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Potatoes: low-fat recipes

Since potatoes contain lots of simple carbohydrates and of itself causes the release of glucose in the blood, it is not necessary to aggravate the picture of the fats. So forget about fried potatoes, especially fried, and get used to useful preparation methods. And we’ll show you how to cheat the harmful food habits and to make sure that the potatoes could have, even if you are on a diet and are struggling with excess weight.

Useful French fries

Yes! Is useful and almost “free”. That is, it is one to one. But according to calorie and fat – can not be compared with his twin brother, brought up fast food. So – the symptoms of obesity with it is not terrible.

You will need:

  • 4 large potatoes;
  • a couple of raw egg whites;
  • a bit of salt.


  • the tubers are cleaned, cut into strips or thin slices;
  • proteins are a good beat;
  • pour the potato slices and stir;
  • baking tray lay a silicone Mat or paper for baking;
  • spread potatoes in a single layer;
  • put in a preheated high oven;
  • bake till crust outside and soft inside;
  • season with salt before serving.

Potato accordion

The most strict diet for weight loss won’t suffer if you indulge yourself and your loved ones in such a cute dish of potatoes. It is completely self-sufficient, although it is possible to offer it as a side dish to a piece of boiled chicken breast or roasted Turkey breast.

You will need:

  • a pound of potato tubers of medium size (better, of course, the young, which can not be cleaned);
  • 100 gr of mushrooms (champignons or any forest);
  • a couple tablespoons of olive, sesame or any other vegetable oil;
  • to beam a favorite for special occasions.
  • black pepper and salt – 12 tsp.


  • tubers wash, but if the potatoes are no longer young, to clean:
  • finely chop greens;
  • slice mushrooms and mix with herbs;
  • season with salt and pepper;
  • potato tubers are cut into slices, not dorezaya to get the “accordion”;
  • put in the gaps stuffing;
  • baking tray lay a silicone Mat or paper for baking;
  • put stuffed tubers;
  • sprinkle each “accordion” oil;
  • cover with foil;
  • preheat the oven to maximum;
  • send the potatoes to bake for half an hour;
  • serve piping hot.

Potato “from the fire”

No! A fire burning in the kitchen are completely optional! Carefully follow the recipe, and you have a flavorful crispy potatoes, it is suitable for preventive nutrition.

You will need:

  • pounds, young is better, potatoes are about the same, medium size;
  • tablespoon coarse salt;
  • a couple tablespoons of flour;
  • your favorite greens – a beam;
  • a couple of garlic cloves;
  • half a Cup of sour cream, low fat.


  • first, turn on the oven at maximum;
  • potatoes wash, not clean and not dry;
  • in a plastic bag mix the flour with the salt;
  • sent in the package and wet the potatoes a good shake so that every tuber from all sides was covered with flour;
  • spread on a baking tray and leave to bake for in the oven for at least an hour;
  • prepare the filling of minced garlic and sour cream;
  • prepared potatoes cut;
  • put in the incision a spoonful of the filling;
  • serve hot.


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