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Friends, iHerb 20% discount on all supplements Black and even my favorite root beer in stock, which always immediately dismantled! Under the discount, add in the post the important studies on black elderberry extract.

If you want to buy an effective remedy for immunity, I suggest black elderberry extract from the French brand the Black ( Sambucol).

The black developed by world renowned virologist, and is a unique black elderberry extract, which has been used in scientific research. Not very well to carry these studies to other kinds of elderberry extract, although in General, black elderberry has antiviral properties.

The black produces original syrup elderberry to strengthen the immune system year round for the prevention of colds, strengthening the immune system and protect against flu viruses.

Original syrup Black suitable for children from 4 years and adults for smaller age, it is better to choose the “baby” formula.

Mark is very well known and loved in Europe. I have seen it on the shelves of pharmacies in France, even in remote rural towns.

Last year kids syrup Black elderberry was the “bronze winner of” popular prize Bizziebaby Annual Awards 11th 2018.

This award selects the best products for mothers and babies in the UK, according to the buyers themselves.

The black shortens the duration of flu

Publish the important findings of the study. It was shown that the Black are effective in vitro against 10 strains of influenza virus.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study, Black has reduced the duration of flu symptoms to 3-4 days. In the group of the Black was significantly increased (2-45 fold) the production of inflammatory cytokines (IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-8) compared to LPS, a known activator of monocytes ( the 3.6-10.7 fold).

The findings of the study:

In addition to antiviral properties, elderberry extract, black activates the healthy immune systemby increasing the production of inflammatory cytokines. So the Black is useful for activating the immune system and inflammatory process in healthy people and patients with various diseases.

Options supplements the Black

Elderberry syrup strengthens the immune system, has proven antiviral activity and does not cause allergies in children. In this sense, the elderberry extract is more suitable Echinacea, which is not recommended if you are allergic to Asteraceae (flowers).

Options supplements elderberry Black:

Original elderberry syrup, included with every bottle is a measuring Cup.

For children from 4 years and older to adults. The berry flavor syrup, its easy to drink undiluted, and you can even pour pancakes for Breakfast =)

Elderberry syrup Sambucol for kids, berry flavor.

Syrup for children developed by Dr. Madeleine Matsugu, suitable for small children from 2 years and older gluten free. This delicious syrup with extract of elderberry, and vitamin C. the set includes a measuring Cup.

Chewing gummies elderberry.

Soft gummies with a natural composition, without the gluten. Suitable for children from 4 years and adults, the jar is convenient to take along. In the composition the extract of elderberry, zinc for General immunity and vitamin C.

Instant pill-pop with elderberry extract, zinc and vitamin C. you can Dissolve the tablet in 1 Cup of water and drink with a hint of a coldwhen you feel fatigue or a sensation of the disease. Suitable for children from 4 years and adults.

I get these pop in your trip and drink after the plane, to strengthen the immune system and not get sick of the “plane flu”, which is often confused with the acclimatization of the body during flights. Many times rescued these pop, did not give ache.

Another blog post about elderberry extract here: Sambucol from the virus and flu

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