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Products for healthy joints
The contents

  • Foods rich in calcium
  • The benefits of vitamin D for the health of joints the bones of the skeleton
  • What is the impact on your joints foods rich in vitamin K?
  • Meat and fish — the main sources of protein
  • Than the joints it may be useful to potassium?
  • Sunny citrus and pineapple

Joints — mobile connection of bones, which enable us to perform familiar movements, flexion and extension of the limb, to perform grasping and other functions. With age, joints wear out, moreover a time to not move a single injury and to face all kinds of complications. Improper diet also has an adverse effect on the joints. Of course, no food product can not be a panacea against all ills, but a few of them are able to prolong their health and improve the usual function.

Foods rich in calcium

This is the first thing the surgeon recommended to include in your diet fractures. Some come to this Board with such responsibility and seriousness that you start to eat crushed egg shells. In principle, it is possible to manage and without such victims, enriching its menu with more familiar food — cheese and curd, milk and butter, fermented milk beverages. They will bring joints a huge favor, as they contain large amounts of calcium, most of which goes directly to the skeleton, bone and human teeth. He is responsible not only for the proper development of the musculoskeletal system, but also the optimal functioning of muscles, nerves, producing hormones, etc.

Puberty — the period of active growth of the skeleton and at this age children are most in need of calcium. You should take care that their menu was more varied and balanced. To get calcium you can not only dairy, but whole-wheat bread, buckwheat, legumes, oranges, nuts, and greens.

The benefits of vitamin D for the health of joints the bones of the skeleton

The most important condition for high-quality calcium absorption is getting adequate amount of vitamin D. On the background of its deficit and is developing a calcium deficiency, which increases the risk of rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly. But that’s not all. Proven that a shortage of this vitamin may cause formation of serious autoimmune diseases — psoriasis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis. According to the world health organization, the vitamin D deficiency is not so rare a problem for the inhabitants of the Earth. Face it, even those who live in the southern regions and warmer climates.

Therefore, everyone should attend a sufficient intake of this substance in the body, often consuming fatty fish, algae, eggs, eggs, chanterelle mushrooms, collected in their natural habitat. However, this may not be enough for healthy joints. It is not necessary to forget and about one more method of obtaining vitamin D — walks in the Sunny weather.

What is the impact on your joints foods rich in vitamin K?

Actually, the main function of this vitamin is to ensure normal level of coagulation, i.e. blood clotting, but it is needed by the body for protein synthesis — the building material for bones and muscle tissue. Moreover, it is not possible without the metabolism in bones and connective tissue, and with its submission is correct the interaction of calcium and vitamin D. it is Therefore important to consume foods rich in vitamin K for prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis, but also arthritis and arthrosis, fractures, dislocations and sprains.

Green leafy vegetables — the main sources of vitamin K, as are many varieties of cabbage — Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc. to Improve joint mobility, increase the secretion of synovial fluid, nourishing and moisturizing joint, capable bran, pumpkin, avocado, corn, kiwi and bananas, parsley, soya.

Meat and fish — the main sources of protein

That is the basic building material of bones and the skeleton mentioned above, but the function of proteins in the body is much more diverse and extensive. They provide the flow of many biochemical reactions and help metabolism, perform mechanical and signaling function. Such essential amino acids as tryptophan, the body synthesizes the hormone of happiness-serotonin, and he, in turn, enables the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Why we need proteins not only to maintain the health of bones and skeleton, but also to sleep well and to enjoy life. The trauma surgeon recommend their patients to consume aspic and aspic. These dishes are rich in collagen hydrolyzed protein constituting connective tissue of animals. On the basis of his produce, and all known food additive — gelatine. The fruit jellies can also help to recover from fracture and other injuries.

Than the joints it may be useful to potassium?

In fact, we know little about this trace element as the guarantor of mobility in our joints, but in the human body everything is interconnected. Potassium supports alkaline balance, creates the conditions for muscle contractions, allowing them to exchange signals with the nerves. But this mineral is another useful feature — it neutralizes the action of acids that dissolve calcium. The results of the research of Australian scientists, a diet high in potassium can increase the strength and elasticity of the bones of women who were in menopause, 8%.

It is therefore important to include in your diet foods rich in potassium. High number can boast such a delicious and cheap fruit like bananas. Incredibly a lot of potassium in dried apricots, which among other things can improve the health of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and get rid of this delicate problem like constipation. To get potassium from potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, beans, avocado, salmon.

Sunny citrus and pineapple

Numerous family of citrus fruits contains a large amount of ascorbic acid needed for collagen synthesis. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, as opposed to destructive oxidation and improves immune protection. It was his submission wounds, bruises and other physical injuries have the ability to recover. Therefore, all patients of traumatology, and just seeking to keep their joints healthy is necessary in sufficient quantity to consume foods rich in ascorbic acid. These include rose, cherry, kiwi, currants, bell pepper, sauerkraut, plums, spinach, dill, sea buckthorn. Of particular interest to the joints is pineapple. Its flesh is present bromelain — a substance that protects the joints and reduces inflammation.

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