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Chewable vitamin C from CGN for children and adults


Friends, a discount of 27% on VITAMINS CGN talk about chewable vitamin C brand CGN. He came recently and has already become everyone’s favorite! To make an order under this action =)

I recently wrote about organic vitamin D from CGN in chewing fruit pastilles. Budget cost, it is no different in taste from the more expensive Nordic Naturals and even tastier =)

Chewable vitamin C

Chewable vitamin C is also entered in a new line of CGN. It is not organic (yet), but made with organic ingredients and natural dyes. Inside the banks – jelly slices with tangerine flavour. Juicy and delicious, without any artificial taste.

And you know, I’m increasingly convinced vitamins should taste good and be fun! Agree, a fragrant slice of Mandarin orange or “marmalade berry” gives completely different emotions than the white capsule with the powder.

And maybe that’s why more and more adults take vitamins in chewable form? Not to mention kids, which are common additives just “forget” to drink on time!

Where to buy: vitamin C gummy slices in the CGN

Vitamin C dosage

In the jar CGN chewable 90 gummies. In the daily serving of 3 gummies: they give 250 mg of vitamin C. Banks is enough for 1 month of admission, this is a good dosage for every day. And here’s why.

I want again to remind you about the dosage of vitamin C.

Adults need 90 mg of vitamin C, children 45-75 mg per day. We can safely take 250 mg of vitamin C every day, according to most experts. In the days of high stress and loading can take up to 500 mg of vitamin C.

Studies have shown that taking 1000 mg of vitamin C per day can reduce the symptoms and duration of colds. A daily intake of 1000 mg of vitamin C for 2-3 weeks reduces the risk of developing a cold. Take vitamin C two times a day, be sure to divide into portions of 500 mg.

But… again become popular high dosages of vitamin C in the Russian Runet. Experts believe that taking vitamin C at 3000 mg and higher to a state of “intestinal diarrhea” can be dangerous to health and does NOT affect the increase of vitamin C in the blood.

According to research (1), vitamin C supplementation at doses of 1,000 mg (per day) increases by 25% the occurrence of cataract in women, and 123% the risk of kidney stones in men. Women are less prone to the formation of oxalate stones. High dosages of vitamin C reduce the effectiveness of statins and other drugs.

The optimal dosage of vitamin C for daily intake of 250 mg, 500 mg. maximum in Winter can be increased to 1000 mg per corsavy reception.

Vitamin C provided by iHerb-om free for writing the review. I choose the tools that want to try.

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    The best exercises for correcting posture


    Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle causes problems with back, neck, spine, posture. If you sit throughout the working day, most likely, you have problems with your back. Even if you have a very good chair – it will not save you from pain and discomfort. Here we need more effective methods.


    Especially for you we have selected a few systems that will help bring your back to tone, straighten and correct posture, to improve health. Some of them you can perform directly in the workplace even without getting up from his chair, or in standing, the rest can do at home, lying down on a special Mat. Hope you will be able to choose something of the following for yourself.


    Exercises for your back and posture


    During exercise, listen to yourself. If you have any pain, severe discomfort, the exercise should stop, and of course, it is desirable to go to a good doctor for a consultation.


    Align your posture, remove back pain:


    With the help of exercise and temperance, most people can do without medicine.
    Joseph Addison


    Try to do 8-10 repetitions and 2-3 sets for each exercise. If this load seem big, especially at the initial stage, reduce it to a comfortable value.


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    1. Stretch hamstrings

    Put one foot on a low stool or stand (you can use any object whose height is no higher than 15 cm). The emphasis is on the heel, the toe a little pull on yourself.

    Start to slowly lean towards the straight leg until until you feel tension in the back of the thigh. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, then change legs.
    During a slope, you must ensure that the leg that you bend over, was direct, it was not sagging in the waist and shoulders were not stooped. Make repeated 3 times on each leg.

    If you allow stretching, the exercise can be performed without the stand. Try to reach out to the toe of the straight leg, hold hands on the sock.



    2. Exercise “the Cat and camel”

    Get down on all fours so that your palms are directly under your shoulders. Completely relax your back and stomach, let him even a little “slack”. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Then vignete back up and again hold for 5 seconds. Perform 10 repetitions.



    3. Exercise “Crossroads”

    Its main essence is simultaneously lifting opposite arms and legs. In addition, it teaches to keep balance, it also stretches the lower back.

    Get on all fours, the emphasis on straightened arms, palms are directly under the shoulders. The abdominal muscles and back muscles tense. Stretch your left hand and simultaneously raise your right leg.
    Try to keep arm and leg were on the same level. Hold this position for 5 seconds, return to starting position. Then repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Perform 10 repetitions of the exercise on each side.



    4. The rise of the pelvis

    Lie on your back, bend your knees. Press the lower back to the floor and tighten your abdominal muscles.

    Hold this position for 5 seconds and relax.

    Perform 3 sets of 10 times. After this exercise the next day can hurt your muscles.



    5. Partial lifting of the

    Lie on your back, bend your knees about 90 degrees. Hands pull along the body, tuck your chin to your chest and start to climb up and go up until your shoulders come off the floor.

    Then don’t need to climb. Hold this position for 3 seconds and relax. Hands should be level with the body. It’s like you’re reaching with your palms to your feet. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions. During the exercise do not hold your breath.



    6. Stretching the gluteal muscles

    Lying on your back, put your right leg over your left so that the ankle was lying on his knee. Put your hands behind the knee of the left leg and gently pull it towards your chest.

    You will feel the tension in the gluteal muscles, and also, perhaps, in the outside of the thigh. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and return to starting position. Perform 3 sets on each leg.
    How close to the chest you can pull up a leg, depends on your stretch marks. So, if you have not played sports, it is better to perform it carefully and not overdo it.



    7. Exercise for stretching the back

    Lie on the floor stomach down and relax for 5 minutes. If at rest, will feel back pain, then its implementation should be abandoned. If there is no pain, you can begin to implement.

    In itself, the exercise resembles the pose of a Cobra and a lion. Not bending very much, lift the upper body on the hands, bent at the elbows. The forearm can stay on the floor. Hold this position for 5 minutes. Then again, just lie down and relax for a moment.
    The second time climb a little higher, severing the elbows from the floor, and again descend. Perform 4 sets of 10 climbs. Between sets rest lying on my stomach for 2 minutes. During the execution of the exercises ensure that the hip was pinned to the floor.



    8. Side plank

    Lie on the floor so that the shoulders, legs and hips were on the same line. Lift your body, leaning on the elbow. It should be clearly under the shoulder. Lift the hips off the floor and try to hold balance in this position for 15 seconds. Then return to the starting position.

    Repeat the same thing, turned over on the other side. Try to gradually increase the time, bringing it to 1 minute. If you perform the exercise with straight legs is difficult, bend your knees. The angle between the hips and bent knees should be approximately 45 degrees. Make sure that the body and the pelvis remains in line with the hips and legs.



    9. Stretching the upper part of the chest muscles

    All you need to do is get up from the chair, walk up to the doorway, put one hand just above his head in the door jamb, and begin to bend forward until until you feel the tension of the muscles in the front of your shoulders.

    Hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position.


    • Stretching the muscles of the chest and front of the shoulder, do not use too much force.
    • Breathe normally, without holding the breath.
    • Keep the front shoulders, chest and lower blades.
    • The angle of the arm is bent at the elbow needs to be more direct about 10 degrees.



    10. The traction on the chair back

    It can be done without even getting up from his chair. However the chair should be without high of the back, otherwise make it fail. Just put your hands behind your head and interlock your palms to the castle.

    Start to take your elbows back, bending in the upper back, and look at the ceiling. Repeat the exercise 10 times. It is recommended to perform several times a day.
    Many do it intuitively in the process of prolonged sedentary work having your hands behind your head and stretch out sweet in the end escapev hands and spreading his arms out to the sides.



    11. Lifts hands into the wall

    Become back to the wall, arms out to the sides so that your elbows and wrists touching the wall.

    Start slowly raise the arms up and to the side as high as you can, and slowly lowered them.

    Most importantly, making sure the elbows and wrists are pulled from the wall. It is recommended to perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.

    If during exercise you feel any pain or discomfort in the upper back, stop and go to the next.



    12. The mixing blades

    This simple mixing blades, which can be performed in both standing and sitting. Hands should be lowered and relaxed. Keep blades, hold them in this position for 5 seconds, and relax again.



    13. The Exercise Called “Plane”

    Helps to get rid of the discomfort in the back, but also strengthens the back. Lie on the floor stomach down, put it under the chest with a small pillow (a folded towel) and spread arms to the sides, elbows straight, and brush clenched in a fist with the set to the top with your thumbs.

    Slowly begin to lift your arms up, squeezing shoulder blades together and slowly lower them down. In this case, you have to hold the head so it was one straight together with the whole body.
    Don’t raise the chin and is not limited by his forehead to the floor. When performing this exercise, it will not be much difficulty for you, you can take up light-weight.

    Please note, you must work the back muscles, not hands! This means that the tension should be felt only between your shoulder blades. Wrists, elbows and shoulders should be level.



    14. Bending down from a seated position

    In this case, our goal is stretching the muscles of the upper back. Sit on the floor, legs straight.

    Put your hands in the middle part of the feet, tilt his head and neck down towards the belly button.

    The math in this position to 15 and return to starting position.



    15. Exercise “Rowing back”

    To run it you will need the expander, or any other elastic rope.

    Fasten the expander to an immovable object (e.g. the handle of a closed door), sit in a chair and pick up the free ends of the expander.

    Keep your forearms vertically in front of him.

    Elbows should be level with the shoulders, the angle between the shoulders and the forearms should be ~90 degrees.

    Pull the ends of the expander, spreading his arms and clenching the muscles between the shoulder blades. Return to starting position.


    16. The knees

    Lie on the floor and bend your knees, moving the feet to the pelvis. Take the left knee down and to the side as if trying to put it on the floor. Return leg to original position. Repeat this 3 times out of 8 and switch to right leg.

    During this exercise you should feel stretches the inner thighs and the gluteus muscles. This will remove the tension from the muscles in the lower back.



    17. “One-legged frog”

    Lie on your back, knees bent, feet fully resting on the floor. Pull one knee to your chest and describe its semicircle, returning to the starting position. Perform three sets of 8 and do the same with the other leg.

    This exercise also stretches the outer thighs, and removes tension from the joints of the legs and lower part possano



    18. “Dolly”

    Sit up straight, legs connect the feet and pull them closer to the pelvis, knees spread to the sides. Grasp the foot with your fingers, press the chin to the chest and reach forehead toward feet. Linger. In this position you have a rounded back and you should feel the stretch in the lower part of the spine.



    19. Longitudinal fold

    Sit up straight, legs straight, knees locked. If you have the opportunity, join hands for feet and gently drag the forehead to the knees. The knees should be straightened, the back surface of the hips relaxed. The tilt is due to the work of the hip joints and not the feet.

    This simple set of exercises to force each of us, isn’t it? Let’s take care of your posture, do not delay classes the next day, then tomorrow we will be able to enjoy the fruits of their efforts!



    Simple exercises for back and posture


    1. Tuck your chin to your chest and pinch shoulder blades together, hold for 1-2 minutes in this position. Such a stance will help to relieve tension and stretch the cervical spine.


    2. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, relax your hands and slightly removed from the torso, stretch the top to the ceiling without lifting your chin. So you’re stretching the cervical spine.


    3. Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart and make rotational movement to direct the hands, as when swimming the crawl. This exercise is a great way to develop shoulder muscles that maintain the correct neck position.


    4. Stand in starting position: back straight, shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly, without sudden movements, bend forward and try to snuggle head to her knees, clasping their hands. Thow do you straighten the spine and stretch the back muscles.


    5. To help stretch the spine and strengthen the muscles will come and exercise, familiar from childhood: the bridge and the cat. The first is performed from the supine position to using hands and feet to tear the torso off the floor and remain in this position for at least for a few seconds and do 3-4 repeat. “Kitty” is performed from a position on all fours, on his knees and straightened his hands, the girl flexes and bends back, do 5-6 repetitions.


    6. Put a chair next to the mirror so that you can see your reflection on the side. Sit on a chair and pick up under her feet, sit on your heels, straighten your back (the position can be monitored in the mirror), put your hands on your knees. Freeze for 3-4 minutes. This exercise is great for strengthening back muscles and training muscle memory.published econet.ru.

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    What can cause excess or deficiency of iodine in the body


    One of the most important micronutrients in the human body is iodine. The body contains about 25 mg of this trace element, 15 mg of which in the thyroid gland, with the remainder in the kidney, liver, prostate, ovaries, skin, nails and hair.

    The daily requirement of iodine is equal to 50-200 mcg. He is involved in the formation of thyroid hormones, which are responsible for the development and growth of the organism, the efficiency of metabolic processes, generating heat. Athletes valued for the iodine that supports the function of the thyroid gland that contains hormones such as thyroxine and triiodothyronine – they are responsible for the increase in workout intensity, metabolism, and lower the percentage of fat in the body.


    The lack of iodine in the body and its causes


    Iodine deficiency is marked, almost two billion inhabitants of our planet. The deficit occurs when consumption of a micronutrient smaller on the daily rate, i.e. less than 0.05 mg.


    According to research, during exercise the requirement of iodine increases.


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    The human body is unable to produce iodine, so the balance is always in need of replenishment with the help of external sources. They can be not only food, but the atmosphere, air and water.


    For example, people who live far from the sea, the level of trace element in blood is lower than those who daily inhales saturated with iodine sea air.


    Signs of iodine deficiency


    Even the slightest lack of iodine in the body can provoke headaches, chronic fatigue, irritability, problems with memory and concentration.


    To determine the body’s need for iodine, you need to perform simple manipulations:

    • A 5% solution of iodine onto the skin, apply a mesh of thin lines about 1cm frequency. In that case, if for 6-8 hours lines disappear – the body needs iodine.


    What leads to the lack of iodine


    • Scientists have found that the amount of iodine is directly linked to the index IQ – so, deficiency of this mineral decreases IQ by 10-15 points.
    • Deficiency may lead to slowing of metabolism and as a consequence the acceleration of the weight gain.
    • For pregnant women, iodine deficiency is fraught with anomalies in the development of the fetus and miscarriage.
    • Children suffering from iodine deficiency, are lagging behind in mental and physical development, and their nervous system is poorly developed.


    Iodine deficiency and obesity


    When iodine deficiency the body begins to experience difficulties with the use of glucose as energy in order to avoid such difficulties, he is forced to increase the percentage of its processing fat.


    Low levels of T3 and T4 hormones affects reactions of the human body, making it sluggish, which contributes to obesity.


    The lack of iodine in the body is directly associated with HGH levels. Low growth hormone not only allows you to gain muscle mass, but also strongly inhibits the process of burning fat.


    Excess iodine in the body


    An overabundance of trace element occurs exclusively in cases of abuse of iodine, which is the uncontrolled methods of iodine-containing vitamins and food supplements, or the work associated with its production.


    The high content of iodine in the body is able to suppress the production of thyroxine. Synthesis of iodine compounds in the thyroid gland is weakened due to excess iodine, and as a consequence leads to hypothyroidism.


    Replenish iodine in the body should not get involved. For example, a single dose of iodine equal to 3 g can result in death.


    Panic attacks and paranoia due to excess iodine


    The thyroid gland is a shield, not only on the physiological level, but also helps to combat stressful situations. For its proper functioning is necessary to maintain the recommended balance of iodine.


    In cases of non-compliance balance, the thyroid gland begins to falter in the work, leading to the development of such mental symptoms, such as paranoia or panic attacks.


    The delicate balance of the human systems that ensure its resistance to stressful situations, depends, among other things, the amount of iodine in the body.


    Comparative table of excess and lack of iodine:



    What threatens

    How to treat

    How to eat

    The lack of iodine

    Endemic goiter

    Nodular goiter

    Slow metabolism


    Hearing loss

    Problems with hair, skin, teeth

    Chronic fatigue




    The Blues

    Wanton bad mood

    Loss of appetite

    Puffiness around the eyes, face and hands

    Shortness of breath

    Frequent colds and infectious diseases


    Muscle pain


    Memory loss

    Problems with concentration

    The index IQ

    Violation of the thyroid gland


    Low levels of hemoglobin, Problems with the cardiovascular system

    The increase in bottom pressure

    Thoracic and lumbar sciatica

    Reduced immunity

    Infertility in women

    After consultation with a doctor, ultrasound and mandatory tests for blood, a deficiency of iodine in the body can be filled by appointment by a consultant endocrinologist preparations containing salts of iodine, for example, “Iodide”, “codomain”, “Godin”, “Yod-asset”. The course may last from several months to 2 years.

    Prepare your diet to present products that contains daily rate of iodine, specifically 150-200mkg. That is, saturate the diet of marine fish species, seafood, dairy products, eggs, cereals such as buckwheat and millet, seaweed, iodized salt.

    Excess iodine

    Muscle weakness




    Thinning, brittle hair and nails

    Depigmentation of the skin

    Irritation of the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and skin



    Swelling of the parotid glands

    Watery eyes

    A metallic taste in the mouth

    Specific breath

    The confusion of consciousness

    Yellowness of the skin and mucous membranes

    Pain in the right hypochondrium

    Violation of potency

    Gynecomastia in men


    Weight loss


    Panic attack

    Inhibition of the function of the thyroid gland

    Eye lesions (conjunctivitis , cataract, blepharitis, optic nerve damage)


    Toxic hepatitis


    Pulmonary edema

    Acute heart failure

    Kidney damage

    Consultation with a doctor who is able to diagnose the excess of iodine, based on medical history, clinical picture, to determine the level of iodine in blood and urine. Then, following prescribed treatment, eliminated the mechanisms of iodine in the body alongside with treatment therapy is aimed at correction of the thyroid gland

    The diet is based on eating foods with a complete lack of iodine or with its minimal content


    Foods containing iodine:


    The most saturated with iodine sea salt and seaweed, and fish and meat from animals that feed on these algae.


    Information in the table below relevant for fresh products, and in cases of processing or prolonged storage loses up to 60% iodine.


    The number of µg of iodine per 100 g

    When consumed?

    Cod liver oil, squid


    The lack of



    The lack of



    The lack of

    Shrimp, salmon


    The lack of

    Brown and white rice



    Chicken, beef, pork



    Fresh fruits and raw vegetables



    Egg white

    Does not contain iodine



    In products, is more typical modern diet, such as cereals, milk, eggs, oil level iodine content is extremely low. Most of us live in the atmosphere is not rich in iodine. It is therefore important to care for and maintain the balance of iodine in the body.published econet.ru.

    Katherine Chitnis

    You are sick, you “earn” a disease! 3 principle of health


    You are healthy automatically by design and sick only by default.


    Dr. Wayne Pickering is a naturopathic physician on the East coast of Florida, who was a good friend of fitness legend Jack Lalane. He made a wonderful speech at his funeral. He is now 67 years old and he swims several miles a week, travels a lot by Bicycle, is engaged in a variety of exercises, pushes, and pulls. The mode of training is quite impressive and it is very inspiring to me, because I hope to be in the same great shape as him at that age. In addition, he is one of the most positive people I know.


    Separate meals


    He eats a lot of fruit and made me seriously reconsider my views on their use. I gradually increase their consumption, especially of mangoes, which is his pseudonym (“Manwoman”). In his honor named mango. Even in my yard grow two plants of mango varieties Pickering.


    But in the world of food he is well known for its program of separation of power and, indeed, he is like a walking advertisement of your program. He looks 20-30 years younger than his calendar age.


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    The wrong combination of foods – one of the main factors that cause gas, flatulence, heartburn and indigestion. What’s worse, the resulting poor digestion contributes to malnutrition, even if you are sure that they eat well.


    In his youth, Dr. Pickering did not differ from the majority of today’s Americans serious overweight, not in shape, ate the wrong foods. He recalls the key moment that changed his life:

    “After returning from Vietnam, I lived in Illinois. About a year I was in Rockford. And once one lady saw me in a completely deplorable state. She owned a health food store. I went there and bought a bottle of vitamins and a small book “How to be healthy with natural foods” author Edward E. Marsh”.


    He even found a table of food combining, the size of a postcard. For many years he was often sick to his stomach and he was shocked, when just 24 hours later after it had implemented the recommendations indigestion it is no longer bothered.


    Since then, Dr. Pickering became an active advocate for natural health, in which health and longevity is the natural result of proper nutrition, which also includes the right mix of products to optimize digestion.



    Three principles of health

    Many people mistakenly believe that the human body is a frail instrument, prone to disease and pre-programmed to decay. Dr. Pickering with this wholeheartedly don’t agree and I fully support it.


    The truth is that your body is infinitely wise, with a natural inborn “instinct” toward health, and by following certain natural principles, you give your body the opportunity to do what he does best – to maintain a balance of health. The three basic principles of health from Dr. Pickering are:


    1. You are healthy automatically by design and sick only by default

    2. You’re not sick; you “earn” disease because it arises from “shit from intoxication junk” in his opinion.

    3. You recover when something goes out of you, not when something comes in you


    In fact, health is equally based on getting rid of toxins and other harmful substances, and power optimization. An integral part of this philosophy is that food is your ally number one. And although certain supplements can be useful when poor nutrition will not help. They can only Supplement the diet, not replace food.


    “Nutrition is not a cure. It does not heal. It does nothing,” says Dr. Pickering. “But this is science and it never changes… I’ll tell you what is power: it is a sequence of four processes that your body performs to produce food materials that can be used by your body“.


    These four processes are:

    1. Digestion

    2. Absorption

    3. Assimilation

    4. Excretion



    Four principles of healthy eating

    According to Dr. Pickering, when it comes to healthy eating, one of the most important factors to try to eat seasonal products. Your Constitution changes depending on the time of year in your climate and use local, seasonal ingredients – the natural way to use this inner connection of your body with the Earth.


    Seasonal produce is usually the cheapest and sold in abundance in most stores and farmers markets. Recommendations Dr. Pickering on the separate power supply will help you determine the seasonality of products, and prompt, how to combine them for optimal health.


    Further, Dr. Pickering advised to eat foods that are typical for your area. So, for the Eskimos watermelons are not as nutritious for the residents of the American South, where the watermelons grow naturally. The climate itself imposes power requirements for your body.


    Thirdly, you should choose the products in accordance with the type and amount of physical activity (office worker, for example, is unlikely to be useful in the diet of a swimmer), and finally, you should choose the products in accordance with the digestive chemistry of the organism. As a side note, although important, Dr. Pickering also points to the importance of your thoughts.


    “You see, your thoughts help to manage the chemistry,” he explains. “When you sit down at the table, it is very important not to talk about problems – talk about something joyful, just because it gives you a chance to get together [with each other]”.


    A recent study even confirmed that if you want to make your food taste better and get the maximum pleasure, you must first perform a specific ritual. One of the most useful rituals that can be performed before eating to stop and thank you for the food.


    This will not only improve the taste of food – the fact that people who are grateful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions and better able to achieve their goals. People who thank before eating, tend to eat slower and savor food more than those who do not – there is a natural transition to conscious eating, which directly and positively affects digestion.



    What is the importance of separation of power

    Most of all, Wayne is probably most famous for the promotion of the values of separation of power. If the food you eat is not digested properly, can be not only painful gas, heartburn, reflux and other stomach problems – there will be a deficit of critical nutrients in the body.


    Digestion can be summarized like this: you put food or liquid in your mouth, swallow it, and then the body destroys these molecules to digestible size. The fact that the body is not used is excreted as waste. It’s already listed four processes – digestion, absorption, assimilation and excretion.


    But, actually, food is broken down in different areas – in the mouth, in the stomach, in the first and middle divisions of the small intestine, called the duodenum and small intestine, respectively. In addition, there are two types of digestion:

    1. Mechanical (chewing and grinding)

    2. Chemical


    Separation of power takes into account the area and complexity of digestion of each food, to ensure its easy passage throughout the digestive system.


    There are three main categories of food: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Whites, again, begin their digestion chemically in your stomach. Carbohydrates are divided into two categories: fruits and starches. Unlike fruits, which pass through the digestive system relatively easy, starches requires three levels of decomposition; the first begins in the mouth. This is why it is important to carefully chew starchy foods.


    In accordance with the rules of food combining, don’t mix proteins and starches in one dish. That means no bread roll with a hamburger, no meatballs with pasta, no potatoes with meat…


    Why? Dr. Pickering explains:

    “For the digestion of starch necessary alkaline digestive environment. If you put a hand in the stomach, when they are digested steak, you would most likely have lost an arm – so there’s high acidity…

    When you combine acid and alkaline types of products, from foundations of chemistry it is clear that they will not be digested. They neutralize each other. Then what happens? If food is not digested… it will pass through the body [undigested], causing all sorts of disorders in it.”



    Three commandments of a separate food

    1. Do not combine proteins and starches in one dish, as they neutralize each other and prevent proper digestion of any food. To ensure proper digestion of each food, eating starches, wait two hours, and then eat proteins. And eating protein, wait three hours before you eat starches.


    2. Do not combine fruits and vegetables in one dish. Fruit is a simple or double sugars, and starches are a triple sugar. Fruits mechanically break down in the stomach, but their chemical breakdown occurs only in the third and fourth stages of the digestive system that are found in the small intestine. Starches, again, are split into three different stages, beginning with oral cavity.


    According to Dr. Pickering, this is also why it is so important not to eat dessert after a meal. The fact that he gets trapped in the stomach with the rest of the food begins to rot because it was not chemically digested. Thus, eat fruit 30-60 minutes before dinner.


    Same thing – if you want to eat another piece of fruit. Sour fruits such as lemons, for example, also do not combine well with starches. Lemon and banana is but one example of the combination, which will undoubtedly lead to gastrointestinal upset…


    Many consider tomatoes a fruit, but, as a rule, add them to the salad. Dr. Pickering klassificeret tomatoes as a “fruit-vegetables”, because despite the fact that they have no sugar, like most fruits, they are still an acidic fruit-vegetable. That is, perfectly combined with other vegetables.


    Here is his recipe for a great salad:

    “Any vegetable seeds, for example, summer squash, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, sweet pepper, and okra – all fruit-vegetables. Tomatoes combine well with them. And since lettuce and celery neutral impact on breakdown of food, they combine perfectly with all this. You can also add avocado”.


    3. “Not to hurt the stomach, melons cannot be stirred.” Simply put, melons poorly absorbed from other foods and often cause problems when consumed with something else.



    What and when to eat


    • Morning meal: the least concentrated foods in the largest quantity. The perfect choice: fruit

    • The middle of the day: more complex foods, but in smaller numbers than during the first meal. The perfect choice: starchy carbs

    • Evening: the most concentrated foods, but in less amounts. Perfect fit protein



    Additional information


    Structurally, your body is programmed to be healthy, and the disease is also associated with the elimination of toxins like with eating the right foods. However, the breeding depends on the health of the digestive system, so combining foods in a certain way, you will help the body to easily digest all the foods that you eat.


    You can continue to support healthy digestion by paying attention to the number and distribution of proteins and carbohydrates in each dish. Again, early in the day is best to eat the largest number of the least dense foods, ie fruit. Then, for lunch, eat a smaller amount of denser, more complex carbohydrates, then in the evening – a small protein dense meals.published econet.ru.

    Ask a question on the topic of the article here

    P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

    A set of exercises for home weight loss



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    A set of exercises for home weight loss

    • Guidelines for performing fitness exercises
    • Exercise program for weight loss
    • Recommendations for fitness

    Weight loss with regular workouts in a gym or at home — a laborious process. But if not to be lazy and not to miss classes, to achieve the desired weight in a short time. Suggested in the article the complex of fitness exercises are suitable for those who seriously decided to lose weight and at the same time to strengthen the muscles and body in General. 20 simple exercises that are available for beginners and well-trained people, uses all muscle groups and accelerate the process of burning extra calories and body fat. Regularly doing these exercise, you will be able not only to reduce the amount of fat in problematic areas of the body, but also make your figure taut and athletic, and improve overall health and mood. Fitness classes will produce the desired results, if you follow the workout schedule and actively load your body.

    Guidelines for performing fitness exercises

    Regular fitness classes for weight loss require the observance of some rules that will help you to adapt more quickly to load, increase the effectiveness of workouts and reduce the risk of injury.

    • You should not start training immediately after eating. Pause for digestion (1-1,5 hours).
    • It is advisable to refrain from eating fatty and heavy meals before workouts.
    • During exercise drink water — this will restore the balance of fluid and salts in the body.
    • Performing fitness exercises, you must learn the technique of proper breathing.
    • After training, you should refrain from water (30-40 min) and eating (2-3 hours). In this case, the muscle mass will increase and fat will be actively cleaved.
    • The execution of each exercise must be carried out to the maximum number of repetitions. In this complex, it is recommended to gradually increase the number of repetitions from 20-25 to 50. A smooth increase of load will allow you to avoid painful sensations in the muscles.
    • In the absence of sufficient time for fitness, you can divide the workout into several pieces and return to it throughout the day.

    Exercise program for weight loss

    • Performing sit-UPS. Performing the fitness-exercise, you engage muscles of legs, buttocks, back and abdominals.
    • Performing push-UPS. To raise and lower the body follows smoothly, not bending the knees and back. Hands with wparoam the entire width of the palm.
    • Lift the pelvis up (bridge). Lie on your back, legs together, bent at the knees. Should smoothly raise and lower the pelvis. Try to raise the pelvis off the floor. Exercise contributes to the strengthening and slimming of the thighs and buttocks.
    • The body lunges forward. To bring your right leg forward bent at the knee and shift the body weight. To change the leg.
    • Strap. Take the emphasis lying face down, lean on the elbows. Body smooth, back and knees straight. Fix this position for 1 minute. Gradually increase the time to 1.5-2 minutes.
    • Mahi leg back. Stand straight, feet together. Sharply take the foot back and upward, lean forward, hands to get the floor.
    • Reverse push-UPS. To get back to the chair or bench, lean hands. To raise and lower the body, bending and unbending arms.
    • Balancing the body on all fours. Be on all fours. Raise right arm and left leg and hold this position for 10 seconds and then swap sides.
    • Familiar to all from childhood exercise “Bicycle” with the body turning to the side.
    • Fixation of the feet on weight lying on your back. Lift your feet and not to give them 1-1.5 minutes.
    • Attacks body sideways. This fitness exercise reduces the thighs (breeches).
    • The transition to the upright position from the support position. With regular fitness classes, the transition can be sharp jump.
    • Attacks body forward and back. Bring your right leg forward bent at the knee and shift the body weight on the left leg. Return to starting position and lunge backwards. To change feet.
    • Pull on the bar.
    • Jumping with breeding of feet and hands to the sides (star).
    • Squats in a wide stance.
    • Alternating pulling legs to her stomach in emphasis lying.
    • Jumping up with zahlest feet. The exercise is performed at a high pace — it speeds up the slimming of legs and buttocks.
    • Jumping up with pulling up of legs to the abdomen.
    • Jumping forward and up (frog jump).

    Recommendations for fitness

    A proper balanced diet and refusal of bad habits can dramatically improve the effects of regular fitness classes. After all, the less calories gets in the body, the more fat cells will be burned during the training. Be sure to alternate training days with rest periods and recovery. Best mode for beginners in weight loss are exercises through the day.

    Before you start intense workouts it is advisable to consult a doctor to make sure that the condition allows you to do fitness. Each workout should begin with a warm up — this will allow to avoid annoying sprains and strains, pain in muscles and joints. Observance of some simple rules and exercise regimen will definitely give a well — deserved result, your body will become strong, flexible and fit, and body fat significantly reduced.

    Particularities of anaerobic exercise for weight loss



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    Particularities of anaerobic exercise for weight loss
    The contents

    • What constitutes anaerobic exercise?
    • The benefits of anaerobic fitness
    • Anaerobic exercise for weight loss
    • The most effective workout equipment for abs and other muscles

    The popularity of exercise for weight loss is increasing every year. This is understandable, because everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy. Classes of cardio and strength training suitable for the best. With their help you can easily cope with the extra pounds, strengthen muscles, make a figure slim and relief. You do not need to deny themselves favorite foods and go on a diet, the result of which is always unpredictable. But exercise on a regular basis will guarantee that you will lose that weight and will receive a charge of vivacity and energy.

    What constitutes anaerobic exercise?

    All physical activities are divided into two groups: aerobic and anaerobic. In the first case, the body receives the bulk of energy due to the combustion of oxygen that is supplied during heavy breathing. For anaerobic exercise the oxygen required is much less. Energy for muscle comes from fatty tissue. It is training in the anaerobic regime will promote weight loss.

    Anaerobic burden can be during cardio, perform strength and fitness exercises. The hallmark of such studies is their periodization. To get the maximum effect you need to alternate physical activity with little rest. Thus, the athlete is seeking recovery of energy the body at the expense of internal reserves of lipids and not due to the decomposition of oxygen.

    Anaerobic fitness in most cases requires the use of various exercise machines for the abs, thighs, calf muscles, biceps and triceps, etc. the higher the load, the faster you will lose weight and strengthen muscles. However to start exercise gradually. Otherwise, you can injure the muscles and ligaments, and lose the desire for any physical activity.

    The benefits of anaerobic fitness

    Properly organized and regular fitness training in the anaerobic regime will allow you to:

    • improve endurance and develop strength;
    • to speed up the process of weight loss, improve metabolic processes in the body;
    • to strengthen the muscles and ligaments;
    • to give the body a beautiful relief and shape press pump;
    • to make the posture beautiful and healthy;
    • boost immunity;
    • to improve overall health.

    People with the shortage of weight can due to anaerobic activity to gain it. The girls should not be afraid, that fitness classes will give them relief to muscles like men. The level of testosterone in the female body will not allow to do so.

    Thus, properly selected anaerobic exercise will help you shed excess pounds and get muscle tone.

    Anaerobic exercise for weight loss

    If the purpose of fitness is to lose weight, then you need to adhere to certain principles of the organization of their training:

    • to train at least 2 times a week. The best mode for beginners would be: 1 training, 2 days of rest. Trained people can do in a day;
    • one workout you need to work out several muscle groups, alternating the intensity from moderate to severe;
    • between sets to do a 5-minute break.

    If you train in the gym, then plan your fitness training with an instructor. Individual trainings can be organized at home, pre-develop a schedule and program.

    The most effective workout equipment for abs and other muscles

    Consider the most common and popular exercise machines for fat burning, strengthening AB, back and other muscles. Knowing their features, you can easily choose for themselves the available exercises that will be interesting and effective.

    • The cardiovascular equipment.

    This group includes shells, aimed at the development of endurance. Mostly they train the heart and lungs. Simulators of this group is the best suited for fitness people who want to lose weight and not accustomed to heavy loads:

  • stepper. Compact and inexpensive machine that simulates the movement of the stairs. Load a large number of muscles and burns up to 270 calories per hour. Promotes intense fat burning;
  • bike. Gives a good fiznagruzki not only on legs but also your abs, buttocks, back. One lesson should take no less than half an hour, but not more than an hour;
  • rowing machine. By using it you can work all muscle groups and burn more than 500 calories in 1 hour. A great tool to remove extra fat from hips and thighs;
  • the elliptical machine. Suitable for integrated training. Simulates movements while walking or relaxing skiing. Efficiency — 770 kcal per hour;
  • treadmill. The most popular and beloved trainer, available in every fitness center. Allows you to adjust the load depending on the degree of preparedness. Promotes the burning of calories, strengthening of all muscle groups, heart, lungs.
  • Remember — class time on the cardiovascular equipment should be limited to one hour.

    • Weights.

    This group of shells for the correction suitable for those who have already started the gym and wants to increase the load and to diversify the training in new exercises:

  • Hoop (hula Hoop). Excellent corrects the fat deposits on the sides and stomach, stimulates strengthening of the abdominal muscles, back, helps to maintain the shape;
  • fitball. This is a big ball, which you can use to load a muscle. Doing exercises on this equipment is not only useful but also fun;
  • disk “grace”. A very simple and effective device that allows you to adjust the waist, strengthen your abs, to lose weight. It is recommended to do fitness with the disk usage at least 20 minutes a day;
  • bench press. This training is designed for specific muscle groups: back and abdomen. Regular exercise will make your waist slim and elegant;
  • block simulator. It is a universal device that can work almost any muscle. It is recommended to take multiple approaches to each element, between which necessary stay lasting at least 5 minutes;
  • the roller press. A very effective and accessible trainer, help to strengthen abdominal muscles and back muscles, removes excess fat from the sides.
  • Uses photographs Shutterstock

    Ginger heavy menstrual bleeding


    Excessive menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia, is a common complaint of women. This phenomenon can be completely prevented by using simple herbal drugs – capsules of ginger. The main reason for functional menorrhagia (i.e. not caused by the presence of uterine fibroids or endometriosis) are disturbances in the biochemical processes of the endometrium (lining of the uterus).

    Usually found following anomaly: change in arachidonic acid metabolism. This fatty acid is derived from meat and dairy sources and is converted into hormone-like compounds known as prostaglandins. The endometrium of women with menorrhagia, concentrating arachidonic acid much more than usual. Increase in the release of arachidonic acid during the menstrual cycle leads to increased production of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), which not only leads to excessive bleeding, but menstrual cramps.

    The source data

    Historically, ginger is mainly used for complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as pain and inflammation. Ginger, as a rule, is regarded as an excellent carminative (a substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and antispasmodic remedy for digestive (a substance which relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract). Several double-blind studies have shown that ginger gives positive results in various gastrointestinal problems, particularly nausea and vomiting.

    As for pain and inflammation, numerous clinical studies have confirmed the use of ginger with positive results in various forms of arthritis, chronic back pain, muscle pain and painful menstruation.

    It was found that ginger has the same effect of reducing headaches migraines as the drug sumatriptan, but without such side effects as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, muscle weakness, heart attacks and seizures.

    Found that ginger has a pronounced effect on the metabolism of prostaglandins including a decrease in PGE2, prostaglandin involved in excessive menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea). This effect suggests the use of ginger during heavy menstrual bleeding.

    New data

    In order to assess the effect of ginger on heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB), to participate in a double-blind study involved 92 women aged 15-18 years. These girls would meet the following criteria:

    • They had regular menstrual cycles
    • They have experienced heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) that has been clinically tested within the first three cycles before the intervention.
    • They didn’t have any of the following exclusion criteria:
      • irregular menstrual cycles;
      • any diagnosed gynecological condition such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.;
      • did not take any regular hormonal drugs or NSAIDs (NSAIDs);
      • infection or inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
      • overweight/obesity (BMI> 25) or underweight (BMI <18.5)

    Girls took 250 mg of dried ginger in capsules or placebo three times daily starting from the day pre menstrual bleeding until the third day of the menstrual period (for four consecutive days). Then the girls were observed during the three subsequent menstrual cycles.

    The results were determined by assessing the girls blood loss with a spreadsheet a Graphical evaluation of blood loss with the following scoring system:

    • Strip: 1 point for each lightly stained with blood the seal; 5 points for each moderately soiled strip; 20 points for the gasket, completely soaked with blood.
    • Swabs: 1 point for each lightly stained with the blood swab; 5 points for each moderately soiled tampon; 20 points for the swab fully soaked with blood.
    • Clot: 1 point for a small clot; 5 points for big ball.

    During the three menstrual cycles preceding the treatment period in both groups on average have been scored 113 points. During therapy, the level of blood loss during three menstrual cycles significantly decreased in the group taking ginger, namely 46%. Whereas in the placebo group, this level declined by only 2%. The researchers came to the conclusion that “ginger can be considered as an effective modality for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.”


    There are several other important factors relating to menorrhagia. The first factor is iron deficiency. With the increase of menstrual blood loss, many women will experience a low level of iron. Interestingly, low iron levels can also cause menorrhagia, creating a positive feedback circuit. Thus, any woman with menorrhagia it is important to exclude low levels of iron, having a blood test for serum levels of ferritin (iron-binding protein, which reflects the total content of iron in the body). Iron shows any woman the level of serum ferritin below 60 ng/ml.

    Next.Because menorrhagia is associated with increased content of arachidonic acid in the mucous membrane of the uterus, it makes sense to reduce the consumption of animal products and to increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats. Increased consumption of fish, nuts and seeds in combination with fish oil can give positive result due to the decrease in the level of tissue arachidonic acid. The recommended dose of fish oil : 1,000 to 3,000 mg EPA + DHA.


    Kashefi F, Khajehei M, Alavinia M, Golmakani E, Asili J. Effect of ginger (Zingiberofficinale) on heavy menstrual bleeding: a placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Phytother Res. 2015 Jan;29(1):114-9.

    This article was written by Dr. Michael Murray, one of the leading authorities in the field of natural medicine. Over the past 35 years, Dr. Murray has been compiling a massive database of original scientific studies of the medical literature. He has personally collected over 65000 articles from the scientific literature that provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural ways of maintaining health and treating disease. It is from this constantly expanding database that Dr. Murray provides the answers on health and treatment on the website DoctorMurray.com. Visit the iHerb page of Dr. Murray by clicking here.

    Top 16 Superfoods that you should include in the diet


    Author: doctor Eric Madrid

    Superfoods are a group of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients with antioxidant properties — the so-called phytonutrients. Food Corporation long and hard to create and brought to market products which we usually call “junk food”. The nutritional value of such products is either low or missing altogether. Products are special scientists and are designed to cause addiction and food addiction, and it worked — many people in the United States of America and in a growing number of countries around the world eat foods high degree of processing, which increases the risk of many diseases.

    Ideally, you should focus on a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. In the diet include Superfoods as part of the equation, and it will help you on the path to health and well-being.

    Cocktail Zenbu

    Zenbu (ぜんぶ) in Japanese means “all” or “all”. Zenbu powder, replacement meal, is so called because it contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which provide superior nutrition. Many used Zenbu for Breakfast because it helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Zenbu also contains protein, trace minerals, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. Each serving contains only 110 calories, making it a great option for those who want to lose a few extra pounds.

    In Zenbu has over 70 Superfoods and nutrients. Patented organic compound ROY-G-BIV, which is used to manufacture this product includes spinach, banana, mango, carrot, acai, BlackBerry, blueberry, Chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass, ginger, turmeric and many more. All the ingredients considered to be Superfoods.

    Zenbu also contains:

      • Proprietary blend of organic seeds and sprouts (flax seed, Chia seeds, quinoa and many others)
      • Organic blend of mushroom powders full spectrum (Reishi, Maitake, shiitake)
      • Probiotic Lactobacillus Sporogenes (good bacteria)
      • A mixture of enzymes (lipase, amylase, protease, bromelain and papain)

    Application. Taken as directed on the label.

    Wheat grass (Triticum aestivum)

    Wheat grass is a superfood rich in phytonutrients. Wheat can be grown indoors and outdoors, it grows in the United States and Europe. Wheat germ is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can be used as a snack or replace a meal when consumed in powder form.

    Wheat germ is rich in:

    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin K
    • Selenium
    • Magnesium
    • Antioxidants, such as phenolic acids and chlorophyll

    Useful properties of wheat germ

    • Help to detoxify of phases I and II in the liver
    • Help to strengthen the immune system
    • Help to alkalize the body
    • Help to lower cholesterol
    • Can contribute to the destruction of certain types of cancer cells
    • Higher antioxidant properties in comparison with other vegetables

    Wheat germ is available in the form of capsules, powder or liquid. Application. Taken as directed on the label.

    Goji berries (Dereza ordinary , or Goji Russian)

    Goji berries contain powerful antioxidants. They are rich in phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and certain vitamins. Goji berries are native to Asia, where they often eat. Goji berries contain vitamins A and C, iron and potassium — they will be a great addition to the diet if you set a goal to improve health.

    Useful properties of Goji berries:

    • Anti-aging properties
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Help to protect the brain from Alzheimer’s
    • Increase endurance, according to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine
    • Useful for people with diabetes
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Help maintain the health of the cells of the retina

    Goji berries can be taken as a dietary Supplement, in the form of dried berries, to be applied topically on the skin or drink the juice of these berries.

    Taken as directed on the label.


    Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices, which is produced from the bark of a unique tree in India. It is used in folk (traditional) medicine, including Ayurveda, and in many cultures. This spice can be added to coffee, oatmeal, rice and many other dishes. Proven that cinnamon has many beneficial properties.

    Useful properties of cinnamon:

    • Lowers blood sugar in patients with diabetes
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties
    • Antibacterial properties, including activity against MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Liver protection

    Held in 2017, the study showed that cinnamon can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

    • Reduces the concentration of fasting insulin in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol)
    • Reduces total cholesterol

    Cinnamon comes in the form of supplements, as well as in the form of culinary spices and essential oils.

    Application. Taken as directed on the label.

    Acai (Euterpe vegetable)

    The birthplace of acai berries of the Amazon in South America, where indigenous peoples for hundreds of years used this berry as food and drinks. In recent years, these valuable fruits, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, are gaining in popularity around the world.

    Studies have shown that acai berries possess many useful properties:

    • Weight control
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Protect the heart
    • Help to improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels
    • Anti-diabetic properties
    • Help to lower cholesterol
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to a 2013 study (by inhibiting the accumulation of amyloid in the brain, causing Alzheimer’s)

    Acai berries are available in Supplement form and in powder form.

    Application. Taken as directed on the label.

    The Chilean maqui berries

    Aristotelia Chilean has dark purple fruit and grows in the southern part of Chile. These berries are extracted for commercial use by the Mapuche Indians and has a powerful antioxidant effect. The ability of these berries to protect the body from oxidation caused by the high content of phenolic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, especially delphinidin — the most powerful antioxidant among the anthocyanins. Held in 2017, the study of Nutrition and body functions has shown that the maqui berries is the Chilean when used as a Supplement to a diet high in fiber maintain a high level of antioxidant ability.

    Chilean maqui berries have the following properties:

    • Anti-inflammatory properties inhibit COX-2, according to the study, 2017 This is the same enzyme targeted by the action of pharmaceutical drugs such as celecoxib (Celebrex).
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Contribute to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system through the production of nitric oxide
    • Reduce inflammation of blood vessels (according to the study, 2015).
    • Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut according to a study the international journal of molecular Sciences International Journal of Molecular Sciences
    • The study showed 2016, Chilean maqui berries help to improve blood sugar (glucose) in people with prediabetes
    • Anti-aging properties when applied topically

    Chilean maqui berries can be taken in Supplement form or powder, separately or add to fruit smoothies.

    Application. Taken as directed on the label.


    It is well known that bees make honey — some also know Royal jelly is a common food additive which is prepared from a secretion, produced by worker bees. However, few people know that bees also produce propolis, a substance made by drawing certain ingredients from plants, beeswax and flowers. Propolis is also called “bee glue”.

    The word “propolis” comes from the Greek words pro, meaning “inlet”, and polis, which translates as “community” or “town”. Propolis is the glue used to bond the hive and contains many substances. Cardol and quercetin are two of the many active ingredients of propolis — these substances, along with other give propolis its healing properties.

    The Incas in South America have used propolis for the treatment of high temperature, and the Greeks and Romans treated wounds with propolis.

    The beneficial properties of propolis:

    • Reducing blood sugar in patients with diabetes, according to the study, 2017 in the journal of integrative medicine Journal of Integrative Medicine
    • Animal studies have demonstrated the ability of propolis to protect the body against diabetic nephropathy
    • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Protects the liver against the toxicity of mercury
    • Can protect teeth from decay
    • A study conducted in 1995, showed a decrease in the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections in children
    • Reduces total cholesterol in patients with diabetes mellitus
    • In laboratory research, propolis killed the cancer cells of melanoma
    • In laboratory studies conducted in 2017, propolis killed the cancer cells of the colon

    Despite the fact that a number of studies have shown that bee propolis may be active against some types of cancer cells, human studies proving the anticancer properties of propolis, was conducted.

    Propolis can be taken in the form of supplements, as a spray administered orally or topically to wounds to prevent infection.

    Application. Taken as directed on the label.


    Spirulina is an easily digestible dietary Supplement that belongs to the family of blue-green algae and available in the form of tablets or powder. Spirulina refers to the type of bacteria that scientists call cyanobacteria, namely arthrospira platensis. Learn more about spirulina.

    Spirulina is a comprehensive source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

    The beneficial properties of spirulina:

    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Can reduce pain caused by arthritis
    • Antioxidant properties
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Lowers blood sugar in patients with diabetes and prediabetes
    • A good source of zinc, which is important for healthy skin, a strong immune system and memory
    • A good source of B vitamins, which are important for the nervous system, brain and heart. Because the people who adhere to vegetarian diets usually lack vitamin B12 daily supplements spirulina can provide up to 60% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12.
    • Contains gamma-linolenic acid — essential fatty acid, which is vegetables. Relates to the beneficial fats are omega-6 and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Those who are trying to maximize the nutrient content of the diet, it is recommended to start with adding spirulina to the diet. Spirulina can be taken in Supplement form or powder that you can add to your dishes, or fruit smoothies.

    Other Superfoods:

    • Almonds
    • Cocoa/cocoa powder
    • Chia seeds
    • Garlic
    • Hemp seed
    • Cabbage
    • Spinach
    • Algae


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  • The author of this article — doctor Eric Madrid, a member of the American Council on integrative and holistic medicine, certified American Board of family medicine and the American Council on integrative and holistic medicine. He is the author of “the purpose of the vitamin D, the healing energy of the sun.” Eric Madrid graduated from medical school at Ohio State University. He is a partner of Rancho Family Medical Group and is accepting patients in Menifee, California. More information about Dr. Madrid here.

    Dark chocolate and weight loss


    A new study published in the “International archives of medicine” (Archives of International Medicine) complements a growing body of evidence confirming the beneficial properties of dark chocolate in reducing weight. Of all the foods available on planet Earth, perhaps the most magical (and interesting) is chocolate. This nice product, it would seem, is addictive, is made from beans of cocoa tree. The official name of this tree Theobroma reflects a long standing love for chocolate (theobroma is a Greek word meaning “food of the gods”).

    Basic information

    A study published in the 2012 edition of the “Archives of internal medicine” (Archives of Internal Medicine) showed that frequent chocolate consumption is associated with lower body mass index (BMI) — the ratio of height and growth, used to measure obesity. However, it is important to note that these benefits of chocolate appeared only in moderation, because it is clear that the consumption of large quantities of chocolate counterproductive for weight loss. The recommended “dose” of dark chocolate is approximately 30 to 60 g per day (approximately 1-2 ounces) of tiles with a cocoa content of over 70%.

    The other key area of research of the benefits of chocolate consumption is its effect on cardiovascular disease and brain health. An increasing number of recent studies suggests that:

    • Chocolate can be a rich source of flavonoids — antioxidants which play a particularly important role, protecting against damage to cholesterol and the inner lining of the arteries.
    • Chocolate flavonoids prevent the excessive adhesion of platelets in blood clots that can cause blood clots.
    • Unlike the saturated fats in meat and dairy products are saturated fats in chocolate does not raise cholesterol.
    • Frequent chocolate consumption is associated with a reduction of almost 40% the risk of heart disease and 30% risk of stroke.
    • Chocolate can provide significant amounts of arginine — an amino acid which is required in the development of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps regulate blood flow, inflammation and blood pressure.
    • Chocolate can help improve cognitive function and memory as we age.

    New data

    In the new study, conducted by the Institute of food and health from Germany, men and women aged from 19 to 67 years were divided into three groups. One group was instructed to follow a low-carb diet and daily consume one portion of chocolate with 81-procentnyy the cocoa weighing 1.5 oz or 42.5 g (“chocolate group”). Another group received instructions to follow the same low-carb diet, which adheres to the “chocolate group”, but without the consumption of chocolate (“the low-carb group”). In addition, there was a third group that could eat on your own with unlimited food choices.

    At the beginning and end of the one month study all participants passed the blood test, after which was performed the measurement and recording of weight, BMI and the ratio of waist and hips. In the study, participants were instructed each day to weigh, to assess the quality of their sleep and their mental state.

    The results showed that the subjects from the group receiving chocolate, weight reduction was the easiest and most successful. This effect was statistically significant for 3 weeks when the weight loss in the “chocolate group” was 10% higher. In addition, in the last week of the study, representatives of the “low-carb group” began to experience a rebound effect, that is, they began to gain weight. The “chocolate group” on the contrary, had stable weight loss. This is confirmed by the evaluation of the reduction of ketones: initially, the reduction in the level of ketones in the “chocolate group” was significantly lower than in the equivalent “low-carb group”, but after a few weeks the situation has changed.

    Improve cholesterol levels, triglycerides and cholesterol of low density lipoprotein (LDL) was similar in “chocolate” and “low-carb group.”

    Using a detailed questionnaire to assess the physical and mental symptoms found out that the “chocolate group” was much stronger improvement than the “low-carb” group. The “chocolate group” showed significantly less symptoms of fatigue and sensation of heaviness in the legs.

    The researchers came to the conclusion that the consumption of chocolate with high cocoa content substantially accelerates weight loss and increases the success of a diet aimed at weight loss.


    The most important result of this study is the prevention of rebound weight gain. Abundant evidence shows that most people find it difficult to stick to a low-carb diet and, as a consequence, lose weight. Eating moderate quantities of chocolate, in this case, 1,5 oz (42,5 g) of the tiles with 81% cocoa content, can become for people a promotion that you want them for a steady movement towards the goal of weight reduction.


  • Bohannon J, Koch D, Homm P, Driehaus A. Chocolate with high cocoa content as a weight-loss accelerator. International Archives of Medicine 2015;8(55). doi: 10.3823/1654
  • This article was written by Dr. Michael Murray, one of the leading authorities in the field of natural medicine. Over the past 35 years, Dr. Murray has been compiling a massive database of original scientific studies of the medical literature. He has personally collected over 65000 articles from the scientific literature that provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural ways of maintaining health and treating disease. It is from this constantly expanding database that Dr. Murray provides the answers on health and treatment on the website DoctorMurray.com. Visit the iHerb page of Dr. Murray by clicking here.

    The kidney and hypertension: what is the connection


    Practice of treatment of patients with hypertension natural methods in our country and abroad clarifies all inexplicable in the origin and course of this disease and allows you to fully cure it without medication.

    The disease is currently most common on the planet pathological condition. If earlier it was considered a disease of the older, now more and more young people have so-called malignant forms of hypertension, resulting in a 5-10 years to kidney failure — renal sclerotherapy, “the primary contracted kidney.”


    There are many risk factors predisposing to hypertension: heredity, Smoking, overeating, obesity, prolonged physical and nervous overload.


    Any of us has the opportunity to be treated when he fell ill


    Distinguish between symptomatic and essential hypertension, the cause of which is impossible to install.


    Hypertensive heart disease in medicine was considered not as a disease but as a “way of life” with mandatory and permanent medication that relieves vascular spasms — antispasmodics.



    Of course, over the last 10 years, the world has synthesized at least fifty new antispasmodic, among which the standard is somehow conventional. The consequences of these way of treatment of the disease, know better than anyone the patients themselves: the emergence of incurable diseases.


    Practice of treatment of patients with hypertension natural methods in our country and abroad clarifies all inexplicable in the origin and course of this disease and allows you to fully cure it without medication.


    It turns out, first, that there is no hypertension that arose out of nowhere, the primary “essential” (in the terminology of academician lang’s), and any hypertension is a symptom of a very serious danger for the organism, namely: diseases of the kidney, arise already in childhood and is often asymptomatic current.


    It is the kidney disease transferred in childhood, can give 18-20 years of “malignant” hypertension, it is very difficult drug treatment, which is completely understandable, because the cure for hypertension is aimed at the elimination of vascular spasm and adolescence blood vessels elastic.


    Here we need a completely different tactic, not injected into the body, polluting the internal environment of drugs, but liberation from purulent toxinscausing childhood kidney disease now causing spasm of the entire vascular bed.


    Purified tissue cells freed from toxic inclusions, begin to realize their own pharmacological activity and lead to the optimum all the physiological processes in the body, and it needs only one thing: not to interfere with the sick body to be cleansed (first do no harm), to introduce medication, to help him create conditions for the implementation of the process of autolysis — self-dissolution and the allocation of huge quantities of toxic products accumulated in the tissues mainly in the form of mucus and pus.


    The presence of any purulent focus in the body supports a painful condition of the kidneys and high blood pressure, although kidney disease may not be detected by modern diagnostic methods.


    When you start to damage kidneys? In early childhood, at the first angina or pneumonia — the first time that purulent process in the body.


    Purulent toxins enter the bloodstream, reach the kidneys and cause the first small vascular spasm. Throughout life this process is repeated many times, sometimes unbeknownst to the person (not always the disease makes itself known, more than half of the diseases are abortive, and it is detected when iridodiagnostika).


    But over time the secret becomes clear, and impaired health manifested or sudden deterioration of health of the patient or detected during preventive examination, high blood pressure.


    And the reason for the occurrence of hypertension is very often a variety of nervous overload, long distresse. Compensated condition of the body becomes unbalanced, often blood pressure rises to high numbers, threatening health and life.


    There comes a hypertensive crisis not only those who were not treated or did not know about their disease, but also those who were treated, and was even at the dispensary. Such States already require immediate and active drug treatment.


    But any of us has the opportunity to be treated, before I got sick, not to bring themselves to an extreme, life-threatening conditions, and to regularly cleanse the body of scoplamine in this poisons, waste, toxins, so they one day will overtake him, did not cause stroke, diabetes, heart attack, myocarditis, acute rheumatism, asthma, and similar troubles.


    “Nature is simple and does not luxuriate causes” — wrote M. Lomonosov.


    So, we learned that the contaminated kidney damage and lead to increased blood pressure. In this sense, should alert all migrated in childhood (at any age) kidney disease and, in addition, purulent processes found in the patient, whether it be a sore throat, purulent bronchitis, furunculosis, appendicitis.


    What to do the patient is hypertensive or is it still healthy to not get sick?

    To cleanse the body!


    How? The washings of cavities, periodic abstinence from food (but make herbal infusions, citrus juices, fruit and vegetable diets).


    What gives flushing, and abstinence from food within 3 to 7 days? They give a great cleansing of the tissues in the result of self-dissolution (autolysis) and the allocation of accumulating them in the waste exchange. Cleansing is in all possible ways: through the bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs. Start cough and expectoration, nasal discharge.


    Intestinal lavage help excrete the bulk of the toxins, drink herbal infusions and facilitates cleaning of the biliary and urinary tracts, and lungs and bronchi. The role of citrus fruit juices.


    This whole cleansing process is the body part, and hold it in a favourable situation, i.e. the need to ensure patient rest, fresh air, abundance of fruits and vegetables.


    This is best done outside the city, in the villages, the resort, where in some extent, saved ecology environment which helps restore the ecology of the organism. Can such treatment is carried out in conditions of district hospitals, which need to adapt to the treatment of natural methods.


    There is another crucial social importance: how to avoid high blood pressure in pregnant women? After all, in the future, it is very often hypertension, makes it impossible to have children young woman.


    The answer is: you need to clean the organism of a pregnant woman and full of benign plant foods (raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices) within 3-6 weeks in the first half of pregnancy. This will allow her to avoid many troubles during the birth and after, ensures the health of the mother and child.


    Such purification should be carried out under the supervision of a physician and, very preferably, in a clean inpatient care setting. The cost of such activities will be compensated by the birth of a healthy child and preserve the health of women in reproductive age.


    Below, we present approximate prophylactic and therapeutic regime for hypertension:


    • exclude from food products meat (poultry, fish),
    • severely limit dairy products, especially cheese, leaving cream, sour cream, butter.


    Daily menu for the season: in the morning — fresh fruit or dried fruit soaked. In the summer season fruit food may be taken 2 times at 9 and 12 hours.


    After an hour of the day and vegetable products, be sure the salad of fresh herbs and vegetables in various combinations, including carrot, parsley, celery, sorrel, nettle, cabbage, fennel (seeds), wild garlic, purslane, lettuce, parsnips, radish, green onion, etc. with the addition of nuts, sunflower oil, sour cream, and then a vegetable stew cooked with small amount of water (for a couple), with the addition of oil when it is ready, instead of white salt — sea salt or dry seaweed (kelp).


    Stew you can use any roasted vegetables or cereals, cooked in water with butter after cooked.


    Dairy products cause digestive problems and unacceptable with this diet.


    From cereals you can apply everything except the semolina and rice.


    It is necessary to abandon the pasta and pastry made with white flour and bread, baked on the Baker’s yeast, i.e. that we can buy in the store, whether black or white bread. Valid only diabetic scones “Health” of bran.


    Against this background, the power to bring real benefits to herbs and honey, applied on an empty stomach.


    Infusions of herbs (Polygonum, bearberry, peppermint, Melissa, marjoram, plantain, wild rose, Bay leaf 1 tablespoon per 2.5 liters of boiling water), drink 6-8 glasses a day with honey (1-2 teaspoons to 1 Cup) and citrus juice (1-2 lemons per day) in the complete abstinence from food for 7-14 days able to normalize the BP in 95% of patients.


    Simultaneous binding intestinal lavage with a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon in 2 liters of warm water) and one or two drink a laxative, preferably magnesium sulphate if there is no ulcerative processes of the gastrointestinal tract.published econet.ru.

    Marv Ohanian, V. Ohanian