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How do nuts help stay slim?


Nuts are considered high-calorie foods, so people who control their weight and do not want to get better, refuse to eat them. However, nutritionists do not welcome such categoricalness. Nuts are rich in protein and contain a unique balance of vitamins and minerals. If you use them correctly and know what the differences are of different types, the process of losing weight will be much faster.

Why is it worth adding nuts to your diet?

Nuts of all kinds contain unsaturated fats that speed up metabolism. They contain an amino acid that expands the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis. It is impossible to call nuts light food, but one handful is able to suppress appetite and prevent overeating.

Nuts – a product with high nutritional value. They contain vitamins, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, polyunsaturated acids and other beneficial elements. Iodine, which is in their composition, triggers metabolic processes, so the process of losing weight is more active. However, nuts are hard to digest, so it is not recommended to eat them 3-4 hours before bedtime. It is important not to abuse it – this product is high in calories. Otherwise, instead of losing weight, extra pounds will accumulate.

Did you know?

Did you know?

To prolong youth, you need to eat two Brazil nuts every day. This will ensure the daily rate of selenium, a deficiency of which leads to premature aging.

Pine nut

Pine nut

Pine nut has a balanced composition. It contains vitamins, iron, copper, zinc and other substances. These nuts are advised to use for anemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Pine nuts increase stress resistance and help restore strength. They stimulate the production of the hormone cholecystokinin, which signals the brain that the body is full. Therefore, an hour before a meal, you can eat a handful of pine nuts – then during a meal there will be no severe hunger.


Hazel is rich in monounsaturated fats, protein, magnesium, vitamins and other beneficial elements. Due to this, it gives a long feeling of satiety. And if you eat a few nuts a day, you can increase stress resistance.



Dutch specialists from the University of Maastricht have been studying the effect of nuts on the human body for ten years. They proved that eating 10 to 15 grams of nuts per day is enough to reduce the risk of death by 23%. The study found that people who regularly consume a daily intake of nuts look younger and are not overweight.



It is used as a spice, mixing in food. It helps to lose weight, because it speeds up the metabolism, reduces blood sugar and improves the digestive tract.


Almonds contain fatty acids, protein, fiber and other valuable elements. It is enough to eat 5 nucleoli to lose the desire to have a tight meal or feast on something sweet. These nuts are useful for gastritis, peptic ulcer, promote digestion.



For heart disease, it is recommended to eat at least 60 g of almonds per week. It consists of iron, potassium and phosphorus, which favorably affect the cardiovascular system.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts

The composition contains polyunsaturated acids that the body needs. Cashews improve metabolism, which contributes to weight loss. These nuts normalize microflora, lower blood pressure and have anti-inflammatory effects. In order not to spoil the figure, you can eat no more than 100 g per day.


They contain protein and fiber, so they quickly and permanently quench your appetite. Their constant use normalizes cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels and stimulates mental activity. The calorie content of these nuts is high, therefore it is enough to eat 5 – 7 kernels to satisfy hunger.

Did you know?

Did you know?

In ancient Babylon it was believed that nuts help to become smart and quick-witted, therefore they were forbidden to eat to simple people. And in the Caucasus, walnuts were elevated to the rank of sacred because they were sure that they help get rid of many diseases.


It dulls hunger and helps reduce serving sizes. Regular use of peanuts stimulates metabolic processes, which contributes to weight loss. It is recommended to add to the diet for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, protein deficiency. Peanuts favorably affect the nervous system and give a boost of strength.

Almonds for weight loss

Almonds for weight loss

For weight loss, you can add pistachios to the diet. They increase the level of “good” cholesterol and satisfy hunger for a long time. The use of pistachios helps to normalize blood pressure and improves heart function.



Italian scientists have proved that regular use of hazelnuts reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol and prevents the development of heart and vascular diseases.


The composition of this nut contains polyphenols, which have an antioxidant effect. Pecan burns the level of "bad" cholesterol and saturates the body with zinc, magnesium and vitamin E.


Hazelnut contains paclitaxel, an anti-cancer substance that is recommended for cancer prevention. Walnut favorably affects the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and is recommended for anemia.

It is interesting!

It is interesting!

Our ancestors used hazelnuts not only for food. Amulets were made of it. People believed that such a talisman would protect against natural disasters and evil spirits.

What is useful to cook from nuts

What is useful to cook from nuts

To enjoy the bright taste of nuts and quench your cravings for sweets on a diet, prepare a simple but tasty dish – walnut souffle. It contains no sugar, but contains useful carbohydrates.

Walnut souffle

Soak 150 g of cashews in cold water for an hour. Grind 100 g of dates and 50 g of pecans and lay them in a layer on the bottom of the baking dish. Heat 100 g coconut milk lightly. Drain the cashews and add all the nuts to the milk. Blend in a blender, cool and pour into molds. You can decorate with berries.

Polyunsaturated acids found in nuts stimulate brain function. Therefore, they must be in the diet of older people.

Expert Commentary

Elizaveta Kiseleva, endocrinologist, nutritionist

Elizaveta Kiseleva, endocrinologist, nutritionist

Despite the fact that nuts are very healthy, you should use this product with caution. A few nuts eaten every day in excess of the permissible norm can lead to excess weight. Many vegetarians believe that meat products can be safely replaced with nuts. However, their calorie content is much higher than meat, so it is important to comply with the norm – no more than 15 – 10 g per day.

Nuts come in many forms, the composition may vary. However, valuable protein, vitamins and polyunsaturated acids are found in all nuts, so they perfectly satisfy hunger and saturate the body with useful substances. Nuts are recommended for use during the recovery period after surgery. Such a snack will help restore strength and recharge your batteries.

Nuts stimulate thermogenesis in tissues, therefore fat reserves are burned, and not deposited on the sides, hips and waist. Regular consumption of several nuts per day speeds up the process of losing weight. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, cereals, herbs and fruits. Nuts "suppress" the appetite, so I do not want to overeat.

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Perfect breakfast: the benefits of protein, carbohydrates and fruits


Breakfast is the most important part of the daily diet. But many people do not eat breakfast at all or consume a lot of light carbohydrates, few protein and calories, which is why they feel hunger in just a couple of hours. In addition, for those suffering from chronic constipation or digestive problems, it is important to pay attention to the amount of fiber, intake of fluids and fresh vegetables, fruits. What should be the perfect breakfast for maintaining health?

"No!" To light carbohydrates

Eating refined carbohydrates like sugar-containing cereal, cakes, and bagels is the worst way to start the day. White flour and regular sugar will cause a jump in blood glucose, and then the body will respond to this by trying to lower the sugar level. Usually this leads to sharp changes in the level of hormones – leptin and insulin. As a result, the light carbohydrates taken for breakfast first provoke a sharp rise, and then the same active decrease in blood glucose, forming an uncontrolled craving for food and increasing the risk of insulin resistance.

More Fiber – Prevention of Constipation

More Fiber - Prevention of Constipation

It is important, when choosing foods for breakfast, pay attention to complex carbohydrates and fiber. When a person chooses whole-grain foods and fruits instead of sweet cereal, sweets, buns with light carbohydrates, he receives one very important nutrient: fiber. It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, not to mention the prevention of constipation. Moreover, it stabilizes blood sugar, stimulates peristalsis, eliminating constipation, and helps to stay full and charged with energy throughout the day.

In a recent study published in the journal American College of Nutrition, people were divided into two groups. Some ate oatmeal (which is rich in fiber) for breakfast, others ate sweet cereal. Participants in the first group reported that they felt more satisfied and less hungry for almost four hours, they did not have constipation. The second group, who consumed cereal, complained of periodic constipation and the rapid onset of hunger after breakfast.

Breakfast is a large part of the calorie intake

In a 2013 study published in Obesity magazine, women who consumed half the daily calorie intake at breakfast lost one and a half times more weight than those who consumed half the calories of their day at lunch. In addition, they lowered bad cholesterol, increased good cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity. This is because proper nutrition, rationally distributed by calorie content throughout the day, normalizes metabolic processes and prevents overdoing calories before going to bed. Researchers also believe that the body is less prone to storing calories in the form of fat when a person eats breakfast properly.

But how to make food in such a way as to eat so many calories for breakfast? On average, breakfast should have at least 1 4 – 1 3 daily calories. Depending on the height, weight and level of activity, this is about 400-600 calories. They can be obtained from an omelet with meat, cheese and vegetables, as well as a couple of pieces of fruit and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the body!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the body!

Only about 25% of adults get enough fruits and vegetables every day, and breakfast is a great time to get at least one serving of fresh fruit. In addition, fruits can also be used as a healthy snack throughout the day. According to a large-scale study published in 2014 in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, people who eat 300-400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day have a 42% lower risk of sudden death than those who rarely eat fruit. They also have a 25% lower chance of dying from cancer and a 31% chance of dying from heart disease or stroke. You can add berries and fruits to yogurt, fried vegetables in eggs, or a little banana in oatmeal.

Need to consume protein

Along with other nutritional components, breakfast foods should contain protein. This gives a person a serious charge of energy that lasts for hours. When researchers at the University of Missouri – Columbia suggested that women start their day with breakfast containing either 35 grams or 13 grams of protein (steak and eggs or cereal with milk), they got impressive results. Those who ate squirrels for breakfast said they felt less hungry and ate fewer unhealthy snacks after dinner. According to the researchers, the protein stimulates the secretion of a powerful intestinal hormone called the YY peptide, which stimulates a sense of pleasure and satiety. Scientists suggest paying attention to protein foods such as Greek yogurt, nuts, eggs, turkey and salmon. Additionally, they all contain a healthy dose of slowly digested fat to get more energy for activity.

Breakfast for two hours after waking up

The sooner a person eats, the faster he will benefit from food. But as a good guide, you can focus on the first two hours after waking up. Thus, breakfast stimulates metabolism and allows a person to feel more active. If you have problems preparing a full meal in the early hours, you can drink a glass of water and have a bite of fruit as soon as a person gets out of bed. Then you need to have breakfast in two to three hours.

Breakfast smoothies

Breakfast smoothies

If the thought of breakfast is associated with heaviness in the stomach, there are several options. All people are different, and some cannot eat when they wake up. In some people, the acidity of the stomach is higher than in others, and they feel nauseous until they get up and begin to move. This is especially true for people with reflux disease. If there is discomfort in the morning hours or there is simply no hunger in the morning, the problem may not be in breakfast. It could be dinner and all the midnight snacks. You need to reduce their volume in order to feel more hungry in the morning. If the stomach is still full, you can try smoothies or Greek yogurt. They may be easier to digest.

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How to lose weight after childbirth: 9 techniques from star moms


Today is delivery, and tomorrow is a flat stomach. How do Hollywood stars and royals come into shape so quickly?

The main secret of their harmony is the help of specialists. But still, some tips for transforming the appearance can be noted.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: walks with children

A popular American actress, singer and producer is a mother of two children and the owner of a gorgeous figure. Unlike many of her colleagues, she was in no hurry to get rid of extra pounds, barely crossing the threshold of the house after the birth of the babies.

When asked by journalists why it took so long to get in shape, Jennifer replied: “If your priorities are true, then the child is most important to you. You must eat to feed the baby. ”

But nobody canceled long walks in the fresh air!

Holly Berry: 3-2-1 Diet and Intense Workout

You can be an ideal mother, but at the same time slim and happy – an example of American actress Holly Berry shows. She has two children and she approached the birth of each child with all responsibility.

When Holly was expecting her first child, she trained until 7.5 months of gestation. And after giving birth, she immediately returned to training, starting with stretching and switching to cardio 5 times a week. Then she joined a more intense training program, which included jogging on the beach, yoga, kickboxing, jumping and squats.

After the birth of the second baby, the main secret of the celebrity's harmony was proper nutrition according to the “3-2-1” system. These are three main meals, two healthy snacks and one drink per day. As a drink, Holly chose ordinary water, which she drank in a volume of two liters per day. In food, she preferred dishes combining protein and fiber, often prepared salads based on fresh vegetables with dressing from lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. As for the calorie content of her diet, she did not exceed 1600-2000 kcal per day.

Heidi Klum: David Kirsch Program

The famous model of German origin is the mother of four children. Having signed a multi-million dollar contract with Victoria's Secret luxury lingerie brand, she returned to the catwalk just two months after giving birth, demonstrating her perfect fit. Losing weight Holly was helped by personal trainer David Kirsch and his program called The Ultimate New York Body Plan.

The celebrity spent 2 hours a day on the practical program, carefully working out her hips, buttocks and stomach, doing lunges and squats, practicing rowing machines and exercises with fitball.

Her diet did not have white bread, alcohol, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products or coffee. The stake was on vegetables, in which a low concentration of starch, as well as chicken, salmon, egg whites, beans, berries, nuts and mushrooms. There were 5 small meals per day.

Jennifer Lopez: healthy eating and triathlon

During twin pregnancies, beauty Jennifer gained 23 kilograms. However, she was in no hurry to part with them immediately after childbirth and switched to active training only after 5 months. Her weight loss program included triathlon classes (continuously passing through three stages: swimming, cycling and running), as well as lunges and squats. On average, a celebrity practiced 4-6 times a week with a duration of lesson from 45 minutes to two hours.

Her diet consisted of a hearty and hearty breakfast (the largest portion per day), lunch with a moderate amount of food and a small dinner. During the day, snacks were allowed – 2-4 pcs. per day. At the same time, the emphasis was placed solely on natural products, among which preference was given to whole grains, chicken, turkey, beef, egg whites and brown rice.

Milla Jovovich: “5 factors” weight loss system

Today, Milla has two daughters and a great figure. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that during the second pregnancy, the girl gained 28 kilograms. Personal trainer Harley Pasternak helped her become slim. Milla followed his weight loss program called 5-Factor Diet and 5-Factor Fitness plans (5-Factor Nutrition System).

The program involved 5 meals a day and training 5 times a week with a minimum duration of 25 minutes. Moreover, each training session consisted of 5 stages and necessarily included a warm-up on a stationary bike, exercises on an elliptical and treadmill, and ABS-training.

The basis of her diet was foods with complex carbohydrates and fiber, low-fat protein foods, unsaturated fats. Breakfast celebrity pancakes made from egg whites and oatmeal with cinnamon. She dined a portion of salad, which was prepared for her by the chef. And dined with brown rice with grilled salmon. Favorite snack – berry smoothie.

Kate Winslet: Enjoying Motherhood

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is a charming mother of three children. She knows exactly how to quickly get in shape, but she no longer uses her knowledge. If after the birth of the first child – the daughter of Mia, she turned to a nutritionist for help and followed his detox program, then she perceived the birth of the third baby as a gift from God and simply enjoys motherhood.

Interestingly, the nutritionist developed a program for her based on an “analysis of her face” and skin condition. He recommended her 2 weeks of “peeling,” during which only raw vegetables could be eaten, water and herbal tea drunk, and boiled potatoes added to the menu over the next two months. Twice a week should visit the pool and gym.

Not surprisingly, the celebrity quickly lost 30 kg. But she did not repeat this after the birth of her third child. In an interview with the publication "7 days" she said that life is one and she is very short. She does not want to spend precious time worrying about the size of her buttocks. She wants to raise and educate her children, getting as much pleasure from life as possible.

Kate Middleton: MuTu Exercise Course

The Duchess of Cambridge paparazzi is watched even more zealously than the Hollywood celebrities. But Kate does not give a reason to enrich herself in her pictures showing an imperfect figure after childbirth. After the appearance of the third baby – Prince Louis, the figure of the Duchess became even slimmer than before pregnancy!

Informants from the royal family's environment told The Daily Mail that the princess had to work hard to get her figure back up. Despite the fact that she hates diets, Kate kept a fairly strict menu. The duchess's breakfast included granola with berries, lunch – vegetable salads with spices and seasonings, and a snack – a smoothie of spinach and spirulina.

In working on the body, the princess actively practiced swimming, did leg raises while lying on the floor, and also completed a 12-week course of exercises using the MuTu system.

Kim Kardashian: surrogacy

The American star of the reality show, actress and model Kim Kardashian has four children. But the last two – daughter and son, who were born in 2018 and 2019, were born with the help of a surrogate mother.

According to a close friend of the Kim family, she suffered the first two pregnancies very hard, so this decision was made.

However, this does not prevent the celebrity from regularly exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. In order not to miss workouts during the shooting, the star wakes up at 4 in the morning and performs a daily fitness program. It includes the study of core muscles, abdominal exercises and maintaining the roundness of the buttocks, as well as squats with a barbell.

Jessica Simpson: Daily Stretching and Walking

In March this year, an American singer, actress and TV presenter became a mother for the third time. Almost immediately after the joyful event, she began to share candid photos from training sessions on social networks, from which it can be concluded that the actress adheres to a rather sparing regime, practicing daily stretching and walking with children for about 5 kilometers.

For comparison: after the first two pregnancies, during which she gained almost 40 kilograms of weight, the celebrity entered into a contract with the creators of the Weight Watchers diet (video diet) and lost weight on the air. Each product of the diet is assigned a certain number of points, based on its calorie content, concentration of fat and fiber, as well as nutritional value. So, fried poultry gets 4 points for every 100 g, milk and kefir – 3.5 points for a glass, and hard cheeses – 2.5 points for 100 g. At the same time, vegetables have 0 points, so they can be consumed almost without limits.

How many points are allowed specifically for you per day, calculated by the formula. For example, with a weight of up to 70 kg per day, 18 points are recommended, and over 100 kg – 26 points.

On this diet, a celebrity lost 36 kg in 6 months. But while in no hurry to repeat this path. Maybe because caring for and raising children is the most important thing, and a beautiful figure … will come later?

Expert Commentary

Alexandra Alexandrovna Shvets, candidate of medical sciences, doctor nutritionist, neurologist

Alexandra Alexandrovna Shvets, candidate of medical sciences, doctor nutritionist, neurologist

Pregnancy and childbirth are happy periods in the life of every woman. However, it is not so rare that these events can make significant changes in the appearance of a woman, most often in the form of weight gain. And this is no accident, because the hormonal changes that are associated with pregnancy contribute to this process. The main participants in the restructuring of the metabolism are the hormones progesterone, insulin and prolactin. It is they that cause the activation of the processes of fat synthesis in a woman's body, increased appetite and fluid retention. Ideally, if a woman had a normal weight before pregnancy (height minus one hundred – one hundred and ten) and weight gain over 9 months was no more than 12 kg. About 7 kg should go immediately after birth – this is the weight of the baby and amniotic fluid. The remaining 5 kg of excess weight should be “split” independently during the next 6-12 months after childbirth due to the return of the hormonal background to those indicators that were before pregnancy.

However, if the body weight of the future mother was already significantly higher than the norm before conceiving a child, then the chance of adding 25-30 kg in 9 months becomes much higher. In any case, if a young mother came home from the hospital, she found that the weight exceeds the desired figures, then you should not be upset. No matter how much it differs from the norm – by 30 kg or 5 – the rules for losing weight are the same for everyone – slowly and gradually – no more than 0.5 – 1 kg per week.

First of all, you need to review your diet compared to what it was for 9 months. It is necessary to create a new menu taking into account whether the mother has lactation or the baby is on artificial feeding. Of course, you should not hurry to lose weight for a nursing woman, since the hormone of lactation, prolactin, prevents rapid weight loss. The calorie content of the diet of a nursing woman differs by 500 – 600 kcal from non-nursing, and is about 2000-2200 kcal, just as much is necessary in order to provide energy value for the synthesis of breast milk. However, it must be remembered that not all products are "suitable" for nursing mothers because of the digestive characteristics of infants. Some foods can cause bloating, overexcitation of the nervous system, or allergic skin rashes. These include raw red vegetables and fruits, nuts, citrus fruits, seafood, coffee, chocolate, and confectionery.

The diet of non-breastfeeding young mothers for weight correction is from 1300 to 1600 kcal, depending on body weight. The menu should contain a sufficient amount of protein and slow carbohydrates – they contribute to a good feeling of satiety with a low calorie diet. Different types of meatballs, dumplings, meatballs can be prepared from lean meats, the delicate structure of these dishes makes them easy to digest, without creating a burden on the digestive organs. Potato and cereal side dishes have a low calorie content and contain traces of fats, which is important to reduce the dietary fat content. It is necessary to monitor the amount of fat in dishes, as the caloric content of butter and vegetable oils is very high – from 750 to 990 kcal per 100 g of product. It is useful to cook soups on vegetable or weak meat broth. Dairy products subject to lactase tolerance should also be present in the diet as a source of protein and calcium. Cottage cheese 100 – 200 g per day, sour cream 1-2 tablespoons in dishes, kefir or milk – 1-2 glasses. Dishes from eggs – scrambled eggs, poached eggs or simply boiled eggs are an excellent meal, provided the child is not allergic to these products (for nursing mothers). Various types of stewed and raw vegetables will also help to reduce weight and diversify your diet. A small amount of fast carbohydrates must necessarily be in the diet of slimmers – these are fruits, biscuits, sugar or honey (taking into account individual tolerance). The total amount of fast carbohydrates per day should be from 30 to 50 g, calculated on the content of 100 g of the product. And of course, you need to drink water and weak tea. The amount of fluid depends on the woman’s body weight, on whether there is lactation or not. It can be from 1.5 to 2.5 liters per day. Excess water is not useful, as it creates an excessive load on the heart, so listen to your body and drink wisely. Walking, swimming, Pilates and stretching will be an excellent addition to the nutrition program and a source of inspiration for correcting the emotional background.

Expert Commentary

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

After childbirth, you need to restore the balance of all three foundations of the body. First of all, it is Rlung (Wind) – the nervous system. Secondly, it is Slime (Badkan) – the endocrine system, the kidneys. And thirdly, it is Bile (Mhris-pa) – the liver.

The main rule is maximum nutritional balance. The fundamentals of Wind and Slime require a warming supply, but it should not cause an imbalance of Bile. The best warming foods are spices. They should not be burning.

For the nervous system, it is best to use nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon. For metabolism, kidneys, hormonal system – fenugreek (shabalu), cardamom, coriander. For the liver – turmeric, saffron. Anise, fennel, cumin (Indian cumin) are also very useful.

Hot spices are best avoided during this period – black and hot red pepper, asafoetida, ginger.

To restore the nervous system after childbirth, you need an oily food with a sweet taste. But keep in mind that sugar adversely affects the basis of Slime. The oily sweet foods that are most useful at this time are ghee, oily fish, avocados, walnuts, and other oily nuts.

Warming products that help maintain and improve the body's balance – lean meat of chicken, turkey and other poultry, rabbit, eggs.

It is better to refuse fatty meat, as it adversely affects the foundations of Slime, Bile, and violates the balance of nutrition.

Everything that is "too" must be abandoned. These are products that are too heavy or too light, too hot or too cold. For example, millet is too heavy, and buckwheat is too light. Sesame oil is too hot, and olive oil, on the contrary, is cold. Such foods are best avoided.

Ginger and sesame oil give a lot of energy, but are undesirable for the base. Bile (liver).

Of the vegetable oils, the best is sunflower. It has a moderately warming effect. Flaxseed is acceptable, it has a good effect on the nervous system, has a sweet taste and a mild warming effect.

But the best recovery oil after childbirth is ghee. It is guaranteed to help you strengthen your strength and health.

Particular attention should be paid to neutral products. From meat it is beef, veal, from cereals – rice, southern, durum wheat (for example, bulgur).

To quickly increase the level of strength, energy and heat, you need to avoid cooling, cold (chilled), as well as rough, dry, low-calorie foods, raw vegetables and greens.

Heavy, undercooked, overcooked, salted, peppered, spicy, smoked, canned food, as well as rotten vegetables, root crops, greens, are very harmful.

To achieve better results, proper nutrition should be combined with an appropriate lifestyle – protection from stress, negative emotions, physical and mental overwork. It is important to observe the correct mode of work and rest, wakefulness and sleep.

The second is herbal medicine and wellness treatments. This helps Tibetan medicine – for example, herbal remedies, as well as acupuncture, therapeutic massage with oil.

Expert Commentary

Yuri Dikov, MD, plastic surgeon

Yuri Dikov, MD, plastic surgeon

Before you begin to actively restore your figure after childbirth, you must complete the period of breastfeeding. Во время самого периода грудного вскармливания можно порекомендовать женщине поддерживать естественную физическую активность. Побольше гулять с малышом, совершать длительные пешие прогулки. Уже само по себе кормление помогает женщине похудеть, так как за время одного кормления затрачивается около 300 калорий.

Чтобы в этот период форма груди не сильно деформировалась, во время грудного вскармливания старайтесь чередовать груди, кормите в положении на боку, чтобы грудь не растягивалась. Для поддержания кожи в тонусе принимайте контрастный душ и увлажняйте кожу кремами. Любую дополнительную физическую нагрузку в этот период можно делать только посоветовавшись с врачом.

После окончания периода грудного вскармливания ткани груди постепенно начинают приходить в норму, кожа подтягивается. Однако, если после лактации форма груди сильно деформировалась, можно прибегнуть к маммопластике и убрать лишнюю кожу, восполнить объем с помощью имплантов или собственного жира.

Во время беременности женщина набирает вес, а после родов он постепенно начинает уходить. Однако в некоторых областях тела из-за набора веса могут произойти изменения.

На животе может растянуться кожа, могут появится растяжки, образоваться диастаз прямых мышц. Если изменения не очень выражены, то никаких хирургических манипуляций делать не нужно, так как со временем все это придет в норму самостоятельно. Однако если изменения выражены, кожа стала слишком дряблой, большое расхождение мышц, либо было кесарево сечение, вследствие чего возникла «ступенька» из кожи, то здесь может идти речь о хирургическом вмешательстве. В таких случаях, как правило, выполняется какой-то вариант подтяжки живота, то есть абдоминопластика, с помощью которой можно убрать лишнюю кожу, полностью или частично удалить растяжки, укрепить мышцы брюшного пресса, убрать грыжу.

На бедрах, на спине и в области поясницы также могут образоваться лишние жировые отложения. В таком случае можно порекомендовать попробовать увеличить физическую нагрузку и сбалансировать питание. Однако если этот лишний жир — «жировые ловушки», то есть локальное скопление жира, который практически не уходит даже при активной физической нагрузке, то в таком случае можно прибегнуть к липосакции. Как правило, «жировые ловушки» у женщин образуются в наружней области бедер («галифе»), в области поясницы, на внутренней поверхности бедер и области коленей.

Липосакция, которая выполняется в глубоких слоях, помогает убрать лишний жир и выровнять контуры.

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Астрид Овеян, косметолог

Астрид Овеян, косметолог

Прежде всего, нужно помнить, что все изменения в организме, которые происходят во время беременности и после родов — часто встречающиеся явления. Наблюдайтесь у врачей, сдавайте необходимые анализы, чтобы следить за восстановлением организма после родов и помочь ему, если это будет необходимо. Главное, не тревожиться, дать себе время на спокойное восстановление, обычно это около полутора лет, и найти правильный способ решения той или иной проблемы. Если себя не запускать, то с последствиями любых нежелательных изменений можно справиться.

Вот проблемы, с которыми чаще всего сталкиваются женщины после родов:

На третьем месяце после родов мамочки замечают, что начинают выпадать волосы, появляются залысины. Это происходит по нескольким причинам: из-за изменений в гормональном фоне, из-за возможной нехватки микроэлементов в организме, а также из-за стресса, так как в организме в это время происходят большие изменения, к тому же молодая мама может переживать за своего только что родившегося малыша. Нужно понимать, что выпадение волос после беременности и родов — это часто встречающееся явление, волосы можно привести в былую форму, поэтому не стоит сильно переживать. Переживания в этом случае даже усугубят ситуацию. Есть два способа вернуть шевелюру: домашние рецепты и профессиональный уход. В случае, если вы хотите попробовать восстановить волосы в домашних условиях, то регулярно делайте маски на основе репейного масла и перца. Нужно быть готовой, что понадобится около полугода, чтобы остановить резкое, агрессивное выпадение волос. Второй способ — профессиональный. Справиться с выпадение волос поможет врач-косметолог. Он предложит вам сделать курс мезотерапии, а также назначит соответствующие анализы на определение количества витаминов и микроэлементов в организме и, в случае дисбаланса, назначит соответствующий курс лечения.

Во время беременности и после родов на коже может появиться пигментация. Пигментация появляется из-за гормональной перестройки организма, которая влияет на концентрацию меланина в коже, а следовательно, уменьшается защитная функция от ультрафиолета. В большинстве случаев пигментация уходит самостоятельно, если организм правильно восстанавливается. Чтобы помочь остановить появление пигментации, не забывайте о защите от ультрафиолета. Наносите кремы с защитой не ниже SPF-50. Используйте осветляющие маски и сыворотки. В домашних условиях поможет маска на основе кефира или мацуна, а также дрожжей. Врач-косметолог поможет профессионально справиться с проблемой, используя, например, лазер.

После беременности и родов изменяется и тело женщины в целом. В локальных местах накапливается жир, появляется целлюлит, растяжки. Жир чаще всего накапливается в области бедер, живота и спины. Если вы сильно прибавили в весе, обратитесь в врачу-эндокринологу, сдайте анализы на гормоны, чтобы исключить гормональные причины набора веса. Если все же это связано с гормонами, врач-эндокринолог порекомендует вам правильное лечение. Если гормоны в норме, то занимайтесь спортом, предварительно обязательно проконсультировавшись с врачом, двигайтесь, правильно питайтесь. Профессиональные косметологические методики помогут организму справиться с лишним жиром. Речь идет об инъекциях липолитиков. Врач-косметолог делает инъекции локально. Липолитики расщепляют жир и помогают организму быстрее его вывести естественным путем. Таким образом, похудение происходит быстрее. Кстати, отличным дополнением к процедуре могут быть массажи и душ Шарко. Но помните, что у процедуры инъекций липолитиков есть свои побочные эффекты и противопоказания, поэтому необходимо проконсультироваться с врачом-косметологом и соблюдать все его рекомендации, чтобы не получить побочных эффектов, например, аллергию после проявления которой, о липолитиках можно будет забыть. После процедуры некоторое время нельзя посещать сауну, так как в месте инъекций может появиться крапивница.

Помните, если после набора веса долгое время не заниматься собой, то со временем локальный жир согнать будет все труднее, так как он будет становиться плотнее.

После беременности и родов происходят изменения и в груди. Предсказать, какой будет ее форма после кормления невозможно, все зависит от количества молока и от физиологии в целом. Даже если вы недолго кормили малыша грудью, ее форма может деформироваться. Однако чтобы изменения не были слишком сильными, соблюдайте следующие правила.

— старайтесь чередовать груди во время кормления;

— правильно сцеживайте;

— носите специальное белье для кормления.

Комментарий эксперта

Татьяна Орехова, косметолог

Татьяна Орехова, косметолог

Лишний вес, дряблая кожа, обвисшие бока — проблемы, с которыми сталкивается большинство молодых мам. При правильном подходе уже через полгода вы сможете прийти в свою дородовую форму и снова стать стройной и красивой.

Основные правила успешного похудения после родов:

Правильное питание — сложные изнуряющие диеты сразу стоит исключить, ведь рацион кормящей женщины должен быть максимально сбалансированным и полезным. Правильное питание поможет быстро сбросить лишний вес без вреда для здоровья малыша. Обязательно включите в меню курицу, рыбу, молочные продукты, вареные яйца, каши. Кушайте меньше мучного, жирного, копченого, соленого. Старайтесь принимать пищу примерно в одно время небольшими порциями, ведите подсчет калорий.

Спорт — не стоит начинать физические упражнения сразу после выписки из роддома. Подождите хотя бы 1-2 мес. и потом приступайте к легким нагрузкам — ежедневной зарядке по 10-15 минут, спортивной ходьбе. Интенсивные спортивные занятия рекомендуется начинать не ранее чем через 3-4 месяца после родов. Привести фигуру в норму поможет йога, пилатес, фитнес, плавание.

Здоровый сон — постоянное недосыпание является стрессом для организма, что отрицательно влияет как на эмоциональное, так и физическое состояние. Норма для хорошего самочувствия — 8 часов.

Активные прогулки — для поддержания хорошей физической формы рекомендуется гулять не менее 30 минут в день. Начинать активные прогулки с коляской можно уже через несколько дней после выписки из роддома.

Косметологические процедуры — после завершения грудного вскармливания смело отправляйтесь в салон красоты на массаж, обертывания и другие сеансы красоты.

Первый год жизни ребенка — сложный период для молодой мамы. Особенно если малыш беспокойный. Тогда даже на отдых нет времени, уже не говоря о том, чтобы заняться своей физической формой. Поэтому старайтесь привлекать помощников — мужа, бабушек или других членов семьи, няню.

Комментарий эксперта

Виктория Аржакова, фитнес-тренер, специалист по оздоровительной гимнастике

Виктория Аржакова, фитнес-тренер, специалист по оздоровительной гимнастике

Подготовка к родам начинается задолго до беременности. С детства девочке необходимо заниматься спортом, укреплять мышцы спины, живота и не прекращать делать упражнения даже в период беременности. Именно в таком случае восстановление после родов будет легким и непринужденным.

От вашей физической формы до родов будет зависеть, насколько вы быстро восстановитесь после. Если не выполнять гимнастику каждый день, восстановление будет дольше. Выполнять упражнения можно уже на второй день после родов. Если было кесарево сечение, тогда время начала выполнения гимнастики необходимо отодвинуть еще на 2-4 недели.
В первые недели после родов вам пригодятся дыхательные упражнения и пилатес, помогающие укрепить глубинные мышцы.

Первое упражнение выполняем еще в роддоме, лежа в кровати, на животе. Очень медленно, на выдохе, втягивайте живот. Удерживайте положение 2-3 секунды и спокойно вдохните, удерживая мышцы живота в легком тонусе. Почувствуйте, как на вдохе расширяется грудная клетка по бокам. Выполняйте упражнение примерно 3 минуты.

Второе упражнение: лежа на спине, положите ладони на живот чуть ниже пупка. Выполняйте медленный выдох и очень медленно втягивайте живот, ладонями сопровождая движение живота. В конце выдоха очень мягко поворачивайте ладонь книзу, как будто хотите подхватить внутренние органы и приподнять их вверх, к ребрам. Без надавливаний, не резко. Все очень мягко и без усилий. Вдох делайте грудью, спокойно, не надувая живот. Выполняйте 2 минуты.

Повторите такую 5-минутку 3-4 раза в день. Можно делать круговые движения стопами, кистями, предплечьями, руками. Выполнять повороты и наклоны головой. Поднимать плечи вверх и делать круговые движения. Выполнять движение плеч вперед, округляя спину, и назад, соединяя лопатки. Это поможет разгрузить мышцы спины и воротниковой зоны после статического положения при кормлении ребенка.

Это маленький список тех движений, из которых можно составить гимнастику на каждый день. Покормили ребенка, сделали 5 минут зарядки. Не ждите, когда положение кормящей мамы закрепится на вашей спине. Сгорбиться легко, а вот выпрямиться потом не так просто. Выполняя физкульт-пятиминутки, вы получаете дополнительный бонус в виде активизации кровоснабжения и увеличения притока молока, что благотворно скажется на здоровье вашего малыша.

По возвращению домой к гимнастике необходимо добавить водные процедуры для восстановления тургора кожи. Это может быть контрастный душ или растирания тела свернутым в жгут мокрым полотенцем. Поочередно, то холодным, то горячим.

Основной причиной того, что молодая мамочка не может вернуть свой первоначальный вес до беременности, являются изменения в ее гормональной системе. Поможет прийти в форму в таком случае научно-обоснованная система IZOTON. В основе здоровья человека находится, прежде всего, нормальное состояние эндокринной и иммунной систем. Название «ИЗОТОН» сложилось из двух частей. «Изо» — режим сокращения мышц. И «тон» — высокий жизненный тонус в результате. Изотонические тренировки позволяют локально снизить подкожный жир, улучшить силу и выносливость. Поэтому, как только у вас появится возможность оставлять малыша на пару часов, возвращайтесь к занятиям в фитнес-клубе, и вы обязательно восстановите фигуру

Take the testНе пора ли вам сесть на диету?Не пора ли вам сесть на диету?Насколько верны ваши пищевые привычки? Пройдите тест и узнайте всю правду о вашей диете.

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How to include various oils in food?


Until recently, our compatriots did not have a choice which vegetable oil to include in their nutrition. On the shelves of the assortment was presented exclusively sunflower. However, today the situation has changed radically, and people increasingly prefer olive, corn, linseed and other varieties of vegetable oils. What kind of food can be organized with their help, and are they all equally useful?

Beneficial for the body: vegetable oils in nutrition

Adherents of a healthy diet regularly include vegetable oils on the menu. After all, they know that these foods are sources of valuable nutrition.

substances necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Nutritionists recommend choosing oils made from natural and healthy raw materials.

It is desirable to include species that have not been subjected to long processing cycles in a healthy diet. Therefore, when buying, it is important to pay attention to the information indicated on the package.

Today, vegetable oils are produced using two main technologies: cold and hot pressing. Various cleaning methods can also be applied to them: refining, deodorization, filtration, hydration.

To answer the question in which nutrition these varieties can be used, it should be noted that cold-pressed oils are considered the most useful. As many valuable, nutritious substances are lost during heating.

Thus, the fewer oil processing cycles, the more useful the final product. However, this rule is valid only for those oils that are used for dressing salads and cold dishes. Refined oil, which withstands a high heating temperature, is better suited for frying.

What kind of food can be organized with various oils?

What kind of food can be organized with various oils?

Vegetable oils are an essential component of a healthy diet. Even adherents of most popular diets, recognize that without them it is impossible to provide the body with a whole set of nutrients.

People traditionally eat vegetable oils made from various fruits and seeds. However, sorting out all this diversity and filtering out unverified information about these products can be quite difficult. The following are the most common misconceptions.

Refined oil contains minimum benefits

The main task of refined oil is to help with frying foods. That is why it is specially purified and loses impurities and odors. At the same time, unrefined varieties contain a lot of impurities, providing the oil with a unique taste and aroma. When heated, they contribute to the release of a large number of carcinogens hazardous to health. However, it is also impossible to claim that refined oil is completely devoid of vitamins and fatty acids. Just their number is lower than in unrefined counterparts. Therefore, a balanced diet involves the use of both varieties of this product.

Olive oil is much healthier than sunflower

Many people who monitor their health prefer to include olive oil in their diets, considering it the most useful. Meanwhile, experts argue that the difference in the content of beneficial nutrients in refined varieties of sunflower and olive oil is almost imperceptible. The situation is different with unrefined varieties. So, olive oil leads in the content of vitamin E. Among its other advantages, a more balanced composition of fatty acids should be noted.

Exotic Oils – The Best

Although not everyone knows what kind of nutrition can be organized with the help of such quite exotic varieties of oils as camelina, rice, hemp, etc., almost everyone has heard about their benefits. Indeed, their composition is much more balanced, and contains many vitamins and useful fatty acids. But do not forget about the specific taste and their high cost. In addition, such products often cause individual intolerance. Therefore, before including them in the diet, you must consult a doctor.

A diet rich in vegetable oils: vitamins and fatty acids

A diet rich in vegetable oils: vitamins and fatty acids

Vegetable oils are high-calorie foods. But despite this, they are a source of a mass of useful nutrients necessary for the health of the body. Therefore, experts recommend even in diets aimed at weight loss, to include a small amount of these products. Below is an overview of the most popular oils that can be found on store shelves.


This oil is the record holder for oleic acid. There are many other monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements in it. Its regular use contributes to the normalization of cholesterol, and is the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the substances contained in olive oil positively affect the state of the nervous system, mucous membranes and skin integuments.


Corn oil leads in the content of vitamin E (it is almost 2 times more than in sunflower and olive). This substance is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and the brain. It contains a lot of vitamin PP, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle. In addition, due to its high burning point, it can be used for frying foods.


It is considered the lowest calorie of all vegetable oils. Therefore, it is very popular among people seeking to lose weight. Other advantages include an increased content of omega-3 fatty acids, which are more in linseed oil than in fish oil. However, it should be consumed exclusively in a cold form, since when heated it will lose most of the nutrients.

Sesame seeds

Sesame oil is valued for its high content of oleic and linoleic fatty acids, as well as antioxidants (vitamins E and A). They are necessary for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. A pleasant aroma of oil allows you to use it in the preparation of meat, vegetable dishes, and even desserts.

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13 delicious high omega-3 foods


Each Soviet schoolchild was fed a hated fish oil in childhood, which grown up children recall with a mask of discontent on their faces. Today you can get the same set of nutrients in a more delicious way. The pharmacy sells Omega-3/6/9 capsules with a bright fruity taste or no taste or odor at all.

But before you buy them, it’s worth considering why we need Omega, and from which sources it is best to get them? Parsed by MedAboutMe.

All on the shelves: Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids

Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids are considered true “superfoods.” Unlike the penny fish oil of the Soviet era, they are today in price. A jar of 60 capsules with the recommended dosage regimen – 1 capsule three times a day today will cost the consumer 500 rubles. If this is a baby drug, the cost will be even higher.

The value for our health are, first of all, Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Omega-9s do not play such a significant role in the human diet, provided that the body receives enough Omega-3s and Omega-6s. Liver and adipose tissue cells are capable of synthesizing Omega-9 on their own.

Omega-3 and omega-6 acids are indispensable. Their human body can not produce, so be sure to eat foods with them in the composition. It is very important to maintain balance.



Studies published in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta show that an excess of omega-6 in the diet can cause inflammation in the body or increase it.

The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 recommended by scientists and doctors is 4 to 1, while the diet of people in developed countries of the world has significantly more omega-6 fatty acids. The proportions can be 10 to 1 or even 50 to 1!

On a note!

On a note!

Most people should strive to increase the content of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet and make sure that omega-6 does not exceed the permissible value.

High Omega-3 Food Rating

High Omega-3 Food Rating

Specialists share the three main types of omega-3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic. Each of them plays a role in maintaining human health.

So, eicosapentaenoic acid strengthens the cardiovascular system of the body, and docosahexaenoic improves human cognitive functions and supports brain health.



According to the National Institutes ofHealth, a person should receive 1,100 mg of omega-3 fatty acids daily.

The rating of products below is compiled from the highest concentration of Omega-3 to the lowest. Keep this in mind when planning your menu!

1. Flaxseed oil

Proponents of a healthy lifestyle do not think of their diet without flax seed. They add it to desserts and salads, “season” them with smoothies and put them in the second dishes. Meanwhile, the guaranteed way to get enough omega-3 fatty acids is to eat a spoonful of flaxseed oil. A 2014 study published in the Hypertension publication shows that flaxseed oil is very useful for cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension.

Omega-3 content: 7258 mg per tablespoon.

2. Salmon

2. Salmon "height =" 667

Fatty fish should be present in the human diet at least once a week, while “fish days” should be arranged 2-3 times in 7 days. Include salmon in your diet, and you certainly will not lose!

Omega-3 content: 3428 mg in half a fish fillet (198 g).

3. Mackerel

Unlike salmon, this fish is more accessible, and the content of Omega-3 in it is only slightly lower. If you are a fan of white fish, often include mackerel in your menu.

Omega-3 content: 2753 mg per fillet (113 g).

4. Walnuts

This is one of the most delicious and healthy ways to increase the concentration of omega fatty acids. The Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand published the results of a study that showed that walnuts help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. They also help to overcome stress. Never give up a handful of nuts for a snack!

Omega-3 content: 2656 mg in a quarter cup of peeled nuts.

5. Sardines

5. Sardines "height =" 664

A jar of sardines in oil will never be superfluous in the kitchen. It can be the basis for salads and sandwiches, a side dish for porridge or a filling for fish pie.

Omega-3 content: 2205 mg in a standard can.

6. Black caviar

Although this is a very expensive way to get unsaturated fatty acids, you can be sure that by paying a few hundred rubles per 100 g of caviar, you get a good Omega-3 as a bonus.

Omega-3 content: 2098 mg in two tablespoons.

7. Herring

In Russian cuisine, herring-based recipes cannot be counted! Here is the popular salad “Herring under a fur coat” and a more refined and healthy version of the dish – baked herring with lemon and garlic with white wine sauce.

Omega-3 content: 1674 mg per 100 g of product.

8. Rapeseed oil

8. Rapeseed oil "height =" 667

While rapeseed oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, it also contains two times the allowable daily allowance of omega-6. Therefore, in relation to him, you need to adhere to a sense of proportion. And to introduce it from time to time.

Omega-3 content: 1279 mg in 1 tablespoon.

9. Oysters

These mollusks have gone from food for the poor to an exquisite delicacy, accessible only to a wealthy layer of society. They are not only rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they contain a lot of iron, potassium and magnesium.

Omega-3 content: 720 mg per 100 g of product.

10. Anchovies

A delicious and nutritious sandwich with anchovies is an excellent snack during the day, which will increase performance and benefit the body. Few people know that small fish abound in calcium and potassium, and also contain vitamin A.

Omega-3 content: 594 mg per 30 g.

11. Red lentils

11. Red lentils "height =" 667

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who ate about ¾ cup of boiled lentils daily felt more full during the day and were less likely to have unplanned snacks. Therefore, it is recommended to use lentils to everyone who adheres to the healthy lifestyle or wants to lose weight.

Omega-3 content: 240 mg per ½ cup.

12. Mustard seeds

Scientists from the England’s Oxford Polytechnic Institute have found that a teaspoon of mustard when added to the menu can increase a person’s metabolic rate by up to 25% within a few hours after eating. According to the researchers, this effect is produced by a special substance contained in grains – allylisothiocyanate.

And to get more wholesome Omega-3s, add ground mustard grains while baking salmon or use them when making sandwiches with anchovies.

Omega-3 content: 239 mg per tablespoon of grains.

13. Brown rice

13. Brown rice "height =" 667

Compared to its white counterpart, brown rice contains twice as much fiber and protein, and for losing weight it is important that the number of calories in it is less. Brown rice is an ideal basis for pilaf, and even with it you can cook hearty salads.

Omega-3 content: 156 mg per 1 cup of cooked rice.

Expert Commentary

Ruairi Robertson, MD, Healthy Nutrition Researcher

Ruairi Robertson, MD, Healthy Nutrition Researcher

Omega-3/6/9 fatty acids are essential dietary fats. Interestingly, each variety has its own health value. However, you need to get the right balance of omega fatty acids, since a deficiency or overabundance will contribute to the emergence of chronic diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids perform a number of important functions in the human body: they strengthen heart health, serve as a prophylaxis of bronchial asthma, support mental health, control body weight, and fight inflammation.

Omega-6 acids are mainly used by the body for energy. Their most common variety is linoleic acid. Despite the fact that Omega-6 show significant advantages in the treatment of certain chronic diseases, people need to adhere to moderation in their consumption, to observe the balance recommended by specialists.

Omega-9s are not essential fats, because the body can synthesize them on its own. However, they can also benefit health. One major study found that replacing saturated omega-9 fats with fatty acids helps to reduce bad blood cholesterol by 22% in patients with diabetes, and it also increases insulin sensitivity.

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6 reasons why we get fat in marriage


So Mendelssohn’s wedding march echoed, and a ring appeared on the ring finger? Watch out! You are in a risk zone, whose name is overweight. Of course, this does not mean that you do not need to get married, nor that you need to urgently file a divorce, if you have already created your own "cell of society." But to understand the reasons why couples tend to gain weight in marriage, of course, is necessary. Recognizing the enemy by sight, telling those extra pounds a confident “no” will be much easier!

Where the thread, there and the needle

Where the thread, there and the needle

After marriage, people begin to spend more time together. Moreover, the habits of one partner can affect the behavior of another. It would seem that this is bad? But one thing is a joint walk or training in the gym, another is time watching TV with popcorn or, worse, chips and beer.



A study published in Obesity magazine found that people who married before the age of 20 were more likely to gain weight than their lonely peers. Over the first 5 years of a joint, women gained about 10 kg and men 13 kg. The reason for this is food for the company and the formation of habits under the influence of a partner. It is interesting that couples who lived together, but did not have a stamp in their passports, also “overgrew” excess weight, but in much smaller quantities. This does not mean that everyone should start living without formalizing relations, but it would be nice to reconsider their habits.

Craving for experiments and the desire to surprise

When marrying, most women believe that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. And so they conduct experiments in the kitchen, starting to invent all kinds of mouth-watering dishes that are really tasty, but often more caloric and contain a lot of fat. Many people do not even realize how much weight they have gained until they get on the scales. Until then, they enjoy the taste of amazing dishes, lovingly prepared by a partner.

By the way!

By the way!

It is proved that after marriage, women begin to drink alcohol more often. Men also do not lag behind companions of life. A glass of wine seems natural during a romantic evening or dinner together. But even a moderate amount of alcohol increases cravings for fatty and salty foods. Such findings are contained in a study published in the journal Appetite.

Love is to blame

Love is to blame

Cooling in a relationship leads to self-doubt and attractiveness for a partner, as well as to suspicions that the spouse has switched to someone else. As a result, we find ourselves in a vicious circle, where there is no place for love, but there is disappointment, sadness, depression and, of course, a lot of food – it is logical that you want to "eat" all the negative emotions. And there, and overweight will not keep you waiting. Although in fact, everything can be solved with a heart-to-heart talk. And, perhaps, as a result, it turns out that many problems are simply far-fetched.

By the way!

By the way!

Researchers from Southern Methodological University in Dallas (Texas, USA) came to the conclusion that the very state of falling in love can also cause overweight. According to scientists, when spouses love each other and are happy in marriage, they have a growing sense of security and safety, and this, in turn, provokes a set of extra pounds.

Naughty hormones

Women experience countless hormonal surges during their lives – critical days, pregnancy, breastfeeding – and they often provoke the appearance of excess weight.

By the way!

By the way!

Men, too, may face similar problems, for example, gaining weight after giving birth. This is evidenced by a study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine. But the wife’s pregnancy, according to the same scientific work, does not affect the man’s weight in any way – they begin to grow fat after they become happy fathers.

Sleep in each other's arms

Sleep in each other's arms

According to a study published in the journal Sleep, joint sleep sometimes triggers the process of gaining extra pounds. Moreover, most often women face such a problem – their sleep is more sensitive and they may suffer from insomnia, for example, due to the snoring of the spouse. Lack of sleep, in turn, increases the risk of weight gain, as this affects hormones that regulate hunger and appetite.

By the way!

By the way!

There are many myths associated with the causes that cause excess weight that occurs after marriage. One of them – extra pounds on the waist and hips appear due to regular sex life. However, to date, there is no research to prove this. Therefore, we can say with confidence – frequent intimate relationships do not affect weight.

Caution, sabotage!

A sudden desire to change externally for the better is not always perceived adequately. When one of the partners pulls himself together and begins to lose weight, a feeling of anxiety arises in his life partner – he thinks that the relationship is at risk. The result can be jealousy, suspicions of infidelity, fear of losing a loved one, etc. And in response, the partner, often unconsciously, begins to sabotage another's attempts to build. Various tricks are used – important urgent matters coincide with the time of training, the food suddenly becomes high-calorie and insanely appetizing, often surprises are arranged in the form of a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine and delicious food – the options can be continued indefinitely.



Changes in the appearance of one of the spouses for the worse also do not always please the second partner. And then the most terrible weapon is used – criticism. She, as you know, often does not completely motivate to accomplish, but gives the opposite effect – leads to stress and kills the desire to change for the better. Confirmation of this can be found in a study published in the journal Personal Relationships. According to this scientific study, women who were criticized by spouses gained weight more often and faster than those whose partners, in spite of everything, sang their beauty.

Expert Commentary

Tatyana Butskaya, head of the All-Russian public movement “Council of Mothers”, author of the books “Pregnancy. Short film 9 months long ”and“ Eat for two. All About Maternity Nutrition »

Tatyana Butskaya, head of the All-Russian public movement “Council of Mothers”, author of the books “Pregnancy. Short film 9 months long ”and“ Eat for two. All About Maternity Nutrition »

According to statistics, every second Russian is overweight. Most often, in 75% of cases, weight problems arise due to overeating. Calories obtained do not correspond to energy consumption – hence the extra pounds. They have to pay for not only a presentable appearance, but also a life expectancy. Average fullness shortens life by 3-5 years, and severe obesity by 10-15.

Experts draw attention to the fact that weight gain begins especially actively after marriage, so I would like to dwell on the possible reasons for this.

As soon as a young wife enters the kitchen as a mistress, she begins to demonstrate her culinary talents. Borsch, hodgepodge, lagmans, French meat, chicken Kiev, foie gras and dessert to boot. Within a month after tasting these culinary masterpieces, both spouses run the risk of gaining a few extra kilos. And this is just the beginning!

In marriage, many have the habit of eating one after another. And when children are born, also after them.

When the “cute ones scold,” they try to seize up stress. Sweets are used – suppliers of “hormones of happiness”, which quickly settle on their sides with excess fat.

Movement activity decreases. After gaining the second half, the desire to go somewhere or run away gradually disappears. For fitness and hiking in the mountains or the forest, many prefer a sofa rest. The birth of children, as a rule, finally puts an end to attempts to engage in their physical form.

Most often, weight problems occur in women. No, not due to the fact that they were “stoned” after marriage and “lazy”. Women genetically have more adipose tissue than men. In addition, the weaker sex regularly experiences hormonal shakes associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. That is why it is especially difficult to maintain a stable weight for the beautiful half of humanity.

The social status of a woman is more urged to take care of herself. And men – on the contrary. Studies show that a woman, wanting to make a career, controls her appearance, and a man considers this superfluous.

Age also makes itself felt. I am talking about the time when the couple celebrate at least a silver wedding. After 50 years, the metabolism slows down significantly, so the caloric value of food should be reduced by 10%. However, many are not even aware of this recommendation. They continue to eat, as they are used to, consume a lot of animal fats, simple carbohydrates and do not have fasting days.

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Fitness for weight loss: types and features of training


Lose weight, gain a dream figure and bring the body proportions to the ideal will help special fitness training, used in conjunction with proper nutrition. This process is quite lengthy, requiring full commitment and proper motivation from the performer.

Regular fitness classes not only help to lose extra pounds, but also strengthen the muscle corset, normalize well-being, relieve problem areas on the body, and put the skin in order. Trainings should be practiced at least 3 times a week.

Features of weight loss exercises

Features of weight loss exercises

In training for weight loss, two types of exercises are used: cardio (aerobic) and strength (anaerobic). Using aerobic exercise, you can strengthen the cardiovascular system and start the process of fat burning.

Strength elements will help increase the strength and endurance of the body, strengthen muscles and joints, and adjust the proportions of the body. It is advisable to include both types of physical activity in your own training program, alternating between them.

The volume of loads depends on the anthropometric and physiological parameters of each individual person, the amount of subcutaneous fat, the localization of problem areas, the presence of chronic diseases and the current level of physical development of the performer.

Types of Weight Loss Training

According to the type of load, classes for weight loss are divided into:

Cardio training.

Cardio training is based on aerobic exercise. The systematic performance of cardio exercises improves the functioning of the body as a whole: it accelerates the course of metabolic processes, normalizes the lymphatic flow, as well as the blood supply to organs and tissues, and increases working capacity. Such loads include: running, working out on an exercise bike and an ellipsoid, walking at an accelerated pace, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming. Fat burning processes in the body start after 40 minutes of active exercise.

Strength training programs.

To reduce weight, strength training is built around a circular principle with minimal working weights, but a large number of repetitions of each element. Trainings are formed from exercises with their own weight and fitness elements using weights. During classes, a large supply of energy is spent, muscle and joint tissues are strengthened, an aesthetic relief is formed.

Interval training.

According to medical research, with the help of circular interval training, you can significantly improve the physiological indicators of strength and endurance, start losing weight and quickly get rid of excess body fat.

The essence of the technique is a sharp change in the pace of the exercise. Low intensity alternates with working at maximum speed and vice versa. Such activities are quite energy intensive. Fat burning processes start 20 minutes after the start of the training.

Useful sports equipment to increase the effectiveness of home training

To achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time and diversify your fitness classes, you can use additional equipment in home workouts.


One of the most common sports weighting equipment. They allow you to perform various exercises, complicate the elements used in the training, thereby significantly increasing its effectiveness.

Hula Hup.

Using a hoop, you can get rid of excess fat locally – on the waist and hips.

Floor rotating disc.

It helps to increase the mobility of the joint-ligamentous apparatus, strengthen the spine, strengthen the muscles of the press.


Belongs to the category of cardiovascular equipment. It pumps the muscles of the hips and legs, accelerates metabolic processes, allows you to tighten the buttocks and quickly get rid of cellulite. Easy to use, has compact dimensions.

Roller for the press.

Increases the effectiveness of abdominal exercises, strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower extremities, deeply studies the shoulder girdle.

Weight Loss Training Rules

Rules for training for weight loss "height =" 667

In training aimed at losing weight, there are many subtle points and "pitfalls." To create an effective training fitness program, it is important to take into account the slightest nuances.

Training to eliminate excess weight should take place at a high pace and a large number of repetitions in sets. Training approaches should be three to six. Only such a rhythm starts the accelerated mode of fat burning.

The increase in load should be gradual, as the body adapts to the sports regime. Any workout should be preceded by a warm-up warm-up, and the recovery hitch should complete – for this, stretching exercises are practiced.

The weight of the working shells is selected individually and must correspond to the level of physical readiness of the performer. Optimally selected working weights should allow 3-4 working approaches to be performed without undue overwork.

Key principles for building a fitness workout

Weight Loss Training is based on several basic principles:

repeated repetitions of elements (from 15 times or more) with small working weights;
uniform study of the main muscle groups;
alternation of anaerobic and aerobic fitness;
moderate duration (but not less than 40 minutes) of the training;
regularity of classes.

Training is best started with cardio and dynamic loads. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas, including them more actively.

Exemplary Weight Loss Training Program

For training in the gym, you can apply the following training plan:

warm up;
work on an exercise bike;
classic or back lunges with dumbbells;
jumping onto the platform;
exercises for the press;
draft of the vertical block;
mixing legs in the simulator;

Home training can be formed from the following elements:

warm up;
jumping rope;
swing legs to the sides;
jumping squats;
running in place with high knees;
V-shaped twists;
breeding dumbbells from an inclined position;
forearm bar strap.

To get rid of excess weight, it is important not only to devote enough time to fitness classes, but also to revise the usual diet.

You should eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits in small portions, a sufficient amount of slow carbohydrates and protein foods. Limit, and it is better to completely exclude from the menu you need sugar, flour, fatty, smoked foods. The principle of calorie deficiency is also important: consume less than spend.

Following the above recommendations, you can not only bring the body into tone and achieve the desired forms, but also significantly improve your physical well-being.

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Proper nutrition for office workers


Most people today spend most of their lives at work. Most often, work involves an 8-hour working day with a lunch break. But in fact, a rare office worker leaves the workplace at exactly 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. In addition, processing often happens, and in this case it is not possible to think about proper nutrition. Constant stress and high nervous tension negatively affect the health of office workers.

Unhealthy diet is a threat to the health of workers

In most cases, office work is associated with the need to get up early in the morning and get to the workplace within 1-2 or more hours. Then the person spends more than 8 hours at work, and in the end he arrives home late in the evening. Many do not have time to visit the gym or meet friends. The desire to be competitive and successful leads to additional stress. Therefore, busy people rarely think about proper nutrition.

Each organization solves the issue of catering for employees in different ways. In some there are dining rooms or the opportunity to dine in the restaurant of the shopping center. But many workers have lunch without leaving their workplace, right in front of a computer monitor. This is the cause of excess weight and gastrointestinal diseases. Unhealthy snacks using baking or confectionery are added to bad eating habits.

As a result, malnutrition, lack of motor activity and sleep lead to health problems. The need to maintain a certain standard of living often results in a lack of free time and a sedentary lifestyle. Because of the habit of replenishing energy reserves with sweets and fast food, excess weight appears. Many workers make serious mistakes in their diets. Nevertheless, the office worker can organize meals as useful as possible and taking into account the characteristics of his activities.

Mistakes in nutrition under stress and increased stress

Mistakes in nutrition under stress and increased stress

Stress is the main reason forcing a person to rush. For many, the habit of skipping breakfast has developed since the time of study at the university, and then entrenched. Many students and young professionals donate breakfast for an additional 15 minutes of sleep, replace breakfast with a cigarette or chocolate bar. Office workers often use junk and junk food, eating breakfast right at the workplace. This is the cause of many diseases of the stomach and intestines. Due to neglect of breakfast, overweight often develops.

Habit is on the go – another common mistake made by office workers. As a rule, a person who does not have time to eat runs into the nearest grocery store or fast-food restaurant, buys a burger and coffee there and has breakfast on the go. This breakfast cannot be called useful, because it contains harmful fats and a large amount of carbohydrates, including sugar. In addition, the food that a person literally swallows in a hurry is absorbed worse.

Lunch at the workplace is also one of the common bad eating habits. At lunch, the employee is not able to concentrate on the process of eating and is constantly distracted by e-mail or viewing information on social networks. As a result, he does not control the amount of food eaten, and there is a need to eat more.

In order not to harm health, office workers need to rethink their eating habits. Healthy breakfasts are not very difficult to prepare, and for snacks it is better not to use harmful products. The diet of an office worker, like any other, should contain all the necessary substances – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

How to organize proper nutrition in order to avoid excess weight?

How to organize proper nutrition in order to avoid excess weight?

It seems to many that the organization of the right diet requires special efforts – the search for products and long cooking. But not all dishes are difficult to cook – for example, boiled chicken eggs do not require special cooking efforts. Not so difficult and porridge or lean meat. And sweets can be replaced with fresh fruits or dried fruits.

Breakfast should be the most basic dish, giving the greatest amount of energy. It is recommended that you include the largest amount of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats in breakfast. An ideal breakfast option is porridge, boiled egg or scrambled eggs. It is necessary to add fruits and vegetables. For snacks, use fruit or low-fat yogurt. As an alternative to sausages and meatballs for lunch, you should choose a salad, a small portion of boiled potatoes, buckwheat and low-fat meat. Dinner is not recommended to be made too fat. The best cooking methods are steaming or stewing.

The habit of a healthy lifestyle begins, first of all, with a review of eating habits. Many get used to harmful products and begin to think about the right diet only when health problems begin. Not only adults, but also schoolchildren suffer from a lack of time, an accelerated rhythm of life, and stressful situations. As a result, many have problems with the gastrointestinal tract at a fairly early age.

Unfortunately, many office workers experience various health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle. They are waiting not only for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but also problems with the spine, vision and joints. Stagnation of blood and muscle clamps lead to a decrease in mental activity and performance. But not everyone has the opportunity to maintain physical activity at the required level.

Serious “enemies” of workers leading a sedentary lifestyle are other bad habits – alcohol abuse and smoking. The list of diseases to which they lead is known to everyone – these are diseases of the liver, heart, blood vessels, deterioration of the skin, teeth and hair. For some, bad habits are becoming a fairly common way to relieve nervous tension.

With a healthy diet without being distracted by viewing mail or reading information, a person is able to absorb more nutrients. The correct selection of products contributes to the preservation of health and mental activity for a long time. Therefore, the question of a proper and balanced diet is a matter of preserving the health of the employee and improving the quality of life.

Take the testDo you follow healthy eating habits?Do you follow healthy eating habits?
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The best home exercises for the abs, buttocks, legs and arms


In order to bring the figure in order, it is not necessary to buy a subscription to the fitness club. There are many exercises to correct problem areas that can be performed at home. If you use the right exercises and exercise regularly, you can achieve tangible results and significantly improve your shape without leaving your home.

Home Fitness: Precautions

Home Fitness: Precautions

Before you start training, you need to evaluate your health. Intense physical activity is contraindicated in many diseases of the internal organs, inflammation and untreated injuries. Heavy exercises will have to be abandoned if there are problems with joints or vascular diseases: thrombosis, varicose veins, arterial hypertension. If you have any doubts about the safety of your workouts, you should always consult your doctor.

Any sporting activity should begin with a warm-up. This requirement applies to absolutely all types of fitness. The more difficult and intense the upcoming training is, the longer it takes to warm up. Especially carefully you should knead those muscle groups that will have the main load during training. A standard workout consists of simple exercises. At home, it can be shallow squats and lunges, running in place, tilting the body, circular movements of the limbs, head, pelvis. Warm-up exercises are performed with a low amplitude, smoothly, without jerking. The average warm-up time is 10 minutes.

Abs training

Twisting is the most popular abs exercise. Direct twists load, mainly, the upper part of the press, reverse – emphasize the lower abdomen. In order to properly work out the lateral sections of the abdominal muscles, you need to turn to the side when twisting the body. Such twists are called diagonal.

Performing the “Corner” fitness element, you can work out both the upper and lower press at the same time. Initial posture: lying down, upper limbs extended beyond the head, lower limbs bent, lower legs parallel to the floor. It is necessary by the effort of the muscles of the press to raise the body to an angle of 45 degrees and at the same time unbend legs. An angle of 90 degrees should be formed between the hips and the body. The pose is held for 30 seconds (minimum).

Exercise Planck strengthens the entire complex of abdominal muscles, including the deepest transverse muscle. The classic elbow strap is a stance with emphasis on the forearms and toes. In this position, the body is aligned as much as possible. The abs, buttocks and lower limbs should be tense. The stand is held for at least 30 seconds. Press training is not the only merit of the bar. Exercise removes excess fat from the waist and well strengthens the entire body.

For beginners, these exercises are enough, in the future it will be possible to add “Scissors”, “Bicycle”, “Climber”, pelvic lifts, etc. You need to start with an affordable number of repetitions – for most beginners, this is 5-10 repetitions in the set. The muscles of the press can be subjected to frequent exertion – they are hardy and quickly recover. Press training can be done daily or every other day.

Leg exercises

Leg training is impossible to imagine without squats – this is the best exercise for the hips and buttocks. The classic version of squats (lower limbs divorced across the width of the shoulder) emphasizes strengthening the front of the thighs. If you put the limbs together, physical activity will increase on the outside. With a wide setting of the legs (squat plie), the inner surface of the thighs is perfectly worked out. Plyometric (hopping) squats help eliminate fat.

In addition to squats, you can use lunges and swings in leg training at home, which also have many options. By doing lunges back and forth, you can work out the buttocks, back and front of the thighs. Lateral lunges well strengthen both the inner and outer thighs. Bulgarian lunges fully focus the load on the muscles of one leg. There are also diagonal lunges, hopping, etc.

Swing legs burn excess fat, strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, legs, thighs. They can be performed in a standing position, sitting, lying, on all fours.

Particular attention will have to be given to strengthening the inside of the hips. Fat deposits, thin skin and weak muscles, which are not used much in everyday life, make the inner thighs one of the most problematic areas of the figure. A selection of exercises for correcting this zone: squats with a wide setting of the legs, side lunges, side swings with the foot standing, raising the lower leg lying on its side, breeding the limbs lying on the back.

To pump the muscles of the buttocks, it is recommended to perform a gluteal bridge – lifting the pelvis in a supine position. In addition, this is a good workout for the press. The “Stool” exercise, performed near the wall, also helps to pump up the buttocks and strengthen the hips. You need to lean against the wall with your back and put your feet forward about half a step. Next, you need to squat, clinging to the wall and smoothly bending your knees. Hands can be folded on the chest or lowered.

Strengthening the muscles of the hands

Strengthening the muscles of the hands

The most effective exercise for strengthening arm muscles at home is push-ups. If while doing push-ups the palms are shoulder width apart, the pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and deltas work. The smaller the distance between the palms, the greater the load on the triceps. This muscle needs a particularly careful study, since the state of one of the problem areas of the body, the back side of the shoulder, depends on its tone. Another effective triceps exercise is back push-ups. They are carried out in focus at the back, that is, hands are behind.

Home fitness can be diversified with isometric exercises. In these elements, no movements are made. Muscle contraction occurs as a result of resistance to the influence of an object. The tense posture is held for a predetermined time. To strengthen the muscles of the hands, you can perform the exercise "Squeezing the palms." It is necessary to connect the palms in front of the chest, press them firmly against each other and maintain maximum muscle tension for 1-2 minutes. The element is repeated 10 times with 10 second breaks.

Sport equipment

You can do weight loss and correct problem areas without sports equipment. But the use of assistive devices adds variety to your workouts and makes home fitness more effective. If possible, it is advisable to acquire weighting materials. At home, dumbbells are usually used. With them, you can perform a variety of traction, bench presses and many other exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest, back, legs.

A useful tool in the fight against excess weight is a jump rope. High-speed jump ropes are distinguished by a high rotation speed – they are best suited for weight loss. Weighted ropes increase calorie consumption and strengthen muscles well. There are shells with a built-in calorie counter – and this is an indispensable feature in weight loss workouts.

Another useful device for home fitness is a large elastic ball (fitball). Fitball training develops flexibility, improves coordination. This projectile complicates the performance of familiar exercises. On the ball you can do twisting, strap, push-ups. Fitball also makes fitness classes accessible for people with varicose veins and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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Stress enhancing nutrition: 7 unwanted foods


Stress can push a person to rash acts and behavior, aggression and poor nutrition. On the one hand, hearty food and delicious drinks help you get distracted and improve your mood. But some foods beloved by many contribute to the development of anxiety and nervousness. What should not be abused under stress?


It is found not only in coffee, but also in tea, cocoa, energy drinks and chocolate. It produces adrenaline hormones that help a person cheer up and wake up. Excessive caffeine intake can cause palpitations, dehydration, and increased nervousness and anxiety. High doses of caffeine negatively affect the natural hours of sleep and complicate the process of falling asleep due to a decrease in the release of adenosine, a chemical that signals the brain about fatigue.

Alcoholic drinks and stress

Alcoholic drinks and stress

There is a stereotype that alcoholic drinks help at least temporarily forget about problems and reduce stress. Indeed it is. But the effect is achieved by reducing the control of the brain over important functions of the body: dull vision, hearing, impaired attention, control of emotions, mental abilities, confused speech. Excessive alcohol consumption activates the production of enzymes that cause inflammation and other health problems. This entails additional discomfort and pain, and with them anxiety and anxiety. The state of a hangover is often accompanied by emotions of fear, longing, remorse, anxiety.

Sugar diet

Sugar is included in the daily nutrition of most representatives of the planet and it is quite difficult to completely eliminate it from the diet. Examples of common high-sugar foods are: ketchup, packaged juices, soda, sweet sauces and coffee additives, chocolate bars and energy drinks. The human body needs carbohydrates or glucose, but sugar itself does not contain nutrients. In large doses, it contributes to obesity, diabetes and increases the risk of problems with pressure, heart. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar-containing products can worsen the regulation of neurotransmitters, which will adversely affect mental health: in particular, increase the level of anxiety and depression.

Packaged juices

Their wide range, accessibility and ease of storage bribe many. Juices from packages often supplement the daily nutrition of both children and adults. But studies of the composition of most packaged juices showed that they contain a lot of fructose and sugar. In times of stress and depression, such drinks can only increase nervousness due to the release of adrenaline, triggered by an increase in sugar in the body. Passion for such juices can lead to heart problems in the future.

Food additives

Food additives

Nutritional supplements are one of the greatest discoveries in the field of nutrition. They can significantly improve the taste of the product and its safety. But if you use them too much, they can cause serious harm to both physical and mental health. For example, high fructose corn syrup is a refined sweetener. It is used in the manufacture of processed or frozen foods, in flavored and carbonated drinks. It has a lot of calories, and if it is often included in food, then you can provoke various diseases, including diabetes.

Another dangerous supplement is monosodium glutamate. This is a natural amino acid that is obtained from the glutamate salt in milk, fish and other products. With excessive use, it causes weight gain, cramps, heart problems, provokes depression and stress.

Quick snack

Fast food has firmly entered the life of many modern people: a snack with juicy hamburgers or hot dogs does not take up much time and money, which is important in the realities of the frenzied rhythm of megacities. However, studies confirm that fast food contains a lot of harmful additives, dyes and flavor enhancers. They improve the taste and appearance of the dish, causing a person to have an irresistible craving for such food. Scientists have found that regular snacking on junk food increases the risk of anxiety and depression: the body gets a lot of carbohydrates and a minimum of fiber, which is why carbohydrates quickly break down and turn into glucose, increasing blood sugar.

Often, because of the love of fast food, the head hurts, the health of the teeth and heart deteriorates. Those who like fast food often have to worry about weight gain, flatulence and high cholesterol. During depression or stress, you should not immediately run to catering outlets selling fast food: this will only harm the body. To stabilize your mood and increase energy, it is much more beneficial to eat more protein foods. If you really want to have a snack with famous fast food products, it is recommended to cook them yourself at home from natural ingredients.

Salty food

Salt is another product without which it is difficult to imagine a normal diet. Food without it seems tasteless. Millions of people on Earth love salty foods no less than sweet foods, which causes serious concern among doctors. Excessive salt intake most often affects blood pressure – it begins to rise. In response to this body, it actively produces the stress hormone – adrenaline, as a result of which a person is more likely to experience stress and anxiety.

In addition to high blood pressure, a large amount of salt in the body affects the functioning of the brain, kidneys, cardiovascular system and can even cause stomach cancer. To normalize salt intake, it is advisable to actively use herbs and spices to add flavor to dishes. So the food will be more healthy. Another important rule is to avoid processed and pre-flavored ingredients, as they are full of salt. Instead of your favorite salted nuts or chips, it is better to prefer a snack of vegetables and fruits.

Take the testDo you follow healthy eating habits?Do you follow healthy eating habits?
Do you know the principles of healthy eating? Take the test and find out the truth about your diet!

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