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Place sausages among food products
The contents

  • Sausage food in a person’s life
  • What nutrients are contained in the sausage: fats and proteins?
  • How to choose sausage and meat products to daily nutrition?

Sausage food — one of the most beloved and delicious. They are willing to use children and adults during the holidays and in the daily diet. First of all, sausages are loved for their taste and ability to satisfy hunger. But not always their use is beneficial to the body because people often choose not the best quality and healthy varieties, made using flavor enhancers, harmful fats and supplements. The more demanding buyers will be treated to quality meat foods, the better it will affect their health.

Sausage food in a person’s life

A sausage food products that can be found on the shelves of stores, have an attractive appearance, aroma and taste. That is what makes them popular on holiday tables. The use of sausages to human health depends on the quality of meat added to them.

Nutritionists believe that excessive consumption of foods made of processed meat, not the best way affects the health of a person. The fact that some producers are limited to only 10 per cent of meat in the manufacture of sausages. In addition, some use only the so-called “conditionally suitable” meat, for example, meat, diseased animals, disinfected with pickles, freezing and.. In meat food products are actively used also offal — tripe, ears, lungs and other offal.

To choose the right sausage for baby or adult food, it is necessary to pay attention to its composition. If it contains bad fats, food additives, flavor enhancers, frequent use of such sausage will bring health more harm than good. It is therefore necessary to choose a product with high meat content and natural ingredients.

What nutrients are contained in the sausage: fats and proteins?

The process of making sausage involves the separation of the meat from the bones and is gradually grinding to a homogeneous mass. Then this mass is used for making different types of sausages — cooked, smoked or dried. In addition to beef, part sausage can enter small pieces of meat, cream, milk and fats.

First of all, sausage is one of the products that are high in protein. Varieties of sausages made from wholesome meat, such as beef, recommended for people engaged in physical labor. Beef contains nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, and is one of the most useful protein products. But the beef sausage has one significant drawback — high cost.

Other kind of meat used in the manufacture of sausage — pork. The protein content is also quite high. In addition, the meat of the pig contains large amounts of vitamin A and D, and minerals iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and phosphorus. But pork is often found one drawback — increased oiliness. When cooking pork, you should avoid frying, replacing it cooking for a couple or quenching.

To ensure a high quality of sausage and meat products need the right conditions of cooking meat. It needs to be made of high quality raw materials and with observance of sanitary-hygienic conditions, including proper temperature and strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene of workers of food enterprises.

How to choose sausage and meat products to daily nutrition?

Proper nutrition must include healthy and nutritious foods. Unfortunately, many meat products today are not manufactured from the highest quality of meat. Some sausages contain little meat, and their attractive taste is achieved due to the numerous additives and enhancers. But they almost do not benefit the body.

Sausages is not recommended to include in the diet of children up to 1.5 years. After that age, be used special children’s sausage. When buying you should pay attention to the composition, the presence of the appropriate certification and medical recommendations. Smoked sausage not recommended for children under 7 years.

The use of sausages and other products made from processed meat, it is not recommended for people prone to excess weight and obesity. Increased consumption of sausage products that contain harmful chemicals cause a variety of dangerous diseases, up to cancer. Excessive consumption of products from processed meat contributes to the development of hypertension, diabetes, violations of liver and kidney.

With the right choice of sausage it is necessary to pay attention to the product. In the first place should be meat such as pork or beef. Must then follow spices, fat, salt, milk. The smaller the list of food additives — flavor enhancers and preservatives, the more likely that people will get a high quality product. The shell also must be natural. Too bright colors should alert the buyer because it testifies to the increased content of harmful dyes in sausage.

In the same way as when buying meat or any other product, should pay attention to the expiration date. Cooked sausage can be stored in the refrigerator from 2 to 5 days. Fears can cause the presence on the shell of slime or mold, yellowed fat or greenish hue of meat. Eating poor quality sausage products leads to serious food poisoning.

In Russian grocery stores to choose really high-quality sausage is quite difficult, and the cost is quite high. Better to buy a sausage or sausage in stores specializing in the sale of natural products, when produced using high quality raw material. Appearance of sausage products can be misleading. Looks prettier than the sausage, so it is harmful for the human body. And the most useful product with a low content of dyes and preservatives and high content of natural meat.

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