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Coloring for dark hair: the 8 best tech, photos, videos


Coloring — one of the best choices of colouring for girls with thin hair, without volume. But those whom nature has not deprived elegant curls, we have to keep the coloring from the accounts: correctly performed staining structures the hair and create the effect of a natural transfusion of the strands in the sun. Coloring is not losing popularity, but it is important to choose the right paint shades for dark hair.


  • Features staining
  • From balayage to Ombre
    • Brondirovanie
    • Ombre
    • Sombre
    • Chambray
    • Balaj
    • “Babysits” and “flare”
    • The zonal coloring
    • Micro coloring
  • A little bit about the selection of color
    • The definition of the color type
    • Important nuances
  • Is it possible to do it yourself

Features staining

Classic coloring, unlike other dyeing techniques, involves the use of not just one or two shades, but several. Many people confuse the coloring and the highlights, but there’s a difference. The main objective Malinowski technician — bleaching of individual strands of hair, as if coloring them is not only clarified, but also tinted with multiple shades of paint.

The number of tones may reach 10-15, therefore, to perform high-quality coloration alone very difficult.

It is desirable to entrust the issue to a professional that will properly combine light and dark shades, mimicking the sun’s glare and emphasizing the natural luster of hair.

A large variety of dyeing techniques, allows you to find the perfect option for every girl. Coloring on dark hair can be performed either in natural colours or using bright and flashy colors. No one will remain indifferent!

From balayage to Ombre

Initially, the coloring did not differ in technique from highlighting. But in recent years, hairdressers have become skilled in the matter of natural dyeing and can offer several options for every girl, given the structure of her face, hair structure and personal wishes.

In a large category of “coloring” can be attributed to the following technologies:

  • brondirovanie;
  • osmre;
  • sombre;
  • Chambray;
  • Balaj;
  • “babysits” and “flare”;
  • zonal;
  • micro coloring.

A professional colorist is able to perform the staining so that even the most thin and burnt with a straightening iron your hair will Shine, and facial features become softer and more expressive.

At first glance, all of these painting look the same, but there’s a difference that should be considered when choosing coloring on dark hair.


Do not confuse this technology with the blonding. The task of reservation is to slightly lighten individual strands and give them a warm honey or reddish hue.

From afar it looks like a glare on a bright Sunny day. This is especially not enough on cold days, so the beauties from Russia, very love Ombre.

Often when laminating use similar shades, half of which refers to a warm color scheme and the rest to the cold. This makes it possible to achieve the most natural result.


The undoubted hit of the recent years is gradually disappearing into the shadows, but this does not prevent special priverzhenka Ombre to continue to enjoy it is to wear and be periodically updated. Sometimes you can find another name for equipment — cross staining.

Feature of the procedure is that master maximum lightens the tips, and then forms a smooth and natural transition of tones to natural hair color.

Some variants Ombre imply a sharp contrast between tones, but lovers of natural colorings prefer the lack of sharp boundaries and a more careful selection of paint.


The difference between Ombre and sombre, not only in first letter. If classic obmi the transition between the shades a noticeable, and often it looks like his coloring, that the main principle of sombre — no contrasts, only smooth transitions.

This is due to the difficulty of matching paint for this type of coloring, but if the colorist can do it, the result is the most natural and expressive.


A variety of colorings ending in “bre” (there is also gromble!), amazing. But do not be afraid, Chambray is a common color coloring.

The essence of the technique is to use bright colors instead of the standard muted caramel or honey. For dark hair, perfect red, blue, purple or green. To find a suitable option to help a master in the beauty salon.


This is a special technique in which individual strands are not painted entirely. Instead, the wizard causes strokes with a brush on the surface of the hair to create the effect of sun glare.

In this coloring on dark hair using foil, and strands of hair after the procedure becomes as if sun-bleached.

“Babysits” and “flare”

The technique is quite similar and is particularly beneficial to look on dark hair. Through proper distribution of the painted strands can achieve the effect of burnt hair.

Another name of these technologies — “the kiss of the sun”, and it perfectly expresses the main idea of the painting. Basically the paint is applied to the hair located on the face and on the ends.

The zonal coloring

The main advantage of this technique is that using a combination of dark and light strands you can change the shape of the person, emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. The wizard determines the color type of the client, to choose the right colours, and then begins to paint individual strands of hair, focusing on your face shape and hair length.

Perfectly executed zonal coloring on dark hair almost invisible, but the image is therefore more vivid and real.

Micro coloring

A relatively new technique that requires a lot of time and effort, but the result is well worth the effort.

During the procedure, the master takes the thin strands, not more than 10-15 hairs, and then inflicts on them the paint. Natural hair fading in the sun looks exactly the same, so hair looks natural but attracts the attention of others.

A little bit about the selection of color

To the category of dark-haired girls are not just burning brunette, but chocolate brown-haired women or girls with dark blonde shade. Colors can be cool or warm, and the selection of colors for women with very light skin and black hair different shades suitable for dark brown-haired women.

The definition of the color type

The naturalness of the result depends on this factor. To determine which of four color types belongs a girl, you can perform two simple tests:

  • You need to take two pieces of fabric, one should be painted in cool pink and the other in warm. The pieces necessary to alternately apply to face and neck, watching which color better suits the skin tone. If cold, the color type “winter” or “summer.” If warm, “autumn” or “spring”.
  • You need to look at the veins and determine their hue. If they are blue, the girl has a cool skin type. If you Shine green, the color type is warm.
  • Girls with a cool complexion is perfect platinum and ashy shades, for a warm — honey, caramel, cognac. Black-haired clients, many colorists recommend to pay attention on bright and contrasting shades.

    But the choice of tones of paint depends not only on the basis of color or appearance. Age also plays a role. The ladies in age it is preferable to pay attention to the natural pale color, not contrasting with the main color of hair. Noble cognac or warm honey color will help to disguise the gray and add flavor to the image.

    Important nuances

    Below the painting were perfect, you must consider some points:

  • For coloring on very dark hair will require lightening. It is desirable that before the discoloration of the strands and further toning the past few days, during which you can treat damaged hair.
  • If there were some problems with staining (turned out not the color, the paint is gone quickly, etc.), it is necessary to warn masters about the possible troubles. If hair has been recently colored with henna or Basma, is not at the time from undertaking the discoloration of the strands. Otherwise, you may receive an ugly shade of green.
  • After the procedure, special attention is paid to the treatment of hair that has been damaged when bleaching and toning. It is necessary to use not only shampoo, but also a soothing balm, and periodically nourish hair masks.
  • When home painting pay special attention to the quality of the paint. If there is no money for expensive professional equipment or a session in the salon, you can stay on budget, but good colors from L’oreal, Estel, Garnier. These companies use quality materials, and the risk of allergies or other annoyances to a minimum.
  • Following these simple rules ensures a nice hairstyle without damaging hair. The main thing — to choose the right paint or trust in the hands of proven professionals.

    Video: Coloring on short hair

    Is it possible to do it yourself

    If you have selected lightweight technology, it is quite possible to repeat at home on your own. This techniques such as Ombre, Balaj or zonal coloring. You just need to follow the steps and succeed!

    For self-coloring at home you need:

    • paint;
    • tight foil;
    • comb with a few teeth;
    • brush;
    • non-metallic Cup;
    • cellophane gloves.

    Some colorists recommend when painting in home to buy is not a permanent paint, and tonics. They will help assess the result, and if he doesn’t like tonics can quickly wash away.

    Gradually coloring at home is as follows:

  • On the forehead and temples, apply a thick layer of greasy cream. This will allow dye substances do not absorb into the skin. On the shoulders you need to lay an old towel or cloth, especially if your hair is long.
  • Pre-cut many strips of foil that will wrap hair. Since the coloring paint is applied to small strands of hair, strips of width 3 cm is enough.
  • The coloring composition is extruded in a non-metallic Cup and mix thoroughly.
  • With a comb to separate the strand that you want to paint. Under it is underlain by a strip of foil, after which the strand applied paint. Foil wrapped. To the coloring composition does not leak from the bottom, it has a little bend.
  • Likewise stain all of the remaining strands.
  • Paint is aged for a necessary time, then washed off. Be sure to apply the balm.
  • If necessary, additional strands are toned.
  • After the procedure, it only remains to dry the hair. Particularly well the majority of types of coloring on dark hair looks great on curly hair, or beautiful hairstyles. But the main advantage — it does not need to update every month! So, the hair will remain healthy, beautiful and shiny.

    Video: the Process of dyeing hair clearly

    Sun protection products 2018: what to use this summer


    Summer is coming to an end and my cosmetics 2018 in this review. I collected 6 of the protection from the sun, tested on personal experience!

    So, cosmetics in 2018, which I used this summer. I bought new means and they were successful. Many creams on my list has received an “excellent” rating Best sun protection, according to EWG.

    So, my creams with mineral filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, it is checked on personal experience.

    Babo Botanicals daily sunscreen SPF 30

    Tinted cream Babo Botanicals (in the first photo) came to me every day! The cream is in light beige shade for my light, badly tanned skin went well. In principle, it adapts to any color except the very dark. Light cream conceals redness and protects against UV.

    Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, prone to allergies. My skin is oily, I wait a few minutes “shrinkage” and pamaciau with a tissue to remove excess Shine. Makes skin more even and smooth, but with significant shortcomings concealer will not replace, keep this in mind.

    Where to buy: SPF30 sunscreen on iHerb

    DeVita sunscreen moisturizer SPF 30

    Daily moisture face cream with SPF 30 and mineral filters without nano-particles. Very lightweight feeling on the skin, non-greasy, not shiny! Not Belit and all perfectly placed on the skin, under makeup.

    Composed of aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and allantoin, nothing more. Great for irritated skin that is inflamed from other sunscreens. According to DeVita, the cream is designed for people suffering from frequent rashes on the skin and I gave his daughter (teenager) to get used to use sunscreen =)

    Where to buy: cream for face SPF 30 by iHerb

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals sanctimony primer SPF 50

    And it is no longer cream and sunscreen lotion for the face primerwith the highest SPF protection of 50. The texture of the lotion is very liquid, but it is absolutely non-greasy! Leaves no greasy and stickiness, on the contrary mattifies the skin.

    How it works: you apply the first layer on the skin, after serums and care. Then makeup, tinted moisturizer or just powder. Use it alone we don’t want to dry the skin. I call it the “primer for face”, he gives excellent protection and is invisible on the face, because closed form.

    Where to buy: mineral cream SPF 50 for face on iHerb

    Acorelle sunscreen oil SPF 30

    Sun protection dry oil spray for body from Acorelle (certified organic). It’s a waterproof “dry oil” spray, the texture is light lotion, absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t leave a white trace! Gives silky feeling and thin oil film on the skin.

    In part one physical filter-titanium dioxide no nano-particles, as well as argan oil, coconut and patented ingredient Api OleoActif based on propolis. It protects the skin from the sun and salt water. The oil aroma is pleasant, with notes of Jasmine and vanilla, I spray the spray in your palm and then apply on the skin.

    Where to buy: dry oil for body SPF 30 on 4fresh + 5% discount on all code FCX705

    Alba Botanica kids sunscreen cream SPF 30

    My favorite children’s sunscreen for the body with mineral filters, which from year to year I order on iHerb and always take a vacation by the sea, the hottest and the sun. Hoisted on his sister and wife, to enjoy the cream itself!

    Water-resistant, the cream gives excellent protection and is evenly distributed on the skin. Does not require frequent updates, without perfume, what more do you need? In the line of Alba Botanica has protection with chemical filters, so look on the package “Mineral”, as I have.

    Where to buy baby cream SPF 30 on iHerb

    Weleda sunscreen SPF 50 for kids and babies

    New this year, sunscreen for children and babies. Mineral filters (titanium dioxide), coconut oil and flower extract of Edelweiss. The texture is not greasy and it is well distributed in the skin, just be sure to apply to dry. Leaves a visible white trail.

    Children cream, it can be used for newborns and is rare. My daughter applied to the shoulders and other “toasty” skin for instant protection. Shoulders whitish not in danger =)

    Where to buy baby cream SPF 50 4fresh + 5% discount on all code FCX705

    About other purchases I write here: What to buy at 4fresh, cosmetics other brands and ratings in category sun Protection

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    The extra weight in the neck: how to get rid of?



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    The extra weight in the neck: how to get rid of?
    The contents

    • The main culprits of excess weight on the neck
    • Proper nutrition
    • Enough water
    • Good posture
    • The rejection of saturated fat and calories
    • Massage with cocoa oil
    • Useful exercises

    Although the question of the double chin and extra weight around the neck area is not as popular as, for example, ways to get rid of fat around the waist, he still worries a lot of women and even men. Besides the extra weight on the neck is more noticeable than on other parts of the body that can be hidden with clothing. This fact can negatively affect self-esteem, and, importantly, to health. What kind of exercise and eating habits will help solve the problem?

    The main culprits of excess weight on the neck

    The causes of excess fat in the neck several. Primarily, it boils down to the overall increase in body mass. If the excess fat observed in the abdomen, thighs, the more often he appears on the neck.

    Genetic factors and health status also can not be excluded, including such diseases as Cushing’s syndrome. It is a hormonal disorder that develops due to excess hormones in the adrenal glands, in particular corticosteroids. One of the signs — the extra weight in the neck.

    It is known that excess body fat on any area of the body can be dangerous for health. About the risk of heart disease more likely to remember when it comes to excess belly fat. However, excess fat in the neck can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but also become an additional factor for the development of diabetes and improve cholesterol levels. The extra weight in the neck area affects sleep and may cause sleep apnea.

    Proper nutrition

    The first and the surest way to reduce excess fat on the neck is to lose weight. Therefore, it is necessary to change the diet, begin to control calories and quality of food consumed. Not necessarily to reduce the number of portions is important to consider a balanced diet and mealtimes. Do not eat while watching a movie or in parallel with any activity. Such unfocused eating can lead to overeating. The meal should be deliberate and unhurried, so that people understand what and how much he eats.

    Conventional meat can be replaced by lean, rabbit, Turkey or chicken. In the more menu to include fresh fruit and vegetables as well as leafy greens and legumes. As healthy fats suitable for such products as avocados and olive oil. From the late dinner should be abandoned, but the Breakfast cannot be skipped.

    Enough water

    Most people do not drink enough water, despite the fact that water is the elixir of life. If the person is not drinking at least five glasses of fluid a day, it is unlikely he will be able to lose excess weight, rather the opposite. Water, plus, suppresses appetite. So in a moment of hunger to drink a glass of room temperature water. The same is done and before a hearty meal, not to gain useless calories.

    Good posture

    Fat around the neck often delayed when a wrong posture, for example, long-term sitting with lowered head and arched back. All this has a negative effect on the muscles of the chin and neck. If a person slouches, it relaxes the muscles in the neck that leads to the formation of pockets of fat. Correct posture promotes more positive thinking and activates the brain. In the sitting position it is important to keep your head high and your back straight.

    The rejection of saturated fat and calories

    Saturated fats in the diet is rapidly added excess weight all over the body including the neck. Most of them contains animal fats with “red meat” (pork, beef), palm and coconut oils, dairy products. The calories obtained from saturated fat should not exceed 7% on the day, and it is about 16 g. Instead, it is better to consume protein and choose lean meats, legumes, mushrooms.

    Massage with cocoa oil

    Cocoa butter good for the skin, improving its elasticity and firmness. It works as a gentle scrub, removing the dead cells. It has a lot of antioxidants that support youth and beauty of the skin. Yes, and the neck massage will help to disperse the fat and accumulated fluids, to improve muscle tone. To do this within 30 seconds heat up two tablespoons of cocoa butter in the microwave. Dip a few cotton pads and gently massage their neck for about five minutes twice a day.

    Useful exercises

    In addition to changes in diet and lifestyle to reduce excess fat in the neck, it is useful to take note of simple exercises. Here are some of them:

    • The tilt and rotation of the neck

    One of the best exercises is neck rotation. It is easy enough to perform and no need to visit a gym. You need to stand or sit comfortably, keeping your back straight. Then slowly turn your head to the left and reach for her as possible. After repeating the exercise on the right side. And stop the slow rotation of the neck first, and then counterclockwise. It is recommended to do 10 repetitions in each direction daily.

    • Neck stretch

    Another exercise that helps the neck to lose weight. You need to pull the head forward, the neck stiffened. In this position, stay for about 5 seconds, then slowly turn your head first right and then left. After resting, repeat the movement at least 10 times for each side.

    • Swallow

    This exercise for the neck is taken from Asanov yoga. In addition to weight loss, it contributes to the good coordination of the body. Standing on the floor, you need to throw back your head and look up at the ceiling. The tip of the tongue should touch the upper palate. In this position, you need to make a “swallow”: hand in hand, and one leg lifted and stretched back. So it is desirable to stand for about 10 seconds. Then change the leg.

    • Cardio activity

    They help to reduce not only weight but also cholesterol levels, which helps to control diabetes. You need to perform aerobic exercise at least two hours a week. This can be running, swimming, dancing, Cycling, walking the stairs or a special set of cardio.

    • Tilts on its side

    This is a simple but quite effective exercise are easy to do anywhere, especially in between long sedentary work. Slowly tilt your head, trying ears touch the shoulder. Hold this position for about two minutes. To return the head to its original position and do the same thing in the other direction.

    Uses photographs Shutterstock

    Plants and herbs for weight loss



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    Plants and herbs for weight loss
    The contents

    • Nettle: what its benefits for weight loss?
    • The recipe of the drink with St. John’s wort
    • Anise seeds: how to use them as part of a diet?
    • Chamomile: how can it help fight obesity?
    • On the path to slimness will help the yarrow
    • Goutweed: what is remarkable is the food plant?
    • Use oregano for those who dream of harmony

    Various gifts of nature — herbs, plants, seeds have always been used by man in many different areas — cooking, cosmetics, medicine, industry, etc. It would be strange if they spared the area of weight loss. In the struggle for harmony, some go to make any sacrifice, often unjustified and harmful. Traditional recipes using the power of plants and herbs do not have these disadvantages, but only if the moderation of consumption. Some of them can be used to achieve harmony?

    Nettle: what its benefits for weight loss?

    One of the most popular herbs used since ancient times for the manufacture of household items, fibers, food and hair care. Nettle and today has not lost its popularity, all thanks to the numerous useful properties. It is composed of ascorbic acid, carotene, vitamin K, b group, tannins, phytoncides, organic acids, numerous minerals, etc. Nettle removes excess fluid from the body and it has a mild laxative effect that will be appreciated by struggling with excess weight, are often faced with problems of digestion and constipation. Nettle leaves can be added to salads, previously scalded with boiling water, combine with fish and meat, cereals, and include all sorts of cocktails and smoothies.

    The recipe of the drink with St. John’s wort

    Another popular plant widely used in alternative medicine to treat a variety of diseases. Beneficial effects of St. John’s wort is due to its constituent components, including terpenes, organic acids, essential oils, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, tannins. For weight loss this herb is useful in that it stimulates the secretion and flow of bile, improving digestion and peristalsis. In addition, has a diuretic effect that helps to combat excess weight. In combination with a diet, it is useful to brew St. John’s wort and drink as tea: 1 teaspoon of raw materials to use 1 Cup of just boiled water.

    To abuse this drink not because St. John’s wort is known for its influence on the psycho-vegetative system and in large doses can lead to variety of negative consequences.

    Anise seeds: how to use them as part of a diet?

    Burnet saxifrage, or just anise is one of the oldest seasonings used in food, as evidenced by the excavations of the pile dwellings of the stone age. The anise fruit have a light refreshing scent and is the best complement the taste of baking all kinds of cakes, pancakes, muffins, etc. Not rarely they are used in the recipes of fish and meat dishes and drinks. Anise seeds are frequently used in medicine to treat respiratory ailments, but few know that it is also a powerful laxative that give reason to use it during a slimming diet.

    Rich in ascorbic acid, vitamin PP, essential oils, acids, mineral salts, anise seeds improve digestion, reduce cholesterol in the blood and take on the function of prevention and treatment of constipation. Eat no more than 1 teaspoon of seeds per day to obtain a pronounced effect.

    Chamomile: how can it help fight obesity?

    Perhaps no one plant can not be compared with chamomile in popularity and vastness of the scope. We know it as an antidepressant, antispasmodic and disinfectant, and it can reduce flatulence, eliminate intestinal spasms and pain, normalising the disturbed function of the gastrointestinal tract. That’s why teas based on chamomile is actively used for weight loss. Another useful property of this flower is to thinning the blood, improving circulation, and with it the metabolism. Chamomile prevents sharp jumps in the level of glucose in the blood, and hence the bouts of severe hunger will overpower you often.

    On the path to slimness will help the yarrow

    With it, the ancient Romans used to treat wounds and other damages on the skin, and the Greeks — consumption. Today this plant with kroveostanavlivajushchimi, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties widely used in cooking and medicine, horticulture, and other areas. Yarrow has a pleasant spicy and tart smell, include in recipes vegetable and potato soups, goulash, fat and vegetable dishes, sauces and infusions. Try to add it when cooking, if you want to get rid of extra pounds. Yarrow improves many physical exchanges, including fat, has a light diuretic effect, removing from the body excess fluid and eliminating the puffiness, which often are the cause of weight gain.

    Due to the choleretic effect, improves the function of the digestive system, which also contributes to the attainment of harmony. Pour 1 tbsp of raw materials to 1 Cup of just boiled water and eat 1/5 of its parts before each meal during dieting.

    Goutweed: what is remarkable is the food plant?

    Really, ground is a valuable food plant that our ancestors were actively added to a variety of dishes, starting with soup and ending with soups and salads and marinades. Few people know that this plant belongs to vitamin, rich in carotene, calcium, cobalt, protein substances, but most in vitamin C — 44% for 100 mg. However, goutweed is not only useful for health but also weight loss. It normalizes the digestive system and the function of metabolism, has a positive effect on the liver, stomach and kidneys. On the basis of goutweed can prepare delicious and fragrant tea and drink it for half an hour before meal for two weeks.

    Use oregano for those who dream of harmony

    If your goal is losing weight, pay attention to this herb, which is used in the composition diaphoretic, carminative, stimulating and strengthening charges. Oregano is incredibly rich in nutrients — saponins, volatile production, vitamins C, A, b group, tannins, mineral salts, flavonoids and other Plant is known for its ability to improve the breakdown of fat, to normalize appetite, and it well suppresses hunger. In addition, oregano demonstrates excellent diuretic properties, and is one of the most popular folk remedies for intestinal atony. Oregano can be added to soups, salads and stews, and, of course, cook from it delicious and aromatic tea.

    TestWho you are: “Apple”, “pear”, “hourglass” or “vacuous”? Fitness classes will become more productive if you pick up the load for Your type of figure. Take the test and find out your body type!

    Uses photographs Shutterstock

    Overweight or normal body weight?



    lifestyle, weight loss
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    Overweight or normal body weight?
    The contents

    • Overweight women and menstrual period
    • That’s the beauty of the body without the extra weight?
    • Weight: the numbers and proportions
    • Fat and hormones
    • Weight and injury prevention

    Women wonder upset, meticulously looking at the creases on my waist. In some cases, a little extra weight may even be beneficial, what can be said about the state of the full “obezzhirennogo”, which itself brought some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

    Overweight women and menstrual period

    Proponents of alternative medicine believe internal fat of some animals a panacea almost all diseases. And the fat man declared the greatest evil. How is this possible? Yes way! Body weight a little more than normal — this is normal. And how useful a small amount of fat, will talk further.

    First of all, a minor overweight women is a secondary sex characteristic. Blame for the emergence of estrogens that trigger a set of fat mass in adolescence. For the start of the first menstrual period the body would have to accumulate a threshold amount of fat that is at least 20% of the total body mass. In average weight girls must achieve forty pounds. If it falls below normal, periods can stop because of how depleted the body is unable to perform the reproductive function. However, if a woman has too large weight, that is, develops obesity, the result may be the same — infertility. Most likely to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby in women, with 25-30% fat, even a little more.

    That’s the beauty of the body without the extra weight?

    What could be more tempting belly dance? Only here to fulfill it, you need at least to have the stomach. And this is without the extra weight does not work. Feminine shape, so attracting men who appear on the body of the fair sex at least three to five extra pounds. But who said that overweight women? You just need to understand the difference between weight perfect and normal.

    Ideal weight calculated according to the standards and tables taking into account gender, age, height and build. But only one woman out of forty-meets scientific standards, and it has a figure without the extra weight. The rest should strive to have a normal shape, which look good and feel comfortable.

    To determine ideal weight from growth need to take a hundred and ten. So it is accepted. However, scientists have shown undue rigidity of such calculation. Closer to the truth is the formula of normal weight: “the growth of minus one hundred” allowing for fluctuations of two to three kilograms in one direction or another. Such parameters correspond to much simpler.

    By the way, scientists have found that weight which is considered to be ideal (like top models) does not guarantee good health and long life. More chances for longevity in people with a small number of extra pounds. Scientists from America and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula for the past ten years have seen a large number of people, which were divided into the groups according to BMI (body mass index).

    As a result of the experiment was that a large overweight (body mass index more than thirty) is not the best way affects the life expectancy, that is, fat people live shorter lives. However, live less and those whose index is below twenty (this figure was previously considered ideal). Most likely to become centenarians in women without harmful habits, with a body mass index of 24 to 27, that is, a 2-3 kg weight loss. To determine your BMI, you should weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

    Weight: the numbers and proportions

    For the beauty of the female figure is important not so much the presence of excess weight, so how is it fat. If overweight women is not a cause of a violation of bodily harmony, and then her figure was all right. The fact that one bust, waist, or thighs solves nothing, it is important to their relationship. By the way, modern endocrinologists can figure to rate female hormonal balance and metabolism. According to experts, the ratio of waist and hip from 0.67 to 0.85 guarantees the lady the attention of males, even if it is without excess weight. All in a sexy female curves, which are the genetic memory of the men she perceives as powerful aphrodisiac.

    In addition, the researchers found that women with a figure with perfect proportions waist and hips, even if they are overweight, have more health than girls astening physique. In addition, it is easier to get pregnant and then carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

    Fat and hormones

    Subcutaneous fat — this is the place in which throughout a woman’s life accumulate a strategic reserve of estrogen. If for some reason (stress, infection or menopause), the ovaries reduce production of these hormones, the body to maintain normal hormonal levels begins to consume the savings.

    Getting rid of minor body fat, the woman loses the hormones that make it tempting, attractive, as well as ensuring health and longevity.

    Weight and injury prevention

    Extra pounds can be a good prevention of injury, particularly fractures. And it’s not even that fat a certain way softens the blow. Thanks for this need the same estrogens that promote bone tissue.

    And body fat performs a heat insulating function. Of course, for the people is not so important for animals, since they have clothes. However, it is proved that thin people in most cases more difficult to endure low temperatures than people who are overweight.

    Do not forget that every kilogram dropped the price of enormous effort when a small amount of fat will the body more harm than good. Trust your body and don’t force him to do the impossible. He knows what weight is normal for him.

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    Balanced diet: how to overcome sugar cravings



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    Balanced diet: how to overcome sugar cravings
    The contents

    • Obesity and artificial sweeteners
    • A good habit to keep “utility” at hand
    • The normalization of the main power
    • Healthy food and proper hydration
    • Cinnamon — food to combat sugar addiction
    • Nutrition and glutamine
    • The importance of good sleep
    • Power by the hour will reduce unhealthy cravings

    Proper nutrition is a delicate thing. And the habit of regularly eating sweets is harmful not only to his canons, but the slimness of the waist. Moderate amount of refined sugar can be an acceptable part of a healthy diet. Excessive craving puts a step closer to the development of certain diseases, including obesity, diseases of the liver and kidneys, oral cavity, heart, and gastrointestinal tract.

    Sweet shop food and drinks, usually rich with empty calories and do not contain enough nutrients. Many people feel helpless before the sweets, rightly believing themselves to be dependent. While the allowable rate for women is 6 tsp. of refined sugar, and for men 9 tsp., of the most consumes about 20 teaspoons daily. This actively contributes to covert its content in the finished purchase food.

    Where to start fighting unwanted addiction? To eradicate the bad habit you must enter a new, useful, adding them to your daily healthy diet. In other words, it is sufficient to focus on the positive-like symptoms in daily life.

    Obesity and artificial sweeteners

    Eliminate the consumption of refined sugar is not the only fix needed in order to defeat the sugar addiction and to make his meals completely healthy. Along with processed sugars, you should try to avoid artificial sweeteners. Such supplements are synthetic or of natural origin do not reduce cravings for sweets, but even can actually contribute to weight gain. The goal should be a small addition of sweetness to the menu, and not a serious increase in calorie consumption.

    Besides, regular consumption of artificial sweeteners may actually affect the glycemic and insulin response of the body.

    A good habit to keep “utility” at hand

    Healthy diet without sugar achievable. A great way to control cravings for sugar keep healthy snacks on hand. In the case when the hand again reaches for the forbidden sweets, you can safely redirect it toward useful alternative. To bring food, useful for a snack, on the road, in the office or keep at home in a prominent place. They can be fruit, carrot, dried fruit or healthy kind of popcorn. You can take with you various nuts, raisins or natural dark chocolate. Better to buy them the day before, and in the midst of a raging appetite. The habit of going to the store hungry makes people buy more junk food.

    The normalization of the main power

    Healthy food is the main guarantee of the absence of unwanted traction. Frequent hunger pangs are one of the reasons why people end up eating more sugary foods. Therefore, in order to defeat sugar addiction, you need to control your appetite and prevent strong cravings. This can be done by including in your diet more foods rich in protein.

    Foods high in protein are digested slower, which allows you to feel full for longer time. Thus it is necessary to include in the menu of healthy proteins such as meat, chicken, low fat yogurt, eggs, nuts, beans, peas and lentils. Also important is the admission and all other necessary body nutrients.

    Healthy food and proper hydration

    A sufficient level of water in the body affects all metabolic processes.

    Besides, thirst is often confused with hunger. So, for the next bout of cravings for sweets it is better to drink a glass of clean water to ensure correct interpretation of signal from the body. Because the sugar cravings can be one of the symptoms of incipient dehydration. Thus, a sufficient intake of water throughout the day to curb cravings. Besides clean water helps in weight loss, regulates appetite and improves the skin quality.

    Sugary drinks, coffee and tea do not count. If plain water does not suit the taste buds, you can add natural flavors. For example, toss a handful of fresh berries, crumpled sprig of mint or squeeze a slice of lemon.

    Cinnamon — food to combat sugar addiction

    Food with spices looks more attractive. Cinnamon is yet another excellent means of controlling the craving for sweets. This product helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood. Ceylon cinnamon is considered the best variety for this purpose. To reduce thrust lovers of spice can drink tea with cinnamon. For its preparation you need to chop a 7-inch stick Ceylon cinnamon, add in half a Cup of water and bring to a boil over medium heat. Then you need to turn off the fire and infuse the drink for another 10-15 minutes, then strain and drink 1 time a day.

    Nutrition and glutamine

    A balanced diet is the Foundation of good health and wellbeing. Glutamine is a natural amino acid in the human body, necessary for the production of other amino acids and the conversion of sugar to glucose. This substance is vital, as a deficiency of amino acids may be the main factor underlying the diabetes thrust. The need for glutamine increases during disease and healing process of injuries. You can take it further as dietary supplements. But the number and the length of treatment must appoint a physician on the basis of the survey.

    The importance of good sleep

    Sleep deprivation can increase cravings for unhealthy, high calorie foods, which are usually sdobrivayut sugar. In fact, such a desire can be directly related to the perceived severity of sleep deprivation. The less healthy a person’s sleep, the more he wants to compensate its harmful, high carbohydrate, delicious food. In addition, the appetite is largely dependent on hormones. Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal fluctuations, which contributes to a poor appetite regulation and increasing cravings for “unhealthy”. People deprived of sleep on a regular basis, the risk of obesity is much higher.

    Power by the hour will reduce unhealthy cravings

    Hunger and a lack of key nutrients in the diet — two main reasons underlying the unhealthy food thrust. Therefore, in order to prevent starvation, it is important to eat right. Plays a role not only what we eat, but when. There is a need fractional and often, every 3-5 hours, depending on the time of digestion of the previous meal. This is necessary to keep blood sugar levels stable, and prevent outbreaks of irrational eating behavior.

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    Vegetables and fruits in the summer menu: salads and stews



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    Vegetables and fruits in the summer menu: salads and stews
    The contents

    • Nutrition in summer — time to stock up on vitamins
    • Vegetables: more fantasy — more recipes
      • Ragout of zucchini and tomatoes
      • Vegetable stew Sicilian
      • Vegetable stew on the menu
    • Fruit: a sweet salad for kids and adults
      • Salad with watermelon, melon and pineapple
      • Salad with peaches, grapes and blueberries
      • Salad with apricots and berries
      • Salad with citrus, persimmon and kiwi

    Vegetables and fruits are a storehouse of vitamins, this concentrate of summer and sun. Store nutrients which they contain. Expand your menu with compelling fruit salads and vegetable stews. Your loved ones will like them for sure!

    Nutrition in summer — time to stock up on vitamins

    In hot weather we do not want a rich, heavy meals. The body loses a lot of water, so he needs fluid to compensate for the loss. The necessary moisture can give fruits and vegetables. In the summer we should use any opportunity to “fill up” with vitamins and minerals, boosting the immune system. Therefore it is necessary to include them in your diet and eat more vegetables and fruits. A dense, nourishing food it is better to leave in autumn and winter.

    Some will ask: “But what about carbohydrates and proteins?”. They are also needed. For this sabrelite stews and salads, vegetables dairy products: sour cream, cream, fermented baked milk, yogurt. They contain high-grade animal protein. Also, you can add eggs, grated cheese, nuts, there’s squirrels.

    As for the carbs, vegetable stews and salads can be served with black and white bread or fresh croutons (someone like that). Addition to them can serve as peas, beans, which are sources of carbohydrates and full of vegetable protein. And, of course, a vegetable stew would be a perfect side dish for fish.

    Vegetables: more fantasy — more recipes

    How to cook vegetable salads, most of us know. And here is the stew of our hostess to cook less. And for good reason. After all, these dishes are a great way to diversify the usual menu. In addition, they can be a wonderful addition to meat dishes, instead of the usual potatoes, rice, buckwheat and pasta. Agree, this is a strong argument to include them in the diet.

    Ragout of zucchini and tomatoes

    Free from 1 seed sweet peppers and slice squares. Also cut into cubes 6 tomatoes. 2 zucchini, 2 pieces of potato and 1 onion.

    Grease the molds with oil. Put there vegetables.

    Now make the spicy mixture for topping. Mix 2 cloves of crushed garlic with 1 teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons of miscellaneous spices (oregano, curry, Khmeli-suneli, pepper, etc.). Evenly sprinkle the vegetables with this mixture. On top sprinkle 50 g finely chopped herbs and drizzle with vegetable oil.

    Put the form in a well-heated oven, reduce the heat and bake the dish for 1-1. 5 hours. Serve the stew hot with fresh bread and slices of sharp cheese.

    Vegetable stew Sicilian

    2 eggplants, remove the skin. Cut them into medium cubes. 2 stalks of celery and 1 onion slice rings. 2 cloves of garlic skip through the press.

    In a saucepan, heat 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Put the vegetables and sauté for 10-15 minutes until they become soft enough.

    Then chop 2 tomatoes and add to vegetables. Let pobulkat even a little bit.

    Now shred small cubes 3 small pickled cucumber (gherkin) and add them to the pot. Put the same 200 grams of olives without stones. Add salt and pepper. Let it cook gently for stew on low heat some more and serve. It has a spicy flavor, it can be eaten warm or cold.

    Vegetable stew on the menu

    1 small head cauliflower wash and disassemble on inflorescences.

    2 pieces of potatoes and 2 carrots cut into slices. 2 onions onions cut into half rings. 1 sweet pepper clear from the seeds and slice squares.

    3 cloves of garlic squeeze through the press. Finely grate the ginger root the size of 3 cm.

    Cauliflower, potatoes and carrots and pour the boiling water and cook for 7-8 minutes. Then drain.

    In a large deep pan put the onion, garlic, ginger and 50 g cashew nuts, Add 2 teaspoons of spices (curry, black pepper, coriander, etc.). Sauté in vegetable oil, stirring constantly.

    Now throw into the pan the chopped peppers and 2 tbsp of thick tomato paste. Add salt and continue to simmer for a few minutes.

    Put cooked potatoes, carrots and cauliflower. Add 200 g of cream and 1 tablespoon butter. Stew let it cook gently for a little while, so it slightly zagustel. Serve hot.

    Fruit: a sweet salad for kids and adults

    Fruit salad is a great refreshing dessert, besides incredibly delicious! They are particularly fond of children (though recipes that have wine, for children not suitable).

    Each of these recipes is a real vitamin bomb which is the destruction brings strength, health and energy. Fruit salads can fill cream, but not only. Very good to complement them with syrup, wine, piquant spices, nuts and other Goodies.

    Salad with watermelon, melon and pineapple

    Prepare 1 kg of watermelon pulp without seeds. You will also need 1.5 kg of pulp of ripe melon and sweet 500 g canned pineapple.

    Cut the flesh of watermelon and melon cubes 2 x 2 see Also slice canned pineapple (it can be sliced circles or cubes). Put the fruit in a deep bowl.

    Make the dressing. Combine 1/3 Cup honey, 1/4 Cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoons wine and a few sprigs of finely chopped mint. Add pinch of red pepper, it will give the salad a piquancy. Whisk the dressing in a homogeneous mixture.

    Pour fruit dressing and mix. Serve the salad immediately, he’s good in the freshly prepared form.

    Salad with peaches, grapes and blueberries

    2 ripe sweet peaches and 2 sweet apricots remove the bones. Cut the flesh into pieces.

    150 g seedless grapes cut in half.

    Now make the sauce. Connect 70 g thick natural yoghurt (with a shelf life of 3 days) and 2 tablespoons of thick jam (strawberry, raspberry, etc.). Whisk the sauce until smooth.

    Place in a salad bowl chopped fruit. Add 400 g fresh blueberries.

    Pour the salad sauce, stir and serve. By dressing well suited fresh crispy breadstick or crackers.

    Salad with apricots and berries

    First make the dressing for the salad. Put into a saucepan 1/2 Cup sugar and add 1/4 Cup of water. Boil syrup at low heat to sugar is fully dissolved and the syrup slightly thickens. When it has cooled to lukewarm, add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 2 tablespoons wine. Stir.

    Cut in half 8 ripe apricots and remove the seeds from them. Put them in a bowl and add 300 g of different berries (raspberry, blueberry, BlackBerry, black currant, etc.). Pour over the salad cooled syrup and mix.

    Salad with citrus, persimmon and kiwi

    First make the marinade. Put into a saucepan 100 g of honey, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 Bay leaves, a few pieces of clove, 1/3 teaspoon pepper, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Place the mixture over heat and bring to a boil, constantly stirring. Let simmer 1 minute. Then turn off the heat, close the lid and let the marinade infuse for half an hour.

    While it is brewing, clean 1 kiwi fruit, 2 sweet orange, 2 tangerine, and 1 lemon (citrus fruit, remove the seeds). Cut the fruit into polukruzhochkami.

    Also polukruzhochkami slice 1 persimmon (remove the seeds).

    Put the fruit in a large bowl. Strain the marinade, pour over the salad and toss. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts.

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    Irga proper nutrition



    lifestyle, nutrition
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    Irga proper nutrition
    The contents

    • How to use GDI with proper nutrition?
    • Are there diets Saskatoon?
    • Healthy recipes of tasty dishes with the berry
      • Compote
      • Smoothie with banana
      • Smoothie with kiwi
      • Tychonic with rice
      • Salad
      • Pie
      • Iced tea
      • Drink with Basil

    Saskatoon is found in suburban areas, but not often. But this berry is very useful due to its composition. So in season it is very desirable to include it in the menu if you practice proper nutrition.

    How to use GDI with proper nutrition?

    The rich Irga? The berry contains a lot of valuable substances from vitamins to volatile and flavonols. A lot of the berries vitamins C, d and group B. There are pectin, organic acids, sterols, fiber, phytosterols, tannins, anthocyanins, volatile, fatty oil, fiber. And in the fruit contains micro – and macroelements, including such rare, as lead and cobalt. While the berries are almost no proteins and fats.

    Because proper nutrition involves the use of all useful products, the Irga should definitely include in your diet. Begins to ripen in Saskatoon around the end of July, and to feast on the berries almost whole August.

    How to eat the berry with a proper diet? Of course, the most useful thing would be to use the game fresh. If not interested to eat the berries just so you can prepare different desserts and drinks. If you want to save berries for the winter, you can freeze or dry the fruit. Naturally, like other berries, the Saskatoon can be used to prepare the filling for pies. But such food will be more nutritious, so often it is not worth it, especially if you wish to lose weight.

    It is very important that to use the Irga should be in moderation. Adults need 250 g of berries per day or even less. The fact that excessive consumption of fruit can lead to a decrease of pressure, fatigue and drowsiness (berry has a strong sedative effect). It is not necessary to combine GDI with milk, kefir, yogurt, and cottage cheese, as you may experience diarrhea and bloating. Children are quite a handful of berries a day.

    Do not eat a berry if you have diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, hypotension, allergies. In any case, it is better to consult a specialist. If there are no contraindications, the game will bring only benefits.

    Are there diets Saskatoon?

    Delicious berry useful for weight loss. Irga contains just 43 calories per 100 g. And yet these fruits help to speed up metabolism, processes of digestion, reduce sugar cravings. There are many diets this fruit.

    Short diet, for three days, has a limited menu. Allowed to eat only berries, vegetables and cheese. It should be remembered that the cottage cheese with the Irga to combine impossible. Of course, hunger does not arise, but for a long time to adhere to such food is not worth it.

    Diet menu might be:

    • morning: cottage cheese and green tea;
    • snack: Irga;
    • lunch: vegetable soup, stews, and berries;
    • afternoon snack: salad;
    • dinner: baked vegetables.

    There are long diet. It is designed for ten days. During this diet are allowed to eat all wholesome foods and nutrition. Baking, sweets, fatty foods, semi-finished products is prohibited. As for GDI, you can drink fruit drinks, fruit drinks, juices or just to eat a berry snack. You can also add fruit to cereal or milk to prepare the smoothies.

    Diet menu should be:

    • Breakfast: oatmeal on the water with the Irga, compote;
    • snack: smoothie with Irga and other fruits;
    • lunch: soup of vegetables, baked fish, salad, juice;
    • afternoon snack: half Cup of Saskatoon;
    • dinner: baked cottage cheese pudding with apples and tea.

    To make the menu can be different. Importantly, the diet was balanced and full, and of course, to the menu was the berries of amelanchier.

    You can just do the unloading on the berries. This day should eat only the Irga, as well as other fruits like apples or pears. It is important to remember about moderation: a glass of berries and half a kilogram of other fruits, not more.

    Healthy recipes of tasty dishes with the berry

    Proper nutrition involves eating healthy meals, so choosing the recipes, you should give preference to low fat and not too sweet options. Sugar should be used minimally, especially since berry sweet. Here are some interesting and simple recipes.


    Slice five apples and three pears cubes, cover with water, add a half Cup of berries of amelanchier. Cook for four minutes. Cool and you can drink. Fruit is best to choose sweet to not use sugar.

    Smoothie with banana

    In a blender, whip half a Cup of strawberries and raspberries, half a banana and 250 g of Irga. Pour 250 ml of Apple juice and beat again. The juice is better to use fresh.

    Smoothie with kiwi

    Two kiwi and a nectarine cut into cubes. Add a half Cup of Irga and whip. Then add a little mineral water (to taste) and beat again.

    Tychonic with rice

    Cut the pumpkin in small cubes, mix with boiled rice (proportions are arbitrary). Put in a pot, sprinkle with Irga and dried cranberries, add honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Cook in oven for about twenty minutes. If desired, this dish can also add dried apricots or raisins.


    Dice the banana, two peaches, kiwi. Mix, add a handful of Saskatoon berries and blueberries. Sprinkle with lemon juice. You can mix lemon and orange juices (they must be fresh).


    Grind 100 g of butter 120 g of sugar, add two eggs, a teaspoon of baking powder and about 350 g of flour. Knead the dough, put into a form, to make bumpers. Pour on top of berries of amelanchier. Bake for about half an hour. You can pour sour cream and a small amount of sugar and pour over the top.

    Iced tea

    Three tablespoons of Saskatoon, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for three minutes. Brew green or black tea. Connect two of the drink mix. Cool, add ice cubes. This drink not only helps keep you cool and quench your thirst, but will also improve metabolism.

    Drink with Basil

    Mix a handful of fresh Basil and the same amount of Irga. Tablespoon of the mixture brew boiling water (one Cup). Infuse for ten minutes can be drunk hot or cool.

    The recipes are simple, the dishes are very tasty and useful. Therefore, in the season of ripening berries is to diversify food and exciting dishes with the Irga.

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    What to do if you were poisoned


    The main thing that is required to understand what exactly you were poisoned. If you were able to find the cause, the next day after the incident, it is necessary to eat the same product, only unspoiled, and cause a gag reflex. The proverb “fight fire with fire”.


    Poisoning – the phenomenon is quite common, it is usually easy to cure for one to two days. It should not have to pay special attention this is not the most difficult medical problem, if, in the opinion of the Eastern doctors of poisoning has not been fraught with the most terrible consequences. They should not be allowed, because the body remembers a poison and consumes him like part of the “pebbled leather”, given to him for the whole period of earthly existence. Therefore, the smaller the poisoning, the less the risk of dying from cancer.


    What to do in case of poisoning


    The main thing that is required to understand what exactly you were poisoned. If you were able to find the cause, the next day after the incident, it is necessary to eat the same product, only unspoiled, and cause a gag reflex. The proverb “fight fire with fire”.


    For example, poisoned cool egg. The next day you should cook an egg hard-boiled, but make sure that it is fresh and safe to eat (even if you have to overcome the prejudice against “bad” product). And then clear the esophagus.


    Immediately after the poisoning, one should try to induce vomiting and/or diarrhea. If the poisoning stabs in the stomach, requires antibiotic. And for all types of poisoning – excessive drinking: the esophagus should be cleaned with boiled water at room temperature.



    Recipe. Fig, honey and dried apricots will help to cleanse the bowel.


    To touch 1-2 tbsp of rice, wash and pour the rice with water overnight so that it covers him for 1-2 cm.

    In the morning put the vessel with rice on the fire. At the beginning of the boil, drain the water, rinse the rice, pour it with cold water and again put on fire.

    To do this procedure three times, on 4th time to cook the rice and drain the water.

    Fill the Fig with honey or olive oil and eat.

    Then pour boiling water 5-7 pieces of dried apricots, an hour to eat dried apricots and drink the infusion.

    Then not eat for 4 hours.

    During lunch you can eat everything except meat products.published econet.ru.

    Savely Kashnitsky “Chinese miracle methods. How to live long and be healthy!”

    If you have any questions, ask here

    P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption – together we change the world! © econet