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Festive gluten-free baking: gingerbread cupcake


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Festive gluten-free baking: gingerbread cupcake

This is the perfect festive dessert for Christmas or the Christmas tableto gather around him the guests and the whole family.

Useful baking

  • You can use for making gluten-free ginger cake squash or pumpkin puree. These vegetables are recommended for preventive nutrition and are favorite foods of many diets for weight loss.
  • Pumpkin – a source of carotenoids, vitamins b and E, many minerals, and dietary fiber. It improves intestinal peristalsis, relieves the human body of toxins, “bad” cholesterol, has a mild choleretic and diuretic effect.
  • A wonderful immune stimulant and fat burner – ginger. In the winter the gingerbread cupcake is not just a family treat, but also a secret weapon against the flu and other ARVI.
  • The lack of refined sugar and other harmful carbohydrates will be useful not only to people with food allergies, but also patients with obesity, metabolic syndrome saharnym diabetes 1 and 2 types.

Recipe of ginger cake gluten free

Designed for 10 servings.

You will need:

  • ¼ Cup melted coconut oil, plus a little bit more for greasing of the form;
  • 2 cups gluten-free flour;
  • ¼ Cup of flax;
  • 1 teaspoon soda or baking powder;
  • 1 tablespoon of grated ginger;
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon;
  • ¼ Teaspoon allspice;
  • ¼ Teaspoon sea salt;
  • ½ Cup brown sugar;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 Cup unsweetened pumpkin puree;
  • ½ Cup organic coconut milk;
  • ¼ Cup of molasses;
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.


  • preheat the oven to 200 degrees;
  • in a large bowl, mix the flour, Flaxseed, baking soda, fresh ginger, cinnamon, allspice, salt;
  • using a blender mix the sugar, coconut oil, egg until smooth creamy consistency;
  • add pumpkin puree, coconut milk, molasses, vanilla extract and continue the process to the ingredients are thoroughly mixed;
  • add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until a homogeneous mass;
  • pour the batter into a greased cake tin;
  • bake on the middle level of the oven with a toothpick to check readiness through 45-55 minutes;
  • remove from the oven but leave the cake for 5 minutes in the form.
  • then put on a plate and allow to cool before serving.

How to fight obesity on sedentary work?


weight loss, lifestyle

How to fight obesity on sedentary work?

The contents

  • Causes of weight gain in sedentary work
  • Power adjustment
  • Physical activity
  • Other ways of dealing with excess weight

Most people who work in the office spend almost all day sitting on a chair or a computer chair. The energy they get from food, not consumed by the body and is deposited “in reserve” in the form of fat deposits. If in the life of an office worker still missing the sport, there are big problems with excess weight. To solve them helps power correction and adequate fiznagruzki.

Causes of weight gain in sedentary work

Sedentary work and lack of exercise after work lead to the recruitment of extra pounds. Why it happens:

  • A calorie surplus

The energy obtained from food, with sedentary lifestyle, not consumed completely. Its remnants are transformed into fats and deposited by the body “in reserve”.

  • Poor circulation

This phenomenon occurs in many people with sedentary work. It breeds stagnation in many internal organs and the violation of their functioning.

  • An unbalanced diet

Eating high calorie food or the inability to eat normally during the working day lead to overeating and weight gain.

  • Stress

Nervous strain at work provokes the production of the stress hormone cortisol. His production appears keen sense of hunger that is often the cause of overeating and gaining extra pounds.

Power adjustment

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, who exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle, monitor your diet. People with sedentary work, it is necessary to a greater extent. According to statistics, the majority of office workers during the day, consume about 2000 kcal. For weight loss they should consume only 200-300 calories. Severely restrict your diet and quickly lose weight is impossible. This might lead to health problems and the fact that excess weight will be back as quickly as it left.

Considered normal weight loss of 1 kg a week. How to achieve this:

  • Eat small portions (200-250 g) 5-6 times a day every 2-3 hours.
  • Split the daily ration into 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day.
  • To compose a menu from fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, lean meat and fish, cereals, milk and dairy products with minimal fat content.
  • Excluded from the diet of fried, fatty, smoked, flour food, sweets, fast food, alcohol and sugary soft drinks. If possible, replace sugar with honey.
  • Take last food 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • In order to make this possible, it is recommended to buy all the necessary healthy ingredients and prepare meals for a week and then take it with you to work. This will help in time and to satisfy hunger and to avoid the temptation to eat a chocolate bar or a hamburger.

    It is also important not to forget about the moisture balance. With regular lack of water the body begins to accumulate, which leads to the formation of edema and weight gain. Remember that people often confuse the feeling of thirst and hunger. So, before you eat, drink a glass of water.

    Physical activity

    A very important role in losing weight in sedentary work is the physical strain. Balancing the diet and getting rid of bad food habits, you need to increase your physical activity. There’s a lot more to move around the office independently to take the documents to sign, go by the office to pick up documentation in another Department, etc. If the building is large, choose the longest routes and give up the Elevator – use the stairs.

    If the work turned out to be 5-10 minutes of free time to do small exercises or joint exercises. They will help to improve blood circulation, stretch stiff muscles and feel energized. The eye can rest from the computer.

    Dispose of with the health benefits and weight loss non-working time. If you have a lunch break and weather, you can go outside, walk around the building or in the Park if it is nearby. This will not only help to burn calories and lose weight, but also eliminate stress, which often triggers overeating.

    Who said that after work need to go home to rest and watch TV? Physical load at the end of the day, especially if it was not possible to warm up while you work will help burn unused calories. Refrain from public transport and car (if the weather permits, and the house is not very far), take a walk. Or a workout at the gym. Fitness will help faster and much more efficient to get rid of excess weight.

    Other ways of dealing with excess weight

    Adjust diet and increase physical activity – the most effective ways to combat obesity in sedentary work. However, there are other, equally effective:

    • The rejection of coffee and energy drinks

    Of course, they stimulate, but also hurt at the same time. Coffee with sugar in large quantity provokes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and cellulite. Excessive consumption of energy drinks leads to release of blood glucose that is unclaimed is deposited in problem areas in the form of fat.

    • Replace office chair exercise ball (if it endorses the guide)

    This will help to combine sedentary work with fitness, strengthen large muscle groups and muscle-stabilizers, and improve posture. In addition, on an exercise ball you can perform many simple exercises that promote weight loss.

    • Work performance standing

    People who stand while working, spend per hour at 50 calories more than those who sits. Besides, the body helps to strengthen the core muscles.

    Periodically during the day it is recommended to chew gum (but not often). It helps not only freshen breath, but also stimulates the nerves generating the impulses in the part of the brain that is responsible for satiety. In addition, according to research data, people chewing gum, less prone to stress, overeating and weight gain.

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    Which is better for weight loss: running or jump rope?


    weight loss, lifestyle

    Which is better for weight loss: running or jump rope?

    The contents

    • The advantages of running fitness training
    • The benefits of exercises with a skipping rope
    • Running or skipping rope: what exercise to choose
    • How to training for weight loss max

    With the approaching summer season more and more people want to get rid of the extra pounds accumulated over the winter. For that aerobic exercise is the best option. Spring sports becomes more enjoyable: warmer, and this is a great reason to move cardio workout from the hall outside. There are many kinds of fitness trends that help weight loss. The most affordable of them – running and jumping rope. To deal with them, do not need financial or time costs. Each of these types of cardio have their advantages and disadvantages. Compare them and figure out what to choose to quickly tighten the muscles and lose the excess weight.

    The advantages of running fitness training

    Running has for many years been one of the most common types of physical activities. Wellness morning or evening jog became a healthy habit for many people of all ages and skill levels.

    A new wave of popularity of running is related to the organization of thematic premaratne and marathons. Some Amateur athletes preparing for it for several months. Even if a person runs not to participate in the competitions, regular workouts are a huge benefit.

    • During the run the athlete overcomes a distance equal to several kilometers.

    This is quite a good result, which in the future will allow us to achieve even greater fitness goals. To track the distance traveled during a training session, on a smartphone, you can install a tracker – a special app that visually shows progress and motivates to do next.

    • During the run begins to produce the hormone of joy – serotonin.

    Running allows you to remove emotional stress, to get rid of the effects of stress. Light jog in the morning in the Park or the woods is charging with positive emotions for the whole day.

    • Even a short run in the middle and a fast pace gives a significant physical load.

    Jogging makes you work all muscle groups. If correctly to pick up the pace and distance, you can go Jogging at any fitness level. Beginners can start with short runs of medium intensity. Gradually, when endurance to the load will increase, you can increase the distance travelled and running speed.

    • Running may be different.

    Depending on the task, you can choose different speed and distance. Jogging long distance at a moderate pace develops endurance, strengthens the heart. If the goal is weight loss, then the best option is interval fitness training. It involves alternating periods of running at fast and moderate pace.

    The benefits of exercises with a skipping rope

    Jumping rope, or skipping, also loved by many. Both beginners and experienced athletes use this equipment for their cardio workouts. The training rope has many advantages.

  • Jumping rope is simple and affordable. To exercise, need not be prepared and have at their disposal sophisticated equipment. For classes you will need a jump rope and good shoes.
  • Jump with this compact shell can be anywhere: the gym, at home, on the street. Even when on the road, not to throw a workout, if you take a rope with you.
  • Skipping helps strengthen leg muscles, develop a muscular corset.
  • The need to balance and combine the jumping with the movements of the hands develop coordination. Exercises with a rope improve concentration.
  • Regular practice of skipping a beneficial effect on the skin and the subcutaneous layer. Many say that jumping can help to get rid of cellulite.
  • Skipping applies to cardio exercise. During exercise quickens the pulse, blood perfusion of tissues and organs.
  • Intense physical activity causes more and deeper breathing. This increases lung volume, the enrichment of blood with oxygen, improves nutrition of all tissues of the body and speeds up metabolism.
  • Running or skipping rope: what exercise to choose

    The choice of a specific direction of training for weight loss depends on many factors. The main parameter on which you should pay attention to is the amount burned during exercise calories. Jogging at a moderate pace is more energy-consuming. At an average rate of such fitness burned about 13 calories. Jumping rope allow you to lose only 10 kcal per minute. But if you increase the load intensity, the efficiency of skipping will increase.

    To productive cardio training became the maximum, you can combine running and jumping rope. This will not only lose weight, but to increase speed, strengthen your muscles. If you do regularly, very soon the body will become fit, athletic and hardy.

    When planning training, it is necessary to remember that any intense exercise has its contraindications. Therefore, to Jogging or skipping brought only positive emotions and desired results before they start you should consult with your doctor.

    How to training for weight loss max

    To achieve the maximum slimming results, you should follow the advice of experts.

  • The duration of cardio workout should be at least 60 minutes. Thus you should train 3-4 times a week.
  • So as not to injure the joints, it is necessary to choose the right shoes. For running and jumping, you should choose running shoes with shock absorbers. Due to this ankle will be protected from the constant shock load.
  • Without this adjustment, supply effective weight loss is impossible, even under intense physical loads. However, to restrict yourself in important macronutrients (carbohydrates or fats) is impossible. From the diet you need to remove “simple” carbohydrates: sweets, cakes. It is also necessary to eliminate foods containing harmful additives and TRANS fats. You should eat small portions 5-6 times a day. Each meal should contain sufficient protein, slow carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This balanced diet will not only lose weight quickly, but more importantly, to hold the results.
  • To the metabolism is not slowed down, it is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Metabolism depends on sodium and water balance in the body. To prevent dehydration, you should drink plenty of water.
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    Proper nutrition and simple exercises for belly slimming


    weight loss, lifestyle

    Proper nutrition and simple exercises for belly slimming

    The contents

    • Proper nutrition for weight loss belly
    • Exercise for weight loss in the abdominal area
    • Other methods of weight loss belly

    The stomach is one of the problem areas for both women and men. Fat deposits in this part of the body accumulate quickly, and leave reluctantly. To weight loss in the abdominal area must be approached comprehensively. That is, to combine several factors: changing eating habits, doing exercises to strengthen the press and carry out cardio training and also practice other ways to reduce abdominal (correction of posture, bowel cleansing, etc.). A quick effect too much to hope for, but the first results can already be seen in a couple of weeks.

    Proper nutrition for weight loss belly

    There is a phrase: “the Press is in the kitchen, not the gym.” Indeed, without changes in dietary habits and nutritional intervention to make a flat stomach will not work. Even abs will be hidden under fat deposits.
    What to do to reduce the volume of the stomach:

  • Eat 5-6 times a day in divided portions (150-250 g). It helps fight hunger, prevent overeating, provide the body with the right amount of energy.
  • Make a meal plan. Every day should be 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks a day.
  • Reduce calories by 350-500 units. It already stimulates weight loss. The maximum allowed to reduce the caloric intake to 1300-1500 kcal, not more. Otherwise, the metabolism will slow down and the abdomen (as well as other problem areas) will be deposited fats.
  • Properly distribute nutrients. Each meal should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% healthy fats.
  • Exclude from the diet bad fats and fried foods. Prefer nuts, seeds and foods containing fatty acids (herring, salmon, sardines, trout, avocado, olive oil).
  • A day to eat at least 1 g of protein per 1kg of body weight. This is to ensure that the process of weight loss did not decrease the amount of muscle mass.
  • To include in the diet more starchy vegetables, grains, fruits.
  • Drink more pure water without gas. We recommend that you always have a bottle of water and doing every 15 minutes for 1-2 SIPS. Daily intake for men — 3.5 l for women and 2.5 L.
  • To use probiotics. They are sold in the form of strains are present in kefir, yogurt. They contribute to the normalization of the bowel, routine cleansing.
  • Remove from the diet fast carbs and liquid calories (soft drinks, alcohol, juices, energy drinks).
  • Eat in the morning eggs. They allow to obtain a sufficient amount of protein and can help fight belly fat.
  • To reduce the amount of sugar, sugary foods and drinks because they contribute to increased fat in the abdomen and waist.
  • Not to abandon Breakfast there last night for 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • You also need to chew your food. Through this will come a feeling of fullness, the food will occupy less space in the digestive tract and better to digest. Adjusting the diet should pay attention to the drinking regime. During the day you should drink on average 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water and drink black tea and coffee without sugar. They decrease the production of abdominal fat, accelerate weight loss belly.

    Exercise for weight loss in the abdominal area

    Adjusting the diet, you should increase your physical activity. Physical activity needed to burn off the extra calories, the breakdown of existing body fat, strengthening muscles and improving the terrain of the body.

    It is especially important to pay attention to the cardio. In terms of weight loss, they are more effective strength exercises and combined exercises 65%. Each aerobic activity should last 20-40 minutes. Best facilitate the burning of subcutaneous and deep visceral fat Cycling, fast walking and running, swimming, jumping rope.

    In addition to cardio is a must-do strength exercises. They will help develop and strengthen the abdominal muscles, the core, to get a coveted six-pack abs, to make the stomach flat and ridged. Each element of the recommended 15-20 times in 3 sets three times a week. The best exercises to reduce belly:

    • “Cliffhanger”;
    • “Plank” on elbows;
    • Scissors feet;
    • jumping in the strap on direct hands;
    • A “fold”;
    • twisting;
    • the side “Bar”.

    In addition to aerobic and strength training, you need to lead an active lifestyle. The first step is to abandon public transport or car and walk to work. Or at least go a couple of stops, if you get far. You also need to ignore the Elevator and use the stairs. Need to move more and more often. Even while talking on the phone, it is recommended to walk or doing simple movements (leg swings, tilts, etc.).

    Other methods of weight loss belly

    The change in dietary habits, sports is one of the most effective ways to lose weight abdomen. However, to make it flat, you can use other methods:

    • Posture correction

    To sit and walk with straight back, straightened, dropped shoulders and inverted stomach. This body position helps to reduce the stomach and make the waist thinner.

    • Stress management

    In this condition is produced by the hormone cortisol, which enhances appetite, overeating and increasing your belly fat.

    • Full sleep

    In sleep deprivation in the blood is reduced levels of the hormone leptin, responsible for appetite suppression. This leads to strong feelings of hunger, overeating and, in fact, the deposition of fat and weight gain.

    If you only think to do weight loss stomach or are in the process, it is possible this flaw to disguise. For this fit shapewear and clothes that hide a sagging belly or distract attention from it.

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    Salads: meals for the hot weather and weight loss


    food, lifestyle

    Salads: meals for the hot weather and weight loss

    The contents

    • Summer food

      • Sweet salads
    • Salads: food for weight loss
    • The original recipes of salads

      • Italian salad
      • Caprese
      • Thai salad
      • With mushrooms and beans
      • With BlackBerry

    Summer diet is different from winter because in the cold season we need a food that creates heat inside and warms the body, and in the summer the opposite is true, we need meals that are cold. In the winter we warm fatty foods, thick soups, porridge, pasta, pastries. And in summer, the body is cooled vegetables, fruits, berries. Of these we will prepare a light and delicious salads.

    Summer food

    Agree, in hot weather, when the temperature approaches 30 ° C (or higher level) don’t feel like eating hot meals. In this heat, just think: what would be cool? Therefore, at that time enjoying great success recipes of cold soups, among which the most popular are okroshka, beetroot, etc. But instead of a main dish and for dinner you can use all sorts of salads.

    They are most often prepared from a mixture of vegetables or fruits. Also in their composition almost always includes various types of dining room greenery: dill, parsley, cilantro, arugula, green onions, thyme, Basil and other Seasoning to serve: vinegar, lemon juice, vegetable oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, spices. Or it may be specially prepared salad dressing.

    These cold dishes were invented long ago. They were part of the diet of the ancient Romans, relating to this historical sources. Then a constant component of the salads were herbs and olive oil. During the middle Ages (when there were frequent epidemics) for salads always used vegetables and herbs, possessing bactericidal properties. First of all, it’s onion, garlic, horseradish, parsley, peppermint. Then they were a necessary element of power, allowing to survive.

    Now for making these dishes are used in virtually all products suitable for food. The recipes include not only vegetables or fruits, but also meat, sausage, smoked meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, pasta, crackers, etc.

    The important point is the choice of filling. It is designed to emphasize and enhance the flavor components. Now for making salad dressings often use yogurt, thick yogurt, yogurt. Well, spicy seasonings and spices include in order to increase the appetite before a meal that come after the salad.

    Sweet salads

    As the dessert dishes using sweet salads. These are made from fruits and berries, seasoned cream, yogurt, thick sour cream. They are also often flavored with syrup, sugar, lemon juice. Instead of filling sometimes use fruit juice. Fruit salads can be served with vanilla and chocolate cream, and whipped cream. You can include such meals in the diet of children.

    For salads you can use any fruits, except melons. It is not accepted to mix with other components, as in combination with other fruits and berries it can cause indigestion. Therefore, it is necessary to use in food only separately.

    Salads: food for weight loss

    Summer is the perfect time for weight loss. Use them to get rid of extra pounds. During this season the diet should be easy. In the heat do not want to eat a hearty, high-calorie dishes, they give stress on the body and worsen health. So it is better to replace vegetable and fruit salads. They saturate the body with vitamins and microelements. Fiber, which they contain, are very important for proper nutrition. It will be a good tool for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract and to establish a regular chair.

    Salads can be prepared for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The portions should be sufficient in order to obtain the feeling of satiety. They can be served with a few slices of boiled lean meat or poultry, and with dry bread or unleavened crackers. This diet has a low caloric content, however it is sufficient to satisfy hunger. If so eat for at least two months to lose a few pounds will be provided.

    The original recipes of salads

    Italian salad

    • Take 150 g small pasta (stars, rings, etc.). Cook until soft (al dente) and let them cool completely.
    • 100 g salami cut into cubes.
    • In the same way, cut 100 g mozzarella (you can replace the Adyghe cheese, feta, cheese).
    • Free from seeds 1 red bell pepper, cut into squares.
    • Rinse 1 Cup of cherry tomatoes.
    • Finely chop 3-4 Basil leaf.
    • Connect in a bowl the pasta, salami, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and Basil. Add 120 g olives, pitted.
    • Pour in salad 2 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Add salt, pepper, add spices to taste. Stir and serve.


    • 200 g of cherry tomatoes cut in half.
    • Cut into large cubes 200 g mozzarella (it can be replaced with brynza, Suluguni cheese or Adyghe).
    • Miss 2 cloves of garlic through the press.
    • Slice 3-4 sprigs of Basil, mix it with crushed garlic and RUB.
    • Connect the sliced cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and garlic mixture.
    • Salt and pepper the salad. Add the dry spices to taste.
    • Pour 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix.
    • Serve the salad to the table.

    Thai salad

    This recipe is a low-calorie, moreover, it has a lot of vitamins.

    • Cut into thin strips 1 small carrot and 1 cucumber (peel the cucumber with a clean is not necessary).
    • 1/2 head red onion cut into thin half-rings.
    • 1 red chili pepper free from seeds and finely chop.
    • Peel a piece of ginger the size of 3 cm and grate it on a fine grater.
    • Combine all components and stir in salt to taste.
    • Sprinkle the salad with a small amount of lime juice. Mix.
    • Before serving, garnish it with cilantro leaves.

    With mushrooms and beans

    • Take 1 jar (360 g) canned small white beans and 1 can (360 g) whole mushrooms. Will drain them from their juice and place in a bowl.
    • Slice 1 onion half rings and fry until lightly Golden, then add the beans and mushrooms.
    • 1 clove of garlic skip through the press and add to the salad. Add salt, pepper.
    • Season the salad with mayonnaise and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour to he soaked and steep.
    • Before serving, put each serving on a leaf of lettuce and garnish with large slices of colourful vegetables, such as tomatoes, yellow pepper. Also sprinkle it with chopped herbs.

    With BlackBerry

    If you need to lose weight, this recipe is perfect.

    • First make the dressing. For this finely chop 3 sprigs of parsley, 2 sprigs of Basil, and 2 feathers green onions.
    • Connect in a bowl the chopped greens and stir into it 3 tablespoons of olive oil. RUB well so that the filling was homogeneous. Add salt and pepper.
    • Rinse 400 grams of fresh BlackBerry and enter it in the dressing. Mix gently, taking care not to damage the berries.
    • Serve.

    Tip: this original salad can serve as a spread for crisp toasts.

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    Almonds: properties and use for power


    food, lifestyle

    Almonds: properties and use for power

    The contents

    • Characteristics of almonds
    • The benefits of vitamins
    • Almonds from nausea during pregnancy
    • Slimming and beauty
    • Almonds as part of your diet

    Almonds are the best snacks, especially useful. These are extremely valuable for the body nuts should be included in daily meals. In addition to invaluable use for the condition of the hair, skin, nails, nuts are useful during pregnancy, and to lose weight. How do they affect health? What’s the best way to eat it?

    Characteristics of almonds

    The size of an almond tree is low and spreading, it can reach heights of up to 10 meters. Almonds — a close relative of peaches, apricots, cherries, and plums. It is virtually not grown in Russia because he is very sensitive to low temperatures. The tree grows mainly in Western Asia, America, North Africa and in certain parts of Europe: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

    The almond has two main varieties. The first, more popular, sweet variety. People buy it every day in stores. It is used for the production of marzipan and butter, which is used for beauty, health, hair and skin.

    The bitter variety, less known, is especially popular in the food industry, is used for the manufacture of perfumes and pharmaceuticals. Eating too many can be dangerous to your health, because it possesses poisonous properties — all because of the content of amygdalin. This compound in the body transformirovalsya in poisonous hydrogen cyanide. An overabundance of this substance leads to poisoning and even death.

    Almonds are quite high in calories-nuts — 100 g contains about 580 kcal, of which the vast majority comes from fat (50 g per 100 g of product). This amount provides the daily requirement of an adult in this important matter.

    The benefits of vitamins

    • The valuable minerals. Almond is useful in a healthy diet, because it is a source of calcium, which plays an important role in strengthening bones, minimizing the risk of degeneration of joints and bones. The magnesium content has a positive effect on the nervous system, eliminating chronic fatigue and stress.
    • In addition, these nuts have zinc, potassium and phosphorus. The first ensures the health of hair and nails. Phosphorus is a building material for bones and teeth, while potassium improves the functioning of the heart and provides oxygen to the brain.
    • Almonds for the health of diabetics. Consumption of almonds significantly lowers the rate of blood sugar and the amount of “bad” cholesterol (known as LDL) in people with prediabetes. Thus reducing the risk of progression of type 2 diabetes.
    • Improves immunity and protects against cancer. Almonds also controls fluid and electrolyte balance and prevents the accumulation of water in the body. In addition, nuts are included in the daily diet, increase natural immunity, and even protect against cancer. Their anticancer activity, they are required the content of substances with antioxidant properties that fight free radicals. 100 g of almonds is approximately 2 µg of carotenoids, as well as 25 mg of flavonoids.

    Almonds from nausea during pregnancy

    A pregnant woman should not forget about the use of almonds. First of all, nuts contain large amounts of vitamins, especially folic acid, necessary for the proper development of the fetus. Secondly, a diet rich in almonds, effectively eliminates heartburn and nausea during pregnancy. The product neutralizes stomach acid, so it eliminates the unpleasant burning sensation.

    Slimming and beauty

    Although almonds are high-calorie product, it is recommended to include in diet for people who want to maintain a slim figure, seek to weight loss. On the basis of the conducted research it was found that its consumption in reasonable quantities does not affect the weight gain, and even helps to reduce fat around belly and legs. In addition, it should be mentioned that almonds suppresses hunger, gives a feeling of satiety (thanks to the fiber, good fat and protein).

    In the absence of contraindications, the almonds should be part of the daily diet, as it brings great health benefits. Correct eating almonds helps to ensure that the beauty and freshness of the face will remain for a long time. He supports the fight against acne, starts the process of regeneration and rejuvenation. The positive effect of eating nuts is the beauty of the hair and preventing inflammation.

    Almonds as part of your diet

    The almond has a fairly wide culinary use. You can make it part of the diet as a stand-alone snack or to add in various dishes such as salads, soups, cakes or pastries. However, the biggest benefits of nuts consumed raw after soaking in water.

    What are the reasons for such recommendations? There are several factors, but certainly worth mentioning the adverse effect of high temperature. Thermal processing such as roasting, baking, boiling, destroys many valuable nutrients and vitamins. Almonds if soaked in water, easier to digest, keeps all useful properties. With this treatment the nuts become softer and have a high nutritional value.

    How to soak almonds? It is best to give the nuclei to relax in the water for about 12 hours. During this time you need to change the fluid a few times, but you can’t use boiling water for these purposes. The thus treated nuts can be stored in the refrigerator for several days without fear of nutrient loss.

    The next problem is the cleaning of the almond from the skin. Some say that you must have cleared the kernel, others say the opposite. Two opposite positions on this issue stem from the fact that the skins of almonds contain fiber and vitamins that is beneficial to health. At the same time, it contains phytic acid that reduce absorption of certain nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium and iron. Peeled almonds, however, is particularly recommended. The good news is that after soaking the peel easily comes off with nuts.

    Eating almonds is contraindicated for people with allergic reactions, in large quantities. Those who have disorders in the nervous and cardiovascular systems before the introduction in the diet of almonds, you need to consult a specialist to prevent possible risks and negative health consequences.

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    Weight loss confidential: nutrition, exercise, and salon treatments


    weight loss, lifestyle

    Weight loss confidential: nutrition, exercise, and salon treatments

    The contents

    • Why get fat on hands
    • Algorithms correct nutrition for weight loss hands
    • Effective exercises
    • Slimming massage in the hands
    • Beauty treatments

    In men, fat is deposited on the hands is rare, so the problem of weight loss this body part a growing concern for women. Often part of the legs above the level of the elbow becomes one of the problem areas along with belly, thighs and buttocks. It should be noted immediately that the fat hand go reluctantly and to deal with them sometimes very difficult. However, nothing is impossible. The solution to this problem must be approached comprehensively: to adjust the diet, do the exercises to practise different beauty and salon treatments. Just so happens to achieve good results and the ideal elevation of the hands.

    Why get fat on hands

    Fat deposits on the arms can appear for several reasons:

    • Overeating and consumption of high-calorie food

    It promotes the intake of large amounts of calories, which, if unclaimed are converted into fats.

    • The rapid increase of body weight due to health problems

    Fat body is distributed evenly, did not pass, and hands.

    • Age

    With age, women experience hormonal disturbance, which causes the increase of body weight and the appearance of problem areas.

    All these causes can be eliminated and to reduce the volume of the arms above the elbow, if the time to contact the relevant professionals to follow the diet, do not neglect exercise and beauty treatments, and also practice massage.

    Algorithms correct nutrition for weight loss hands

    Slimming in the arms do not have to follow a strict diet. Simply adjust your daily diet by reducing the amount high carbohydrate, fatty foods and increasing the amount of protein. So, from the diet should exclude fried, marinated, fatty, smoked meat, potatoes, fast food, processed foods and sweets, alcohol and fizzy drinks. You also need to reduce the consumption of coffee, black tea and sugar.

    Preference when menus should be given fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and greens, lean meats, fish, low-fat milk and dairy products, eggs, cereals. Also the diet should be enriched with dried fruits and nuts. To cook you need one of gentle ways: steamed, braise, bake or boil. Recommended to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.

    The day should drink about 2 liters of water without gas: it is also stimulate weight loss. In addition to the correction of food and drinking options, it is recommended to take vitamin complex that includes sufficient amounts of vitamin A. It helps to improve elasticity and enhance skin tone.

    Effective exercises

    Exercise for weight loss hands should be performed with weights small weights (0.5-2 kg). This will not increase muscle mass, but will make the muscles better to decline, and body fat – intense burn. It’s recommended to do every day for half an hour, repeating each element at least 10 times in 1 set (initially). Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands:

    • Stand up straight, feet spread shoulder width of hips, straighten the back, look forward. Hand weights pull in front of him, palms turning up. Exhale to pull the shells to the chest, bending your elbows and taking them back. On the inhale to return to starting point.
    • Being in the same starting position, rotate the palms down. To do the exercise described above.
    • Relax your arms down parallel to the body, palms turn to each other. Exhaling, raise them to the sides, bringing to the level of the chest. On the inhale lower down.
    • Take the same starting position. Exhale to pull the shells to the armpits, bending and spreading to the side elbows. On the inhale, lower the hands down.
    • Keeping the starting position, raise the shells to the shoulders, having bent and close to body elbows. Exhale raise the arms up, keeping the shells over his head. On the inhale to return to starting point.
    • One shell to clean up, get on all fours, leaning into the floor with one hand. Look ahead. Other hand with weighting material aside, lifting it to shoulder level. Then switch hands and do another approach.

    Slimming massage in the hands

    Slimming massage of the forearms you can do yourself, because to work on this area is convenient with your free hand. The procedure should last at least 15 minutes and be conducted daily. It should be done using a massage oil (better with anti-cellulite effect).

    Rules of massage:

    • start with light strokes to warm the skin (about 2 minutes);
    • massage all surfaces of the hands, starting from the area just below the elbows (or hands) to the area of the shoulders (armpits do not touch);
    • after stroking go to Pat concave hands, then the tingling, then the kneading of the skin with the fingers in a circular motion;
    • complete the massage should be intense rubbing movements.

    Beauty treatments

    To weight loss in hands took place efficiently, and the skin tightened better, along with exercise, proper nutrition and massage is recommended to do special treatments.

    Effective in this respect are the wraps, coffee, clay, honey, with kelp, sea salt, olive oil, etc. They will contribute to your pores, to eliminate excess fluid, lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.

    It stimulates the breakdown of fat, accelerates the weight loss in the arms and intensifies the effect of exercise and massage. After application the treated area should be wrapped with several layers of cling film, and after 30-60 minutes rinse with warm water.

    Additionally, you can do the scrubbing. It helps to exfoliate the skin and improves local blood circulation. For the procedure suitable sea salt, finely ground, crushed egg shells (dried), ground oatmeal, coffee or buckwheat. They must be mixed with water, a gel, a cream or milk until mushy state. Then apply on the treated area and massage movements rubbed into the skin for 10 minutes.

    To fat burning effect was more long lasting, you should stick to the comfortable sleep and rest: sleep at least 8 hours, to avoid overtraining and give the muscles enough time to recover.

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    Rules of training on Fitball for weight loss: nutrition and exercise


    weight loss, lifestyle

    Rules of training on Fitball for weight loss: nutrition and exercise

    The contents

    • The exercise ball good for weight loss and the choice of ball
    • Diet for weight loss during classes with fitball
    • Exercise for weight loss with exercise ball

    A big, bright ball always attracts attention, elevates your mood and makes to look more often to the gym. It helps to rapid weight loss, improves flexibility and tone the body. The exercise ball was developed by a physiotherapist from Switzerland Susan Kleinlogel in the middle of last century. And although the first appointment sports equipment — rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the spine, from gyms to physical therapy, he gradually moved into numerous fitness centers. Which, of course, is due to the high performance of this unique sports equipment.

    The exercise ball good for weight loss and the choice of ball

    Many say that the first time he saw a gym ball, took it more as fun, not expecting a big effect for the body. However, the first training on the fitball showed that the impression was deceptive: the shell is perfect for exercise for weight loss.

    In addition, the fitness ball is gentle on the spine, the condition of which depends largely on the health and well being. Also, it is well pumping various muscle groups, providing a mode of cardio that causes the body to actively use its excessive reserves of subcutaneous fat.

    Work with fitball has another unique effect — a vivid three-dimensional object, referring to one’s childhood has a positive effect on the psyche and easily adjusts to positive emotions.

    Regular exercises with fitball provide:

    • flexible spine and good posture;
    • tighten the abdominal muscles;
    • a fast metabolism;
    • rapid weight loss;
    • a charge of vivacity and energy.

    To obtain the best results from training, you should choose the right shell depending on the parameters of the body. Buy fitball is better in specialized shops of sports equipment. On the packaging must indicate for whom is this product. Before that you need to determine exactly where will the classes be held and which place must be allocated for storage of the projectile.

    Good fitness ball is made of strong, dense rubber without the unpleasant smell. You should not choose the cheapest fitball, because there is a possibility to buy a defective or faulty product. When choosing the diameter of the ball should focus on his own growth:

    • growth 150-152 cm — diameter 45 cm;
    • growth 152-164 cm — diameter 55 cm;
    • taller than 164 cm — diameter from 75 cm.

    The required size of the ball you can also determine if you sit in it and put your feet in front of him. If thighs are parallel the floor, then this is the optimal size. If your knees look up, you need a shell with a larger diameter.

    If the size of the apartment does not allow free exercise for weight loss on the fitball, it is better to enroll in a nearby fitness club where you can not worry about the dimensions of the ball and lack of floor space.

    Diet for weight loss during classes with fitball

    To obtain visible results weight loss, engage in at least 3-4 times a week. And then after about 2-3 months it is possible to achieve a significant reduction of body weight. Many say that weight loss during this period is 10-15 lbs. However, this result is achieved only when combining physical exercise with diet for weight loss. This should be a varied, balanced diet with daily caloric content of no more than 1800 kcal.

    To eat fractionally, small portions at intervals of about 2 hours. The first thing to take care of sufficient intake of proteins, as they are the building blocks of body cells. Therefore, up to 4 servings per day should be protein meals, among which the priority veal, poultry, fish, cheese, egg whites, tofu, yogurt and kefir.

    Weight loss diet should include 3 servings of food with high content of fiber, namely fresh fruits and vegetables. The consumption of potatoes it is better to limit, with a strong desire can sometimes eat it baked or boiled. Also care should be taken to bananas, eating 1 fruit not more than 2 times a week.

    Two servings daily menu for weight loss are complex carbohydrates which include cereals, whole grain bread and dry crisp bread. Also do not forget about drinking enough fat. The day should eat up to 30 grams of fat in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

    Weight loss diet must have a correct drinking regime with the use of at least 2 liters of pure water a day. In addition, you can drink green, herbal or ginger tea and weak broth hips.

    Exercise for weight loss with exercise ball

    We offer physical exercise on the fitball is designed for active weight loss due to the rapid burning of excess fat in body cells. These exercises for weight loss able to consistently and safely reduce weight to the desired level.

  • As a warm-up to warm up the muscles of the body should take the shell in his hands and pulling it in front of him. Then pull the exercise ball closer to himself and again to push.
  • Lie on the ball with your stomach and roll it back and forth, capturing the area of the chest and upper part of thighs. Should be based on feet or down the arms.
  • Lie back on the ball and roll across its surface, covering all the back to the buttocks.
  • Make the emphasis hands on the floor and your feet placed on the projectile. Lift buttocks up as high as possible and return them to the starting position.
  • To keep the previous starting position and do push-UPS with hands off the floor.
  • Make the emphasis on the ball with your hands and perform push-UPS, trying to control the balance. The back and feet to keep straight.
  • Lie on your back, squeeze the ball with your feet. To lower him to her, trying to touch the shell of the breast.
  • Same initial position. Lift the pelvis, roll the ball between the buttocks up, and then return it down. The shell of the foot not to release.
  • Lie on your back, hold the ball with their feet and pulling them up. Take the legs in different directions, gradually increasing the range of motion.
  • Sit on the ball to stretch your hands on the surface behind and to smoothly slide on the floor. Leaning on hands, to get back on the ball. To repeat the movement.
  • First, all exercises should be performed for 3 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 10 minutes. After the improvement of the physical form so that the complex becomes too easy, you should Supplement it with other exercise you can recommend any professional fitness instructor. Proper nutrition and exercise for weight loss on a fitball will help you lose weight, get stronger and return the figure of aesthetic forms.

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    Where to start fitness training for weight loss?


    weight loss, lifestyle

    Where to start fitness training for weight loss?

    The contents

    • Motivation for classes
    • Preparing for fitness training
    • The programme of exercises
    • The choice of exercises for weight loss
    • Additional recommendations

    If you have never played sports, but was determined to start training for weight loss, you must gradually change your lifestyle. To the sport became a part of it, need to find a strong motivation to be prepared mentally for changes and hard work.

    Motivation for classes

    Determined to start to do fitness, you need to clearly define your key goals and those nice bonuses that you will get in the way of achieving them. It is better structured to record on paper, because in this case you can concentrate and think about this question more thoroughly, to find many advantages in training, all this fix and, if necessary, refer to your notes again. During the consideration and fixing of the thoughts on paper, the brain works in a special way — this time it involved different areas and included all types of memory.

    Among the benefits of regular fitness workouts it is possible to note the following:

    • increase endurance and strength;
    • reduced fatigue when performing household Affairs;
    • the development of self-discipline and the establishment of the regime of the day;
    • the improvement in appearance;
    • able to wear any clothes;
    • increased flexibility;
    • the extension of youth;
    • getting rid of certain diseases and prevention of their occurrence;
    • the increase of self-confidence;
    • attracting the attention of others.

    For each this list is its based on the needs and set goals. When planning, it is also important to specify each item, avoiding platitudes.

    Preparing for fitness training

    By and large the speed of acquisition of the habit of fitness is not as important as how tightly it will be included in your lifestyle. Perfect to make your training is not dependent on external circumstances, then their change will disappear, and the habit to do. It is important to choose the type of exercise you engaged with the pleasure and the load commensurate with your abilities. Otherwise, workouts are too tiring and burdening, and sooner or later they will depart on the second plan.

    Enter the training process slowly and gradually, otherwise there is a risk to overload the body and for all to discourage fitness. It is recommended that on the first week of classes each morning to do a small charge, which from now on should become part of your routine. Then spend two training sessions per week with a maximum of half an hour, after gradually increase the duration of each up to one hour. Then gradually you can go for a three-day training, relying on their own capabilities and health. Types of loads can be alternated depending on your goals, for example, one day to go swimming, and the two leave on strength exercises.

    Starting from your goals, make a plan for fitness workouts to morning exercises and fundamental training. You can use ready-made exercises from the Internet with video tutorials, or create your own programme tailored to your problem areas. Good to combine self-training with swimming, dancing, aerobics.

    The programme of exercises

    When developing a fitness program for independent trainings it is important to distribute the load on all muscle groups of the body for its harmonious development. For the study of each muscle, you should use a few exercises for both basic and isolation. At the very beginning of the gym to do a good workout muscles and joints.

    Recommendations for the compilation of the program:

  • To work out the chest muscles and arms, you should use exercises with weights, different kinds of push-UPS, watching the right back position.
  • Squats and lunges good effect on the thighs and buttocks, it is generally recommended to perform them without weights.
  • To pump the press and the sides do direct, inverse and oblique twists.
  • Training back muscles to do pullups, different types of rods.
  • Be sure to include in your training plan deadlift, plank and burpee, which load all the muscle groups of the body at once.
  • The choice of exercises for weight loss

    Any form of exercise will somehow strengthen your body, make it more fit and slender. However, some fitness-direction helps with weight loss more than others. They also differ in the intensity of performed movements, the degree of health effects and musculoskeletal system in particular.

    If your goal is weight loss, the best way to get rid of extra pounds will help your running, Cycling, walking, dancing and aerobics. If you want to make muscles more strong and powerful, you can do in the gym, Pilates and tai-Bo. To improve flexibility will help yoga, stretching and body Flex. Ate there are problems with joints and spine, it is necessary to engage in swimming, aerobics and Pilates.

    Additional recommendations

    Entering the training process to build a beautiful body, it is important to understand that effective weight loss depends not only on regular exercise. The benefits of training will be significantly higher if you combine it with the observance of such rules:

    • Set yourself a routine and constantly stick to it.

    This concept includes four meals at approximately the same time training schedule and a full night’s sleep at least 8 hours a day.

    • Eat right.

    Without the proper diet all efforts at weight loss are futile. Initially, the fitness training can yield results, but their termination is burned extra pounds to come back again. Eating healthy foods in necessary for the body amount it is possible not only to achieve harmony of the body, but also to increase energy levels, improve skin condition, strengthen health and prolong their youth.

    • Observe the drinking regime.

    From receipt of an adequate amount of fluid in the body depends on the efficiency of its organs and systems, metabolic processes and fat-burning, energy level and ability to work.

    The main positive effect for fitness is a General improvement in the quality of life that is evident in the beautiful appearance and in good health.

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    Five products that make the stomach grow


    An abdomen that appears in women can occur after thirty years of age, as well as in adolescence. Getting rid of it is difficult, because there are no such exercises and complexes of nutrition that will affect the body locally – you will certainly start to lose weight in different parts of the body. Therefore, it is most convenient to predict the growth of the abdomen. Help in this list of products that contribute to the increase in fat in this area.

    We know that many products from the list are very tasty, and sometimes even useful. Therefore, we offer you no less delicious alternatives that will delight you in the weekly menu.


    Yes, this delicious product does not contribute to a flat belly, especially if you eat it once a day. But pork remains a useful meat, despite its excessive fat content. It can be eaten no more than once a week and not in the evenings: the body resting at this time, the digestion process slows down and everything you eat will be deposited in fat. But remember that neither chicken, nor beef, nor any other meat affects the growth of fat in the abdomen as much as pork.

    What can I do to replace it with? Poultry meat chops are the best product for a flat belly.


    The product contains a lot of calories and is very popular among people. Potatoes can be both good and bad for the body. For example, you should never eat fried potatoes with a lot of oil. In such a dish is often added stew or fats of fat – it is delicious, but fat! And all this food will be deposited in the sides and stomach. In addition, such dishes have a bad effect on the health of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. There are dishes made of potatoes, which are cooked much faster, but do not harm either the figure or the stomach.

    Than to replace: boiled potatoes, potatoes in an oven – not less tasty, but much more useful dishes. Add chicken or turkey fillets and it tastes even better.


    We’re talking about first-class wheat pasta. The noble name means not only a tasty and nourishing product, but also fast carbohydrates, which give a short tide of energy and no less short saturation. After such pasta you will quickly get hungry and go eat more. Such pasta is stored in the fat on the stomach.

    Than to replace: pasta of their second-grade wheat is no less tasty than first-grade wheat. There are also many kinds of noodles, such as buckwheat and rice noodles. They won’t hurt your body and they will diversify your daily menu.

    Alcoholic drinks

    Beer is considered to be the most caloric beverage of alcohol, but it is not about it now, but about alcohol in general. The fact that it slows down the liver, which is not good for both overall health and metabolic processes. Stomach fat appears not only in men from beer, but also in women because of the frequent use of any alcohol. In addition, frequent consumption, as we all know, is harmful to health.

    What can I do to replace it with? You don’t need to replace it, you just need to know the measure. Alcohol on holidays will not hurt your body and stomach in particular, but a stable use on weekends will develop a habit of deposition of fat in the body.

    Any sugar products
    Everyday consumption of sugar harms the thin waist. Fat is most often deposited in women’s hips when consuming sweets, but daily drinking tea with three spoons of sugar and eating candy will affect the fat deposits in the abdomen. Sweet is harmful not only to the figure, but also to the teeth and stomach. It is possible to please oneself at breakfast with candy or cake, but eating them at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening is already an obvious alarm bell. After all, sugar contains the largest amount of fast carbohydrates, which do not contribute to weight loss.

    How to replace: sweet fruit (not in the evenings) and dried fruit. If you can’t live without sweets at all, try sugar substitutes and choose the least nutritious products.

    So, these five products are the worst enemies of the thin waist. If you already have a flat stomach, don’t relax and keep it in shape! But if you see flaws in yourself and want to correct them, then go to the right food and balance your diet.