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Kegel exercises for men: strengthen the pelvic


System Kegel involves the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles, which in everyday life is practically not involved. As a result, they become weak and lose elasticity, pelvic organs the result can not be in the clear hold. This provokes various diseases, a deterioration of sexual activity. To remedy the situation, you can use the complex Kegel for men, but it is important to know how to execute it properly.

Kegel exercises are popular all over the world. These can apply to both women and men — they help to eliminate the problem with urination and improved erection. Kegel exercises for men — complex, which helps tone the pelvic muscles. The founder of the complex — doctor A. Kegel, who worked in the middle of the last century.

Treatment Kegel exercises for men at home

  • Method Kegel for men: benefits and features
  • Kegel exercise for men at home: run
  • The frequency of execution and results
  • Kegel exerciser for men
  • Kegel exercises for men: the results

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Method Kegel for men: benefits and features

System Kegel involves the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles, which in everyday life is practically not involved. As a result, they become weak and lose elasticity, pelvic organs the result can not be in the clear hold. This provokes various diseases, a deterioration of sexual activity. To remedy the situation, you can use the complex Kegel for men, but it is important to know how to execute it properly.

Previously, Kegel exercises are mainly used among women, but men treated them with mistrust c. Now they are successfully and widely used to enhance male health, helping to improve erection and get rid of continence. Comparing different methods in this case do not need to use expensive devices and medications, but the result will be not worse.

Charging Kegel for men helps to prevent stagnation in the pelvic area. It helps to eliminate the problem of involuntary urination, eliminate too frequent urge to the toilet. Pelvic floor muscles qualitatively strengthened, which beneficially affect the state of the organism as a whole.

Also technique is useful for those who suffer from premature ejaculation and dysfunction. It helps to improve sexual activity, which positively affects the psychological state of the patient. But do not think that a couple lessons will help you to get rid of all problems — you need to engage regularly and responsibly.

Complex Kegel is recommended for patients y which weakened muscles of the pelvic bottom. This is often true for those who suffer from obesity or diabetes, have undergone surgery on the prostate.

Some sources you can find the information that Kegel exercises help to increase the male organ. However, this is not confirmed officially, so don’t count on such a result.

The main objective of the methodology is the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

One third of men true such diseases as prostatitis. To treat it can be different: possible surgery or complete removal of the prostate. In any case, the man could face challenges c with retention of urine. The process can spontaneously happen when you sneeze, cough, narutoK. Kegel Exercises for men for prostatitis helps to resolve this problem. The method is absolutely safe, if done correctly.

Also useful exercises Kegel for men after removal of the prostate. It helps the body to recover faster and facilitates the return of the pelvic floor muscles to normal.

Kegel exercise for men at home: run

The first thing to do is to allocate pubic-coccygeal muscle. Can be used for this method stop urination around mid-process. At the time this work exactly those muscles that you should pay attention. Perhaps at first you will be hard to perform this exercise, but regular exercise will allow without any problems to perform the necessary actions.

The main technique Kegel for men consists of four basic exercises:

  • The first exercise aimed at the reduction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles and control ee work. While reducing count to five and relax. Repeat the exercise ten times is recommended. Such actions should be done several times a day, each time increasing the number of repetitions — this will allow you to achieve the desired result.
  • The following exercise is great to control the endurance. Performing it calls for a strong reduction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles, and this time in this position need to hold out as long as possible. Do these approaches regularly, and each time increase the duration of the exercise.
  • Exercise Lift. It allows to provide the effective increase of the coverage area of the muscle. To run you need to stretch a little muscle, and count to five. Relax the muscles immediately, is also a c specific expense. Approaches have to do ten. Since this exercise will take about twenty minutes, try to take a comfortable position and to relax.
  • The following exercise helps to achieve maximum muscle tone. You need to quickly stretch and quickly relax the muscles of the pelvic floor. Do this exercise ten times. High efficiency is achieved by its execution frequency.

There are a large number of exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but not all are equally good for both men and women. So, for women can be effective use of Kegel balls, but for men this method unacceptable. It is important to use a set of exercises Kegel for men

There is a set of exercises aimed at reducing the anus. But it must be done correctly. If there are nagging sensation in the back passage, it says o the right exercise. You can also use an ordinary mirror, which will help to control the process. You can see how moving penis and no other parts of the body to move should not.

The basic mistake of those who begin to exercise is the desire to engage in work additional muscles, particularly the abdominal and gluteal. They are often applied inadvertently to the pelvic easier to work with. But this is wrong, as exercise performance is lowered. It is also important to control the crossing of the legs and breathing.

The main advantage of exercises Kegel for men, in that he should have ee can be almost anywhereand nobody will notice that you are doing exercises. You can perform them even in the process of another activity, for example, when driving a car or working at the computer.

The frequency of execution and results


To be effective, you need to know how to perform Kegel exercise for men, as well as how often they need to perform. Doing exercise is recommended every day, twice a day. Ideally the first session should happen in the first half of the day, the second — before bedtime.

Session includes 10-30 abbreviations and sessions aimed at relaxation. One approach exercise should take about ten seconds, five of which are dedicated to voltage, and five to rest.

In the process of exercise also need to constantly listen to your body. You must control the muscles. When it succeeds, it will be possible to perform exercises in standing and sitting.

Note that the method Kegel will not give immediate results. If you do it right, the first changes you will notice after about 3-6 weeks. But it is all individual and is determined by the characteristics of the organism. It is important to practice regularly and to do the right thing.

Kegel exerciser for men

To increase the effectiveness of exercises you can use special exercise equipment. In the women’s version they are used very often, in male not so common. The most popular is the simulator magic Kegel Master. It consists of two balls of different diameter, made of hypoallergenic silicone material and easy to apply at home.

The device is equipped with a sensor that allows you to control the level of difficulty of the course. Modern installations suggest the presence of a program that can be installed on the smartphone and will keep track of regularity of classes and level of load. This is quite effective and convenient for the student. But you can use a simulator, then you will need to independently control the load.

The simulator can be used by both novices and more experienced people. However, it is better to begin to apply it, once you have mastered the basic exercises and learned on some level to control muscles.


Kegel exercises for men: the results

If you do exercise regularly and properly, you will inevitably get positive results that will consist of the following:

  • Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs that can help to significantly reduce the risk of many male diseases.
  • The muscles will become stronger which will have positive influence on sexual activity.
  • You will be able to get rid of urinary incontinence.
  • Muscles are always in good shape, that positively will affect the state of the organism as a whole.

These changes will come soon after you start to perform regular exercises. But it is important to follow proper technique and regularity, to increase the load gradually. Then exercises Kegel will help to heal the body and to get rid of many problems.published econet.ru.

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Hypertension is one of the most prevalent diseases of our time. According to who, high blood pressure affects more than 1.5 billion of the world’s population, and almost 10 million people die from cardiovascular disease associated with arterial hypertension (AH).

Experts believe these numbers would be much less if sick AG correctly and on time treated my illness. If these people lowered pressure of at least 10 mm Hg. article, the likelihood of development of these complications would be reduced by 30%; at 20 mm Hg. article — the risk would be reduced by almost 45%. Moreover, many people do not even know about their high blood pressure and learn about it only when the “thunder strike”.
Statistics show that only 58% of women and 37% of men aware of their disease.

Hypertension: the Trouble sneaks up on you

Intrigue of the disease lies in the fact that high blood pressure (at first) often does not give symptoms. A recurring headache, a feeling of compression of the skull, the heat, the sleepiness people usually “blamed” for fatigue. And when normal is HELL far behind, then ascertain the damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, organs of vision.

There are three stages of hypertension:

  • The first (easy) — changes in the internal organs and systems are not yet happening, a pressure increase occurs sporadically and can be normalized independently. Most people in this period did not suspect about the disease.
  • The second stage is impact resistant with increasing pressure, there are frequent headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, feeling of pulsation in the vessels, “flies” before the eyes. By excitement, stress, changes in weather conditions possible sudden “spike” pressure. At this stage the high pressure still is relatively easy to reduce with medicines, however, during crises, there is already the risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • The third stage — the pressure increased constantly, attacking persistent changes in the blood vessels and heart muscle, the possible disorders of the kidneys, impaired vision, develops related vascular sclerosis. Crises can be prolonged and last up to a few days, despite medication. Complication they often have cerebrovascular disease, stroke, myocardial infarction, renal failure.

Coincidence or a logical extension?

Typically, patients first learn about hypertension on a routine examination (at best), and as the worst variant in hypertensive crisis — a sudden sharp increase in blood pressure. The reasons for the development of hypertensive crisis can be many: stress, weather, lack of sleep or self-treatment of hypertension without consulting a doctor, failure to comply with its provisions or arbitrarily cancel antihypertensive drug. Some of them cause a syndrome “cancel”, that is, can cause an increase in pressure.

For a hypertensive crisis characterized by sudden onset. During the attack the person can feel acute headache; blurred vision (up to a partial “loss” fields of vision); nausea, sometimes vomiting; redness of the skin, sometimes embossed in the chest, shortness of breath and even seizures. When hypertensive crisis, immediately call the ambulance and wait for arrival of doctors. And in any case do not take excessive doses of medicines (“so definitely helped”), unless recommended by the doctor can be life-threatening.Often people explain the cause of the crisis the confluence of negative circumstances — a bad day, a rough patch of life, etc. But in fact, they only pushed the events and factors that have already been accumulated for a long time.


This is especially important to remember those who included into so-called risk group for this disease:

  • • Patients with a history of hypertension heredity (especially maternal) — almost 90% of patients with hypertension have a family history.
  • • “Lovers” of alcohol, tobacco and salty food.
  • • People who are in a state of chronic stress or constantly enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day).
  • • Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as patients with obesity (it is proven that overweight people suffer from hypertension 3-4 times more often).
  • • Old age — increase in blood pressure with the onset of aging is a physiological process associated with decrease in elasticity of blood vessels.
  • • Women in menopause is associated with hormonal changes in the body (estrogens, female sex hormones, have a vasodilator effect when their number is reduced, this effect significantly weakened).
  • • 5% of hypertensive disease is associated with disorders in the kidneys and adrenal glands.

Therefore, doctors insist that anyone who has such risks and included in the average age of the regularly measured blood pressure at least once per month, even if you feel very good. This can be done at home very easily, especially given the capabilities of modern “smart” blood pressure monitors.

However, several subtleties must still remember.

1. It is more expedient to measure pressure on an empty stomach morning and evening.

2. Apply the cuff on the arm, not over clothing. Place it on two fingers above the elbow.

3. Do not measure pressure after agitation, hypothermia, consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, sports or physical work (must be at least half an hour).

4. When measuring, also don’t talk, watch TV, etc.

5. Since the pressure changes during the day, it is important to measure it every time at the same time.

If the regular measurements show an increase in blood pressure, do consult your doctor.

Treated correctly

All patients with high blood pressure need to choose the right treatment, which helped not only to keep its level within the individual standards, but also to implement prevention of heart attacks, stroke. No doubt, these drugs can be prescribed only by a doctor after a thorough examination, determine the causes of the disease, identifying co-morbidities and consideration of medications you are already taking.But even a genius doctor will be powerless to help the patient who does not comply with the key rules for the treatment of hypertension:

  • follow the doctor’s recommendations, and not only on medication but on diet, lifestyle, etc.;
  • it is important not only to reach normal pressures, but also to keep them, so taking medication should always, not only when pressed (this is the most common mistake “unfair” patients who subsequently become victims of their own reckless behavior);
  • about any side effects you should immediately inform your doctor;
  • continue to measure your blood pressure when taking the medication even if you feel that everything will be okay;
  • you can not reduce the pressure very quickly — much safer to do it in 2-3 phases over several months;
  • feeling improved, you should not stop taking the drugs, as there is a risk of “withdrawal syndrome”. Do not reduce self-medication, in particular beta-blockers: this leads to heart disaster.

Modern methods of treatment of hypertension involves a combination of several drugs or the use of so-called complex products. It’s more effective because you use drugs with different mechanisms of actions that can reduce their doses and to approach treatment in a holistic manner. There is a new long-acting products that “hold” the HELL within the normal range during the day.

“People’s army”

Drug therapy of hypertension can be successfully combined with other methods — reflexology, massage, physiotherapy exercises. Perhaps, in addition to medication use infusions of herbs, vitamins — consult your doctor about the advisability of using alternative methods. Very useful moderate exercise: walking, swimming (depending on the stage of the disease, condition and age of the patient). Exercise combined with diet help to reduce excess weight and well trained cardiovascular system. If you can — walk to work or walk 30-40 minutes daily (in the evening, during the lunch break).

Proper nutrition is also an effective cure of hypertension.

  • Limit your intake of salt and animal fats, remove from the diet of fast food, minimize the meats, preserves, mayonnaise, pickles.
  • Replace fried foods steamed, grilled and in the oven, and the butter plant.
  • Choose lean meats, low-fat dairy products. Make one vegetarian day a week.
  • Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables of different colors, especially useful for “green”.
  • Like foods rich in potassium and magnesium (bananas, dried apricots, cranberries, mushrooms, seaweed, buckwheat, almonds).

Another effective way — management of emotions. Stress is one of the main reasons for the development of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. For example, it is known that after the earthquake in Japan in 2011 dramatically increased the number of strokes. There were even cases when after severe losses of the favorite football team among its fans grows, the number of hospitalizations with myocardial infarction. Women suffer more from family “losses”, problems at work negatively affect both women and men.Studies have shown that a state of constant anxiety increases the risk of cardiovascular complications by 45%, depression — twice. Therefore, as said the wise: if you can’t change life circumstances — change them.And if it becomes will power, master the methods of psychological relief — meditation, anger management.published econet.ru.

Galina Sabadash

As the smell and appearance of food affect weight gain


Is it possible to gain weight from the sight or smell of food? Straight course is impossible. But the smell and appearance of food affect us very significantly, affecting fat loss and dietary habits. Changing eating behaviour may increase calorie intake – and even then we really will gain weight.

The olfactory system in humans, though considerably lost its sensitivity, however, significantly influences our behavior and preferences. Apart from the smell, similar effect have the thoughts, fantasies about food and looking at images of high-calorie food (Ghrelin levels increase after pictures showing food Obesity (Silver Spring). 12 January 2012, doi: 10.1038/oby.2011.385.). About digital saturation and food porn I wrote earlier here: https://www.beloveshkin.com/2018/03/Sverhnormalnyiy-stimul-food-porno.html

Is it possible to gain weight from the sight or smell of food?

  • Smell and fat burning.
  • The smell and life expectancy.
  • Smell and insulin in humans.

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Smell and fat burning.

And today we talk about the smell. The smell of food is useful in that it can raise the appetite, stimulate the sensory saturation, switch us to the meal. Therefore, for a healthy diet it is important to saturate your eyes and nose with the sight and smell of food. This will help you to have more fun, develop the taste, to consume less calories – this is the criteria of a healthy diet.

However, when a good thing becomes excessive, it begins to hurt. And the smell of food – it is established that even in the absence of food odour is sufficient to activate signaling mechanisms associated with food intake.

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The smell activates the IGF-1, signalling, activates mTOR, alters the activity in Agrp and POMC neurons of the hypothalamus, affects the sympathetic nervous system, suppresses the activity of brown fat, reduces fat burning and increases appetite. Similar effects are implemented on a long-term ongoing basis, have a serious impact.

The results of the researches prove the important link between the olfactory system and brain areas that regulate metabolism. For us this practically means that in the absence of the smell derived from food calories are burned much more active.

At the top of the mouse with a hypersensitive sense of smell, at the bottom is reduced.

In one study we compared a group of mice with removed olfactory neurons, mice with a normal sense of smell and are extremely sensitive to the smells of the mouse. This effect is most strongly realized when feeding on food with high caloric density. So, three months on a normal diet without the mouse olfactory scored quite a bit. But the transition to a fatty diet caused dramatic consequences.

All animals were fed with the same amount of calories. It turned out that the first group scored 10% excess fat, a second group recovered more than half, and the thickest were the most sensitive to the smells of the mouse. On mice found that the smell of food affects digestion and fat burning, and these processes are not associated with the number of actual food eaten.

Interestingly, in mice with a bad smell, white fat efficiently converted to brown faster and therefore burned. Do not feel the smell of mice strongly increased the levels of the hormone noradrenalin, which probably was associated with an increased fat burning. Locomotor activity was comparable in all groups (Cell Metab. 2017 Jul 5;26(1):198-211.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2017.06.015. The Sense of Smell Impacts Metabolic Health and Obesity)

Fat burning and smells.

The smell and life expectancy.

Smell reduces life expectancy and cancels the effects of calorie restriction. In the model of Caenorhabditis elegans proved that under the influence of tastes and odors, increased insulin levels, change the level of FOXO proteins.

Many other species of animals it was also shown that in nature the speed of aging depends, in particular, from the activity of sensory neurons. On flies the same effect works in a similar way. When you restrict calories smell reduces the life expectancy of 6-18%.

Smell and insulin in humans.

The same mechanism, which may be relevant to humans. Because we are under the influence of smell increases insulin levels, and the system IGF-1 signalling we have a very similar to the one that is in model animals. Yes, insulin in humans increases the smell of food (Sjostrom, L., Garellick, G., Krotkiewski, M., and Luyckx, A. (1980). Peripheral insulin in response to the sight and smell of food. Metabolism 29, 901-909.)

That is why the study’s authors believe that this mechanism is relevant to humans (Front. Genet., 18 October 2012 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fgene.2012.00218 Regulation of lifespan by chemosensory and thermosensory systems: findings in invertebrates and their implications in mammalian aging).

The mechanism of action of tastes and smells for a lifetime.


1. The smell of food is not just molecules in the air, and an important biological signal, which indicates the presence of food nearby and activates the metabolic signaling pathway.

2. An expanded understanding of “pure interval” – when not eating to not only eat, but also to avoid food stimuli (smells, advertising of food, chewing a number of colleagues, etc.).

3. Not worth it to drive thoughts about food or like dishes in social networks. This will only increase hunger and will damage your reward system of the brain.

4. Why is fasting is better in the desert? The complete absence of food triggers. Choose for unloading food situation free of food triggers.

5. Make the hood in the kitchen, don’t make the common kitchen, close the kitchen door, eat only in the kitchen or in the dining room.published econet.ru.


  • Food-derived sensory cues modulate longevity via distinct neuroendocrine insulin-like peptides.Murat Artan, Dae-Eun Jeong 2016 Genes & development DOI:10.1101/gad.279448.116
  • Regulation of C. elegans Longevity by Specific Gustatory and Olfactory Neurons Neuron 2004 DOI:10.1016/S0896-6273(03)00816-X
  • Science. 2007 Feb 23;315(5815):1133-7. Epub 2007 Feb 1. Regulation of Drosophila life span by olfaction and food-derived odors.
  • Translational Medicine of Aging Volume 1, 2017 October, Pages 41 To 51 Longevity control by the nervous system: Sensory perception, stress response and beyond
  • Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Aug;18(8):1552-7. doi: 10.1038/oby.2010.26. Epub 2010 Feb 18. Insulin and hippocampus activation in response to images of high-calorie food in normal weight and obese adolescents.

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The role of bran in a healthy diet



food, lifestyle
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The role of bran in a healthy diet
The contents

  • Place bran in a healthy diet
  • Nutrition bran for weight loss
  • Eating right: recipes with bran
    • Diet cookies
    • Pancakes with bran

In a healthy diet people started to include bran recently. Previously, these grain products used only as feed for livestock. However, scientists have established their undoubted benefits to human health. What bran are valued, and how they should be administered in the diet?

Place bran in a healthy diet

Bran is produced during the processing of different cereals. They represent the hard shell of grains, which are completely removed from the flour. In other variations, the presence of bran is strictly metered. And the maximum number of them contained in wholemeal flour.

Wish to include this product in a healthy diet, may suddenly be faced with quite a wide selection of bran. Indeed, depending on the kind grind grain, they can be: wheat, oats, rye, rice, buckwheat, linseed etc. they Also differ in the degree of grinding (fine and coarse).

For fans of proper nutrition will be interested to know that the bran may be enriched with various natural additives (e.g., beets, lemon, apples, seaweed or Jerusalem artichoke). They significantly increase the nutritional value of the main product. As for the bran, the scientific research confirmed the fact that they are on some indicators is significantly superior to the very flour.

Thus, it became known that bran is a valuable source of protein, starch, healthy fats and minerals. In addition, these foods are low in calories (about 165 calories per 100 g). Therefore, they can be safely recommended to include in the diet of people who prefer healthy food.

The diet of modern man contains in excess of refined foods, simple carbohydrates, saturated fats. In his power acute shortage of fiber, vitamins and minerals. That is why so common diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Bran, due to the high content of fiber, provide the following positive effects on the human body:

  • perfectly stimulate peristalsis and normalize the stool (the effect of using 30 g of bran can be compared with the effect of 1 kg of fresh fruit);
  • cause lasting feeling of fullness because of its ability to swell and greatly increase in size;
  • reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine;
  • prevent the formation of stones in the bile ducts;
  • increase the proportion of beneficial microflora in the intestine;
  • allow excrete salts of heavy metals and carcinogens that may be contained in the food;
  • are an additional source of vitamins and minerals and fatty acids.

According to doctors, to achieve a specified list of useful properties you want to include in a proper diet from 20 to 40 grams of fiber.

However, bran has some contraindications. It is not recommended to enter into the diet of patients with celiac disease. It is also known that excessive consumption can trigger intestinal colic, aggravate peptic ulcer disease and increase flatulence.

Another characteristic feature is the ability to bind and remove a large amount of fluid. Therefore, the introduction of these products in a healthy diet you need to follow the correct drinking regime. In addition, it should be noted their ability to inhibit the intestinal absorption of such minerals as zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper and aluminium.

Nutrition bran for weight loss

Today you can often hear that bran is an essential product for weight loss. However, how to include them in the diet is known to few.

Bran isn’t the most pleasant tasting product and it is difficult to eat in its pure form, so many people don’t see the point in their use. Meanwhile, they can greatly facilitate the process of getting rid of excess weight.

Any diet for weight loss involves reducing calories consumed. However, the problem many people decide solely by reducing the batch size, rather than reducing the caloric content of the product. In the end, the intestines used to digest large quantities of food, begins to work properly, causing constipation and other unpleasant consequences for the organism.

As is known, the use of bran is the prevention of dysbacteriosis and diseases of the gallbladder and liver, which can improve overall health and speed up weight loss.

In the course of diseases, to include them in the diet should, after completion of drug therapy, in consultation with the doctor.

The undeniable advantage of bran, which allows you to add them in the correct food is the ability to satiate and satisfy hunger.

Nutritionists recommend to observe the following rules of use of these products:

  • starting the use of bran should be 1 teaspoon (half an hour before meals, three times a day);
  • be sure to drink each portion with a glass of clean water (juice, herbal tea or yogurt);
  • gradually increase the amount of bran to 1 tablespoon three times a day (exceed this dosage is not recommended due to possible problems with gastrointestinal tract).

To lose weight you can use a different bran: wheat, oats, rye, buckwheat, or any other to taste. It should be understood that for getting rid of excess weight it is necessary to provide a permanent deficit entering the body of calories. Therefore, simply adding bran to the usual menu is not enough. You should fully review the diet and make the appropriate adjustments in lifestyle.

Eating right: recipes with bran

In order to properly include bran in a healthy diet is not necessarily consumed in its pure form. Below are several recipes in which it is seen that this product can be added to various dishes.

Diet cookies

To prepare this dessert you need to mix 300 grams of cereal oatmeal, 50 g raisins, 30 g of coconut flakes, 2 tbsp bran 2 finely chopped banana. Add salt and sugar to taste. Mix thoroughly. Enter in a mixture of 1 beaten egg and knead thick dough. To form cookies in the shape of small pancakes and bake them on a baking sheet (with parchment paper) for 20 minutes at 200 °C.

Pancakes with bran

To prepare these pancakes need to mix 2 tbsp bran, 1.5 tbsp low fat cream cheese and 1 egg. Preheat non-stick pan. Pour on it a few small pancakes. Bake for 1.5 minutes on each side. This dish is the most diet and is part of many popular diets. It is fine for Breakfast and as a garnish for hot dishes.

Take the quizCorrectly you eat?
What is your diet and diet? Take the test and find out what mistakes should take note.

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13 delicious foods that are rich in caffeine



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13 delicious foods that are rich in caffeine
The contents

  • Coffee as a drug
  • Products-the leaders in the caffeine content
    • 1. A quick Breakfast
    • 2. Mate Tea
    • 3. Dark chocolate
    • 4. Chocolate chip cookies
    • 5. Decaf
    • 6. Chocolate milk
    • 7. Bottled tea
    • 8. Coffee ice cream
    • 9. Kombucha
    • 10. Sweet soft drinks
    • 11. Hot chocolate
    • 12. Yogurt
    • 13. Guarana

Morning many of us begins with a Cup of freshly brewed coffee. But only if this refreshing drink contains caffeine? It turns out that many other products present on our table, its content can compete with the coffee tree beans!

Coffee as a drug

Caffeine is the most popular “drug” on the planet for billions of people. According to Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA, ninety percent of people in the world daily consume products with caffeine.

Research 2013-the year show that the most coffee per capita is consumed by the inhabitants of Finland — 2.64 cups a day. But not only is coffee rich in this natural stimulant!

Many food manufacturers add caffeine to their products because it is addictive — the more dependent we are on him, the more sales you can bring to the brand owner.

It seems incredible to be true? Did you know that the three most popular beverage in the world contain caffeine? Is Coca-Cola, coffee and tea! So how to start your morning?


According to the Mayo Clinic, adults having good health, can absorb a whopping 400 mg of caffeine a day! People suffering from caffeine addiction, use 400-600 mg of caffeine daily — of course, not without harm to their health.

Products-the leaders in the caffeine content

Some of the most useful sources for caffeine are coffee and green tea. In addition to caffeine, they contain antioxidants that help the body fight off free radicals cause premature aging and certain age-related diseases. Green tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate that stimulates the breakdown of fats, so it is often included in diet menu for weight loss.

The most dangerous source of caffeine and energy drinks. A 2012 study year showed that they contain significantly more caffeine than advertised. So popular in the West energy, Red Bull, AMP and Monster give the body 120 mg of caffeine total of 350 ml of the drink!

Where caffeine still?

1. A quick Breakfast

Anyone who prefers flakes or balls with chocolate for Breakfast, you need to know: in their morning diet is full of caffeine. Especially if the meal traditionally ends with a Cup of coffee. If you want to reduce the share of natural stimulant in the menu, brew no flakes, and these cereals and eat them not with chocolate powder and fresh or frozen berries and fruits. By the way, in the last full of fiber that good for your health!


Research conducted with the participation of 83 thousand women, showed that those women who regularly drink coffee have lower risk of stroke than those who shunned the drink.

2. Mate Tea

True fans of this delicious tea appreciate it primarily for the pleasant taste and mild tonic effect. As you may have guessed, the latter is due to the caffeine content. Besides it, herbal beverage contains saponins and polyphenols, and antioxidants in it than green tea. It contains 7 of the 9 essential amino acids, making this tea a real elixir of health.

3. Dark chocolate

In two or three “cubes” of dark chocolate as much as 12 mg of caffeine. And this is great news for those who are preparing for the exam, complex speech or business negotiations. Getting to the dessert portion chocolate, the body comes to tone and help the person to stand “in all its glory”. But be careful: in the standard bar of chocolate about 70 mg of caffeine!


When roasting coffee beans the last to lose a certain amount of caffeine. That’s why dark coffee tone less than a drink from the beans a light roast.

4. Chocolate chip cookies

In the popular children’s dessert also has caffeine due to the chocolate content. Research shows that one thing can be 3-5 mg.

5. Decaf

This is probably the most unexpected product in our collection! Researchers from the University of Florida, 2006 year showed that the producers in pursuit of profit does not stop at nothing — including, feel free to introduce caffeine into products, which it by definition must be.

Experts bought decaf coffee at 9 outlets, then checked the contents of the natural stimulant in it. And only in one sample of caffeine was not really, the others contained from 8 to 14 mg!

6. Chocolate milk

One Cup of this fragrant beverage is 5 mg of caffeine, and, of course, not the dose that could prevent you from to drink it before bedtime. Concerns among researchers more is a huge amount of sugar — 24 grams in one Cup!

Did you know?

The experts at the Mayo Clinic believe that consuming 200 mg of caffeine a day safe for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. However, the final decision to drink or not to drink coffee, should make the attending physician depending on the health status of the patient.

7. Bottled tea

In one bottle of green or black tea sold in stores can contain from 25 to 50 mg of caffeine. It should be borne in mind that these drinks, just like energy, good body not bring, quite the contrary. In addition to caffeine, they are full of flavors, flavor enhancers and dangerous food additives the E. And to the same — up to 20 mg of sugar per serving!

8. Coffee ice cream

Quality ice cream with the taste of the coffee does contain coffee, not flavour identical to natural. One serving of ice cream, according to expert estimates, about 50 mg of caffeine.

9. Kombucha

This popular version of the drink made on the basis of Japanese mushroom Kombucha, is a symbiosis of yeast and acetic acid bacteria. In this record number of probiotics, beneficial for intestinal health. And in addition, contains caffeine. Kombucha helps people to cheer up and feel energetic, but should consume it in moderation and preferably not before bedtime.


Research conducted in 2014 year, the American Heart Association, showed that nearly 73% of children in the U.S. drink coffee every day. Maybe we are accustom children to the morning “charging”, and then complain that without coffee they can’t Wake up?

10. Sweet soft drinks

It is a mistake to assume that caffeine is rich only “Coca-Cola”. Many other sweet beverages are in demand by the consumer, also contain caffeine. To “see” him behind the walls of the bottle, you will have to read the label. The researchers found that the caffeine even in a drink like orange water!

11. Hot chocolate

In the same Cup natural hot chocolate (the same is “real” and not from a bag), according to researchers, 40 to 50 mg of caffeine. Keep this in mind when composing the daily menu!

12. Yogurt

This is certainly useful dairy dessert can be supplemented with fresh berries and slices of fruit, but a portion of chocolate or coffee filler — for example natural ice cream. Thus, it also may contain caffeine, however, most often, in small amounts.


The more caffeine you consume, the higher the risk of weight gain. The fact that large portions of caffeine in the diet increase the level of the hormone cortisol in the body, and he, in turn, contributes to overeating and fat storage.

13. Guarana

Guarana seeds used by the ancient Indians to prepare healthful, rejuvenating drink. Thanks to caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline — stimulants of the Central nervous system, this drink increased the tone and physical endurance, reduced fatigue. For this reason, supplements with guarana today are used extensively in sports nutrition and slimming.

Interestingly, the stimulating properties of the drink from guarana is 2-5 times higher than that of a Cup of coffee, and a tonic effect lasts longer than 6-8 hours.

Review expert Konstantin Vita, trainer weight loss

Caffeine is a great alkaloid, which has beneficial effects on the nervous system. Thanks to him, the man is more physically active. It is easier to exercise, different exercises.

Exercise, in turn, give him a positive attitude for the whole day. In humans, reduced levels of stress, which also contributes to fat loss. All of this leads to burning of calories and more slender figure.

There is a perception that caffeine, in contrast, inhibits the weight loss. This is partly because caffeine removes water from the body, water is an important component in triggering metabolism. But this effect can be avoided if after a Cup of coffee to drink a glass of water. That is why good coffee shops, coffee is served together with a glass of clean water.

Caffeine is contained not only in coffee but also in tea. Some people forget, but in vain. If the person is sensitive to caffeine, then a couple of cups of green tea in the evening can lead to problems with sleep.

Also be aware that caffeine is healthy, contains high quality coffee beans. Caffeine in instant coffee is exposed to extreme technological processing, which deprives it of valuable properties inherent in the coffee beans. Therefore, excessive soluble coffee may lead to negative health effects.

Review expertXenia King, sports nutritionist, fitness trainer, member of the National Association of dietitians and nutritionists

The highest amount of caffeine in coffee and energy drinks. Less in tea, cocoa.

If we are talking about physically healthy people, moderate consumption of caffeine will not harm. It has a stimulating effect on our brain function: improves reaction speed, attention and concentration. Reduced level of fatigue. It’s not a myth. However, some studies show that frequent use is addictive and this effect virtually disappears.

Still not proven that caffeinated drinks are significantly withdraw fluid from the body. There are studies showing that people who regularly consume caffeine, it is not.

Coffee really enhances the flow of energy of our body and “launches” the fat burning process. According to some studies, 10% obese and 29% for the slim.

The negative effects of abuse of caffeine: tachycardia, nervousness, excitement, insomnia. Coffee is not recommended to drink in the evening because of its stimulant effect.

Review expertAnna Fedak, health coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York), naturopath, physiotherapist

Caffeine is an alkaloid contained in tea, coffee and cocoa. Its main action is stimulation of the Central nervous system through effects on the bioelectric activity of the brain, but not the only — caffeine also affects other organs and systems.

  • Blocking adenosine receptors

In the human body is a neurotransmitter adenosine, which, if necessary, suppresses the feeling of cheerfulness and causes drowsiness, exerting an inhibitory effect on the nervous system. The caffeine molecule is similar to molecule of adenosine enters the body and takes his place, blocking its action. That is, caffeine is not so much exciting, how many temporarily removes inhibitions, masks the fatigue of the nervous system. Over time, the action of caffeine on the receptors ceases. And then the person may experience even greater feelings of drowsiness, because the adenosine in the body, rushes to his place.

  • The increase of sugar level in the blood

Caffeine interacts with the glycogen, causing it to disintegrate faster. While in the blood sugar level. Increasing the sugar level allows us to feel a surge of strength and vigor.

  • Stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract

The stomach produces more gastric juice, increases intestinal peristalsis. Hence the increased appetite after coffee or the urge to drink a Cup after a hearty lunch, and facilitation of the stool with constipation.

  • The effect on the heart

Caffeine stimulates the heart muscle simultaneously and the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve slows down heart activity, so changes of the heart in the use of caffeine is often negligible. However, in large doses caffeine can cause heart palpitations or even an irregular heartbeat. But it is also able to raise the pressure by increasing the frequency and force of cardiac contractions.

  • Effect on the blood vessels

Caffeine dilates the blood vessels of the heart, kidneys, skeletal muscles and constricts blood vessels of the abdominal organs. Therefore, the coffee has a slight diuretic effect.

To drink or not to drink?

Caffeine in the normal range of consumption and occasionally does not harm the body. Negative symptoms begin to appear if you exceed the allowed number.

Acceptable dose of caffeine per day: from 150 to 300 mg. is 150 mg contained in 2 cups of grain, 3 cups of instant coffee, 3-4 cups of black and 4-5 cups of green tea.

When used in a larger number even in a healthy person there may be symptoms of overdose: trouble sleeping, nervousness and rapid pulse, arrhythmia.

The upper limit of the use of 400 mg.

Coffee can be harmful with daily use in response to the onset of fatigue.

Maintain yourself in a healthy state with the help of coffee is a symptom of chronic exhaustion of the nervous system, which should not be ignored. Sooner or later a permanent false sense of cheerfulness will affect the General state of the organism, because of its resources and the margin of safety is not limitless.

Coffee can have a negative effect or even be dangerous in some chronic diseases. If you have liver disease and/or reduced activity of hepatic enzymes, filtering the blood is bad, then the caffeine enters the brain in larger quantity and having a sharp and strong effect on the receptors. Even with a slight excess of the individual rules can appear symptoms of increased heartbeat, arrhythmia, headaches and others.

If at reduced and normal pressure, the effect of caffeine is often all that hypertension, even a small increase can have unpleasant consequences, up to a hypertensive crisis. The same danger exists with ischemic heart disease and atrial fibrillation.

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Collagen as a component of post-workout complexes


Katie Kissel, master of science, registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics

Collagen consists of amino acids, are intertwined and form the hard and durable connective tissue (skin, cartilage, ligaments and bones), accounting for about a third of the total number of proteins in animals. Collagen is considered to be beneficial for the skin, intestines and joints, and it is believed that it can improve the results of training.

Many forms of collagen supplements involve the use of enzymes, high temperature or water to convert the collagen in the collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysates. Collagen supplements are usually in one of two forms, either it is non-denatured collagen or denatured. In humans there are several types of collagen, the most common is the I, II and III types. Collagen type I is most common, and it is considered the most effective. Collagen type II is a popular ingredient included in the composition of additives, it is a peptide and is a major component of articular cartilage. Collagen type III is included in our organs and skin and gives it elasticity.

What are the benefits of collagen?

Many people do not get collagen from food on a regular basis due to modern methods of meat processing and demand for boneless meat and meat without the skin. In the past people ate a variety of animal parts including bone marrow and connective tissue. This is one reason for the growing popularity of bone broth and other supplements that contain collagen. In addition to reducing the number of products containing collagen, there are other contributing factors to the breakdown of collagen is the age of heavy workouts and excess weight.

A study on collagen and mechanisms of recovery after workouts, consider its effects on muscle tissue. Of studies involving elderly participants with age-related loss of muscle mass showed that the group who took supplements containing collagen peptide in combination with endurance training, was able to significantly improve body composition than the control group who received a placebo. Another study on the impact of hydrolyzed collagen on elderly women diet with a moderate or a small amount of protein, showed the relationship between nitrogen balance (protein) and maintaining lean muscle mass.

The study also showed that supplementation with collagen has a positive effect on cartilage tissue and may contribute to reducing functional pain in the knee. Review for 2016 showed that there is a significant number of laboratory studies and studies on living organisms, confirming that collagen peptides promote healing of bone tissue.

A separate study showed that taking gelatin (vitamin C) before exercise can improve the synthesis of collagen and help in preventing injuries and recovering from them. Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen in the body. It is important to note that the study was conducted both in the laboratory and in living organisms, while the laboratory part of the study, cells were taken only from one participant.

Can the collagen to replace other types of protein supplements?

It is important to remember that collagen is not a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. The collagen is missing in essential amino acid tryptophan. Collagen contains a large number of such amino acids as glycine, Proline, hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. Glycine is a major structural component of collagen, has anti-inflammatory properties. This is another possible advantage of the supplements with collagen content.

Is it possible to replace your post-workout complex with collagen?

Post-workout complex should consist of three components:

  • Proteins help rebuild muscles.
  • The carbs to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles and stimulate the recovery process.
  • Electrolytes to replenish losses during training.

The inclusion of collagen in post-workout complex can have a positive impact on muscle and connective tissue, including bone, tendons, and ligaments. In many post-workout complexes lacking any of these essential recovery ingredients, so collagen can be a great alternative or additive to them.

If your post-workout complex contains no protein, it is likely that it will be useful to add collagen. If you want to replace your post-workout complex with collagen, try to mix whey or any other protein containing a sufficient amount of all nine essential amino acids, and collagen to get more complete protein. There are ready-made mixture consisting of whey protein and collagen. In most cases, collagen can not be a full replacement for the traditional post-workout complex, but it can strengthen it.


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  • This article was written by Katie Kissane (MS, RD, CSSD), a certified nutritionist and specialist in sports nutrition with extensive experience in the field of nutrition, including diet for diabetes, allergies/food intolerances and eating disorders. Katie received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in science of nutrition at the University of Colorado. Kathy is the owner of NoCo Sports Nutrition and works with many athletes, including youth athletes, collegiate and professional athletes. She is currently included in the register of dieticians of the United state Olympic Committee. As an athlete, she has a unique understanding of the many issues facing athletes.

    Arthritis pain, turmeric and Boswellia


    Author: doctor Eric Madrid

    Arthritis. This disease people suffering from time immemorial. Those who are susceptible to the disease, symptoms usually occur at the age of 40 years and progress with aging. Before the advent of modern pharmaceutical drugs, patients with arthritis do not always infinitely suffered from pain — someone used as medicine gifts of nature and herbs to reduce the pain. For centuries people have found relief in turmeric and Boswellia, two supplements of herbs that can be useful, as evidenced by a study of 2018.

    “Arthritis” comes from the Greek word arthron, meaning “joint” and the Latin word itis – inflammation. Arthritis literally means “inflammation of joint”. Generally speaking, there are two main types of arthritis – osteoarthritis (~95%) and rheumatoid arthritis (~ 5%). This article will focus on osteoarthritis as the most common form of arthritis.

    The symptoms of arthritis:

    • Joint pain
    • Swelling of joints
    • Stiffness in the joints
    • Deformity of the joints
    • The loss of function of the joint

    Traditional therapy

    Most doctors recommend to treat arthritis NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). These drugs include ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), diclofenac, indomethacin and celecoxib (Celebrex). These medications although help for a short time, but prolonged use increases the risk of kidney diseases and heart attack.

    Also use acetaminophen (tylenol, paracetamol). However, if you take this drug for a long time, it can put extra strain on the liver and lowered levels of glutathione. Therefore, to reduce the load on the liver, many patients are taking supplements with N-acetyl cysteine.

    In severe cases, can also prescribe steroid and narcotic drugs.

    Natural methods of treatment

    Badam turmeric and Boswellia was the subject of a study conducted in January 2018, which was attended by 201 people aged 40 to 70 years. All subjects had symptoms of arthritis of the knee joint. In the study, participants took either turmeric, or turmeric in combination with Boswellia or an identical in appearance placebo pills (sugar).

    Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

    Turmeric (also known as Indian saffron) is a root plant of the Ginger family, is often used as a means possessing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other useful properties.

    It is believed that curcumin, the main chemical substance contained in turmeric is very beneficial for health. Turmeric used as a spice to improve the taste of food for over 4,000 years. Important role this plant played in medicine. The relief of symptoms of arthritis is one of the main reasons for taking this old pot.

    Boswellia (Boswellia carterii)

    Boswellia is an Ayurvedic herbal Supplement which also helps to reduce arthritis pain. Essential oil extracted from this plant, called incense.

    The results of the study

    Initially, the scientists measured the physical function of a patient with arthritis, stiffness in the morning and the General opinion of the patient about the severity of his illness.

    At the end of this three-month study, researchers found that turmeric has proved very useful for reducing pain caused by arthritis.

    In addition, the researchers also found that the combination of turmeric and Boswellia is more effective at reducing pain, providing a synergistic effect.

    Recommended dosage:

    For optimal relief of symptoms of arthritis take both supplements together in accordance with the data of the study.

    Turmeric (curcumin) – take 500 mg three times a day

    Boswellia – take 150 mg three times a day


    Haroyan A, Mukuchyan V, N Mkrtchyan, et al. Efficacy and safety of curcumin and its combination with boswellic acid in osteoarthritis: a comparative, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2018;18:7. doi:10.1186/s12906-017-2062-z.

    The author of this article — doctor Eric Madrid, a member of the American Council on integrative and holistic medicine, certified American Board of family medicine and the American Council on integrative and holistic medicine. He is the author of “the purpose of the vitamin D, the healing energy of the sun.” Eric Madrid graduated from medical school at Ohio State University. He is a partner of Rancho Family Medical Group and is accepting patients in Menifee, California. More information about Dr. Madrid here.

    The influence of the habit of working at night in the process of losing weight



    weight loss, lifestyle
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    The influence of the habit of working at night in the process of losing weight

    The contents

    • How to reduce the impact of harmful habits is during a work night?
    • Habits of cheerfulness: what to do if you sleepy?
    • Features of supply after a night of hectic activity
    • Physical exercise as a useful habit for getting rid of night stress

    Habit to work at night, reinforcing its efficiency with sandwiches and cakes, are not useful. Night rush jobs not only adversely affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but it could lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

    How to reduce the impact of harmful habits is during a work night?

    In life there are situations when you have to work nights to make reports, write articles or abstracts. Some explain this need that the day is not enough time or just inspiration. And sometimes it happens several days to go to bed in the morning, preparing for an exam or an important presentation. Such habits threaten trouble for health. Everyone who works at night, sacrificing a full bed, the risk of extra weight gain. And this phenomenon can be explained.

    Working night, you always want something to chew on. It is quite natural, because the night Abraham — a great deal of stress for the human body, and delicious food — a great sedative. Especially if it is oily or sweet. What to do in this case?

    • Calm your nerves with something besides food.

    For example, turn on soft music or put on your knees purring cat.

    • It is advisable to prepare for the upcoming sleepless night, namely: to ensure that the house was not anything fat and sweet, and instead stock up on carrots, apples or other fruits and vegetables.

    Healthy habits there are some products will not harm the figure.

    • Drink unsweetened green tea and juice, replacing them nutritious meals.
    • The body “wants sweets.”

    Such a desire there is a scientific explanation for the normal activities of the brain need glucose. But this need can be satisfied with one Cup of tea with added sugar. And bad habits to absorb the night candy cakes are all essentially the same desire to calm down. What to do in this case?

    If there is a feeling that the brain can no longer cope with the work, you can support it with a Cup of tea with sugar. Will also help the use of sweet fruits — raisins, dates, grapes. In some cases, you can afford low-fat sweets like marshmallows or marshmallow, but as is the case with fruits and with desserts it is important to respect a sense of proportion.


    To find a cure

    Habits of cheerfulness: what to do if you sleepy?

    When performing work at night awake. This is not surprising because at night people have to sleep. But you need to work, so each seeks his own way of dealing with drowsiness. In this case, we all have different habits: some people drink coffee, others energy, and others are constantly chewing. How can you cheer up, will not harm the body and figure?

    In addition to coffee and energy drinks ability to cheer up and have some vitamins. Need to find a suitable vitamin complex with invigorating effect. Just before applying, be sure to consult a doctor. The specialist will define, what vitamins and in what dosage you need to take to avoid overdose of high blood pressure and other side effects.

    Another option is the use of adaptogens, which include tinctures ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea, and other plants that have an invigorating effect. The action of adaptogens have similarities with caffeine, but some of them also help to improve brain activities. Therefore, they are able to not only chase a dream but to help to do the job faster and better. How to choose the right tool? This again should help the doctor, because the habit of self-medication can lead to undesirable results.

    Features of supply after a night of hectic activity

    After the work comes time the long-awaited vacation, during which again affected by the impact of habit to throw products primarily in order to finally get rid of the night’s stress. In addition, overwork, caffeine, energy and adaptogens provoke the release of certain hormones, including adrenaline, contributing to the process of burning excess fat. It is for this reason that in congestion the body has to spend its reserves, to ensure the livelihoods of working for the wear systems. And when hard work ends, it again requires to fill them. If you do not follow the fine line of balance is lost and replaced batteries, there is a risk of weight gain. Therefore, we must cultivate the useful habit — 2-3 days after a night of Abraham conducted on a reduced-calorie diet, that is, to limit consumption of sweets, flour products, oily and fried foods. If it is very difficult to do without treats allowed in the first half of the day to indulge in a piece of marshmallow, marmalade, or marshmallow. Over the day these calories will have time to burn and all that will be eaten after six in the evening, I will go to the restoration of lost supplies.

    Physical exercise as a useful habit for getting rid of night stress

    It is believed that after intense mental labor should abandon the habit of exercise. Session at the Institute, quarterly report and other urgent matters for some, be an excuse to abandon a workout in the gym or morning exercise. And if in the period of Abraham at all that doesn’t really have the time, a few days after this statement, if exercise no strength is a simple excuse. Of course, after a hard night of work need to get some sleep. But upon waking, it is advisable to remember your good habits and make at least a couple of exercise habits for a healthy lifestyle will help the body to get rid of the night’s stress. Maybe in the near future an intense workout will do, but a walk in the Park, swim in the pool or attend yoga classes would be very helpful. This will restore the nervous system, normalizes hormone levels and slow down the process of fat accumulation.

    The emergence of excess weight is not the most unpleasant consequences of night bodrstvovanie. Much worse is the fact that sleepless nights can lead to diseases of the nervous system and heart. So when you still have to work the night, use these simple tips and think about how in the future to avoid such habits, to give yourself such a useful full night’s sleep?

    Secrets of power: how the dough is less calories?



    food, lifestyle
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    Secrets of power: how the dough is less calories?
    The contents

    • The role of the dough products in food
    • What dough contains less calories?
      • Custard
      • Unleavened (yeast-free)
      • Yeast
      • Biscuit
      • Puff
      • Sand
    • Simple and delicious recipes
      • Biscuit dough
      • The dough for pasties

    “Bread around the head”, — says a popular proverb. For many centuries, it is part of human nutrition. There are many types of baking, many recipes for the dough. Some of them look fat? To understand this diversity will help MedAboutMe.

    The role of the dough products in food

    Dough occupy a prominent place in our diet. It can be not only bread products but also biscuits, cakes, cookies, pasties, dumplings, pies, pastries, cakes, etc. they are All different different types of dough. It can be shortbread, yeast, biscuit, sweet, custard — all are countless.

    Now, many people tend to watch my weight, so I prefer to limit the cakes in the diet, if not to exclude it, because they are scared of extra calories. But we should do it? Indeed, in wheat or rye grain contains many useful substances necessary for the functioning of the body. Bread is the oldest food product, it has learned to bake long before our era. In those days the bread dough consisted of only water and flour.

    However, since then much has changed. Gradually, there were different types of dough and different recipes for its preparation. Many of them contain a lot of muffin: fat, sugar, eggs, milk, etc. From simple low-calorie bread baking came to a diverse range of products. Now many of them are high-calorie, not bringing much benefit to health.

    But still not worth it in one fell swoop eliminate all bread products from your diet. After all, they provide us carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, they give us strength and energy. Therefore, our diet should include products from the test. It is important to know what constitutes each type of test, which there are recipes, and which one you should choose.

    What dough contains less calories?

    Below you will learn the characteristics of the most common types test: what they consist of, what are the characteristics of baking, etc. Types of dough located on the number of calories, ranging from the very low-calorie and ending with that in which they are most.


    This time let the extra calories you are not afraid, choux pastry they are few. So it is safe to cook éclairs with a low fat cottage cheese or berries, from them you will not recover.

    To make this test uses water, flour, butter and eggs. Soda and baking powder are not used here. First the flour is poured with boiling water (brew), then the injected eggs, butter, stir and allow to stand for a few hours. Then the resulting mass planted portions on a baking sheet and bake. In the process of baking choux pastry gives large voids which are then filled with stuffing. The most famous products — eclairs.

    Unleavened (yeast-free)

    As mentioned above, fresh (unleavened) dough is the long-standing. It was part of the diet since time immemorial. His recipe consists of flour and water. Sometimes there still add vegetable oil and salt. In different countries of the world, from unleavened dough often bake cakes and sell them on the street. To the product of such a test turned out delicious, after mixing it is necessary to give “rest”, that is, to stand at ordinary temperature for some time (30-40 minutes).

    It may have butter and additives. In this case it is flavored with butter, eggs, sugar, cream, etc. it is Clear that in this case, its calorie content increases.


    For making yeast dough, you will need a baking powder. It is the role of yeast. Also included are flour and water. If you are preparing sweet yeast dough, put in more butter, sugar, milk, etc. it is Clear that sweet supplements are a “fount” of extra calories.

    The peculiarity of this test is that when kneading and proofing, its volume greatly increases. Proofing should be carried out in a warm place and can last up to 4 hours. The dough was well risen, the components also have to be warm.


    To make the sponge cake, you need flour, sugar and eggs. Moreover, relative to the weight of flour eggs should be plenty, then the cake will turn out light, high and porous.

    First, whip until fluffy the eggs with the sugar. Then add flour and quickly mix. The mass was even bigger, the eggs divided into whites and yolks and beat them with sugar separately.

    Then, the form grease with butter (or veiled baking paper), put it in the ground and baked. Biscuits are often used as the basis for the preparation of pastries and cakes.


    This dough differs from all others by the fact that its main ingredient is butter (you can substitute margarine, but the taste gets a bit worse). Flour put on weight the same or even less than oil. Hence it is clear that this dough is very high in calories. Its preparation is very laborious and requires a lot of time and patience.

    To get the puff pastry, first mix the two tests. One is the simplest, made with flour and water and the second with the addition of large quantities of oil. Then “oil” dough wrapped in a simple, repeatedly folded and rolled, then allowed to soak in the fridge. Then repeat the whole procedure several times. But the result is worth it.

    Important point: if you want the puff pastry was perfect, all the components must be very cold.


    For this test you need flour, butter and sugar. The ratio of 3:2:1. That is, oil here, too much so, like puff pastry, it is delicious. To the product turned out crumbly, before kneading, the components need good cooling.

    First the flour is mixed with sugar. Then put in oil and a wide knife is ground all in “grit”. After the flour will combine with the oil, do it gently with your hands to gather the mass together. Knead it long otherwise the dough will lose elasticity, and the product will turn hard.

    Then the dough wrapped in plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 hour. You can roll out.

    Simple and delicious recipes
    Biscuit dough

    A very simple recipe biscuit cake with apples. Rinse 2 apples, peel them from the skins and seeds. Cut them into small cubes or thin slices.

    Connect the 4 eggs with 1 Cup of sugar (if desired, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar). Beat well with a mixer or blender. Beat until until the mixture become white and become lush.

    To 1 Cup flour add soda on the tip of a knife and stir (to extinguish it with vinegar do not!). Then connect the flour with the sugar-egg mixture and whisk again.

    Liberally grease the form of oil. Pour into it half of the dough. On top of it lay the sliced apples, then pour on them the remaining batter.

    Put the form in a pre-heated oven. After 2-3 minutes turn down the heat and bake the cake until done. When the surface becomes Golden, and he will lag behind the edges of the form, it is ready.

    Remove it from the oven, and while it’s still hot, liberally sprinkle it with powdered sugar (convenient to do it through a strainer). Serve cold.

    The dough for pasties

    0,5 kg of flour pour on the table slide. Make the center hole and pour 0.25 l of hot water. Add 1/2 tsp of salt. Knead the dough. It is necessary to knead it until it has completely cooled down and no longer sticks to the hands.

    Then roll the ball out of it, put it in a bowl, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour to “rest”. Rest is absolutely necessary, during this time the gluten of the dough will swell, and it will take the desired consistency.

    Remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide into 2 parts. Roll each portion into a sausage, then cut into circles. Each of them delicately roll the size of cheburek, the thinner the better. On half of the circle put the filling, cover with second part and carefully Zadejte region.

    Pasties fry in oil in a well heated pan. When one side is Golden, flip the Taco to the other side and cook until done.

    This dough recipe can be used not only for the pasties, but for the dumplings.

    Take the quizCorrectly you eat?
    What is your diet and diet? Take the test and find out what mistakes should take note.

    Uses photographs Shutterstock

    The main problem of substitutes


    Sugar is not just sweet inert substances and molecules, which interact strongly with the receptors of sweet taste, which are located in many organs. This can lead to a number of serious side effects. We should not deceive ourselves – it is harmful to health

    The main problem with sugar substitutes is that they are effective sweeteners: aspartame 250, saccharin 520 times sweeter than sucrose. Sounds strange? Let me explain. So, the sweet taste perceived in a specific cellular receptor for sweet substances is a dimer of two receptor proteins, T1R2 and T1R3. If this receptor were only language, then the problems would not have happened.

    Andrew Blueskin: about sweeteners

    But the problem is that the sweet receptor is located in many other organs (see picture). Soaked, intense sweeteners bind to receptors of sweet taste in the pancreas, brain, blood vessels, bones, stomach, intestines, adipose tissue. (Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2014 Jul; 17(4): 379-385.Functional roles of the sweet taste receptor in oral and extraoral circumferential surface of tissues).

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    Thus, the outwardly harmless substances significantly change the secretion of intestinal hormones that disrupt the expression of proteins, glucose transporters even in the absence of sugar affects insulin secretion and glucose levels in the blood, T1R3 is in the stomach, ghrelin-producing cells, their excessive stimulation enhances appetite.

    It is not surprising that the sweeteners increase the risk of diabetes (Consumption of artificially and sugar-sweetened beverages and incident type 2 diabetes in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 97, Issue 3, 1 March 2013, Pages 517-523).

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    Sweet receptors in the bones and adipose tissues also play an important role. Sucralose stimulates the appearance of new fat cells and the accumulation of fat droplets. (Cell Metabolism VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1, P75-90, JULY 12, 2016 Sucralose Promotes Food Intake through NPY Neuronal and a Fasting Response).Excessive stimulation of bone receptors can lead to osteoporosis. There are receptors for sweet in the bladder. So many sweeteners, for example saccharin, increase the tone and contraction of the bladder.

    The nutritional status of the organism is associated with the sweet receptors in the brain. Receptors for sweet are located in the hypothalamus on neurons and are involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism (“Sweet taste receptor in the hypothalamus: a potential new player in glucose sensing in the hypothalamus”. 2017 The Journal of Physiological Sciences. 67 (4): 459-465.). Activation of receptors for sweets leads to a reduction of blood flow in the vessels of the brain. Therefore, the sweeteners increase the incidence of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.

    Even if a person keeps to myself and does not transmit against the background of the eating sugar substitutes he is suffering from constant hunger. From consuming a lot of sweeteners disrupted the normal perception of sweet taste, and is suffering the dopamine system of the brain (Altered processing of sweet taste in the brain of diet soda drinkers, Physiology & Behavior, 107 (4) 560-567. DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2012.05.006).

    Conclusion. Sugar is not just sweet inert substances and molecules, which interact strongly with the receptors of sweet taste, which are located in many organs. This can lead to a number of serious side effects. We should not deceive ourselves – it is harmful to health.published econet.ru.

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