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Smart eating: the top of useful appliances for your kitchen
The contents

  • Unusual ways and recipes of tea and coffee
  • Smart pan for quick and healthy food
  • Ice dishes to keep fresh food
  • Gatherer fat device for those who are watching their weight
  • Pelmennica — Assembly for lovers of pastry and confectionery
  • Electronic measuring spoon
  • Machine for ice cream

Long gone are the days when Housewives spent a huge amount of time on cooking, manually kneading dough, slicing vegetables and stirring constantly porridge in the pot. Today they have the support of the different appliances and gadgets that facilitate household and routine work in the kitchen. The food was really smart and fast, and which devices contribute to it?

Unusual ways and recipes of tea and coffee

Recipes for traditional drinks have come a long way from the disposable infusion bag in a Cup to a complex technology with numerous stages, which often create a feeling of magic and unreality. The design of modern coffee makers and tea pots is amazing and sometimes even impossible to guess that this device is intended to make the most delicious drink in the world. Those who seriously gets up in the morning, sure to please coffee maker-alarm clock that’ll make you a Cup of coffee at the appointed time. Well, the owners of a large family with diverse tastes will like a device that prepares and coffee and tea.

Made in the style of hi-tech and has a metal stand with two glass balls, it can satisfy a variety of tastes and to save time on cooking Breakfast.

Smart pan for quick and healthy food

More recently we have rejoiced in the emergence of slow cookers on the market — a sort of magic pots, able to cook many kinds of food and to diversify the power menu, without spending much energy and time. The appliance manufacturers decided not to stop there and went even further, presenting users with smart pan that not only cooks porridge or soup, but also pomeshivat it in the cooking process. Just put in the bowl such equipment need food, set the desired programme and press “start”. A “home chef” is able to chop vegetables, flip a steak or piece of fish and a signal to call you to the table.

Ice dishes to keep fresh food

We have a long and happy to use circles, able in minutes to turn a drink of warm fresh. The secret lies in the double translucent walls and bottom, the space between which is filled with liquid. Enough to hold the mug in the freezer and then use as directed. If you wish, you can purchase and ice dishes, has a built in compartment for ice. Now the owner does not need to worry about the safety of fresh foods, snacks and salads, setting the table for distinguished guests. But for connoisseurs of wines presented by modern electronic coolers.

It is no secret that each alcoholic beverage has its own temperature for serving. The device “knows” this and automatically adjusts the cooling process, displaying the current temperature of the beverage and the time required to bring it to the desired settings. Instant cooling is useful for those who often glance at the light guests.

Gatherer fat device for those who are watching their weight

This gadget is of special interest for those who adhere to a healthy diet and strives to maintain yourself in shape. To turn a dish of greasy and high-calorie fast and healthy is now not difficult. Just hold the device on the surface of the soup or soup and all the excess fat will stick to the base. The gadget operates on the principle of magnet, drawing to itself fat, however it works only in a refrigerated state, so it should always be stored in the refrigerator. Of course, to “neutralize” the food you can and after the natural curing of the lipid film in the cooling process, but if you have time to wait for you, but there is you really want, then the best way to reduce the calorie content of their food.

Pelmennica — Assembly for lovers of pastry and confectionery

Dumplings are the pride of our country. Not a secret that a really tasty dough stuffed with meat still need to try to find, and time for making this dish many mistresses is not enough. But the demand is known, creates supply, and now all lovers of this dish can easily satisfy your gastronomic cravings by buying such a home appliance as pelmennica. It can be both manual and automatic and to produce up to 12 kilograms or more of dumplings per hour.

Of course, this unit is more suitable for industrial production and for personal needs you can purchase a more compact device, capable of realizing the needs of a standard family. If you wish, you can find a machine that diversify a book of your recipes and, if desired, produce not only dumplings, but also dumplings, ravioli and pastries.

Electronic measuring spoon

It is no surprise electronic kitchen scales that not only weigh the food but also count the calorie content, fiber content, salt, cholesterol and bread units. But if in your Arsenal there are recipes that require a more delicate, refined work and measure weight in grams and in ounces and carats, without electronic measuring spoon you just can not do. An indispensable device for those who actively use spices and herbs when cooking.

Machine for ice cream

Baby food is not just mashed potatoes, milk drinks and cheese casserole. It is also delicious ice cream! To find really quality, tasty and natural product in a modern supermarket is quite difficult, therefore, before mothers raises the question of the self the making of this beloved children treats. More recently, all the stages of its preparation had to be performed manually. Rescues only a mixer, and some treated with just one whisk. Today, manufacturers are presented to the Housewives the miracle machine that makes ice cream itself, it is enough to load it with fruit, milk, cream and press the button. These units will be useful in the kitchen for any hostess and will make the cooking process more fun, more interesting and faster.

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