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Go to proper nutrition: the formula for success for beginners



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Go to proper nutrition: the formula for success for beginners

Information about optimal diets and successful diets today pours upon us literally everywhere, actively encouraging us to take the decision finally to join the ranks of supporters of a healthy lifestyle. But — how difficult it is sometimes to refuse from favourite sweets and make yourself disciplined to absorb over and over again alapetite serving wholesome food! Meanwhile, the solution of this problem is quite affordable if you take into account the following.

Define motivation

Create in the imagination amiable and promising visions of the future — the most effective way of overcoming the psychological barrier, based on laziness, fear and doubt in our personal success. So plug imagination, limiting her reasonable logical limits, and imagine that in the right diet. First, improved health, a huge daily dose of energy and good indicators of mental activity. Secondly (although for many this factor is more important and a priority) is a gorgeous slim figure, a healthy complexion and stable stay in excellent physical shape.

Sounds appealing, isn’t it? And in order to achieve all this, we have to step over that line can be overcome, saying a decisive “no!” to fast food, sweets and roasted potatoes, and remain in joyful anticipation of the wonderful transformations that are, undoubtedly, not long to wait!

Root out fears

You wonder why “change course” on proper nutrition happens to be so complicated? It would seem that a healthy diet is incredibly useful, and therefore is certainly a promising and profitable for the body and want to stick to this way of life must be absolutely natural. What makes us again and again to put the momentous date of the decisive transition to a healthier diet, thereby delaying indefinitely the return of our beauty and well-being?

As paradoxical as it may sound, it’s all about our fears. And the most important of these is the fear that we will have to abandon harmful, but such tasty and familiar for demanding stomach, and gourmet dishes! That is a terrible word “never!” for a long time can deprive us of our will, forcing once again cowardly and hastily to change his decision about a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, — not the life sentence that requires the absolute rejection of small gastronomic pleasures, and occasionally (!) treat yourself to the same roast duck or coveted smoked meat is absolutely not forbidden. Besides, with time, healthy food recipes become familiar, even traditional, and the latter-day supporter of healthy lifestyle has simply no desire to return to heavy and little food.

Another fear is the fear of what the meals of the new diet will be tasteless, and may be altogether inedible. However — is it really? The current range of food products rich so that the transition to a healthy diet can go quite painless even for the most inveterate of the epicurean. Vegetables, fruits, juices, legumes, white meat and many seafood — not the entire list of “attractive” components of proper nutrition, and all that is required from the discerning gourmet, is to learn the simple skills of cooking healthy food.


It is known that the success of any enterprise depends on dedication and discipline of its organizer. It is the persistence and hardness in the desire to regain youth, beauty and health determine the probability of achieving our cherished goal. So self-discipline needs to be involved in the full extent, acting as an effective enemy of our laziness, fear and weakness. For every “I can’t” should be timely and clear, “I’ll do it!”, and the only answer to “shall we postpone for tomorrow?” should be “today only!”.

The lack of willpower is an excuse of the weak and lazy people. Especially when we are talking about the solution that can lead to a qualitatively new perspective to the level of his being. Learning to confront their own weakness in the struggle for a healthy lifestyle, we discover the opportunity not only to see in the mirror perfect reflection, but fully charged with optimism and enjoy excellent physical health!

Svetlana Neelova

Signs of poor nutrition in the restaurant



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Signs of poor nutrition in the restaurant
The contents

  • Too fast service
  • Extensive menu
  • Food in restaurant network
  • Tasteless steak
  • Fried seafood
  • The problem with the replacement food
  • The smell from the freezer
  • Uncleaned toilet

Food in the restaurant is not cheap, since it is assumed that there is (in contrast to the usual cafes and street food) you can enjoy freshly made food of excellent quality. But not all restaurants meet expectations and can confirm their high level. Often to increase profits staff goes to various tricks, for example, gives customers pre-prepared meals that heat up in the microwave. In terms of quality these dishes are inferior to fresh, and to pay for a high price, at least offensively. Moreover, they may contain food not fresh, which is fraught with poisoning. How to calculate these dishes and keep themselves safe?

Too fast service

The first indication that the restaurant offers pre-cooked meals, is suspiciously fast service. Because cooking food takes time. And if the food was already waiting in the wings in the refrigerator, enough of them just warm. It usually takes a few minutes. In the end the waiter can perform much faster, as usually happens in restaurants, qualified for fast food. If this happens in the institutions of higher rank, you should think about the quality of the food. On culinary sites or in specialized books it is possible to know in advance the time required for cooking or other restaurant meals.

Extensive menu

If the menu is a volume reminiscent of the philosophical treatise, and the number of items in it — a list of references in the thesis, this is another reason to be suspicious. Even in the most reputable restaurant with an experienced chef will not unduly overload the list of dishes, this is because it will be hard to handle. Excessive variety of food in the restaurant is possible to explain only one argument — a big part of the menu is already pre-cooked. It is very difficult to have a lot of ingredients, especially seafood. So often cooks are stocking up on semi-processed, or frozen food with questionable expiration dates.

Food in restaurant network

Typically, a network of catering establishments different fixed menus with duplicate ingredients and range. Taste of the same dishes in all restaurants of the chain will be the same. It is quite difficult to achieve if the branches are different chefs. In such cases, it is easiest to serve already prepared meals or collect them on the specified schema from pre-defined ingredients that should always be at hand. But not the fact that this dish will be a success daily. So, food can lose its freshness. Often these institutions have a common kitchen, which produces special blanks, which are then frozen or semi-finished form are delivered to all branches of the network. And it is unlikely that the food in these places you can quality compared with exclusive restaurants, so the cost of meals should not be too high.

Tasteless steak

A good way to check the level of the chef and places in General is to order the steak medium rare. Usually it is prepared at least 15-20 minutes. Freshly made, the meat should be really juicy and not tough. If the steak chewed like rubber, dry or has almost no taste, then most likely it is the result defrost pre-prepared semi-finished or low-skilled cooks. But even undercooked fresh meat is markedly different from pre-cooked and warmed up. The fact that under the influence of heat in the microwave disrupted the old texture of the meat, which is not the best way affects the taste.

Fried seafood

If seafood menu is represented only in roasted, it also looks suspicious. Restaurants that only offer fried seafood, usually do not serve fresh fish. Seafood, deep-fried or on the pan, the easiest way to frozen foods. It is possible that they were treated not chefs, and employees of the fish plant.

Some unscrupulous kitchen staff can re-throw in the pan once fried fish or shellfish. Whether such a diet useful and safe? It is difficult to say. But if you want to eat really fresh seafood, it is recommended to book them in safe places with the opportunity to choose the ingredients on the bench with ice, which is usually located in front of the restaurant kitchen. And even better to visit places located directly on the sea.

The problem with the replacement food

Customers good restaurants or cafes should not be difficult to replace some of the ingredients in the dishes. For example, if a person doesn’t like cheese or garlic, it’s usually the waiter does not see any problems and reports on the client’s wishes to the chefs. As a result, the guest receives the personal order. If the staff denies the request of the client, then, most likely, the dish was already prepared, and its composition is difficult to change.

The smell from the freezer

Anyone who ever warmed up frozen foods or leftovers of yesterday’s meal, probably noticed while eating the smell of the freezer or refrigerator. In addition, the effect of the cold or otherwise changing the consistency of food and affects its aromas, shades and partly form. This is especially true when the basis of meat food products. Often on the surface of the steak was pre-cooked and warmed up, it is possible to detect the characteristic grayish spots, which left it cold from the freezer.

Uncleaned toilet

One more, very non-standard indication that the restaurant may be poor nutrition, is untidy bathrooms. Before you make the order, it is useful to go and check the cleanliness of the toilets in the school. According to experts, self-respecting restaurants will be very hard to treat the appearance of such premises and to regularly keep them clean and tidy. If in the toilets observed with dirty floors, cracked mirrors, broken plumbing, broken faucets and other deficiencies, it indicates negligent attitude of the staff and owners to work. And it is unlikely in such places would be decent kitchen.

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HORMONES: ESTROGEN — weight, moods, bones, heart, memory


Your hormones play a crucial role in how you feel, how to act and look. Did you know that hormones have a huge impact on brain function both in men and women? If hormones in norm, you are more likely to feel happy and energetic. When they are not in order, it affects all aspects of life. For example, low thyroid hormone levels impair the functioning of the brain, leading to feeling of depression, irritability and difficulties in thinking.

Low testosterone is associated with low libido, depression, memory problems and is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors started talking about male menopause, but for many men this is a real problem that needs to be solved. The reduction in testosterone can be a cause of crises and divorces. Man feels depressed, accuses his wife that their hormonal changes, trying to find youth out of wedlock. However, the new love usually doesn’t make him happy because hormonal imbalance remains.The reduction in the normal level of testosterone also affects women. When testosterone levels are too high, men or women can be overly ambitious, competitive, fickle in relationships, aggressive or suffer from acne. In women, elevated testosterone is also associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Hormones: Regulate hormones to turn back time

Testosterone: sexual function and working of the brain


We generally believe that the testosterone sex hormone, but he is responsible not only for sexual manifestations and libido. If you get a Y chromosome from his father, in the womb your brain will develop differently. Between men and women a huge difference. Women are better to talk to, feel the language configured for maintaining cordial relationships and not on competition. The male brain is configured to the ambition and domination, for it is less characteristic affection.

However testosterone is not only responsible for these fundamental differences. The lack of testosterone may be reflected in cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. In addition, there is a connection between low testosterone in men, and chronic pain. Currently underway a study on the relationship between testosterone and pain tolerance. Testosterone is also important for women because it affects their sexual desire, muscle development and memory.


Low testosterone levels in men. In men testosterone levels peak at age about 22 years and then slowly declining. On average, after 30 years a man loses every decade 10% testosterone, or 1-2 % each year. A recent study also points to the relationship between low testosterone and Alzheimer’s disease. The lack of testosterone worse the blood pumping to the brain that causes problems with mental activity. It can affect body weight, muscle mass, sexual desire, mood and energy. This condition we call male menopause, or andropause.


Common symptoms of lack of testosterone in men. Decreased libido, erection deterioration, depression, lack of energy and problems with memory.


Low levels of testosterone in women. Without sufficient testosterone in women decreases sexual desire. I’ve seen many women on the verge of divorce. Often it turns out that either they or their husbands are too low a level of testosterone that affects the relationship. I often hear that people accused spouses that they have changed and are no longer the same as before. Yes, people can change, because changing the balance of hormones. Before to divorce and to cross 20-30 years of marriage, is to check their health.


A common symptom of low testosterone in women. The lack of libido, depression and poor memory.


High testosterone levels in men. Those who produce too much of this hormone tend to freak out for no reason. Men with too much testosterone is rarely married or in a stable marriage. They often marry only in very Mature age.


Common signs of high testosterone levels in men. Aggressiveness, acne, and extreme competitiveness.


Excess testosterone in women. Some women produce too much testosterone which often happens with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PKA) as my wife’s. PKA can affect weight, skin condition and General health.


Common symptoms of too much testosterone in women. Overweight, irregular periods, acne, oily skin, excessive hair growth on the face and body, aggression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes.


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Balance testosterone. Just to clarify, do the two analyses — total and free testosterone. A new study shows that the increase in blood sugar levels (after a meal) can lower indicators of testosterone on as much as 25 %. So if you want to get accurate analysis results, do not eat for several hours before analysis.

There is a simple test: look at the brush in my hands and compare the length of the straightened index and ring fingers. If nameless is longer, so even during prenatal development you have received a lot of testosterone. Some say that the size of the ring finger also correlates with the size of the genitals in men.


Estrogen: weight, moods, bones, heart and memory


Estrogen is an amazing hormone that affects every organ system of the body: bones, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and brain.

Most people think estrogen is a female sex hormone, but men also need it, only in smaller doses. Women at certain stages of the menstrual cycle estrogen in the normal increases and decreases. In a normal 28-day cycle of growth and decline in estrogen levels (estradiol and progesterone) occur twice.

After 30 or 40 years, when women enter the perimenopause, the hormonal system is not working as effectively and break the cycle. Is smooth the UPS and downs of the estrogen rises sharply, then falls sharply, which leads to PMS. The effect of the swing razbalansirovat the woman’s emotions.

By the time of menopause estrogen is significantly reduced, which affects the weight, cognitive functions and health.

Women have three estrogens: estrone, estradiol and estriol. In the reproductive phase is dominated by estradiol. It supports youth, protects brain, blood vessels, heart and bones, protects the skin from aging and prevents weight gain. Researchers from Yale University have found that estradiol suppresses appetite in the same way, and leptin (one of the hormones that affect appetite). Scientists have concluded that this is why the menopause has a tendency to increase appetite.


Lack of estrogen

While reducing the level of estrogens in women experience problems with short-term memory, there may be periods of tearfulness and depression. Woman forgets where he parked the car, or you may forget why you walked into the room. The decrease in estrogen makes it more susceptible to pain. A study published in the Journal of Neurobiology, was intended to assess the reaction of women to pain at different times of the cycle (during menstruation, when levels of estradiol lower total, and in the end of the cycle at elevated levels). Women were asked to rate their experience, giving them a small painful impact. At low estradiol women reported that they feel more pain. Therefore, during menopause can increase pain sensitivity.


Common signs of decreasing estrogen levels: Blurred vision, problems with concentration, depression or moods.


Elevated levels of estrogen.


High levels of estrogen combined with low levels of progesterone contribute to a more heavy flow of menstruation, cramping and shorten cycle (sometimes this leads to non-stop monthly).


Common signs of excess estrogen: Swelling, weight gain, arrogance, aggressive behavior and depression.


Balance the estrogen.

A simple blood test will help to determine the levels of three types of estrogen. Healthy brain lifestyle with exercise, restriction of caffeine, sugar and alcohol will help to establish balance. Fish oil, primrose oil and Flaxseed oil can ease the symptoms.


Progesterone: moods, sleep, work mind


Meet the hormone of well-being. Progesterone is a natural relaxant, it soothes, calms and improves sleep. And unlike medicinal relaxers progesterone enhances mental activity. Sometimes progesterone is called the pregnancy hormone. During pregnancy the progesterone level is high. A woman keeps calm, and she adds energy, enthusiasm and love.

Progesterone is also subject to fluctuations: the high its level in the second half of the menstrual cycle. After 30 years a woman’s body produces progesterone less effective. And if after 40 years the woman has low progesterone, but estrogen is still high, this enhances the symptoms of excess estrogen.


Low levels of progesterone. When you lack progesterone, you lose the natural sleeping pill and a sedative. A deficiency of this hormone can also lead to dependency.

Normally, levels of progesterone start to decrease for 8 years before a woman enters into menopause.


Common signs of low progesterone. Headache, migraine, blurred vision, poor memory, mood swings and concentration difficulties. Arrogance, aggressiveness, and swelling to happen, even if this elevated estrogen.


High levels of progesterone. Occurs during pregnancy or inadequate hormonesensitive therapy in menopause. This is similar to the symptoms of first weeks of pregnancy.


Common signs of high progesterone. The morning sickness, fatigue, back pain.


Balance the progesterone. Most doctors check progesterone in saliva, urine or blood. It is best to analyze on the 21st day of the cycle. Used for treatment of synthetic and biological progesterone.

according to the book of Daniel Amen “Change your brain, change the body”

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Angioedema: algorithm of first aid


For most people, the allergic reactions seem somehow unpleasant, but not life-threatening condition. In most cases this is true, but this does not apply to such a dangerous manifestation of allergies as angioedema.


In most cases, angioedema occurs due to the disproportionate reaction of the immune system to some external stimulus. As a result, the body produces a special substance responsible for the body’s response to inflammation – histamines and prostaglandins. These substances increase the permeability of blood vessels, especially small capillaries, and lymph of them begins to flow into the surrounding tissue. So there is an allergic angioedema, which is also traditionally referred to as angioedema.


Angioedema: symptoms, first aid, treatment and prevention


But in fact this name is not entirely accurate. It was given this status due to the fact that earlier it was believed that swelling is caused by dysfunction of the nerves that control the expansion and contraction of blood vessels.


Also found the name “tumor Quincke”that is even more wrong a term, because angioedema is irrelevant to these tumors represent abnormal growth of cell tissues.


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Angioedema was known many centuries ago. But the name was given to him in honor of the German physician Heinrich Quincke, who described the swelling of this type in their patients at the end of the 19th century. He also designed the first effective treatments.


Angioedema can affect many body tissues and internal organs. But the most common swellings appear on the external tissues of the upper body – the face and neck. Often the occurrence of angioedema in the extremities, the genitals.


But especially dangerous oedema angioedema affecting the respiratory system and meninges. They can lead to such serious complications as stroke and suffocation. Without proper treatment, these complications can lead to death.


Edema is the most frequent allergic reaction. The incidence of this syndrome is only 2% of all allergic reactions. However, we cannot say that angioedema is an exotic disease that has little chance to encounter. According to many studies at least every tenth person ever in your life endured angioedema in one form or another.



Angioedema may develop at any age. However, most often it affects young women and children. People who are prone to allergic reactions, more likely to suffer from angioedema. However, this does not mean that swelling may not appear in cases when the person does not fall into the risk group.


The rate of development of angioedema may vary in individual cases. Sometimes swelling develops completely within a few minutes, and sometimes swelling progresses gradually over hours or even days. All depends on the amount of allergen and the duration of its effects. The duration of the edema may also be different. Sometimes the swelling may not take place for weeks, turning into the chronic form. The chronic type includes swelling lasting more than 6 weeks.


Children can be prone to swelling since the very first days of life. In infants it is often provoked by feeding by artificial mixes, and the use of cow’s milk, medicines. As a rule, the disease in the first months of life is more severe than in adults and often ends in death. The children also often observed in the gastric form of angioedema, and form that affect the meninges. Swelling often combined in children with bronchial asthma.





As in the case of other allergic reactions, the syndrome develops in response to intake of allergens. Their can be various substances and agents:


  • substances contained in foods, especially in nuts and fruits, egg and milk proteins, fish, honey, chocolate, food additives, dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc.

  • medicines, particularly antibiotics, anesthetics, vitamins, bromides and iodides, aspirin, some antihypertensives

  • poisons and toxins, first of all, poisons insects

  • pollen

  • animal fur

  • the household chemicals or industrial chemicals – phenol, turpentine, etc.

  • dust and dander

  • microorganisms – fungi, bacteria and viruses


An allergen for each individual can be any substance that is harmless to most other people. However, a particularly strong and rapid allergic reactions develop in response to the action of the poison snakes and insects.


To indirect factors contributing to the development of angioedema include some internal diseases, parasitic infestations, endocrine disorders.


There is also a group of people with a genetic predisposition to the disease. Such people have such swelling may develop regardless of the allergen, for example, with hypothermia or stress.




The symptoms of angioedema


In most cases, symptoms of angioedema is the swelling and increase in size of soft tissues of face, neck and head. In some cases, the face swells so much that begins to resemble a balloon, but instead of the eye slits are left alone or the patient can not open eyes. Sometimes the swelling goes on the hands, especially the fingers, feet, and upper chest.


As a rule, swelling affects all layers of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and mucous membranes. In rare cases, swelling may also affect the joints and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The last form of edema is observed only upon receipt of the allergens into the stomach with food and medicines.


Angioedema is also sometimes called giant urticaria. However, swelling is more dangerous than the hives and has some differences from it. In particular, unlike hives, the patient is no itching.


Also unlike many other forms of skin allergic reactions, swelling is not accompanied by a rash. When pressing on the swollen place it seems tight and it does not form a pit. Skin color remains unchanged or slight blanching of the skin.


The symptoms of angioedema can also include symptoms suchas reduced blood pressure, tachycardia, and increased perspiration. The mind can become confused, disturbed coordination, restlessness, anxiety and fear.


The most dangerous symptoms are those that indicate the swelling in the upper Airways – trachea, bronchi, larynx, mucous membranes of the pharynx and nasopharynx. If the swelling has moved to these tissues, the patient is threatened with asphyxia.


Such symptoms include barking cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, primarily on the breath, problems with speech. The skin may at first blush and then turn blue. There may be hemorrhage due to small ruptured capillaries of the mucous membranes. The symptoms of angioedema on the mucous membrane of the larynx occur in approximately one fourth of the patients.


However, the absence of symptoms is not an excuse to delay or not pursue treatment, or not to consult a doctor. Because edema may continue to develop, and precious time can be lost.


The symptoms of gastro-intestinal form of angioedema are much like indigestion , acute epigastric pain, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, or difficulty urinating. In this case, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor. Edema of the gastrointestinal tract are also dangerous because they can go into dangerous complication – peritonitis.


Swelling of the meninges, is no less dangerous than a swelling of the larynx and trachea. The main symptoms in this case are similar to the symptoms of meningitis. It’s headaches, fear of light and sound, numbness of occipital muscles, which are manifested in the inability to put your chin to your chest. Can also be nausea and vomiting, convulsions, paralysis, disturbances of vision and speech.


The articular form of angioedema are not life-threatening. When it affects the synovial departments of the joints, resulting in pain and decreased mobility.


Angioedema can also accompany urticaria (approximately half of vulchev). This kind of allergic reactions is accompanied by itching, blisters of different size, epiphora and conjunctivitis.


The symptoms of angioedema in young children to recognize it is not easy, but it should be able to all the parents, because for kids this syndrome is particularly dangerous, and the baby is unable to report on what was happening to him.


If the child’s skin appears pale, nasolabial region is blue, the heart beats faster, breathing hard, it means the lack of oxygen associated with laryngeal edema. In the future, the lividity spreads to other areas of the skin, increased sweating. Then may occur suffocation with loss of consciousness and decrease in heart rate.




By itself, swelling of skin tissues and mucous membranes, is not dangerous for life and can pass by itself. However, the complications of angioedema involving the respiratory system and meninges, as well as developing on the background of anaphylactic shock, are extremely dangerous.



Emergency when angioedema


With the development of the above symptoms should immediately call the emergency assistance. If you call for help is not possible, it should attempt to deliver the patient to the doctor themselves. However, any person is able to provide other first aid to the in allergic edema.


The algorithm is the following. First and foremost, the patient should be calm. Bed rest is not recommended. It is better that the patient was in a sitting position. A small child can hold.


If you know the source of Allergy, it is necessary to take all measures to stop ingested. For example, to stop taking food or drugs, leave the place where the allergens spreading through the air.


In that case, if the condition was caused by the insect bite, you should remove the stinger from the wound. So the poison does not spread throughout the body, you should use a tourniquet on the bitten limb above the bite.


Harness to keep no more than 30 minutes. If this cannot be done (the patient was not bitten in a limb), you should apply to the bite the ice or a cold compress.


The same methods should apply in that case, if the swelling developed after the injection of any drug.


To facilitate breathing, the victim needs to remove tight clothing, the tie, unbutton the top two buttons on your shirt or blouse, remove from neck chains, to open the window or put the victim in the room with free access of fresh air.


If the development of the syndrome was the result of the intake of food or medication into the stomach, you should take the sorbents the activated carbon at a dosage of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight, or smectite enterosgel. Gastric lavage is forbidden, as a possible edema of the larynx the patient may choke on vomit.


Is it possible to reduce the swelling at home? For this purpose, suitable nemedikamentozhnykh very few tools. For example, on a large swelling you can apply cold compressthat would contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. Also shown to drink plenty of liquids with alkaline reaction , mineral water, soda solution.


But the main means of treatment are antihistamines. It is easier to use antihistamines first generation, such as suprastin, tavegil and diphenhydramine. Despite the fact that they cause drowsiness, the speed of their action is slightly higher than that of other drugs of this class. In most cases it will be enough one tablet.


The principle of action of antihistamines is based on their blocking the impact of histamine to special receptors in the blood vessels. Thus, it stops the growth of oedema, and the patient’s condition stabiliziruemost. For withdrawal from the body of excess fluid diuretics are used. To accelerate the absorption of the drug tablet can be put under the tongue.


It should be borne in mind that even if you take antihistamines led to stabilization of the patient, it is not a reason to cancel the ambulance call. This is especially true in those cases where the cause of allergies is unknown, or the effects of an allergen on the patient’s body to be fully addressed.


In the absence of antihistamines can help vasoconstrictor drugs local action for the treatment of rhinitis (nazivin, Otrivin, rinonorm). A few drops of this drug is required to drip into the area of the nasopharynx and larynx. It should also be borne in mind that antihistamines themselves in rare cases can cause allergies.


But, of course, drug therapy with tablets will be effective only if the patient has no edema of the esophagus and larynx, and he is able to swallow a pill. Often, the swelling can help only subcutaneous or intravenous administration of the drug. These manipulations it is best to do the ambulance workers, with the exception of those cases when being around sick people have enough experience.


In the treatment of angioedema are also frequently used glucocorticosteroid drugs, such as prednisolone (60-90 mg) or dexamethasone (8-12 mg). Hormones shut off the immune response to allergens. Usually these drugs are administered subcutaneously or intravenously, but if it is impossible to make an injection it is recommended to pour the contents of the ampoule under the tongue.


To increase the pressure of subcutaneously injected a solution of vasoconstrictor funds – adrenaline. Commonly used solution of 0.1 % volume 0.1-0.5 ml. measures to increase pressure hold it until the systolic pressure is 90 mm.


In that case, if the patient have already been cases of edema, it is recommended that his family would be ready the drugs for subcutaneous injection.


If the victim will not be provided timely medical care, it may occur asphyxia and apparent death. If not breathing should begin the event on artificial respiration.



Treatment in a hospital


After the arrival of the ambulance medics, depending on the severity of the condition can have a patient on the spot or to be hospitalized. Hospitalization is required for all patients with obvious signs of laryngeal edema. Also this group includes the following categories of patients:


  • having swelling for the first time

  • children

  • patients with the severe form of the disease

  • patients with drug edema

  • patients with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system

  • recently vaccinated

  • SARS recently had a stroke or heart attack



In hospital patients with angioedema are placed either in the Allergy Department or in the intensive care unit or intensive care – in the case of severe, life-threatening condition.


Patients continued using the infusion antihistamine drugs, glucocorticosteroids and diuretics. Also treatments blood purification from allergens using sorbents. Binding of food allergens is carried out using enterosorbents.


In addition to the antihistamines of the first generation can be used with other drugs in this class, which have more complex effects on the immune system and have fewer side effects.


In addition to the introduction of essential drugs, ambulance workers or hospital can also use pure oxygen, and in severe cases, intubation of the trachea.





We live in a world where we are surrounded by millions of different substances and potentially dangerous agents. To avoid them is not always possible, however, such meetings should be kept to a minimum.


For example, trying exotic foods, test preparations, especially when parenteral (intravenous, intramuscular or infusion) administration, the presence of Allergy, to avoid insect bites. You should not take all the drugs and dietary Supplements, especially those that like not really needed, but actively advertised or their friends are taking.


First of all, precautions apply to people with a predisposition to allergies. Special attention should be paid to the composition of pharmaceuticals or food products and to make sure that the components would not be individually dangerous allergens.


But for those who do not have such a predisposition, there are no guarantees. Because the human immune system can change over time, e.g., after acute infectious diseases.


You should also understand that severe allergic reactions such as Quincke edema, is tricky. Sometimes they can not occur after the first contact of the organism with an allergen, and one later, when people might not be ready for such developments.


Therefore, we should always be ready and have the necessary drugs to help deal with the symptoms of allergies, as well as to be able to recognize angioedema, symptoms peculiar to him. Need to know how it turns out first aid for angioedema. Because not in every situation, you can count on rapid medical assistance and speed first aid to the patient may depend on his life.published econet.ru.

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NIGHT WEIGHT loss: is it Possible to eat after six


Remember once and for all: is after six in the evening is possible and necessary, but the main thing-to choose the right “evening” products.

During my work as the dietitian virtually every patient who came to see me, says with pride: “I after six in the evening do not eat!!!” But it adds: “And why do I not lose weight? And if weight, should I eat after six and all the weight comes back!”. Do not stop to wonder: well, who invented this? Where did such nonsense, what to eat after six in the evening it is impossible? And every time I explain to my patients that it is a lie, invented by would-be compilers of different trendy diets from magazines and talk shows. And lost as a result pounds be nothing like the loss of water, which then safely returns.


I declare with full responsibility: there is after six in the evening not only possible, but necessary!


The fact is that if the body is hungry for over 10 hours, and the way it will work, considering the dream, he is experiencing severe nutritional stress. This enables all the protective mechanisms of conservation of energy: decreases metabolism and saving every gram of fat. And besides, strategic deposited fat reserves in case of a “starvation war”.



In the end the day after such a “hunger” rather will “reserve”, than on reducing weight. This is a typical trap for losing weight. Don’t fall into it!


What you can and can’t eat in the evening


Remember once and for all: is after six in the evening is possible and necessary, but the important thing is to choose the right “evening” products.


In the evening you can eat safely:


  • Lean meat (chicken, Turkey, beef, rabbit),
  • Lean fish (hake, perch, cod, Pollack, burbot, putasu,etc.)
  • The cheese is from 0 to 5% fat,
  • Vegetables, except potatoes, carrots and beets
  • Kefir, fermented baked milk of 2.5 % fat,
  • Unsweetened yogurt,
  • Egg whites.


In the evening you can’t eat:


  • Sweets
  • Bread, etc. cakes,
  • Potatoes,
  • Cereals, pasta, rice,
  • Fruit.



What is a “wet slimming”


In defense evening meal will tell you about the phenomenon of night weight loss. Yes, do not be surprised, but the night we, too, can reduce weight and, in compliance with all conditions very well.


The thing is to develop in the pituitary gland of growth hormone – growth hormone, for the synthesis which should:


  • Release of amino acids,
  • The absence of large influxes of carbs
  • Good sleep
  • The b vitamins, and calcium, magnesium, zinc.


Then during sleep for all vital processes under the influence of this hormone will be spent on 1 more kcal (1 kg weight). That is a month for “proper sleep” you can further lose about three pounds. Wasn’t that great?!


But with a lack of amino acids (the basic components of protein), the lack of vitamins, excess carbohydrates and limited sleep, the production of this hormone stops.


By the way would be to say that growth hormone is synthesized from 23.00 to 2.00. So don’t miss a moment!


Also abundant carbohydrate dinner will not let this remarkable hormone to be synthesized. As in response to an excess of carbohydrates in the pituitary will get the signal that the energy for all the events on the night the body processes have already received, and to break down the fat stores don’t need, and growth hormone is no longer needed. At night this weight loss is not happening.


When is the best time to eat?


Dinner is better to arrange 3 hours before bedtime. In this case, you can safely eat a couple of protein chicken eggs (source of essential amino acids) with cucumber just before going to bed. That will help the synthesis of the “night hormone weight loss”.

Eat in the evening to health, but with the mind!published econet.ru.

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Healthy eating: vitamins all year round



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Healthy eating: vitamins all year round
The contents

  • Vitamins in healthy eating: thermal processing of vegetables, fruits and berries
  • Frozen fruit in the food menu
  • Vitamins winter: dried food

Summer is not only a great time for rest and recuperation, but also the hot season preparations for the winter. All of you probably know that at this time of the year to replenish the stock of vitamins in the body need to include in your healthy diet as many vegetables, fruits and berries. How to prepare them for winter to save the maximum of useful substances in the products included in the winter menu, will tell today.

Vitamins in healthy eating: thermal processing of vegetables, fruits and berries

Fresh fruits and vegetables you can include in your healthy diet all year round. You can always get them in the store or on the market. But, for example, in cucumbers and tomatoes grown in greenhouses have half the amount of mineral salts and antioxidants in their ground brethren. In addition, after the long distance transport of vegetables and fruits can lose more than half of the vitamins and minerals. However, there is a possibility to include in your diet during winter berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The main thing is to prepare.

Let us say at once — heat treatment leads to loss of nutrients. For example, five minutes of the boil to kill in the currants and bell peppers lion’s share of vitamin C. More resistant to high temperatures raspberry. However, the jam out of this fruit that so many love to include in the menu for colds — only delicacy, possessing diaphoretic effect, not the cure-all, according to our grandmothers.

The exception is tomatoes, which in the heat treatment process become more useful. The pigment lycopene, which determines the red color of tomatoes, is a powerful antioxidant. It is considered that it is better absorbed if the product is exposed to high temperatures.

Frozen fruit in the food menu

The best way to preserve vitamins in vegetables, berries and fruits for a healthy diet is to freeze them. California scientists have conducted a number of studies that compared the levels of important nutrients in fresh and frozen products of plant origin and found that their compositions are not particularly different. For comparison: when stored under normal conditions, the vitamin C content in strawberries, after three hours reduced by almost half.

Of course, home freezing of food products is not as effective as instant cooling to 40 degrees below zero (shock freezing) in an industrial freezer, not allowing the oxygen to destroy contained in vegetables, fruits and berries vitamins. But in any case, cold is the best method for the preservation of any products. The main thing — to observe the rules:

  • to freeze only selected, fresh and ripe fruit;
  • store food in sealed containers or packages, preferably portion;
  • indicate the date frozen on the bag with vegetables, fruits and other frozen products. The shelf life of many vegetables, fruits and berries shall not exceed six months;
  • use the vacuum vessel to preserve more vitamins in the foods included in a healthy diet, and save space in the fridge.

Before freezing any vegetables, berries or fruits must be washed, well dried and clean away all the excess and peel, cuttings, seed. But there are some nuances:

  • Cherry

In house conditions it is best to freeze cherries with bone. However, if you plan to use frozen cherries for making pies or smoothies, then bone it is better to remove. In this case, the berries in the cooking process, you will not unfreeze.

  • Greens

To get vitamins in the winter, experts recommend to finely chop the greens and put it in ice cube trays. Part pour olive oil, and some vegetable broth and freeze. The resulting cubes are folded in the package. The herbs in the oil will be useful for braised and roasted dishes and the broth for soups, soups or smoothies.

  • Bell pepper

To procure this product you need to clean it, cut into strips and freeze in the bag is the most appropriate method of storage. If the size of the freezer, you can freeze whole peeled a couple of dozen multi-colored fruit. A pepper can be stuffed, not defrosting.

  • Plums, peaches and apricots

Remove the seeds from the fruit, split them into halves and freeze. Peel or not — depends on the method of consumption of fruits in a healthy diet. If the fruit needed to make a cake, it is better to clean them immediately.

  • Strawberry

This berry it is best to freeze in small portions, spreading the berries on a wooden Board or tray. This method will not allow them to stick together after it is placed in a large container.

  • Raspberry

Before freezing raspberries plucked, leaving only the strong and ripe berries. Do not need to wash.

  • Mushrooms

Large and noble mushrooms, as a rule, frost, raw and whole. This will help keep their taste and texture. For freezing you need to choose the instances that do not have damage.

Small mushrooms — chanterelles, honey mushrooms and other — before freezing, it is recommended to boil in salted water. Then dry and freeze in portioned bags.

  • Zucchini

These vegetables contain large amounts of water, so when frozen and lose their elasticity. To best preserve the flavor, the zucchini before freezing should be cut and slightly dry.

  • Cauliflower and broccoli

To parse into florets, wash, dry and send in the freezer.

Vitamins winter: dried food

Another way to store summer fruits and vegetables dehydration or drying. For example, apples, pumpkins, carrots, beets and zucchini make chips which can be easily included in a menu for several months.

To prepare the fruit cut into thin slices and dried in an oven at a temperature of 40 degrees in the continuation of 5-12 hours. Cooking time for chips will depend on the size of the fetus and initial moisture content. This treatment products lose from 30 to 70% of certain vitamins. However, trace elements, enzymes, and vitamins a and E, which make the chips included in the winter menu of food, useful, remain.

Store vegetable and fruit chips are better in paper containers or wooden containers in a dry and dark place.

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From neck to toe: 6 exercises for eliminating swelling and lowering blood pressure


The simple exercises presented in this article, relaxing movements and measured breathing will relieve tension from neck to toe, relieve from daily stress and help rejuvenate in the summer heat.


Massage is the only form of healing, when the healer and patient are no middlemen – no tool, no drugs, only the hands of a healer, directly supporting health and joy. And heavenly bliss. Under the influence of massage sloughed off dead skin cells and improves circulation of the skin, its nourishment, then “squeezed”, the sebum. It makes the skin softer, cleaner, more flexible. At the same time increases its resistance to adverse factors such as dry wind, moisture, and temperature.


Energetic massage in combination with exercise


Massage has beneficial effects on the nervous system. It soothes, relieves stress, but at the same time (depending on technique) can and cheer up, cause a burst of strength and energy.


Affecting the blood vessels, accelerates the flow of blood and lymph, which promotes a more active supply of internal organs with oxygen, nutrients. Using special techniques, you can eliminate swelling, lower (and if necessary – and increasing) blood pressure.


Under the influence of massage muscles become stronger and more elastic. This procedure prepares the muscles to work, and relaxes after exercise.


The massage joints and ligaments become stronger and more flexiblejoints capable of carrying a greater load, and the ligaments and tendons easier to hold the joint and to provide sufficient range of motion.


After a massage increases the blood oxygen saturation of the body are displayed more intense the waste products and toxins, and metabolic processes occur more actively, and is a natural fat burning.


If during the massage you will be able to sleep, the effect is amplified. Dream – the highest level of relaxation. But no matter how you luxuriated under the hands of a specialist, after the procedure you will feel the vigor of body and spirit.


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The simple exercises presented in this article, relaxing movements and measured breathing will relieve tension from neck to toe, relieve from daily stress and help rejuvenate in the summer heat.



Exercise 1

Strengthens the nerves. Sit in the Lotus posture, straighten your back, extend hands forward parallel to the floor palms up. Inhale arms back, exhale return to starting position. Repeat 10 times.


Massage. Relaxes and improves concentration. Sit in the Lotus position, put your hands next to each other in the middle of the chest. Take a deep breath and slowly spread your hands to the sides of the chest. On the exhale, again put your hands together like you are helping the chest to shrink in volume. Repeat for 1 minute, maintaining the same pace of breaths.



Exercise 2


Relieves stress from joints of feet after a hard day. Sit on the floor, lean back on arms, legs pull forward. Without bending the knees, pull the toes alternately every 1 minute. In the end, perform a circular motion feet to the right and to the left.

Massage. Relaxes the whole body. Squeeze fingers into a fist and hit them in the foot. It accelerates blood circulation, stimulates acupuncture points and therefore reduces fatigue of the legs. Then, push your thumb in the center of the foot just below the fingertips, hold for 30 seconds.



Exercise 3


Eliminates bloating and constipation. Lie on your back, straighten your legs. Inhale and on the exhale, bend your right leg at the knee and pull it toward your chest. Grasp the knee with both hands and press the foot to the stomach as tightly as possible. For 4 seconds hold your breath and lock this position. Exhale as you straighten your leg, relax. Repeat with the left leg. Run for 5 times each leg.

Massage. Stimulates the liver, spleen, stomach and intestines. Push for 5 seconds with the index and middle fingers on the points located symmetrically on both sides of the navel approximately two finger. Do not massage after a meal.



Exercise 4


Stretches and straightens the spine. Lie on your back, extend hands along the body, palms up. On the exhale, bend your knees, pull your knees to your head and gently lower them on the forehead, lifting her buttocks up. The lower back while maintaining your palms. Feet down on the floor as far as possible, stretching the muscles of the legs. Freeze for a few seconds and return to starting position. Do not pain in the back.

Massage. Supports the nervous system, relaxes the back and stimulates the elimination of toxins. Lie on your back, bend your legs and clasp your hands under your knees. Raise the head to the knees, the elbows on both sides from the body, slightly lift up, take to the back, forward and back in for 1 minute.



Exercise 5


Gives a feeling of freshness. Standing, take a deep breath, the arms pull up, stand on tiptoe, hold your breath and hold for a few seconds. Get down on the floor and relax. Repeat 5 times.

Massage. Activates blood circulation and energy circulation. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Squeeze your fingers into fists and knock over the whole body, starting from the left foot up the left leg and left side of the hull, then right top to bottom, ending on the right foot.



Exercise 6


Relaxes the neck. Sit down, straighten your neck and back. On the inhale, tilt your head slightly forward, you should feel like you have kruglitsa one vertebra after another. Lift your head back. Exhale, straighten. Repeat 10 times for a smooth, uniform movements.

Massage. Relieves stress. Interlock the fingers behind the neck, and massage in with the pads of the palms, the neck from the outside to the inside for 1 minute.published econet.ru.

Deborah grace “Massage for the whole family”

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Thyroid gland: 4 food habits that are good for her health


Did you know that in order to care for the health of the thyroid gland, it is necessary to avoid semi-finished products, and to make a choice in favor of organic and natural origin?

Want to know more about the habits, healthy thyroid? As you know, food is the key to the regulation of its normal operation. If you still don’t know what foods you can eat and which you should avoid, keep reading and you’ll find the answers to all your questions. Why is it so important the thyroid gland and its health? The thyroid gland located in the neck, in the front upper part of the trachea. Its main function is the production of hormones. In the imbalance of her work, it may be hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It all depends on whether the increase or decrease in activity of the thyroid gland.


Habits, healthy thyroid


To maintain the health of the thyroid gland is not difficult if you adhere to balanced and healthy diet. The main problem we face today is that because of the abundance of packaged and frozen ready meals, consumption of natural foods has been steadily declining.


However, there are foods and supplements that should always be present in your diet. Among them:


1. Supplements containing iodine


Iodine is an important element of your body, it is especially necessary for the production of hormones. A particularly dangerous deficiency during pregnancy, as the child may be a delay of development.



Throughout daily life it is important to obtain a sufficient amount of iodine to the thyroid gland functioning normally. Consult your doctor and he will tell you the right form of the reception, it probably will be a food additive.




2. Eat cranberries at least once a week

Cranberry is one of the healthiest foods that exist in nature. This is truly a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, while it is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. In addition, cranberry is a source of iodine (½ Cup berries contain 400 mcg of iodine), fibre, antioxidants and vitamins C and K.


We recommend that you include two cups of cranberries in a week in your diet. Thanks to its pleasant taste, cranberries can be added to salads or as a garnish or sauce for meat dishes.


In addition, cranberry juice can be added to smoothies. Thus, you will give a pleasant taste even the vegetables that you do not really taste.


Here is one simple recipe:




  • 1 Cup of baby spinach (60 g)
  • 1 Cup cranberry juice (250 ml)
  • 5 walnuts
  • 1 ice cube




  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and drink immediately.


3. Turn the potatoes to your diet

This tuber, originally from America, provides 60 micrograms of iodine per unit. However, to really get the benefits of a healthy thyroid gland, you need to ensure that it is prepared the right way.

That is:


  • In a small amount of oil: it’s best consumed baked or boiled. To enhance the taste, you can add a bit of salt.
  • In combination with other vegetables, as potatoes are very filling and contains fiber.
  • Don’t overuse this product. Potato contains large amounts of carbohydrates, so you should have a maximum of one medium tuber a day, not more.


Remember that you should avoid is using the semi-finished products from potatoes, and French fries. They contain large amounts of TRANS fats, salt and preservatives that can badly affect the health of your thyroid gland.


4. Eat more natural food

Tell me honestly, how many frozen, canned or processed food you eat per day? Check your refrigerator, and you will undoubtedly be surprised to find that the vast majority of products just like that.


Since the health of the thyroid gland associated with hormones, it is important to avoid foods that negatively affect this function, that is, contain chemicals, sweeteners, preservatives and other similar substances.


Ideally you should consume only fresh and seasonal products. We recommend you to repeat the test in a few months. You will see that it is not so difficult.


All you need is:


  • Replace the cereal out of the box on natural grasses. Almost any store you can find more natural versions of oat, wheat, amaranth and quinoa. Another advantage of them is that they are much cheaper.
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are less likely to undergo the freezing process, which affects their favour.


You can even arrange your own vegetable garden right at home.


  • Cook at home. Yogurt and soft drinks are two examples of products that are easy to cook by yourself. As for soft drinks, replace them with fruit drinks or fruit water, is also prepared independently.
  • Carry snacks to satisfy hunger between meals. This can be anything from homemade ice cream to a container with dried fruit. You can be sure that these snacks, unlike chips do not contain chemicals that can be harmful to thyroid health.


Well? You already follow these tips? If not, maybe it’s time to start, and thyroid say thank you for it.published econet.ru.

Intermittent fasting jumpstarts the immune system and restores the body


How useful intermittent fasting for immunity, how not to overdo it with the hunger strike and to extract from it the maximum benefit to health.

Constant starvation is harmful to the body, but when it comes to short-term starvation, is not only a different kind of practice aimed at spiritual development, but modern science confirms its benefits. While intermittent fasting not only helps to cleanse the body and rapid weight loss, but also the natural regeneration of cells and strengthening the immune system.

Short-term starvation of immune system – backed by science


Researchers from the University of southern California published their findings about healthy aging in the journal “Cell Stem Cell”.

The fact is that when You are starving, the body tries to save energy, and one way to do this is the “recycling” of many immune cells, in which it currently does not need. Especially “a hand” and get damaged cells of the immune system. So says study co-author Valter Longo (Valter Longo), Professor in the School of gerontology Davis (Usc) and Director of the longevity Institute (University of southern California).

The above-described process, which explains the benefits of fasting for the immune system, characteristic for the human and the animal.


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The studies conducted on mice and on humans, experts of the subjects deprived of food, which led to a reduction in the number of white blood cells in the body. They are responsible for disease and fill the blood in the case of penetration of pathogenic agents into the blood. However, the drop in the level of leucocytes was not the end: the cycle of starvation leads to “restart” the production of white blood cells.

After 2-4 days of fasting hematopoietic system destroyed the older and damaged immune cells and formed a new one. Scientists believe that intermittent fasting is helpful not only immune, but also for other systems and organs of the body.

The impact of short-term starvation on other systems of the body


Intermittent fasting forces the body to stock up on sugars, fats and ketones, and to destroy a significant number of white blood cells. Ketones are produced when the body converts fat into energy, they are major players in the field of weight loss.


Intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as a primary energy source. It helps to speed up metabolism and improve the intestinal peristalsis, allowing the digestive system to rest. A break in the meal contributes to more effective calorie burning, as if to remind the body about the correct digestive process.


Short-term fasting is like a reset button for the entire body. It creates a healthy environment where the body releases hormones regulated, to learn to recognize real hunger. If a person eats every 3-4 hours, his body not know what true hunger. Freeing the body from the digestion process for 12-24 hours, You give him the opportunity to focus on the regeneration of other systems.


Also, intermittent fasting helps to eliminate toxins from the body and the regulation of the “filtering” organs – the liver and kidneys.


Important! The fasting period should not exceed four days, and throughout the period of starvation is necessary to increase the volume of water consumed.


With each “session” short-term starvation, the depletion of the population of white blood cells leads to the formation of new immune system cells. When the content of the enzyme protein kinase A (PKA) decreased along with the number of white blood cells, researchers realized that is a “switch” of the body, which makes possible the formation of new cells and leads to a decrease in the level of IGF-1, which is associated with aging, tumor growth and cancer risk.


For transferring the stem cells in the regeneration mode, you must disable the action of PKA, resulting in the stem cells begin to proliferate and, consequently, lead to the updating of the system. Also the healing effect of intermittent fasting is to get rid of damaged or old items that are no longer able to work efficiently. estet-portal.com

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Causes of back acne in women. How to cure acne, prevention


Body acne can be quite harmless cosmetic defect. For example, they arise due to irritation of the skin. But maybe so that a skin rash is a signal of disease in the body. Their appearance on the back is for women not only an aesthetic problem, but also raises concerns about the health status. To get rid of acne, you can use a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and home remedies, but to find and remove the cause of suspicious rashes must.


  • Types of acne
    • Comedones (white or blackheads)
    • Pustules (purulent pimples)
    • Papules (red pimples)
  • The causes of formation of pimples on the back of a women
    • External factors
    • Internal factors
  • Ways to eliminate acne
    • Medication
    • Diet
    • Treatment of folk remedies
  • How to prevent acne on the back

Types of acne

Back acne are the result of the flow off and inflammation of the skin around hair follicles – sacs, which are the roots of the hairs growing on the body. Emerging seals may have different sizes and appearance.

At the base of the follicles are sebaceous glands, which produces a fatty lubricant, softening and protecting the skin. The skin surface constantly updated. Old epithelial cells are shed in their place by new ones. Due to this the skin looks young and smooth. The necrotic epithelium is mixed with skin and fat removed during washing.

Comedones (white or blackheads)

If the skin is women too oily, clogged pores. Cysts are formed, filled with a mixture of sebum and skin cells (comedones). You may receive either white subcutaneous pimples (“closed”), or acne with black head, which is an air-oxidized sebum (“open comedones”).

The peculiarity of these back acne in women that they are inflamed only after enucleation when they get dwelling in the skin bacteria. White or black acne often appears in adolescents or pregnant women. Such pimples can occur as a result of harmful impact of production dust. Their education contributes to poor skin care.

Pustules (purulent pimples)

Sometimes appear pustules – pimples painful seals, pus-filled and located in the skin at different depths. After healing large pustules left scars. As a rule, the appearance of acne on the back and neck tells about the metabolic disorders, wrong diet, fad women sweet, starchy and spicy food.

Papules (red pimples)

The formation red pimples (papules) in the form of dense balls protruding above the surface. If a lot of them, the skin on the back is rough. Can occur itching, pain. When pressure is applied on the pimple it fades, then again becomes bluish-red.

These pimples usually appear with a decrease in immunity, allergies, use of hormones, the skin irritation of chemical substances.

Warning: Squeeze the pimples of any kind is very dangerous. Instead the back may be formed purulent abscesses (furuncles and carbuncles), from which to get a lot harder than acne. Very often they appear in women when trying to mechanical removal of pustules.

Video: the Causes of formation of pimples, how to treat

The causes of formation of pimples on the back of a women

The reasons for the formation of comedones, pustules or papules on the back are either irritating to the skin due to external negative factors, or the effects of processes that take place inside the woman’s body (a natural or pathological).

External factors

The factors that can affect the skin condition are:

  • Climatic conditions. Increased sweat production in hot climates leads to irritation of the skin, activating the sebaceous glands. Besides, in the conditions of hot dry weather the skin is more scaly. All this contributes to the clogging of pores increased bacteria.
  • The environmental situation in the area of residence. The occurrence of acne and the deterioration of the skin contributes to the impact of harmful substances in the air falling into the water.
  • The special sensitivity of the skin to certain cosmetic products, household chemicals. Skin rashes are common allergic reactions to chemicals and other irritants. The cause of rash can be even nervous excitement. Some women are allergic to chocolate, eggs, and other products.
  • The use of “harmful” and “heavy” food products with high content of fat, carbohydrates and sugar, which contributes to the strengthening of the sebaceous glands.
  • Choice of clothing. If it is close, but still made of synthetic materials, the appearance of acne it is likely due to mechanical irritation of the skin, impaired nutrition and thermoregulation.
  • The thoroughness of hygienic care of the body, particularly the skin of the back. This is a special factor which a woman needs daily to focus if he wants to have a healthy skin and attractive appearance. A negative role can play a too frequent use of cleaning procedures of the skin (chemical or mechanical peeling).
  • As a rule, the elimination of external causes leads to the improvement of the skin.

    Internal factors

    The factors causing the formation of back acne in women include hormonal changes in the body and metabolic disorders. They may be associated with normal functioning of sexual and endocrine organs, as well as with the occurrence of pathologies.

    Hormonal failure

    Natural hormonal changes occurs in the body of a girl in puberty, when there is a sharp increase in the production of female sex hormones in the ovaries. Is the teenagers very often suffer from the appearance on the face, back, neck acne. The hormonal surge occurs in the body during pregnancy, so women in this period, as a rule, spoiled skin, her pimples and dark spots.

    Hormonal failure may occur before menstruation which leads to acne on the back and chin. After begins a new menstrual cycle, skin condition is usually restored. Temporary hormonal disturbances are a natural in the postpartum period.

    Hormonal pathology of occur in diseases of the thyroid gland (thyrotoxicosis), adrenals, brain. Often their appearance is associated with ovarian dysfunction, polycystic. Acne may occur in diabetes mellitus (lack of insulin).

    Reasons hormonal failure are often stress, physical fatigue, Smoking, alcohol abuse.

    The metabolic

    This pathology occurs because of a lack of vitamins in the body. A vitamin deficiency contributes to poor diet, poor digestion as a result of diseases of the digestive system and the liver. Acne can appear not only the shortage but also with an excess of nutrients in the body (for example, overdose of vitamin C or E).

    Addition: One of the most common and unavoidable causes of acne is a genetic predisposition. The structure of the skin, functioning of the sebaceous glands, regeneration of skin cells – all this is an individual genetically determined peculiarities of the female organism. She usually knows about them, have to exert effort to improve the condition of your skin.

    Ways to eliminate acne

    In order to establish the cause of the back acne, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. May need counseling therapist, gynecologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist or endocrinologist.


    The specialist will prescribe antibiotics (chloramphenicol, erythromycin), hormonal medications (e.g., drug Jess), sorbents (for cleaning the body of toxins), hepatic (improves liver function), as well as antimicrobial drugs (trihopol). Given oral capsules of Roaccutane (for the suppression of the sebaceous glands).

    On prescription I take vitamin and mineral supplements containing zinc, vitamins A, E, folic acid (aevit, alphabet and others). To improve the functioning of the intestines are usually prescribed probiotics (Linex, Bifidumbacterin).

    External medication of the skin begin treatment with its antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine, salicylic acid, boric alcohol, alcohol tincture of calendula, peroxide of hydrogen, potassium permanganate or furatsilina. Then it is treated with drugs local action in the form of ointments, gels or creams that reduce sebum production, eliminate inflammation. Use the following drugs:

    • dalacin gel antibiotic clindamycin;
    • Zener – ointment, which has erythromycin and zinc;
    • adapalene is a cream containing a substance is a retinoid (derivative of vitamin A), which regulates the process of regeneration of skin epithelium and the formation of sebum;
    • lensit With containing adapalene in combination with clindamycin.

    To apply such funds only as directed by your doctor for a short time. In order to get rid of pimples on the back, can be applied to the skin suspension prepared from crushed tablets erythromycin or soap and a small amount of water.

    At home you can prepare the mash of chloramphenicol (5 g), boric acid (50 g), salicylic acid (5 g) and ethyl alcohol (50 g). All components sold in a pharmacy.


    To adjust the metabolism and reduce the secretion of sebum, it is important to stick to a diet. People with skin diseases should avoid eating pickles, pickled, canned, oily, spicy food. You need to eat less sweets, baked products, chocolate, tonic, and carbonated beverages.

    Very useful to eat porridge, fresh and baked vegetables, fruit. They contain vitamins and fiber necessary for proper bowel function. To maintain the protein metabolism you need to eat lean meats, fish, dairy products. Whole milk is useful for everyone, as it relates to allergens, and its use can lead to intestinal disorder.

    Your body is purified from toxins, drinking plenty of fluids (pure water, fruit drinks, fortified herbal teas).

    Treatment of folk remedies

    Popular popular ways to get rid of back acne as a lotion with decoction of succession, celandine, oak bark, calendula. Daily use for washing back tar soap helps to disinfecting pimples and its gradual desiccation.

    In the presence of acne is useful to make the bath with the addition of potassium permanganate or sea salt. There is not only cleansing, but also cauterization of the inflamed areas. Treat back skin can, causing her a paste of powdered chloramphenicol and boiled water.

    The good effect is cleansing mask. For example, you can make a mask of cosmetic clay with tea tree oil, and dissolved yeast with lemon juice. They are applied on the skin for about 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

    The skin of the back is covered with pimples, you can gently cleanse with a scrub, home-cooked 2 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp of baking soda and cream for oily skin.

    In the presence on the back of a large number of acne can be treated homemade spray, which will include hydrogen peroxide and vegetable broth (prepared from 50 g of leaves of plantain, or, for example, succession, celandine 1 Cup of boiling water). To prepare the broth you can take a mixture of different components (flowers of calendula, oak bark).

    Video: How to get rid of back acne without medication

    How to prevent acne on the back

    To resolve the reasons why back acne occurs, it is necessary first of all to take care of the cleanliness of the skin, wear quite loose clothes made of natural materials, often to change it. It is important to use individual soft towel and washcloth (better if it is not synthetic). Not roughly RUB the skin, squeeze out the blackheads.

    It is not recommended to stay long under the sun. The skin is dry, scaly, small fissures get infection.

    Note: it Should be noted that the weak ultraviolet radiation, the opposite, is sometimes recommended in the treatment of skin diseases.

    You need to choose cosmetics based on the type of skin. Oily money close pores, so they are permanently on the skin leave. To prevent formation of acne, you need to take a multivitamin.