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Hormones — biologically active substances that are produced by the body and regulate many vital processes. Some hormones are able to act not only in the circulatory system — they penetrate through the blood-brain barrier and in the Central nervous system work as neurotransmitters. That is, transmit impulses along the nerve cells, thereby affecting human behavior. Moreover, the impact may be permanent and temporary.

Mood swings, depression or frequent insomnia — reason to check the hormones. It was under the influence of person experiences positive and negative emotions. If the body is disturbed hormonal balance, this may impact not only on physical condition but also emotional. Let us understand what hormones affect the character.

Basic human hormones: how hormones influence mood and character

  • How hormones affect the psychology and character
  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance
  • Sex hormones and their role in psychological health
  • Adrenal hormones: dopamine and adrenaline
  • Other hormones: thyroxine, oxytocin, serotonin

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How hormones affect the psychology and character

Hormones — biologically active substances that are produced by the body and regulate many vital processes. Sinteziruemy mainly in the endocrine glands, they are released into the bloodstream, it is transferred to the so-called target cells, where exhibit its effect.

Thus, hormones affect various processes of the metabolism — increase or decrease the absorption of substances that maintain the balance between muscle, fat and bone tissue, provide the growth and development of the body.

However, some hormones can act not only in the circulatory system — they penetrate through the blood-brain barrier and in the Central nervous system (CNS) work as a neurotransmitter. That is, transmit impulses along the nerve cells, thereby affecting human behavior. Moreover, the impact may be permanent and temporary.

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For example, the adrenal hormone epinephrine only for a short time changes a person’s reactions, and normally after the release of blood the level should quickly decrease. The level of the other, on the contrary, should be relatively stable because they are responsible for stress tolerance, social contacts, mood and so on.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Hormones-neurotransmitters always take part in other important processes in the body. Balance disorders are not confined to the emotional sphere, and affect overall health. That is why the following symptoms is reason enough to visit endocrinologist, examination and possible treatment.

  • Irritability, easy excitability.
  • General emotional instability, mood swings.
  • Sleep disorders, including nervous insomnia.
  • Bad concentration.
  • Mistrust of others, excessive jealousy.
  • Bad social adaptation.
  • Tearfulness.
  • Apathy, depression.
  • Isolation.
  • Excessive aggression in girls and softness, pliability in boys (sex homone).
  • Depression, including seasonal.

Along with such violations of the emotional sphere, hormonal disruptions often manifest physiological signs:

  • Overweight or, on the contrary, unnatural thinness.
  • Of impaired growth.
  • Delay of sexual development.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system, including palpitations or arrhythmia.
  • Swelling of all kinds.
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sex hormones and their role in psychological health

Sex hormones are divided into male and female. Their main task is puberty of the body, development of secondary sexual characteristics. However, in addition to physiology, androgens and estrogens affect traits. Moreover, despite the division by sex, either the body produces female and male hormones. Therefore, the manifestation of unusual sex traits may indicate an excess of other hormones.

  • Androgens (especially testosterone) are responsible for masculine qualities — that under their action, develop physical strength, confidence in their actions and leadership. With increased testosterone people may be aggressive, to be in conflict, it is easy to succumb to provocations.
  • Estrogens (the active — estradiol), on the contrary, affect the development of such characteristics as softness, pliability. It is connected including with the fact that female sex hormones can lower the levels of thyroxine, a hormone, an overabundance of which causes irritability.

Adrenal hormones: dopamine and adrenaline

The adrenal glands are small paired glands, which play an important role in the formation of character and the emotional reactions of the person. It is here produced is important in this respect, the hormones dopamine and adrenaline.

  • Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure. It is important for the “reward system” of the brain, which shapes human preferences. The active hormone is released when a person is engaged in something nice, the feeling is fixed in the brain, and later this memory makes her return to the beloved.

Thanks to dopamine, we choose a hobby, are determined by preferences in food, rest and other things. It can be used to instill good habits, however, and dependence are also associated with it. As a hormone of the adrenal gland, dopamine is the precursor to norepinephrine, which in turn is synthesized adrenaline.

  • Adrenaline — hormone rapid actions. It is released into the bloodstream in situations of life-threatening, in severe injuries, as well as for stress and emotional turmoil (positive and negative). The adrenaline dulls the sense of fear, increases the speed of reactions and mental activity, additionally, it helps to perceive the world brighter.

That is why these adrenal hormones is often a cause of conditional dependence on the background of the action of adrenaline felt a surge of strength, mood enhancement, euphoria. If life is not enough positive experiences, people can provoke the release of adrenaline, extreme Hobbies, and various life-threatening situations, frequent quarrels, or even dependencies.

Since adrenal hormones are produced in certain external conditions, a person can consciously use them to develop useful habits. For example, dopamine, and epinephrine are synthesized when playing your favorite sport.

Other hormones: thyroxine, oxytocin, serotonin

Among other hormones, acting as neurotransmitters, it is important to note the following:

  • Thyroxine is one of the main hormones of the thyroid gland. Its high level provokes irritation, but low can cause fatigue, depression. Moreover, such emotions occur even in infants with congenital disorders of the thyroid gland.
  • Oxytocin — the hormone of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which is responsible for tenderness and affection. Most is produced during childbirth, under its action formed a bond between mother and child. It is synthesized and when people are nice to talk to, hug, hold hands. The instinct of caring for offspring and willingness to sacrifice oxytocin plays a key role. It is important in social psychology with a sufficient level of oxytocin people are easier to contact, are able to tie a friendship to build a lasting relationship.
  • Serotonin — the hormone of happiness, it is responsible for the feeling of joy, good mood, vivacity and inflow of forces. It is noteworthy that he produced under the influence of bright light, so people who often go outdoors, are less inclined to apathy and low spirits. On cloudy days the production of serotonin decreases, which often leads to seasonal depression. Of serotonin is synthesized in the night, melatonin, which is responsible for the periodicity of sleep and wakefulness, affect the other hormones and prevents premature aging. And if “happiness hormone” is not enough, and melatonin will be synthesized with disabilities. Therefore, a good mood really is inextricably linked with health and longevity.published econet.ru.

Alexander Ivanov

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How to get rid of nausea in 5 minutes


Random nausea can be a phenomenon of one-time nature, and a harbinger of some kind of chronic or incipient disease.

But in any case, one thing is for sure: nausea is one of the most unpleasant elements of human well-being, and happening even for a few tens of minutes, the man spoils the whole day knocks of a working track. Need to know how to deal with nausea effectively, saving yourself from discomfort in the event of their occurrence. Such knowledge should be for everyone, because of the sickness no one is immune – it can occur at any time and is highly unpredictable. Because read further material and try to remember how to deal with nausea most efficient.

What is nausea?

Some people mistakenly take other pain for such a common disease. It is accepted to speak – “I’m sick”, but in reality, not everyone knows about what testifies to this phenomenon. There are distinct characteristics that have nausea. The usual pain in the abdominal area are not relevant to them.

You should know and remember clearly expressed symptoms nausea:

  • Heavy tugging sensation in the area of the throat;
  • The urge to vomit;
  • Sinking feeling in stomach and epigastric region;
  • Reducing the overall tone of the body, a slight tingling in the heart (not always).

Depending on what has caused such health, these symptoms can also be added the sense of bitterness in the mouth and a number of other accompanying sensations.

Disposable nausea can have a lot of small reasons, from indigestion to an allergic reaction, even the reaction to the smell. Hunger or overeating are common causes of this discomfort, as it is often the causative agent is alcohol. If you feel sick after a big festival, not to worry – most likely, your body is banal does not cope with the amount eaten and drunk. That’s fine, that this shouldn’t cause worries and thoughts about how to consult a doctor.

However, even a harmless attack can have consequences. If after the holiday nausea does not stop within a few days, it is quite possible that overeating caused the beginning or the development of gastritis or any other inflammatory process of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case you need to see a specialist – and the sooner, the better.

The reason one-time occurrence of nausea can also be severe stress, emotional stress. If you long to “wear” yourself in some situation and worried about her, the logical outcome will be a physical reaction to what is happening, because the nervous system sends signals throughout the body, and they often result in such poor health.

A very common cause of nausea , the so – called motional sickness – motion sickness in transport. This is often signs of sea sickness ( in medicine is called kinetosis). Painful condition starts during movement in transport of any kind, is most likely to occur in urban, Maritime transport or during flights. There are cases of motion sickness when riding on the carousel in the Elevator and even in the whirling in the dance.

Constant nausea is a reason to seriously worry about, because these feelings arise and continue for a long time only in case of serious diseases or changes in the body. Very often constant nausea coupled with changing dietary preferences indicates the beginning of pregnancy. Often constant nausea and evidence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the bladder. It can also be the body’s response to the adoption of new medications that you for some reason do not fit. In any case, nausea, repeated more than two times in a week or two already reason to see the doctor and consultation, which will indicate the reason for such an uncomfortable phenomenon.

However, in most cases, if you nausea, causes it to recede into the background – it is important to remove this effect, so it didn’t bother and gave a normal life and work.

How to get rid of nausea?

Chinese medicine recommends to remove the unpleasant symptoms acupuncture – pressing on biologically active points. Massage of these points is able to remove mild nausea – advice from a Chinese acupuncturist, Dr. Liu Junsen.

Point No. 1

  • To find this point, place the palm of left hand on inner side of right so that the pinky touches the side of the brush.
  • In the center of the line on which the index finger will touch the right hand, and will be at this point.
  • It is possible to massage the point on both hands.

Point No. 2

This point is at hand.

  • To find it, you need to make the thumb of the left hand between the thumb and index finger of the right hand.
  • In this “strip” between the phalanges of the thumb of the left hand should fall on the fold of skin between the fingers of the right hand.
  • In the place where the thumb touches the brush, is the point.
  • Pomassirovti point on the one hand, go to another.

Point No. 3

  • It’s just two points located on the hand on the sides of the knuckle of the middle finger in the place where the finger is joined with the joint.
  • Press should simultaneously from two sides.

Attention! Massage of these points is able to remove light nausea or dizziness caused by motion sickness or sudden changes in body position. In case of poisoning or diseases of the digestive system they will not help and will not replace serious treatment!

Remember, with nausea you need to fight. If You see that the feeling of nausea is “stalking” You in a few days, then You need to visit a doctor. Don’t forget that nausea can be cause You have a very complicated disease! Heal in time and be healthy!published econet.ru.

Diary weight loss for self-discipline and weight loss



weight loss, lifestyle
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Diary weight loss for self-discipline and weight loss
The contents

  • The advantages of the regime and balanced diet for weight loss
  • Use self-discipline for a healthy lifestyle
  • Help sites for weight loss
  • What should be diary weight loss
  • Diary as motivation for weight loss and exercise

Most people ever in your life decided to go on a diet: one, for the weight loss, others for health purposes. But not everyone manages to sustain a new way of life to the end. Often the failures are attributable to improper approach to the problem. For example, too strict restriction in the diet, a sharp decline in calorie diet, the exclusion of important products for the normal functioning of the body, lack of willpower, lack of motivation, etc. to make it easy to control yourself, it is advisable to maintain a regular diary.

The advantages of the regime and balanced diet for weight loss

We all know that effective weight loss you first need to revise your diet or, in the absence in the menu of harmful products reduce the amount of servings. In addition, there is a great importance and diet. For a comfortable weight loss important five — single meal- Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Carefully thought-out menu will help to avoid bouts of hunger and calmly wait till the next meal.

In addition, you must use at least one and a half liters of clean water per day. This average figure. Each person defines their own norm, based on the individual characteristics of the organism and their diseases.

Use self-discipline for a healthy lifestyle

Every nutritionist, spending advice, advises those wishing to get rid of excess weight with great accuracy to record the whole daily diet. It is no secret that losing weight is impossible without discipline, and maintain a special log allows to monitor all the meals, drinking the amount of liquid and consider the physical strain. This calendar indicates the time of meal, size of each portion, it lists all the dishes and foods that were eaten during the day. It is convenient to continue to perform all admitted excesses, calories and adjust the optimal menu for the future. Most importantly, do not try to deceive itself, intentionally “forgetting” about eaten in between cookies, candy or a piece of cake. Since no benefit will bring, but remorse tortured.

In the diary it is good to specify on their feelings and a new way of life: lightness in the body, a burst of energy or, on the contrary, deterioration of health, headaches, nausea, dizziness. Also every week it is possible to display parameters such as the waist, hips, chest and weight. This will help to see changes and create a diet according to your condition. With the right approach to the problem the result can be noted in a month.

Help sites for weight loss

Too energetic rhythm of life, big-time work or household chores often become reasons for losing weight no time to think about your diet. That is why you have to eat what is at hand, or even skip meals, which affects the human body. In this case you can use the information of sites, practicing a healthy lifestyle. Here you can find a variety of recipes for every taste, from the available products and with all the necessary nutrients, trace elements. Some offer this service as a preparation of a balanced menu for a few days. This saves time when selecting meals and calculating the nutritional value. Thus, the food will be varied, and the weight loss more comfortable.

To calculate the amount of consumed fats, proteins and carbohydrates help and a special mobile application, programs that are easily installed in your phone. And in order not to miss the next meal or snack, you can use the alarm clock.

What should be diary weight loss

As journal weight loss will suit a notebook, notebook. Someone more convenient to the electronic version using Excel or online diary in the phone. The latter method is convenient because that allows you to automatically calculate all the important parameters: consumption and calorie consumption.

First and foremost, in a diary entered all the information about losing weight: height, weight, waist, hips, thighs, legs, breast. Then is given a place for information about all meals including, snacks, size or weight of the food formulation. Separate graphs are needed for data about the amount of fluid, which includes not only water, but coffee, tea. In addition, it is necessary to note the time spent on training, and occupation: aerobics, running, yoga, exercise at the gym, swimming in the pool or simple walking. This may also include cleaning apartments, washing dishes, walking with children or grocery shopping.

At the end of each week, based on the diary entries, it is important to take stock: were there errors in the diet, why it happened (stress, bad mood, illness, employment, or someone’s birthday), moved the weight, changed the volume of the body or not, etc All this will help to adjust a plan of action, including up the right menu, and select the best physical activity. In the same journal, you can save all your favorite recipes, recommendations, nutritionists, beauticians and sports instructors. Since proper weight loss implies not only a balanced diet, but the observance of the whole complex of measures: body care, physical exercise, normal sleep. Therefore, without expert advice can not do.

Diary as motivation for weight loss and exercise

Indisputable advantage of doing diary that he brings in a man such qualities as responsibility, discipline, diligence. It builds character, gives a good motivation and a desire to go to the bitter end, especially when they become noticeable positive results of the work.

Over time, keeping a journal will teach you to control the volume of servings, the calorie content of meals, considering the nutritional value. A balanced diet plus regular exercise will help you not only lose weight, but also to bring the body into order.

By the way, these logs are recommended to those who want to lose weight, but people who set themselves a different task — to learn a foreign language, to master playing the guitar or driving a motorcycle, car, to get rid of bad habits and much more. In the daily records reflected all the achievements or mistakes. It is believed that keeping a journal teaches people to analyze their behavior, and the ability to work on themselves, forced to move forward, that is a kind of incentive.

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Top Superfoods winter food



food, lifestyle
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Top Superfoods winter food
The contents

  • Food to strengthen immunity in the winter
  • Winter Superfoods proper nutrition
  • Recipes for healthy eating in winter

The cold season is the period of maximum immunosuppression, which can be strengthened with the help of properly organized supply. What factors influence the body’s defenses, and as correction of diet will help to strengthen them?

Food to strengthen immunity in the winter

The main causes of low immunity, according to experts, are the frequent stress, chronic fatigue, deficiency of healthy nutrients in the diet, as well as the overabundance of those that encourage the development of pathogens.

Therefore, a balanced vitamin and mineral composition of the diet is the key to strengthening of protective forces of an organism. First of all, you should eliminate the possible lack of the following key elements (its presence is determined after a consultation with a General practitioner and delivery of appropriate analyses).

  • Magnesium

This mineral element increases stress the body. Frequent fatigue, making difficult and responsible decisions mobilizes the brain and nervous system. In this situation, the reserves of magnesium are consumed at a tremendous speed. To make up for lack of substance in food should include mineral water, legumes, seafood, nuts, and various grains.

  • Zinc

Zinc is an essential component of the mechanism of infectious diseases. He is directly involved in the synthesis of white blood cells. Especially notable deficiency in elderly people who have trouble digesting this substance. Therefore, to address the lack of zinc is necessary to monitor the presence in the diet, such healthy foods as meat, fish, eggs and seafood.

  • Vitamin D

Recent studies have shown that this vitamin not only strengthens bone tissue, but also regulates the immune system. And its adequate intake is the prevention of diabetes and cancer. To meet the shortage of vitamin D is required not only proper nutrition but also adequate exposure to sunlight on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to take a sun bath for at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C has potent antiviral properties. So in the season of flu and colds it is necessary to actively include in diet foods that contain this substance. Its main source is fresh fruits and vegetables (citrus, kiwi, broccoli, rose hips and parsley). From drinks we can recommend green tea and stewed fruit.

Winter Superfoods proper nutrition

In order to stay healthy and full of energy in the cold season, you need to make adjustments to a healthy diet. So, in winter, the body is in dire need of products, thereby stimulating the immune system, protect your skin from changing weather conditions and to provide sufficient energy.

Below we will focus on superfood that meet all the above requirements. Nutritionists are the following products that should be present in the winter diet.

  • Oranges

This bright and delicious citrus representative has a high content of vitamin C (antioxidant), which is required to maintain immunity. Oranges also contain potassium that helps protect the skin from excess exposure to ultraviolet radiation, actively influencing the human body even in winter. To introduce this fruit in proper diet is fairly easy: it can be eaten fresh, added to salads or desserts.

  • Carrots

Carrots should also be included in a healthy diet in winter. After all, this root vegetable is not only indispensable in the process of preparation of many traditional dishes, but also good fresh. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which the human body produces vitamin A. This substance has a positive effect on the immune system: increases the threshold of susceptibility to infections, makes for a respiratory disease, etc. in addition, the substances contained in this vegetable help to maintain normal skin condition (accelerate her healing, and prevent excessive dryness and peeling).

  • Ginger

The winter season is hard to imagine without the ginger, which has become a traditional component of the warming and tonic teas and beverages. The use of this product enhances blood circulation and enhance the body’s defenses. Ginger has powerful antibacterial properties which allows it to effectively protect the body from colds and also to normalize the digestive tract.

  • Avocado

This fruit is rich vitamin and mineral composition. It contains large amounts of vitamin a, E And C as well as potassium and magnesium. In addition, avocado is a valuable source of healthy monounsaturated fats, which are necessary for normal functioning of the organs and systems of man. The proper use helps to prevent premature aging of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.

Recipes for healthy eating in winter

Proper nutrition during the winter months must meet specific requirements: well-to saturate, to fill the shortage of useful nutrients and not overloading the digestive system with “heavy” food. Below are a few recipes that allow you to adhere to these conditions.

  • Soup with mushrooms

To prepare this easy dish, you must clean and prepare 200 g of mushrooms, few potatoes and 1 carrot. Mushrooms cut into slices, potatoes — diced, carrots — grate. In a small saucepan, pour 2 liters of water, when it boils, add salt and vegetables. Cook until tender, 5 minutes before the end of cooking, pour in the chopped soup greens (onion, dill, parsley). Serve with sour cream.

  • Oatmeal with berries

In a pan pour 1 liter of milk, after boiling, add 2 cups of oatmeal. Reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes, stirring regularly. After cooking add a little butter. To serve garnish with any fresh berries.

  • Carrot salad

For this dish you need to clean and grate 2 small carrots. Wash and cut into cubes 2 apples (sour varieties). Separately grind in a blender 100 g of walnuts. Mix all ingredients and season with 1 tbsp of honey.

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Perfect belly: the 5 best abs exercises


Regular abdominal exercises will not give you a sound cubes and a flat stomach.

Studies have shown that most of the usual exercises that make people want to pump up the press, did not give any results. They are working on completely different areas: the muscles of the neck, lower back and others. So forget about the usual pumping, take into consideration these 5 exercises. With their help, you will strengthen abdominal muscles and improve the terrain. Can do all exercises in succession, resting a bit between sets, about 30 seconds.

5 best abs exercises

Leg lifts in the supine position

Lie on your back. Hands take the lock behind your head or place them under your buttocks.

Tighten your core muscles and lift the leg off the floor alternately: first one 15 inches up, then another. When lower your leg, do not put it on the floor.

Rise straight down

Lie on your back, legs, pull, hands along the body. Slowly lift legs up until they will be perpendicular to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to starting position.

Side plank

Lie on the floor on his side, to make an emphasis on one elbow. Slowly lift your hips, Contracting the abdominal muscles. The body and pelvis should form a straight line.

Stay in this position as much as you can. Then run to the other side.

Alternative twisting of the hull

Lie on your back. The hands attach to the head. Scrutinies and bring right elbow to left knee and then Vice versa.

The rise of the hip in the supine position

Lie on your back, hands along the body. Tighten your core muscles, slowly lift your legs up, resulting in the lifted thigh. Hold at the top for a few seconds, then lower hips.

These exercises are seemingly simple, but after a certain number of sets your abs will be burning. So if you want to fly to the belly, then start to practice and sweat right now.published econet.ru.


Looking for natural eyeshadow without harsh chemicals and alcohols? On the market there are many brands to


Venus Ramos, MD

Aloe Vera is a barbed plant is a succulent, which are actively used for medical purposes in various cultures for thousands of years. In scientific literature it is called Aloe barbadensis, and it is easily recognized by the short stem and thick green leaves with spikes.

Useful properties have two main parts of the aloe Vera plants used to prepare extracts. The first part is the translucent gel inside of the leaves, which 96% consists of water. This gel also contains vitamins a, B, C and E, protein, with 18 essential amino acids, and other organic and inorganic compounds. Another useful component of the plant is the juice, which is also called “aloe latex”. This sticky yellow residue is directly under the outer part of the leaf of a plant. Aloe gel is taken orally or is used as a local external agent. Aloe latex is taken orally, usually to combat constipation.

Although aloe Vera is best known because of its healing effect on the skin, list its potential health benefits is quite extensive. Here are some known benefits that are confirmed by scientific research:

It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties

Aloe gel contains polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. They can help prevent the growth of certain types of bacteria that can cause inflammation in the human body. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, aloe gel can also improve the symptoms of incipient inflammation.

Studies have shown that the use of aloe Vera gel twice a day for eight weeks can help reduce the symptoms of oral lichen planus — an inflammatory disease inside the mouth.

Accelerates healing of burns

In 1959 the Management on control over products and medicines of the USA approved the use of aloe Vera as non-prescription medicines for the treatment of skin burns. Aloe Vera is also referred to as a treatment for burns in the Pharmacopoeia article about medicinal plants of the world health organization. Studies have shown that this plant is an effective local treatment for burns first and second degree. It is recommended to apply pure aloe Vera gel to affected area three times a day.

Reduces plaque

There are many studies comparing the effectiveness of aloe Vera juice and chlorhexidine — the standard ingredient of a liquid for rinsing the mouth. The results of a study in which aloe Vera was used as a mouthwash showed significant reduction of plaque and gingivitis and the lack of statistically significant differences between aloe Vera chlorhexidine.

Helps to treat ulcerative stomatitis

According to the research, aloe Vera can be used as a local means to decrease the healing time of recurrent aphthous stomatitis, commonly called ulcerative stomatitis. There is also evidence that the use of aloe Vera helps to reduce the pain of ulcers.

Lowers blood sugar

To confirm this property requires further research. However, the first studies show that aloe Vera can help to control blood sugar levels by lowering in patients with diabetes and people with prediabetes.

Improves the skin’s appearance

Thanks to its antioxidant properties aloe Vera gel can have a soothing effect on the skin, reducing itching and inflammation.

It was used in mild and moderate psoriasis to reduce the redness, flaking and itching. To achieve a significant improvement, you need to use it as a local several times a day for a month or longer.

Studies have also shown that the gel, aloe Vera is useful in the treatment of acne. Applying aloe Vera gel twice a day in combination using the tretinoin, local prescription drugs from acne, may help to more effectively reduce the acne than the use of only the prescription medications individually.

In addition, clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of aloe Vera gel in the treatment of genital herpes and seborrheic dermatitis.

Reduces constipation

The latex of aloe contains aloin, the compound that gives aloe Vera laxative properties. The usual dose of aloe latex or juice as a laxative is equal to 50-200 milligrams.

However, the worrying thing is the safety of this money when a frequent use. It should not be used more than 10 days. Among its adverse side effects include crampy abdominal pain and diarrhea. There is also evidence that when taken in high doses, aloe Vera can harm the kidneys.

Safe use of aloe Vera

Local external usage of aloe Vera is generally considered safe. With regard to oral use, should observe a few precautions:

  • Because aloe latex is a laxative, it can reduce the absorption of substances in the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to lower effectiveness of some drugs that is taken orally.
  • As aloe can reduce blood sugar, diabetics taking medications to lower glucose levels, use caution when taken orally aloe Vera.
  • Although studies in rats have shown some carcinogenic properties of aloe latex, is due, primarily, to the content alone, further study is needed to confirm the relevant potential risk to people.

This article was written by a doctor Vinas Ramos, a licensed specialist in “Physical medicine and rehabilitation”, who received a medical degree at Yale University, the University of Miami and the University of California, Irvine. She owns a successful medical clinic in southern California, and takes part in competitions for over 20 years as an athlete at the national level. Vinas Ramos also works as a fitness trainer and AIDS in all, ranging from single moms to professional athletes and even stars movies. She offers readers a FREE program from 7 degrees to look good and love life in just 25 minutes a day https://doctorvenus.com/free.

5 fantastic exercises which will return a young appearance of the face.


In this article you will learn effective exercises for face that help to correct facial contours, tighten and strengthen and strengthen muscles.

In the case of facial deformation in the first type of aging, bringing order to the junction of the upper and lower jaw, (omitting the last), to reduce the “flews” (at the junction of them with cheeks) and smooth the jaw line. You can do this exercise immediately after waking up, not getting out of bed.

5 effective exercises for the face

  • exercise “the Scream”
  • exercise for the roundness of the cheeks
  • exercise dLa correction “flews”
  • exercise for zygomatic arches
  • exercise with the banks

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Exercise 1

Many have probably seen the American horror film “Scream”. Try to give a person the same look as the mask. I.e., the maximum to lower the mandible and open the mouth, straining and pulling of the lips as if pronouncing the sound O

Most likely, you will feel pain in the joint of the jaws. Hands push down on this place, and through the pain, try pressing downward movements, starting from the side the outer corner of the eyes (eyes wide open), delete this muscle, to smooth its whole length.

Swipe several times, and several times vertically on a slanting line down, as are both parts of the masseter muscle (figure 8).

Very good helps to “smooth out” chewing muscle vacuum Bank. It can be carried out in the same ways, and palms (but not only down, but up), pre-lubricated skin cosmetic oil.

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In General, cupping therapy is one of those rare tools that help to quickly restore the capillaries. So do not be afraid, if after this massage there was a small redness (it is possible to cover up with concealer).

If the capillaries are torn and there were bruises, it means that the capillary walls have lost elasticity, become old and brittle. Their gap will cause the body to create new capillaries, stimulate their germination. And then further massage jar will not appear any bruises and “Hickey”.

P. S. the Possible negative aesthetic effect, in the form of small red dots, when working with a jar, should not be confused with hematomas resulting unprofessionally done manual massage, i.e., resulting from severe mechanical damage to blood vessels and capillaries.

In the case of facial deformation on the second type when chewing pterygoid muscle are stretched on the contrary, it is necessary to do exercises on their training, i.e., to push and to push the jaw.

Exercise 2

This exercise will help You to restore the center of roundness of the cheeks (due to train large and small zygomatic muscles), and therefore, reduce the nasolabial folds.

Fix the skin around the mouth on the nasolabial lines, push her fingers against the teeth and try to smile (15-20 times).

Attention! As already mentioned, we are dealing with complex biomechanical design, so the first and the second exercise must be done in the complex. Otherwise, (only making a UPR.1) you run the risk of “shrink” down the center of the roundness of the cheeks.

To improve blood supply to the attachment great zygomatic muscles to the zygomatic arch (i.e. the main center of roundness of the cheeks), You can also use the Bank. Swipe it from the corner of the mouth along the great zygomatic muscles to the center of the roundness of Your cheeks and on the temples, slightly locking the Bank in the centre (A).

Exercise 3

To correct the second part of “flews” (in the chin), you must restore the triangular muscle (the muscle that lowers the corner of the mouth).

Two fingers clamp the corners of the mouth and try to lower them (as in the expression of disgust and revulsion) 15-20 times, at a slow pace to fatigue. This will help to relieve hypertonicity of these muscles ().

Exercise 4

The biggest problem in the elimination of “flews” will align the place where the skin is a triangular muscle coming to the skin of the chin. After attaching all of these muscles (chewing, triangular, lowering the lower lip) to the maxillary arch, and maxillary arc itself, acquire a “slag”, the cartilage and fat deposits.

Therefore, making attempts to smooth, clean jaw, the arc won’t be easy. Better to do it in the bath when your face steamed, in oil, not to stretch the skin. Holding, fixing the angle of the jaw with one hand, along the jaw line from the beginning “flews” to the center of the chin.

Don’t be surprised if the jaw arc will meet you surly – cod “slag” and mounds of fat, hinder the free passage. Try to stretch, to overcome all these barriers, trying to ensure that the skin is a triangular muscle and skin of the chin muscles was one, smoothly passing into each other.

Exercise 5

The same should be done with the lower part of the masseter muscle. Holding the skin of a triangular muscle, the thumb and index finger swipe across the jaw line to the corner of the jaw, as would restoring it. Do not despair, encountering along the way seemingly insurmountable barriers. Learn how to defeat them, and your faces will delight you day by day.

And here You are once again able to help the Bank and to improve the angle of the mandible and resorption of the overgrown area between the “Bryl” chin. You must be careful not to stretch the skin, massage it in a jar only the chin and the point of its connection with “Bryl”.

Along the entire jaw line can hold more than once is dangerous because of possible stretching of the skin. Only in one place, where mount triangular muscle found overgrown with an array of chin, and allows the skin to smooth down, you can use the banks for kneading the jumps, blocking free passage.

Jar you can also reduce and even completely eliminate our “withers”, massaging decollete, hold side and back of the neck, behind the ears, on the forehead, in General, where the risk to stretch the skin of the inexperienced action are minimal.

Beware, once you can hold a jar under his chin, his pre-tensioning (pulling the jaw forward and uttering the sound “S”).

Very useful for muscle massage through the inner surface of the cheeks. This can be done immediately after brushing your teeth. Seizing the cheek of the thumb and index finger, swipe the buccal and triangular muscle in the direction of the circular muscle of the mouth and chewing muscle is a vertically flexing all the painful places and not forgetting to focus on the most distant areas.

To “raise” the fatty body of the cheek (Bichat ball), You can hold my knuckles on the oil or the cream from the bottom up, from the “flews” to the eyes. Gently smooth out, mash the array of muscles, which tighten. Most likely, at first it will be very painful. But as you study, improve this area, the pain will decrease (Mgr. 6).

Don’t forget to massage the hair of the head. It not only promotes hair growth, improves blood flow to the brain, but gives a good effect to restore the youthful face. Because hair is located mainly in the aponeurosis (tendon of the helmet), which, like all muscles atrophy with age, increasing the tendency to slide the face to the nose. It is also important to massage and ear muscles (the muscles surrounding the outer ear canal), because despite their small size, they are of great importance for tensioning of the tendon helmet, and, consequently, for the “lifting” of the face.

In General, every crease on our face has its origin, responsible for them certain muscles. Even the names of many of the muscles speak for themselves – the muscle, the corrugator brow, the proud muscle muscle laughter muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, muscle lifting the corner of the mouth, etc. But since the scope of this article does not permit detailed comment on all of the muscles of the face, but only provide the basics of biomechanics of aging, anyone interested in more information can refer to an anatomical Atlas.

Read, work on yourself and success to you in the knowledge and perfection of his face. published econet.ru.

Natalia Osminina “the Anatomy of facial aging or cosmetology Myths”

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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

Unsaturated fats omega-6: the Unique properties of gamma-linolenic acid


A disease caused by a deficiency of certain fats, and many of these same diseases can be overcome by providing the body with essential fats that are missing in the diet of most people.

Our fear of fat is constantly fuels the rabid fanaticism of the media, advertising, medical administration, and irresponsible authors of medical articles. Worst of all, it does not make any distinction between the really dangerous fats such as TRANS fats in margarine and fried food and a wonderful healing fats are found in Flaxseed oil, salmon and sardines.

Healthy fats

  • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA): the good fat omega-6
  • The weakness of the immune system
  • High cholesterol.
  • Cancer.
  • Arthritis.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Premenstrual syndrome.
  • The complications of diabetes.
  • The health of the skin.
  • Overcoming dryness.
  • Obesity.
  • Other diseases.
  • The use of additives HCA

Researchers have amassed a mountain of irrefutable data that shows that it is not that we eat too much fat, we eat the wrong fats and miss right.

It would seem to be obvious that there are only three types of fatsaturated, originating from dairy products and red meat and supposedly bad; unsaturatedoriginating from vegetables and vegetable oils, and good; and monounsaturated fatty acidsoriginating from fish and olives, which is the best. Unless you count the fact that in reality it is not so and that there is a much more useful method of classification of fats.

First of all, most fats are not essential. We can do without many of them, because they are either harmful or – pay tribute to our martyred fat culture are a source of unwanted extra calories.

However, the two fatty acids are considered essential. Like vitamins, they can not be produced in the body, and the absence of any of them causes the disease. Although we need fat for several reasons (he is our main source of backup fuel, it is part of the membranes of all cells of the body, and he wraps a soft shell all of our bodies), an essential fatty acid we need because they are material for the body to produce various eicosanoids. These hormone-like chemicals, many of which are also called prostaglandins are of great importance for our health.

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Eicosanoids are distributors of energy in the body. They reduce blood pressure, regulate body temperature, expand or narrow the lumens of the bronchi, is in charge of hormone production and sensitivity of nerve fibers. And that’s not all. They are so dependent on dietary fat that we can directly ascribe specific activity specific eicosanoid the class of fats, from which it is derived.

Hence, we are able greatly improve your health, taking fat, from which the formation of beneficial eicosanoids. Classifying them in this way, we get three families of fats: omega-3, omega-b omega-9. Fats the first two types have the strongest ability to form eicosanoids. Fats omega-9 is not as important and are not essential, but they are also useful. For good health you need to maintain a dietary balance between the two main classes of fatty acids – omega-3 and omega-6 – eicosanoids then the body will also be balanced.

The composition of omega-3 fats includes three specific essential fatty acids. It is alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenic acid (DHA). Flaxseed oil – a good source for supplementation of alpha-linolenic acid. To a lesser extent, contain canola oil and walnut oil. The content of EPA and DHA, nothing beats cold-water fish and fish oil.

Of omega-6 occur two other essential fatty acids – linoleic and swargamenna gamma-linolenic. Linoleic acid is found in safflower, sunflower and corn oils. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is included with supplements of evening primrose oil (evening primrose spring, anagarika, evening primrose) and borage oil, and is invaluable in diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases and multiple sclerosis.

However, do not lean on the usual omega-6 lipids. This is especially important because corn and similar oils, and so universally consumed in excess. This can lead to excess concentration in the body of certain inflammatory eicosanoids, which are able, among other undesirable things, to narrow the blood vessels, reduce bronchial lumen and increase blood pressure. Excessive consumption of these oils is strongly correlated with suppression of immune function, cancer and inflammatory diseases such as asthma and arthritis.

Omega-3 and omega-6 are two are two types of fat required for human health. However, we generally consume too much omega-6 fats and very few omega-3.

The ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats is 1:1. With such a ratio was developed by our ancestors over millions of years. And today, this ratio is from 20:1 to 50:1, which is a serious danger to your health! It is no coincidence that the media finally reported that the deficiency of omega-3 is one of the most serious and pressing health issues plaguing our world. The MOST SIGNIFICANT AND ESSENTIAL anti-INFLAMMATORY agent IS – it is OMEGA 3!

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Characteristically, all types of eicosanoids are produced from the same raw material linoleic acid. The quality of eicosanoids depends on the content in foods are alpha-linolenic and gamma-linolenic acids. Gamma linolenic acid is so important for the stabilization of metabolic processes that the price on the world market of a million dollars per pound.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA): the good fat omega-6

No doubt, inherent in the American diet is skewed towards excessive fat consumption, omega-b is a significant cause of premature aging and the almost epidemic spread of arthritis, cancer, heart disease and other diseases. However, representatives of this class of fatty acids remain essential to our health and life itself.

Only fats omega-6 can turn into gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which, though not considered an essential fatty acid, from a practical point of view is a vital nutrient. Without it we would not be able to produce prostaglandin E1 (abbreviated ПГЕ1) – the real superstar among the eicosanoids, one of the greatest defensive means of the organism in the fight against premature aging, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and many other misfortunes.

Obviously, somewhere there has to be a clue. How can the excess oils omega-6 to be associated with an increased risk of certain diseases, while fatty acid derived from these oils has a therapeutic aid against the same health problems?

There is one narrow place, and it is called Delta-6-desaturase (Д6Д). Without this enzyme, the fats are omega-6 can not be converted into HCA. In fact, many of us there are not enough Д6Д. We lose this enzyme with age and suppressed its activity, if consumed a lot of sugar, alcohol, margarine or other partially hydrogenated oils. In addition, loss of this enzyme can cause or exacerbate diabetes, hypothyroidism, viral infection or cancer.

To develop Д6Д necessary assistance of vitamins C, B3 and B6, zinc and magnesium; lack of any of these nutrients leads to decreased production of this enzyme in the body. The vast majority of us fall into one or another of these categories of failure Д6Д, and all of us without exception is probably worthwhile to use a more valuable end product of this enzyme – gamma-linolenic acid. From the conducted research follows the inevitable conclusion that the GLA is ready for use as traditional medicine.

The weakness of the immune system

Viral infections have a tendency to block the body’s ability to produce GLA. The resulting deficiency of GLA greatly impairs our immune defenses. In people with chronic fatigue syndrome GLA along with EPA causes clinically significant improvements.

High cholesterol

For nearly two decades, patients of the Atkins Center seek to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood taking HCA along with other supplements. Lipid composition of the blood improves and deteriorates proportionally to the corresponding increase or decrease doses of HCA (the beneficial effect is even more noticeable when you add EPA). predictable, and I see these results every day.

The reason for this success is the transformation of fatty acids in ПГЕ1. In cells that lose the ability to synthesize prostaglandins, the production of cholesterol becomes unmanageable. A daily intake of 400 mg GLA for twelve weeks sufficiently restores the reserves of ПГЕ1 in the body and significantly lowers cholesterol.


According to one study mentioned by Dr. David Horrobin, extremely large amounts of HCA has tripled the life expectancy of patients with pancreatic cancer.


Well-known ability of HCA to assist in inflammatory diseases, especially arthritis. The group of patients with arthritis who participated in one study, after daily administration of 800 mg of GLA for twelve weeks showed improvement of joint mobility and decrease morning stiffness. Their sleep was better too, W as the side effects were minimal.

Other studies confirm these results, although using much larger doses – usually about 1.4 g of GLA. The reception of such doses allowed patients with rheumatoid arthritis who participated in two studies that were conducted in the Massachusetts University to reduce the indicators of swelling and joint tenderness more than 40% compared with the placebo group.

Multiple sclerosis

HCA does not help everyone suffering from multiple sclerosis. However, about 40% of them, whom it helps, this is often one of the most valuable methods of treatment. In such cases, doses of 500 to 1000mg slow down or even stop the progression of disease.

To achieve the maximum positive effect necessary and other essential oils, particularly EPA and Flaxseed oil, as well as strict exclusion from the diet of fried foods and all foods containing TRANS-fatty acids or prepared with their use.

Premenstrual syndrome

Almost any doctor practising complementary medicine, recommends HCA women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This treatment is nothing special. Some of his published work is still devoted to the use of GLA for this purpose – usually in doses of about 300 mg per day.

In women suffering from PMS, levels HCA usually significantly reduced, possibly due to the loss of body ability to produce this fatty acid, which may be caused by strong monthly fluctuations in the levels of hormones. Treatment HCA often eliminates irritability, cramps and breast tenderness for three months.

Complications of diabetes

Science is very definitely established that HCA stops nerve cell damage, which otherwise is an inevitable consequence of diabetes. HCA helps the nerves to heal. As shown in one study of 111 patients suffering from any form of diabetes – type I or type II, can help even small daily doses as 480 mg of GLA (from evening primrose oil). Another study suggests that this fatty acid may even prevent the degeneration of nerves.

It is highly likely that the development of diabetic complications, and perhaps, most of this disease associated with certain metabolic HCA. People suffering from diabetes, apparently, is not able to produce GLA from dietary fat, and therefore can suffer from lack of postaglandin E1. A very interesting coincidence, this substance can strengthen the work of insulin itself has insulin-like action. Therefore diabetics are more in need of ПГЕ1, to develop which helps HCA.

Skin health

HCA is famous for making the skin smooth and elastic, and its additives help get rid of brittle and flaking nails. Many companies producing cosmetics, could be ruined if these wonderful properties HCA was known to the General public.

The irony is that essential fatty acids were once the mainstay of dermatological treatment for many skin diseases, has not yet appeared more toxic, more expensive and less effective steroids for external use.

Nine studies show that GLA is useful in the treatment of eczema. At doses of 300 to 500mg results are usually seen within three to six months, but they are worth their wait.

Another study found that GLA reduces the need for medicines for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. There were 111 of the 179 study participants skin condition improved after taking four capsules of evening primrose oil twice a day for food, provided the total daily dose of GLA is 360 mg.

Overcoming dryness

With age our bodies tend to lose the ability to distinguish natural fluids and lubricating materials. Dry mouth and dry eye is common even among younger people who adhere strictly follow a low-fat diet. Antihistamines and other medications can also drain our tear ducts and salivary glands. In these cases, the GLK is almost infallible remedy.

The study showed the effect of this fatty acid for brittle nails, a daily intake of 270 mg GLA (from evening primrose oil) allowed the participants to shed tears for the first time in several years. Used in a monthly program supplements also include the vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


The effect of essential fatty acids on the metabolism is a relatively new area of research. In one successful study, half of the participants suffering from excess weight, lost weight without any conscious effort to diet simply by taking a daily 400 mg of GLA.

Other diseases.

Both published and unpublished research in this area does not allow to draw any firm conclusions, but HCA may, promises some assistance in the renal dysfunction associated with neuropathy, in bacterial infections caused by Escherichia coli, and also in schizophrenia.

The results of the preliminary laboratory experiments on animals suggest that HCA reduces the release of calcium from the body. This makes it possible an integral part of the treatment of kidney stones and osteoporosis. In a recent article described a beneficial effect of 1800 mg of GLA in combination with alpha-linolenic acid in 86% of cases of migraines. However, this treatment also required a diet extremely high in carbohydrates. More research is needed to learn how best to build a treatment program.

The use of additives HCA

For many years, evening primrose oil was considered the only source of GLA. We now know that GLA is also present in two other plant sources, namely from the black currant seeds and borage seeds. Nobody’s normal diet does not include sufficient number of any of these plant products, which makes mandatory the use of additives.

Although some authors have argued that the GLK competes with the omega-3 fats and makes them less effective in fact, their action is synergistic.

It is therefore advisable to use both the omega-3 fats and GLA, to give your body all the necessary raw materials for the synthesis of most eicosanoids need him. published econet.ru.

©Robert Atkins, “Dr. Atkins Supplements”

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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

Aykune: Kazakh gymnastics for the spine


They give classes Aykune? In groups, this gym is the division of diseases. The basic package is one for all, and for some injuries and conditions it can be more harmful to health than the proverbial gym. The latter, by the way, with a professional selection of movements relieve pain and enhance the corset faster than suffering with chairs and rugs.

Kazakh gymnastics Aykune known as the “complex of exercises for the spine.” But here’s the thing: the spine does not get to train. When a person has acquired protrusion, degenerative disc disease or hernia prevention exercises to do too little too late. In fact, no complexes, even very advanced, and used for recovery of athletes after injuries of the spine, can affect the very cause of the disease.

Kazakh gymnastics Aykune

  • Gymnastics Aykune against complexes of therapeutic exercises
  • A set of exercises Aykune and safety
  • The effectiveness of gymnastics Aykune

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Any exercise strengthens muscles, creating a corset that supports the spine. And how to strengthen the muscles in the gym by lifting weights or sitting on a chair, and bending on the rug, is a personal matter for each person.

Gymnastics Aykune against complexes of therapeutic exercises

In sports medicine known complexes of therapeutic exercises versus scoliosis support corset of persons with protrusions and hernias and osteochondrosis. They are different systems, with completely different load distribution:

  • Everyone who has a hernia and protrusion needs not so much to “swing back” reverse extensiye without weights on the floor, how to strengthen the direct and transverse abdominal muscles. The skill of retracting the anterior abdominal wall such people depends on the stability of the spine. Because the first systems will be retraction of the abdomen from the prone position, and only then are the extensions;
  • The complexes against osteochondrosis reminiscent of Pilates and the joint exercises at the same time. They serve to increase the mobility, and therefore contain soft twisting to occur in joints and flexion of the feet;
  • But scoliosis can be more. As well as approaches to therapy. If it is S-shaped scoliosis, the complex is written individually, it would be desirable to find in the Internet something to pump back. Lordosis require a classic of twists and pump the press, but in a soft way – with fitball. A curvature in the thoracic spine adjusted by stretching overused muscles and reducing stretched

They give classes Aykune? A generalized complex, sorry, for a sample of an exemplary spine. In groups, this gym is the division of diseases. The basic package is one for all, and for some injuries and conditions it can be more harmful to health than the proverbial gym. The latter, by the way, with a professional selection of movements relieve pain and enhance the corset faster than suffering with chairs and rugs.

A set of exercises Aykune and safety

1. To sit on a chair, feet on the width of the pelvic bones, straighten up, bend in the lumbar. To sit 3 minutes, overcoming the pain. Such things should not do with strong lordosis, they only cause hyperextension, and so stretched deep back muscles, and if you strongly persist without General heating of the body can be achieved in this way persistent pain. Not recommended deflections and with hernias and protrusions in the lumbar.

2. The same thing, but the deflection in the thoracic and lumbar. Some sources recommend to record up to 10 minutes. But therapists don’t agree that it is necessary to keep static tension in this plane. If you need to perform a deflection, to relieve the long muscle of the back (and for anything else it is not), better to do it on the floor, the type of yoga postures-Fish, leaning the back of his head and the pelvis, and making the deflection.

3. Again, the deflection in the lumbar and thoracic, but need to further involve the stomach. Oddly enough, but the compensation of the abdominal muscles is the safest choice in this case. When compared with Pilates, this discipline no camber without the stress of the press are not met. And criticized by all the experts in spine thrust block in the simulator sitting begins with the retraction of the abdomen and fastening it in a static position.

4. Again deflection, but the mixing blades and a relaxed belly. Can be useful, maybe not, depends on the localization of the disease

In General, as prevention of this complex is not so bad. A healthy person is unlikely to strain statically to shift the vertebrae or cause pain. But with regards to people with diseases, it would be better to abandon independent experiments.

The effectiveness of gymnastics Aykune

In principle, trtirovki under this scheme is better than nothing, but worse than the matched normal doctor physical therapy, or even classes at the gym in the system of Pilates.

Why? Any exercise of the muscles improves blood circulation, reduces degenerative changes, and improves tone. But that promise such unrealistic improve the immune system and stress reliever – a few of the other region. And the insulating part of the muscle movements without an increase in pulse, they have no relationship. Although, perhaps, in training groups are given some other, more complete and harmonious package, and it just works that way.

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Plus the gym almost does not affect the rhomboid and latissimus dorsi muscle. By nature they are large and strong, and the static deflections is not enough for their study and the dynamic reduction also. Help gymnastics maybe at some very basic level training. But to progress through it quite difficult.published econet.ru.

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Useful mackerel with weight loss?



weight loss, lifestyle
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Useful mackerel with weight loss?
The contents

  • Slimming and mackerel: is this fish?
  • Diets that let you eat the fish
  • Delicious recipes for health and shape
    • Mackerel baked with vegetables
    • Mustard mackerel
    • Boiled fish
    • Fish sleeve
    • Mackerel onion skins
    • Mackerel with mint
    • Soup

Weight loss always involves eating low-fat products. However, in some cases fatty foods can be consumed during the diet. This applies to mackerel. Mackerel is a fatty fish, but you can afford while you are losing weight. Most importantly, use it correctly.

Slimming and mackerel: is this fish?

Why is this fish to eat when losing weight? First of all, it contains many valuable substances. These are vitamins A, PP, D, b, a lot of macro – and micronutrients, zinc, amino acids, fatty acids omega-3, protein. Consequently, saturates the body with useful substances.

Moreover, useful acids contained in mackerel, help to improve metabolism. That is very important when losing weight. Yes, the mackerel fish is quite high in calories, but it contains easily digestible protein, so it saturates. And the feeling of satiety lasts for a long time.

Weight loss will be effective if the mackerel to eat no more than two times a week. Do it best during lunch.

How to cook mackerel? Fish can be boiled, steamed, baked in the oven. But to fry the mackerel should not be.

Bake the mackerel in foil or sleeve. This method of preparation allows to save almost all useful items. This is not to use the oil for baking. To cook the fish with vegetables or herbs. When serving you can sprinkle the mackerel with lemon juice. The caloric value of 100 g of baked fish will be about 190 calories.

Boiled fish is easily digested. It is necessary to cook in a small amount of water, add spices. Cooking time is twenty minutes. As for the calories, 100 g of boiled fish will contain 210 calories.

Mackerel, steamed, contains 190 kcal per 100 g Fish before cooking should be grated black pepper. But salt mackerel necessary before serving. This method of processing allows you to save the maximum of useful substances.

Fried, salted, smoked fish is not useful. Therefore, the weight loss should not take it.

Diets that let you eat the fish

Mackerel can be consumed during any diets that permit eating fish. But you have to remember that you should choose the lean fish, and mackerel are just a couple of times a week.

A week-long fish diet is quite satisfying. You can eat vegetables, grains, fruits, dairy products.

Diet menu can be tailor made:

  • Breakfast: 300 g of cereal and an Apple or yogurt and salad;
  • snack: fruit;
  • lunch: boiled fish and steamed vegetables, or baked mackerel with vegetables, salad;
  • snack: fresh juice or salad;
  • dinner: cottage cheese with vegetables; or steamed with vegetables fish.

It is worth remembering about the correct use of the mackerel. There are only two times a week. The rest of the time you should prefer lean fish.

There is a diet that is designed for fourteen days. Of course, the menu is more balanced and diverse. During the diet you can eat fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy products, eggs, cereals, seafood, med. You are allowed to drink green tea, fruit drinks, mineral water, kefir, yogurt.

Here is a sample diet menu:

  • morning: two eggs, yogurt, fruit and herbal teas;
  • snack: fruit and veggie smoothie;
  • lunch: boiled lean fish (mackerel or baked), vegetables (steamed, fresh or cooked), fruit compote;
  • snack: cottage cheese with fruit;
  • evening: seafood with vegetables, tea with honey and a slice of cheese.

In principle, the two diets differ hearty menu. But long-term diet has a more diverse diet. Therefore, to comply with it easier.

Delicious recipes for health and shape

What recipes with mackerel, you can choose for weight loss? Naturally, weight loss will be effective only when used, not too oily food. Here are some similar recipes.

Mackerel baked with vegetables

Remove the mackerel bones of large. Season with salt and pepper. Grate a large carrot, finely chop the onion, sweet pepper and a handful of green beans. Vegetables to put out. Put the mackerel on the foil, stuffed with vegetables, wrap in foil and bake until tender.

Mustard mackerel

Mix four tablespoons of mustard six cloves of chopped garlic and all spices. Two carcasses mackerel to grease with marinade, inside lay the lemon slices. Leave for a couple of hours. Then to wrap a fish in foil and bake for forty minutes. Serve with fresh vegetables.

Boiled fish

Pour into a saucepan 1.5 liters of water, add salt, Bay leaf, juice of half a lemon, and he squeezed lemon, chopped dill. When the water boils, drop the sliced portions of the carcass mackerel. Cook for ten minutes. Serve with lemon wedges.

Fish sleeve

Two mackerel with salt and pepper, put in a sleeve for baking. Add any spices and lemon juice. Two onions cut into half rings, two carrots grate on a coarse grater. Lay out all the fish, tie the sleeve. Cook in oven for twenty minutes. Then cut the sleeve, sprinkle with grated cheese, cook another twenty minutes.

Mackerel onion skins

Mackerel cut into portions. Boil the brine: put in a saucepan the husk with five bulbs, five peas black pepper, Bay leaves and three tablespoons of salt, pour a liter of water. Boil for 5-7 minutes, put in the pan fish and cook for another three minutes. The mackerel turns out salty, therefore it can be consumed only once a week and in small quantity.

Mackerel with mint

Three carcasses mackerel to make cuts and put in each a slice of lemon. Then grind in a blender with three cloves of garlic, four sprigs of mint, a tablespoon of marjoram, four feathers green onions and lemon. To add just a little bit of corn oil. Fish pour the resulting marinade, leave for three hours. Then bake in the oven.


Mackerel clean away the black film, to remove the head and fins. Put in water and boil for ten minutes. Then remove from the broth and clean from the bones. In broth to put three chopped potatoes, two chopped onions, grated carrots and sweet pepper. Cook fifteen minutes, add a handful of millet and fish. Season with salt and pepper, add the herbs. Cook until tender.

All recipes are delicious and low in calories. Therefore, they should pay attention with weight loss. They will help to facilitate this process.

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