10 g leaves mother and stepmother, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1:20. Leave on for twenty minutes, drain. It is advisable to drink before Breakfast and lunch.

  • Apple tea with cinnamon

An Apple and an orange slice. Put into the teapot, tea leaves, fruits, cinnamon, cloves. Pour all the boiling water. Leave for ten minutes. Warm tea, add honey to taste.

  • With hawthorn and quince

Three quince finely chop, add a tablespoon hawthorn fruit, pour 600 ml of boiling water. Cook three minutes, a little to infuse and cool.

  • With herbs

To connect the leaves of BlackBerry, raspberry, St. John’s wort, nettle leaves, yarrow and rose hips. Take a teaspoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water. After five minutes strain and drink until the tea is cold.

  • With the buckthorn, dandelion and seeds

Buckthorn bark (three parts), dandelion root (one piece), fennel seeds and parsley (one part) and mint leaves (one part) mixed. Pour a glass of boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes. Drinking this tea can literally 60-70 g, no more. And better to do it in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • With anise

A teaspoon of anise seeds pour 500 ml of boiling water. Leave on for fifteen minutes, add the resulting infusion in normal black tea. Garnish with chopped walnuts.

  • With barberries and mint

A spoonful of barberry pour two cups of boiling water, boil for a few minutes. Add mint leaves, a wedge of lemon. Infuse for ten minutes.

All of these recipes help you become slimmer. Of course, to drink tea should be moderate so as not to harm health. Weight loss drinks with very comfortable. Moreover, tea with herbs and fruit is very fragrant and delicious.

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Thyroid gland: 8 things that affect her health


Toothpaste and various antibacterial agents contain components which effectively eliminate microorganisms. However, many do not know that they cause serious harm to the thyroid gland.

Do you know what factors affect the thyroid gland? Despite its small size, this organ plays a very important role in all systems of the body. He is mainly responsible for the metabolic processes occurring in it. When some factors have a negative impact on the thyroid gland, it is reflected in the work of almost all organs. Comorbidities can significantly reduce quality of life. The most common cause of thyroid problems is the accumulation in the body of toxins and other harmful substances.

Harmful to the thyroid gland: which products should be afraid

  • Pesticides affect the thyroid gland
  • Flame retardant
  • Plastic
  • Non-stick means
  • Toothpaste with triclosan
  • Antibacterial agents
  • Heavy metals
  • Soy

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This can be avoided if lead a healthy lifestyle and try to follow a proper, balanced diet. Unfortunately, this is not enough. It is proved that various household products can negatively affect the thyroid gland and other organs.

The fact is that a large number of products of household chemical cleaners and just the objects that daily surround us, contain all the same toxins. And if you want to really take care of their health, it is desirable to minimize their use.

So what kind of products should be afraid of?

Pesticides affect the thyroid gland

Already several scientific studies have confirmed that people somehow come in contact with pesticides have a higher risk of developing thyroid diseases.

During one of these studies it was also proven that suffer and close relatives. For example, spouses of people who are on duty every day dealing with pesticides, are more at risk of developing diseases of the thyroid gland.

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Another study warns us that 60% of pesticides used today, do cause certain changes in the thyroid gland. To think about it.

Flame retardant

The American scientific journal “Environmental Science and Technology” has recently published a report by scientists from Duke University, USA. They have been examining how polybromodiphenyl ethers (PBDEs) affect health. In particular, they cause changes in the thyroid gland.

With these substances you are in contact more often than you think. They are used for the production of TV screens and computers, as well as in the fillings of upholstered furniture, carpets, etc.

In addition, the effects of these PBDEs experts associated with the emergence of development issues.


Plastic is known, also has a negative impact on the body. The main problem with this material is one of its components, namely antimony. She “leaks” from plastic containers and into our body.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) found antimony in juices and fruit drinks in plastic containers. Moreover, the level of this chemical is 2,5 times higher than are allowed for regular tap water!

It was also revealed that some of the phthalates included in the plastic bottles, also negatively affect the thyroid gland.


Non-stick means

Most non-stick means, as a rule, contain compounds perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the chemical used in the manufacture of Teflon coatings, food containers and many other everyday things that we use constantly, about anything without thinking.

Meanwhile, the chemical has a negative impact on the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is better to completely abandon using them to be sure to protect yourself from possible diseases of the thyroid gland.

Toothpaste with triclosan

Some of the popular types of toothpaste contain this ingredient. It also affects your thyroid, testosterone and estrogen, and prevents the action of antibiotics.

Triclosan is a very dangerous substance. The fact that it prevents proper production of thyroid hormones. This interferes with the normal working of the reproductive system and slows down metabolism.

Antibacterial agents

Today in the market you can find a great variety of types of anti-bacterial Soaps and lotions for the skin. However, they may contain triclosan, which we discussed above.

Why is it there? The fact is that triclosan is a strong antibacterial agent. That is the advantage of it is, but in this case it is harmful for other functions of our body. Including the thyroid gland.

Heavy metals

Most chemicals that we use in everyday life contain a certain amount of heavy metals. Among them mercury, lead and aluminum. They, in turn, can lead to the development of autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s Disease or graves ‘ disease).


Soy protein contains phytoestrogens, which can disrupt the thyroid gland. As a result, the body cannot absorb iodine, and it is during this process of iron and produces hormones.

Another disadvantage of Soi is the fact that today most of it is genetically modified (GMO). Although conclusive evidence yet, it is believed that in the long run it can also be harmful to health. published econet.ru.

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High blood pressure and buzzing in the ears: How to restore blood vessels elasticity without pills


There is a good method to clean the blood vessels, restoring it’s natural elasticity without pills.And this will help at first glance inconspicuous plant that we see every day — shepherd’s purse (it is also called Kalinnikov, bags, shepherd’s herb)

Very often we hear complaints about the noise in my head or in my ears. And few people realize that these symptoms are talking about the beginning of the disease multiple sclerosis of brain vessels. You should know also that such noise does not happen with normal blood pressure. That is, most often multiple sclerosis affects hypertensive patients. And in this case, sick and blood vessels. Constricted, polluted with the lost elasticity of the walls they can’t properly supply blood to the corresponding parts of the human body, cells.

Shepherd’s purse – returns vessels elasticity

In addition, such people and even begins to degenerate. In the morning, after sleeping, my eyes filled with tears. In the night sky, e.g., moon ghosting around light bulbs imagining yellow glow. This is all happening because the intraocular pressure is disturbed, begins a serious illness — glaucoma.

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Very important in the appearance of these first symptoms, consult a doctor and undergo the necessary treatment. Today there are many anti-hypertensive, anti-arteriosclerotic drugs, but they only reduce pressure, but the cause of hypertension remains. In addition, tablets with a time affect other organs, is the addiction to these medicines.

How to restore blood vessels elasticity without pills

However, there is a good method to clean the blood vessels, restoring it’s natural elasticity without pills. And this will help at first glance inconspicuous plant that we see every day — shepherd’s purse (it is also called Kalinnikov, bags, shepherd’s herb).

Even our ancestors noticed its healing properties when tasted in spring the first leaves, felt the improvement of the stomach, intestinal motility, normalization of pressure, disappearance of headaches.

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Our ancestors also noticed that the juice from the leaves of shepherd’s purse heals wounds, the herb has a marked hemostatic effect. Besides, treat stomach, kidney, liver, blood vessels, nervous system.

Helps prevent intoxication of the organismand, when congestion occurs in the right part of the liver and form the so-called rotten lake of blood, cleans the gall bladder, improves circulation of bile, crushes and removes stones from the body.

As already noted, shepherd’s purse and kidney cures. Displays of them, as well as from the bladder, sand and water. Due to this, a person becomes slimmer, it pulls the stomach, it is not so fast tired.


1. One teaspoon of the crushed leaves of the plant in the evening, pour a glass of cold boiled or spring water. Leave overnight — in the morning the infusion is ready. Take 1 — 2 tbsp four times a day for half an hour before meals. Can and a quarter Cup 4 times a day regardless of mealtime.

2. Teaspoon of crushed leaves of shepherd’s purse, pour a glass of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. Take a quarter Cup 3 times a day half an hour before meals and 4th time before going to sleep.published econet.ru.

Ivan Dovgun

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Tinnitus — how to get rid of ringing in the ears by means of natural medicine


Tinnitus refers to a constant ringing, roaring, clicking or hissing sound in your ears. It is extremely widespread, as millions of people only in USA are constantly affected by it. People with severe tinnitus may have trouble hearing, working or even sleeping. Among the causes of tinnitus can include hearing loss, exposure to loud sounds or drugs (especially drugs like valium, ie, benzodiazepines, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen). Tinnitus can also be a symptom of other health problems, such as allergies, high or low blood pressure, tumors and diseases of the heart, blood vessels, jaw, or neck.

Treatment of tinnitus by using natural medicines

The simplest way of treating tinnitus is to identify and eliminate its causes. If the tinnitus appears as a result of prolonged exposure to loud noise or music, scuba diving or other causes of damage to the eardrum, it becomes intractable. However, some studies have shown that in such cases, it may be a dietary Supplement with magnesium (150-250 mg three times per day). Other natural medicines that also proved to be useful in the treatment of tinnitus include:

  • Zinc. Supplementation with zinc (20-30 mg per day) may reduce or eliminate tinnitus in people with zinc deficiency — a common phenomenon in many cases of tinnitus.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract (EGB). The results of a double-blind study of Ginkgo biloba extract is highly controversial. People who have recently suffer from tinnitus are more likely to react to EGB than those whose tinnitus has at least 3 years. Gingko leaves ‘ extract dosage is 240-320 mg daily.
  • The Vitamin B12. Almost half of the patients with tinnitus also has a shortage of B12. Many people with low B12 levels. completely get rid of tinnitus after taking B12 in the form methylcobalamin. It should take 3000-5000 mcg per day for one month and then reduce the use to a maintenance dose of 1,000 mcg per day.

Melatonin in tinnitus

The last natural product that could potentially help in the treatment of tinnitus is melatonin. In a very detailed study conducted by the Institute for the eyes and ears of the Ohio state University, sixty-one adult with chronic tinnitus were randomized to receive 3 mg melatonin or placebo each night for 30 days. After 30 days of treatment was followed by 1-month washout period before switching to another drug. The results very clearly showed that melatonin causes a statistically significant decrease in tinnitus intensity and improved sleep quality in patients with chronic tinnitus. Melatonin is most effective at people with more severe and bilateral tinnitus, and also on people that have long exposure noise.

Researchers believe that one of the ways melatonin may help to improve the condition in tinnitus, is to improve the quality of sleep. This is an interesting mechanism of action, especially considering the fact that tinnitus is often a side effect of prescription sleeping pills. Other evidence suggests that melatonin may help improve the function of the inner ear. For example, it was shown that melatonin protects the inner ear from damage caused by various medicines, including antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents. In one study, it was demonstrated that melatonin up to 150 times more effective in terms of limiting the impact of side effects of drugs on the inner ear than the mixture of antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine. Given the fact that the medicines often cause tinnitus, the person who takes the drug, leading to tinnitus, you should also take melatonin to protect the function of the inner ear and prevent tinnitus.

Melatonin and vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 necessary for proper development and proper effects of melatonin. It is not surprising that the researchers found the following: low levels of melatonin, or vitamin B12 in the blood are associated with tinnitus. This relationship is even stronger if both are low and melatonin levels, and levels of B12.

Tinnitus is not the only disease caused by low levels of vitamin B12, which is associated with aging. In several studies it was discovered that the level of vitamin B12 declines with age and vitamin B12 deficiency occurs in 40% of people aged 65 years. Lack of this vitamin can be the result of a reduced diet, but a more likely explanation is the weakening of the aging in the secretion of compounds called intrinsic factor of castle and promoting the absorption of B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be devastating at any age but in old age it can lead to significant disorder of the nervous functions, and mental abilities. Tinnitus many of the elderly may be just the tip of the iceberg when it is linked with low levels of vitamin B12.

In one study, published by the Belgian Royal society of surgery of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck, examined the levels of vitamin B12 in the blood of 100 sequentially selected geriatric ambulatory patients who have had various acute and chronic diseases. The researchers found that in the serum of 11 patients B12 level was 148 pmol/l or lower (the lower limit for the determination of vitamin B12 deficiency), in 30 patients, the levels ranged from 148 to 295 pmol/l in 59 patients these levels were above 296 pmol/L. After conducting the initial analysis of the condition of the patients was monitored for three years. Patients with B12 levels below 148 pmol/l were assigned to treatment, and they were not included in the analysis to reduce the level of cobalamin. The average annual decline was 18 pmol/l in patients who had higher initial B12 levels, but patients with lower initial B12 level average annual reduction of its content in serum was much higher at 28 pmol/L.

These results indicate that measuring levels of vitamin B12 in the blood (serum cobalamin) and measurement of urinary methylmalonic acid as tests of vitamin B12 deficiency appears to be shown in older age. In addition, I recommend that persons aged 65 years or vegetarians at any age can take the active form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) in a dosage of 1000-3000 mg daily. Note: this high dosage allows to neglect the need for internal castle factor in the absorption of this subsidiary funds.

Vitamin B12 is available in several forms. The most common forms are cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin. However, the body needs to convert these two forms into methylcobalamin, and they are not good for older people because many of these people the ability to convert cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin in hydroxocobalamin may be impaired. In animal models of aging methylcobalamin led to significant increases in life expectancy, while cyanocobalamin had no effect. Methylcobalamin has shown the best results in clinical trials compared to cyanocobalamin. It should therefore be seen as the most accessible form when required to the specific benefits of vitamin B12.

Concluding comments

The influence of dietary factors on tinnitus are poorly understood, as no one will invest in such research money. On the other hand, some interesting data provides a new study that examines data from the Biobank resource in the UK and represents a very large intergroup study of adults aged 40-69 years living in the UK. After checking the lifestyle, noise exposure, hearing, personality, and other factors constant tinnitus, defined as occurring most of the time, decreased due to the consumption of fish, indicating another possible useful effect of additional introduction in the diet of fish oil.

This article was written by Dr. Michael Murray, one of the leading authorities in the field of natural medicine. Over the past 35 years, Dr. Murray has been compiling a massive database of original scientific studies of the medical literature. He has personally collected over 65000 articles from the scientific literature that provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural ways of maintaining health and treating disease. It is from this constantly expanding database that Dr. Murray provides the answers on health and treatment on the website DoctorMurray.com. Visit the iHerb page of Dr. Murray by clicking here.

12 comprehensive drug


In this article:

  • Proper rest
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Ginger
  • Nasal lavage
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Raw honey
  • Healthy eating
  • Vitamin C
  • Liquid herbal extracts
  • Vitamin D
  • Lemon oil
  • Peppermint oil

A comprehensive treatment of colds may contribute to a speedy recovery.

The common cold is a very common disease. Most often, thus the body forces us to slow down, rest and relax a bit. While in most cases, the flu goes away by itself, there are many natural remedies to alleviate her symptoms make breathing easier, reduce the intensity and frequency of cough and improve the General condition of the patient. Moreover, natural holistic cold remedies are often cheaper of medicines from the pharmacy. Many of the “side effects” of these drugs are positive.

Proper rest

The rest is definitely included in the list of means from a cold. For example, you can take a day off and go for a massage. In principle, cold — the perfect excuse to do nothing without feeling guilty about it. Rest will allow the immune system to unify the body’s energy for healing and strengthening. In addition, those who rest a lot during a cold usually recover faster.

Apple cider vinegar

Tea with Apple cider vinegar or gargle with this tea three to four times a day also helps to quickly recover from colds. The amount of water added to each Cup, can be changed depending on the preferences of the person.


  • 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar
  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey
  • lemon juice to taste
  • the right amount of hot water

All the ingredients are mixed together in a Cup, then drink can drink or use for gargling.

Makes 1 serving


Drinking two or three cups of ginger tea a day will help to strengthen the immune system, relieve nasal congestion, soothe sore throat and reduce inflammation. Make a tea by themselves, or buy ginger tea bags or in loose form.


  • 2 teaspoons of grated ginger
  • 1 Cup water
  • honey if desired

Grated ginger is placed in a Cup and pour hot water. If you wish to taste you can add honey. This tea can be drunk for pleasure.

Makes 1 serving

Ginger volley

For the brave of heart, there is a “ginger volley”. If you think that there comes a cold, this remedy will surely nip it in the Bud. Follow this recipe.


  • juice of 4 g of ginger
  • a drop of oil of oregano
  • a bit of Cayenne pepper

All the ingredients must be put into a glass and drink in one gulp. To this mixture you can also add 1/4 Cup of orange juice or other juice that you like, to make it easier to drink.

Nasal lavage

For clearing nasal passages and relieving nasal congestion you can use a Neti pot pot. This little kettle has a special form, which is used to clean and relieve stuffiness of the sinuses.

You will need:

  • Sterilized water, brought to a boil, and then cooled to an acceptable temperature
  • Salt or saline solution

A teaspoon of salt or a packet of saline solution placed in the kettle Neti pot and pour sterile, but not distilled warm water. Once the salt has dissolved, the kettle is closed by a lid. The patient then stood over the sink, tilts her head to one side, and the spout directs in the upper nostril. Salt water enters the nose, where it kills bacteria, cleanses the passages, soothes and washes away mucus, and then flows out through the second nostril thereby removing the symptoms of congestion of the sinuses. The procedure is performed in the morning and evening for desired number of days. Before use, you can check the temperature of the water, dropping elbow, so it was not too hot.

The Neti pot, a lid and any other components should be washed after each use either in the upper compartment of the dishwasher or by hand with soap for dishes and sponge. When washing manually final rinsing must be thorough. Use hot boiled or distilled water.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is used to relieve nasal congestion and ease breathing in colds. A few drops of eucalyptus oil is applied to the opposite side of the shower cabin when taking a hot shower or add to bath with warm water. Four to five drops of eucalyptus oil placed in a large bowl and pour boiling water. Then the Cup is placed on a solid surface, and the patient leans over her, covering the head and bowl with a towel or blanket for 5-10 minutes. These procedures can be performed two times a day. In case of problems with the liver, the use of eucalyptus is not recommended.

Raw honey

Local raw honey increases immunity, softens the cough and soothes sore throat due to antioxidants and its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Dissolve 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey in a Cup of warm water, lemon water or your favorite tea. That’s all you need to to feel the benefits of honey. Please note that children under 1 year of age honey can be given.

Despite the attractiveness of sweets during illness, the body to handle sugar requires a lot of energy that weakens the immune system. If your product is not sweetened with honey or contains too much sugar, it should be abandoned. The cough drops usually contain a minimum of sugar, and other hard candies, ice cream, candies, jellies and puddings can soothe a sore throat. It should be remembered that too much sugar does more harm than good.

Healthy eating

For colds useful to eat properly. The use of soft foods and refraining from gluten, sugar and dairy products will give your immune system necessary for the recovery of energy. The best food for a cold — fresh fruit, vegetables, juices without sugar and chicken soup. This type of diet may also reduce inflammation in the lungs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can also help to get rid of a cold. If taken as a dietary Supplement, the recommended daily amount ranges from 500 to 1,000 milligrams for children and 2 to 4 grams for adults. This amount should be divided into several doses and take throughout the day. Another great source of vitamin C are fruits grown in your region in season like oranges, and juice. Should try the following food Supplement vitamin C: pure elderberry syrup and acerola.

Liquid herbal extracts

Some extracts can do wonders if taken exactly when you think that you are sick. Recommended extracts: extract, Echinacea extract, Goldenseal canadian, and Cayenne pepper extract. One drop of the extract under the tongue a couple of times a day can give instant results and to protect from the cold.

Vitamin D

It is proved that Vitamin D significantly reduces the symptoms of a cold or stops the disease. Natural vitamin D can be obtained after spending enough time in the sun, but milk it to fail, if you avoid dairy products to alleviate cold symptoms. Proven Supplement with vitamin D3 taken in recommended doses, stops the flu in the Bud or significantly alleviates his symptoms. There is even vitamin D for vegans.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil also helps to fight colds. This oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit. Add a drop of oil in 2 liters of water and drink this water little by little throughout the day. So drinking plain water is much nicer in the process you are struggling with a cold, cleansing the body and eliminating the pain in the throat. You can also add a few drops to a diffuser to help you breathe easier.


It seems that the list of holistic remedies for the common cold would not be complete without mention of peppermint oil. One drop can be added to a small amount of coconut or almond oil on the palm and rubbed on the chest and feet in the morning before dressing or at night before bedtime to enjoy easy breathing and tidal forces.

This article was written by staff writer iHerb.