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4 natural energy source


Author: Manuel Villacorta (Manuel Villacorta), certified nutritionist

The most common complaint you hear from people nowadays is that they are tired. Indeed, in view of the continuing shortage of time in the daytime people sleep less and eat worse, as a result receive less energy. However, sometimes six cups of coffee a day beginning to take a toll on health. If this is your case, maybe it’s time to consider the following natural sources of energy.


Snacking can be a powerful tool to increase energy. This is because the blood sugar levels between meals is low, and a low level of sugar in the blood causes fatigue. So eating every 3-4 hours, including full meals and snacks in between, is optimal for energy conservation. Looking for a good idea for a snack? Try pistachios. It is not only extremely tasty food product. The most important point in the use of pistachios as a snack — that in order to reach them you need to remove the shell, which helps to control the serving sizes. Heaven and earth in comparison to how much the usual snacks you can chew in front of the TV!

Eating the right foods

So what food helps? Of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) the best source of energy is carbohydrates. This is due to the fact that muscles and brain work best due to glucose derived from carbohydrates. A good source of energy and protein, because the lack of protein causes fatigue. Moreover, because energy is a long lasting protein for a long time creates a feeling of satiety. Finally, it is proved that an important mineral for maintaining optimal energy levels, is magnesium. Among the sources of magnesium include dark chocolate, avocados, nuts and seeds, which as a bonus are antioxidants and a source of healthy fats.

Prevention of dehydration

It is easy — drink water! Dehydration can occur without warning, but one of the most prominent symptoms is fatigue. If you prefer something more flavorful, you can try flavors for the water. In any case, it is enough to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day plus what you get from food and other drinks. In this regard, as the source of caffeine is coffee, you can use other substances. Powerful natural stimulants energy are the root of Maca, and green tea and ginseng.


One of the neglected health principles, which I beg you not to forget your customers, is the ability to manage stress. This is especially important when talking about energy. When the body experiences excess stress, it produces hormones such as cortisol, which can cause a feeling of emptiness. So if at times you feel chronic fatigue despite a full night’s sleep and enough nutrition, you should think about reducing your stress levels. One of the best ways to do that from time to time to treat yourself to a nice Cup of tea. There are teas that are recommended to drink before bedtime, energeticara teas and even teas to set the mood that will help you to escape from everything that bothers you.

This article was written by Manuel Villacorta, internationally recognized, award-winning dietitian with more than 18 years of experience. Activist media and the authoritative representative of the Wellness industry and health. He is a member of the health blog for The Huffington Post, works with Univision and is the author of four books: “Eating Free”, “Peruvian Power Foods”, his latest bestselling book “Whole Body Reboot”: “the Peruvian Superfoods diet” and its the fourth not released at the moment the book is called “Flat-Belly 365”, the publication of which is planned in January 2018. Read more about Superfoods and nutrition from Manuel you can visit the website: wholebodyreboot.com

Ways of whitening teeth at home


Yellowed teeth is a rather unpleasant issue that can cause fear and embarrassment to smile, to show them around. This drawback is quickly and easily eliminated in a photo when using the graphic editor Photoshop, but in real life, need careful care of teeth and periodic use of special tools designed for whitening. Dental clinics offer a number of modern expensive procedures to solve this problem. However, you can deal with it at home with drugstore or folk remedies.


  • Dental care
  • Folk remedies
    • Fruits and berries
    • Vinegar
    • Salt and soda
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Activated carbon
  • Strips
  • Gels
  • Capa
  • Pencils
  • Precautions

Dental care

One of the common causes of yellowing teeth is improper care and lack of regular tooth brushing. To preserve dental health and rid yourself of tooth decay and other dental problems, you should daily brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal. The procedure should be carried out qualitatively, with observance of all rules, and last for at least 3 minutes.

For effective cleaning of teeth and removal of plaque it is recommended to use only toothpaste and brush as well as floss and mouthwash. Which tools are better in each case, it is necessary to discuss with your dentist.

When the problem of yellowing enamel, your doctor may recommend professional toothpaste designed for whitening. They are removed from the tooth surface pigmented plaque due to the presence of special enzymes and a large number of abrasive particles. The coefficient of abrasiveness of the RDA of such pastes is from 120, while the normal – 75. The most popular of them:

  • President White Plus;
  • Lacalut White;
  • SPLAT Professional Whitening plus;
  • ROCS Whitening.

Important: to Use whitening toothpastes should be used with caution, strictly observing the instructions given in the recommendation, no longer than one month, alternating with a commonly used pasta.

Folk remedies

Teeth whitening can be done at home using the available simple tools. Their advantage are the availability, natural ingredients, ease of preparation and the possibility of more frequent use than professional sets.

Fruits and berries

For teeth whitening have useful properties, strawberries, apples, lemon, banana. Each of these products has its peculiarities of action and usage:

  • Strawberries. The effectiveness of berries to whiten teeth is due to the presence of malic acid. Use them in mashed condition in the form of rubbing or applications lasting 5-10 minutes, and then brush your teeth normal toothpaste.
  • Banana. Teeth whitening helps banana peel. For this purpose its inner side it should be for 15 minutes, wipe the teeth and then endure the remaining banana pasta for 10 minutes and clean the plaque.
  • Lemon. To combat yellow stained teeth is effective freshly squeezed lemon juice. Them several times a day RUB the teeth.
  • Apples. Way to use the easiest. They should have a few pieces during the day and at night, carefully chewing in the mouth. Then the enamel will always remain clean.
  • Vinegar

    Table Apple cider vinegar is an effective means for removal of plaque, stains and eliminate bacteria in the mouth. It is used for rinsing in diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 10. Duration should not exceed one minute, it is held only once a week.

    Salt and soda

    Salt and soda – foods that are always in the kitchen at any housewife. For teeth whitening fine table salt used in the form of protyani surface of the tooth enamel. Of soda with water to prepare the slurry which is the consistency should resemble toothpaste, and a few moments brushing the mixture to the teeth, and then leave on teeth for another 10 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as usual.

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer, and this is due to its effectiveness teeth whitening. She is a member of many professional tools. There are many recipes for lightening the enamel by using peroxide, but the safest is to add it to toothpaste in the ratio of 1 to 1 and this means cleaning your teeth twice a day during the week. With prolonged use, the peroxide causes a thinning of the enamel and increasing tooth sensitivity.

    If the enamel are sporadic dark spots, you can wipe with a cotton swab soaked in peroxide, then rinse your mouth with water.

    Important: When applying hydrogen peroxide should exercise special caution. It is not recommended to use it undiluted. In any case it is impossible to prevent ingestion of concentrated funds based on it!

    Activated carbon

    Due to its absorbent properties, activated charcoal cleans the tooth enamel, strapping on her accumulated fine particles. Also, the drug has anti-inflammatory effect.

    Use it in powdered form, carefully crumbling the tablet and mixing with a small amount of water to form a slurry. The resulting mass is added to toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual. It is better to crush the tablet, as remaining large particles during the cleaning can scratch and damage the enamel.


    Whitening strips are simple and easy to use. They represent a transparent plate, in the form of a repeating row of teeth and one side covered with gel containing peroxides or other chemical compound.

    To lighten tooth enamel need to be glued on the upper and lower teeth and hold for 30 minutes. It is important that the entire surface of the strip tightly to the teeth, or the whitening will be uneven. To perform this procedure once a day for two weeks. The first results become visible on the fourth day. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, using this tool, you can achieve whitening up to 6 shades.

    The most popular are:

    • Crest 3D White;
    • Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips;
    • Bright Light 3D White Professional Effects;
    • 3D White Teeth Whitening Strips.

    The disadvantage of strips is the impact on the front teeth, increased sensitivity of the enamel and gum irritation when in contact with them.


    For teeth whitening at home apply the gel containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They help to get rid of yellowing teeth caused by drinking coffee, black tea, Smoking. Apply them twice a day, morning and evening, with a special brush or use with Burr, that are first filled with a gel composition, and then fixed on the teeth.

    To achieve the desired effect need several treatments. To apply the whitening gels should be strictly in accordance with the instruction manual, otherwise you can harm tooth enamel and oral mucosa. Before starting the course it is recommended that professional teeth cleaning at the dentist, otherwise, due to the presence of plaque the whitening will be uneven. Also note that the gels do not affect the color of crowns and fillings, so their color will remain unchanged.

    In the pharmacies you can buy a variety of shower gels to lighten the teeth at home:

    • Plus White Whitening Booster;
    • ROCS Pro Oxygen whitening;
    • Global white Whitening Gel
    • Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel, and Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel for sensitive teeth (sensitive teeth);
    • Colgate Simply White and Colgate Simply White Night;
    • Opalescence PF.

    Interesting: the last time for applying the gel to whiten the teeth often use this convenient form of packaging as a stick. It is an applicator that looks like a pen or lipstick.


    Whitening mouth guard is made of flexible transparent thermoplastic plastic. It is placed inside a special gel or paste and then it is put on the teeth. It is important that in the process of donning and wearing the whitening gel is not in contact with the gums, as this will cause irritation. Duration and frequency of its execution is determined to be used for the bleaching composition and the desired outcome.

    The disadvantages of this method of lightening the teeth are:

    • the duration of treatment;
    • discomfort while wearing;
    • difficulties caused by the change of speech;
    • the risk of damage to gums and oral mucosa in case of accidental leakage of the bleaching composition;
    • the necessity of daily care and training to use.

    To maximize the effectiveness of mouth guard is best to make-to-order individually for each patient taking into account characteristics of the structure of its teeth, however, in the absence of such opportunity will suit a commercially available universal (system for 20 Minute teeth whitening Dental White, a mouth guard Opalescence Tres white whitening System White Light, etc.).


    Teeth whitening pencil has the form of a lipstick. It is composed of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, flavors, antibacterial agents.

    The most popular pencils for whitening are:

    • Luxury White Pro;
    • Listerine Whitening Pen;
    • Bright WhiteTeeth Whitening pens;
    • Amazing White Teeth Whitening pen;
    • BLIQ Whitening Pen.

    Before applying the pencil should rinse his mouth, then a thin layer spread by means of teeth, to withstand the specified instructions the number of minutes and again rinse mouth.


    Before using to whiten at home you should consult a dentist. The doctor will assess the condition of the tooth enamel, the presence of contraindications, and advise the most suitable method. Shouldn’t be bleaching procedures for people who have the following problems:

    • hypersensitivity of the teeth;
    • thinning tooth enamel;
    • untreated caries;
    • crowns;
    • inflammatory diseases of the gums;
    • chips and cracks in enamel;
    • installed in visible areas of the seal;
    • an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of the composition used for whitening.

    Also contraindications include age under 18, pregnancy and breastfeeding, certain medications. When you perform a home teeth whitening it is important to monitor your feelings. If you see any adverse reactions must stop and consult a specialist.

    To preserve the whitening result after the course limit the consumption of staining products (dark carbonated drinks, black tea, blueberry, chewing tobacco, coffee, citrus, tomato juice and sauce).

    After whitening the enamel becomes more thin, loose and vulnerable to external factors and darkens more rapidly, so time is needed for her recovery. During this period you have to be very careful about the condition and hygiene of the teeth, as it significantly increases the likelihood of caries development. It is recommended to increase the time of brushing your teeth and use toothpastes with fluoride.

    To prevent thinning of the enamel before, during and after the whitening it is recommended to enrich your diet with foods that contain calcium or drink a vitamin complex with calcium and vitamin D.

    Video: Effective home methods of teeth whitening

    The contouring of the face: step-by-step technique for different types of faces, photos, videos


    Instagram is gaining popularity. Because of him, the girls learned about what the contouring. This technique is able to make chubby women TV star with contoured cheekbones. But improper application will turn, rather, to her smudged cheeks. Therefore, it is important to understand when it’s appropriate to do black and white correction, to select the optimal colors, where and how to apply cosmetics.


    • What is contouring
    • The choice of tools and products
      • Creamy texture
      • Dry texture
      • Brushes and sponges
    • How to do the contouring themselves
      • Round face
      • Square face
      • Triangular face
      • Rectangular face
      • Oval face
    • Tips and tricks

    What is contouring

    This trend has become popular recently. It is intended for the correction of facial contours and defects. In this way it is possible to achieve perfect symmetry and change yourself beyond recognition.

    The contouring of the face involves the correction of the shape of light and shadow. To denote convex regions use transparent powder or highlighter. With zones dimming work as a sculptor. Without these two products performing techniques and schemas is impossible, as it is the basis of technology.

    With contouring is possible to achieve several effects:

    • to make a person;
    • to add symmetry;
    • to expand certain areas of the face;
    • trim the top and bottom of the head;
    • to draw expressive cheekbones;
    • to make the nose thinner;
    • to increase the lips;
    • to bring the face to an oval shape.

    Before starting work with the products you need to decide on the corrected areas. Not every girl needs all of the items from the list, the majority can be limited to 1-2. After that you should pay attention to the tools and products for contouring, because each activity uses different techniques.

    The choice of tools and products

    To the makeup did not look congested and dirty face, for contouring have to choose the right means and tools. The most important thing — to choose the right products for contouring for the event. On this depends the success and relevance of the image.

    Creamy texture

    At the gala evening, a disco club or a photo shoot it is better to choose creamy textures for contouring. They give a more noticeable effect and allow you to create the appearance of a new person. This is particularly important where it is supposed to camera. When shooting color fade, which makeup becomes less noticeable.

    Creamy texture for contouring are of two types: fixed and wax. The second type is suitable only for those who have transformation during shooting (runway models, photo shoots for magazines). The rest is better to use longer lasting products. They can not fix dry, they harden on the skin and remain in place until make-up remover. These products are professional brands of Make up forever and Maqpro. Their peculiarity is that they superposition. The sculptors must be very fast to shade and gently apply to the spot. So working with them is best left to makeup artists.

    If the layman need cream contouring the face, it is better to take waxy plastic texture. If you fix them up dry, they will not concede on durability is fixed. Standalone products of this type are in Maqpro and Maybilline. But the average person may be difficult to choose the right shade, and consultants in the stores do not always literate. In addition, the skin color changes from season to season. So you may need not one, but two products under each shade.

    This problem is solved by using the charts for contouring. In such products contains the basic chassis of colors that can be used alone or mixed to the desired color. Tools of this type is offered by Nyx and Anastasia Beverly Hills. They belong to different price categories and different in quality but similar in shades. They have cold for snow white, and warm for mulatto.

    Dry texture

    Unstable cream tools require fixation of dry products. It sculptors and military in loose or pressed form. They come in different shades: more cold for whites, warm Golden to tan. As the undertone of the skin people have different, there are several basic types of illumination:

    • pink;
    • white;
    • neutral (no color, just Shine);
    • gold;
    • colored (for daring women or creative photo shoots).

    Color Gauleiter and skin doesn’t always have to be close. Pale girls Golden tide will be appropriate in Hollywood makeup and a tanned white shade, you can create additional capacity for drastic changes of the oval face. But sculptors need to pick up clearly under natural shade. Otherwise it will look foreign and strange.

    Good dry and sculptors hilitary there are many companies now. They are not as difficult to create as the cream, so the choice among them more. From the budget it is possible to note the brand Estrade – is a Russian manufacturer, so their line is perfect for women our latitude. For their cost, the product can afford any girl, even a student. Slightly above the price of the product from Nyx. They produce a convenient travel palettes for contouring person with three offices under the sculptor, highlighter and powder. It is very convenient for those who often apply makeup in the way or where-that leaves.

    To create contouring every day will be perfect for dry media. They don’t overload the image, not add extra layers and do not roll down from the heat. These products are suitable for any skin type — they will absorb the excess fat, but do not dry up due to the small thickness of the coating.

    Brushes and sponges

    The choice of tool for contouring depends on the type of product and desired effect. For creamy textures fit with a flat synthetic brush. They are easier to clean, less to absorb the vehicle and better distribute. But for areas under the eyes still need natural pile. This is due to the characteristics of the skin in this area.

    To stretch cream remedy for contouring as thinly as possible, you can use byteblaster or any similar sponge. It can be used in three ways:

    • apply the product of the refil, having the dense layer;
    • DAB lightly a ready path to achieve a middle layer;
    • shade already applied by brush to a thin layer.

    With a sponge funds are deposited faster, but increases their consumption. A sponge absorbs excess product, creating a thin invisible layer. In order to save it is recommended to use first the brush, then feather byteblastermv.

    For quick and easy blending cream sculptor of perfect Kabuki brush. It is tightly Packed, has a short handle and a clean cut. It allows you to capture a fairly large area, it does not leave streaks and stains. It is necessary to work quickly, making small circular movements. This technique will provide the best distribution of the product.

    Dry texture for contouring applied taksonom (artificial hair) or natural brush, depending on the desired result. Synthetic carries the product denser hair easier.

    Tip! After a set of dry product from the packaging to gently shake off the excess on the edge of the jar or in hand. This will help not to overdo it with color and to avoid irregularities and spots.

    Beginners it is desirable to apply a sculptor, lightly touching the skin. To achieve a more striking effect, gradually layering the product on your face. More experienced lovers of makeup easy confident movement with light touch. But you should always remember about the possibility to accidentally smear a layer of creamy texture, which is formed as a hole, or bald spots. It looks ugly, and very difficult to fix. So you need to be extremely careful.

    How to do the contouring themselves

    Despite the striking visual effect, the real technique to master at home. To correctly create contouring need to follow some steps:

    • to determine which type of entity (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval);
    • to identify zones of dimming;
    • feather sculptor;
    • to identify areas of highlights;
    • apply and blend highlighter or transparent powder white hue.

    It is very important any product carefully shaded. Otherwise, instead of light and shadow will be released a dirty face. To avoid this also helps well-chosen colors.

    From the shape of the face depends very much. The primary objective of contouring — to bring everything to the ideal oval. Therefore, the schemes will differ in appearance.

    Round face

    This is one of the most difficult for contouring. this is Due to the fact that the relief is necessary to draw again that can be very noticeable. Such people correction can only be used for photos or events with subdued light. Daytime makeup will look too heavy and weird.

    To visually allow the round face to the oval, you need to follow some steps:

  • Darken the hairline and the transition of the chin to the neck.
  • Hold sculptor from the orbit to the temples.
  • Darken the side of the nose.
  • Make a line under the cheek bone toward the ear.
  • Feather sculptor.
  • After the blackout made all the right areas, you can move on to lightening. A highlighter or a white transparent powder, need to go through the middle of the forehead, bridge of the nose, the cheek, the lips, the chin, the area 1 mm around the lips. This will help to give the face some texture and make a girl visually slimmer.

    Square face

    The correction is performed according to the scheme close to a circle. Only in the case of the square darkening to be uneven, with emphasis on the side. They need to attuseesall a little further to the periphery to smooth the awkwardness. The girls with this face shape is also not recommended to use contouring outside evening events and photo shoots. In ordinary life, the makeup will look overly bright.

    Triangular face

    This face shape is the girls with a narrow forehead and a massive jaw. In order to balance it to the oval, you need to reduce the lower part and increase the top. For this you need to darken individual sections:

    • all of the lower jaw with hattusili to the neck;
    • side of nose;
    • podsumowuje space, but very delicately, so as not to burden.

    These actions will help to add face of the bump. But do not completely remove the problem. It is therefore necessary to carry out highlighting those areas which you want to add volume. This whole forehead, especially the nose, bridge of the nose, under the eyes. In this scheme, the allocation of the chin is not allowed, so as not to increase its size.

    Rectangular face

    This form is easier to lead others to the oval. For this you need to soften the bottom face, slightly obscuring the lateral part of the lower jaw, not touching the center. Do the same with the forehead. Lightening falls on the Central part of the forehead up to the hairline, chin, bridge of the nose and the space below the eyes. In this way can achieve the visual effect of the embossed oval of the face.

    Oval face

    This form to contribute do not have. She is considered a benchmark, and thus does not require correction. But you can enhance their natural features with the help of sculpting. For this product are the dark area under the cheek bone, side of nose and gently along the hairline to enhance volume.

    You need to apply highlighter on the areas that I want to emphasize. This is the cheekbone, bridge of the nose and protrusion of the chin. Transparent powder lightens the area under the eyes to freshen up the look.

    Tips and tricks

    The contouring is one of the most arduous techniques of make-up. But he will not differ from a professional, if you know a few tricks:

  • Hooked nose curving inwards or to contribute not be! This will visually increase its size.
  • It is important not to overdo it with the brightness correction, in order not to look like a doll with a painted face. Better to do a little paler than it’ll be too noticeable.
  • Highlighter should not contain too large particles. Otherwise, instead of correcting the person can be receive a Christmas makeover.
  • The sculptor not only change the shape of the face and eyes, dimming them a crease.
  • As a highlighter you can use shimmering shadows the right shade.
  • Following the instructions and advice, to carry out contouring at home is not so difficult. The first time you may fail, but that does not mean you have to forget about the technique forever. A little patience and training, you can easily make a face diva with carpet.

    Video: Learning contouring face from Elena Krygina

    How to paint eyes shadows: ideas, selection of colors, application techniques


    Girls always sought to multiply its beauty, for this invented a lot of cosmetics. To emphasize the eyes and give them the brightness will help the shadows. But they need to be applied properly in order not to stifle the natural iris color and not look untidy. To create a perfect makeup you will need brushes, pigment and a little knowledge about techniques for working with it.


    • Rules of applying eye shadow
    • How to achieve different effects
    • Selection of shadows
    • Age features
    • Ideas and trendy techniques of application
      • GLOW makeup
      • Color makeup

    Rules of applying eye shadow

    To makeup looked harmoniously and accurately, you need to do it in sequence. Not enough to cause shadows on the eyes, because they may fade or be rolled up with age. Training is required in several stages:

  • Cleaning of eyes from dust and makeup residue.
  • Moisturizing serum or a light flucom.
  • The application of a base shade on the eye.
  • Work with folds and a movable part of the century.
  • The shading.
  • If you follow the sequence, make up a persistent and bright. But you need to remember that shadows can crumble when applied under the eyes.

    Tip! To perform a maximum clean makeup, eye shadow is applied before the tone. So shed the shadow can easily be brushed off with a fluffy brush, and they will not spoil the appearance.

    All the transitions between colors should be carefully shaded. Do a clean brush or typed on it a beige tinge. It is especially important to pay attention in those places where the shadows go into the skin.

    How to achieve different effects

    The natural shape of the eye differs in all people. It can be perfect — with a large open eyelid and mid-rise, and may require the correction of shadows. To apply eyeliner correctly, you need to know a few rules:

  • Glubokovodnye eyes and drooping eyelid can be corrected by technique of smoky eyes — this will make the eyes look more open.
  • If the eyes are located close to each other, visually to arrange them will help the white highlight in the inner corner of pearlescent shadows.
  • With far-set eyes mobile eyelid dark work covered with shade, and in its center put a bright accent with glitter.
  • If the eyes slightly forward, make the face a more harmonious you can use visual continue crease shadows until the middle of the moving part — it will reduce the exposed part of the eye.
  • Using this small trick, you can not only change the shape of the eye shadows, but also visually make the face more harmonious and perfect. Techniques suitable not only for festive makeup, but for everyday wear. In this case, taking the not so bright colors, but the technique and principle of operation remain the same.

    Selection of shadows

    Choice of shades need to be chosen according to your complexion and the clothes that are predominant in the wardrobe. Bright palette to anything a lowly office worker and an avid socialite is unlikely to appeal to white spectrum. Therefore, the shades should match the situation and the event that is supposed to go with the makeup. But there are some basic rules for color selection:

  • Girls with brown eyes should pay attention to the shades of green. It can be the swamp, emerald, chameleon with gold shimmer, brown, green and other more calm variations.
  • Under the green iris are excellent warm brown, orange, beige and yellow shade.
  • Blue eyes underlined with gold, bronze, copper and beige shadows and dark gray and black.
  • To the gray iris suitable orange and gold, also bluish-grey shade that will highlight and enrich natural colour.
  • For most working women, the basic palette is better to take natural colors — beige, gold, bronze and their variations. This will allow you to do the makeup on every day, and turn it into evening by adding black shadow on the lash line. So would underscore the depth of the view, will increase the focus on the eyes.

    Girls with overhanging eyelid or deep-set eyes when choosing the palette you need to pay attention to the fact that it was black and beige and gray shadows. They will need to perform the technique smoky eyes. This will help to make the look more open and expressive.

    Age features

    Every age has its beauty. Therefore, the shade should be chosen accordingly lived years. All shades can be divided into several main blocks:

    • girls to 18 years is very young individuals, in which dark shadows look alien, so it is better to take beige, pink and peach color with small shimmer that will emphasize the youth and freshness;
    • from 18 to 25 years — the most ambitious period when the riot of colors is justified by self-expression, but on the face of any shade look organic, including grey and black;
    • from 25 to 40 years — a time of everyday work, therefore the emphasis is put on natural beige-brown range of shades, diluting its gold, shades of brown, or colored, but with the addition of grey (marsh, Burgundy, deep blue);
    • from 40 to infinity — time without the black and gray colors, but with lots of glitter (fine shimmer to delicately highlight the skin, making it visually younger), and beige, pink and peach shades will allow not to overload the image and make the makeup noticeable.

    Ignoring the rules of use of shadows according to the age peculiarities, it is possible to aggravate existing problems and to visually add years. Over the years, the skin gains a grey tint, so the use of this color in the eye makeup is unacceptable. Otherwise the face will look tired.

    Ideas and trendy techniques of application

    Apply to entire mobility century one product pretty boring and not fashionable. Popular now of complex technologies, and their implementation under the power of any girl after a few workouts.

    GLOW makeup

    Considered the most fashionable today a direction, based on the lights. The scheme of its realization can be decomposed into a few points:

    • application to the entire surface of the eyelid and under the eyebrow of the shining pearl of shadows;
    • add in the Central part of Golden shimmer;
    • otesevo lower eyelid with bronze eye shadow with a delicate Shine;
    • design folds with the same shade as the lower part.

    The eyes look radiant, but not overloaded with makeup. This is a great option for a summer walk and even work in the office. Shadows create a shimmering effect that adds a look of playfulness, and the face of freshness and lightness.

    Color makeup

    Another popular destination. To create it requires good skills of application, but one of the variations you can create by yourself. This scheme is suitable only for evening events or holidays. It is performed in several steps:

    • the application of 2/3 of the mobile eyelid with black pencil and smudge;
    • filling black shadows of the received form;
    • at the centre of the lid apply a bright colored patch of light shining maroon, gold, emerald or crimson shade (matched to the color of the eyes);
    • the border with get flustered skin a Golden hue, it is added under the eyebrow.

    Such an easy but striking makeup will not let go unnoticed at any party. It will emphasize eye color and help you effectively stand out from the crowd. But it will require a large number of shades, so this scheme is already advanced users of cosmetics.

    Nice and well to do eye makeup under the power of every girl. This will help not only beautify the face but also will add confidence, add inner strength and lift your spirits. In this emotional state a person of any height! Therefore, it is not necessary to refer to the shadows only as a cosmetic product. They can help unleash the potential of women and to better understand her inner self.

    Video: Lesson on applying shadow from Elena Krygina

    Super offer on iHerb: oil with peptides at the best price!


    Friends, iHerb gave a super-promotion: effective peptide Serumdipity oil can now be bought at a very reasonable price! The validity is not known, I think it’s promotion of the day =)

    About oil with peptides I ALREADY wrote reviews on the blog here.

    The composition of oil suitable for any skin type, at any time of the year. Fall will be great to use it to restore the skin after intensive solar insolation and UV damage.

    The oil composition of two valuable peptidethat stimulates the synthesis of collagen, smooth the skin and reduce the pronounced wrinkles.

    One of these peptides, namely Palmitoyl tetrapeptide -7 helps to recover the skin after intense sun exposure, reduces redness and is able to reduce the appearance of rosacea. It increases collagen production, improves elasticity and smoothes wrinkles.

    Where to buy: butter with peptides at iHerb

    How to use the oil with peptides: apply a few drops on damp or tonic oily and combination skin. Can be applied on the skin after the acids, after some time to increase the effectiveness of peptides.

    Also, try to mix the oil in the palm tonic, and immediately apply face oil is instantly absorbed and leaves no stickiness!

    Another option is to add oil with peptides in a face mask Sukin, which is perfect for enrichment! Buy another one oil and not sparing, use to care for neck, décolleté, molagavita hands and body.

    iHerb allows you to buy a few bottles at a special price.

    About the other HITS of their own brands:

    • Rejuvenating oil with Madre Labs peptides (peptide face oil)
    • Own brands iHerb: what to buy at a discount (guide to all products)
    • Serum with vitamin C at a super price (about the serum with stable vitamin C)
    • New items iHerb: a new serum with Pycnogenol (Pycnogenol)
    • Adaptogens: balance hormones and reduce stress levels (Reishi mushrooms)
    • My big delicious parcel (about oil omega Madre Labs)
    • Fish collagen: best option! (Pro-collagen peptides)

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    Homemade ice cream without milk: delicious recipe!


    How to make homemade ice cream without milk? Sharing the recipe of delicious ice cream, in the preparation of which takes several minutes. And it without milk! =)

    We long ago stopped buying ice cream at the store, and it is not only the availability of milk and other ingredients, which in principle should not be in ice cream.

    In ice cream very often contain a cheap palm and coconut oils, hydrogenated fats, dry milk powder and glucose syrup, cocoa butter substitutes. And if the “especially lucky”, another tenacious Salmonella and other bacteria, after which suddenly begins to sore throat, strep throat and all.

    These additives cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, give “zero calories” the body and deposited in fat depots. It is better to stay away from them.

    Homemade ice cream without milk to make a simple, special devices are not needed, only a good blender. I have the regular blender Bosch SilentMix, ice crushing and pulse.

    Basic products for ice cream

    For cooking I take ripe bananas and date syrup Bite, you can add frozen berries, currants, blueberries and raspberries. Then the ice cream turns pink, purple. Bite the syrup is thick and contains no sugar, helps to achieve a creamy texture. Buy syrup on 4fresh.

    The ice cream I bought this time cone from iHerb, with them it turns out tastier and more fun, even for adults =)

    Cone available in two options: organic horns (certified organic) and horns without sugar and gluten. One package of 12 cones, the cost of the horn makes 20 roubles.

    Now there’s a new sugar cones gluten free in blue pack: double, style cakes.

    Homemade ice cream without milk recipe

    For 2 servings you will need: 2 bananas and 2 teaspoons of date syrup.

    I choose ripe bananas, with brown spots. Cut into pieces and sent for 2-3 hours in the freezer. After whipped in a blender until smooth, add the date syrup and whisk again – it turns out smooth, creamy ice cream.

    It is better to eat immediately – this ice cream melts quickly. You can water it homemade chocolate syrup: for this, mix the coconut oil, date syrup and cocoa powder or carob.

    About nutrition and healthy foods I write in the category detox and nutrition

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    Natural fat burners in food



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    Natural fat burners in food
    The contents

    • The role of natural fat burners in food
    • Foods that promote weight loss
    • The impact of a healthy diet to lose weight

    As you know, the sport and a balanced diet are the main ways of getting rid of extra pounds. For rapid weight loss nutritionists also recommend to regularly include in the diet foods that promote faster fat burning. Many of them have long been known to people seeking to lose weight, but about many of them yet to learn. What foods are natural fat burners?

    The role of natural fat burners in food

    The principle of fat-burning products in the diet fairly simple. The food that this category contains a large number of valuable nutrients (vitamins, macro – and microelements), which help activate certain metabolic processes in the body. However, it should be noted that data on the effectiveness of vegetable products-fat burners exposed scientists questioned. However, the quality of the food in any case, goes the man advantage. To gain the positive effect should also be given regular exercise.

    In order to enrich the usual food fat burning products do not have to purchase exotic plants, touted food supplements of dubious quality or to resort to the advice of traditional medicine. Many of the foods that have the ability to help the body to burn fat can be found in the kitchen almost every housewife.

    A good example of these foods is ginger. This much-loved spice has an unusual, pungent flavor that allows you to take it in a whole list of different dishes: from the first hot to desserts. Ginger is used fresh, pickled or dried. A high content of essential oils, minerals and antioxidants stimulates the digestive system tract.

    Another effective fat burner and an essential component of a healthy diet is green tea. Its regular use helps reduce appetite and enhance metabolic processes, which in combination with moderate physical activity will help to get rid of a few pounds per month.

    However to build power by only one fat-burning product is pointless. Don’t overuse one particular type of this food. Nutritionists recommend to observe moderation in their use and not forget about food rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

    Foods that promote weight loss

    Natural products-fat burners are quite popular among women seeking to reduce weight. They not only help lose weight but also do harm to health.

    All foods in this category can be divided into two large groups: solid and liquid.

    Liquid natural fat burners are:

    • clean drinking water (it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach and to drink per day 1.5-2 liters);
    • water with lemon juice (fruit acid activates the digestive system and promote better digestion);
    • green tea (dulls the sense of hunger, which prevents overeating);
    • natural coffee (improves blood circulation and raises body temperature);
    • fresh juices (high content of fruit acids, vitamins and dietary fiber can effectively deal with fatty deposits);
    • red wine (wine in moderation allows you to dull hunger and improve the blood circulation, it is recommended to drink no more than 1 drink before dinner).

    To solid foods the fat burners include:

    • cereal (regular consumption of oat, buckwheat and barley porridge helps to improve the digestive tract and to avoid the accumulation of fat mass);
    • fresh fruits and vegetables (cabbage, celery, green beans, pineapple, green apples);
    • dairy products of low fat content (yoghurt, kefir, yogurt);
    • protein foods (diet meats, egg whites, lean fish);
    • spices (food, which regularly include chili pepper, paprika and cinnamon, stimulates the digestive tract and leads to faster weight loss).

    The impact of a healthy diet to lose weight

    Nutritionists do not get tired to repeat that a healthy diet is the most effective diet. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet should become a way of life, aspiring to a slim figure. In addition to the skillful selection of products, observe the General guidelines for the organization of correct food behaviour. These include:

    • thorough, leisurely chewing food (this is food allows you to feel full without overeating);
    • a sufficient intake of vegetables (fresh or boiled vegetables is not only an indispensable source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, but also an important addition to protein-rich foods to increase the serving size without harm to the figures);
    • eating the first course (a light vegetable or chicken soups to start the meal enable you to quickly feel full and keep from a large number of snacks and other junk food);
    • the inclusion in the diet whole grain products (healthy food should include whole grain foods with high nutritional value, and ability to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood);
    • reducing sugar intake (sugar in its pure form, and sugar-containing products, not only preventing weight loss but also can cause serious chronic diseases);
    • the right choice of utensils (nutritionists say that people using large plates tend to overeat during each meal);
    • regular consumption of green tea (contained in this drink special substances — catechins, allow you to temporarily increase metabolic processes in the body);
    • making pauses in food (breaks during meals allow you to feel full and stop it before eating).

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    Running for weight loss: technique and nuances of loads



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    Running for weight loss: technique and nuances of loads
    The contents

    • Running fitness classes for beginners
    • Running technique and the nuances of physical activity
    • Jogging for weight loss
    • Workout for weight loss and types of running

    Running as aerobic exercise has long entered the lives of athletes and people involved in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular Jogging tighten the body, promote weight loss, help to fight stress. To get the desired result, you need to learn running technique, to find the right equipment and tune in a positive way. For Jogging it is recommended to wear breathable clothing made of natural fabrics, feet — sneakers. Shoes will not fit, especially for high-intensity workouts.

    Running fitness classes for beginners

    It is not recommended to start immediately with intense long runs. Untrained athlete should run no more than 10-15 minutes a few times a week. If the athlete is well prepared physically and have decided to include running in your exercise program, it can start from the beginning, engage in 15-20 minutes.

    Novice cross-country loads at the initial stage should I exercise 2-3 times a week. Then, gradually adding 5-10 minutes, it will be necessary to increase the total run time to 1 hour and go to the daily training.

    Running belongs to aerobic physical activities and helps:

    • to strengthen the heart muscle, reduce the pulse in a quiet state;
    • to improve blood circulation;
    • to increase endurance, strengthen muscles, including the respiratory;
    • to improve the functioning of the endocrine system;
    • to stabilize the psycho-emotional state, to reduce the risk of developing depression;
    • to speed up the weight loss and metabolism, to reduce the chance of developing diabetes.

    It is important to conduct classes in a good mood, “mechanical” running will not lead the athlete to the desired result.

    Running technique and the nuances of physical activity

    Technically, the fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes run differently. Amateurs during the run, put the foot on the heel, then roll onto your toe. The athletes in the competition, put your foot only in a sock and do not rely on the heel. It is believed that this technique is less traumatic, but it requires the runner strong and developed leg muscles.

    Fans to avoid injuries running, it is necessary to control:

    • landing on the leg. It should not be heavy, it is not recommended to sway from side to side;
    • posture. The back should be straight, arms bent at the elbows, fingers clenched into fists. The head cannot fall down or to throw back.

    During the training it is necessary to monitor the parameters of the pulse. The pulse of a healthy person in a relaxed state is between 60 to 80 beats per minute. During the warm-up phase can be increased to 95-115. When running the rate increases to 150 beats. It is important to monitor the body’s response to physical exertion, monitoring the pulse. Exceeding maximum score suggests that you may be a problem with health. If during the run the athlete will note a sharp jump of the pulse, then the activity must stop. The abrupt stop is not recommended, we must first go to quick step and gradually stop.

    Jogging for weight loss

    To lose weight 30-minute workouts, even daily, is not enough. When running the first half an hour, the body uses glycogen stored in the muscle cells and the breakdown of fat occurs. For weight loss need to run at least 40 minutes — only after this time the body begins to consume body fat.

    To run with a duration of 60 minutes sports fans must be approached gradually. Regular fitness training will prepare the athlete to hour daily Jogging for 1 month.

    In the first week have to run 2-3 times, not more than 25 minutes for training. During the class you need every 5 minutes to change the jog to a quick step back. You need to run with a comfortable speed, because at the initial stage it is important to prepare the body for subsequent loads. Fitness training the second week was carried out for 30-35 minutes. The schema changes run: 10 minute run then 5 minutes of fast walking. The number of sessions is increased to 4 per week, gradually increasing the speed.

    In the third week the athlete runs 5-6 times for 45 minutes. Diagram of the classes varies: there will be 15 minutes running, 5 minutes at a quick step.

    In the fourth week the athlete should get into a rhythm and make the time run daily. During class is allowed 2 fast transition to the step for 3-5 minutes.

    Increasing from lesson to lesson, physical activity should match the level of fitness of the runner.

    Workout for weight loss and types of running

    To get an athletic trim figure it is necessary to regularly carry out diverse workout for weight loss.

    Jogging or Jogging is chosen by those who do not plan to develop greater speed during class. Runners train with a speed of 7 to 9 km/h, the time of flight is minimal. As soon as one foot, the runner pushes off from the second surface immediately puts on the ground. Jogging is suitable for people of all ages with different levels of training. When you are Jogging the load on the legs and joints is lower when compared with the usual run, so the risk of any damage is reduced.

    Interval running is chosen by those who want to reduce time of occupations and thus to lose weight. Jogging should roughly split the distance into segments of 100 meters each. The first phase of the 100 metres are quick step, next run with maximum acceleration, etc. Total exercise time for weight loss should be at least 30-40 minutes. Compared with conventional Jogging interval has a number of advantages:

    • less time is needed for training;
    • burn more calories while Jogging;
    • weight loss continues after the end of classes, the fats broken down within a few hours after running.

    In addition to training for weight loss, it is necessary to stick to the diet and the principles of healthy eating. The main provisions of the diet is called:

    • fractional meals to 5 times a day in small portions;
    • dinner no later than 2.5 hours before bedtime;
    • reduction of starchy foods and sweets to a minimum, adding to the diet of lean meat, cottage cheese, fish, vegetables;
    • drinking regime — we need to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water every day.

    Physical activity in the form of the run has a number of contraindications. These include:

    • excess body weight;
    • the malaise in connection with infectious disease;
    • heart disease and high blood pressure;
    • diseases of the spine;
    • varicose veins in the legs;
    • chronic diseases of the lungs and bronchi;
    • problems with vision.

    Training for weight loss in the cold season can be carried out on a treadmill at home or gym of the fitness center, and in warm weather it is better to run through the parks or the waterfront.

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    Ultrasonic cavitation and cellulite: pros and cons



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    Ultrasonic cavitation and cellulite: pros and cons
    The contents

    • Ultrasonic cavitation and cellulite
    • Important conditions for conducting ultrasonic cavitation for cellulite
    • As ultrasound cavitation for weight loss
    • Contraindications to ultrasonic cavitation
    • Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation

    Any girl who is noticed in particularly problematic areas the appearance of the specific “orange peel”, wants as soon as possible to get rid of it, restore skin elasticity, smoothness and youthfulness. And, of course, the extra pounds that invariably accompany cellulitis, also can not to embarrass their owner. How to deal with it — each decides for itself. Some sit on a grueling diets, others spend hours in the gym, and others don’t want to strain yourself and looking for ways to get rid of cellulite and achieve weight loss in a few days or even hours.

    One of the modern methods of struggle with “orange peel” is ultrasonic cavitation. What is it, what are the pros and cons of this procedure exist?

    Ultrasonic cavitation and cellulite

    Ultrasonic cavitation is a modern medical procedure that is used in various fields, including cosmetology. The principle of its operation is quite simple: ultrasonic waves contribute to the formation of small air bubbles which move in a flow in a different direction in the adipose tissue. The localization of this process is determined by where directly sent to the device for ultrasonic cavitation body. Thus due to the differential pressure, these air bubbles are compressed and thereby destroy fat cells and cellulite.

    When splitting adipose tissue produces a large amount of energy. The fragments derived from the current of lymph fluid leaving the problem area of the body, partly the transformation of fat into glucose. The characteristic is that the destruction exposed, as a rule, the large fat cells, so the procedure is very effective in the fight against cellulite, the ultimate goal is weight loss. And other cells having a higher density and elasticity, for example cells of bones, muscles and ligaments ultrasonic cavitation is not valid.

    Important conditions for conducting ultrasonic cavitation for cellulite

    Any medical procedure can be effective only when it is shown to man. It may appoint only the doctor after internal examination, that desire alone ladies to adjust the volume of their problem areas, not enough.

    Most effective it’s for people who have local deposits of fat tissue and cellulite, for example, only on the buttocks, side of the abdomen, the chin or the shoulders. If a woman suffers from obesity 2-3 degrees and want to reduce their size, one ultrasonic cavitation body will not help. Moreover, it can be dangerous: when trying to expose this procedure, more than half the area of the body, the organs of excretion drops a heavy load, so should not do this.

    Ultrasonic cavitation is a very effective post operative liposuction when it is necessary to remove the remaining fat deposits in the fight against lipomas and Wens.

    As ultrasound cavitation for weight loss

    Before beginning the procedure, the doctor first conducts a markup of the problematic areas of the body where there are areas of cellulite, using a special marker or pencil. Then he puts on the skin solutions that will ensure maximum contact between the surface of the machine for ultrasonic cavitation and skin. Helpful is gentle massage which is carried out in the direction of nearby lymph nodes.

    Then we immediately carried out the procedure, its duration is up to 1 hour. For 1 session you can thus handle up to 2 problem areas. To achieve the full effect of the required course, which includes 8-12 sessions per area.

    After the procedure the specialist lymphatic drainage massage to the destroyed fat cells as quickly as possible left the troubled region. It can be manual or hardware.

    The procedure for a client is completely painless, does not cause any discomfort. On the skin leaving no traces: neither bruises nor abrasions or even redness. But do not expect significant results from just one session — hard for an hour to eliminate that had been accumulating for several years.

    Contraindications to ultrasonic cavitation

    Not everyone can conduct non-surgical ultrasonic cavitation cellulite treatment. There are categories of persons who are to combat orange peel should choose other methods:

    • the tattoo on the area of concern
    • pregnancy, postpartum period within the first 6 months after childbirth and lactation period,
    • the presence of infectious disease, and in both acute and in the chronic form,
    • gallstone, kidney stone, or urolithiasis,
    • wounds, deep scars, scars in the troubled region,
    • diabetes,
    • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    • the presence of metal structures in problem areas and the underlying tissues,
    • the presence of a pacemaker,
    • umbilical or inguinal hernia,
    • autoimmune, hematological and oncological diseases.

    Therefore, before conducting the procedure (the more, preferably up to 12 sessions), it is necessary to consult the doctor.

    Side effects of ultrasonic cavitation

    Relation to ultrasonic cavitation ambiguous. On the one hand, it is quite safe and effective method against cellulite. On the other hand, a number of experts claims that this procedure may adversely affect the reproductive system, significantly increases the load on the kidneys and liver over time in the area, which was subjected to ultrasonic cavitation, often there is hyperpigmentation.

    There are a number of possible side effects, which before the procedure the doctor must warn the patient. It’s important to remember that slimming and anti-cellulite is achieved with an integrated use of different methods and techniques, adherence to a proper diet and moderate physical activity. You should not rely only on one ultrasonic cavitation, in this case, it would be a waste of time and money.

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    Which vegetables, fruits and berries is in August?



    lifestyle, nutrition
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    Which vegetables, fruits and berries is in August?
    The contents

    • Watermelon — the biggest and the most awaited berry
    • Corn — the tsarina of fields
    • Plums — fruit ripening in the last month of summer
    • Melon — flavored bocheva culture
    • Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables on tables of Russians
    • Grapes — tasty and useful berry Aug

    Summer is a season of vegetables and fruits, which were absent in the diet of the entire cold season. One of the first ripe strawberry and cherry, followed by cherry and apricot, but with the arrival of August, they are replaced by other berries and fruits. Some of them appear in the last month of summer?

    Watermelon — the biggest and the most awaited berry

    The first watermelons can be seen on sale in early July, but experts advise to slow it up and wait for August — the month when the melons ripen on their own without stimulation with appropriate drugs. Bright red, fragrant, round and oval, striped and dark berries fill the shelves of local markets and are so tempting to quench the thirst of their sweet juice. Indeed, the best way to get drunk than to eat watermelon is difficult to imagine, because it is more than 80% consists of water. But this berry is very rich in nutrients — sugar, pectin, alkaline substances, carotene, ascorbic acid, b vitamins, minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron etc.

    Contained in watermelon pulp fiber improves digestion, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, has anti-sclerotic effect. Berry shows individuals with anemia, diseases of heart and vessels, endocrine glands. Its powerful diuretic effect will appreciate suffering from kidney disease, but people with urolithiasis watermelon should be consumed with caution because of the risk of recurrence.

    Corn — the tsarina of fields

    On the cob sweet corn also appear on store shelves in the last month of summer, attracting attention with its Golden, stacked in neat rows, beans. Boiled corn, lightly sprinkled with salt — a great snack during the day, rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins a, C, b group, minerals — iron, magnesium, potassium, a number of amino acids indispensable for the human body. Corn grain can be eaten in its pure form or added to salads, first dishes, casseroles, pizza, etc. Few people know that fresh frozen on the cob after boiling no different from those that were prepared immediately after the purchase, so the corn can be reserved for future use and have all winter.

    Plums — fruit ripening in the last month of summer

    These fruits appear on tables of Russians in August, but plums can ripen a little earlier. It is impossible to tell about all kinds of plums, because they can vary in size and shape and color and taste of the fruit. But one thing remains constant — their benefits for the human body, especially for digestion. Incorporating a lot of organic acids, they have a good laxative effect, and without unnecessary side effects such as gas, discomfort, bloating and pain.

    Most of the carotene in the fruit is dark in color, and ascorbic acid — light. And those and others include b vitamins and PP, and various mineral salts. The contents of potassium and phosphorus often exceeds the number in apples and pears. Present in these fruits and pectins, tannins and nitrogenous compounds. Plum is one of the few gifts of nature that we can eat all year round, for example, in dried form. Prunes is widely used in cooking, dried fruit, no less than plum.

    Melon — flavored bocheva culture

    This fruit is, as fans and detractors: some love him and look forward to maturing, while others simply hate, but indifferent it does not leave anyone. Fragrant, juicy, like watermelon, can have a variety of size, shape and color, the only constant is the content, and it is extremely rich in valuable for the human body substances. We are talking about polyunsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins A, C, K, b, mineral salts and selenium, magnesium, sodium, zinc etc.

    Despite the characteristic sweetness, caloric content, this fruit is low — only 34 Kcal per 100 g, so it can be consumed even for those who dream of harmony. Melon perfectly quenches thirst, strengthens the immunity, has a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional state. It can be supplemented with prevention and treatment of constipation and anemia, liver disease and urinary tract. Most importantly — eat them between meals and not to combine with alcohol.

    Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables on tables of Russians

    It is difficult to imagine the diet of the Russians without vegetables and especially tomatoes. They are used both in pure form and used for cooking a variety of dishes, starting with soup and ending with appetizers and casseroles. At the time of maturation, they can be early, mid and late, but “their own” home grown tomatoes grown in the open areas, we begin to eat only in August and at this time begins active conservation season and making preparations for the winter.

    The benefits and value of tomatoes for the body is difficult to overestimate. Hard to find vegetables, featuring the same nutrients, taste and nutritional qualities. They contain cellulose, organic acids, proteins, pectin, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals. Present in tomatoes choline reduces the concentration of cholesterol in blood, prevents fatty degeneration of the liver, improves blood and enhances immunity. Dried tomatoes win by quantity of the antioxidant lycopene, known for its ability to resist cancer. However, leaning on the tomatoes in the last month of summer, it must be remembered that sour Beers can worsen gastritis and stomach ulcers.

    Grapes — tasty and useful berry Aug

    August fruits and vegetables are rightfully include grapes ripening in late summer and early autumn. It is through this berry has been developed in winemaking is the most important sector, originated in the Neolithic period. But the grapes are not only used for making alcohol but usual beverages such as juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and jams, pickles, vinegar. One of the most beloved and popular dried fruit is raisins are also produced from grapes and even the leaves of this shrub are used for culinary purposes.

    Grape juice contains large amounts of fructose and glucose, macro – and microelements, organic acids, enzymes, tannins. The grapes are indicated for diseases of the digestive system and liver, and anemia. It perfectly tones up and invigorates, strengthens immunity and improves memory. However, these sweet berries should not get involved with diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

    Take the quizCorrectly you eat?
    What is your diet and diet? Take the test and find out what mistakes should take note.

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    How to keep child’s good posture

    It is believed that the posture we have is determined genetically, but that does not mean that the child necessarily be a carbon copy...