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Remedies for quick weight loss: myths and reality

The contents

  • Remedies for weight loss: “get rid of fat immediately”
  • Without exercise: muscle stimulation to exercise the muscles
  • Getting rid of excess weight: the effect of a sauna
  • Vibrating massagers for getting rid of excess weight and cellulite
  • The patch, which will help to lose weight
  • The basics of proper weight loss

TV screens offer us a huge amount of goods for quick weight loss. Really all this helps to lose weight, or is it another slick marketing course, we will investigate today.

Remedies for weight loss: “get rid of fat immediately”

“Eat whatever you want and lose weight”, “Lose one inch every day”, “Harmony without grueling workouts and diets”… Looking through the promises of the producers of miracle weight-loss drugs, the question suggests itself: why did so many people today who are obese? For some reason, the number of people with overweight from year to year, when the “pennies” you can buy a tool that eyes will Stoke the fat on the sides and waist, in a short time transforming the fatty to the slim beauty? But sometimes I would like to believe in a miracle. About how work most of the advertised tools and devices for weight loss, and whether they do some good, tell MedAboutMe.

Without exercise: muscle stimulation to exercise the muscles

Manufacturers of devices for the so-called lazy charge promise a real breakthrough in the field of physical education. Electrical pulses stimulate muscle contractions. So slimming and shaping perfect figure happens even when the person just lays still. In other words, abs is possible even without intensive exercise.

What happens in reality? The fact that non-professional devices intended for electrostimulation of the muscles, in most cases do not justify the hopes of losing weight person. Although it looks very tempting: ride in the car, sitting in front of the TV and train.

But professional electromyostimulators actually applied to train the muscle groups. But it should be done in properly equipped gyms, especially if these exercises are included in rehabilitation programme after injury.

And still lose weight without making adjustments in the power menu is impossible. In addition, you will not get a beautiful six pack just by using EMS, if muscle covers an impressive layer of fat.

Getting rid of excess weight: the effect of a sauna

Following a wonderful tool for getting rid of excess weight – belt or tape with a sauna effect. Manufacturers say that one week of their use you can lose 4-5 cm in the waist, and next week will go as much again. This man can lead his usual life, excluding strenuous exercise and intake of fat-burning drugs. The fat will melt itself is under a special belt or film, that is, by using this simple device weight goes very quickly.

This method of weight loss in the days of the Soviet Union was used by the supporters of a healthy lifestyle. They wrapped the thigh with plastic wrap while Jogging. It was believed that it enhances the metabolism, increase sweating, and, as a consequence of a local breakdown of fat cells. And it really worked, but, at most, for the reason that people run. If you wrap the waist “magic” belt and sit in front of the computer with a plate of cakes, effect get just the opposite.

The heat load actually increases the energy consumption of the body, but no more. Weight loss local using this technique to provide does not work, because the “fat stores” will go in accordance with the genetic type of adiposis has.

However, if you combine the use of the belt with exercise, weight loss will be more pronounced. So why not try?

Do not overdo the use of a weight belt in the heat, because it can cause heat stroke. In addition, it may excessively compress the internal organs, so it is recommended to limit the usage time zone of 30 minutes.

Vibrating massagers for getting rid of excess weight and cellulite

According to manufacturers of these devices, vibrating massagers improve circulation, which in turn, activates the metabolism, eliminates cellulite and excess fat in the hips, abdomen and buttocks. Furthermore, the use of vibrator helps to get rid of excess water in the body and to tighten the muscles.

Professional massage and self-massage is really effective methods in fighting cellulite. However a cure can not call them. Exaggerated and effectiveness of massage in the process of getting rid of unsightly deposits, for example, in the abdomen. This can be achieved with some salon treatments (cryolipolysis, ultrasonic lipolysis). But in this case, one procedure is not enough. To lose a couple of inches at the waist, have to visit the office of a specialist more than once.

Be aware that the massage in the same way as in the case of termopolis, improves metabolism, and, consequently, of energy the body fill is due to the breakdown of fat cells at the genetic principle.

The patch, which will help to lose weight

They say that with the help of fat-burning substances included in the patch, you can improve blood circulation and to get rid of significant fat in different parts of the body. In fact, the patch is unlikely to help to get rid of excess fat, if people eat the sausage and to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The basics of proper weight loss

To lose weight and make your figure beautiful, you must:

  • to limit the energy value of their own menu, keeping low and always negative caloric balance. Exclude from the diet sweet and starchy meals, prepared food and canned food and any foods that trigger bloating, problems with digestion and feeling of weakness after eating. Do not eat large portions late in the evening;
  • to exercise, combining aerobic exercise with strength. The main thing – the regularity in training and gradual increase of load.

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