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Cystitis, inflammation of the bladder is a very common female disease. Familiar to many suffering from delays, morbidity and complexity of treatment.

Psychosomatics cystitis is possible. The issue of psychosomatics is somewhat more complicated than the popular image of her on the Internet. About psychosomatics cystitis we’re talking with frequent repetition of illness or ineffective treatment. Occasional cystitis can be caused by infection, decreased immunity. Link to sleep is a reaction of the brain to pain in this area at night when You sleep. If we talk about psychosomatics cystitis: there are two approaches.


Psychosomatics CYSTITIS — is it possible?


The first approach is stressful. Some event is causing You stress that You because of their mental characteristics to handle without harm to the body could not.


Stress can be caused by inner conflict that You cannot resolve and it is hard emotionally to react.



This triggers a chain of hormonal changes in the body. One of these changes – immune suppression.


Low immunity – the body’s aktiviziruyutsya inflammatory factors and infection.

The second approach is used in the New German medicine. According to the inflamed organ is determined by the type of tissue formation (in this case, squamous cells). It tells us about the place of “control” on in the brain. In this case, the crust.


This in turn gives an insight into the type of conflict – in this case:


  • sexy (rejection, rejection);
  • the loss of territory (both literally and figuratively), the loss of identity.


Here is the psychosomatic cystitis.


The causes of these internal conflicts and improve mental resistance is defined and practiced in psychotherapeutic sessions.


What will happen if nothing is done?


Options range from “held itself” to the complications and constant medication.published econet.ru.

Oksana Fortunatova


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