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The food menu is in the post
The contents

  • How to make a menu in a post?
  • Vegetables, fruits, cereals — the basis of the menu
  • Recipes of dishes and drinks
    • Soup-puree of lentils
    • Cabbage rolls with mushrooms
    • Stew
    • Pancakes
    • Tea with mint and berries
    • Infusion of camomile and Apple

Post to the believer is a special time. It is designed for prayers, good deeds, purification of the soul. In addition, during this period changing the diet. There are certain restrictions to be followed. The main rule is the exclusion of animal food. How to make a menu during lent?

How to make a menu in a post?

It should be borne in mind that it is not necessary to restrict your diet during diseases, pregnancy or lactation. The post should not harm the health.

So, what can you eat? It is a variety of cereals, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, berries, greens, vegetables, fruits. Meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry should be excluded. However, there are days when fish is allowed. In addition, if health does not allow us to strictly keep the post, it is possible to include in the diet dairy products.

To make a menu is necessary so that food conditions did not suffer. It is necessary to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not forget about the snacks if hungry.

During this period, in the absence of protein, which gives a long feeling of satiety, you may desire to eat large quantities of pastries and sweets. But it is wrong. It is harmful to health, figure and, of course, does not correspond to the main concept of the post — purification.

What can be done if you really want to eat? First, to prepare a rich and varied food. Second, do not skip meals. Thirdly, to include in the diet foods that are rich in vegetable protein. They are grains, nuts, legumes. They are well and permanently saturated. But also should pay attention to soy products: milk, cheese, meat.

The food menu is in the post should be varied, balanced diet and a full. Otherwise you may experience problems with health. But it is worth to remember and about the post, and not to eat the forbidden food.

And after fasting is also not gang up on food. It is necessary to gradually include in the menu dairy products first, then the eggs after the fish and finally meat. These foods have small portions, so that the body is used to.

Vegetables, fruits, cereals — the basis of the menu

Yes, the power menu will be dominated by cereals, vegetables and fruits. Of course, you can eat bread, nuts, berries, greens, soy products, mushrooms.

What can you make out of vegetables? A lot of different dishes. It’s soups, stews, saute, salads, appetizers, casseroles, smoothies, burgers and much more. Vegetables are great in order to diversify the menu during lent.

From cereals can be prepared not only porridge, and soups. You can add them to salads and snacks, cook vegetable stuffed cabbage, meatballs, stuffed peppers. Options too much.

As for fruits, they can be baked, stewed or eaten fresh. The easiest way to prepare fruit salads, smoothies, shakes.

Many dishes can be cooked out of the mushrooms. It is not only soups, but salads, appetizers, stews. The mushrooms can be broiled, cook, make burgers, kebabs.

So how can you make a menu during lent? Here is one of them.


  • morning: oatmeal with stewed onions and carrots, tomato, tea;
  • snack: fruit;
  • lunch: lentil soup, vegetable salad, a couple slices of soy meat, compote;
  • snack: two small loaves of bread with the pasta of olives;
  • dinner: two vegetable stuffed cabbage, a slice of bread.


  • Breakfast: wheat porridge with chopped mint, parsley and tomatoes, Apple;
  • snack: smoothie made from banana and blueberry;
  • lunch: vegetable soup with barley, bread, beet salad with raisins;
  • snack: vegetable bun with pumpkin;
  • evening: salad and bread, tea with mint.


  • morning: vegetable fritters of zucchini, tomato, onion and sweet pepper, coffee;
  • snack: handful of dried fruit;
  • lunch: soup of carrots and ginger, braised vegetables, juice;
  • afternoon snack: Cup of berries;
  • dinner: stew of mushrooms, bread.


  • Breakfast: two slices of bread with eggplant caviar, tea;
  • second Breakfast: nuts;
  • lunch: mushroom soup, pasta with spinach;
  • snack: jelly and vegetable cookies;
  • evening: buckwheat with prunes, herbal tea.


  • morning: rice porridge with berries, coffee;
  • snack: sandwich with cucumber and parsley;
  • lunch: baked beans with onions and carrots, bell peppers, rose hips extract;
  • afternoon snack: fruit;
  • dinner: boiled potatoes and salad.


  • Breakfast: vegetable salad, bread, tea;
  • snack: dried fruit;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, bread, baked vegetables;
  • afternoon snack: cauliflower steamed and Apple;
  • evening: burgers beets, pear.


  • morning: vegetable tortilla, spoon of jam, tea;
  • snack: fruit:
  • lunch: vegetable broth, stuffed with mushrooms, compote;
  • snack: nuts;
  • dinner: dumplings made from potatoes, sauerkraut.

Of course, it is possible and in another way to make the menu. Just need to pick up hearty food from the allowed foods.

Recipes of dishes and drinks

Recipes meatless dishes a lot. The long search is not necessary. Should just try to vary the menu every day to cook at least one new dish. Here is a simple recipes.

Soup-puree of lentils

150 g red lentils 100 g diced pumpkin, small onion, carrot add water, salt to taste and cook until tender. At the end add marjoram, pepper and beat with blender.

Cabbage rolls with mushrooms

Boil until soft cabbage leaves. Separately boil 100 g of rice, 300 grams of mushrooms. Fried onion and carrots. To combine vegetables, mushrooms and rice, add salt, put the stuffing on cabbage leaves and wrap. Put the cabbage rolls into the pot, add water, a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, salt and cook for half an hour.


Slice the eggplant, zucchini, onion, carrot, sweet pepper. Add a few buds of cauliflower and broccoli. Simmer for twenty minutes. Add oregano, salt, pepper, tomato, garlic and simmer for another ten minutes.


Grate on a coarse grater carrots, sweet pepper, zucchini, onion. Salt, add herbs and flour and bake cakes.

Tea with mint and berries

A sprig of mint, slice, add a handful of raspberries, two fruits of the rose hips and pour hot water. After twenty minutes strain, add honey and a slice of lemon.

Infusion of camomile and Apple

Slice a small Apple slices, add half a teaspoon of chamomile, a tablespoon of sea buckthorn. Pour hot water and leave for half an hour.

The recipes are varied, easy to choose what is more to taste. Importantly, the food has generally remained full. We should not forget that fasting is a work, the care of relatives, refraining from condemnation, and not only a rejection of certain products.

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