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Friends, announced a set of long-awaited training on vitamins and supplements, which will be held 11-18 Dec! All the details and how to participate, read on.

During the training you will learn what tests you need to pass, how to choose a Supplement and what will be your personal regimen. You will understand the vitamins much better than it is doing now, lay “all on the shelves.”

During the training you will learn:

  • Supplements and dietary Supplements to drink or not
  • How to increase the amount of vitamins in the diet
  • What tests to pass
  • How to read the results yourself
  • How to fill deficiencies and to choose the dosage
  • The most necessary Supplement, in what form and how to take
  • The best time to take vitamins
  • Compatibility
  • How to make a chart for each day
  • Ready-made schemes from the best experts
  • When vitamins don’T work
  • Where to buy and how to choose supplements
  • Vitamins for healthy skin and hair
  • Vitamins for immunity in winter

What you get:

You will pass 14 lessons with ready-made tables and materials, step-by-step plan of action. Learn all about how to choose the right supplements to take. No water, only qualitative information is ready for use. Plus 6 years of experience and my knowledge.


The training lasts 7 days and takes place on a separate platform, the presence of social networks is not necessary. Starting December 11, training cost 3500 rubles is the cost of one of my consultations.

Discount for first 20 participants: cost 2900 rubles + BONUS (six lists of the verified supplements, more than 60 variants). To write write me a letter on mail: [email protected]

All this time, I’ll be in touch to answer your questions. Training materials available from any country, after the course they have forever.


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