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What if pinched nerve in the neck


A pinched cervical nerve is a common disorder with a pronounced pain syndrome, which is amenable to complete cure, but this process requires patience and time, so it’s best to pay attention to preventive measures that will help to avoid the disease or at least its recurrence

A pinched nerve occurs when compression of the nerve roots extending from the spinal cord, vertebrae, intervertebral discs, muscles and various pathological entities. Pinched nerves cervical vertebrae is called cervical radiculopathy, entrapment of the occipital nerve — occipital neuralgia.

Pinched nerve in neck: causes, symptoms and how to treat

  • Features of the structure of the cervical spine
  • Possible causes pinched
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Possible consequences
  • Basic methods of diagnosis
  • How to treat a pinched nerve in the cervical spine?
  • Prevention

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Problems with a pinched nerve in the cervical spine are widely spread, and the intensity of the pain with this pinched is much more pronounced than when the pinched nerve in other departments.

Features of the structure of the cervical spine

The cervical spine connects the head with the body and has a complex structure. His channel is very tightly is a large number of nerves and blood vessels, including the vertebral arteries that feed the brain. The cervical vertebrae are closely adjacent to each other through layers of the intervertebral discs. For violation of cushioning disks in different places of the cervical may experience pinched nerves, accompanied by movement disorders and pain.

Possible causes pinched

The main causes of pinched nerves and arteries of the cervical are the pathological changes in the spine:

  • the growth of connective tissue;
  • bony growths;
  • injury;
  • the cervical osteochondrosis and its consequences (protrusion and disc herniation, reduction of the gap between the vertebrae, protrusion or prolapse, or disc);
  • spasms of the back muscles;
  • displacement or subluxation of the vertebrae.

To provoke a pinched nerve root of the cervical spine can:

  • a sharp turn of the head;
  • growing tumor or growing scars;
  • a sedentary lifestyle, and weakness of supporting muscles;
  • physical and emotional overload;
  • hypothermia;
  • acute diseases and exacerbation of chronic;
  • endocrine disorders.
  • Cramping in newborns and children

The cervical spine is most vulnerable in the infant, especially in the first two vertebrae. Almost all newborns are offset to a small extent. Initially the top division the child is still weak, the ligaments and muscles have not perform movement and a locking feature.

In the first days of the newborn can be symptoms of infringement of the cervical nerve:

  • crying when changing position;
  • crying when taking on hands;
  • fixed torticollis, sometimes associated with displacement of the upper cervical vertebrae;
  • tension in the muscles of the head and neck;
  • seal soft tissues of the neck.

Usually the clinical picture is impinging on the nerve associated with the moment of birth, because often in childbirth injured the cervical spine and head.

Sometimes the offset of the cervical vertebrae that cause pinching of the nerve, is formed from a baby still in the womb.

  • Cramping during pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy improper formation of the upper part of the cervical and displacement of individual vertebrae of the fetus can occur due to:

  • incorrect presentation;
  • entanglement of the umbilical cord;
  • the narrow pelvis of the mother;
  • disorders of the intestine and its constant pressure on the fetus;
  • elderly mother;
  • injuries of the pelvis of the mother;
  • scoliosis of the lumbar spine of the mother.

In childbirth is the most frequently injured cervical spine of the newborn. Birth trauma of the cervical occurs due to overloads during passage through the birth canal. In the process of elimination during birth of the head and shoulders of the baby load on the cervical spine becomes excessive. Sometimes in this moment you hear the crunch.

Birth injuries with displacement of the cervical vertebrae occurring as a result of:

  • the inconsistencies of the birth canal and size of the child at large fetus;
  • diabetic fetopathy fetus;
  • the abnormal positioning of the fetus;
  • post-term pregnancy;
  • of fetal anomaly (hydrocephalus);
  • entanglement of the umbilical cord.

Signs and symptoms

Depending on the localization of pain are divided into:

  • the cervicobrachialgia (pain in the arm and neck);
  • the cervicalgia (neck pain).

In the cervical compression possible:

  • artery (the vertebral-basilar syndrome);
  • the occipital nerve;
  • the spinal cord and nerve roots.

In some cases prejudiced at the same time the nerves (nerve roots) and blood vessels, resulting in deteriorating blood flow to a certain area, causing additional symptoms of stroke.

When the infringement of any of the eight cervical nerves (roots) appear common and specific features arising from the innervation and spasm of the vasculature of the vertebral artery.

Common symptoms are cerebral symptoms local localization, the main ones are:

  • dizziness that occurs when sudden change in body position (orthostatic dizziness);
  • headache, including migraine nature and the pain in the head;
  • numbness and tingling in one or both hands, wrists or fingers;
  • pain throughout the length of the hand until the thumb;
  • pain in the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades shooting, tearing, stabbing, or burning type;
  • fatigue;
  • decreased performance;
  • memory impairment;
  • decreased muscle tone of the hands;
  • light paralysis and paresis;
  • in severe cases violation of the innervations of the oral cavity with speech difficulties, swelling of the mucous membranes and difficulty swallowing.

Possible consequences

The most severe effects can occur when simultaneously pinched cervical nerve and cervical arteries that pass through holes in the lateral processes of the vertebrae from the second to the sixth.

When this vascular headache is an intense throbbing in nature, spreading from occiput to forehead and intensifies with every movement of the head. The development of the disease may lead to ischemic stroke.

Basic methods of diagnosis

Diagnosis of entrapment is made on the basis of patient complaints, and with the help of special equipment. On the basis of complaints it is possible to identify a correspondence between the localization of symptoms of the disease and the place of pinching one of the eight cervical nerves emerging from each of the vertebrae (see table).

The area of the pinched nerve

Signs of pinched nerve

1st vertebra (C1)

Pain in the occipital region and the neck

2nd vertebra (C2)

ol in the occipital and parietal regions of the brain and neck

3rd vertebra (C3)

Pain and numbness of the half of the neck, where zashumila nerve, paralysis of the hyoid muscles, decreased sensitivity of the tongue, speech disorders, are extremely rare symptoms

4th vertebra (C4)

Pain and numbness in the upper arm and the collarbone area, reduced contractility of the muscles of the neck of the head, respiratory disorders, hiccups, pain in the liver and heart pain is extremely rare symptoms

5th vertebra (C5)

Pain and numbness at the top and outside of the shoulder and shoulder region and weakness of their muscles

The 6th vertebra (C6)

Pain and numbness along the entire length of arm (from the neck through the shoulder blade on the outer surface of the shoulder and arm down to the wrist and thumb), is a very common symptoms

The 7th vertebra (C7)

Pain along the entire length of arm (from the neck through the shoulder blade on the back of the shoulder and arm, the dorsum of the hand and to the middle finger), sometimes with numbness and tingling — symptoms are extremely rare

The 8th vertebra (C8)

Dysfunction hands pain and numbness throughout the arm length (from neck to arm to the little finger)

Hardware diagnostics if you suspect a pinched cervical nerve is performed with the use of computed tomography and radiography.

How to treat a pinched nerve in the cervical spine?

Surgery for the treatment of pinched neck nerve is prescribed only in extreme cases, if conservative treatment methods do not produce the desired results. First of all, the therapy of the disease which caused the jamming.

In addition to medical treatment apply:

  • chiropractic;
  • the hood of the spine;
  • acupuncture;
  • physiotherapy;
  • pharmacopuncture;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • traditional methods of treatment.

Early in the disease measures are taken to relieve the acute pain, and only after that your doctor may prescribe other methods of treatment. Many degenerative processes, developing in the cervical spine, can be treated drug-free ways. Drugs are assigned mainly to relieve pain and inflammation in addition to complex cases, when the process identified in poor condition.

  • First aid

Upon detection of the first signs of pinching you need to contact the neurologist to give a direction on an x-ray revealed the cause of the disease and prescribed the appropriate treatment.

  • What to do till the doctor comes?

First of all, you need to take the following measures:

  • take pain medication;
  • lie on a hard surface and try not to move.

Mandatory the doctor prescribes B-vitamins and ointment for external use. The main properties of ointments and gels is a pain relief and deep heating.

In order to make it easier to sleep, prescribed a light sedative preparations or decoctions of mint, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, Valerian, motherwort.

To ensure the immobility of the cervical recommended wearing a locking collar.

To relieve neck spasms sometimes prescribe muscle relaxants with Methocarbamol that have effect of sedative, so after their reception it is impossible to control the car.

For quick relief of inflammation and intense pain can be used injections of corticosteroids, which are extreme radical measure because of side effects.

After the release of the patient from the acute phase are assigned:

  • elektroforez;
  • massage;
  • treatment with leeches;
  • chiropractic;
  • physiotherapy.

After the treatment the patient is discharged chondro — preparations for the restoration of cartilage.

  • Treatment at home

At home, when the pain prevents visits to physiotherapy, you can use the warming with heating pads, which is applied three times a day for 15 minutes to the affected area.

Instead of a warmer you can use a bag filled with heated sand or salt, warming plasters and compresses. In the presence of a swelling to reduce it apply ice packs.

For rubbing can use:

  • the solution ten tablets of aspirin and a bottle of iodine in a glass of alcohol;
  • ointments of pine resin;
  • a mixture of pine oil of Valerian.

These recommendations are suitable for home treatment in compliance with all other doctor appointments.

  • Treatment of folk remedies at home

Folk remedies for the treatment are divided into tools for external use (compresses and rubbing) and for internal use.

To compress with a wrap, traditional medicine offers:

  • the infusion of garlic and red pepper three times a day;
  • the cake of flour and honey at night;
  • the pulp is pressed minced celery;
  • the mixture of pressed pulp of crushed potatoes with a small proportion of kerosene for a few hours;
  • the mixture of pressed pulp of crushed potato and horseradish (1:1) with one tablespoon of honey for half an hour through the day.

Regular rubbing for three days in 200 ml of vodka, insist leaves.

For internal use:

  • the juice squeezed from the crushed celery;
  • two-week infusion (in a dark warm place) barberry fruits in alcohol, diluted in half with water, one teaspoon 2 times a day;
  • infusion of herbs: horsetail, fruits and leaves of barberry, knotweed, strawberry leaves in equal proportions (2 tablespoons, pour two cups of boiling water and insist 4 hours) 100 ml after a meal.


  • Surgical treatment

If conservative treatment does not give a positive result, you should consider surgical intervention to eliminate the causes of infringement of the nerve.

The decision of having the surgery affected the patient’s medical history, his condition and age.

Postoperative recovery period usually takes from six to eight weeks.

  • Massage

After relieving the acute condition of pinched nerve recommended therapeutic massage, which promotes relaxation of the muscles of the neck, which can compress the nerve and improve blood flow.

A complex massage combining techniques General and targeted massage, eliminate pain, hypertonicity of muscles and muscle spasm, restore nerve conduction and blood flow to the brain. At the same time massage is the prevention of degenerative disc disease, a major cause of pinched nerve.

  • Manual therapy

Manual therapy is aimed at relieving pressure on the pinched nerve, restore mobility of the spine, nerves release of pinched status and elimination of muscle spasm. As a result of ongoing events pain syndrome is removed. Sometimes manual therapy is appointed before a full recovery with the aim to remove the clamp of the nerve by hand.

Manual therapy can produce results in restoring the cushioning properties of the intervertebral discs and increase the gap between the vertebrae. In any case, the treatment focused more on the cause of the pinched nerve. Very rarely, treatment involves stretching the spine to eliminate the compressive effect.

Most often, a chiropractor frees the nerves and arteries from pinching thanks to the soft hand techniques. Manual therapy is not prescribed if the cause of the pinched nerve is the destruction of the fibrous ring of the disc or in the formation of a herniated disc.

  • Reflexology

Reflexology (acupuncture) is an ancient unique technique, which consists in the influence of special thin needles on the bioactive points located throughout the human body. Reflexology helps to reduce pain and blood pressure and eliminate muscle spasms.

  • Exercises

Treatment program after pinching involves physiotherapy aimed at strengthening of the neck muscles that support the upper spine. These exercises are a good prevention of recurrent pinched nerves.

The complexes are selected for each patient individually, but the following exercises are included in almost any of them:

  • stand up straight, put your chin to your chest and begin slowly lifting the chin up, reject the head back until it stops, repeat five times, half a minute rest and repeat again.
  • clasping his hands on his head and pressure head, the maximum straining muscles of the neck and providing hands resisting the effort to repeat the first three times, and then for two weeks to increase the load on the neck muscles and the amount of exercise.
  • Physical therapy

When pinched cervical nerve may be prescribed by the ultrasound treatment. The sound waves acting on the painful area, promote tissue regeneration and termination of the inflammatory process. With the same purpose appointed electrophoresis, including analgesics for pain relief.

  • Spa treatment

After removing the acute symptoms of pinched nerve a patient recommended SANATORNO–resort treatment. In the sanatorium he can get a massage, a course of physiotherapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture or leech therapy. Very useful the treatment with sulphide and radon baths and mud therapy.


After completion of the primary stage of treatment should avoid excessive strain on the neck. At a constant work at a computer or Desk should take breaks and stretch your neck. You need to constantly maintain posture and doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck. It is desirable to limit the weight lifting. To sleep better to purchase orthopedic pillow and mattress. Good for strengthening the muscles of the neck freely.

A pinched cervical nerve is a common disorder with a pronounced pain syndrome, which is amenable to complete cure, but this process requires patience and time, so it’s best to pay attention to preventive measures that will help to avoid the disease or at least its recurrence.published econet.ru.

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Rules fall food: what to eat in the cold?



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Rules fall food: what to eat in the cold?
The contents

  • What should be the proper nutrition in the fall?
  • The most useful vegetables and fruits
  • What kind of food will help to keep warm?

With the onset of late autumn diet, naturally, is changing. In the cold, the body spends much more energy to maintain a stable body temperature, so the calorie daily menu increases. To replace light salads and fruit come fatty and hot meals. But doctors claim that the correct approach to the organization of the menu will help to solve many seasonal problems: to maintain the body with sufficient vitamins and minerals to avoid autumn depression, not to gain extra pounds and not even freezing.

What should be the proper nutrition in the fall?

To support the body in a difficult off-season should follow a few simple but effective rules of nutrition:

  • Do not dramatically increase the caloric content of the daily diet. This will help to keep warm, but it will directly lead to weight gain. Just try to move more, including regularly perform gymnastic exercises.
  • Proper nutrition should be based on the consumption of vegetables and fruits. A huge benefit of the body to bring plant products bright orange or yellow color. Enjoy your persimmons and citrus, crunch carrots and bake a pumpkin. Also a huge benefit of various types of cabbage. Ordinary cabbage is quite possible to have stewed or pickled. In the menu must be milk products.
  • In the morning be sure to eat a portion of porridge. Such food will be a wonderful source of carbohydrates, which are metabolized by the body for a long time. Accordingly, it will give vigor and increase efficiency. It is best to eat buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.
  • Proper nutrition should be a fraction below, the food is well digested, but there is not much like. Instead of three large servings for a better day to make six meals, but pretty moderate volume.
  • Lack of sun exposure leads to a measurable decrease in the level of serotonin in the blood. This hormone is not in vain known under the name of the hormone of happiness, its lack leads to lack of energy and depression. To make up for the amount you can afford to eat high quality chocolate, eat bananas and spend time outdoors.

Autumn isn’t the best time to severely limit the power. Diet at this time of the year should be varied, balanced and not too low-calorie.

The most useful vegetables and fruits

Autumn on the shelves there are many seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, which you should definitely include in your daily diet. Among them especially stands out:

  • A pumpkin. Bright berry can rightfully be considered the true Queen of the autumn season. It is quite inexpensive and is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes. Surprisingly, pumpkin is quite possible to build a lot of food: soup or porridge, dessert or a vitamin juice. The miracle berry is rich in carotene and perfectly absorbed by the body.
  • Bell peppers. These juicy vegetables are indispensable in the autumn time, as a source of huge amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A. They help to prevent seasonal colds, improve appearance of hair and nails, as well as to avoid autumn depression. Pepper is quite possible to eat raw, and can be baked, broiled, fried, or stuffed.
  • Pub. Though it is a summer vegetable, but it is still enough to sell in the autumn months. Low calorie and easy to eat dishes with zucchini will support the body with vitamins. This product can be used in soups, side dishes and various pastries.
  • Apples. In autumn, these fruits are very affordable, and they will be a real boon for those who want to eat. Apples will help to kill the hunger pangs, apart from a compulsive desire to eat something more serious. And they saturate the body with vitamins and lots of fiber, important for proper digestive tract function.
  • Spinach. Surprisingly, this herb the taste is not for everyone. Meanwhile, if correctly cooked, can bring invaluable benefits to their own body. Because spinach is rich in many vitamins, ranging from b vitamins and vitamin C and ending in provitamin a and vitamin K. This product is an excellent source of vegetable protein, its consumption has a positive effect on the activity of metabolic processes and the digestive tract.
  • Figs. This product is an ideal source of potassium. It can be eaten for dessert, rather harmful desserts, or to use when submitting some main dishes. In the structure of figs has a lot of carotene and iron, as well as many other useful components.

Autumn food can be very diverse and useful, even if you make casual menu of inexpensive products.

What kind of food will help to keep warm?

On cold days my feet and turn to the fridge. But don’t eat everything, you should give preference to certain foods which can warm best. Among them:

  • Hot soups. For many years, scientists and doctors argue about the appropriateness and necessity of the daily consumption of soup. But in the cold entrees will be just an indispensable part of proper nutrition. And some experts suggest eating them in the evening to keep warm during a night’s rest. Undoubtedly, those who do not want to get better, it is better to use as the basis for soups vegetables instead of fatty meats.
  • Whole-grain products. This food is a great source of energy, which the organism in the cold is used as fuel. Whole grains have vitamin b and magnesium.
  • Ginger. Ginger root has a stimulating effect on the digestive tract, forcing the organs to work more actively. This product enhances immunity and is suitable for desserts, soups, and hot drinks. But when disturbances in the stomach and intestines, it must use only after approval of a physician.
  • A variety of spices. Spicy seasonings can give the effect of very rapid heating, as well increase the blood flow to various organs. And other spices, for example cinnamon and cumin and paprika with nutmeg and allspice gently activate the metabolism and warm up gradually.

Here it is better not to warm up in the cold is alcohol. Alcohol is clearly harmful to health, and a feeling of warmth that comes soon after the use of spirits, is imaginary, and quickly.

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Wasabi: how useful burning the sauce in the food



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Wasabi: how useful burning the sauce in the food
The contents

  • What is wasabi, the use of product in food
  • As wasabi is used in nutrition
  • Does wasabi losing weight or Vice versa

Hot sauce wasabi — one of the symbols of Japanese cuisine. Always served with sushi and rolls in “company” with pickled ginger. However, burning a condiment in Asian countries and used to add some spice hot dishes, side dishes, appetizers, pickles. In the East pasta are valued for their unusual taste and bright flavor. Even from the seventh century green mustard was used to treat a variety of ailments. Today the healing properties of wasabi are confirmed by numerous studies. Regularly to include the additive in food is to all those who care about their health and figure.

What is wasabi, the use of product in food

Even foodies “with experience” and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine are not always able to confidently answer what is a wasabi — horseradish or mustard. Real specific condiment prepared from the roots of perennial plants, honwasabi. Growing this wonder of nature is extremely slow and only in certain circumstances — in the icy water of mountain streams. During the year the root is lengthened by only 3 centimeters. It is not surprising that the natural paste of wasabi is expensive. Often it is replaced with cheaper alternatives.

To make green paste plant root finely pulverized. The rhizomes contains many useful substances. This is a valuable fiber, antioxidants, vitamin B6, folic acid and ascorbic acid, potassium, calcium, Niacin and other valuable components. In the food hot sauce you can enter without fear for the piece. Firstly, a lot of burning supplements not eat, and second, in 100 g of product contains only 100 kcal. Seasoning contains no fat, and its glycemic index is 35.

Wasabi is famous for its antimicrobial, prophylactic, antimicrobial action. It is noteworthy that the food is not only the rhizome of the plant, but its stems, flowers, leaves. They also benefit human health.

The healing properties of wasabi are impressive:

  • The prevention of cancer.
  • To protect the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Protecting the mouth from tooth decay.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • The fight against the common cold.
  • Normalization of liver function.
  • Improvement of metabolism.
  • The strengthening of the immune defense.

As wasabi is used in nutrition

Food Supplement in Japan is used for the disinfection of raw seafood. Proper nutrition wasabi is served as sushi, sashimi and sushi and fish, soups, meat dishes. To alleviate the burning taste “mustard greens” in her sometimes add soy sauce.

To enhance weight loss, you can use the popular condiment not only with seafood, but also with any marine fish. The product is used for making marinades for meat, such as chicken shashlik. In addition, from the “Japanese horseradish”, prepare a variety of sauces. You can even mix it with peanut butter, sesame seeds, lime juice. Proper nutrition will complement soups, broths, salads with the addition of wasabi. Pasta is an unusual color will make the taste familiar dishes rich.

To get the maximum benefit from the wasabi and establish weight loss, better health, it is important to choose the right product. Flavored pasta is often counterfeited, so when you buy, be sure to check its composition. A cheap version of the sauce is usually made from ordinary horseradish, and vivid color given by the dye. The share of the natural root of the plant in the simulation often does not exceed 2%. In eating right to introduce such a fake is possible, but to expect the same actions as from this seasoning, it is impossible.

Wasabi is sold in the form of paste or powder that you want to breed yourself. On the packaging quality of the food product shall specify the grade of the sauce. “Class” — 100% natural raw materials. A seasoning with the marking “Second grade” all on a quarter consists of the root of exotic plants.

Store the wasabi in a closed container can be a long time. But the contents of opened packing is to use as quickly as possible, within a few weeks. Therefore, if rarely used condiments it makes more sense to cook the sauce yourself from a powder. By the way, to cook pasta not only with water but also lemon juice.

Does wasabi losing weight or Vice versa

Low-calorie green sauce — a great helper for those who want to healthy weight loss. Wasabi has a positive effect on the digestive system, seasoning speeds up metabolism. The product also nourishes the human body with nutrients that are especially important in reducing overall calorie intake.

Thanks contained in the composition of the wasabi Japanese food fiber Supplement promotes rapid saturation. Especially useful burning the sauce in the diet of people with obesity. Seasoning is even used in the so-called sushi diet or fasting days on a low-calorie delights of Japanese cuisine.

Include wasabi in the diet need to be careful, because an exotic product may cause allergic reactions. You also need to remember that because of the special spice seasoning is able to cause exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and other diseases. It is undesirable to use a large number of supplements at once, the abuse of sauce can lead to high blood pressure. People who are not used to spicy food the day it is recommended to eat no more than half a teaspoon of “Japanese horseradish”.

Interestingly, during weight loss you can use wasabi and skin care body. “Mustard greens” will help to avoid sagging skin, get rid of cellulite. In cosmetology, the food Supplement is used for body wraps, peels, scrubs and other SPA treatments. When performing beauty treatments it must be remembered that the sauce is extremely spicy because of the capsaicin contained in it. So you need to avoid its contact with the mucous membranes, and also to follow exactly the dosage of a substance to avoid the appearance of burns, irritation.

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7 natural foods to fight the winter Blues


Winter is probably the most dreary time of year when many people feel depressed and unmotivated. Fortunately, certain foods can help a person feel more alive and full of energy to more productive time.

Winter Blues

It is a form of depression that often affects people during the winter months. Winter Blues or seasonal affective disorder (sad), likely due to a decrease in day length and exposure to daylight. Some of the ways to overcome this illness — more sunlight, more physical activity and eating healthy natural foods. Many scientists believe that seasonal affective disorder is caused by a hormonal reaction to the lack of winter daylight. Reducing exposure to light reduces production of melatonin — the hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness.

Natural foods that you should try

Many natural foods can increase energy in the winter.


Apples is a great fruit that you should eat regularly in the cold season. They contain a lot of fiber. In fact, eating four apples a day allows a person to receive daily recommended dose of fiber. Fiber also helps to prevent slowness because provide the body with energy throughout the day.


Walnuts is a great food that helps to get rid of the winter Blues due to the abundance of protein in it. It has been proven that protein increases mental alertness and walnut also contains fatty acids omega-3 a great way to improve brain function and increase alertness. Walnuts can easily add dessert to make sweets more crisp, but their nutrients are best if not used together with nuts a lot of sugar.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a pleasant tasting snack, but also has useful properties. It can help eliminate depression, stress and fatigue due to the content of phenylethylamine — endorphin, which is released when the feeling of love. This product improves your mood! Feel extreme fatigue? Oranges in chocolate is perfect for increasing immunity.

Shiitake mushrooms

This kind of wild mushrooms contain vitamin D, which is usually not enough in the winter, as well as many other minerals, which can improve brain function. In this kind of mushrooms also have selenium, which can help to reduce anxiety and depression. Shiitake mushrooms can be added to hearty soups or delicious roast.


Rosemary is an herb well known for its ability to increase mental alertness. While winter Blues can cause depression, add, eating rosemary can help to boost your energy and improve overall health. This herb can also be used as spice spicy low-fat meat, and she is an excellent addition to lemonade. Because lemonade also contains vitamin C, lemonade with rosemary allows you to get a double boost of energy.


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fibre, which helps to improve the mood of the person. They also contain a lot of magnesium, which improves night sleep. In addition, magnesium reduces levels of anxiety, so eating one banana a day can be a great way to cope with the winter Blues.


Salmon is a great dish for people with seasonal affective disorder, because it is a good source of fatty acids omega-3 improve brain function and increase mental alertness. It also contains a lot of vitamin D, serotonin and dopamine, which help stabilize mood.

Recipe dinner for defeating the winter Blues

One of the best ways to beat the winter Blues is to eat lean meat. Because salmon contains lots of omega-3 acids, it is a great dish for winter. This recipe allows you to cook two portions of food, so for family meals the amount of ingredients may need to be doubled.

Roasted wild salmon with herbs


  • 1 lb (approx. 450 g) wild salmon;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil cold pressed;
  • 1/2 tbsp of dried thyme;
  • 1/2 tbsp dried rosemary;
  • 1/2 tbsp dried oregano;
  • salt and pepper to taste.


  • Pre-heat the oven to 400 ºF (205 ºC).
  • Cut the lemon in half and put one half.
  • Squeeze other half of lemon into a small bowl.
  • Pour into a bowl the butter and add the thyme, rosemary and oregano.
  • Clean the salmon and place it on a baking sheet skin-side down.
  • Season fish with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Gently spread the mixture with the lemon on the fish.
  • Place the fish in a pre heated oven and cook for 12 minutes.
  • Cut some thin slices from the lemon halves that you set aside in the first step.
  • When salmon is ready, decorate it with lemon slices and serve with spinach salad and roasted potatoes with rosemary.
  • Dessert recipe for defeating the winter Blues

    Chocolate dessert by itself is the best remedy for the winter Blues, but in the following recipe crispy bar includes apples, and chocolate. This delicious treat will cheer up someone who will eat it.

    Crispy bars with chocolate, caramel and apples


    • 5 cups peeled and sliced apples;
    • 1/2 Cup light brown sugar packaging;
    • 2 tsp of corn starch;
    • 3 tbsp. of lemon juice;
    • 2 tbsp cinnamon;
    • 6 tbsp. butter;
    • 3 cups sifted flour;
    • 1 Cup sugar;
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
    • 1/2 tsp salt;
    • 1 Cup cold butter;
    • 1 large egg;
    • 1/2 Cup chocolate chips;
    • 24 soft caramels, cut into 4 pieces;
    • 1 tbsp of salt.


  • Pre-heat the oven to 375 ºF (190 ºC).
  • Peel and slice apples and then place them in a large bowl.
  • Add in a bowl the brown sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice and cinnamon.
  • Put the apples into the mixture with cinnamon.
  • Leave the mixture to infuse for five minutes, until the apples have released juice.
  • Meanwhile, melt the butter in a small pan.
  • Put into the pan the apples and pour it all released juices.
  • Cook the Apple mixture 10 minutes or until apples are soft.
  • Allow the mixture to cool.
  • Then prepare a mixture for the crust, which includes flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a stationary mixer or another bowl.
  • Slowly add chilled butter until then, until it is all absorbed and the dough is not divided into many small crumbs.
  • Add the egg batter and mix until crumbs the text will increase in size to be able to form a ball.
  • Divide the dough into two parts: 1/3 and 2/3 of the dough.
  • A large part of the necessary force to press in the lower part of the bakeware size 9 to 13 inches (approx. 22 cm by 33 cm).
  • Place the apples in layers on the surface of the dough.
  • Divide the remaining dough and sprinkle over the apples.
  • Crispy bake the bars 30-35 minutes.
  • When the crust will become Golden brown, remove the baking dish from the oven.
  • Sprinkle chocolate chips and caramel pieces.
  • Bake the dish for about five minutes to melt the chocolate and the caramel.
  • Remove the bars from the oven.
  • Sprinkle them with sea salt.
  • Allow the bars to cool.
  • Cut into strips dish and serve.
  • Natural foods to fight the winter Blues

    Winter is a season that is not easy to survive, especially if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. However, there are natural ways to curb this type of depression. The solution is a sufficient amount of sunlight, physical activity and food with tonic properties. Seven considered foods that can be consumed individually as a snack, is a simple solution for people who feel lack of energy.

    This article was written by staff writer iHerb.

    HOW to treat GOUT


    If you need effective treatments for arthritic pain without risk to health, in this article you will find the best anti-inflammatory recipes from Joseph Mercola

    I have some good news for those who suffer from gout: the pain you are experiencing can be treated. For pain relief for gout doctors usually recommend medications suchas corticosteroids, colchicine, zyloprim and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which, unfortunately, have harmful side effects.

    Anti-inflammatory drugs to treat gout

    When it comes to health, it is believed that NSAIDs cause him the greatest harm. When you take these drugs, increased risk of renal and/or hepatic insufficiency, gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting and diarrhea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, ulcers, and shortness of breath.

    These drugs also put you at risk of development of fatal gastrointestinal reactions, heart attack and stroke.

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    If you need effective treatments for arthritic pain without the risk for your health, better than these strong anti-inflammatory drugs you will not find:

    • Cream with Cayenne pepper, which is also called capsaicinoid cream. It reduces the amount of chemical P, which usually is present in the nerve cells that send the brain pain signals.

    Capsaicin is a compound found in chili peppers. It capsaicin pepper owes its pungent taste. Studies have shown that spicy food can be healthy, and capsaicin is responsible for this beneficial effect.

    Due to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties capsaicin useful in patients who suffer from gout.

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    It is also useful to people who want to lose weight. This substance can help reduce calories and blood fat levels, reduce fat tissue and to get rid of fat. Moreover, capsaicin exerts a powerful inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells.

    • Boswellia, an herb also known as boswellin or “Indian frankincense”, is useful for patients with gout because it includes anti-inflammatory components that can minimize the caused by disease pain.

    Regular use of Boswellia helps to maintain joint stable blood flow, making the tissues of the joints become more flexible and durable.

    • Kralevo oil, fat of animal origin, which is derived from creditkaarten animals living in Antarctic waters. Celevoe akozapentaenova oil contains (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) fatty acids omega-3 which have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce inflammation of joints and enhance their lubrication.
    • Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties contained in the stem and juice of pineapple. If you want to feel its beneficial properties, eat fresh pineapples or take bromelain supplements.
    • Cetyl-myristoleate (CMO), located in butter, fish, beef, and sheep’s fat, and chicken fat, which has anti-inflammatory properties and improves joint lubrication, which reduces pain.
    • Evening primrose oil, black currant and borage oil: these essential oils contain important fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which can alleviate arthritis pain.
    • Ginger: this root culture not only boosts immunity but also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Eat fresh ginger or add it to tea.
    • Astaxanthin, a type of naturally occurring pigment called carotenoid. Astaxanthin has anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain in the joints.

    It reduces the number of proinflammatory compounds in the body, and promotes recovery after intense exercise by reducing lactic acid, an unwanted by-product in our body..published econet.ru.

    © Joseph Mercola

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    P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

    Thyroid gland: Organ of DISCONTENT


    Everything is based on thought, the thought should be proportionate to the act. The correct thought should be a good thing, a bad idea bad thing. The man himself takes over the disease.It is a consequence. The reason was the negative thought. Everything in life faced man, for anything he needs. No one is to blame.

    The bad is what I’m dealing with, I’ll attract the wrong thinking. Every difficulty is the result of wrong thoughts, and if I didn’t go early, then have to learn now. And if I don’t take the trouble to draw conclusions, then my body will suffer more and more, until finally I don’t have all these insights to make.

    The idea is the basis of everything

    Imagine that You have a lover, the most expensive in the world. And he loves You too. This is the favorite, the most expensive – Your own body. Think and try to remember how often in life You hurt his feelings or let others do it. How often subjected him senseless tests, sacrificed, gritting his teeth in anger, and you played the Martyr. And how many times have you missed an opportunity to do good for him! You treated him worse than the car as property that is not eligible. Whether it’s to love You? Not. It is worn out.

    It bent to the ground under the weight of gravity. And yet, if it’s still alive, and ready to shed this weight if to help him. Try to sincerely prove to him that you no longer wish deliberately to test his endurance, and all that was before, was from stupidity and ignorance and will not happen again!

    Talk to your body! It will understand because he loves You. Now, if You sincerely ask forgiveness of my body for the fact that:

    • caused him a lot of bad (specifically), missed the opportunity to make a good,
    • left without attention to its signals,
    • not able to think about it properly

    it will forgive You.

    Forgive yourself for what You previously just did not know and did not. Love your body and yourself. Only when You get used to constantly communicate this to your body, the disease may disappear forever. Someone who is in a forced situation (e.g., in the throes of illness) will change yourself only for a while, the disease then slowly come back, and even more serious. Because to whom more is given, and ask more. The man who received a spiritual lesson, at least reading these lines, deserves greater demand. Man you should never stop, stagnation is the cessation of development.

    The disease is a sign of love. Other than physical suffering, our body is unable to inform us because our spirit is not able differently. And yet the more a person accumulates experience, the more he realizes that emotional pain worse than physical. People learned the simple truth: the little error should be small punishment for big – big. The man who fell and broke a bone, didn’t consider something important, like the fact that the road is slippery. With a broken bone this truth to become clear. If he even realized that, afraid to fall, he brought this accident, it would be even smarter.

    Do not know how to go? Ponder and go.

    And if wrong, give the forgiveness of regret and mistake. You learn from mistakes.

    Emotional pain accumulates as long as the Cup does not fall the last straw and will not have a physical illness. The more accumulated stress, the more serious the disease, the slow accumulation can develop cancer, and when a quick stroke or a heart attack. In both cases, the mountain of stress buries the body.

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    Aching simple diseases, we burn the negative energy and recover. In chronic diseases there is a constant burning and the accumulation of new stress that does not allow us to recover. But in the end the disease – the same lesson, which should be smarter. We are free to choose the method by teaching yourself. If I learn through suffering, thus dooming themselves to the disease, as does a large part of modern humanity, or using words which will ring in my heart and that I will dispose-wise – everyone chooses. Often say: “that’s not true, I don’t want to get sick!” I believe You that You don’t want to hurt. Well, prove it and your body. Release the disease, then it will believe You.

    The spirit is eternal, body is only temporary. The spirit has feelings, body, thoughts. The spirit is perfect, the body is material. But both have consciousness.

    NB! Thoughts is the level of the physical body.

    About body dissatisfaction and the victims of anger. Thyroid disease, paralysis and stroke

    Thyroid gland is an organ of communication, on the development of love without conditions. This organ accumulates a grudge more than any other. He has two possibilities: either to perish under the yoke, or begin to fight for their rights. Inability to communicate is the main problem of modern civilization. The ability to communicate is the ability to live. The thyroid gland consists of two lobes and the isthmus. Left lobe reflects the ability to chat with male sex, right – the ability to communicate with women. The isthmus unites these two kinds of communication together, as if to say, otherwise life is impossible. Therefore, the thyroid gland is called gland, not thyroid.

    The thyroid gland is an important regulator of all the activities of the human body. In its form resembles a butterfly. Fresh blood is coming to the gland through two arteries and her hormones carry her through the veins connected to the jugular vein.

    The main function of the prostate is the development and accumulation of iodine containing hormones involved in the regulation of metabolism and energy in the body. If there are violations of the body, the metabolism can speed up or, conversely, to slow down. The main symptom of thyroid disease is the reduction or the increase of its weight.

    The thyroid gland is located around the trachea (breathing tube) and esophagus in the neck. Fresh blood comes to it through two arteries and her hormones carry her through the veins connected to the jugular vein. Parathyroid glands – organs of large promises. Glands four. They are located on the posterior surface of the thyroid gland, i.e. in the region of the will. They Express the will of God to give man freedom of choice. They say “Love anything earth or sky, man or woman, materiality or spirituality – but the important thing is to love without conditions. If you love someone or something sincerely, from the heart, I learn to love others.”

    Each parathyroid gland has its own task:

    • power defines the lower left (male) – CALCIUM,
    • durability defines the lower right (female) – IRON,
    • the judgment defines the upper left (male) – PHOSPHORUS,
    • flexibility defines the upper right (female) – SELENIUM.

    Probably, and without words it is clear that in preserving the life of nature does not put man above women, and women above men, and shows how both are important for the formation of a whole. Stress, a woman defines life, man creates life.

    Parathyroid glands, from the point of view of medicine, regulate the exchange of calcium in the body. As you can see, the condition of the bones of the person determines not only how the power of calcium, but also iron as a resistance, phosphorus judgment, selenium as flexibility.

    The thyroid gland accumulates a grudge more than any other. This on two possibilities: either to perish under the yoke, or begin to fight for their rights. The thyroid gland is the organ of relationship. The quality of our lives depends on how we treat it.

    Oppression can not stand the one who has a great sense of guilt and who therefore do not feel entitled to open their mouths to defend themselves or to Express their opinion. The people, crushed by guilt, disturbed function of the thyroid gland. At the same time decreases the health of all tissues and organs, as the thyroid gland regulates the communication between all organs and tissues. Who grieves over their helplessness and their powerlessness, or viplachivat mental suffering caused by dissatisfaction with, or withdraws into himself and becomes a cyst of the thyroid gland. If it depends on a large number of dissatisfied people, then he has a lot of cysts.

    Substance, on which is built the life, the energy of love. The metabolism should be sharing this, energeia, i.e., giving respectively the needs. When relationships are based on love, the need of the giver to give is equal to the needs of the recipient to receive. Unfortunately, giving is usually in proportion to merit. Thus, the movement of energy between different parts of the body is controlled by the thyroid gland. Her work can interfere only fears that cause bidding: “is it Necessary? What? Maybe you shouldn’t. How? This may not be necessary? Can we do without that?” And so on. Free, unconditional love is crashing.

    Explicit functional insufficiency of the thyroid gland is usually preceded by a goiter, or enlarged thyroid as an attempt to compensate for functional failure. It’s evident the more people attach importance to their appearance. The body tries ugly swollen neck is to draw the person’s attention to what follows is to do. We’ve learned that a sick person with visible signs of illness are surrounded by attention, affection, care. In the soul that yearns each. Alas, the man, stupefied by life’s hardships, is not for another, even for their own children, nor the affection, nor the time. He doesn’t have them and for yourself. The child who knows about this seriously and with this considered, the thyroid gland grows inside, why there is a constantly increasing feeling of suffocation, which can not remove the drugs from asthma.

    Any increase means the increase of sorrow. Who forbids himself to cry, but wants to show how it wiped out the sadness caused discontent, in fact, the thyroid gland bulges out. Who under no circumstances does not want to be detected by his miserable condition, the thyroid gland hidden behind the sternum. One does not make the dissatisfaction expressed in relation to anyone or anything, because it smothers it. His intolerance he begins to openly Express in an angry rage.

    The thyroid gland enlarges to accommodate a more iodine mineral that supports a worthy communication that a person, despite the pressure from the outside, to be himself.

    With a large rage of iodine can be more than necessary, but the greater guilt for their lowland, the greater the iodine stays there passively. Medical tests dealing with biologically active substances. Often the tests are in order, while the person feels worse and worse. This means that the accumulated passive substances pollute, poison the body.

    If you experience an inferiority complex, and it reaches a critical level goiter, or compensatory enlargement of the thyroid gland, leads to a functional deficiency. Medicine treats it with iodine or iodide drugs. It is an effective tool for decades worked miracles, now loses its healing properties, since no mineral, vitamin or drug is not able to remove the burden of stress.

    The more You flow with your emotions in extremes, the greater the extent of becoming characteristic varying extremes of signs. This means that individual symptoms are summed in the complex of symptoms, i.e. the disease, based on what the physician without any difficulty makes a diagnosis.

    If You want to help, then clear your fear of being to blame, and the signs characteristic of reduced function, will start to decrease. If free your militant protest, then start clearing the characteristic of high function. The more You can devote time to yourself, the faster you will get results, because You will stop accumulating new stresses is freed from the daily hassles of old. To make it easier to achieve that you loose every day your fear of “nobody loves me”, and fear of being alone. And You may be surprised to find that the loneliness is not terrible. An oppressive feeling of loneliness quietly gives way to a sense of unity with people. Only when You reach this state, you will understand how You need it. As at low and at elevated thyroid function in the body there is a lack of iodine. In fact, we are talking about the lack of normal communication, lack of emotional balance. The balance of the gain by correcting the mindset that serves as the basis for normal digestion the physical body of iodine from the land, water and air, i.e., eating, drinking and freedom.



    One expression of inability to cope with life and bad attitude towards life is paralysis. Paralysis is a condition in which lost the ability to move either disrupted motor function in one or more parts of the body. Paralysis is a symptom of a number of diseases of the nervous system.

    Patients with paralysis – the victim of anger.

    Who is afraid of anger, he absorbs someone else’s anger and he becomes evil. First a little, then more and more. As long as anger spills on the other, people angry at myself. It may not be malice but the poison of anger accomplishes its destructive work, like a spark beneath the ashes. Accumulating the poison causes a person to act, not to be with yourself. Fear of being poor forced to flee.

    The poison of anger has reached a certain concentration in the brain and heart, causes paralysis. Poisoning of the heart, i.e. poisonous derision of the ability to love paralyzes the heart and causes it to stop. Such paralysis is called death.

    Ridicule mental abilities paralyzes the brain. The brain is the Central authority in charge of the periphery. If a child is teased, vysokovolt deride – if it is done with kindness – he is hidden slows down the work of reason. It often happens that parents deliberately giving the child tests, practicing for their adult wit to see around what his quick mind. The child tries his best not to embarrass myself. Soon, however, comes failure. The child with a quick wit turns into hysteria.

    From the point of view of modern psychoanalysis, hysteria (neurosis) is due to strong emotional stress, the conflicts that may arise due to the formation of inadequate self-esteem.

    Say one head, have to work legs. The way it is. The growth of the limitations of the mind is accelerated footwork until the person suddenly catches on, realizing the absurdity of running around. Pent-up hatred of pointless running around breaks in the form of a fit of pique, and the body refuses to run.

    Paralyzed from a stroke, the body gives man the ability to reflect on your mistakes. A stroke can lay a person in bed for decades.

    Than a child patient, ie, the greater his desire to be good, the longer he stays healthy in appearance. As long as a person, vyslushivaesh love Affairs, a glimmer of hope that he’s not as stupid as I think about it, his brain keeps working. His stupidity is not perceived as a disease. But if he has a fear of his own stupidity overshadows the courage to be yourself, then develop a disease which deprives him of reason. A man without reason is a beast. Such long stretches without the constant good care.

    For the occurrence of stroke there are two possibilities:

    • burst blood vessel brain,
    • clogged blood vessel in the brain.

    In both cases, brain cells without blood i.e. without love, and die. Blood vessel of the brain bursts, when the individual was overtaken by a sudden fit of anger and angry desire to avenge the man who considers him a fool. This means, that turned into anger love breaks out of bounds, ie from a blood vessel.

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    Blood vessel of the brain are clogged, when the person suffering from an inferiority complex, loses hope to prove that he is not like the others think. The man finally breaking due to the complete loss of self-esteem. Who have retained a shred of confidence in themselves and who because of this are able to think with your head, he doesn’t lose. The blood stasis means that a person keeps to himself too much.

    Stroke – an acute cerebrovascular accident with damage to the tissue of the brain and disorder its functions. Brief stroke can be described as bleeding in the brain. Stroke entails heavy consequences, it is often possible paralysis. Statistics show that the majority of stroke patients become disabled, unable to do without assistance (stroke today ranks first among all existing causes of disability).

    Stroke can happen unbeknownst to the person. Ignored stroke is an essential prerequisite for repeated hemorrhages. With age, the probability to migrate invisible stroke increases significantly.

    A stroke is a brain disease that is caused by blockage (ischemia) or rupture (hemorrhage – hemorrhage) of a vessel supplying part of the brain or hemorrhage into the meninges. Symptoms in stroke are numerous. They directly depend on the part of the brain that has affected this problem, as well as how badly damaged this site.

    The first signs of a stroke is a headache, disorientation, confusion, blurred vision, vomiting, cramps, fever.

    The most common is ischemic stroke. The reason this type of stroke – blockage of a vessel clot in the brain. The clot may form in the brain itself or get into his bloodstream from other parts of the body. An ischemic stroke happens at any time of the day, sometimes it develops gradually (first, numb arm, then part of the cheeks, disrupted speech).

    A hemorrhagic stroke occurs less frequently occurs more frequently during the day. The main difference from the coronary that the rupture of the vessel occurs when high blood pressure as an artery wall in atherosclerosis unevenly thinned. In hemorrhagic stroke is the paralysis of the arms and legs, usually on one side, memory loss, slurring of speech, lost orientation in space and time. Manifestation of symptoms depends on which hemisphere of the brain was bleeding.

    With the threat of a stroke you need to act very quickly: how much assistance will be provided, depends on the patient’s life and the likelihood of his recovery.

    Risk factors

    • Smoking, alcohol, salty food, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle.

    • Stress, anxiety, nervous stress increases the risk of stroke.

    • Genetic inheritance.

    • Periodic violations of cerebral circulation.

    • Chronic diseases: angina, diabetes, encephalopathy, arterial hypertension. Be sure to monitor heart rate, atrial fibrillation leads to severe infarction of the brain.

    • Of some importance and gender, aged 44 to 80 years, stroke more common in males, and at a young age (due to taking contraceptives and pregnancy) and after 80 years in women.

    Symptoms of a stroke:

    • Very severe headache.
    • A speech disorder.
    • The strongest dizziness, loss of coordination.
    • Inadequate perception of reality: people do not understand where he was and what was happening to him.
    • Blurred vision.
    • The distortion of the face.
    • Weakness, numbness of hands (feet), loss of the ability to move your arm (leg).

    Stroke comes as a helper to hide a secret impotence and broken the will of man. From the severity and location of the stroke depends on the degree of loss of reason and ability to move. One mind is preserved, but the sense of guilt increases, to recover is not given. And who is experiencing the joy of that illness saved him from a humiliating position, he is recovering.

    Features of will determine characteristics of recovery. Someone with a typical scared human hypocrisy says he wants to fully recover just enough to to take care of yourself, that will just have to take care of themselves. Finally healed, he does not fear to be again overwhelmed with work or get into a situation similar to the one that was before the illness.

    Conclusion: if you want to avoid a stroke, release the fear of angry discontent.

    Then You will cease to be the object of anger and won’t take your anger out on others. Your superior brain will work as it should. Are you pleased with yourself and do not want to be better than others. The thyroid gland accumulates the anger that can be expressed only through the mouth. These include big words and sounds, the scream, the screech, the roar, kapriznaya, snort, NIT-picking, sarcastic jabs, spitting, etc. Containment verbal anger means equal-energy eruption of anger in the thyroid gland. Better let her loose. Then can be healed. published econet.ru

    ©Luule Viilma,”the Healing Light of Love and Forgiveness. A great book to get rid of diseases”

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    Symptom any problems are gases in the intestine?


    Gases in the intestines cause we have a strong shame and embarrassment. On the other hand, it is an important signal that our health is not all right.

    We can safely say that of all the digestive issues it gases in the intestines have the greatest disadvantage. As a rule, they bother you at the most inopportune moment. When the intestines can not get rid of gases, we have a severe pain in the abdomen. Gases in the intestine is an indicator of the state of our health. They appear in the final stages of the digestive process. Therefore, the presence or absence of gases allows us to understand how well is digestion in the body.

    Saying gases in the intestines about your health?

    Digestion affects the immune system and hormonal background of a person. From the last depends on whether people experience stress or sadness. So the time has come to linger and look closely at your personal wellbeing.

    Irritable bowel syndrome

    Although the main symptom of this disease is alternating constipation and diarrhea, his first signal are abundant gases. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome the emergence of gases happens much more often. The gases are quite strong and unpleasant odor. If you’re going through something similar, we recommend you to consult the doctor.

    Improper diet

    Digestive disorders can occur when we eat too fast and chew food properly. In this case, the digestive organs do not have time to allocate necessary for the digestion juices and acids. In the end we can disturb the gases in the intestines and other digestive disorders. When eating in a hurry becomes a habit, increases the risk of infections and allergies. All this provokes the emergence of excess gas.

    Gases can be a symptom of ulcers and parasites

    Gases in the intestine may indicate the appearance of foreign elements in the digestive organs, and also to speak about the presence of wounds and ulcers. As a rule, such diseases are accompanied by belching. Since these problems are not related to food habits of the person, their pretty easy to spot.

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    If you experience these symptoms, promptly consult a specialist. These problems can be easily overcome, if you start timely treatment.

    Intolerance to certain foods and drinks

    You may think that we are talking about allergies. In fact, the body is not always experienced so strong a reaction to certain food.

    It happens that gases in the intestines be the only symptom of hypersensitivity to the product. The presence of gases suggests that this food is not processed properly. The immune system does not react. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor your wellbeing to understand what kind of food causes flatulence. This will allow you to quickly find the source of the problem.

    Side effects of medications

    It is possible that this is the easiest case. Link between the medication and the emergence of the gas to be detected is quite simple. As a rule, in this case, the onset of symptoms coincides with the beginning of treatment. If treatment is short, it will not cause big problems. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the cases when therapy for a longer period of time. In this case we recommend you to explain the situation to the attending physician.

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    As a rule, treatment of diseases can be implemented with different drugs. Therefore, the appearance of side effects is always possible to replace the prescribed medication with another medication. One can hardly argue with the fact that gases in the gut is a serious problem. On the other hand, this unpleasant symptom allows us to avoid large violations in the future. This information will enable you to make sure everything is okay with your health or you should seek help from a doctor. published econet.ru.

    Natural perfume for fabrics with their hands


    Try to do this natural perfume for fabrics with their hands.

    If summer linen and clothing that has lain on the shelf all winter, dropping not-too-fresh smell, it’s time to pull them out of storage and a little brush. Natural spray is a great way to give freshness to linen. To prepare this spray, you will need a few basic ingredients that you can find in the house.


    24 drops of lavender essential oil

    36 drops of lemon essential oil

    30 drops of pine or spruce essential oil

    30 drops cypress essential oil

    1 tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol

    Filtered or distilled water

    Opaque glass or plastic bottles of 240 ml (8 oz)


    Mix essential oils with vodka or rubbing alcohol in the tank atomizer. Shake to mix. Wait for 15 minutes. Add required amount of water, filling the capacity of the gun, not reaching 1.25 cm to the top. Before using the spray shake the bottle. Keep the spray gun at a distance of 13-14 cm from the fabric and spray in sufficient quantity. The spray can spray on pillows, furniture and toys.

    This article was written by staff writer iHerb.

    Get rid of sunburn with antioxidant after sun spray


    The main priority for many people, going to nature, was and remains the opportunity to bask in the sun. Even observing the necessary precautions on a Sunny day, there is a possibility to overdo exposure to the sun. To quickly get rid of the adverse effects of the sun and to heal sunburns, using only natural high quality ingredients, try this homemade natural after sun spray.

    Homemade cooling after sun spray


    • 1 tbsp loose leaf green tea
    • 4 tbsp of witch hazel
    • 4 tbsp of aloe Vera gel
    • ½ Tsp of vegetable glycerin
    • 20 drops lavender essential oil (optional)


  • Combine all ingredients in a convenient bottle with a sprayer.
  • Keep it in the medicine Cabinet or throw in your bag for the beach.
  • Note: If you choose to add lavender essential oil, do not use plastic bottles as essential oils are highly active and can eventually seep through plastic. When using essential oils choose stainless steel tank or glass.

    Why it works:

    The witch hazel in this recipe acts as the gently operating cooling astringent, making the tender skin clear and clean and to soothe redness and irritation caused by sun exposure. The benefits of witch hazel supplements loose leaf green tea, a powerful ingredient with antioxidant effect, which makes the skin bright and transparent and promotes healing.

    Aloe Vera gel known for its healing and restorative properties due to the high concentration of vitamin E. lavender Essential oil protects the skin from burning and overheating and is the perfect natural remedy to relieve sunburn.

    This improvised protection from the sun’s rays are absolutely safe to use in the summer and is the perfect alternative to the toxic products sold without prescription.

    This article was written by staff writer iHerb.

    Stretching for the INFLEXIBLE: the 10 best exercises


    Stretching is an indispensable and integral component of physical preparation. Through stretching the ligaments and muscles become elastic, strong, compacted and become effective.

    The complex stretching is not too complicated and long, but it it regularly. Usually before performing stretching exercises it is recommended to warm the body aerobic load 5 – 10 minutes (dance, running in place, step, exercise bike). This complex can attach to your regular charge (which we all naturally do!).

    Stretching exercises

    • Basic stretching for lower back
    • Basic stretching of the lumbar and back
    • Basic stretching of the back and arms
    • Stretching the front of the thigh “in the hands”
    • Stretching sitting
    • Stretch sitting with bent leg
    • Basic stretching of the legs
    • The slopes in floors
    • Stretching for hands and back
    • The final stretch

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    If you have a “heavy” cords, you do not bend, stretch it out gradually, it is not necessary to aim at once to the maximum amplitude. Observe a lot and “listen” to the body. By the way, during performing many stretching exercises you can use weights or dumbbells – then you get an extra power load.

    And another good news: regularly performing this complex can be free from back pain!

    Basic stretching for lower back

    This, of course, the slopes! The main slope is: back straight, press pulled, hand over head.

    Perform short tilts to the side, returning in a strictly vertical position (in the other direction without deviating), gradually increasing the amplitude of the tilt.

    Three sets for 10 times in each direction.

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    Basic stretching of the lumbar and back

    I. p. – as in the previous exercise, but the arm point up and to the side, elbow in the face, and at each tilt good “drag” behind the hand.

    Three sets for 10 times in each direction.

    During this exercise you should feel the muscles that are attached to your spine.

    Basic stretching of the back and arms

    We all know well: feet together, hands on the chair, pruginin up and down my back.

    Three sets 15 times.

    SAG as low as possible!

    Stretching the front of the thigh “in the hands”

    Stand up straight, can stick to the back of the chair. Take the leg behind the ankle and a helping hand, pull the knee back as far as possible.

    Freeze. Back, abs tightened!

    One set of 9 repetitions for each leg.

    Stretching sitting

    This banner we also know from school, but that it has not lost its relevance.

    Sit down to spread his legs as widely as possible, put foot “hatchet”. Tilts to the left, to the right leg and to the center – this is one repetition.

    Try not to round the back or bend the knee. Lean as you are comfortable, eventually you will be able to perform this exercise better!

    Three sets 12 times.

    Stretch sitting with bent leg

    For more advanced: do the slopes to the foot sitting, but bending one leg at the knee and “laying” it back to the body.

    Three sets of 9 times for each leg.

    Basic stretching of the legs

    Putting one foot on a chair, pick up the abdominal muscles and back and do tilt.

    Option a: direct bending of the toe. Hard on the bottom leg, calf, back.

    Option B: with one hand on the waist, bending the body to the raised leg to the side. Additional stretching for the lumbar and back!

    Both exercises – three sets of 8 times for each leg.

    The slopes in floors

    Very useful for lower back! Bend down gently, quietly, feet shoulder width apart.

    Three sets of 6 repetitions.

    After each tilt fully viprasys.

    Stretching for hands and back

    His hands clasped behind his back to the castle, raise them as high as possible and slightly pruginin.

    Three sets of 6 repetitions.

    The final stretch

    This exercise, like the other static exercises in a “flipped” position, you can complete almost any range. Inverted poses are very useful, well affect the blood circulation, and even improve immunity.

    From position “lying on back” quietly move the legs through the head and toes touch the floor. At first, you can put legs on the seat of the high chair or cushion. Arms stretched and pinned to the floor. Count to five. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 6 times. published econet.ru.

    Dmitry Lvov

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