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The offered complex of exercises for development of flexibility is great to all who pursue such a goal. Do it regularly and soon you will notice results.


Exercises to improve the flexibility of the body, called stretching or stretching. Many of them are present in medical rehabilitation programs aimed at restoring mobility to the body after the transfer of certain injuries. In addition, stretching is a must in professional sports. It helps to prevent injuries to the ligaments, muscles, joints with active loads, improves the rate of recovery after intense workouts.


Stretching in home conditions: effective exercises


Today stretching is formed in a separate area which is becoming more and more popular because of the advantages y it is enough. They often do girls whose primary purpose is flexibility and plastic body, as this stretching cope ypa. The fitness centers offer group classes in stretching. But you can also perform exercises on stretching and flexibility for beginners and at home. The main thing – to learn all the features of such classes.



Stretching: features and benefits


Stretching exercises and flexibility is beneficial to everyone: as ladies who want to become more plastic and graceful and men, athletes and just people who want to improve health and learn to better control your body. To exercise to give maximum benefit and efficiency, please note the following nuances:


  • Stretching is divided into two kinds: static and dynamic. The first is that you will need to stay in one specific position, to create maximum load on the targeted muscle groups. Well dynamic stretching involves a sudden movement. Beginners dynamic load is not recommended, because the unprepared body, it can cause stretching and breaking of ligaments and tendons.

  • Stretching gives fast results. Once you start doing, you soon will feel like increased muscle strength, improved health, as the body is actively saturated with oxygen. The figure will become more slender and graceful. And even the skin will become fresh. But, of course, do not expect that doing the second time, you will be able to do the splits. Clearly more flexible you will become somewhere after three months of training.

  • You cannot do the stretching out of dormancy. Exercises for flexibility are performed after an active warm up muscles. You can jump rope, poprisedat, do leg swings. And only when you feel sufficiently warmed up, begin to stretch.

  • Stretching exercises can be performed at any time of the day. However, experts believe that the best time – evening. Smooth and simple exercises will help you relax and unwind after a hard day.


During the class you should feel only tension of the muscles and ligaments, but in any case, not pain. Sharp pain tells that the body that something is damaged. Do everything carefully and gently, listen to your body and give him time to get used to the loads. If you heard a pop or click, felt a muscle spasm, dizziness or severe pain, stop training.



An effective set of stretching exercises and flexibility


Want to improve the flexibility, plasticity and grace, strengthen muscles and shape a beautiful body shape? Then pay attention to the following complex of exercises for stretching and flexibility.



Exercises for development of flexibility of the feet


1. Leg swings

Swings help warm up the outer and inner muscles of the thighs, buttocks, calves, hamstrings.
Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders. One of them raise slightly forward, keeping your balance on the supporting foot. After slowly and gradually make pendulum movement a foot to the right and to the left, watching your posture. C each turn attempt to achieve maximum amplitude of motion of the joint. One max should run for 30-60 seconds, change legs alternately. You can apply the trajectory back and forth.


2. Side lunges

These exercises for development of flexibility and stretching perfectly stretch the buttocks and inner thigh. You need to stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, hands placed on the waist. Deep step to the right, bending knee and leaving the left leg straight. For some time the body weight transfer on the right leg, efficiently stretching the muscles of the left thigh. After return to starting position and take a lunge to the other side.


3. High rises knees

This stretching exercise combines conventional attacks with high lifting his knees. This combination helps to achieve excellent dynamic stretching of the calves, buttocks, hamstrings, hip flexors.


Hands to fix over your head, take a deep lunge with your right foot forward. When you get out of it, bend your back leg and try to lift the knee toward your chest as high as possible. Returning to the starting position, immediately go into a lunge on the left leg.


4. Cross leg lifts

Stretch calf muscles, lower back, hamstrings. You need to stand up straight, put feet on width apart, arms extended in front of him palms down. Do cross leg lifts, trying to touch the foot of another palm.
To perform this exercise is recommended for smooth, non-slippery surface. Be sure to watch your balance.




Exercises for stretching and flexibility of the hands


For hands-training stretching and flexibility can include the following exercises:


1. The compass

Well stretches the muscles and ligaments around the shoulder joint, preparing them for more active military activities. You need to stand directly, arms extended to the sides at shoulder level. Follow these ten circular rotations forward and back. Gradually increase the amplitude until the plane of the exercise will not be close to vertical. You can also perform hands versatile rotation, in which one moves in a clockwise direction, a other against.


2. Scissors

Exercise stretches the muscles flexors of the hands. You need to straighten up, to pull straight arms in front of you at shoulder level. Start the mixing and dilution of the hands, simulating the motion of scissors.


3. Lead hands over the head

This exercise provides a dynamic stretch for the triceps. You need to raise your left arm over your head and bend at the elbow ee. Then the right palm, place a little below the elbow joint ee and pull back until you feel the muscle is maximally stressed. For a few seconds hold at the point of maximum resistance, then return to starting position. To do the same co second hand.


4. Stretching of the shoulder girdle

To stretch shoulders, stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. The left arm pull across the chest, take the ee right elbow and gently pull towards you. When you feel sufficient tension on the target muscles, hold for 10-15 seconds, then do the same on the other hand.



Exercises to improve the flexibility of the back


1. Step-tilt

Exercise improves flexibility of the back muscles, buttocks, back of the thigh. You need to straighten up, to step forward. Then, without rounding your back, bend and try to reach the front of the foot. If you just y you can’t do it, that’s fine. Do not bend the back, just every time try to go lower and lower. Returning to the original position, do the same on the other leg. Just enough to make 12-14 steps.


2. The “lazy” stretching

This is a good exercise for those who make it possible anywhere – even in the office workplace, even at home in front of the TV. You need to sit on a chair, straighten up, strain the abdominal muscles. Now raise your right knee to your chest, not rounding the back. Put your hands on the Shin and gently pull. Feel sufficient tension in the lower back, hold for half a minute, and then repeat the same on the left leg.


3. Bending sitting

Such slopes are well pulled a deep muscle located along the spine. You need to sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees and widely spread them. Keep your backs straight. Inhale slowly and deeply, relax your muscles. Exhaling, bend forward as you can, stretching his arms and trying to lie on the floor chest until you feel throughout the back of sufficient stretching. Hold the stretch for half a minute. Repeat the exercise is recommended at least four times.



Stretching for the chest muscles


For chest muscles you can use the following exercises:


1. Camel

Need to get on your knees, hands to put back on the lower back down with your finger and tighten the belly. Lift your head up, torso maximum vignete back, squeezing the blades. Hold for a few breaths, then sit on the floor. There is also a more advanced version of camel pose, in which you also need to take the heel.


2. Bridge

Exercise stretches the chest muscles while strengthening the quadriceps of the thigh. You need to lie on your back, bend one knee, put the heels close to the buttocks. Then lift your hips up, press the forearms to the floor and additionally move the shoulders. Five breaths linger at the highest point, then slowly return to the starting position.


3. Applause

Stand up straight, hands pull in front at shoulder level, palms press each other. Keeping your arms straight, pull them back as far as possible, then return to starting position. The movement should resemble a wide applause. It is recommended to repeat at least 15 times, periodically changing the intensity of the clapping.



Stretching exercises of the abdominal muscles


1. Awakening

Exercise helps to stretch the front and oblique abdominal muscles and deep muscles running along the spine. Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders. Interlace your fingers and stretch your arms over your head, turning to the ceiling of the palm. Inhale, squeeze the abs and buttocks, at the same time with these stretching hands up. Then exhale and lean to the right, keeping hips in suspense. Hold for half a minute, then return to starting position. Stretch to the ceiling again and make a tilt in the other direction.


2. Turns on the chair

A great exercise for stretching the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, which are responsible for turns the body to the side.

You need to sit on front edge of chair, feet firmly pressed to the floor. Then turn torso to the left and grasp with both hands behind the back of the chair.

Additionally, try to strain muscles. Hold for a few seconds then return to starting position. With further rotation, try to increase the range of motion. To the same in the other direction. Just repeat the exercise 3-5 times.


The offered complex of exercises for development of flexibility is great to all who pursue such a goal. Do it regularly and soon you will notice results.published econet.ru.

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