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Taste of childhood: the most interesting facts about condensed milk

The contents

  • Milk with French character
  • Condensed from the Soviet Union — the taste of childhood
  • The most important details about the quality of the product
  • Does Russia have good milk?
  • How to prepare condensed milk at home?

For most Russians condensed milk in the blue tin — a cult product from the Soviet Union, which could eat with a spoon and without fear to give to children. Modern products and doesn’t smell good, and taste has little resemblance to the desired. What is the reason and is it possible to purchase the product according to GOST of the USSR?

Milk with French character

For Soviet citizens, the condensed milk has always been their “mother”, a domestic product that can be proud of. She doused the pancakes and ate it with pancakes, put in tea and coffee-soaked bread. But if you look at history, you find that the milk began to thicken in France.

French inventor Nicolas Appert 14 years worked on a product that could be stored for a very long time and not spoil. This we now know that such requirements are consistent canned, but at that time they had not yet been invented.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who wanted to conquer the world, has promised a solid reward those who come up with a backup food for his army. Nicolas Appert suggested condensed milk, for which he received 12 thousand francs, and were honored.

For the army product produced in glass bottles. Condensed milk can be diluted with water and drink like regular whole milk. Yes, and it is often called “concentrated milk”.

The product raised by another experimenter — American entrepreneur Gail Borden. Prior to that, he tried to thicken tea, juice, meat and other products. Unlike the Upper, Gail Borden developed a method of vacuum condensation of milk, began to add sugar in a certain proportion and built the world’s first plant for the production of condensed milk. Production technology was patented on 19 August 1856, the year.

In honor of Borden was named a town in Texas, and his factories are there now, one of the world leaders in manufacture of condensed milk.

Did you know?

Russia’s first plant for the production of condensed milk was built in 1881, the year in Orenburg. While in the U.S. the same plant was opened 23 years earlier in 1858.

Condensed from the Soviet Union — the taste of childhood

In Soviet times, the condensed milk in stores was sold in a tin, with a volume of 325 ml. While catering to the needs of the armed forces have supplied milk in metal cans in 3 liters, aluminium tubes or wooden barrels.

Modern milk is often sold in the same tin with blue and white design for conventional milk and in white and brown for boiled. The label design was invented in 1939 year by Iraida Fomina — daughter of the famous architect.

Although modern technologies allow to sell condensed milk in plastic containers and bottles, many manufacturers are in no hurry to change the classic package, because for the consumer it is not just a tribute to tradition, a vivid memory of my childhood. Which, moreover, good sale.

It’s fun!

Experts of the public organization “Roskontrol” asked the Russians what should be a real condensed milk. Many consumers cited the example of condensed milk from the Union. The taste they described as sweet, distinctive aroma and notes of pasteurized milk, without foreign impurities.

The most important details about the quality of the product

Real condensed milk is prepared from cow’s milk. And it’s her we’re looking for aroma and taste. The existing standard requires to prepare the product of cow’s milk — raw, skimmed or condensed, and cream.

GOST prohibits condensed milk based on dried skimmed and dried whole milk, dried whey. However, recent basic ingredients readily used by manufacturers. In this case, the condensed milk does not meet the GOST, but may be sold with the marking specifications (TU) or one HUNDRED (organization standard).

Review expertDr Amanda Powell Boston Medical Center

From the point of view of health, cow’s milk is a complete source of protein. One Cup has 8 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat and 12 grams of carbohydrates. One portion of milk will make up 30 percent of the daily value of calcium for an adult, and more than half of the daily value of vitamin B12.

A lot of cow’s milk and nutrients. Especially valuable is vitamin D necessary for calcium absorption.

The stores often substitute the condensed milk — containing product, or even one that can not be called as such because created on the basis of vegetable protein.


If you want to eat condensed milk from his childhood, buy product corresponding to GOST 31688-2012.

Does Russia have good milk?

In December 2017, the year the specialists of the Roskontrol sent for review five options for sweetened condensed milk. While four of them were made according to GOST, and five HUNDRED. Unfortunately, four samples have not passed the examination and got in the black list.

Products “Glavproduct” is recognized as a forgery due to the very low protein content, and starch and preservatives.

Condensed milk “classic Favorite” has a small proportion of milk protein, do not meet THAT standard.

Milk brand “Molochnaya Strana” does not meet the standard and SPECIFICATIONS. Demonstrated uncharacteristic for condensed milk organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters.

Milk “Rogachev” contains starch, which is unacceptable in the manufacture of condensed milk. Very high concentration of phosphate and sucrose.

Production “from Cow Korenovki” does not correspond to that stated in the marking HUNDRED. However, it is the only option that is not blacklisted for more serious violations.

Examination of the milk showed that the quality of products sold in Russia as a whole meets the safety requirements (i.e., does not contain dangerous ingredients), but its quality leaves much to be desired.

In the opinion of the leading expert organizations — Svetlana Dimitrieva, to use dry mix for production of condensed milk suspected brand “Molochnaya Strana”, “Glavprodukt” and “Beloved classic”.

How to prepare condensed milk at home?

Now condensed milk is easy to make at home. To do this, connect in a deep dish with 200 ml whole milk, 200 g powdered sugar and 20 g of butter. Stir well and place the mixture on a slow fire. Stirring constantly, wait until the powder has dissolved and the butter. Since the boiling cook for exactly 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave to cool in cold water. After cooling, the condensed milk will become familiar texture.

Review expertAlison Spiegel, editor of the Huffington Post

Condensed milk is made by boiling down cow’s milk in a special vacuum apparatus to half its volume. In order for the product turned out tasty and did not spoil, add sugar. In the process of production of condensed milk due to the high osmotic pressure most microorganisms are killed, for this reason, the use of preservatives is not provided.

Sweet condensed milk has a shelf life of about 12 weeks, when stored in a cool dry place. It is used most often as one of the ingredients of confectionery products.

No matter you are buying the product in the Bank or prepare yourself always taste condensed milk to taste — it should be expressed milk.


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