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Proper nutrition: menus for weight loss every day

The contents

  • The essence of the system of proper nutrition
  • Calculation of nutrients for the normalization of metabolism
  • Menus for weight loss

System healthy food have long been at the hearing of the people, especially those who have been trying to get rid of extra pounds. Many believe that the meals in this diet are reduced to endless vegetables and broths, but this is not so.

The essence of the system of proper nutrition

Healthy food — unique menu, designed to keep the body provided with timely and necessary nutrients that have not experienced hunger and not hoarded toxic ballast. The correct diet allows you to speed up metabolism, organize the brain activity, strengthen the immune system and enhance weight loss.

Social networks and applications filled with a variety of tables vyschityvanii calories. Of course, the scoring system energy intake of effective, but it contradicts the main rule of healthy dishes — no added sugar, salt and excess cholesterol.

What is the idea of proper nutrition? It is based on compliance with several important aspects:

  • a complete rejection of carbohydrates

Frequent use uglevodosoderzhaschie dishes and products can lead to metabolic disorders, causing critical spikes in blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates overflowing with confectionery and baked goods, alcohol, fast food, potatoes, corn, white rice;

  • sufficient amounts of clean water

Drinking plenty of fluids not only helps to improve the metabolism, but also rids the body of all processed products. The more a person drinks, the more active metabolism and blood flow;

  • the inclusion in the menu of healthy fats

Fatty fish, egg yolk, cold pressed oil, nuts and other foods rich in healthy fats have a positive effect on health. They normalize the work of stomach-intestinal tract, as well as make the skin smooth, beautiful and able to heal itself;

  • the use of vitamins

Not all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements a person can get cooked. It often happens that the number of products is so small that practically no effect on the metabolism. Meanwhile, the useful substances help improve the body, replenish energy reserves;

  • the inclusion in the diet of fiber

Fiber is one of the most important elements of normal metabolism. For the most part it contains in vegetables, cereals and fruits. The use of dietary fiber in large quantities is required for any person who wants to lose weight;

  • menu three times a day with 2-3 snacks moderate

Proper nutrition is important to fully distribute the meals to not experience hunger. The optimal number of main meals — 3 (Breakfast, lunch, dinner). Between them it is necessary to arrange a small snack.

Calculation of nutrients for the normalization of metabolism

In order to enhance weight loss, it is important to correctly distribute the diet quantity of consumed nutrients. The main role in menu play protein and fiber: protein is the main building block for muscles. With its help, the body accelerates fermentation, and the fiber plays the role of “brush”, which removes from the body products. Also, the diet should be healthy fats, responsible for the quality of the skin, hair and nails.

To calculate your ideal amount of nutrients per day, it is necessary to use special calculators. For detailed calculation of the energy composition of foods and products you can refer to special tables. Most of the ready products have on their packaging symbol energy value. Using these figures it is also possible to successfully compile their individual menus.

People who strive for quick and quality weight loss, must consider one important caveat. Proper nutrition is based on the principle of the distribution of nutrients in accordance with the time of day. It is believed that biological rhythms affect metabolism, so Breakfast is best suited protein, carbohydrates and fats for lunch — fats, protein and fiber for dinner — protein and fiber. Traditionally, the most in a healthy diet should be protein: protein is used at the rate of 1-2 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight.

Menus for weight loss

Most people think that healthy food is expensive. However, it is not so: such a system helps to save money, as it excludes from the diet sauces with a huge amount of carbohydrates, confectionery and alcohol. Otherwise, the correct diet does not differ almost from usual. The only difference is that the food uses less fat and oil, and the cooking process is mainly carried out using steam, boiling or baking.

Standard menu healthy diet for weight loss are as follows:

  • Monday

Breakfast — porridge and green tea, snack — savoury pear. Lunch — vegetable soup with croutons of rye bread snack — cottage cheese. Dinner — vegetable salad and chicken chop steamed snack — a glass of nonfat yogurt.

  • Tuesday

Breakfast — muesli and unsweetened coffee, snack — a small banana. Lunch — soup with meatballs and a slice of rye bread snack — a glass of buttermilk. Dinner — fish fillet steamed and a salad of leafy greens snack — 2 poached eggs.

  • Environment

Breakfast — omelet of two eggs and black tea, a snack — cottage cheese with raisins. Lunch — soup of lean fish, snack — medium size banana. Dinner — vegetable stew with chicken breast, snack — sour Apple.

  • Thursday

Breakfast — fried eggs from two eggs and coffee without sugar snack — a banana. Lunch — pea soup with wholegrain bread snack — a glass of buttermilk. Dinner — 2 steam fish cakes and salad vegetables, snack -2 kiwi.

  • Friday

Breakfast cheesecakes of nonfat cottage cheese and unsweetened tea snack — sweet Apple. Lunch — buckwheat with a serving of baked beef snack — a glass of buttermilk. Dinner — stewed cabbage with minced chicken, snack — cottage cheese.

  • Saturday

Breakfast — cheese pie and black coffee snack — low fat cottage cheese with nuts and raisins. Lunch — vegetable soup with wholegrain bread snack — 2 kiwi fruit. Dinner — green beans with fish fillet steamed snack 2 boiled eggs.

  • Sunday

Breakfast — oatmeal with raisins and black tea snack — sour Apple. Lunch — soup from young cabbage and rye croutons, snack — 2 a biscuit with black unsweetened tea. Dinner — baked beef with beans and spinach, snack — a glass of buttermilk.

For weight loss, well-being and enhance brain activity to eat right is just as important as exercise. In order to completely change your lifestyle, you need not so much. It is sufficient to provide the body with additional fiber, protein and healthy fats, as well as to establish the drinking regime.

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