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Proper nutrition: what to eat in the morning instead of cereal?

The contents

  • Proper nutrition and Breakfast
  • Losing weight without boring oatmeal
  • Recipes for Breakfast

    • Scrambled eggs with spinach
    • Egg roll
    • Cottage cheese with honey
    • Cheesecakes with apples
    • Sandwich
    • Smoothies with nuts
    • Smoothie with avocado and chocolate
    • Salad with cheese
    • Banana pancakes
    • Granola

What is the healthy Breakfast? Of course, the mess! It is known to all. But what if cereals are tired or you have never really complained about? To fresh new. Proper nutrition is not only oatmeal in the morning and soup at lunch time. There are different options.

Proper nutrition and Breakfast

Breakfast — very important meal. He gives strength and gives energy for the whole day. Therefore, morning meal needs to be full and rich. A healthy Breakfast should consist of slow carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

The easiest way to prepare any cereal. It can be supplemented with fruit, berries, dried fruits, greens. In addition, in the morning you can eat a yogurt or a boiled egg, drink a Cup of cocoa, green or black tea with a spoon of honey. After this Breakfast there will not want in the next three hours.

Don’t want to eat porridge? So, you can look for other options. Proper nutrition involves the consumption of any healthy food. But in the morning it is necessary to give preference to eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, boiled meat, wholegrain bread or atronomy. To complement the first meal you vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, honey, jam.

What exactly is useful to have Breakfast with a proper diet? You can cook a few eggs or make an omelet. Scrambled eggs can mix them up by adding cheese, herbs or vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, green beans). In this case it is necessary to complement the dish with a slice of wholesome bread, and also salad vegetables.

Another great option is a useful sandwich. The point is to use whole wheat or rye bread. But other products should be selected with regard to the caloric content. For example, suitable boiled lean meat, or not-too-greasy cheese, and various vegetables and herbs. Such a Breakfast should be supplemented with fruits or berries.

Cheese dishes is a great choice. You can prepare a casserole, cheesecakes, eat cottage cheese with fruit or vegetables. A lot of options, if you choose not too fatty dairy product and use less sugar.

As you can see, Breakfast can be diversified and nutrition. The main thing is to approach this creatively.

Losing weight without boring oatmeal

Tired of oatmeal, but there is a great desire to lose weight? This process can be accelerated not only by means of useful cereals.

Weight loss will be effective if to prepare other meals. For example, osamabin — ideal for those who do not want to eat porridge every day. Cook it just. You can use milk or yogurt, eggs, cereal. To complement such a damn can of fruit and berries, natural yoghurt, honey and even bitter chocolate. The mass of options. Will turn out tasty and healthy!

Great for Breakfast smoothies. But don’t try to make easy to drink from vegetables or fruits. In the morning it is better to add milk or fermented baked milk, cereals, nuts, different seeds. Then smoothies really tickles. For example, avocado, milk, banana and a bit of flax seeds. Or baked pumpkin, warm milk, cinnamon, vanilla, honey and walnuts.

In the morning you can prepare a hearty salad. It is best to choose seafood or cooked chicken, and a lot of greens and vegetables. Fill the salad different vegetable oils. Such a Breakfast should complement the fruit.

Bread with cheese or cheese will also help to forget about the hunger. It is better to add herbs and vegetables. You can add berry smoothies or citrus. And green tea with honey.

Do not forget about dairy products. Cheesecakes and bake with fruits and vegetables, cooked in the oven, cottage cheese cream with berries or greens, salad with cheese and vegetables. It is necessary to choose the most delicious, nutritious and useful.

Weight loss is not necessarily boring and tasteless. You just have to choose the options to your liking, but not to forget about calorie foods and prepared meals.

Recipes for Breakfast

And now offer some interesting recipes for the morning meal. These recipes are suitable for weight loss, and nutrition.

Scrambled eggs with spinach

Bunch of spinach, chop, saute a couple of minutes. Beat two eggs, a couple tablespoons of milk, salt, a spoonful of flour. Pour egg mixture into the pan the spinach and cook under cover.

Egg roll

Chop and saute the bell peppers, tomato, spinach. To cook an omelet pancake of two eggs, milk, salt and flour. Spread steamed vegetables on the pancake and rolled into a roll.

Cottage cheese with honey

Beat the curd with a spoon of yogurt. Pour liquid honey, add walnuts chopped nuts.

Cheesecakes with apples

Two apples cut into small cubes. Beat the egg, a little sugar, vanilla, 200 g of cottage cheese. Add a little flour, mix with apples. Put the cakes on a baking sheet with a spoon and bake in the oven until Golden brown.


On a slice of whole wheat bread put a slice of cheese, two slices tomato, a slice of sweet pepper, a sprig of parsley.

Smoothies with nuts

Beat banana, two red apples, 200 ml of milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, five pieces of walnut and hazelnut.

Smoothie with avocado and chocolate

In a blender blend Cup of strawberries, an avocado, a tablespoon of cocoa, a glass of milk, vanilla and a bit of liquid honey. Sprinkle with grated bitter chocolate. A simple and hearty recipe definitely satisfies your sweet tooth.

Salad with cheese

Cubes cut three of the tomatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper, 70 g feta cheese. All mix, sprinkle with chopped Basil. Season with lemon juice and olive oil.

Banana pancakes

Mash two ripe bananas, add a little sugar (and without it), a teaspoon of baking powder, an egg, 60 ml milk, 100 g flour. Bake pancakes and serve with honey or low-fat yogurt.


Mix a Cup of oatmeal, a little chopped nuts and coconut flakes. Then add a liquid mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and honey (pre-heated on low heat). Mass spread on a baking sheet, flatten. Bake for twenty minutes. In bowl put whipped cottage cheese, any chopped dried fruit, again cheese and granola.

The recipes are simple and quick. And rightly so, because the morning is no time for long cooking. All of these meals and drinks is useful for health and figure. Therefore, they can be safely consumed those who adhere to proper diet or losing weight.

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