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Step aerobics for active weight loss

The contents

  • The basic methodology
  • The benefits of step aerobics
  • Step aerobics as a means for weight loss
  • Contraindications
  • Rules effective fitness training platform
  • The types of step aerobics
  • Home training with step

Beautiful calf, a clear line of hips and tighten the buttocks — the dream of many women. Often, just the lower part of the figure and becomes problematic. To reduce weight and give relief to the muscles can only regularly doing sports and following the rules of healthy eating. Step aerobics is one of the most effective fitness trends. It helps to achieve significant results in reducing weight and also to strengthen the muscles of the press and extremities — both lower and upper. Consider other benefits of this kind fiznagruzki, and find out all it can do.

The basic methodology

Step refers to basic cardio exercise. It is based on walking motion — hence the name of the system from the English word “step”, which means “step”.

Basic steps are combined in bundles and are made using a low platform — the so-called Stepan. Trainings usually takes place in the group. Exercises are performed in a vigorous pace to upbeat music.

The lesson always starts with a light warm-up. Then follows the main part of the training, in which simple steps are more and more complex, increasing the pace and the amount of used sports items.

The training duration is usually from 45 to 60 minutes.

The benefits of step aerobics

Step aerobics has many advantages and is deservedly included in the top ten training programs aimed at the General strengthening of the muscular frame and burn calories.

  • As with any cardio-load, this variation of aerobics trains the heart, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, enriches the tissues with oxygen.
  • For all its intensity step aerobics refers to gentle fitness training. When walking is not happening shock loads on the spine or knee joints, as sometimes happens when running or jumping.
  • Step aerobics can significantly improve the functioning of the ankle system of the pelvic bones and knee joints. Permanent flexion of the legs results in active production of synovial fluid, making joints and ligaments more supple and movable. Step aerobics started with sasahivi on a normal box as a rehabilitation method for patients after injuries of the extremities.
  • Exercises with transfer of body weight contribute to the strengthening and the development of new bone tissue that helps to prevent such a dangerous disease like osteoporosis.
  • This type of training allows us to give an expressive relief to the muscles of the lower body and press.
  • Increased intensity and duration of the training leads to significant energy costs. In an hour such fitness classes can burn from 250 to 600 kcal. So weight loss is fast enough.
  • During training we have to combine the movements of the hands and feet, memorize the chords. This helps to develop coordination and concentration, increases stamina.
  • Group training under the inspiring music improves your mood and motivates you to continue training.
  • Step aerobics as a means for weight loss

    Intensive physical activity of aerobic character cause significant energy consumption. After 15-30 minutes of step aerobics starts burning fat. This leads to the fact that already after a few sessions the waist and hips is reduced, the figure is noticeably firmer.

    To weight loss went faster after months of training go to classes advanced levels: with a higher platform, with complicated steps or dance moves.


    To step aerobics did not cause the damage before you start training you should consult with your doctor.

    Contraindicated to do it for those who have the following health problems:

    • serious disease of the heart and blood vessels;
    • injury and joint disease in the period of exacerbation;
    • pathological diseases of the kidneys and liver;
    • problems of the venous character;
    • significant excess weight.

    You cannot train at platform pregnant women, and gave birth less than 3 months ago.

    Rules effective fitness training platform

    Efficiency classes step aerobics will increase if you follow some rules.

  • Beginners should start training with the group for beginners. Only by mastering the simple steps, you can move on to more complicated exercises.
  • It is important to observe the execution steps. Errors can lead to injuries of the most vulnerable joints and tendons.
  • To do step aerobics regularly is necessary, but not more often 2-3 times a week. If we practice training every day, you may encounter overtraining. In addition, the body must rest, otherwise the muscle growth and weight loss will stop.
  • Clothing for fitness should not hamper the movements. Choose the modern model of “breathable” fabrics. Have sneakers should be thick non-slip sole with shock absorbers.
  • The types of step aerobics

    Every coach using the basic steps, he is the training program, complementing its variable elements, and focusing on the overall group level.

    Conditionally distinguish the following types of step aerobics.

  • Basic Step training for beginners.
  • Advanced Step — program with more complex mappings for advanced.
  • Step Dance workout with dance elements.
  • Step Combo — a class which without a break are very difficult steps.
  • Step Interval — an interval training where you alternate periods of intense and less strenuous workloads. It is particularly effective for weight loss.
  • Double Step provides for training on two platforms that needs high concentration and precision movements.
  • Power Step — a kind of combination of tap dance and elements of strength training.
  • Home training with step

    Step aerobics is good because it can be practiced alone. For home workouts, you will need to study the course of the appropriate level, and choose a convenient step-platform.

    There are many models of Steppers. The main requirement for the shell strength. Its surface should be covered with a special rubberized material that will not allow feet to slide.

    Choosing step, you should focus on the width of the stop must be placed completely on the platform. Length of support depends on personal preference, it is usually a standard from 80 to 100 cm Step platform can have 2-3 levels. Because of this the height can be varied in distance from 10 to 35 cm.

    To home workouts for weight loss to be effective, it is necessary to choose the right place for them. After performing even a simple exercise requires a lot of free space.

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