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The bread of the desert: 9 interesting facts about dates

The contents

  • Biblical miracle
  • Everything you wanted to know about dates

    • The nutritional value is very high
    • Stimulate brain activity
    • Preserve youth and beauty
    • Strengthen the body after prolonged illness
    • Bring pressure back to normal
    • Help to get rid of cough
    • Relieve chronic fatigue
    • The withdrawal of excess fluid from the body
    • In demand not only in cooking
  • How to cook?

Nutritionists call a dried fruit instead of candy — just delicious, but unlike refined sweets, very useful. The most enjoyable and memorable taste of dates. Few people know that this dessert has healing properties. What it says MedAboutMe.

Biblical miracle

Dates are exactly 50 times mentioned in the Bible. There is even a theory that the garden of Eden the Tree of life was the date palm, “And have brought forth the Lord God from the ground every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food…”

The first “earth” mention of sweet fruits found in the Persian Gulf region. There are cultivated palm trees 6 thousands of years BC! But the date fields in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt appeared about 4 thousand years BC. The ancient Egyptians ate dates in its original form — fresh, drying them or cooking wine.

Today the leading place in the world in production and export of dates belongs to Egypt, it delivers more than 1.3 million tons of dates a year. Slightly inferior to him Iran — 1 million tons, slightly less than Saudi Arabia — about 900 thousand. In this case, one Mature palm tree could give in the season of more than 100 pounds of fruit!

Everything you wanted to know about dates

Increased interest in the dates appeared a few years ago, when the world faced a wave of love for healthy eating. Today, they are considered real Superfoods — extremely useful and conducive to harmony, youth and beauty. But not so simple, biblical fruit, there are contraindications!

The nutritional value is very high

If you suddenly find yourself on a desert island, the great good fortune to see a date palm. And all because its fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are able for a very long time without harm to health to keep the body in great shape. They contain all essential nutrients.

The vegetarian

Just one date and a glass of milk a day fill your daily requirement of basic amino acids. If you exclude meat and its products in the diet, this recipe would be a great alternative.

Stimulate brain activity

A proven way to instantly boost your concentration and improve brain function is to eat something sweet. High glucose content in dates makes them the perfect dessert for the brain. Some dried fruit (and to us dates delivered mainly in dried form) will improve performance and will help to perform time-consuming job much faster. So, dates should definitely keep in your Desk drawer!

Preserve youth and beauty

If you compare dried dates other dried fruits, they will be in relation to the number of polyphenols — substances with antioxidant action.

One of the theories of aging — free radical. Scientists assure that aging occurs because of damage in cells caused by free radicals. Antioxidants oppose their effects, therefore, the more polyphenols enters the body with food, the better.

Dates are interesting, because they contain vitamins C and E, which enhance the antioxidant action.


Despite the truly magical properties of dates, include them in the power menu not everyone. Because of the high glycemic index of these fruits is contraindicated for people with diabetes.

Strengthen the body after prolonged illness

After surgery or relapse of chronic diseases in the daily menu it is helpful to include the date palm fruit. They have good regenerative properties, strengthen the immune system and help come back to normal. If the treating physician has no objection, be sure to get valuable dessert!

Bring pressure back to normal

Delicious fruits are encouraged to eat people suffering from hypertension. Figs help to control blood pressure, and thus feel much better. Especially on hot summer days, when pressure surges are particularly severe.

Help to get rid of cough

Brighten up a rainy autumn evenings will hot tea and a handful of dates. Especially if you’re struggling with cold symptoms. Dates promote the expectoration of sputum from the body and soothe the cough. But to substitute their treatment, they are a nice addition.

By the way!

Because of the high sugar content and low water, dates well kept. No loss of taste dry fruits can wait in the wings for several months!

Relieve chronic fatigue

If you feel tired, constantly struggling with drowsiness, or you have to resolve a stressful situation, dates the best snack for you, created by nature! They’re a valuable source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6, substances that are perfectly relax and at the same time replenish of strength and energy.

The withdrawal of excess fluid from the body

Those who are struggling to become more slender, as well as people with kidney disease, the daily consumption of dates can do a good job. They help flush excess water from the body and to prevent the appearance of new swelling. However, much to consume product is not worth it! One date contains 23 calories.


The dates of the highest quality deliver us from Beit Shean and Ein Gedi (Israel). And the most sweet and delicious fruits are grown in Judea — share their experience of historians and travelers.

In demand not only in cooking

The date palm and its fruits are widely used in various fields. In an empty palm trees play the role of shade, protecting the health and comfort of the traveler. From the leaves of a palm weave baskets and carpets, doing the splits. The trunk is used as a frame for tents, used in the manufacture of furniture. And the fruit of the date palm tree is an important component of some types of soap and even eyeliners.

How to cook?

Today, biologists know more than 300 varieties of dates. The most revered is the fleshy “medjool”. It is the only grape which is harvested individually, other options are disrupted from the tree in clusters. The truth is medjool respectively, but how can you deny yourself the pleasure?

Often eat dates for dessert instead of high calorie and little candies. But that should not stop cooking experiments! The crushed pulp of the fruit advanced foodies include the dough when baking. Dates boiled syrup called “honey”, and made wine and vinegar.

If you remove the seeds of date fruits stuffed with nuts, candied lemon and orange peels, cheese and other toppings. Dates stuffed as poultry, such as chickens, and they are used as fillings for cakes.


The number of dates to rinse well and remove the pits. Dry fruits, spread out on a towel. Inside each date, place thinly sliced strips of Camembert cheese on top press 2 cashew nuts (peanuts or pecans). Put the dessert on a baking sheet and send in a preheated 180 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. After baking, decorate the figs with the thyme leaves.

Bon appetit!

Expert commentary

Elena Cullen, nutritionist, expert in the psychology of weight loss, certified coach

Like any other product, dates can bring both benefit and harm to the body. Contained minerals and vitamins that make undeniably useful for this fruit. Dates contain iron that helps prevent anemia and improve blood circulation. Calcium and phosphorus strengthens bones, hair, nails. There is vitamin a, essential for vision and beauty of the body. Contains an important group of B vitamins which have antioxidant properties, stimulates the normal brain function, restore hormonal balance, regulate metabolism. It listed only some of the vitamins and minerals!

Dates are rich in fiber, good for those who suffer from constipation. Dietary fiber can irritate the intestinal wall and help the process of bowel movement. Intestinal cleansing is essential to the health and beauty of the body, and the pledge of harmony and clear skin.

Besides, due to the sugar content, dates are quickly satisfy hunger and give people energy. Suitable as a snack when necessary to maintain the ability to work.

What would be useful properties not possessed this product, it is important to remember that they should not be abused and there are sufficient for the number experiencing hunger. It was then that this tasty treat will bring vitality and vigor, not overweight and in a bad mood.

Expert commentary

Anna Ivashkevich, a nutritionist, a clinical psychologist and nutritionist

Dates are the fruit of some species of date palms. This is a high carbohydrate product per 100 g — calories 277, where 1.8 g protein, 0.15 g fat and 75 g carbohydrates. Dates contain a lot of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium as well as vitamin a, b vitamins B9, B3. Dates have a high glycemic index, this is to remember people with diabetes.

Since they have a lot of sugar, dates are good to eat pre-workout to give as a snack for school, or when you feel weakness, fatigue, hypertension. They possess expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, than you can use during a cold.

Dates — it is a heavy product for the digestive system, they should be used sparingly, and for people suffering from problems of the gastrointestinal tract, is to abandon them or soak before use. In a day is the recommended to consume 4-6 dates. More, if you can not confined to such a small amount, it is better to abandon them in favor of fresh fruit or add figs to the dish, for example, porridge in the morning.


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